Childhood Friend: Catherine Kassenoff’s Transformation From Small Town Success to Facebook-Revealed Struggles

Editor’s note: In this insightful account, we hear from a woman who knew Catherine Kassenoff when they were growing up in Wheeling, West Virginia.

The narrative unfolds with the recollection of a once reserved and reclusive Catherine, who stood out as a high achiever and high school valedictorian in their town. The author’s limited familiarity with Catherine’s life as an adult takes a turn when Catherine’s social media posts unveil a startling transformation.

Two things the author notes in particular are that she “vouches” that Catherine’s family did not know in advance of her suicide, and implies that she, and perhaps her family, are not 100 percent convinced Catherine killed herself.

The author asks that her name be withheld. Given the attacks she experienced from some of Catherine’s supporters, her request is understandable.

By ‘Laura Parker’

I have known Catherine since I was seven, although I would be lying if I said I knew her intimately, but Wheeling was a relatively small town.

Wheeling, West Virginia

We attended the same private schools, but I was more familiar with her brothers than her.

I remember Catherine as quiet, shy, nice, and reserved. She was a super high achiever and valedictorian of her high school class.

Her brothers were high achievers and star athletes that many girls would fawn over. Their family was always super reclusive. If there were some family turmoil that her family was privy to, you would never know it from appearances. Dad was super nice and a physician, Mother was British and, I think a housewife, also very sweet.

As we grew up, I eventually became Facebook friends with Catherine, as people from Wheeling who attended the same schools were apt to do.

From her Facebook, it appeared she had gotten married a little later than everyone else, but other than that, she was not a regular poster, and she seemed to have a good life (or as much as you can derive from a FB profile).


Allan and Catherine Kassenoff in happier days

Then, all of a sudden, a couple of years ago, this stuff began.

Someone who was known to be so reserved and reclusive started posting pictures of herself living out of her car. It was brought to my attention by other people from our hometown and naturally, people from my hometown would IM me about her posts.

My impression of her posts was that.

1) Yes, her husband was an absolute jerk that treated her horribly but…

2) I could not imagine that posting these videos publicly (she did not keep them private) helped her case in any way, shape, or form.

In fact, I did make that argument to her while offering her sympathy and hoping she got her kids back (as did others).

My comments were met with an onslaught of Catherine’s disgruntled fellow warriors, who even would go so far as to look on my page and make disparaging comments about my pets (that I found almost amusing).

I was called a “miserable childless woman” and mind you, I said I hoped she would get her daughters back, but had the audacity to suggest that maybe playing this out publicly and putting out videos of her children without their consent wasn’t the way to go.

Some of her “warriors” were also Q’anon supporters; by that, I mean losers.

The whole thing felt entirely off and naturally garnered attention.

Out of curiosity, I checked out her ex-husband’s page, and he seemed to be modeling himself as the stable doting father.

Allan Kassenoff holding his daughters

Catherine would also publish posts where she would say defamatory things about his “mistress” and even post on Allan’s page accusing the other woman of wearing her clothes. As a side note, the girlfriend thing was weird. She clearly acted as Allan’s cheerleader, but she still had her ex-husband’s last name and pictures with him as her profile photos? But I digress.

What struck me as creepy about the whole thing was that Cathy would announce previews that she would be posting more videos in the following weeks, almost like she wanted her “viewers” to be in anticipation.

Yeah, that’s not normal.

There was also a video of her accusing him of “stalking,” and she is filming him from a distance during a soccer game, and he… isn’t…. doing…anything, and at one point, you can hear one of the parents asking her “Is there some sort of problem?” and then she cuts off the audio.

Allan Kassenoff can be seen in the distance with his phone up taking a photo or video


It’s unclear whether Allan is filming his daughters or Catherine

What was also deafening was the silence of her family. You got the sense that perhaps they were laying low and waiting for this all to go away.

The email from her brother to her makes perfect sense, given the presence online. She never mentioned anything about her family.

Having said all this, what I find so disturbing is how black and white people portray this.

Catherine, from what I could tell, CLEARLY had some mental health issues, and I can only imagine:

1) Having an asshole for a husband who thought it was okay to talk to his wife like, combined with

2) Multiple fertility treatments etc., and then cancer would have done much for her emotional health.

