DOS Nostalgia: Five Slaves Discuss Lost Friendship With Their Masters

The Dossier Project continues.

In the Dossier Project’s latest YouTube video, five of the last six members of the original 105 female and one male member of DOS speak nostalgically about the friendship they had with their masters.

Appearing are Angelica Hinojos, Danielle Roberts, Sahajo Haertel, Leah Motishaw, and Linda Chung. Missing is Michele Hatchette.

Explanatory comments are [in bold and brackets.] 

Danielle Roberts

I loved my relationship with my master [Allison Mack]….

I knew her for quite some time before DOS ever started. And I really, saw her as a friend. I also saw her as like a front runner, like a co-front runner. I felt like we had very much similar missions in what we were doing [in NXIVM]. She was leading the Source [a NXIVM related acting course] and I was one of the co-leaders of exo|eso [a NXIVM related fitness course]. And I felt very simpatico in that way, like [we were] strong women who had a mission, who wanted to bring more compassion and humanity and ethics to our fields, hers being acting, and mine being medicine, and I felt very close with her in that way, very inspired by her in that way… I think that was for me a big part of why our relationship was unique, and a big part of why it was so valuable to me….

I also think we had a friendship beyond that…. But I think those deeper values… were the foundation of our relationship. It wasn’t until much later that she invited me to join DOS. …I had worked with her in ex0|eso and she took my stexy classes [exercise classes in exo|eso] and I did some of her acting classes….

There wasn’t as much hanging out… until I joined DOS. And then we actually spent more time together as I was introduced to the other women [slaves of Allison] in my circle [Nicole, India, Michele].

Allison Mack with her DOS slaves: Nicole, Michele, India and Danielle….

We would go into the town, [Clifton Park]… go to coffee shops, do different things with each other that were more personal, intimate stuff like that. And I actually built more of a friendship with her [Allison] … through DOS than I had before that. But [I] very much maintained a respect and a reverence for her deeper values and wanting to evolve and grow. So it was a very nice, very missed relationship in my life, for sure.

Linda Chung:

I didn’t know her [Linda’s master was a First Line Mexican] super well but what I did know of her, [she was] someone I deeply respected, deeply admired. I just thought she was an amazingly strong woman who I think I really liked, I really trusted, and I felt very honored actually that she thought of me [to join DOS as her slave]….

We worked together on some projects, and that’s where I kind of got to know her more…. And I just thought that the idea of this [DOS] sorority and everything was really innovative…

I wasn’t surprised that Keith [Raniere] was involved. I kind of was assuming so, but it didn’t really make a difference one way or another to me. … I don’t really have much contact with [my master any more]… I know she’s doing well, I know she’s thriving, and I think she’s just a beautiful soul still.

Sahajo: I knew my friend [Nicki Clyne] about six or seven years before she invited me to DOS. She was my coach for a while, and we became very good friends. Actually, she was in the first Intensives [NXIVM classes] that I did, and I really admired her and loved her energy.

She was just super funny and genuine, and I thought she was really authentic. And we became good friends over the years, and she came to my wedding. She was one of the few people… who would always come and be there if I had a [dance] performance somewhere…. And this was way before DOS. So I considered her a good close friend for years. And then she invited me to DOS and told me about it. And I remember when she first invited me and said the whole master-slave thing, I thought she was joking. I thought it was like a joke, and I couldn’t really wrap my head around it. But that whole process… was very meaningful… I trusted her, that even if I had questions or even if there were things I wasn’t sure about or how it would look like, I knew I was in good hands with her…. It was a very meaningful invitation [into DOS], and also me participating. And during DOS, things sometimes got rough and rocky. In sense, I was not a very good slave. I was very defiant so she would often ask me to do things, and I wouldn’t do them or I would just throw a tantrum or just be like, “No.” And I was not very easy.

And she still stuck to me, and she still kept on trying. And actually, you know, I knew Keith was in DOS, and people think that he was commanding us or something like that, or telling us what to do, which is not true.

The only time he ever asked me something in relation to DOS was he said to me, “Can you be nicer to your master?”

Because he knew how I was being with her and how hard I was making her life. So that was the only thing he ever really asked me of my participation in DOS.

But yeah, it was a very meaningful commitment, and she’s someone that I really love and care for. And it’s one of my most special relationships that I have in my life for me.


