Babbling Babies or Multilingual Marvels? Keith Raniere’s Language Circus, Rainbow Cultural Garden, Provokes Discussion

Keith Alan Raniere invented the concept of teaching babies a different language every day, seven days per week. Seven languages – seven days a week – taught by a different “Multicultural Development Specialist” [MDS] – a foreign nanny – every day.
The rule was that parents could not talk to their children in any language except the language the MDS spoke that day.
So, parents did much less talking to their children – and children saw a different woman take care of them daily.

Each day, a different nanny [MDS] would come into the home, and the family spoke no other language that day.

So, each day, a new untrained, foreign-born – often illegal, often slender young lady – paid $10-15 per hour by Rainbow Cultural Garden and billed by the company to the parents at $25 per hour – came to the house to speak a different language – one of seven. There was no outside testing to even find out if the language they spoke was grammatically correct.

So MDSs alternated to different families.

A sample schedule might be:
Monday: Mandarin
Tuesday: Hindi
Wednesday: Arabic
Thursday: Russian
Friday: German
Saturday: Japanese
Sunday: Spanish.
Raniere, who spoke only one language – English – said it would develop the brains of growing children.

Keith Alan Raniere, a name to be trusted in the field of child development…  

NXIVM conducted Rainbow Cultural Garden experiments around the world.

MK10ART’s painting of Sara Bronfman’s Rainbow Cultural Garden school.

Some have questioned how the Rainbow Cultural Gardens experiment could continue for so long.

One of our esteemed readers, Pilgrim, commented:

By Pilgrim

Rainbow CULTural Grooming was a massive waste of time and money for the customers. Why the actual fuck does a child need to know seven languages? I get knowing maybe two or three: English, Spanish, and one other, maybe.

I had a friend who learned Japanese and leveraged it to create a career in finance in American and Japanese markets. To me, it was a strategic and unique way to become a standout in his field.

But seven languages? At $120,000 per year, it seems an almost reckless waste of money.

I mean, it could cost a million dollars.

Also, how fucking creepy and weird is it to have a different nanny with your family 16 hours per day? I mean, it’s just bizarre.

Brandon Porter – I believe – had his kids enrolled. The fact Cami was at the birth of one of his kids is just flat-out weird.

She was only 15 years old when her sexual relationship started with Keith. Did Porter know this? If he did, when did he know it?

And Cami was a main teacher? I mean, she had zero teaching credentials. How can she have been a teacher?

I think it would be a waste to further investigate Rainbow CULTural Grooming by law enforcement. But if a journalist could do a deep dive, I would love to know more. I think Sahajo was also an instructor at Rainbow CULTural Grooming.

Cami and Sahajo should do a comprehensive expose on it.

Was it just another grooming operation for Keith?

Another insightful commenter replied:

By ‘Jane’

How long did Vanturd’s sham Rainbow school run for?

I learned multiple languages as a child, and I can tell you that once you know any of the Latin-based languages (French, Spanish, or Italian), you can easily learn the others.

I spoke French at home, and English or French or German with neighborhood kids. It was an unspoken rule: if I was at their home, I spoke their mother tongue, and if they were at my house, they spoke French. It was all very natural.

I formally learned Latin starting in grade 1. Once we knew Latin, around grade 2, we built on that, learning how to read and write the Latin-based languages: French, Italian, and Spanish.

We started to learn how to read and write in English earlier, around 5 years old.

When I was 10, German was introduced, and it was a sister to English, in that many concepts and word roots were the same. So, for me, French, Italian, and Spanish were one family of languages, and German and English were another.

As a child, I never got confused, but it’s because we were taught to concentrate on one language at a time. For a year starting in grade one, it was morning in French, afternoon in English, and as we grew older, after the core concepts had become “natural”, that we didn’t even have to think about them. We then learned the other languages two hours a day, but only one extra language for a full year, then a sister language the following year, with exposure and maintenance curriculum for the other languages.

But it took experienced and accredited professionals with a well-planned curriculum lasting thirteen years to produce multilingual young adults. To be honest, I don’t think I could learn a foreign language as an adult fluently. I could learn a few sentences to get by, but to learn the grammar, to read and write Japanese or Russian, something totally foreign to me, I just couldn’t do it.

As a matter of fact, my mother tongue is French, but I wouldn’t want to learn why some words are feminine and others are masculine as an adult. That simply soaked itself into my brain by osmosis as I grew up in the French culture.

When the teacher explained the rules, I was drawing pictures. Not the slightest bit interested in “why” it was la instead of le.

