Irish Assemblyman Wants Parental Alienation Banned in Family Court, As UN Considers Similar Recommendation Worldwide

Government TD Demands Inquiry into State-Authorized Abuse of Mothers Losing Custody of Children. Read The Irish Times report here

Irish Teachta Dála [Legislative Assembly] TD Bernard Durkan is urging an inquiry into his claim that hundreds of mothers have been stripped of custody of their children after alleging domestic abuse by their former partners.

He plans a press conference where mothers, who were accused of “parental alienation” in family law courts and labeled abusive parents, will join him to explain how abusive fathers, in league with lawyers and so-called child welfare experts, flip custody from mothers and into the hands of the abuser.

Rep. Bernard Durkin has more than 100 cases of mothers who lost their children because of false allegations of parental alienation.

Durkan has condemned the concept of “parental alienation,” which he says lacks any scientific foundation.

Parental alienation, which involves one parent, often the mother, being accused of manipulating their child against the other, has raised increasing concerns in Ireland in recent years.

Women’s Aid and the Rape Crisis Network argue perpetrators exploit this concept to silence women who report abuse. The UN human rights committee in Geneva will consider a recommendation to ban parental alienation in family law courts next month.

Supporters of parental alienation, including the controversial creator of the concept, Dr. Richard Gardner, sometimes make extreme contentions. In situations where a mother trying to protect her child from a father’s sexual abuse by distancing the child from him, she may be accused of parental alienation.

Dr. Garder says the mother’s alienation from the father is  more damaging to the child than the father’s sexual abuse.

Gardner called parental incest a common practice of humanity that does not deserve all the hysteria.

“Pedophilia has been considered the norm by the vast majority of individuals in the history of the world,” Gardner said. And “There is a bit of pedophilia in every one of us.”

Advocates – which include so-called child experts who are paid big money to “find” parental alienation and tell the family court – argue that parental alienation should be recognized as a form of child abuse, which requires legal definitions and legislation.

The Irish Department of Justice is preparing to release two reports it commissioned regarding the use of parental alienation in family law cases.

Durkan has repeatedly raised his concerns in the Dáil since September, with his latest last Thursday. He asserts that parental alienation is being employed to harass and unjustly punish women and children in the courts that should protect them.

But lawyers and experts profit greatly, when an affluent father can pay to own his children and banish the mother from their lives, so that she can no longer bring his abuses to light.

Durkan initially became involved in this issue after being contacted by several mothers in his Kildare North constituency. Since then, he has received communications from 100 mothers and their families across the country.

“At this point, I have over 100 cases on my desk,” Durkan said. “These women are professionals: civil servants, teachers, pharmacists, and individuals in respectable positions. They have all experienced abuse and control, and when they speak out, they are accused of parental alienation and being unfit mothers.”

Durkan has submitted 16 cases, suitably redacted, to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Tánaiste Michael Martin, and Minister for Justice Simon Harris, urging them to initiate an inquiry.

He claims that once the concept of parental alienation is mentioned, there appears to be a lack of fairness, due process, or natural justice for mothers and their children.

In addition to Durkan’s efforts, a report by UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, Reem Alsalem, calls for the prohibition of the “pseudo-concept” of parental alienation and the exclusion of so-called experts on the subject from family-law courts.

This report will be discussed at the upcoming human rights council meeting on June 22nd and 23rd.

Reem Alsalam has evidence of the dire consequences to children when their mothers are ripped out of their lives as profiteers arrange to hand them over to affluent fathers.

Alsalem received over 1,000 submissions from NGOs, domestic violence support organizations, and numerous individuals worldwide. She contends that biased and profit-driven custody decisions can have catastrophic consequences, including instances where contact has been granted to fathers with a history of violence, resulting in the deaths of women and children.

Among her 19 recommendations is a call for member states to enact legislation that prohibits the use of parental alienation or related pseudo-concepts in family law cases, and the involvement of so-called experts in parental alienation and related pseudo-concepts.

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    • Hahaha! Amanda Sillars is a WELL KNOWN “FUNDED” FATHERS RIGHTS PUSHER! WHY?


      We all know that the majority of parents who commit parental alienation are abusive narcissistic controlling fathers, facilitated and supported through narcissistic judges, pedophile appointed specialists and GALs full of greed for money.

      A good loving protective mother doesn’t alienate her child from a good loving protective father.

      I truly hope people start getting it right because statistics don’t lie the media doesn’t lie and I know that as protective mothers aren’t lying either.

  • IMPORTANT & URGENT – United Nations: How the System Fails You & Your Alienated Children
    This is a live webinar where Dr. William Bernet, a forensic psychiatrist from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, shares with us a detailed analysis of the campaign of misinformation that is happening at the United Nations. In 2 weeks, by June 19th, if this campaign is not stopped, it will cause a major system failure in protecting YOU and YOUR CHILDREN. If it has been difficult for you to fight for your children now, it will be a lot harder. It is important and urgent that actions are taken to fix this problem.
    The full analysis can be found on here:

  • Check out SB 289. All Connecticut father’s to be engaged in their children’s lives. No mention of safety. No mention of mother’s. Legal discrimination against women in the state of Connecticut with fatherhood initiative funding. Father’s best interest Infront of the children and parental rights over mother’s. Voted into legislation in 2022. .

    • Kailani Carlson a.k.a. Michele D'Amicol vs. Matthew Kan Hai Jr. Middletown, CT family court 2007 to 2023 says:

      Don’t forget about the MOU that was signed by all the state agencies including Dalia Panke, the director of child support enforcement in Hartford Connecticut; Who after learning that the office She oversees in Middletown, Connecticut committed fraud upon the court by creating a motion to lower child support for abusive father and made claims to the court that he was not working, is disabled and will never have employment in the future…meanwhile he has a wage withholding by the same court,, MIDDLETOWN, to garnish past due support TO THE STATE with his EMPLOYER….
      Dalia Panke never did one thing to bring the truth to light and instead allowed the child that’s also disabled, to live in poverty for 13 years while Dalia Panke, Attorney Sharon Peters and the middletown child support enforcement officer Kathleen Wells protected an abusive father that has a criminal background of strangulation.
      And even went so far to actually search for the Mother and child when they were relocated by a domestic violence organization in Connecticut, because the state police weren’t even going to protect the mother and her child and the family courts weren’t going to protect them and the domestic violence advocates in Connecticut also knew neither would protect them; and so the DV shelter used federal funds to relocate the mother and child and the advocates initially Wanted Her to Go out of the country but the mother still believed in Her country and She still believed in Her state, and she believed that they would protect Her as long as She continued to tell The Truth.
      Boy was she wrong..

