Paul Boyne’s Battle for Justice: Family Court Turns Peaceful Parent into Pariah!

By Julia Knight

Many believe that family courts in the U.S. are against women – and, essentially, they are. However, the overriding concern in these courts is money. If there is no way to get the money from the wife, then they’ll align against the husband.

As a result, hundreds, thousands of fathers have had their lives destroyed by family courts. Their life savings have been taken, they’ve been incarcerated, and their children have been taken – never to be seen again. These circumstances are abnormal and criminal – but they have become the norm in family court.

Paul Boyne is one of many parents who lived a lawful, peaceful existence in Connecticut until he entered family court. There, he was dragged through years of litigation abuse and tormented by the judges. He stood up for his rights – which is always greeted with power and dominance by those who control family court proceedings.

This is Judge Gerard Adelman. His role in life is to separate mothers from their children.

They took his children and his life savings, and he persisted and challenged every illegal order, which earned him the judges’ wrath. The head of all evil in CT’s family court system – Judge Gerard Adelman – was outraged because Paul Boyne “called him out” on all his lies and violations of the law.

The case moved to New York , and Paul persevered. He used lawyers and judge after judge recused themselves from the case. But per CT family courts, months, then years passed. It’s an exercise in futility, as Susan Skipp’s case demonstrates.

Ultimately, they silence you and remove your right to file motions with the court. This is a CT crisis and a NATIONAL CRISIS.

This has nothing to do with stalking. The victims of CT family court have suffered—children, the targeted parent, and extended family.

The Boyne children have not seen their grandparents in decades. This is the sole result of CT FAMILY COURTS.

He then watched the courts do this to other families – day after day, month after month, year after year. Everyone lives in fear – which is exactly what the court wants. Fear immobilizes you. Fear instills confusion.

Fear is what they count on – so you will not speak out or challenge. Attorneys fuel this fear – they work with the GALs to run the scam. To drag out litigation until the money is gone.

Why are the CT media not reporting Boyne’s arrest? Are they waiting until Monday morning when they know this has been in the works for months?

Why do CT papers refuse to report on the wrongdoing of any family court judge? Or the prolonged litigation for no-fault divorces in the state of CT?

Why are GALs allowed to become permanent members of families who entered the family court for a no-fault divorce?

Why are GALs hanging on to cases for SIX YEARS POST JUDGEMENT? Is it because Jane Grossman doesn’t “fire” GALs? Are we supposed to let GALs drain our life savings and yield power over our lives indefinitely?

This is a sick system.

Judge Jane Grossman ordered so many children out of their mother’s house and not to contact the woman who raised them. Why? Because it paid better.

Paul Boyne is a human being. Family court has made him the boogeyman – his name never to be spoken, or the full wrath of family court will come down upon you.

Did Paul Boyne actually threaten any lives?

What harm did he actually do?

It looks like a family court evaluator purposely provoked Paul Boyne’s anger years ago. That evaluator’s friend was the judge who took Paul’s four children from him. That same judge also ruined Paul’s finances.

Paul’s posts online are vile. They’re extreme. I’ve heard he wrote in such over-the-top ways on purpose to draw as much attention to the blog as possible to expose the crimes Gerard Adelman, Sidney Horowitz and others committed in his case.

1. that was his strategy
2. the DOJ finally investigates the crimes committed in Connecticut family courts, and
3. his vile and extreme posts hurt no one,

Paul’s posts might actually eventually save millions of lives.

Crimes and corruption in Connecticut family courts have harmed, destroyed and taken tens of thousands of lives.

Maybe now that Paul has been arrested, discovery in his case will prompt the DOJ to complete the “pubic corruption investigation” they started in 2014, and prosecute all who have committed horrible crimes in Connecticut family courts.

In 2015, the rumor circulating was that the DOJ investigated the family courts, found actionable evidence of crimes committed, but didn’t prosecute because so many crimes were committed and the Connecticut family courts were “too big to fail”.


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  • The history of liberty has largely been the history of the observance of procedural safeguards.

  • CT:
    Few prosecutors
    No Sheriffs
    Judges are appointed.
    Judges have immunity.
    GALs have immunity
    Custody evaluators have immunity
    Anyone court appointed has immunity or “quasi immunity” which is the same thing.
    GALs are not mandated reporters of abuse.
    All of this is by design.

      • This is a giant game of power and control. Often wish to punish the former wife. Snatch and grab the kids and take all the money.

    • Representative Mini Gonzalez tried to present legislation to take immunity away from gals. The other legislators would not support it. Women were not told about it. There are people who are saying they are leading court reforms. Are not being honest. Passing laws is a way to combat curruption. They are little value with immunity. The state government knows all about what is happening. If people want to make a change post Frank’s articles in your town public forum. This is how we get the information out to the public.

  • Unlimited Power to Connecticut Judges in 1982

    TREASON (Nemo Judex in Sua Causa): Complicit Participants have seized an inalienable right of a Grand Jury of the people, NOT JUDGES.