When I read about Keith’s sham of a language school for children, I just shook my head. I bet it had a zero percent success rate. Keith was too stupid to know how learning languages works, and he also didn’t know that different dialects affect the learning.

He had no clue which dialects his “nannies” spoke, and there was no actual teaching involved.

If all it took to learn a language was to hear it being spoken, all parents would have to do is plunk them in front of the TV and have them watch a foreign language channel.

Let’s take the Vanturd blinders off here.

That Rainbow Cultural Garden sham had only two purposes: 1) To bring in cash and 2) To recruit young girls (not actual teachers) for Keith to groom and boink.

Why the hell was that not shut down by the Department of Education?

Department of Ed: What qualifications do your teachers have?

Keith: I personally pick each and every one of them. Teenagers who have left school, under a hundred pounds, so they look 12 years old, and have a timid personality, so they won’t fight me off or report me when I rape them.

Department of Ed: And the parents pay you $120,000 to do that?

Keith with a huge grin: They sure do! Cuz I’m the Vanturd.

How long did that horror show go on for? Was it ever shut down, or did it only stop after Vanturd was arrested?

The above is not an actual photo, but a representation of a child of Rainbow Cultural Garden. Sure, he may grow up to be a psychopath, but, since he will not speak fluently in any language, but rather incoherently babble a mixture of seven languages, he will likely be less dangerous to society.


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  • I think this was hubris and narcissism typical of Raniere. Probably read (or had someone else paraphrase for him) some research on the benefits of bilingual education and decided he could do better because, as a narcissist, he could ALWAYS do better than anyone else (insert eyeroll here).

    I wonder how the children who were subjected to this are doing. There are critical windows of opportunity for speech and language development in early childhood and the development of attachment style also occurs during that same time period. Rainbow Cultural Garden’s methodology probably interfered with both essential childhood processes. Consistent exposure does train a child’s brain to focus on and then begin to interpret the specific sounds used in particular languages, but a once a week nanny is not consistent exposure at those age levels. Consistent exposure is the general language environment being spoken around one as well as language directed specifically at a child. Hence the natural development of multilingualism when a child grows up in one language environment while another language is spoken in the individual home. And, as Jane pointed out, connections across languages make it easier to process and learn other languages (French, Spanish, and Italian with their roots in Latin, connections between Germanic languages).

    As for attachment style, if a parent was rigorously adhering to the rule that they could only communicate with their child in the “assigned” language of the day, I can only imagine what kind of havoc that wreaked in child/parent relationships. I have a hard time believing any parent would think this was a good thing to do to their child and go along with it. But then I have a hard time believing people could accept some of the utter BS Raniere spewed and elevate the selfish, narcissistic little tyrant as a demigod.

    • Yes, L, well said. also, many parents here in London place their children in daycare where many of the carers have first languages like igbo, bengali, tagalog, swahili, swedish, spanish, arabic… however, the national language is english, practitioners learn that on top of the two or three languages they often already speak, so children have no problem understanding their carers and fortunately, learn a lot of different rhymes and songs from many different cultures – a real bonus and an appropriate semantic introduction to languages they might choose to study if and when they desire to, or indeed need to.

      RCG’s methods were and are indefensible. Invented to serve the penis of a very inadequate human being.

      • “Invented to serve the penis of a very inadequate human being.” – that phrase had me laughing out loud!

        Re different songs and rhyme from different cultures – one of my favorite things to do with my youngest music students was performing songs in other languages. We would usually use hand or dance motions in context with the lyrics which helped reinforce retention (for me as well as them when the language was not one I already knew). And it was especially fun when one of my young bi-lingual charges would step up and teach us all a children’s song from their own culture. Outside Romance or German languages, the little ones could often hear and understand the correct pronunciation quicker than I could. It really is a great age range for bilingual learning, but Raniere’s nonsense interfered with language learning in general.

        I also tried to do Christopher Tin’s “Baba Yetu” (Swahili) once with an older choir – it never made it to concert. We couldn’t coordinate the pronunciation well enough since none of us were well versed in the sounds inherent to that language.

        • Love this tune, thank you! the stellenbosch Uni choir do a great version!
          Do you know the Glotte Trotters? They are a french choir but more a sort of institute that takes world folk songs very seriously – I feebly learnt the Yawaren Massem – Chant Pour le Paix- years ago in Paris ( common school tune for French children) while teaching there briefly – Arabic is hard for me, as was the Yiddish and Roma parts – but these guys put their rehearsal and training clips on line and i wish I knew of them then… they also do Ederlezi which is a very popular, beautiful and easy tune from Eastern Europe! all the best L, always appreciate your thoughts here on the Frank

  • I speak 163 languages – which is every nation on earth. I learned it from Keith. I live for the day he is free

  • I am a now grown but was child of rainbow. I speak 7 languages fluently thanks to Keith.