      Have a listen here to the recorded conversation when the protective mother confronted the state police officer Debra-ann O’Mara/Turner of Troop F in Westbrook, Connecticut, whom gave the father that’s famous for strangulation of multiple women, the protective mothers new identity, her safe relocated address and a copy of the relocated protective mothers Driver’s license number to the criminal father in a “phone call” against policy, against laws. With NO COURT INVOLVEMENT, NO SUBPOENA SIGNED BY A JUDGE, NO COURT DATES, NOTHING.
      And this is the same state police barracks, WESTBROOK CONNECTICUT that arrested the abusive father years prior for trying to strangle the protective mother to death.


      P.S. I hope the company or individual that Connecticut Attorney General hired to read all of these online reporting of government misconduct reads my comment and knows this I’m going to start making videos and I’m going to start sharing all the evidence that I have of the crimes that you ALL have committed against me and my child, and the blatant ignorance and the plain MISANDLING of my case and ALSO preventing me from being able to file a complaint for over 3 years.



  • “… On March 18 2023 Connie Reguli spoke at an international forum in New Delhi India on the corrupt and abusive practices of child protective services in the USA and other western countries. …”

  • Child abusers can go Jump off a cliff
    Anyone who stands by and doesn’t help children who are being abused is abusive

    • Try to get that done with a Judge, when a parent is psychologically and mentally abusing them this happens every day, especially when it comes to the alienating of one parent… Court assistant child abuse

    “the results highlighted the proper psychometric qualities of the questionnaire and the Parental Alienation Questionnaire (PAQ) seems to be a promising tool for clinical and judicial practice, but also for researchers.”

    #parentalalienation #assessment #psychology #peerreviewed #parentalalienatingbehaviours #childabuse #familyviolence #coercivecontrol

    • More facts:

      “In Germany in the 1960s, people in some circles viewed sex with children not as a taboo but as progressive. One key figure behind such thinking was the Berlin-based psychology professor Helmut Kentler. Today, it is clear that he was nothing less than a matchmaker for pedophiles. But for a long time, he was widely viewed as a visionary and one of Germany’s most prominent sexologists, or sex experts.”

      More facts:

      “In addition to Vinny, the show stars 12-year-old Nabela, a trans girl from a conservative Catholic Mexican family whose drag name is Dunkashay Monroe and who is obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race (several of the kids credit Mama Ru with getting them hooked on drag). There’s also Jameson, aka Ophelia Peaches, a 17-year-old who currently uses he/him pronouns but is experimenting with gender fluidity. Jameson’s mother, Robin, founded Dragutante. The second episode introduces Noah, a soft spoken 16-year-old trans girl who goes by the drag name Poptart, and Bailey, a 15-year-old trans boy whose drag persona is called Nemo.“

      Another fact: All Wars Are Bankers Wars.

      Enjoy your Memorial Day.

      • And, all the worst family court wars are wars for the family court lawyers and vendors.

        How many in the family court industry also sell weapons?

        Harold Burke in the Catherine Youssef Kassenoff’s children’s custody case.
        Daniel Giersch in Kelly Rutherford ‘s children’s custody case.
        Harold LaFlamme in Ruby Dillion’s child’s custody case.

        How many others?

  • Stop the fatherhood funding and see how many cases of alienation go way down. Domestic abuse cases go up. There is plenty of suppression and flat out ignoring. Stop the legal discrimination against women in family law courts. The true cases of alienation and true domestic abuse will be handled appropriately. Children will be saved from harm and abuse by either gender or undesignated gender parent. Maybe the judges and the bar association will actually hold attorneys responsible. Shut down the funding. We don’t need the United Nations to tell us this .

  • The United Nations wants to ban laws that put child-molesters in jail. They encourage children to pursue sexual relationships with adults. They call it “age-gap love”. The U.N. should be abolished.

    The World Economic Forum states pedophiles will “save humanity”. They support pedophilia because pre-pubescent cannot get pregnant. So, there will be less people born. The WEF should be defunded.

    The Democrat National Committee 100% supports multiple pedophiles and child-rapists. Too many to mention in this comment. The DNC needs to be exposed.

    • They expose themselves, scare good people in authority and we’re too afraid to notice. says:

      “ … Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL): It’s a simple yes or no answer. If a member loses equipment and it is found by your staff and identified as that member’s equipment and the member is not associated with any case, it is supposed to be returned. Yes or no.

      Chief Verderosa: It depends on the circumstances.

      Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL): I don’t understand how that is possible. Members’ equipment is members’ equipment. My understanding is the the Capitol Police is not able to confiscate members’ equipment when the member is not under investigation. It is their equipment and it is supposed to be returned.

      Chief Verderosa: I think there are extenuating circumstances in this case, and working through my counsel and the necessary personnel, if that in fact is the case, and with the permission of through the investigation, then we’ll return the equipment. But until that happens we can’t return the equipment.

      Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL): I think you’re violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and you should expect that there will be consequences. …”

  • I am not sure where Frank got his data about Reem Alsalam having over 1000 respondents or where they came from as this information was not contained within her report
    There is a lack of scientific methodology and cherrypicking. For data from every parent in the world who is the victim of Parental Alienation 1000 seems a very low figure
    All this does is call into question Ms Alsalam’s ability and neutrality to carry out such work
    I would also point out that UN has yet to hear Ms Alsalam’s report so no action has been taken
    I would also think that there is going to be a huge backlash against this report not only from alienated dads but from alienated mums


    Based on current research, over 22 million adults have been targets of parental alienation in the United States. An estimated 10 million adults have experienced what they perceive to be severe alienation from their children.1 Even so, the clinical problem of parental alienation has been underreported and underappreciated in the public at large. It is a silent epidemic that must be acknowledged.