Neither of these individuals is blameless. Let’s all agree that non-toxic parents don’t do the following:

1) Call their wives fat losers in front of their kids (even if they are angry with them or estranged) or speak to Catherine the way he did. He has no justification for that, even if she was mentally ill.

2) Play out the details of their divorce in front of their kids, which they BOTH did (what was CLEARLY more important to both of these parties is “who looked better (or worse)” with zero thought or concern about how this might affect their children.

3) Heckle and or remind their kids of the horrible things the other parent said about them. The audio of Catherine asking over and over “Did your father call you a fucking retard?” is so goddamn disturbing it made me want to cry. Seriously, that poor little girl [eldest child] and the amount of emotional terror she endured are beyond disturbing.

4) And lastly, commit assisted suicide without allowing her children or members of her family (who I can vouch did NOT know) to process or say goodbye.

NO ONE – I repeat – NO ONE makes someone commit suicide. That was her choice. She had other options.

I believe Catherine loved her daughters, and I believe Allan probably does too.

So, what we can hope is that if her suicide is fake, she gets herself together, gets some therapy, and can have a life with her kids when they are older.

I would also hope that Allan feels some contrition for what he did, and accepts responsibility that NO MAN should talk to the mother of his children the way he did. That was abuse, plain and simple. I hope he is at least contrite and is doing everything he can to ensure those girls’ emotional stability. I don’t wish any of these parties ill will, particularly for the sake of those girls.

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  • Do you know what, it’s very easy to make disparaging comments about someone when you’ve (hopefully) not been in that position.

  • I can address this. I went to school with Cathy for 4 years. The school was very small—20 in my class, A little over 20 in hers. Everybody knew everybody. Cathy was extremely bright and very kind. My father and her father were colleagues. When I reconnected with Cathy on Facebook I was shocked to see the things she was posting. Clearly she was at her wits end. While I felt great empathy for her (as someone who also used to be married to a petulant man child ), I was sickened by the fact that she was posting these videos of her children online. Worse still, she was hoping that the videos were the “smoking gun” that illustrated the domestic violence that was occurring in her home behind closed doors. Problem was, those videos did not show domestic violence—at least not involving the children. Yelling at your child because they didn’t pick up their room or didn’t take the dog out is not abuse; if it is, literally everyone I know has been abused by their parents at some point. At no point in the videos did the children appear fearful of their father. Cathy certainly didn’t appear fearful of him as she calmly followed him around the house taking videos of him while he was trying to shower or leave the house. Did the videos demonstrate that Allan was an ass and a brat? 100% (The “fat loser” and “dead duck” comments in front of the kids were particularly disgusting.) Did they demonstrate that he was a danger to either his wife or his kids? No. I didn’t say anything for a long time. Finally I mustered the courage to suggest to Cathy that she remove the videos for 3 reasons: 1. It’s dangerous to put your kids faces out there online. She had no idea who was watching those videos. Some perv could’ve seen it as an opportunity to exploit 3 vulnerable kids in a bad situation. 2. She was humiliating her children. Being a child of divorce is hard (I would know). I can’t imagine the teasing and humiliation those children have endured. 3. Her videos did not demonstrate domestic violence. As an attorney, Cathy should’ve known she wasn’t building a strong case with those videos; she was sabotaging herself. When I raised these issues with her, she responded with outrage and promptly blocked me. I was trying to be a voice of reason. She was not capable of being reasonable on this issue and in the end, that is exactly how she screwed herself. I don’t care what a person is going through—to do that to your children under the guise of wanting to protect them is wrong. I’m sure the judges, attorneys and therapists saw it this way too. Cathy’s story is a genuine tragedy. She wasted so much precious time and her battle with Allan wreaked so much collateral damage that those poor kids are doomed.

  • often times, the real story is quite the opposite of what it seems, look deeper, ask the harder questions

    • People can’t ask questions on either side because they can’t handle if something doesn’t fit the narrative they’ve been pedaling!

  • Catherine is deceased, there is documentary evidence. Anyone who states otherwise has ZERO evidence to support such position.
    Catherine kept all of her horrors silent until the judges ignored her pleas and she was being abused and her due process was violated.
    Her children, her home, and her life was taken from her without any due process by corrupt judges and Gus Dimopoulos’ friends! This is why Catherine started to publicize her story to get attention and in a desperate attempt to find help. She never got it!
    Shame on you for commenting without knowing the facts.