…The woman who invited me was a friend [A second line master under Rosa Laura]. I had been friends for years…  [I] would invite this person to my birthday party and would expect her to show up because that’s the kind of closeness we were. So it wasn’t even weird when she’s like, “Hey, you want to go out for dinner?” and I was like, “Sure.” and we’d go out for dinner. And that’s where she first told me about DOS, and that was like totally typical within our relationship. That’s the level of friendship we had. And I absolutely had the exact same thought of like taking it very seriously. Like this is somebody who’s asking for a lifetime commitment . I’ve already made one of those [[her husband], so I take it very seriously. I would take any kind of commitment like that seriously. So I had the same thing of visualizing. I was like, “Okay, so this was before [I had] kids. This is… a friend that I want to proactively say is going to be there for [my] kids being born, kids going to school, kids graduating school, kids going off, them getting married.

You start trying to imagine your life decades down the line. How often do you do that? I don’t do it super often, but it was a really interesting opportunity, and to think about ‘do I want a lifelong friend in this proactive way?’ It was totally novel. This idea that you could proactively set out to say, ‘I want to be a lifelong friendship with this person.’…

When I was considering inviting other women into DOS, it was the same process. I had a thought of, ”okay, who do I want to have in my life for the rest of my life? For the rest of our lives together?” Like, really, really, this is not a light invitation. So, it was really meaningful because I certainly saw DOS as intimately linked with friendship. It [master slave] wasn’t a relationship separate from friendship. It was a deeper friendship in many ways and a more proactive friendship. I don’t know if that works or not. We, unfortunately, didn’t get to test it to know how long these relationships and friendships could have gotten, how deep they could have gotten, how long they could have lasted. But, you know, I think all of us had the intention of it being for the rest of our time here. You know, it’s pretty special.

Angelica:… I was thinking about that, at least with my master, [a second line Mexican woman under Rosa Laura] and… I was thinking, as you were all talking,… how many of us still have friendships with our masters? And it brings me back to… what is a friendship…? [Is it] someone who you call every day? Is it someone who you … just hold them in your heart and hold them high up in your… love, but not talk to them? Is that a friendship?…

It was sad what happened in our situation [the destruction of DOS]. In my case, my master, I really admired her. I still do. She was a leader in… a different [NXIVM] project… She was… super strong and super sweet at the same time. And I love those qualities. I was like, “Oh my gosh, that’s like the perfect combo. Like, I want to be strong and I want to be sweet,” you know?… That’s how I saw her. And when she invited me, I… thought about it for a few hours… Some people took weeks and months… For me, it was really quick because… I really wanted to be [like her]... And … she said that she was not alone… there were other women who she was friends with. Right? Like, they were having this combination of multiple women helping each other. I thought that was amazing. I was like, ‘What better thing to have than women supporting each other in the way that I knew I needed to be helped?’

And I knew it was not going to be comfortable. I didn’t exactly know how uncomfortable. And not to say, [as critics say] ‘Oh, you guys were doing the calorie thing.’… It’s not like that. I never did the calorie counting. I never did anything that was really against my values. Never. I wouldn’t have. Those were my values, and that would have been betraying me. But it was very uncomfortable, because when I failed at something that I was asked, like, saying good morning and good evening [by text] to my master, to my friend, whenever I failed at that, my agreement [as punishment] was 50 burpees and I hate burpees. I hate them so…. it was that type of discomfort.

A burpee is a five-part movement as shown in this illustration.

And the fact that she was a friend in that sense, that she held me accountable, but she also helped me in a really beautiful way because she knew what I wanted to become, because I had told her those were my values and the things that I wanted to achieve….

I’ve been really thinking about what is friendship, and I do still hold her really dear in my heart. I know she’s doing well. We live in different cities. We don’t really communicate anymore, unfortunately.

But… if she calls me and needs my help, and I hope she knows this, I got her….Same for my slave. I was fortunate enough to be able to share that type of relationship with someone else, and I do feel very strongly about my commitment to her….We don’t live in the same country, and she’s doing her thing. She’s older than me, and I really admire her in many ways. So I really think it’s a two-way street for sure. So yeah, beautiful….

