Delusional Tactics and Despair? Raniere’s Last-Ditch Efforts Ridiculed 

Gregroy Stoltz’s comments on Keith Raniere were detailed in a post:

Aristotle’s Sausage was not feeling warmly about them.

By Aristotle’s Sausage

Keith Raniere has yet another lawyer? I thought he had some woman lawyer in Tucson already. Plus Joseph Tully in CA.

Yet Raniere whines about his lack of legal representation… what a clown.

This Greg Stoltz guy seems to be Vanguard’s new PR mouthpiece, with his tall tales of saintly Keith bearing his prison martyrdom with stoical forbearance. What a laugh! And the same tired old fairy tales of government oppression and media conspiracy.

Tucson Attorney Gregory Stoltz had high hope he will see Keith Raniere a free man after his legal team proves the FBI tampered with child porn evidence.

What this is supposed to accomplish is bugger-all.

Raniere and the Igor-like Suneel Chakravorty must be desperate by now. Their appeal of Raniere’s conviction sank without a trace. Their ridiculous appeal to the Supreme Court went straight into the shredder.

Clare Bronfman’s money bought the fossilized celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz’s presence at a news conference that went unnoticed. What a sorry show that was.

Maybe they think this Stoltz guy will succeed, where Dershowitz failed. Good luck with that, fools…

Alan Dershowitz was retained to add credence to Raniere’s claim that the FBI tampered with the child porn evidence of Camila. Dershowitz appeared at a press conference on October 6, 2022, which got almost no media attention.

Dershowitz said of the alleged FBI tampering, “If this is true, this is really an attempt to frame somebody based on manipulation of data that’s just unacceptable in an American court and in the American legal system.”

But Raniere is not in prison for child pornography. He is in prison for racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, and wire fraud conspiracy. Those are the seven charges of the indictment against him, and the jury convicted him on all seven. The child pornography charges comprised just two of the predicate acts of the eleven that the jury found proven. The prosecution had only to prove two of the eleven to establish the racketeering conviction.

The child porn issue is peripheral to this case. The Free Raniere club has long been attempting to divert attention to this non-issue, because that is a NXIVM: when you’re caught, change the narrative.

Second, as to the speculation that the photos of Camila aren’t Camila, are you freakin’ kidding me? Raniere was right there in court, with his expensive lawyers. Why didn’t he speak up?

Stoltz said, “An FBI agent testified it was Camila in the photographs.”

Yeah, and that FBI agent was the guy Agnifilo could have cross-examined if there had been the slightest suspicion that those photos were not Camila.

Raniere himself accepted those pictures were genuine. That’s why Camila didn’t need to testify.

FBI Special Agent Michael Weniger testified he was familiar with Camila’s appearance and identified her in 22 explicit photographs that another FBI agent testified were dated in November 2005, when Camila was 15. .

Attorney Stoltz anticipates having a cup of coffee with that stand-up fella Keith Raniere when he’s released, which Stoltz feigns confidently will be soon.

Just as defense lawyers will assert to the jury that their client, a skinhead thug with a swastika prominently tattooed on his neck, is a fine upstanding young man.

Exactly who is this piffle directed at? Is it just to keep up the spirits of the remaining dead-enders? It surely has no other purpose.

At one point, I think Raniere dreamed of fighting his criminal conviction by brewing up some sort of popular uprising, some grass-roots clamor to have him freed. That’s why he wanted Dershowitz. It was delusional.

I suspect Raniere is in utter despair by now, five years after arrest. I certainly hope he is. Let it eat him up inside, the utter horror of the fate he has brought upon himself. It’s what he deserves.

Mk10 Art’s rendition of Raniere and Stoltz

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  • I would like to thank Aristotle’s Sausage for the briefing on this situation. Excellent explanation on the specifics of the matter, restores the fact that he was convicted properly and the shenanigans his defense are pulling are fruitless and without merit as always, just another sideshow paid for with money that is not his.

  • Frank
    Aristotle Sausage is YOU – trying to be 20 years younger. Knock off the BS. We all know how you dress, and act.
    Aristotle, KR is NOT a hero. Now what ? You still stick by his side.
    Get real, FR , stupid

  • “Clare Bronfman’s money bought the fossilized celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz’s presence at a news conference that went unnoticed.”

    You mean the liar-for-hire with a law degree.