    • Where is the evidence? The is ZERO evidence that she is dead. We will all stop commenting without knowing the facts when you give us the facts.

  • Great article rhank you for your insight. I hope she is alive. I still don’t believe she’s dead.

  • No one makes someone commit suicide. I don’t believe Catherine said the courts or Allen made her do it.

    It was a considered decision after four years of torment and actions by a family court cabal- where abuse and draconian orders which deprived Catherine of her Constitutional rights were allowed to stand without end.

    If three children were kidnapped, the world would sympathize. But in family court children are kidnapped regularly- for money- and the players in these crimes are snowing the public to justify their actions.

    So programmed are we to accept the power of the court and government that we fail to see what is happening.

    People do not enter for a no fault divorce and emerge years later with millions spent and no resolution for their family.

    Catherine was brave and strong.
    She was terrorized, defamed, and vilified by an abuser and court criminals.

    The excruciating pain of having your children ripped from you is something no one deserves.

    Murderers don’t get such treatment.

    But for the actions and fraud of family court Catherine would be here today.

      • If you think family court is corrupt … did you ever watch the Innocence Project ? Criminal courts don’t seem to be fairing any better !

  • Catherine’s mom did support her. Family courts destroy extended family relationships as well because it’s impossible to fathom such draconian outcomes.

    And there is little to nothing loving family members can do to stop the well oiled machine of family court corruption.

    It is frightening and all family suffers. Catherine’s three daughters were denied relationships with Catherine’s entire family- or only their mother. This is another sign of court abuse. Kids are isolated and the gal supports these violations – it’s domestic violence to isolate children from their family and supports.

    Please stop feeding the narrative of a high conflict divorce. It’s not. It’s trafficking of children. The courts made it worse. They played on the issues and drained family bank to make everyone suffer.

      • 11:42 am,

        Is all you have to offer such a deep discussion of law and justice:

        “Not true stop sipping her koolaid maybe eat a snickers you get a little crazy when your hungry”?

    • Why did her mother not attend her memorial service? (I watched a news story about it and no mention of her was made). Why has there been no public obituary for her by her family? Even if they can’t “stop the well oiled machine” surely they would acknowledge the passing of a beloved daughter or sister? Are they just callous jerks? (that’s possible, we don’t know) I get that Allan threw money at the court system but he wasn’t Ming the Merciless/Master of the Universe. Does he control the media as well? Let’s also remember that whatever power he had apparently wasn’t enough to save his job (not that anyone should care considering he was an over indulged man-child who resorted to calling a woman suffering from cancer a “fat loser” and a “dead duck”). But point is, not all of this can be explained by the Cabal of the Courts. Also, two things can be true at the same time, you can have a “high conflict divorce” and a biased unfair court system. I get that doesn’t fit into the Cabal of the Courts/Child trafficking narrative but it is in fact based upon observable reality and a part of this picture.

    • Where did you hear that Catherine’s family or mother was prevented from seeing the children . From what I read they were told that their mother & grandmother (Catherine’s mother) were picking them up on Mother’s Day . When they were a no show the eldest daughter reached out to her grandmother to see what happened & was told that her grandmother was not even in NY rather still in Texas & wasn’t coming in . I wonder why did Catherine tell them their grandmother was coming when she knew she wasn’t ? Why would she write that her & her mother were deprived of seeing her & her mother implying her mother was in Ny when she wasn’t ? Now they are investigating whether Catherine was even in the Country on Mother’s Day ?!? After her passing one of the girls (Allan didn’t interfere) called their grandmother if she were coming in to see them … I’m sure you can deduce what her response was …nowhere in any court ruling did it state her family was not allowed to see the children !
      I get the feeling from one of the instances (that turned out to be false) one of their girls is instructed by Catherine to call her grandmother & does try , clearly she must’ve had some relationship with her ! Let’s stop placing more obstacle in the way to divert from fighting court reform …

  • Naive. Ignorant to family court as most people are. No one would expect it to be a criminal enterprise.

    Shaming and judging a woman who went public when all other avenues failed her and abused her children.

  • If people educate themselves. Most people do not recognize themselves after dealing with narrsatic abuse. Why would someone from 20 years ago.

