Guy Gane Jr.’s 50 Commandments of Prison – for Prisoners

Guy W. Gane Jr., 69, spent 34 years as a registered investment advisor, and nine years in federal prison.

He was at the center of an investment fraud case, with allegations of fraud and money laundering in 2008. The allegations stemmed from a scheme orchestrated by three of his employees, who deceived investors and misappropriated funds. Gane, the owner of the firm, maintained he was unaware of their actions.

The case unfolded on May 15, 2008, when U.S. Postal Agents raided Gane’s brokerage offices in Amherst, N.Y., executing a search warrant. Following this, a federal judge signed a seizure application, and the government froze Gane’s assets, leaving him without funds and defended by a public defender.

In the indictment, the government alleged 90 victims had lost $5.8 million due to the fraudulent scheme. Despite Gane’s innocence claims, he eventually pleaded guilty to felony wire fraud and money-laundering charges.

In 2011, U.S. District Court Judge William Skretney sentenced Gane to 13 years in custody. The BOP released him early – in 2020 – based on provisions of the First Step Act.

Post-prison, Gane directed his energy into rebuilding his life. Becoming an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Gane established Prisoncology, a program that helps individuals who are about to enter prison. This mentorship initiative also supports families and advocates for prison reform.

Gane was inspired to work on this, because his own preparedness for prison was, he said, woefully lacking. He had to learn the hard way.

To help others about to enter prison, he designed a PowerPoint presentation, an eBook, and a free prison preparedness program.

Gane has also written two books, “Chrysalis: Awakening to God’s Path, Protection and Power in Your Life” and Unchained and Unbroken.

Here are Guy Gane’s 50 Ten Commandments of Prison.  As I read through them, I thought most of them apply anywhere, whether in prison or not.

Gane says they are “in no particular order. Each of them is equally important.”

The Fifty ‘Ten Commandments’ of Prison

By Guy W. Gane Jr.

1. Never snitch. To do so will get you hurt. Or worse. Much worse.

2. Never ‘ear-hustle’. In other words, don’t stick your nose into another inmate’s conversation. Ever.

3. Never walk around naked! Although this seems like common sense, there are certain guys who feel like they are in a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ where that may have been normal. In prison, it is not! Never completely undress in your cell or cubicle either.

4. Don’t walk around with a sad, forlorn look on your face. Every inmate knows how you feel and what you are going through. They will excuse this for a few days. After that ‘Grace Period’ it will not be in your best interest to continue showing your emotions.

5. Never walk into another inmate’s cell or cubicle without their permission. Make yourself known outside the entrance and ask if you can come in.

6. Do NOT sit on another inmate’s bunk without asking.

7. Always ask your ‘Cellie” if you can invite another inmate into your cube. This is respectful.

8. Walk out of the cell or cubicle when your Cellie has just returned from showering or is changing. Showing them respect here will get you the same returned.

9. If you are assigned an upper bunk, do not step on the bottom bunk. Ever. Use the ladder.

10. Do not disturb your Cellie when they go to sleep. If you stay awake longer, be respectful.

11. Keep your cell or cubicle clean and neat. Pick up after yourself. Also, during shakedowns, do everything you can to be the last one out. This will prevent someone from throwing contraband of any kind into your cell or cubicle, where it will be considered yours when found.

12. Never peer or look into another inmate’s living space.

13. Never steal. Never steal. NEVER STEAL.

14. Never lie. You may have been led to believe that inmates lie all the time. Many do. They are not thought highly of and are ostracized by others in the yard.

15. Never tell another inmate where you are from.

16. Never show pictures of your significant other. Especially if she sent you something ‘revealing’. Nude or inappropriate pictures are not allowed in prison. They will be confiscated if sent through the mail. If found in your living space, you, and possibly your ‘Cellie’ can be issued a disciplinary report (known as ‘a shot’).

17. Never pick up or remove anything from an otherwise vacant chair. Take nothing left on windowsills. If it’s not yours, leave it alone.

18. Ask permission BEFORE you sit in a seat in the TV room. TV rooms are known to be where most problems between inmates occur. NEVER, EVER, EVER TOUCH THE CHANNELS ON THE TV!!!!!

19. Always be respectful. Whether you respect someone or not, be respectful.

20. Never cut in line. Whether it is the Chow line, the medical line or any organized gathering – don’t cut!

21. Never stare another man down.


23. Never tell another con your private business.

24. Never ask another con how long their sentence is, or what they are in prison for. If they want you to know, they’ll tell you.