    Parental alienation is a pathological phenomenon in which a child is convinced by one parent that his or her other parent is unworthy and dangerous and should be rejected.2 The child is convinced through a variety of tactics and maneuvers by the alienating/offending parent. If these maneuvers are successful, the child develops the mental condition of parental alienation. This alienation can be mild, moderate, or severe in intensity.3 In severe cases, the relationship with the rejected/targeted parent is completely severed due to the child’s mental condition. Even in mild and moderate alienation, there is damaging disruption in the parent-child relationship.

    The rejection of a parent due to parental alienation is a devastating and tragic event for the child. Research clearly shows that children need both of their parents to be actively involved in their lives. The rejection of a parent is associated with many long-term, negative consequences for the child. Depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, lack of trust in relationships, and self-defeating behavior are just some of the deleterious consequences.

    • All the symptoms you describe can be associated with an abused child. When psychologist and therapist out side the courts. Almost 50 called refusing to take on a child for service because the child is court ordered to reunification therapy. They will not treat the children because they do not believe in reunification therapy. When they find out the children are court ordered to go. They decline service. The mental health community out side the courts know the harm reunification therapy is doing to children. They have been shut down trying to complain about it. Because the state continue the financial gain of the debunked alienation industry. You have taken symptoms of an abused child and turned them into a strategic money maker. It is out in the open for the public to see. Children taken away from decent people because of the money made off a bad situation. Proven time and time again. Shut down the AFCC and alienation industry.



    Psychiatric experts find it is easier to deal with more horrible crimes than highly conflictual divorces. In the former, projections are impossible and “files” raise very interesting issues with regard to criminology; in contrast, in the latter the expert is confronted not just with a family but also and lest one forget, a couple that at one point in time had loved each other. However, the separation resembles a bloodbath. We will not detail the various psychiatric pathologies, which may further complicate a separation: they are well-known and, on a procedural level, do not raise any specific concerns. We will however address “pathological divorces” where although individuals, assessed on a case-by-case basis, are exempt from ascertainable or developing psychiatric pathologies, pathology permeates systemic relations, inextricably linked to hatred or disgust. In this light, fault-based divorces still remain rare: it is in this context, marked by defiance and doubt as to the parental competence of each member of the couple that the psychiatric expert intervenes, with a similar acknowledged mission to that of the court: recommendations to be offered regarding visitation and custody rights. Amongst the conflictual and inextricable situations the most often encountered in expert practice, the parental alienation syndrome (PAS) now known as parental alienation (PA) refers to all psychopathological manifestations observed in children subject to highly conflictual parental separations, and above all, the unjustified or inexplicable rejection of a parent by a child (or even by siblings). This recent entity has raised controversy: some even go so far as to deny the existence itself of this phenomenon claiming that it does not appear in the international classifications of psychiatric disorders. Consequently, it was not included in the last edition of the DSM and does not appear in the ICD classification of the OMS whose 11th edition is currently being prepared. The weaknesses in the scientific concept and its purely passionate dimension, including sexist controversies, must be carefully elucidated in the dismissal or denial of this pathology. The author raises various definitions of parental alienation of which the most recent is undoubtedly the least controversial. He discusses the reasons for the dismissal of the concept by the Scientific Committee of the DSM-5. This dismissal is however quite apparent as although the term “parental alienation” is not contained therein, we will show that the notion is clearly referred to in at least two chapters of the new American classification of mental disorders.

    Keywords: Abus psychologique de l’enfant; Aliénation parentale; Child psychological abuse; DSM-5; Désaffection parentale; Expert psychiatre; Expertise en affaires familiales; Family affairs expertise; Nosographie; Nosography; Parental alienation; Parental disaffection; Psychiatrist expert.

    Based on current research, over 22 million adults have been targets of parental alienation in the United States. An estimated 10 million adults have experienced what they perceive to be severe alienation from their children.1 Even so, the clinical problem of parental alienation has been underreported and underappreciated in the public at large. It is a silent epidemic that must be acknowledged.

    Parental alienation is a pathological phenomenon in which a child is convinced by one parent that his or her other parent is unworthy and dangerous and should be rejected.2 The child is convinced through a variety of tactics and maneuvers by the alienating/offending parent. If these maneuvers are successful, the child develops the mental condition of parental alienation. This alienation can be mild, moderate, or severe in intensity.3 In severe cases, the relationship with the rejected/targeted parent is completely severed due to the child’s mental condition. Even in mild and moderate alienation, there is damaging disruption in the parent-child relationship.

    The rejection of a parent due to parental alienation is a devastating and tragic event for the child. Research clearly shows that children need both of their parents to be actively involved in their lives. The rejection of a parent is associated with many long-term, negative consequences for the child. Depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, lack of trust in relationships, and self-defeating behavior are just some of the deleterious consequences.

    Causing parental alienation in a child is on par with physical and sexual abuse. It is considered child psychological abuse and is subsumed in DSM-5 (V995.51).4 Parental alienation is real, definable, and toxic. In severe cases, it is so malignant that it can undermine a child’s psychological development. It is not hyperbole to say it can be catastrophic.

    A case of parental alienation needs to be investigated rigorously by the state’s protection agency, similar to what is done in cases of suspected physical or sexual abuse. To do otherwise is to miss the central point—that causing parental alienation is as toxic and damaging as these other forms of abuse.

    Cases of parental alienation must be taken seriously by all professionals involved with the family. For example, attorneys are in a unique position to make a major difference in diagnosis and treatment.5

    Attorneys for alienating parents must forcefully communicate to their clients that their alienating behavior is toxic and must stop immediately. Zealous representation of a client is not applicable in these alienation cases. In fact, confrontation of the alienating parent must be a top priority for the attorney, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be. Short of that, attorneys will be condoning and enabling the alienation of the child.

