Attorney Gus Dimopolus Donated Thousands to Judge Lubell While He Represented Allan Kassenoff

Gus Dimopoulus…

When he represented Allan Kassenoff in his divorce and custody dispute with his wife Catherine, attorney Constantine ‘Gus’ Dimopoulos made campaign contributions to Judge Lewis Lubell and Judge Nancy Quinn Koba when they ran for state supreme court justice in 2019.

Carol Most…

The attorney for the children, Carol Most, also donated to Judge Lubell while she represented the children.

 So did custody evaluator Marc Abrams.

 Judge Lubell also officiated at Abram’s wedding.  

Judge Lewis Lubell officiates at the wedding of Dr. Marc Abrams and his bride

At this trio’s urgent request, Judge Lubell ruled to take Catherine Kassenoff’s children away from her, kick her out of the house she jointly owned with Allan, and award sole custody to him.

Judge Nancy Quinn Koba…

Later, Judge Koba reaffirmed the separation of mother and children.



2/11/19 – $2,000 – Judge Lewis Lubell (Maniatis & Dimopoulos)

9/25/19 – $700 – Judge Lewis Lubell (Dimopoulos Bruggemann)

5/7/19 – $500 – Judge Koba (Maniatis & Dimopoulos)

9/10/19 – $250 – Judge Koba (Dimopoulos Bruggemann)


Carol Most, the court-appointed attorney for the children:

9/30/05 – $100 – Judge Lewis Lubell (Most & Kusnetz)

2/5/19 – $2,000 – Judge Less Lubell (Most & Schneid P.C.)


Bailey v Bailey

A witness in court made an interesting observation of Judge Lubell’s handling of Bailey v Bailey case

He was looking coolly at the pro se litigant, David Bailey, then cast a warm glance at the two lawyers for the wife, Nikki.

Judge Lubell told David Bailey, “I know Jo-Ann Cambareri and John Gutteridge. I know they have integrity. I don’t know you at all.”

Judge Lubell then ruled in favor of the wife.

During Judge Lubell’s 2019 campaign, Gutteridge and Cambareri donated $2000. Back in 2005, when Lubell ran for judge the first time, Gutteridge donated $1250 to Lubell. 

The trial was held before Judge Linda S. Jamieson, to whom Gutteridge and Camberari also made generous donations. She awarded custody to the wife and required supervised visitation for the father, even though there were no allegations of abuse or neglect.  

 NYSBOE Public Reporting System : Contributions

Search by recipient: 

NYSBOE Public Reporting System : Contributions By Recipient

New York State Supreme Court Justices are elected to a 14-year term and receive $208,000 per year and a likely six-figure lifetime pension if they win reelection.



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  • I have the court transcript of Lubell harassing , threatening me and telling defence they should initiate law suits against me , calling me names , stating no “one cares about your case and i do not care who you are ” and kept screaming and insulting me . Of the record he made it clear that he is great friends with defence law firm partners and ” he owns ” John a call ” and those were great days working together .. The screaming and insults were on and on – he did not let me say a word .
    Had no idea what a case is about – it is medical malpractice . and threatened an arrest right in court . When i started crying – he would not let me get a tissue or a si of water or go to the bathroom . I have disability and walk with a walker . He would not let my assistant help me . … When he stopped publicly humiliating me – he asked the defence if they are satisfied with the result . They said i am not allowed to use electronic filing system . And i had to come to court if i want to file a document . I can not drive , was paralized for years due to severe sepsis . So they wanted me go to court knowing its a huge burden for me . I am pro se . I was so scared – i am lucky he did not arrest me or else . I am not going back to that hell of a court building