    Grand Jury Indictment Requirement Repealed:
    When Connecticut repealed the requirement of a grand jury indictment before a person can be tried for any crime punishable by death or life imprisonment, it substituted a probable cause hearing requirement. It retained the investigatory grand jury, defined by statute as a judge, constitutional state referee, or three-judge panel appointed “to conduct an investigation into the commission of a crime or crimes” (see CGS § 54-47b).

    • Frightening!! I’ve lived in CT my entire life and was blind to these acts. Foolish faith in the system that was making laws the hijack the rights of the people and give all power to judges without oversight or accountability.

      And CT punishes and abused its people while denying redress.

      We are indeed Corrupticut and the fear and retaliation is real and known. Thus the anonymous posts.

      • Same here. Connecticut is a full on pit. Run by a group of politicians who would eat their own young.

    • When Mr. Adelman was lecturing a group of seniors at a senior center, two seniors wanted to discuss Connecticut’s Grand Jury system. Mr. Adelman said he didn’t know why Connecticut doesn’t use Grand Juries.

      With a Master’s in American History and decades working in Connecticut courts, do you think it might be possible that he lied to those senior citizens?🧐

      Please explain this.

      It might be the Achilles heel:

      “Unlimited Power to Connecticut Judges in 1982”?

      “TREASON (Nemo Judex in Sua Causa): Complicit Participants have seized an inalienable right of a Grand Jury of the people, NOT JUDGES.”?
      “Grand Jury Indictment Requirement Repealed:
      When Connecticut repealed the requirement of a grand jury indictment before a person can be tried for any crime punishable by death or life imprisonment, it substituted a probable cause hearing requirement. It retained the investigatory grand jury, defined by statute as a judge, constitutional state referee, or three-judge panel appointed “to conduct an investigation into the commission of a crime or crimes” (see CGS § 54-47b).”

    • They would like you to think that. Purposeful action to conquer and divide. Men women race and religion.

  • Paul Boyne maybe the Robinhood of family court reform. If only he didn’t use the comments alluding to threats and racial slurs. He’s generated a lot of attention to family court. With the family court circus blog in the paper maybe people will read it. See all of the many things happening in family court.

    • What paper reports on family court?
      Completely agree he’s the Robinhood of family court. His vile sentiments however, undermine much of his credibility and are used against those he advocates for.

    • How much traction and attention have the people who speak politely about the family court crimes gotten?

      • Compliance is a fallacy. Once they take your children it’s over. Runaway train and public exposure is the only chance you have for change.

    • How would you interpret that message, 7:18 am?

      Isaiah “possibly [wrote] in two periods between 740 BC and c. 686 BC. What do you think he meant by that message back then — and why do you think that’s a message from God to Mr. Parlato today?

    • O afflicted city, lashed by storms,
      without solace,
      surely I will set your stones in antimony
      and lay your foundations with sapphires.

      I will make your pinnacles of rubies,
      your gates of sparkling jewels,
      and all your walls of precious stones.

      Then all your sons will be taught by the LORD,
      and great will be their prosperity.

      In righteousness you will be established,
      far from oppression,
      for you will have no fear.
      Terror will be far removed,
      for it will not come near you.

      If anyone attacks you, it is not from Me;
      whoever assails you will fall before you.

      Behold, I have created the craftsman
      who fans the coals into flame
      and forges a weapon fit for its task;
      and I have created the destroyer
      to wreak havoc.

      No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
      and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.
      This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
      and their vindication is from Me,”
      declares the LORD.

  • Connecticut’s leading the way.

    Norm Pattis, Richard Blumenthal and their colleagues set case precedent limiting free speech in two recent cases: The Taupier case and the Alex Jones case. Those two cases will now serve as case law to censor and to punish Mr. Boyne.

    There will be no mention, no discussion and no investigation of corruption in the family courts in very much the same way prosecutors — and then the Court and mainstream news outlets — ignored the underlying motivating factors prompting the offensive and objectionable communications of Ted Taupier and Alex Jones.

    “State v. Taupier

    Supreme Court of Connecticut

    January 25, 2018, Argued; September 11, 2018, Officially released

    SC 19950

    Counsel: Norman A. Pattis, with whom, on the brief, was Daniel Erwin, for the appellant (defendant).

    Mitchell S. Brody, senior assistant state’s attorney, with whom, on the brief, was Peter A. McShane, state’s attorney, and Brenda L. Hans, assistant state’s attor- ney, for the appellee (state).

    Judges: Palmer, McDonald, Robinson, D’Auria, Mul- lins, Kahn and Vertefeuille, Js.*

    In this opinion the other justices concurred.

    Opinion by: ROBINSON …

    1 The first amendment to the United States constitution provides: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establish- ment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridg- ing the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” …

    • Paul Boyne was right to be angry. The ways in which he expressed his anger weren’t right, of course. Why did he express his anger in that way? Has he always been that way? 🤔

      CT AFCC, Inc. members … Norm Pattis’ law practice … their associates in New Haven and others who set case precedent to restrict free speech in the State vs Taupier case are among the same horrible human beings who set case law to punish parents for protecting children from sexual abuse in Connecticut. There’s a pattern there.