    Attorneys for alienated children—guardians ad litem—must take active steps to make sure the alienating parents stop their behavior while also assuring that the children get therapy to reverse their alienation.

    Attorneys for the rejected or targeted parents must assure that reunification therapy is pursued with diligence and positive expectation so that the child’s alienation is corrected as quickly as possible.

    In cases of physical and sexual abuse, the child is removed from the offending parent. That decision is not controversial. Similarly, a child who totally rejects the targeted parent due to parental alienation must be removed from the offending parent, at least temporarily. The removal of a child has been shown to be warranted and effective. In other words, removal of the child is the best option available.

    Other professionals involved in a case of parental alienation—such as mediators, counselors, pediatricians, family physicians, teachers, social workers, and others—must play an attentive and corrective role in the process. Allowing alienation to continue unchecked is highly destructive to the child.

    One final note: Mild parental alienation is much easier to correct than moderate or severe alienation. This principle must be kept in mind by all professionals who have contact with the child and the parents.

    Parental alienation is a psychiatric emergency and interventions should be put in place as quickly as possible because it is as toxic and pernicious as physical and sexual abuse.

    Dr Blotcky is a clinical and forensic psychologist in private practice in Birmingham, Alabama. He can be reached at Dr Bernet is professor emeritus in the department of psychiatry at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee.


    1. Harman JJ, Leder-Elder S, Biringen Z. Prevalence of adults who are the targets of parental alienating behaviors and their impact. Children and Youth Services Review. 2019;106:104471

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    What is narcissistic parental alienation syndrome?

    Narcissistic parental alienation syndrome, or parental alienation syndrome (PAS), occurs when one parent coercively tries to alienate their child from an otherwise loving parent. This manipulation then results in the child’s dislike or rejection of the alienated parent.

    The term first emerged in the 1980s when American child psychiatrist Richard Gardner began noticing this behavior during child-custody disputes.


    Induced parental alienation is a specific form of psychological child abuse, which is listed in DSM-5, the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), under diagnostic code V 995.51 “child psychological abuse”. Untreated induced parental alienation can lead to long-term traumatic psychological and physical effects in the children concerned. This fact is still not given sufficient attention in family court cases. The article gives a condensed overview of parental alienation, summarising its definition, the symptoms and the various levels of severity. It also describes some major alienation techniques and possible psychosomatic and psychiatric effects of induced parental alienation. Finally, attention is drawn to programmes of prevention and intervention now used and evaluated in some countries. The article concludes with two real-life examples from psychiatric practice, and a comprehensive list of international references.

    Keywords: Child psychological abuse; High conflict separation/divorce; Induced parent-child-alienation; Intervention programs; Parental Alienation; Psychological long term consequences.

  • We need judges to use their power (the stick) on parents who make false allegations, misuse restraining orders and misrepresent the other parent as abusive or unfit. Unstable parents who repaint history to suit their own agenda, whether for financial gain or the intent to sever the loving parent-child relationship, including extended family members. Irresponsible and uncaring parents that tell their children falsehoods, confide in them for adult emotional support and use their children to hurt the other parent.

    • You forgot about the attorneys and psychologist with holding evidence. One of the biggest problems are the GALs filtering information getting put into court records. A judge can not be held responsible if the information is not being presented. The GaLs are supposed to be the eyes and ears of the court. They are acting as a filter. These GALs are a procuring case for the injustice in family law court systems. Driving cases that should be straight forward into conflict.

  • False Allegations of Abuse During Divorce: The Role of Alienating Beliefs
    “False allegations of abuse are an all-too-common phenomenon during divorce and child custody proceedings. One parent fabricates a false allegation against the other parent to gain leverage in court and to undermine the parent-child relationship going forward. The frequency of false allegations in custody cases is not fully understood, with estimates ranging from 2% to 35% of all cases involving children.1 Whatever the percentage, attorneys, judges, and mental health experts all know firsthand that it is a vexing problem in court cases. And nothing can disrupt, sidetrack, or impede a case more than an allegation of abuse that eventually proves to be false.”

    Here are 7 common alienating beliefs that occur in false allegations:

    1. “I am afraid our child will love you more than me and will want to live with you.”
    2. “I want my child all to myself.”
    3. “If you don’t want me, you don’t get our child, either.”
    4. “I want to exact revenge on you, and what better way than to deprive you of your child.
    5. “I don’t want my child to be anything like you.”
    6. “I’ve been the real parent in this family, not you.”
    7. “I don’t want my child to love their new stepparent because I might be pushed out.”

      • Joan Teresa Kloth-Zanard is just a man pleaser. She’ll put a child with an abuser in reunification therapy, just to please an abuser and get her fill of acknowledgment.
        Joan is a joke in Connecticut.
        I received your email Joan, you know the one where you lie to all of the Mother’s about the inside investigator report, and you told the mothers that only Mother’s have been coming forward and speaking to the investigator, so now the investigator is looking for ONLY FATHERS now to come forward and speak to the investigator?
        Well, I always do my due diligence as a critical thinker, So I personally spoke with that investigator and he told me you lied. He told me that ONLY FATHERS HAVE COME FORWARD AND WE ARE THE ONLY MOTHERS THAT HAD CONTACTED HIM.
        You’re a liar Joan, you’re A HORRIBLE LIAR.
        Thank God everyone knows and sees through you, nobody believes you and nobody cares what you have to say anymore JOAN TERESA KLOTH-ZANARD, because you try to control the narrative so that You can please father’s/men.
        You are a supporter of abusers Joan.

  • My dad used to molest and rape children. He and Chris Ambrose should be friends. My dad never stole a million from my mom to keep me for grooming. The adults around me, as a child, would give me drugs and alcohol. No one saved me from my monsters. Cops are a joke. They only made my life worse. I have countless attempts at suicide, scars from cutting and paranoia. These are the things my abusers left behind.

    • It’s identical to the Ambrose case- even with two out and reporting their experiences, the courts are trying to shut them down.