    Chow. Aloha. Bueno vista. Hare Krishna
    That’s amore.

    • That’s great! Can you tell us more?

      What do you do now and what’s your idea of “family”?

  • I disagree with Jane about keith’s motivations. Everything keith does is to torment, humiliate, and destroy. I’ve said that many times. Here’s why RCG existed:

    1. keith liked watching the kids grow up with illiterate and underdeveloped brains. he liked to torment the parents by restricting their communication because he loved to destroy families. The fact the parents actually paid him to do this made it all the more fun for him.

    2. keith didn’t do this for the money, he already had access to all the money he could spend. Instead, keith did this because he liked the act of taking money from people and forcing them into financial ruin and economic servitude. he’s just a dick that way.

    3. The ‘school’ allowed his NXIVM bullshit to sound better in recruitment and yes, provide him a way to keep fresh pussy in the country. It also robbed the ‘teachers’ of acquiring any real professional experience that can transfer to a legitimate career, destroying their futures and limiting their earnings.

    • I agree that he loved bleeding people dry, even when he didn’t have to. It seems the more people he destroyed, the stronger he felt. It probably turned him on every time someone expressed any distress about their eroding finances.

      • “Rainbow”

        Now, try this one:

        deathes hippie Loki

        First to solve it, gets a shout out from Pilgrim.

  • The moment I saw Vanturd on video needing an interpreter when speaking to a Spanish audience, I wondered how Nxivm members–especially Mark Vicente, who was filming, and speaks at east two languages himself–did not suss out that Keith was a fraud. The most intelligent man in the world couldn’t speak more than one language? Every time I visit the U.S. I hear as much Spanish as English. How could he not have learned the language just by hearing it? After all, that was his methodology for learning SEVEN languages. All at the same time!

    Yo, Mark Vincente. And Marc, Edouardo, Suneel, and the Dimwits Of Shithead women… why did you not question how the most intelligent person in the world couldn’t speak a single language other than his own mother tongue?

    • In theory it was a good idea but I agree too many languages to overwhelm and take precious moments from parents.

  • Yes! My first feature in Frank Report! Thanks, Frank.

    Piggybacking off what Jane wrote, I think having someone certified to teach a foreign language to a child or adolescent, is a pretty cool concept and may very well give the kid an academic and or professional advantage at some point. But having, basically seven live-in nannies there all day, every day seems almost insane. Like, fuck all that. You are losing some of the greatest moments you will ever have with your child while some stranger is talking in a language you cannot understand, for 16 hours per day. But I feel that was part of Vanturd’s MO.

    What the fuck does anyone need to know seven languages for? Unless you’re 007 or a professional interpreter of seven languages, which is a low paying profession.

    Like many other of Vanturd’s ideas, from a distance or a high-level, they sound great in theory, but once he gets into the details, its gets extremely weird and stupid, at the same time. I think Rainbow CULTural Grooming was Vanturd’s worst idea of all time. Even worse than Consumers Buyline.

    Anyone else? What was Vanturd’s worst idea of all time?

    • ” But I feel that was part of Vanturd’s MO.” – yup.

      “What was Vanturd’s worst idea of all time?” It’s a fun question Pilgrim, with so many worthy entries.

      Picking a fight with Frank Parlato.
      Fucking with the wrong married woman.
      Recording all of his incriminating conversations.
      Keeping all of his text messages.
      Storing child pornography on his devices.
      Branding his initials onto women’s vulvas.
      Hiring a legal team that successfully earned him a 120 year sentence.
      Pissing off a Mexican newspaper magnate who is hellbent on his daughter’s revenge.

      IDK, that’s just a start.

      • All great entries, Ice Nine.

        I think Aristotle makes a good point: the branding was his last doozy. It took him down. Until that point, he thought he was God.

        Couple others:
        – wearing that stupid fucking 80’s headband during volleyball
        – wearing those gay kneepads during volleyball

    • I think Raniere’s worst idea of all time was branding a bunch of women on their pussies with his initials. That’s what landed him in prison.

      • hiring frank parlato was one of the smarter things keith raniere did.

        the single stupidest thing he ever did in his life, by far, was to mess with frank parlato thereafter. if he had just let frank go quietly on his way, he would probably be eating pizza and playing volleyball with his harem today.

        the truth is always fair.

    • so many to choose from but could be

      Giving his penis executive power over all his dreams and ambitions.

      the velcro volleyball sneakers. So energy saving.

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