Raniere’s IQ Test Launched Sadistic God Complex That Destroyed Lives

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By ‘Nettie Monroe’

If Keith Raniere had practiced what he preached and had his own Exploration of Meaning, [EM], it would have brought him back to that one moment that lit the fuse, the one and only, only time his father was proud of him, when Keith had taken a generic IQ test at school and had supposedly scored in a high percentile.

I say supposedly, because Keith was better at faking good scores than achieving them.

But believing Keith’s score, his father showered him with praise, which lit the fuse and triggered an obsession with IQ tests, and trying to figure out how to score highly on them. Not how to legitimately earn a high score, but how to “get” a high score–by hook or by crook.

Everyone knows the story of how he used bogus means to score high on a take home IQ test, which, due to a failure on a worldwide publication’s part to do due diligence on the test and its methods, his name got printed in ONE single edition, listing him as one of the smartest men in the world, all due to his results on this particular test.

There are many other articles detailing how and why the test itself and Keith’s methods of obtaining his score should never have passed the smell test, so I won’t repeat that here.

Nevertheless, when the publication discovered the (I’ll call it a) sham, it was too late. His name had already been printed in the Australian edition. And though they removed his name (and the entire category due to its subjectiveness) from all other editions, having his name in print just once (legitimately or not) was all it took to turn Keith into a megalomaniac. Being the “smartest man in the world” became his entire identity from that moment on.

And because megalomaniacs can never get enough praise, he was soon no longer a mere mortal. He was so intelligent, he became a God. And he ordered his “disciples” to idolize and obey him as one.

Everything after that was using, abusing, scamming, and scheming, to get the two things he desperately wanted and needed: to be idolized by obedient disciples, and sex.

As the God Vanturd’s influence grew, so did his sadistic appetites. He demanded complete obedience and loyalty, and he required it from more and more people. Vanturd made his followers feel like they were mere mortals, and he was their God saviour, the only one who could save them from their human frailties.

He literally created a world where he was God. He unleashed wrath upon his disciples so he could watch them quiver in his presence. He made them to beg for just a slice, a moment of his time, and feel like they’ve won the lottery if he spent 5 minutes with them.

He destroyed his disciples’ lives so he could show them how powerful he was. And he demanded a lifetime vow of obedience because true disciples must sacrifice their lives for their God.

He may have used the terms master and slave, but in actuality, Keith saw himself more as a God with disciples than a master with owned slaves. The slave label and blackmail (collateral) was just to ensure that none of his disciples would leave if they came to their senses and realized he was merely a man. A lazy, fat, stupid one at that.

The Not-So-Smartest Man in the World

I wonder how Godly he feels now? I can so picture him on the toilet, squeezing so hard his forehead bends his glasses, trying to turn that toilet water into wine.


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  • I don’t think the author fully understands NPD. If it wasn’t IQ tests it would be something else. NPD usually involves parental abdication of responsibility, the child is in charge, and lives in a world where everything revolves around his every whim. He grows up with no concern for others, or anything but his own selfish desires. Because of deep seated shame and guilt, he uses others to buoy a defective sense of self.

    No, it didn’t start with IQ tests by a long shot.

  • Love the art, especially the square footed naked sofa pose! Much as I prefer to believe he does indeed have square feet, I should probably point out that the affect is achieved by wearing socks more than once but on opposite feet. The mental image of the immortalised 100yrd dash, or whatever, on Square Feet 🤣

  • I cannot believe this Demon is back on the streets. Her parents need to DISOWN this sadistic animal. She is Ghislaine Maxwell’s carbon copy.

    God forbid, if Kieth is successful in getting released, these two will stalking new victims within. Hours of his release. Allison s a psychopath.

    • Pilgrim-

      You’re a good man.

      “Allison is a psychopath”


      You sound like a shadowy man from 1958. “Allison Pimp Mack peddles crack to negro children.”

  • I mentioned on the other thread my 159 Mensa score when I was at university. Dropped down to 156 after.

    Well, your story here reminded me of something about that time.
    Two of us were pulled out of our classes to do this test, I was doing linguistics, modern languages, this other student he was studying humanities and I think math.

    I’d always found him to be a bit of a big head. A new club had opened in the town and I asked him if he’d been yet. And he went on in great length about how bad the acoustics were, blah blah blah. And I said, we were all going later on and if he wanted to come we would be there. And he said, to my absolute astonishment, that he ‘wasn’t interested in me, and I shouldn’t really approach guys in this manner”. So I told him it was a group thing and I wasn’t asking him out. He shrugged me off and just carried on thinking I actually had asked him out.

    After the test he and I were sitting outside an office because one of the invigilators wanted to talk to us. This guy, who had scored 138 and was really excited about it, so I didn’t tell him about my 159 said some stupid stuff. About us being in the top percentage at the university. I mean, he was almost erect intellectually talking about it, really excited, squirming in his seat. I really felt like stinging him by telling him I’d scored 159, but instead bit my tongue and kept it to myself.

    Years later I’m reading our local paper, and there’s an article about him. He ended up becoming an osteopath. He got struck off the register some sexual crossed the lines professional misconduct thing.

    • “I mentioned on the other thread my 159 Mensa score when I was at university. Dropped down to 156 after.”

      Yeah, we get it, you like to start every comment telling people your high scores for logic puzzles.

      Can you also share some of your high scores for video games and Monopoly, too?


  • Was that the pivotal moment, when a good person went bad? Is Keith Raniere that lost little boy , still seeking his daddy’s praise?

    Nah. He’s just an asshole, through and through.

    So are the Bronfmans, the Salzmans, Mack and Clyne, Vicente and a bunch of other un-named co-conspirators. The idea that everyone is inherently good until somehow led astray seems terribly naive.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no cynic. Most people are pretty decent and honest, even virtuous. That’s why cults like Nxivm go bust and assholes like Raniere end up in prison.

    • They are all evil.

      One thing about the NXIVM community: they are shallow as living fuck. Every last one of them. Even Mark Vicente talked about how Allison “Pimp” Mack only sought to recruit pretty girls; not fat girls. She was conscience of what Vanturd wanted in a female. Her first thought was probably “Will Vanturd find her fuckable? Will he be happy with me or will he unhappy with me, if I bring her to him?”

      Allison coerced”Nicole” to have sex with Vanturd, using blackmail and threats. Allison is no victim. She is a sexual predator.

      The Marquis De Sade wrote 120 Days of Sodom while in prison. Imagine what Allison imagined while her imprisonment? What sick, depraved fantasies did she have? What will be her next deviant, sexual fantasy to fulfill? Who will her next victims be?

      Allison is a demonic force for evil, sexual torture and cruelty. May she be damned to Hell.

  • Can’t stand Raniere but he was able to create a world where he was God and worshipped by all.

    But for Frank Parlato he’d still be living a life of luxury, where no one dared to touch him.

    He’s got to have a few brains to manage that.

  • Frank-

    One day I hope you divulge the look Raniere gave you the first time he saw you at court……

    I’ve been waiting for years…

    We’ve all been waiting!!!!!

  • For a great story, read the evidence about corrupt Federal judges in my website … AndJusticeForJBM.org

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