      The youngest made a report of molestation and abuse to the dcf worker assigned to the case – Nancy Stewart. I know bc I am at the middle school. This kid was so brave.

      Staff waited to see what would be done…. Nothing.

      Dcf is complicit in harming these kids

      I’m so sorry to hear your experience but it helps people like me understand what’s going on.

      Heal and be happy. Thankful you are out.

      • Karen’s case is a prime example of the agenda of family court. The discriminantion and financial insensitive targeted at her. At the expenses of the welfare of the children. The state of Connecticut is not going to admit to the catastrophes accuring in their family court. Look at the merry go round of judges. All contributing. The Ambrose case is all outed. Still no one has stepped up and saved the children.

      • Thankful for you for caring about the children. So many school employees feel they can’t care when school administrators pressure everyone to go along with whatever “family courts” decide.

        Most school employees “go along to get along” — regardless of what they witness. It’s that lack of care that enables the worst parents and the worst “family court” players in the worst cases.

        It’s the same “go along to get along” mentality enabling “family court” nightmares in every “family court” system today. Many family court employees working in the belly of the beast see exactly what’s happening. They see the worst “family court” lawyers and their acquaintances mishandle the worst cases in the worst ways. It’s happened for years because no one’s stopped them. A few bills are circulating in a few states now to remove immunity from family court guardians ad litem.

        That will help in a big way if those bills become law. Until then, bogus “guardians ad litem” in the worst cases will continue to enforce the worst “family court” official opinions. Good school administrators and every good person working in the schools will continue to feel forced to act like “family court” official fiction is fact.

        It’s so twisted and so sinister and the worst of the worst “family court” lawyers and acquaintances like it that way.

        Thank you so much for following your good conscience.

  • A variety of family and criminal law matters for nearly 20 years will be on display today in Bridgeport, Connecticut. says:


    There was no “full hearing”.
    Gerard Adelman, Snake in the Grass, has known Christopher Golden, another snake in the grass, for nearly 20 years.

    Case Information ⬅️ (A Variety of Family and Criminal Law Matters)
    Case Type: F00 – Family – Dissolution of Marriage – C.G.S. Chapter 815j
    Court Location: BRIDGEPORT JD
    Financial Disputes: No
    Parenting Disputes: No
    RFTD Referral: Yes
    RFTD Accepted: Yes
    Last Action Date: 05/26/2023  (Last Action Date is a data entry date, not actual date)

    Disposition Information
    Disposition Date: 04/26/2022
    Judge or Magistrate: HON GERARD ADELMAN

    “Attorney: ” “ LARRACUENTE & GOULDEN LLC (419147) ⬅️ “The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC has represented individuals in a variety of family and criminal law matters for nearly 20 years.”
    MILFORD, CT 06460
    Appearance For: Family Superior Court Only” File Date: 05/18/2023 ⬅️

      RESULT: Continuance 5/19/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ
      Last Updated:  Result Information – 05/19/2023”
    591.10 05/19/2023 C ORDER 
    594.00 05/16/2023 P RETURN OF SERVICE 
    594.01 05/19/2023 P “RETURN OF SERVICE 
      originals from marshal”
    595.00 05/18/2023 P PROPOSED ORDER ⬅️ (a variety of family and criminal law matters)
    597.00 05/19/2023 D “MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE 
      RESULT: Granted 5/19/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    597.10 05/19/2023 C “ORDER 
      RESULT: Granted 5/19/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    598.00 05/19/2023 C LIST OF EXHIBITS (JD-CL-28/JD-CL-28a) 
    599.00 05/22/2023 D “MOTION TO VACATE ORDER 
      Vacate 591.10
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    599.10 05/25/2023 C “ORDER 
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    600.00 05/24/2023 D “MOTION TO STRIKE – FAMILY 
      Strike plaintiff’s contempt motions 585, 587
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    600.10 05/25/2023 C “ORDER 
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    601.00 05/24/2023 D “OBJECTION 
      Object to 591 application and 595 proposed orders”
    602.00 05/25/2023 D “MOTION FOR ORDER 
      Motion Declaratory Judgment
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    602.10 05/25/2023 C “ORDER 
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    603.00 05/25/2023 D “MOTION TO QUASH 
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    603.10 05/25/2023 C “ORDER 
      RESULT: Rejected 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    604.00 05/25/2023 P “CASEFLOW REQUEST – FAMILY MATTERS (FORM JD-FM-292) 
      RESULT: Granted 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    604.10 05/25/2023 C “ORDER 
      RESULT: Granted 5/25/2023 HON EDDIE RODRIGUEZ”
    605.00 05/25/2023 P “MOTION FOR CONTEMPT 
      Emeregency Motion for Contempt”
    606.00 05/26/2023 D “MOTION TO STRIKE – FAMILY 
      Strike motion to compel 590”
    607.00 05/26/2023 D “MOTION TO STRIKE – FAMILY 
      Strike ’emergency’ contempt 605”
    608.00 05/26/2023 D “MOTION TO VACATE ORDER 
      Vacate Rodriguez’s REJECTED orders”
    609.00 05/26/2023 D “MOTION TO QUASH 
      Request Leave motion to quash”

    Scheduled Court Dates as of 05/25/2023
    # Date Time Event Description Status
    1 05/26/2023 10:00AM Hearing Proceeding ⬅️ (a variety of family and criminal law matters)

    • The hearing scheduled for yesterday was marked “off”.

      The judicial website shows the next hearing scheduled for a variety of family and criminal law matters is:
      06/16/2023 at 2:00PM

      The judicial website also shows:

      “… Financial Disputes: No (No financial disputes, at all?)
      Parenting Disputes: No (No parenting disputes at all?)
      RFTD Referral: Yes (The case was referred to the Regional Family Trial Docket?)
      RFTD Accepted: Yes. (The case was accepted at the Regional Family Trial Docket?)