Danielle: … I’m glad that you ladies said the things that you did because, I mean, to be honest [Allison is]… just one of the people that I care about the most in the world, you know, and it hurts. It hurts to think about it, because I personally can’t have communication with her right now. [Allison’s terms of probation forbid contact with anyone associated with NXIVM]…  I avoid thinking about it because it’s painful. But it’s nice to be reminded of how much I just genuinely loved her, admired her, was so excited to have her in my life for the rest of my life, and have us grow old together, and have even the group photos that we did in DOS. Like, we fantasized about having those pictures together, naked pictures together, you know, through every stage of our life, pregnant stages, older stages, saggy stages… She was my whole heart… I definitely still feel that way. I don’t know how she feels about me. She’s been through a whole lot [arrest, prosecution, and prison for two years], and… I don’t know if I’ll ever talk to her again, but there are things I do to honor her in my life. There are things… I have given up… [to honor Allison] It’s actually really nice to just revisit that…

Sahajo Yeah, I agree. I had… a monthly assignment that I did in DOS that I had a reminder in my calendar, you know, for every month when it was due. And I never deleted it. It’s been reminding me every month for the last three, four, or five years since we’ve stopped, because I wanted to remember that bond, that commitment that I had made to her, to myself…  to my growth. And yeah, it was very important to me… [My master] is in my heart, and… that friendship is forever….  It’s very special to have that with someone.

Angelica… This is a very emotional topic, and it made me think…so much has happened…  I’m thinking about my master… Is it going to be worse if I reach out than to not reach out? … It’s always a battle. But I think this is the beauty of what we’re doing  whenever we think about how can we be better, how can we be best friends to someone, how can we deepen our relationship, and we’re going to… mess up. We’re going to make mistakes…. But I think that the most important thing is to come back to it, and through this beautiful reflection, it’s like, okay. Maybe… I want to change something. Maybe not even with the person before, but…with someone that I’m engaging with right now…. These are topics that are really close to our hearts…



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  • I just watched part of an Andrew Gold interview and the lady h e interviewed made the comment that Dos was a bit like keeping women as teenagers and thin and child like almost. This concentrate on women being best makes in a kind of teenage dorm room/high school way is a bit weird. Whilst lots of women do have close women friends the way DOS seemed to do it was unusual in my view.

  • These are all intelligent woman with careers they’re never going to be able to have again in their lives, ever. Because of their past and current association with Keith Raniere. Any chance of having professional credibility is forever gone. So no wonder they are remaining loyal. They burned their bridges to having a normal life again.
    It’s sad. I really feel for them.
    They are not loyal by clear choice.
    They are stuck…

  • Like it says in the Florida report on slavery, Dos slaves “developed skills, which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

  • They can hardly reach or convince strangers with it anyway. The numbers of 150 viewers in 2 days are not much.

  • I can’t decide if their making these videos to have a pop at Nikki for leaving their “friendship”, trying to attract Alison back now she’s out, or whether they simply just chose to chat about this topic out of no where and I’m over analysing. The cynic in me thinks it’s a message to Nikki.

  • I’ve stopped listening to the Dimwits of Satan.

    They’ve been declaring for years that they will tell their side of the story, that they were there, and those making accusations weren’t, that they will tell the “truth” about “what really happened “, but they have yet to do so. They never address anything directly, nor do they ever reply to any straightforward, common-sense questions. The talk gibberish, taking Keith’s word salad and tossing it into a salad spinner. None of what comes out makes any sense. It’s all vague concepts, and deflection.

    I’ve said this before, they’re just cardboard junkies, lying in the gutter of Keith’s debris, with a piece of cardboard pulled over their head, wasting their lives, because they’d rather live in the filth of Keith’s aftermath, than walk out into the real world and admit they were duped by a sadistic cult leader.

  • If I’m not mistaken, none of these women are married except Leah.

    I’m sorry to say this but, if Leah’s husband was a real man with testosterone, he would’ve taken her out of this garbage a long time ago.

    No real man worth his salt would’ve been part of this cult. They would’ve been strongly opposed to it.

    • Leah’s husbands willingness to cuck her out to Squarefoot is pathetic. Imagine slipping off your wifes panties for a little mornin’ lovin’ and seeing a child-rapists initials branded on your wifes genitals. I would say “I love you and accept you for who you are. We all have a past. But you must either get that shit removed or covered up or we are going to have to separate.”

      That is how a real Man would handle it.