      The Taupier case was about a private email. Was that the reason Paul Boyne was so over-the-top with his deliberate vulgarities. Was Paul’s blog a sounding of an alarm or set up to be an eventually successful decoy? If those holding him in custody don’t kill him, discovery in that case will destroy the entire Connecticut family court system.

      Many people in state offices who look and sound fine are actually very dangerous people — and many in positions of authority in state offices are far more dangerous than Paul Boyne. He knows that.

      For the past several decades, Connecticut and Massachusetts family court administrators and vendors have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government, state coffers and parents to micro-manage families. They have created the kind of case law that eventually destroys entire nations. Paul was right to mention the Bolshevik Coup in his posts. He was right to compare the Bolsheviks to those running the show in Connecticut family courts today.

      Will mainstream news outlets write and publish articles about Mr. Boyne, discussing his complaints and political theories? Like when shooters write manifestos before mass killings? Probably not. No news outlets will be allowed to report the corruption in family courts and most who graduated from Connecticut public schools don’t know what the Bolshevik Coup was. The late Charlotte Iserbyt would have been happy to tell you why.

      Those who managed the public schools and the family court systems since the 1980s harmed tens of thousands of children and families in Connecticut. They will continue to destroy children and families unless the people of that state wake up. Whistleblowers will need to blow whistles. Mainstream news outlets will need to fully investigate and report the corruption. The few state legislators who have already spoken up so courageously about the corruption in family courts must be encouraged to speak louder and more often.

      Some actually look forward to Elizabeth Bozzuto being the hero in this after all. She must know about the corruption by now and if Patrick Carroll III doesn’t own her, could she tell the world what she knows?

      State DOJ offices announced a public corruption investigation in 2015. What questions did DOJ employees ask?

      Did they “shake all the bushes” and find no crimes committed anywhere by anyone in the Connecticut family court system?

      Interesting to note: AG offices in New York also looked the other way for almost twenty years as NXIVM people committed NXIVM crimes in Nxivmville.

      • State legislators and the New Haven, Connecticut DOJ office should see this. Judge Beth Bozzuto was genuinely concerned about the way family courts were managed in 2015:

        CT-N: Task Force to Study the Statewide Response to Minors Exposed to Domestic Violence November 19, 2015 Meeting …

        Should DOJ employees find out why Joe DiTunno, Deputy Director of Family Services sat in for Stephen Grant, Executive Director of the Court Support Services Division that day?

        Connecticut OCPD biographies for presenters: “Stephen R. Grant, MA, CAGS is the Director of Juvenile and Family Services for the Court Support Services Division of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. In that capacity, his responsibilities include statewide administrative oversight of: Juvenile Probation, Juvenile Detention, Juvenile Clinical and Educational Services and Family Criminal and Civil Services …“

        From the 2006 Family Services Unit of the Judicial Branch’s Court Support Services Division (CSSD) newsletter: “The purpose of the Family Violence Risk Assessment Project is to augment the clinical skills of the Family Relations Counselors (FRCs) with a validated risk assessment instrument that is suitable to the hectic, demanding, and time-limited conditions under which domestic violence assessments are conducted in Connecticut. Buttressing the expertise of the FRCs with a risk assessment instrument enhances the efficiency and consistency of the assessment process and standardizes the language about risk throughout the judicial system. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the recommendations made to the court and the services offered are tailored to the risk of continued violence posed by the numerous perpetrators the FRCs must assess and case manage.” — Stephen Grant, Deputy Director, Family Services, Court Support Services Division

        That CSSD 2006 newsletter advertised services on page 6 as “Alternative Sanctions Programs and Providers in Connecticut”.

        Does the Nw Haven DOJ office want to know how many of the following advertised programs and providers earned income with the Connecticut AFCC network if the Connecticut AFCC network was in business in 2006?

        Connecticut AFCC, Inc. incorporation documents show: CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC Certificate of Incorporation: Nonstock Corporation Filing #0004828917 … Filed March 26, 2013 9:00 AM.

        Were CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC officers and members doing business for profit before March 26, 2013?

        If CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC officers and members were passing cases to and from each other with judicial authority and judicial immunity for profit before and/or after registering as a non-profit March 26, 2013 at 9:00 AM, was that one reason Paul Boyne was so mad?

        What kind of “Inc.” was each “Inc.” advertised?