      “Superior Court
      Regional Family Trial Docket
      1 Court Street, Middletown, CT 06457
      Tel (860) 343-6570; Fax (860) 343-6589
      Gerard I. Adelman Judge Trial Referee Regional Family Trial Docket
      Thomas G. Moukawsher Superior Court Judge PJ-Regional Family Trial Docket”

      Q: If “spoliation” isn’t considered to be spoliation in Freemasonry, what’s “The Regional Family Trial Docket”?

    • So there’s the connection. And Goulen cared only about Adelmans order. Nothing to do with any conduct on part of mother.

      The suffering of the kids was irrelevant.

      I was there. Rodriquez refused to accept any evidence the mother put forth.

      It was staged. As an observer you could see the set up.

      This needs to be exposed. The kids are 16 and the father uses them and believes he owns them. Court endorsed abuse.

  • When good mothers first discover that their child is being molested, every single cell in her body rivets. The compulsion to protect is primitive, eternal. The court system aren’t designed to protect the victim, they are clearly designed to cover up deviant behavior like child molestation. Woman must be completely fearless. Shrewd, intuitive and balanced.
    Fear is not an option.

    • The answer to our family court will never by resolved by attacking a gender. I believe Anna is actually a member of the angry Dad committee in Connecticut.Attempting to paint women as alienatiors. This is the on going issues. These left wing father’s rights groups are have no morals or objective views on divorce and custody. Have been tossing out garbage on the internet to profile women as the problem. We have serious problems attached to family court matters.

  • Women are superior at care taking children. Men lie. The only reason they want kids so they do not have to pay child support. This site hates women. No man should have full custody of kids. They can’t have kids. So they can’t take care of them. If the court just gave custody ti mothers and no questions asked or would be good for kids and good for mothers. We don’t need fathers. Sperm donor is good enough. Anonymous too. Kids don’t need some jackass man hanging around them with toxic masculinity.

    Sterilize all men. Put sperm in banks. Then family court will not be a problem. You’re all a bunch of selfish misogynists.

    • Um, Anna? Are there no good men anywhere? All women are superior? Should no man have full custody of “kids”? The world doesn’t need good fathers? How will sperm donors be “good enough” if all men should be sterilized?

      Please allow me to introduce you Anna Runkle …

  • I’m thinking we should all get bumper sticker.
    Save a child. Prosecute the family law attorneys.

  • Familial destruction is the essence of ‘family court’, a den of thieves fabricating conflict to generate lawyer feed, a sovereign people sleepwalk while children are sacrificed by judges for shekels.

  • Custody should go to the mother in every case. Case closed would end the stupid business. Alimony lifetime and kids stay with mom. Then men won’t abuse women not be so quick to get divorce. But I don’t know why smart women get married. Men are rotten.

    • You have it backwards.

      Shared parenting when both parents want it. Absent a finding of abuse or neglect in a court of evidence and law (which family courts are not.)

      Get rid of all of the “evaluators” and other state court actors.

      Get rid of “child support” – unless state aid is involved.

      Enact laws that prevent a judge from impoverishing either parent or throwing them into state aid.

      Enact laws preventing ‘family” court judges from jailing parents. (See above about ‘family’ courts not being courts of evidence or law.)

      End “DV” funding and any and every federal government program that financially rewards the destruction of families, parents and children.

      Save billions of dollars.

      As one veteran ‘family’ attorney once noted: “I practiced family law before DCF even existed. I don’t recall bloody women and children wandering our streets. If there was a problem, the police and criminal courts took care of it.”


  • Parental alienation only exists when a protective parent usually the mother wants to protect their child.
    All mothers want to protect their children from harm caused by anyone especially the other parent and their abuse…
    When mothers bring forth abuse allegations against their former partner it is twisted and used against the mothers for protecting their children against an abusive parent, because an abuser will NEVER admits to their own actions causing harm because they always just want power and control it gets them off it feeds their ego, this is all ego driven completely.
    Mothers want to protect their children and States will not allow them to protect their children because they get funding from the federal government to support fathers being in the children’s lives whether they’re abusive or not, this is legislation in Connecticut and written clear as day, due to Richard Gardner’s b******* Fake science c*** And the private and federal funding that supports it.
    The reason for it is because the States get funding… Years ago the federal government created father’s rights and they started giving them federal money where they then created a branch off of the federal government which is now considered and called
    There is no yet no one ever questions why.

    So parental alienation, while it is b******* and fake, it is a strategic move on father’s who are then supported by their attorneys and judges so that they can get more funding because most States over the last 15 to 20 years signed a memorandum of understanding to act in the best interest of fathers whether they are abusive or not and that would be acting in the best interest of the state, because the state then gets more funding…. follow the money.

    I cannot wait to see the day that mother’s receive their children back into their loving care, that were once stolen from them based on no realistic reason.
    None of these mothers have been found to be unfit, none of these mothers have been found to be neglectful, none of these mothers have been found to be a danger to their children.
    All mentioned above are legitimate legal reasons to switch custody.

    For a Protective parent who is usually the mother to protect their child/ Children and have to fight against not only their abuser but also The State government entities; is a violation of our civil and our constitutional and our human rights.

    The time is coming for Manchin and all of his little buddies to be overthrown on their little concept on how federal funding and child abusers will make States money.
    It is them that started putting the wording Into legal documents stating that women/mothers are just Manipulative and want to hurt fathers….
    There is no mother in this world that gives birth to a child just so that they can harm a man. Most women give birth to a man’s child because they love the man….. Unless of course the man just impregnates her because hes ignorant… Then blames her of course for getting pregnant. Typical situation.

    I mean does anybody ever wonder why States need money incentive to protect our rights and to enforce our rights as women/mothers….. ?
    That’s pretty messed up that States need money incentives to care about protecting our rights….