  • More accurately meaning this is what the typical person believes, and the ones thats experienced it, thier is a significant difference, exposing our courts for us to digress family court, criminal court destroy innocent people is a very scary thought but its all true, maybe not in every case, but the high conflict and dirty lawyer dealing are no joke, everything Catherine Kassenoff says is true, whether saint or also troubled parent, she was certainly no worse than Allan, so how did he get exclusive custody then, money, corruption

  • This super insightful and interesting…and most likely true.
    Also this….

    Some of her “warriors” were also Q’anon supporters; by that, I mean losers.


    • This is such damaging evidence . A woman who hasn’t seen her in 20 years. She has summed up the situation from the Facebook post. A real legal beagle. A credible witness on the stand. A childless woman with no knowledge of mental health and what domestic abuse is. We can stop the charge for Catherine. A nameless woman has come forward she has solved the case from piecing it together on Facebook. She didn’t have a relationship with her brother because they probably look down on her for the situation. Why would she contact him about the suicide. Obviously they were not trying to help her. I wonder what kind of brother could watch the videos of Allan not feel something for his sister. Sorry for her mothers loss. It must be difficult for her mother to know what the last years of her life were like. No one is making her a hero. She must have been in a lot of emotional pain. I’m sorry you think this is funny.

      • My friend’s mother took his sisters and hid them away for two years. The mother accused the husband of abusing the girls. She kidnapped them to “protect” them. They went underground with help from some other so called mom warriors. She left the girls to be raised by another couple and rarely even saw them. She went to Mexico to live without these girls she said she was protecting. The girls were found and now are with the father. The mother, I think, is still in jail. The hell this woman put her daughters, her son and ex-husband through is nothing short of evil. My friend is still in therapy and his sisters are left to untangling all the hatred they have of their mother now. My friend’s mother was always creating drama and trying to get all her son’s friends to gang up and hate the dad. I remember her telling me to not go near him because he was violent. My friend was never around when she said these things and the mother swore us all to secrecy. This is what a woman with personality disorders does to her family. This Catherine woman is in the same class as my friend’s mother. She also NEVER followed any of the court rules and seems to get great joy from showing up where she wasn’t supposed to be.

        Still no death certificate!

  • With all due respect why write an article for the frank report if you didn’t really know the woman and haven’t seen her in over 20 years? Just curious? You can respond anonymous.

    • How many people who have made Catherine a martyr actually know her as much as Laura did? She’s relaying her impression and experience from having seen Catherine’s postings as these events were going down. She’s also relaying a perspective of someone who knew her immediate family (perhaps she was friends with them online) and noted a total absence of any acknowledgement of her situation. By the way at no point does she mention that it’s not possible that there’s corruption in the court and she also seems to acknowledge that she was a victim of abuse. It seems however any recognition of the fact that some of her behaviors came across as destructive both to herself and her children (without even suggesting that they were even anywhere close to Allan’s behavior) means that person doesn’t believe that the courts are corrupt and is somehow siding with her ex husband. Life is messy people and not everything fits into this nice neat and clean victim vs. oppressor narrative.

      • Catherine may have come from a family of misogynists, who did not understand her. This is not at all a rare occurrence, she didn’t have a typical “feminine” personality. So I am not impressed by hearing that her brother called her bipolar, or that she lacked family support. There are so many women out there whose families don’t love or support them!

      • Laura says she wasn’t friends with Catherine in childhood, just that they lived in the same town and Catherine accepted her as a Facebook ‘friend’ 20 years later – some people have thousands of Facebook ‘friends’ but probably only know 1 or 2 enough to give an accurate character reference.

        Its like saying Laura grew up in Owensboro and felt herself fit to comment on the breakdown of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s marriage breakup – people change considerably in adulthood!

        • What she commented on was her impression based upon 1) what she witnessed online while all of this was going down 2) her knowledge of going to the same private schools as her in a very small town 3) knowing her family/brothers and 4) her impression of the videos that Catherine was continually posting and her narration thereof. That’s actually more information and context than a lot of people have and by which they have labeled Mr. Kassenoff a text book abuser and Catherine the poster child for domestic with total impunity for her conduct involving her children (unlike her husband). Also whether people like this or not the fact that Catherine went through 16 attorneys, seemed estranged from her family and also had an all or nothing policy towards anyone who had empathy for her but that might have suggested that she wasn’t taking the right course or action is information from which someone could fairly draw conclusions. You would have to believe that everyone in her family and all these attorneys were all in on some patriarchal conspiracy to discredit Catherine and keep her away from her children. Wow, lots of people out to conspire against this woman. Seems a large portion of ppl that Ms. Kassenoff met in person and who interacted with her throughout her life are all part of this massive conspiracy. Kind of uncanny don’t you think?