        AMPS, Inc.
        Barbara Grover
        Community Health Resources (aka: North Central Counseling Services, Inc.)
        Community Prevention and Addiction Services, Inc.
        Connecticut Renaissance, Inc. The Connection, Inc.
        Family Re-Entry, Inc.
        Hockanum Valley Community Council, Inc.
        Midwestern CT Council on
        Alcoholism (MCCA) Morris Foundation, Inc.
        Natchaug Hospital Network Connecticut, Inc.
        New Directions, Inc. of North Central Conn.
        Perception Programs, Inc.
        Regional Network of Programs Rushford Center, Inc.
        Southeastern Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence, Inc.
        (SCADD) Stonington Institute
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (1)
        Community Mediation, Inc.
        Community Partners in Action Dispute Settlement Center, Inc.
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (2)
        The Connection Inc.
        Community Partners in Action Community Renewal Team
        The Connection, Inc.
        Corporation for Justice Management, Inc.
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (1)
        CTE, Inc.
        Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, Inc.
        Perception Programs, Inc.
        Project More
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (3)
        Family Re-Entry, Inc.
        Community Foundation of Greater New Haven
        City of Hartford
        Community Partners in Action
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (2)
        Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, Inc.
        United Community & Family Services United Way of Meriden & Wallingford, Inc.
        United Way of Greater New Haven
        Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County
        The Volunteer Center of Western Connecticut
        The Consultation Center, Inc. (aka: CCB)
        Families in Crisis, Inc.
        Family Re-Entry, Inc.
        Association of Religious Communities, Inc.
        Families in Crisis, Inc.
        Family Re-Entry, Inc.
        Mandel Mellow and Went (dba: N.A.)
        Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of New London County, Inc.
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (4)
        Family Re-Entry, Inc.
        Hill Health Corporation Liberation Programs, Inc.
        Perception Programs, Inc.
        Association of Religious Communities, Inc.
        Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Services
        Community Health Resources (aka: North Central Counseling Services, Inc.)
        The Consultation Center, Inc. (aka: CCB)
        Family Re-Entry, Inc.
        Mandel Mellow and Went (dba: N.A.)
        Marianne Christiano
        Maxine L. Varanko (dba: FMHS)
        United Services, Inc.
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (5)
        Career Resources, Inc.
        Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Services
        Corporation for Justice Management, Inc.
        Residential Services – Jail Re-Interview
        The Connection, Inc.
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (3)
        Project More
        APT Foundation, Inc. Morris Foundation, Inc. –
        Morris House Rushford Center, Inc.
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (4)
        Community Renewal Team, Inc. The Connection, Inc.
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (5)
        Project More
        Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Services
        Connecticut Renaissance, Inc. Natchaug Hospital
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (6)
        Yale University
        Community Renewal Team Community Partners in Action Corporation for Justice Management, Inc.
        St. Francis Home for Children, Inc.
        Connecticut Junior Republic
        St. Francis Home for Children, Inc.
        Community Partners in Action
        Campagna Associates, LLP
        Clinical Consultants of Connecticut
        The Connection, Inc. Natchaug Hospital Wheeler Clinic, Inc.
        Catholic Charities/Catholic Family Services
        The Connection, Inc.
        Family & Children’s Agency, Inc.
        City of Meriden
        City of Stamford
        City of West Haven Community Renewal Team, Inc.
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (6)
        New Britain Youth Services
        Rushford Center, Inc.
        United Services, Inc.
        Waterbury Youth Services System, Inc.
        Windham Regional Community Council, Inc.
        Community Mediation, Inc.
        Connecticut Renaissance, Inc.
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (7)
        Forensic Health Services, Inc.
        The Village for Families and Children, Inc.
        The Connection, Inc.
        Connecticut Renaissance, Inc.
        Connecticut Junior Republic
        CSI Connecticut, Inc. (8)
        NAFI Connecticut, Inc.
        Wheeler Clinic, Inc. (7)

        At a quick glance, it looks like The Wheeler Clinic is listed seven times in the newsletter under different categories … CSI, Inc. is listed eight times. Wheeler Clinic’s Community Justice information from howtojustice dot org: “… Their Parenting Education Program assists parents with family issues, including divorce, separation and custody disagreements. This program is not free to participants, so arrangements for payment must be made ahead of enrollment …”

        • May the public read about the CSSD’s more than 800 policies and “clinical guidance”? 🤔 says:

          The Connecticut General Assembly, with Special Act No.15-10, established “a task force to study the state-wide response to family violence”. From the minutes of the first task force meeting on July 30, 2015:

          “… Some members of the group were asked to make remarks at this meeting. The first to speak was Stephen Grant, Executive Director of the Court Support Services Division, who stated that every discipline with Court Support deals with domestic violence. He listed his priorities as being:

          1) Identifying and addressing barriers to interagency communication and information • Increase amount of information across spectrum • Provision of timely thorough and accurate information to key decision makers

          2) Look at trauma informed evidence based care • 78% of children were either direct victims or witness to domestic violence • These children need support on multiple levels

          3) Emphasize prevention strategies

          In follow-up, Karen Jarmoc asked Mr. Grant if there were differences in policy between the different divisions of CCSD, and whether there is a guide for the 1500 employees.

          Mr. Grant replied that the themes are the same, but the policies of different divisions are slightly nuanced based on its own statutory charge.

          He also stated that guidance for the employees is embedded in the over 800 policies of the CCSD. Clinical guidance is provided as well….”

          👉 On September 9, 2015, task force members discussed federal funding of state programs, the value of fact-finding to achieve their goals and the importance of data collection to determine how federal funds are used in the state agencies handling various aspects of domestic violence and abuse cases involving minor children.

          At about the 1:01:58 minute mark, Mr. Grant communicates with someone off-camera with hand gestures. The video of the full meeting is on the CT-N website.

          Are there enough honest people in authority to investigate and prosecute the corruption?