25. When another inmate asks how you are doing (something that the kinder inmates will ask newbies), DO NOT have some ‘cute’ answer like “Livin the dream,” “I can’t wait until I get out of here” and the like. It is insulting to guys who have been down for years – and extremely disrespectful.

26. Don’t hang around with the staff. They are NOT your friends, and you will immediately be suspected of being a rat.

27. Don’t gamble. If you do, however, have the money to cover your debt. You can (and likely will) get hurt if you don’t. The other alternative of not paying up is to check yourself into the SHU – Special Housing Unit – Solitary. Immediately.

28. Don’t borrow money unless you are 150% certain you can pay it back in a timely fashion. Best advice is never to borrow money in the first place.

29. Never accept anything handed to you from another inmate. For example, you happen to be walking by and someone hands you something- DON’T TAKE IT. Chances are excellent that it’s something that’s not allowed in prison, and they’re handing it off to someone else to take the fall.

30. Don’t throw your garbage in another inmate’s garbage can.

31. Never, ever, EVER, gossip about another inmate. The walls have ears in prison. Violate this rule, and you WILL suffer the consequences.

32. Never be alone in the same space or room with a female staff member.

33. Be respectful to the staff.

34. Shower regularly. Every day is recommended. Inmates will put someone who doesn’t on ‘Shower watch’ and they have very novel ways to ‘encourage and help’ an inmate who does not keep themselves clean. There are no communal showers in federal prison.

35. Always wear shower shoes (flip-flops) when taking a shower.

36. Never boast or brag about yourself and/or your accomplishments. Most inmates will not trust someone who does, won’t believe them anyway, and at worst will loath the man who does so. BS is easily picked up in the yard.

37. Walk straight with good posture, with your eyes ahead, never shuffle or take baby-steps. To do so conveys someone as effeminate – not advisable in lock-up.

38. Have manners – but don’t overdo it.

39. Owning up to honest mistakes will cause others to respect you.

40. When you are assigned a job in prison, do it impeccably. Your work ethics will be noticed. Do not let other inmates have to do your work for you. Doing so is not wise – or healthy.

41. Avoid fighting. Allow small (very small) disrespectfulness to pass. But if you are confronted, someone lays hands on you or comes at you (yes that way), stand up for yourself. Do not allow anyone to push you around. It is better to get a beating than to live like a coward in prison. That reputation will haunt you – in so many unwanted ways – until the day you leave.

42. Keep your word. If you tell someone you will do something, do it!

43. Do not leave your home address where others can see it. Make certain you leave nothing behind when you leave an area. Other inmates have been known to ‘visit’ a wife, a family, while the man is gone. This is not a joke. It happens. Be very vigilant when it comes to those you love. YOU must protect them, even in prison.

44. Do not hang up a phone if it is hanging off the hook. The person may have gone to retrieve something.

45. Phones are monitored in prison. Do not discuss anything confidential or important on the phone. Also, there will be other inmates nearby that may overhear something.

46. Do not sit with or associate with ‘Cho-mos’ (Child sex offenders/pornographers). If you do, you will be branded forever.

47. Do not associate with known snitches. See the above.

48. Don’t give your opinion on anything unless you are asked for it.

49. Don’t ask stupid questions in group meetings. If you are unsure of something you’ve heard, ask a respected inmate to explain later.

50. Never, EVER do anything that will cause other inmates to suffer consequences because of your actions. To do so will put you in mortal peril.




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  • Guy left off rule 51:

    Never miss a prison protection payment.

    No ex-con ever brings this up. Because if they ever go back to prison they’ll pay the price. To talk about “it” is considered snitching.

  • Rules of prison engagement:
    Click up with your homies. Make alliances. You can barter and trade with commissary. Show acts of kindness by giving food to the less fortunate inmates. With all due respect take zero shit from inmates and guards. If someone’s hogging the phone, then phone check them. Respect is key. Don’t flush the toilet if your cellie is sleeping, unless you shit. I’ve held the block down and flipped the block back. Facts

  • Guy has helped a lot of people prepare for prison and this list is a good primer. If you have to go to prison and on America it doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or not – better to be prepared. Thanks Guy for sharing the info freely.

  • Guy- I had the pleasure of meeting you and hearing your story. You were an inspiration. Thank you for outlining all of these rules to live by. The stress must be so high but you’ve given a guidebook to survival. Praying there are all good things to come. ❤️❤️❤️

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