  • The war of the roses 🌹. These couples are fueled by the legal system. Down to the police departments. Some towns are good and some are bad. People don’t call them when there is a physical altercation. Out of fear. These attorneys operate in a way that they often fan the flames. More conflict more cash. People need to be separated and live in different places. The courts often force them to live together. Spouses should not be considered to abandon the property. It should be a goal to seperate the couples to cool them down. The best interest of children is to create space for a safer peaceful place. Men all to often want to pee on the side the house. Claiming turf. For your children sake go stay somewhere else. These people should have been separated from each other earlier on. Just watch the videos. These psychologist target children. They never focus on the adults and trying to aid a smoother transition. You can’t change a narrasist. It would be much easier to spot who it is. The court psychologist are in general no good. The AFCC has Master manipulated Women are evil and alienators. As you can see the AFCC and current resources have mad a complete mess. The father right people are so upset about the UN report they are trying to get bias information regarded as truthful. The AFCC and current court system has made a complete mess of the court system. No one wants to fix it because of money 💰.

    • Father’s you can not treat your children or their mother poorly and expect a good outcome. You can be angry with the baby momma until the cows come home. She was a good mother. You can not replace the children parents. Children first access second.

  • “ … The family court system is failing the most vulnerable members of our society.

    We’d like to hear about family court professionals who are NOT acting “in the best interest” of children and survivors.

    Whenever we hear about a negative experience with a family court professional, we question: isolated situation or have others had similar experiences?

    Speaking in general terms and not directly related to this family court professional : there is a lot of corruption and collusion within the family court system.

    When one person makes a formal complaint about a professional, it rarely makes a dent. When multiple people come together to make a complaint or to shine a spotlight on unprofessional conduct, it can have a huge impact. For this reason, we have created an internal database to start collecting information and to connect some dots.

    If we find that three people (or thirty people) have had the same type of experience, we will reach out to each individually and ask permission to connect all parties. From there, we encourage people to meet, compare notes and consider taking action together whether it is a formal complaint, class action lawsuit or to get media attention.
    Tell us about your experience with this professional or another family court professional who has not acted in the best interest of children. Go to and click the blue “submit“ button. ….”

  • From One Moms Battle:

    “We will begin shining a spotlight on judges, commissioners, magistrates, and chancellors for our Judicial Wall of Shame. These are judges who have sent children into reunification camp s such as Overcoming Barriers, Family Bridges, High Road to Reunification, Turning Points, Transitioning Families, Lynn Steinberg: 4 Day Reunification Program, Lisa Rothfus: 2-4 Day Intensive Family Reunification or Time to Put Kids First: 4 – Day Reunification Retreat.

    These are not camps, retreats or therapeutic vacations (as Linda Gottlieb likes to refer to them).

    The federal government has called for a ban on reunification camps through Kayden’s Law ( and the United Nations has taken a firm stance, asking for states to ban reunification camps. Why are judges still ordering children into this unsound, unregulated and traumatizing industry?

    Why are judges listening to the “expert” testimony of individuals peddling the pseudoscience of alienation? Those in the alienation industry are profiting from the childhood trauma that they are causing. We call for a ban on reunification camps and we will continue to shine a spotlight on the dark underbelly of the family court system and the judges who are complicit in child trafficking and child abuse. …”

  • The true story is in the billions of dollars to the fatherhood initiative. There is a pattern going on in family court. Allan is one of many men gaining an upper hand in family court. There are very few judges with integrity in the United States. Many judges are disinterested. Over worked in many cases. There is a lot of pressure on the family court system due to the fatherhood initiative money. The professional relationship are a huge problem. The tax payers and voters need to elect the judges.

    • It’s beyond this. The federal government has allowed private funding. The court system has been purchased with bias. No real research beyond cost of single mother household. Obama administration legally for bipoc funding. Leading to private funds. Discrimination including bipop mother’s. Mini Gonzalez. You were a minority single mother. She gets it. Tossed off judiciary committee. Shut down for federal and private funding. God bless Mimi for truely trying to help the residents of Connecticut.

  • Kusentz (One of Catherines attorneys) a few hundred to Judge Lubell and Judge Klein, oh the horror!