          • Connecticut needs a few good whistleblowers. Someone reading this must know who was off-camera on the receiving end of Mr. Grant’s mysterious communications.

          • I just saw a video of Mr. Adelman lecturing a group of seniors at a senior center.

            When two seniors asked him what he knew about the Grand Jury system in Connecticut, he told them he didn’t know much about it, then changed the subject after the person filming seemed to tap on the recording device to get his attention.

            It looked like he used “the swipe across closed lips gesture” to let whoever was filming know that he got the message to not discuss the Grand Jury system. It’s all very quick and you’d miss it if you blink.

            Whether he did or didn’t send a secret message about hiding crimes, someone should find out it a Grand Jury can address what his “AFCC” network did in Connecticut.

            There’s no statute of limitations for fraud on the court.

        • By November 19, 2015:

          What did Joe DiTunno, Deputy Director of Family Services and Stephen Grant, Executive Director of the Court Support Services Division learn about CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC officers and members doing business for profit out of state offices before and after March 26, 2013?

      • This is the absolute truth. God help us all in Connecticut. The powers that be are coming down harder in many cases because they know the veil has been lifted. Please stand together. Don’t be silenced.
        Say no to family court.
        Do not sign anything
        Refuse to have a GAL
        Refuse the supervised visitation
        Refuse the custody evaluation
        Refuse the reunification therapy
        Refuse the parenting supervisor
        Refuse, refuse, refuse.
        Do not feed the monster. Once you go in, you will never get out. Your life as a free person is over. And your children will be owned by the court.

        • Any volunteers available for Family Court court watching?

          Bring note paper, a few pens and maybe a clip board — or, Frank Report confetti. 🎉

          Here’s a suggestion for a template. Simply copy and paste the text onto a page.

          Each page can be divided into small useful notes to distribute throughout family courthouses everywhere. Waiting in line, walking into courthouses, on the counters in clerks’ offices, on tables in law libraries, under salt shakers in lunchrooms, on benches in courtrooms, on benches in hallways, on bulletin boards, in parking garages, in elevators and elsewhere … 😉

          • Maybe Avenir Next Condensed type in 18 for four across a page?

            Hoping to be able to add:

            The Truth is Always Fair.

            centered on the back of each little note somehow. 🙏

          • the problem isn’t limited to Family Court—- its ALL Courts—- Civil-Probate and Criminal (Ive been in all)

      • First hand. Norms office and associates are taking a hands off approach to the family court. Norm has represented at least one client claiming parental alienation. He’s probably not interested in taking it off the table. 🤔.

        • Pattis’s office destroyed a protective mother who believed her child’s disclosures of sexual abuse. The case set precedent to punish parents who believe children’s disclosures from then on. Most people in the state have no idea what’s happening in family courts. Maybe now that more people see what’s happening in pubic schools etc. they’ll start to notice what’s happening in “family courts”.

          Everyone believed the child’s disclosures. Therapists, police etc. The perpetrator’s criminal trial resulted in a hung jury.

          The family court opinion said: the child believed what happened and the mother believed the child.

          Adelman, the director of CT AFCC, Inc. was the guardian ad litem. He recommend Freedman, the company’s treasurer to do the evaluation. The treasurer of CT AFCC, Inc. said the mother was intelligent with no emotional or mental disorders. The treasurer of CT AFCC, Inc. never met the child and told the court the child was “brainwashed”. Again, he never met the child.

          The horrible people who destroyed tens of thousands of children and families in Connecticut knew what they were doing and they knew the harm they would cause. They have no remorse for the crimes they commit and they laugh at their victims.

          They are evil. There’s no other word to describe it.

    Virginia man arrested for allegedly stalking and threatening CT judges

    By Angela Fortuna • Published July 24, 2023 • Updated on July 24, 2023 at 3:59 pm

    A hand holds a gavel next to a stack of manila folders.
    Getty Images
    A Virginia man has been arrested for allegedly stalking and threatening three Connecticut judges online, according to the Office of the State’s Attorney.

    Authorities said 62-year-old Paul Boyne was arrested on 18 counts of felony stalking and electronic cyberstalking Monday.

    State officials said they will be seeking extradition to Connecticut for Boyne. His arrest follows a years-long investigation into the website “”

    Boyne, who used to live in Connecticut, allegedly authored and maintained the website from his Virginia home and used online postings to stalk and threaten the three sitting Superior Court judges.

    Get Connecticut local news, weather forecasts and entertainment stories to your inbox. Sign up for NBC Connecticut newsletters.
    According to authorities, the website also provided commentary on attorneys, family court litigants and court proceedings happening primarily in Connecticut.

    The state police Computer Crimes Unit and Hate Crimes Unit are investigating. The New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the

  • It’s made the Connecticut news. No mention of family court. No mention of the fact he was a former litigant. Paul wasn’t stalking them. He was publishing articles about the judges’ actions in family court.

    • “Some guy from Virginia was arrested for stalking judges. Nothing to see here — move along, move along.”

    • Mainstream news won’t tell us about CT AFCC Inc. vendors acting with judicial authority for profit in Paul Boyne’s case.

      Like when everyone knew what Epstein was doing … and then years later, Cindy McCain said, “Everyone knew what Epstein was doing.”