    I cannot wait to see the day that the Connecticut family court employees the Connecticut family court appointed attorneys and specialists and especially the judges are ALL held accountable for the damage that they are doing to the women and the children, and I hope they get held accountable for the multiple murders of the women and children happening in Connecticut that are all tied to the family court system…

    I’m still waiting on a reporter to look into the Tracy DO (Westport, CT) death and the death of her minor daughter, that the state police in Connecticut and the medical examiners call a murder/suicide.
    Meaning the State police and their ridiculous investigation claim that Tracy Do drowned her daughter in a tub and then supposedly stabbed herself in the chest as a suicide…

    I mean come on!!! let’s all have common sense here, she had defense wounds on her arms…what person is going to stab their arms first and then their chest to kill themselves?
    What mother is going to drown her daughter and then kill herself after she just won in probate court battling her ex husband so she and her daughter can continue to live in the MULTI MILLION DOLLAR HOME less than 2 weeks prior….?!!!!

    She just won in court!!! Why would she then kill her daughter and then kill herself less than 2 weeks later?
    it makes zero sense and it really is crushing that no one cares enough to look into this….
    Because it’s not only her case that Obviously has been completely mishandled by the Connecticut state police, there are multiple cases of murdered mothers/women and children that are not being labeled correctly and are all somehow connected to domestic violence and the Connecticut family court/probate court system. I believe that this is done so that the federal funding will continue to flow to Connecticut, because the Department of Justice change their policy years ago where if the numbers are higher than a certain amount the States will not get funding from the Department of Justice because they want to keep the murdered women numbers low…. In an effort to help stop domestic violence against women/mothers.

    Lots to uncover.

    I’m happy and I’m praying that every mother in America especially in the state of Connecticut has their children return to them and that the people that harmed their children especially the fathers, attorneys and judges finally go to jail and Not be sent to a rehabilitation program because that is not accountability.

    I also like to just say one more thing… The federal, private and tax funding that the state of Connecticut gets for incarcerated fathers who abuse their children/mother’s of there children, provide top notch support and programs where there is holistic care, there is support system, and it is not set on a 30 day basis with only a 30 day extension allowed.

    However victims of the violence, Mostly mothers and their children are only allowed a 30 day say in a DV shelter with zero support, zero programs, zero anything..
    Moms have 30 days to heal themselves, heal their children, relocate, get their children registered in new schools, get training to get a new job, (God forbid they’re an at home mom they have to have training to get work), with only a 30 day application request to extend their shelter stay, and that could be denied…..
    No shelter in Connecticut allows a victim to stay longer than 60 days Max.
    The victims get nothing and the perpetrators get every support they possibly could need …. And the mothers communities judge them for being victims… and always ask, “why do you go back to him? why do you stay with your abuser”.
    Well because the system is designed to keep women with their abusers and to keep them relying on their Abusers for simple needs.
    The States do not put funding towards the victims to help them heal, to help them find jobs, to help them find homes, to help them get their children in psychiatric care, nothing.
    They offer nothing and this is from personal experiences.
    I have been in 2 Connecticut domestic violence shelters and they don’t offer anything of support To the mothers and its the mothers whom are left to support themselves.
    In fact I have witnessed directors of shelters abusing mothers just for going down to the kitchen after midnight to warm up milk for their infant baby who is hungry… I have also witnessed many employees of shelters yelling at mothers just for knocking on the office door looking for direction on how to do things, on what’s going on legally in their case, on how to apply for a job, how to get an apartment, they don’t offer anything no support to the victims who are usually mothers….

    But the people who cause the harm, the fathers/abusers get all the support they need and more from their community, and from the court system. Meanwhile the victims are shunned from their community, victims can’t even talk to their friends or family about what’s going on in their life because it’s just “too much for them to hear”, and we are left on our own to carry this burden for the rest of our lives..

    Thank you Frank for continuing to report on facts.

    And I would like to address Teresa Z. you know who you are…. It is absolutely sickening that you support a false agenda supporting father’s rights just so you can get your funding.
    You’re a liar and a cheat. You actually sent out an email to groups of people in Connecticut stating that “the only people that came forward to discuss parental alienation and family courts abuse we’re mothers and that you only needed fathers to come forward”. You made this statement knowing that it is false.

    How do I know that you were lying well while I and my group of mothers where in a meeting With the writer of the news article being written by Connecticut Inside Investigator, I mentioned this email that I received from YOU JOAN Z. and the news writer specifically told us that “only fathers have been coming forward To speak to them concerning the news article and that my group of Mother’s were the 1st mothers to even contact Connecticut Inside investigator”.
    Read that again.
    The only people that the news writer was speaking to concerning the Connecticut family courts were fathers.
    You’re a LIAR!!!
    You’re SICKENING, you’re a sick human being and you are a DISGRACE as a woman, and I don’t feel bad for saying so.
    One day God will judge you, AND I PRAY IT IS HARSH AND NOT QUICK.

    It is time for our children to be returned to us mothers and for the truth to be spoken and for lies to be destroyed.

    Accountability is coming and you all will stand and be held accountable for the damage that you are doing to our children and for the murders of the multiple Mothers and children in Connecticut, because of the lies and false reporting just to receive the federal funding are going to be exposed.

    Mothers in Connecticut be prepared to start suing the c*** out of these players for the long term damage and harm caused upon us and our children. And that also includes the federal funded tax funded private funded state agencies, For example The connecticut child support enforcement, the Connecticut department of social services and the DV organizations that are supposed to be supporting the mothers/victims but are NOT, because all of their funding is coming through fatherhood initiative (Martinez) and that creates incentive to not protect victims and their children, it creates bias and discrimination against mothers and this is going to end.

    ITS TIME!!!!

    • Connecticut Domestic Violence system is not set up to save children from domestic abuse. They will give you assistance that may save you life. If your a woman it will cost you your children. They are partners with the fatherhood initiative. There are laws forcing all Connecticut father’s to be engaged in their childrens lives. So they are pushing alienation right along with the rest of the state. There are a few hundred women in Connecticut protective Mothers. As far as I can see have not built a working relationship with the organization. How effective is the organization if you can not develop a working relationship with a significantly large group of people you are supposed to be serving? Parental alienation and fatherhood funding has limited the assistance these agencies provide. Because of the laws and MOU. There is a many past and present conflict of interest relationship running the Ccadv. The state ignoring it. Some one should have a good look at it.