          • No, not very strange at all, actually. We live in a world, country, dominated by political and social clans, and one half can stand the other, more or less. We live in times of cancel culture, where people lose their livelihoods everyday for saying the wrong thing. So it is no surprise to me at all, that Catherine’s intensity and vehemence, persistence, willingness to go against the grain, may have limited her supporters.

            Catherine had friends and supporters! They have posted about their love and care for her! She changed lawyers a lot over 4 years, so what?, the family court system in Westchester is corrupt and messed up, it was hard to find good help. And the number 16, not sure if is inflated. Her last lawyers, at least 2 of them, have come out in support of their client as a person and as a parent.

            So the picture you are painting of Catherine is not correct, and fairly obtuse and misogynist. Catherine was loved and loving, not everyone’s cup of tea personality-wise, but deserving of so much better than she got!

    • I just wasted my time by reading this garbage. Attention seeker. This anonymous person has no idea what Catherine endured and anyone who took the time to read this, lost 5 minutes of their life.

    • Why is everyone on Tik Tok Facebook & most of the Frank Report posting their judgmental thoughts & narratives when they NEVER met Catherine , Allan or The Girls ? At least she can give some background of where & how Catherine was raised

  • This is really insightful stuff Frank, no doubt this will help get NYS Court Reform. Could you please track down Allan’s summer camp counselor from 1984, apparently he has some very interesting stories as well. We need more of your diligent work if we have any hope of getting justice for the kids.

    • Was Allan’s Camp Counselor privy to the inner workings of his marriage because he relayed them online? If he was fb friends with Catherine for the past couple of years he probably was. What it seems the rest of the public knows are SOME out of sequence videos on Tik Tok where the narrator tells the audience what to think rather than forming their own opinion.

    • Why so hostile? The woman took the time to share her insights. Leave it alone if you don’t find it helpful.

  • Does a woman have to win a popularity contest with her siblings to be considered credible? Catherine was a high achiever because she was intensely bright. Her brothers may have been envious of her achievements. She had a circle of friends and she had colleagues who after her death have shown nothing but utmost respect and loyalty for her. Why would she apprise her hostile brothers of her suicide plans when she had already severed relations with them? Why would she have burdened her elderly mother with the suicide plans and cause her a heart attack God forbid?
    Now, to turn to Catherine’s surmise that the look alike, though modern Orthodox Jewish which Catherine was not, girlfriend was wearing Catherine’s clothes. The reason for this charge is that Catherine was bereft of her clothes upon the eviction! So, instead of confronting Allan about his denial of his wife her clothes, we should scold Catherine for postulating that her clothes were worn by the yoga instructor who was according to posts seen by the children coming out of Catherine’s marital bedroom? I am flummoxed that Alan whose mother and sister are Shomer Shabbos (modern Orthodox Sabbath Observers).would subject Catherine to scornful reproach in front of the children, kicking the child as substantiated by the CPS report, and denying her the children and the clothes on her back as well as her home. The girlfriend is likewise an Orthodox Jew. Why didn’t she encourage Allan to show dignity and respect to the MOTHER of his children? In Judaism there are codes of ethics. Jewish men are required to show respect to their wives. It’s no excuse to say “we’re just like everyone else” because Jews are not! They are God’s chosen people and when they stray God unleashes His wrath. The horror of this case will never go away until we face the truth. The Jewish community must get involved in cleaning up the family courts because they have the money and the power. And they have an affirmative religious duty to do so.