      … and Amy Robach said, ““We would not put [the Epstein story] on the air. First of all, I was told, ‘Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.”

      … and Acosta said, no one could touch Epstein because he belonged to “Intelligence”.

      … and the Capital Region’s AG’s office wouldn’t investigate or prosecute NXIVM crimes for almost twenty years.

      … and the authorities wouldn’t prosecute The Finders in Washington, D.C.

      … and all the big banks have always been too big to fail until now because now they’re all merging into one big monster that will swallow us whole.

      Connecticut family court corruption is just like the New York family court corruption which is just like New Hampshire family court corruption which is just like California family court corruption and it’s the same in Argentina, Australia, The United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, Italy, France and The Netherlands.

      Families are to be destroyed. That’s no secret.

  • “a multi-year investigation” to investigate the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC? 👀 says:


    Virginia Man Arrested for Cyberstalking Three Connecticut Judges

    (New Haven, CT) – New Haven State’s Attorney John P. Doyle, Jr. today announced the arrest of Paul Boyne, age 62, of Springfield, Virginia, on 18 counts of felony Stalking and Electronic Stalking for cyberstalking three sitting Connecticut Superior Court Judges.

    Boyne appeared today in Fairfax County General District Court in Fairfax, Virginia. The State of Connecticut will be seeking to extradite the defendant to Connecticut to face these charges.

    Boyne’s arrest comes after a multi-year investigation 👀 into the website “” Boyne, a former resident of Connecticut, is alleged to have authored and maintained the website from his home in Virginia and used online postings to stalk and threaten the judges. The website additionally provides commentary on attorneys, family court litigants, and court proceedings, primarily in the state of Connecticut.

    The case was investigated 👀 by the Connecticut State Police Computer Crimes Unit and Hate Crimes Unit. The case will be prosecuted by the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office. The charges are merely accusations and Boyne is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.“

    The Division of Criminal Justice extends its appreciation to authorities in Virginia, particularly the Office of the Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fairfax County, the Virginia State Police, and the U.S. Marshals Service, Eastern District of Virginia, for their assistance in this investigation 👀.”

  • Will Paul‘s over-the-top provocations finally break through the media blackout hiding news of corruption in family courts? Do an online search for … “Paul Boyne” “Connecticut” “AFCC”.

    It looks like everything is still hush-hush. 🤫

    Will no mainstream news about his recent arrest and extradition means no news about the corruption in the Ambrose case. Connecticut judge Moukawsher disbarred Connecticut attorney Cunha for complaining about corruption in the Ambrose case.

    Attorney Cunha’s punishment was all over the national news — along with how much the public should hate that attorney for complaining about corruption in family courts. This is Third World stuff, folks.

    “Media blackout is the censorship of news related to a certain topic, particularly in mass media, for any reason. A media blackout may be voluntary, or may in some countries be enforced by the government or state. The latter case is controversial in peacetime, as some regard it as a human rights violation and repression of free speech. Press blackout is a similar phrase, but refers specifically to printed media.

    Media blackouts are used, in particular, in times of declared war, to keep useful intelligence from the enemy.“


  • 2007
    “… By way of a memorandum of decision, the court dissolved the parties’ sixteen year marriage on June 25, 2007. … The defendant, Paul A. Boyne, appeals from the judgment of the trial court dissolving his marriage to the plaintiff, Heather P. Boyne. On appeal, the defendant claims that the court improperly (1) determined his earning capacity, (2) required him to obtain life insurance in the absence of any evidence as to its cost or availability, (3) ordered him obtain a bond to secure the payment of his child support and alimony obligations, (4) allocated tax exemptions, (5) determined his obligation of unreimbursed medical expenses and day care expenses, (6) 🕳 declared that all of the financial orders in the judgment were in the nature of support and not dischargeable in bankruptcy 🕳 and (7) ordered him to transfer custodianship of the children’s educational accounts to the plaintiff. We affirm in part and reverse in part the judgment of the trial court.“

    Connecticut General Assembly Judicial Committee Hearing, February 23, 2009:

    “… SENATOR McDONALD: And when you are appointed by a judge and asked to be a GAL, I have heard a lot of times it goes uncompensated and it ends up being pro bono. Is that true?

    GERARD ADELMAN: That — that has gotten better. Many of the judges, especially the judges that do a lot of family law will — will certainly protect the Guardian’s fee. There are certainly cases, and I’ve had many of them, where the judge appoints you and — and you know or the judge tells you that there’s just no money in this case.

    🕳 The one advantage you have as a Guardian is that your fee will typically become a court order, so you can enforce it. And the Bankruptcy Courts tend to rule — not always

    — but tend to rule that a Guardian’s legal fee is a form of child support and is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, so there is some protection for the Guardian. 🕳

    SENATOR McDONALD: I only ask because, frankly, it’s kind of hard to put substantial criteria around the appointment of a Guardian if there is nobody going to ever apply because there’s no compensation for the services rendered. But in your experience, it’s — especially, I presume, when they are mutually — when the parents mutually agree to the appointment that the fee is secured.