  • Yes, always research the Judges, Attorneys, Experts, etc. For Northern California, San Francisco, click here, also check their Federal Donations as well

  • Unfortunately, this happens every single day. Family law courts are very corrupt and they always have been. We wonder why we have children growing up with severe mental health issues? Do you know how many children are given to the wrong parent simply due to these types of antics? Our children are being failed and the last person that is going to care or any of these judges or lawyers involved.

  • This is incomplete.

    Gus Dimopoulos recruited donors for Lubell and Koba.

    Ask Gus who paid for Koba’s celebration party after she won election, just weeks before she took over as judge for many cases that Gus appeared on.

    Ask Gus why he fired Stephanie Treanor as a client and pledged allegiance to Lubell and Marc Abrams after being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • As did half of Catherine’s lawyers contribute too. This is bullshit and you have your own agenda. Let’s ask your ex wife

      • Do you have the breakdown of the amounts each of Catherine’s lawyers contributed to the judges campaigns?

          • I see that Marcia Kunitz donated $350 to Lubell but a quick look through the donor rolls doesn’t show any of the other lawyers.

          • The representation for women in the US is extremely poor due to the fatherhood initiative. The attorneys stepping up are at high risk. The judges are not impartial. They continue to hide behind judicial discretion. Sealed documents and testimony from the incompetent gals. The psychologist who profit from the system. The level of uneithicale conduct varies. The put the worst on the cases like this one.

          • A. take a retainer
            B. go up against the Greenberg Traurig machine to fight a rigged case
            C. keep representing a client who’s running out of money
            D. keep fighting a rigged case

            1. A
            2. A, B
            3. A, B, C
            4. A, B, C, D
            5. A, C
            6. A, D
            7. B
            8. B,C
            9. B,D
            10. B,C, D
            11. C
            12. C,D
            13. D
            14. none of the above

      • Of course I have my own agenda. I want to expose the truth. Look, Lewis Lubell recused himself after I discovered Lubell and Gus’s relationship. Koba did not disclose the contributions and Gus’s involvement in her campaign.

        I think judges should be elected only with public funds (i.e. fees paid to the Clerk of Court). However, the system permits donations, however those judges and contributors should disclose such donations when the judge is adjudicating a case and the lawyer is involved in the litigation. This should be disclosed to the lawyer’s client(s) and adversaries.

  • Lubell needs to be removed from the bench until these conflicts of interest are sorted out. Dimopoulos clearly bought favor with this judge. They both need to be investigated. And Lubell officiated Abrams wedding? This whole thing STINKS to high Heavens. How can we have ANY trust in N.Y. court with this type of open public corruption?

  • I’m willing to bet that even with no contributions, the judge would follow the unanimous advice of the custody evaluator and the lawyer for the children. What is he gonna do, say “fuck the experts, I know best”?

    • The evaluator was Lubell’s good friend.
      The evaluator was Allan attorney’s go to expert in other cases.
      No neutrality

        • Atty, Gus, Stefanie and Allan, come on and disclose your identiy. Scared to to show your name?

        • Ask Gus how he did for my ex-wife. $4,000,000 (yes four million) dollars were spent. Gus lined is pockets with Bruce Hershfield’s money. FOOLISH. Bruce took money from his grandchildren’s college tuition accoutns to pay GUS! Yeah, I am pissed, and life is a bitch, and sometimes you get even.

          • $3,000,000 in one case … $4,000,000 in another … looks more like extortion than lawyers fees, a few evaluations and counseling sessions. Everyone involved in that racket committed crimes — no matter what religion they profess.

      • Do you have any idea on how many cases this cast of characters (umm criminals) have worked on together? Has Dimopoulos ever lost a case in front of these judges?

      • Do family court judges frequently overrule the recommendations of evaluators? I really don’t think it matters if they are friends or enemies.

    • There “shall” be – not even the semblance – of bias. Even the smallest donation can create this bias. Not sure about N.Y., but I believe typically there is typically a two year look-back on financial transactions. Most of these appear to be from 2019. This being said, it boils down to timelines. Either way, looks very very bad.

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