    • Are you Modern Orthodox Jewish ? You seem to profess to know all the rules & step in place if gd to Judge ! Did you ever hear of Lashon Hora ? It is forbidden to talk badly & spread gossip about another person (& how tacky that you write false claims w/ no shame) Don’t judge Allan’s family or Catherine’s brother . Since you seem to know everything you would know that they had no reason to be jealous of Catherine they too were high achievers & went on to have successful careers & both are damn good looking . As far as her mother telling her mother she was planning assisted suicide would gd forbid give her a heart attack but finding out from others who found out through social media wouldn’t ! I think the latter is more of a dangerous route to take ! And why didn’t she prepare her daughters & what to expect or was she also sparing them from gd forbid having heart attacks ?!?
      Catherine chose not to pick up her clothes ! Trust me his girlfriend has no use for Catherine’s clothes! But I’m trying to understand Catherine left the home in March , the “Yoga Instructor” didn’t even know Allan the over 9 months pass & Catherine still doesn’t pick up the rest of her clothes justifies continuously lying & posting & having others post that Allan’s girlfriend wears her clothes! Seems like Catherine can do no wrong & her deviant behavior is always excused! And you label her like all you copy caters do from the Catherine Facebook Parrots do , as if someone who is a Yoga Teacher (which she’s not) is beneath all of you ! This “Yoga Teacher” does pretty damn well ,has a family & supportive community who love & respect her . She sponsors & raises substantial amounts of monies for various charities ! People don’t fear her as many people feared Catherine ! Read the article The woman had to file a police report against Catherine she was so afraid for her life, then again the Catherine Trolls also find it acceptable to send people death threats . I’m assuming you get your info off of Facebook & not court records bec in the report it states all complaints filed w/ CPS against the father were investigated & were deemed unfounded ! And he never kicked anyone with his newly broken foot in a boot – the child admitted the mother told her to lie! One of many lies the children had to tell out of fear of retaliation from their mother! We might be the chosen people but we aren’t shmatas & a wife also has a duty to respect her husband & I will spare the gossip of how she totally disrespected him! Not all Jewish people have money . In my neighborhood many live below the poverty line , but thank gd we try like many religions & communities do we take care of our own ! It’s not for you to dictate how others should spend their money. Why don’t you stop posting frivolous attacks against people & their families & if you think there should be family court reform put your money as they say where your mouth is . After my experience w/ this topic in social media & the way people behave & speak I’m starting to think maybe there is no need for court reform bec sane people don’t behave like this : cause a father to lose his job , publicly continuing to embarrass children , posting that the children are evil &!have blood on their hands & deserve to be homeless . Posting calling the kids bonkers & saying their damaged ! Sending vulgar &!death threat messages to people’s kids on their Facebook friends the list of erratic behavior goes on & on I can’t believe people who behave like this big bullies bec someone’s opinion differs from theirs are actually mother’s who seek court reform – what a joke ! I wouldn’t put my money into anything that has to do with this toxic environment & I could only imagine why many lost custody of their kids I didn’t say all I said many ! You judge how Allan treated Catherine when the behavior displayed on social media was worse ! I’ll start naming it the MAFIA MENTALITY

      • I have nothing to do with any of the “bonkers” mentality you refer to here. Many judge the situation this way because a mother had her kids stolen from her by a corrupt court system, with greedy, rotten people in it, and a husband (and his extended family), who despite his faith and education, was unable to see past himself and his ego, refused to see,(of course he had 4 years! to consider what he was doing, to order his lawyers to stand down, but there was a point of cruelty to him) to see that a woman, the mother of his children, was suffering so. All else is superfluous.

      • “…It is forbidden to talk badly & spread gossip about another person (& how tacky that you write false claims w/ no shame) … gossip about another person … more gossip … gossip about another person … more gossip … more gossip.. more gossip … etc. …”

  • Laura, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on a girl who you didn’t know personally but lived in your neighborhood over 20 years ago. It’s wonderful that you are using this media outlet and FB to spread gossip and disparage a woman who may or may not have walked by you in the cafeteria in high school.

    I am grateful that you wrote piece because you and those caddy women in your neighborhood need to be educated on institutionalized trauma. Please google it and educate yourself.
    It’s not your fault you don’t know…..
    . but now that you do know – do better.

    • Let me get the rules straight – once again a person because she’s not a 100% A Pro Catherine Parrot her thought are gossip & looking for her moment of fame (even though she won’t get it bec she’s smart enough not to use her name – ) , but the millions of pro Catherine who know nothing about the case just what they are fed or are dumb enough to follow Robbie Harvey as if his words are gospel can disseminate all over social media with their personal critiques does not fall under the category of GOSSIP ! Your justification for all these people’s actions is acceptable bec the children effected here are “evil” & therefor it’s ok to traumatize them ! Maybe before you speak the gospel
      you should educate yourself by reading the 3,000 motions filed , ALL the evidence & not what was spoon fed to you out of a misleading Dropbox . .
      It’s not your fault you don’t know any better …..but now that you do know – do better… in simple language practice what you preach

  • I think these observations are significant. I must add that not having the image in one’s mind of what marriage and children are like fulfilled. This plays a role in the frustrations of either party that lashes out. Being financially helpless and losing one’s home and children is not something I would wish on a worse enemy. This level desperation that kept escalating should not resolve itself in suicide.