    GERARD ADELMAN: To the best — I mean, you know, you — you — you’re dealing with people in, in dire — usually — at least in Meriden — people who are in pretty much dire economic circumstances. …”


    “Judge Lynda B. Munro and Judicial Branch Manager Mary Kay West administratively authorized payments to Sidney Horowitz at more than twice the state rate, even though no court order on record had approved the payments.” A.S.

    “The heavily redacted records Boyne obtained from the Judicial Branch show that Horowitz had billed over $4,200 to the state on the Boyne case, however, Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney confirm that Horowitz did not provide them with copies, nor did the Judicial Branch seek their approval for the charges Horowitz submitted. Boyne says that Horowitz failed to provide all the services and reports outlined in the court order, then recused himself from his appointment to
    the Boyne case in May 2012.” A.S.


    Committee on Judicial Ethics Teleconference Friday, April 19, 2013:

    “… V. The Committee discussed Informal JE 2013-15 concerning whether a Judicial Official may serve on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization that provides services to court-involved clients and receives the majority of its funding from contracts with the Judicial Branch.

    The nonprofit organization has multiple contracts with the Judicial Branch to provide various assessments and services to, inter alia, litigants in family, juvenile and criminal court matters (hereinafter “clients”). Clients may be referred directly by the court, as well as by probation and family services personnel. Various contracts require the nonprofit organization to provide reports to the court and to have personnel appear in court to testify regarding a client’s success or failure to complete the services and programs provided by the nonprofit organization.

    Rule 1.2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct states that a judge “should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the … impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. The test for appearance of impropriety is whether the conduct would create in reasonable minds a perception that the judge violated this Code or engaged in other conduct that reflects adversely on the judge’s honesty, impartiality, temperament, or fitness to serve as a judge.”

    Rule 1.3 of the Code states that a “judge shall not use or attempt to use the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others or allow others to do so.”

    Rule 3.1 of the Code states that a Judicial Official may engage in extrajudicial activities, except as prohibited by law; however, a judge may not participate in extrajudicial activities that will (1) interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties, (2) lead to frequent disqualification, (3) appear to a reasonable person to undermine the judge’s independence, integrity or impartiality, or (4) appear to a reasonable person to be coercive.

    Rule 3.7(a) provides that a judge “may participate in activities sponsored by organizations or governmental entities concerned with the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice… including,…(6) serving as an officer, director, trustee, or nonlegal advisor of such an organization or entity, unless it is likely that the organization or entity: (A) will be engaged in proceedings that would ordinarily come before the judge; or (B) will frequently be engaged in adversary proceedings in the court of which the judge is a member or in any court subject to the appellate jurisdiction of the court of which the judge is a member.” The rule’s commentary states that “[e]ven for law related organizations, a judge should consider whether the membership and purposes of the organization, or the nature of the judge’s participation in or association with the organization, would conflict with the judge’s obligation to refrain from activities that reflect adversely on a judge’s independence, integrity, and impartiality.” Rule 3.7, cmt. (2).

    In discussing Rule 3.7(a)(6)(B), the Committee (with one member recused) determined that the prohibition on serving as an officer, director, trustee or nonlegal advisor of an organization concerned with the law, the legal system or the administration of justice if the organization “will frequently be engaged in adversary proceedings in the court of which the judge is a member” applies, not only when the organization is a party to adversary proceedings, but also when the organization supplies witnesses and reports for use in adversary proceedings. Based upon the foregoing, an appearance of impropriety would arise if a Judicial Official serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization or member of the Judicial Official’s staff were to refer clients to the nonprofit organization. Further, the nonprofit organization may use or attempt to use the prestige of the Judicial Official’s office when seeking additional contracts with the Judicial Branch or others. Accordingly, the Committee, with one member recused, unanimously determined that service on the nonprofit organization’s board of directors would violate Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B).“


    P. O. BOX 2508
    CINCINNATI, OH 45201

    Date: Jun 19 2014

    385 ORANGE ST
    NEW HAVEN, CT 06511

    Employer Identification Number: 46-2716503

    Dear Applicant :

    We are pleased to inform you upon review of your application for tax exempt status we have determined that you are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. …“

    Mr. Adelman was Director of the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC. He stepped down from his position.
    Ms. Lynda Munro stepped down from the bench around that time as well.
    Mr. Robert Holzberg also stepped down around that time, then wrote a scathing report against the Catholic Church.
    Mr. Robert Horwitz managed the CONNECTICUT CHAPTER OF AFCC INC. IRS documents.

    Two possible solutions:

    1. Someone in authority can honestly explain to Paul Boyne what happened in his family court case.

    2. Mr. Adelman, Ms. Grossman and Mr. Horwitz can apologize to Mr. Ambrose and Ms. Riordan for obvious reasons.

    • Lynda B. Munro “retired from the Connecticut Superior Court in fall 2014 after 20 years of service.”