  • I really hope that the board gives Danielle Roberts her medical license back. She was unfairly singled out by Ms. Sarah Edmonson. Danielle was not lying or manipulating like Lauren. I find it shocking how Sarah was forgiving to Lauren, the person who lied, manipulated and coerced her into getting the brand. Sarah made sure Lauren did not go to prison and can live happily ever after. Meanwhile, Sarah made sure to take away Danielle’s livelihood, even though she was just doing the branding. While Lauren coerced, led and manipulated Sarah into getting the brand.

    • Sarah is an airhead. A complete and total idiot. She excelled at literally one thing in life: recruiting people into a cult and draining their bank accounts. Someone should sue her for all the filthy money she made off NXIVM.

      • These woman are perverted and deranged. Nothing they suggest makes sense. Half of them have no contact with their Mexican masters. They need to transfer all their energy into the bdsm lifestyle they seem to crave.

      • Sarah’s mom had zero to do with NXIUM except for politely listening to their bullshit then giving Sarah her space to hopefully wake up on her own. Yes, Sarah has made money off of her time with them, but, so did many. She tried to help all of her recruits when shit hit the fan. I don’t see the dead enders doing the least bit to help anyone caught in this nefarious circle. Until you’ve walked in her shoes, cut her some slack.

          • That’s MRS. Know it All, thanks 😊. I meant no harm. You just never know when you’re gonna get attacked here. Peace ✌️

        • Fair enough, Robrata63.

          The remaining Dead-Enders would start NXIVM back up, DOS and recruit new 15 year old girls for Squarefoot to rape. They are all evil.

          • I agree. Those women are unbelievable! Still touting the great Squarefoot’s greatness. It’s so sad.

    • I agree .She created an excersize program, I also think after watching Painkillers on Netflix, based on a true story, that its easier to understand the reason she saw the brand in a different light in relationship to pain. You should watch it, its enlightening, Your FDA and pandering to doctors at work!!
      Its awful how she has been treated.

    • She is a quack and continues to talk nonsensical child like crap. She described a superficial relationship. Failed to describe group bj with Keith, secrecy of his connection and symbolism of the brand, lies, manipulation and his ruination of an entire family in addition to having sex with underage girls and three siblings. So yuck and perverted. But these women are perverted. Just admit that you are and move on. Stupid people.

      • You can’t describe something you weren’t privy to. That family belonged to the community years before she took classes, you obviously don’t know her

  • They confuse the relationship of a slave owner or so-called master to his slave, which involves an enormous imbalance of power and is by no means equal, with friendship. That what these DOS followers do not want to understand at all. It has nothing at all to do with well-meaning, equal friendship. It is more like the Stockholm syndrome.

    Stockholm syndrome

    Stockholm syndrome is a proposed condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors.[1][2] It is supposed to result from a rather specific set of circumstances, namely the power imbalances contained in hostage-taking, kidnapping, and abusive relationships. Therefore, it is difficult to find a large number of people who experience Stockholm syndrome to conduct studies with any sort of validity or useful sample size. This makes it hard to determine trends in the development and effects of the condition[3]—and, in fact, it is a “contested illness” due to doubts about the legitimacy of the condition.[4]

    Emotional bonds can possibly form between captors and captives, during intimate time together, but these are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims. Stockholm syndrome has never been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM, the standard tool for diagnosis of psychiatric illnesses and disorders in the U.S., mainly due to the lack of a consistent body of academic research.[4] The syndrome is rare: according to data from the FBI, about 8% of hostage victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.[5]

    [ … ]

  • NXIVM, Religion, and ‘Cults’: Keith Raniere as Charismatic Leader and Transgressive Criminal

    Wuhan Journal of Cultic Studies, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2022, pp. 34-49

    Keith Raniere, the founder and charismatic leader of NXIVM, was arrested by
    FBI agents in Mexico in 2018 and sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2020. The charges included sex trafficking, racketeering, child pornography possession, and other crimes. The question of whether NXIVM is a religion or a group that can be classified as “religious” arises due to the stereotype of new religious movements (NRMs) that emerged in the 1960s, which posited a charismatic leader (usually male) who predated sexually (and financially) upon members. The archetypes of this form of leadership include Jim Jones, who had sexual relationships with both male and female members of Peoples Temple, and David Berg (Moses David), the founder of the Children of God (later The Family International), whose movement has been accused of sexualizing young children, and abusing them in the context of an allegedly “sex positive” religion, as well as pimping female members as “hookers for Jesus” as a missionary technique. Memoirs by ex-members of the Children of God, Peoples Temple, the Church of Scientology, and many other NRMs have proliferated since the 1990s, and in the 2020s documentaries and books about NXIVM appear regularly. This article analyses NXIVM, its founder, its members, and group practices, identifying certain tropes familiar from the study of NRM leaders, in order to determine whether or not there is sufficient evidence to merit classifying it as a new religious movement (NRM) or a “cult.”