    • You mean the PR agent with a law degree (Gregory Stoltz) who will accomplish as little as the PR agents or lawyers previously hired by Bronfman and Raniere. And Dershowitz is the most expensive one in this context and in addition a very pathetic PR agent who was even a law professor. Unfortunately, the star of Dershowitz has long gone down and many have not noticed it yet. But there are journalists who can do it better and cheaper than people with law degrees. They (see example Frank Parlato in case of NXIVM and Keith Raniere) are even better in doing successful (anti-)PR.
      My advice to everyone (and to Clare Bronfman) is not to invest money in hopeless cases. It is not worth it.

  • Dani not FBI change Stidies folder.

    She change data . Fbi know. They help.someone at 8 hale.

    I tell true story. The photos no Cami. They Dani.

    FBI know

    22 photos two face. 20 just close no face.

    Dani too smart. She in Studies folder but no 8 Hale sue at 3 Flintlock. She on couch. Only one women a Flintlock.

    But Dani no at 3 Flintlock iNovember 2005.she at 8 Hale. she don’t plant her photos on Studies at 8 Hale.

    She cover herself on Flintlock pictures taken 2004. She only one different photos. She cover with herself hands.

    Why you do think Dani no say photos at trial. FBI agent say photos cami

    They Dani photos. Why they know make Lore say they cami. They no show Lore cami photo.

    Why they no show Cami the photos ? Why she no say in sentenced Keith that she is the photos?

    She fell truth. She no lie. Keith take photos of she when she 15 but not those.
    FBi use no Cami they Dani

    Dani look like so much Cami. Photo gave dark. Keith bed dark. No light look close is Dani.

    Dani change date November 2 so play angry game. Dani she smart she got laugh last FBI know. They want Keith they got.
    Dani get him on Día de los Muertos she and Keith day.
    They pay Dani good. She get Cami pay good. When Keith try to stop they give Clare money to pay sisters.

    Dani laugh always to the bank.

    • Hmmm
      Smart Chiquita’s those 3 huh?

      Mariana gets 500k from Clare for having baby

      Then her sisters cash in right behind her. ( really Clares $ too)

      Then they sue her civilly, doesn’t seem very civil, does it?

      Really hard to know who set up who?

      Guess there was something about Daniela’s lies and thefts, after all.

    • How do you know all this ? I can barely understand it. But are you saying Dani did it and it’s not Cami but Dani in the pictures believed to be a cami.

    • Daniella and Camilla look nothing alike.

      Nor does Mariana.

      Maybe you think all Mexican women/girlslook the same? LOL

      Or all “chiquitas” all look the same?

      Good thing the photos were examined professionals who can see them all as individuals.

      It would have been fun though to see Keith’s attorneys actually mount that defense.

      Or any defense, gainst the pictures being Camilla at 15.

      But not only did the defense not ever raise this concern they actually admitted the photos were of Camilla when she was under age and tried to get them thrown out for being too old for evidence.

    • Is that you, Mork? How long have you been back from Ork? Catching up on Earthly news are you? Tell me this… if you have the technology to come to earth from Ork, why haven’t you learned to speak like an earthling? Did your translators go offline at the Orion belt? Yeah, happens a lot. Say hello to Mindy and the kids for me.

  • ‘Who is this piffle aimed at?’ This is actually a really good question and applies to all of the BS interviews, twitter comments, podcasts. We haven’t really fully examined who thile long list of shit (by this long list of people on the Bronfman payroll) is actually aimed at because hardly anyone gives a crap about this convicted criminal. It’s ineffective, expensive nonsense.

  • Delusional or just desperate to look competent? Get to sucking, heir Stolz. Don’t forget to sneak a camera in your ass. Keith likes photos.

  • He’s never going to accept any personal responsibility here.
    If there is absolutely no remorse, it does trouble me.
    He’s buoyed up by the dance squad, poor little Suneel, and the disgusting Bronfman sisters. Money, prestige and a fanboy.
    I enjoy thinking about him right now. In that tiny cell. No midnight volleyball, no walking the roads of Albany, his personal fiefdom. No texting chicks. No blowjobs from the 100 pound club devotees. No access to young girls ever. In the Feds, you can’t contact people who you didn’t know before your sentence, so even Keith doesn’t get a shot at a hybristophiliac. He is DEFINITELY getting illicit letters from Claire, 100%
    But hey, he’s got a sentence of 120 years, so that’s a lot of time to find new lawyers. And say his catchphrase. ‘My life is in your hands.’

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