    • “… tend to rule that a Guardian’s legal fee is a form of child support and is not dischargeable in bankruptcy, so there is some protection for the Guardian. 🕳 …“ Gerard Adelman, former Connecticut AFCC, Inc Director

  • Hmm, sounds like another parent who lost custody for acting like a maniac, who thought harassing people on social media was “fighting for his children”. Unless there are other facts that “Julia” hasn’t shared with us. Like maybe why he was arrested? Was it for violating an order of protection? Same old story.

  • Virginia took his cell phone, computers and denied the appointment of counsel because there were no charges? says:

    December 27, 2018

    “… PER CURIAM:

    Paul A. Boyne appeals the district court’s order affirming the magistrate judge’s issuance of a warrant as supported by probable cause. We have reviewed the record and find no reversible error.

    Accordingly, we affirm for the reasons stated by the district court.

    In re: Search of 8105 Creek View Drive, Springfield, VA 22153, No. 1:17-cr-00219-LMB-1 (E.D. Va., July 23, 2018). We deny Boyne’s motions for the appointment of counsel and the rest of his pending motions. We dispense with oral argument because the facts and legal contentions are adequately presented in the materials before this court and argument would not aid the decisional process …”

    “We deny Boyne’s motions for the appointment of counsel and the rest of his pending motions.”?

    “We dispense with oral argument because the facts and legal contentions are adequately presented in the materials before this court and argument would not aid the decisional process.”?

    • If all the whistleblowers step forward all at once it will probably look like, “Big Trouble in Little Quartzsite”.

  • … 7/6/1984 CT Dept. of Revenue Services notifies the AFCC that they must file their Application for Withdrawal with a statement that the AFCC has made arrangements to pay the Department all unpaid taxes

    12/10/1984 CT Judicial Branch Manager and AFCC President Anthony Salius and Milne file an Application of Withdrawal of Foreign Corporation for the AFCC with the CT Sec. of State …

  • Yup… dead on… exactly how the Arizona Maricopa County FC Mafia of Actors and AFCC members destroy the lives of those who get caught in their spider web to be gobbled up, never to see their children through the most important character building time of their life. When they turn 18, if they make it that far, they most often come out filled with hatred and confusion about the society around them. All of it is just horrifically awful.

  • “… SENATOR McDONALD: And is there any field of law or area of the state that you would prefer not to see on a regular basis as a judge?

    GERARD ADELMAN: Aside from the driving situation, no.

    SENATOR McDONALD: I do represent Stamford, by the way, so.


    SENATOR McDONALD: You know, one of the things that we ask new nominees — and you said it, you addressed it somewhat in your opening statement — is, is there anything in your background that you can possibly conceive of that has not been disclosed to this Committee which if known would prove to be an embarrassment to yourself, to the Governor or to the General Assembly?

    GERARD ADELMAN: No, I can’t think of anything. The Governor asked me the same thing.

    SENATOR McDONALD: Good question.


    SENATOR McDONALD: Thank you, very much. …”

  • What is ENERGIZING the family courts to behave so deplorable? The ANSWER is under our nose says:

    We have reached the breaking where the family courts have recently been decried, denounced, and discredited in the UN report issued last month. Nasty businesses have nested in the courts. The child “grooming” is driven by the criminal organizations in the drug trade. Once we accept this truism that the pervasive and menacing illegal drug trade industry has infiltrated the courts we can demand that the Justice Department place the family courts into federal receivership so that they can denude the courts of their power to make deleterious decisions. Is anyone old enough to remember that the way desegregation in public transport in the South was enforced was when the European media shamed America for violating desegregation laws in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and other Southern states.

    If the US media won’t expose the drug trade industry’s infiltration of the family courts–which is why it is so out of control–then let’s get the BBC and others to do so. Drugs are pervasive. They are used by the elite. They are no longer restricted to the ghettos.

    The drug money needs to be laundered somewhere and the family courts are an ideal place to do so. Once we speak openly about the drug cartels that are fostering child trafficking we are that much closer to solving the problem. The drug trade has turned the family courts upside down. They are DANGEROUS places. Can Merrick Garland allow this to happen in America? Can Joe Biden allow this in an election year? I say not!

  • As much as I don’t like the racial slurs and the trace of violence. I don’t think Paul Boyne is the monster Connecticut makes him out to be. Connecticut family court has terrorized so many people. Year after year. Several attorneys are the lowest form of society. The gals in several cases doing the work of the devil. His blog has been a staple in the state for parents seeking answers and justice. Attorneys also daily following and subject to the power hungry judges and the abuse they inflict on a regular basis. No matter what happens Paul Boyne can be credited with exposing the most currupt system in the country. Connecticut family court. Maybe there should be considerations for the department of justice to review Paul’s information. Prosecute the dredges of society family court players for the injustice and deprivation of basic human rights done to the most defenseless in our society. The children. Maybe the FBI should actually look at what Paul has and save the rest of society that will file for divorce in the future. Perhaps he is not a criminal but a whistle blower who just blow too loudly.

    • Hundreds of us have filed, interviewed, and worked with federal agencies and they refuse to do a thing about the racketeering operation. Even those agents who have started out very helpful and eager eventually get “the call”. The order always comes from higher up to shut it down.

      • Why does that order come from higher up?

        From how high up in what’s supposed to be a constitutional republic?

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