    I too have suffered like Catherine and long ago Mary Kennedy who hung herself in the families barn. We don’t know how much Catherine’s cancer diagnoses played a roll here and I too hope she is alive but like all of us deep down I fear Catherine died and died because the emotional pain and lack of support was too great. That is when family bolsters us up. If Catherine had at least that there might have been a different outcome. I think the way she was shunned and shamed is equal to the acts seen in the Salem witch trials.

    We have work to do to prevent others from feeling alone in this world after having such a full life with her 3 daughters!

    God bless all that don’t have the strength to go on, for this fate could be anyone of us.

    I also wonder if Allan and or Catherine (Mary Kennedy) were on psychotropic drugs that can result in suicide.

    Paige Bluhdorn

    • Despite a few years of exposure women are feeling helpless and hopeless. The judges are getting worse. They don’t like the exposure. Women are being punished for coming forward. This is beyond the court house. It’s political through the healthy marriage and welfare reform. Millions in fatherhood funding. It’s getting worse. Father’s access over everything. Women are being tossed in jail. Fathers in contempt are brushed off. Women being punished for reporting abuse so domestic violence numbers are kept down. Sexual assault victims punished for reporting. A CT legislator coming forward about the Hartford police department down playing the attempted sexual assault on her. Happening all over the country.

  • The public shuns airing “dirty laundry”. I get that. But this is not dirty laundry- it is a criminal conspiracy played out in family court.

    Sadly her childhood friend is falling into the trap of the court cabal.

    The victim of family court takes to social media to expose the violations and abuse of family court- and they are shunned, judged and accused of doing harm to children.

    In reality, the court rulings- as a result of fraud by court appointed professionals with unfounded immunity to protect their crimes- are the true abusers.

    Catherine, like other victims of the family court money for custody scam, have no legal recourse.

    The court has no intention of ever reuniting Catherine with her children. Hundreds of thousands of parents have experienced these crimes for over two decades. It’s finally coming into the public forum.

    Parental alienation is being rejected and exposed as the scam that it has been- to traffic children.

    And living in a car and homeless is no joke. It’s the result of family court. Many of us have found ourselves there and I’m sure Catherine’s family finds it hard to accept and believe as well. It’s part of the destruction. We can’t allow ourselves to believe family courts are criminal enterprises. For- profit venues that abuse children for money.

  • “Laura”,

    It seems maybe you haven’t been through “family court” hell and haven’t read the documents Catherine asked the public to share to demand “family court” reform. I hope someday, you will be able to understand the “family court” crisis.

    Marc Abrams (who isn’t a medical doctor) was a typical vendor in these cases in which money is extorted from parents — about $3 million in that case. Abrams and other vendors in the case gaslit Catherine. That’s the reason she was so upset. Please look up the term “gaslighting“ if you don’t know what it is.

    Gaslighting and allegations of “alienation” are often used to flip custody of children from the best parents to the worst parents. It’s difficult to understand it and even tougher to believe it happens in “family courts” if you’ve never experienced it. It’s a scam that defies all logic and all morality. That’s why attorneys and vendors get away with it. It’s literally a wide-awake nightmare in hell and extremely difficult to endure. Catherine couldn’t keep going. She was at the site in NYC after 9/11 and developed cancer two times. 2008 and 2017. Lots of conflict in the marriage that’s none of our business except when the facts (rather than gossip) are available to provide oversight and accountability in that case.

    According to one psychologist’s report, Catherine went to the hospital in May 2019 to have her eye checked after Allan threw a clump of dirt at her. The police issued an order of protection after Allan allegedly kicked the dog and one of the children. A few days after that in June 2019, Allan filed for divorce. Judge Everett issued an Ex Parte order to vacate the Order of Protection — and to give Allan custody of the children.

    The authorities should map what happened in and after May 2019 to see how the case was rigged against Catherine.

    Catherine endured the wide-awake “family court” nightmare after that.