  • Now that Allison is out and about and supposedly even commenting on the Frank Report, why doesn’t the brave Allison Mack comment on the virtues of slavery?

    ShadowStaate 1958

    • Slavery in the present is still a taboo topic like LGBTQ+ was until a while ago. But now it is tremendously propagandistically upgraded. Perhaps slavery of more recent times will fare the same way and be freed from a taboo. Now you can only secretly praise the benefits of slavery. But who knows, maybe soon slavery can be freely and unabashedly praised in public. Slavery for all and not only for the privileged of society.

    • Allison is a demonic human being. Knowing about all the sexual abuse of minors and she still stood with him through it all. She only renounced him when she was staring down a 17 year prison sentence. Same with Clare.

  • So what happened to the vow to obey your master for the next 120 years and beyond? and if your masters took their vows to you seriously, wouldn’t they still be there for you?
    A friend is not a master. You can lose a friend and mourn that loss – that’s understandable. You obey a master; are these women saying they miss someone to tell them how to run their lives and make them accountable for their actions? How is that being a ‘strong’ woman?
    Ladies, like Dobby the Elf, you’ve been thrown a sock. Make the most of your freedom – or are you saying you have less strength of character than a fictional elf?

  • Aw, they still feel they can pull the ‘love-bombing’ M O on Alison.

    Is she really that feeble-minded? That she would fall for it?

    You nx crew, I think you raise this sort of expectation – just so you can experience bitter dissapointment.

    Your steady state. The familiar feeling that keeps you together – all culty and whole.

  • As much I hate to admit it, I too, for once, can relate to these foolish women!

    Though slavery was a huge mistake two centuries ago, I must confess it is still a very guilty pleasure of nostalgia for us patriots! For it reminds us of a much simpler and happier time in this country where there was control and order!

    😏 (Chuckle) If we belieeeeeeve!

    • Patriot God who?

      —As much I hate to admit it.too.

      — I must confess it is still a very guilty pleasure of nostalgia.


      I wonder who this precocious, Patriot God is. He’s very reminiscent of Bangkok. Bangkok was always making insincere apologies or admissions. I remember when he admitted to harboring a deep lust for the
      virgin Lauren Salzman.

      The biggest clue, which points to Bangkok, is the smiley face at the end. It’s pure Bangkok.

      I bid you good night! 🙂

  • This is really sad. It sounds as if none of these women have ever had a real, genuine friendship in their lives. The whole idea of declaring a lifelong commitment, performing tasks, having to reply to pointless messages, calling each other master and slave, and of course being branded with the initials of a creepy con artist is so twisted and tragic. What is the actual purpose of them wallowing in the fakery?

    • Yes! They spout strength and commitment but they show nothing but weakness! I don’t see strength here! Only several women who don’t have the strength to let go of a few criminals who got caught. They seem to have no strength on their own. I keep waiting to see all the things they say they are doing to empower women, but what they actually seem to want is to call others liars if their stories don’t mesh with their stories. To me, a strong woman doesn’t need others to punish them or to be punished. A strong woman will honor other’s stories even if it’s not in agreement.

  • Looking at Leah:

    Based on her unfeminine and unkept appearance – I’d say she was the victim of rape or sexual assault.

    Her androgynous appearance is a defense mechanism to appear unattractive to the opposite sex.

  • “..Like [we were] strong women who had a mission…”

    A mission has an end goal or objective.

    The DOS mission(forever a slave) was the sexual gratification and worship of one man.

    I don’t understand what Danielle does not get.

    Why can she not understand that the other women(victims/accusers) have a different take and feel they were abused.

    Danielle has no empathy for the victim whatsoever.

  • It seems to me that there is a very clear method in Nicki’s “metanoia”.