    As you might know, psychiatrists are medical doctors. One psychiatrist wrote about Catherine “She does not exhibit any features or problems relating to mental health issues. She’s not diagnosed with any actual mental illness and she’s been in therapy for probably related to spousal and emotional physical abuse, divorce, separation from the children.”

    There was no reason for the “family court” to take Catherine’s children from her in June 2019 — and no reason to order the supervised visits.

    If you’re not a mother, it might be difficult to understand how Catherine felt after her children were taken from her. Go online to see how mother lions respond to having their cubs stolen from them. All normal mothers respond the same way to having their children stolen from them.

    More crimes than that were also committed in Westchester County family court. That’s why you saw what looked like Catherine being very upset in her Facebook posts. She posted the information on Facebook hoping someone would be able to help her and her children. For some reason, the system is set up in such a way that the authorities are unable to help any mothers in these cases. Please research that as well.

    “Laura”, I hope you will talk with a few other mothers who have been through what Catherine went through so you can have a better understanding of how she felt — and how “family courts” are allowed to destroy millions of families in that same way.

    Smaller picture: Please research Catherine’s case to have a better understanding — for Catherine and her children.

    Bigger picture: If it matters to you: the same for-profit destruction of tens of millions families in American “family courts” has been happening since the 1980s.

  • I think it’s difficult for someone to comment on how you handle abuse. I guess people would like women to crawl under a rock and not tell anyone. Including the family court. It’s bad enough to go through an abusive marriage but the court system abuse has driven a lot of women over the edge. I think this a woman who has severe PTSD or CPTSD. The ignorance of the public and supposed court professionals is obvious. Anger irritability and outrage is something all of us who have gone through abuse and the family court go through. Unless you have delt with an abuser. I don’t think you are qualified to make a judgement. But respect you have an opinion as a Facebook observer. You are entitled to your opinion. I would love to see a qualified non court custody evaluator opinion. Trauma often manafest the Facebook behavior. When you are constantly gaslight and going through what happens it changes you. Abuse changes you. Having your children taken away and given to the person who abused you. She was a woman who was traumatized. She was concerned about her children and posting the information was the only way she could have the truth told. Courts are silencing women. Lets have a domestic violence mental health professional weight in. We all struggle and consistently go over and over again in our mind how we got to where we are. It takes a long time to heal and realize despite mistakes you may have made. If you married to an abusive spouse nothing could be done the outcome would be the same. Taking your children is about the most damaging thing that can be done to a woman. Be grateful if you have never been there or had to fight to be a mom.

    • There seems to be a total inability to segregate concepts here. I find it interesting that the same people who describe the corruption of the court and how they are armed to work against women don’t get that the posting these videos of her children (without their consent) was not in fact helping her case and how or why someone might have brought that to her attention (cause maybe they wanted her to get her kids back?). You have a corrupt system that is clearly in the father’s favor and the mother is posting videos and photos of herself living out of your car, the father while he’s watching a soccer game, writing nasty public messages to his girlfriend and there are also audios of the mother asking her kids to repeat disparaging comments (so she can get them on tape) . This in concert with a corrupt system that is armed against women? Really? So providing that opinion means that that person does not believe she was a victim of abuse – Laura seems to acknowledge her as a victim by the way. In additiion, one can *understand* how someone could be driven to do certain things (out of PTSD, desperation etc) yet still make the assesment (for instance in the case of her repeating over and over “Did Daddy call you a fucking retard?”) that that could be seriously emotionally damaging to a child. Does that mean she was “a horrible mother” and does it vindicate Allan? Not in the slightest. You can also *understand* how emotions ran so high that they resorted to airing their divorce dirty laundry but again it doesn’t take a PsyD to know that it’s not beneficial to children to do that even if one can understand. There are a number of concepts here that aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Imagine being Catherine and being evaluated by a mentally unstable, misogynist like Marc Abrams. This mans social media posts tell us everything we need to know about him: he has deep-seated, hatred and intolerance for those who do share his beliefs. This man is dangerous, in every sense of the word. He is scary. I would not let a woman alone with him, period. The fact that Lubell officiated his wedding should be more than enough to warrant an investigation. What is nature of their relationship? Was Lubell aware of Abrams social media posts? If he was aware, when did he become aware? Is Abrams opinions considered “Expert”, not knowing what unbalanced person he is?

    Don’t take my word for it, let his social media posts speak for themselves:

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