    1) She had insider information about Mack’s sentence reduction and release date. 2) She knew perfectly well the terms of Allison’s probation that prohibit contact with anyone associated with NXIVM, hence the abrupt breakup with her friends.
    3) Surely, she will secure that contact via authorization, since she did everything calculated.
    4) The silence of both will soon be broken with interviews, books, lectures, tours and financial recovery.
    5) Two empowered blondes ready to convince useful idiots.

    • Finding educated people on comment sites is rare. Educated people, who write reasonable comments, too. One may also speculate about the motives and intentions of people, but without real evidence it remains only a speculation. Real clairvoyants are also very rare to find here. Or are there also real insider knowledge among the commentators here?

  • This is pathetic. You all say how STRONG ya’ll are. If you were that strong, ya’ll wouldn’t have fell for this. And the reason Sahajo felt the resistance is because she SHOULD have felt resistance. That’s the reaction that NXIUM and DOS wanted to kill in all of ya’ll! You SHOULD have a strong resistance to having to give blackmail material and be punished for having independent thinking. Independent thinking is what saves your asses from jumping off a cliff cuz someone tells you to. None of you are strong women except for your inability in seeing what is wrong with this whole thing. I don’t see ya’ll doing anything positive now. You are all merely hanging on to the words of someone who cared ZERO for any of you! I am so sad for you. But I doubt if I am alone in thinking that your defense of those who were convicted in a court of law is nothing short of pathetic. They did WRONG! Now you have a chance at doing something positive and you’re still defending the convicted. Pathetic…

  • Its interesting how people can have such opposing opinions of a man (Squarefoot) who raped a 15 year old girl.

    Me: I would have liked to beat his fucking brains in. Or any child sex-predator for that matter.

    Dimwits of Satan: get his initials tattooed on their genitals. Try to get him released from prison.

    Where is Michelle? Is she hanging with Soy Boy Jerome? Are they planting some squash? Harvesting some cucumbers? Where o where is Michelle?? Is she putting his hair up in a manbun? Maybe she is shopping to get a new manpurse for him.

    Does anyone know if Leah slept with Squarefoot?

    I’m telling ya, these people are batshit, fucking crazy.

    By the way, who us the GENIUS who came up with “Dimwits of Satan” for DOS!?!?! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    • —Does anyone know if Leah slept with Squarefoot?

      Leah’s husband can find out. He can get tested for HPV. The variant Vanguard passes around is hyper virulent and lasts for life.

    • I usually don’t stand up to take credit for my work, but it was my birthday recently, and as I’m getting older, I’m thinking about all the great work I allowed others to take credit for. So I now stand up and declare, “Tis I who coined the six ‘Dimwits of Satan’ “.

      I used to write comedic and parody plays in my spare time, and I miss the creativity of coming up with character names (like Polly Pharton, murder suspect of deceased Just’in Trubble, and hit song writer of ‘Dress of Many Feathers that my Momma Plucked for Me (plucked from a roosters arse, it was soft as it could be….).’

      No playwriting these days, so I now only have dimwits in the real world to make up names for. At least now I have more time for my friends and I love keeping them in stitches. It’s very joyous to be able to bring laughter in such a stressful world. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

  • Here’s to hoping Michele Hatchette set herself free from those crazy people — for forever.

    • Don’t hold your breath. She’ll be the last one standing, begging for a master to slap a chain around her neck. She’s your typical cobra… hand on hip, index finger in air, shoulders and body contorting like a cobra about to strike, ready to mouth off when anyone dares to try talk sense to her. But she’s bull-headed, and will not budge from her delusion that Keith is great.

  • ‘Like, we fantasized about having those pictures together, naked pictures together, you know, through every stage of our life, pregnant stages, older stages, saggy stages… She was my whole heart… I definitely still feel that way.’

    They clearly need a new way of bonding with people to build strong, lasting, healthy relationships. Relationships that don’t end with being banned from communicating with each other because of unlawful activities. They live in fantasy world.

  • What do the DOS supporters want to achieve with this. For outsiders it is strange and not comprehensible, after one knows so much about DOS. And these women, should know it now also. It is incomprehensible how they deal with it. It is simply naive and backward-looking. They live a past that no longer exists and can no longer exist. That is their cocoon. Their protective cloak against reality.

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