      • There is nothing demented about the concern. Ccadv members on the committee reviewing gal complaints and dismissing. Attorney for the public defender’s office. Training the GALs on parental alienation. DV is a crime. We need a prosecutor. Previously we have Karen Jarmoc and Joseph Ditunno. AFCC member on the board. Which appears to have been a violation of statues. He is involved in the violent offender program. His wife is running the fatherhood initiative. Karen currently serving on the committee advocating for women children and seniors. Despite the scandal involving her elderly Father in laws estate. Appointment by two senitors who thought it was a great idea. Currently the agency is ignoring the situation in the court system. Karen’s well aware of the situation women who are reporting DV and custody issues. There was no mention or respect paid by the Ccadv to the boy buried in the park. During discussion panels. The woman complaining about custody matters are meet with body language of crossword arms. Appearing to mean not open for discussion. Women are told to cut deals despite their concern for danger. Women are referred to as birthing people. While fathers are co parent. All feeding the machine called family court. This is a state agency partnered with the fatherhood initiative. Bringing large funding to the state. Gate keepers/alienator industry running the show. No matter the situation.

        • Don’t forget Joseph Ditunno is running the family services. He has and has his hands in just about all the pots. AFCC member heavily invested in parental alienation. A bias agenda. Joe is very aware of the funding for the fatherhood initiative. Imperative to funding the court system.

    • Parental Alienation predominantly exist due to the incentivized link with financial, custody and very very low threshold of DV 80% of DV claims are either false fabricated embellished, and also the client is coached by their counsel to falsify fabricate and embellish scenarios, because increased financial in custody incentives

  • When we make fraud before the court and perjury punishable crimes, watch how quickly all of this goes away. 🙂

    So a legislator in New Jersey has 100 cases. Wow.

    How about the millions of cases where kids were kept from seeing both their parents and all of their family members based on fraud, perjury and lies.

    Color me impressed when have actual statistics to work from, rather than assumptions based on little more than personal conjecture – and designed to divide to prevent meaningful reform.

  • It gets very tiring seeing the same stupid claim being circulated now for what, 25+ years?

    Call it whatever you want, anyone who doesn’t believe that one parent preventing another fit parent for being able to see their kids is a problem – is part of the problem. Anyone who doesn’t believe that state “family” courts deliberately separate children from one of their parents to force the payment of “child support” when none is needed, for state profit and greed, hasn’t examined the issue.

    The U.S. is home to more single parent households than any other country on the planet. Read that again.

    28 million children are growing up without a father figure in their lives. 1 out of every 3 kids. Read that again.

    This is an international embarrassment and disaster from every aspect of our society. This is a direct result of what our broken and corrupt CPS/DCF systems and “family” court have done to millions of families, parents and children – by preying on them, for money.

    Yet we glamorize divorce.

    Regarding the U.N., the United States is one of only three countries on the planet that hasn’t yet ratified the International Treaty on the Rights of a Child. Why? Because that treaty states that a children has a right to see BOTH of their parents and all of their family members. And our country’s well connected Divorce Industry doesn’t like that.

    Let’s finally stop all the pointless “mom vs. dad” and “PA doesn’t exist” nonsense and start promoting actual and meaningful reforms.

    • Dear readers, Please post as much good information about that as possible. 👇 state by state would help ... says:

      … state “family” courts deliberately separate children from one of their parents to force the payment of “child support” when none is needed, for state profit and greed …

      • I actually have to highly disagree with you and I will share my story I am physically disabled from almost being murdered by my child’s father by strangulation.
        He was ordered to pay $150 a week in child support to help support our child needs. He never paid costs me a ton of money going back-and-forth holding him in contempt. Come to find out fatherhood funding is actually funding child support enforcement… Incentive not to go after fathers to pay child support for children who are living in poverty like mine did for over 13 years.
        The state of Connecticut child support enforcement Middletown committed fraud upon the court by lying to the court themselves and supported A father who is CHOOSING to not pay child support, And his reason for not paying the child support is because HE FEELS he should not have to pay for a “CHILD THAT HE CANNOT SEE”.

        Did child support enforcement agency or the judges in the Middletown court say that his reasoning is not legally legitimate to not pay his child support?
        The Middletown court judgd and Middletown child support enforcement never helped my child’s father realize the reason he cannot see our child is because of his own choices to be violent, because he is dangerous and has a past of violence not only against me but multiple other women that he has been involved prior and after our relationship. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.
        Instead it was Middletown child support enforcement officer Kathleen Wells that actually provided a free pass for my child’s father to lie to the court and claim that my child’s father is disabled and not capable of finding meaningful employment to fulfill his signed AGREEMENT to pay child support….meanwhile the Middletown child support enforcement agency has had a withholding order on his employer to pay the “back owed child support to both myself and the state”.
        So if he is not working and he cannot pay me child support since 2014 how are they taking money out of his employer’s paycheck to pay the back owed child support?

        See where I’m going with this… And I have written everybody in the state of Connecticut including Dalia Panke who is the director of child support enforcement in Middletown out of Hartford Connecticut, and she has completely lied to me as well and has not done anything to correct the fraud committed upon the court by her employees.

        I would also like to inform everyone that it is Dalia Panke’s signature on the “Connecticut Fatherhood FUNDED memorandum of understanding”, And is also signed by 8 other state agencies to act in the favor of fathers over mothers, which would then be acting “IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE STATE”, NOT CHILDREN.

        The language in the memorandum of understanding is bias and discriminatory and does not favor equally both parents.

        Peter while I do agree with some of your points I do also strongly disagree that you are not following the funding and that you are not addressing the clearly acted upon discrimination and violation of mother’s rights to protect their children from abusers.

        While you may be a healthy parent there are hundreds if not thousands of us mothers in the state of Connecticut fighting to protect our children from very very dangerous men who claim to be healthy fathers.

        As long as us mothers continue to be ignored children are going to be murdered mothers are going to be murdered and the court system will continue to fail All of us.

        While I know that you do not like this to be a mom versus dad issue, unfortunately it has become just that, because that is what the state of Connecticut created when they signed that memorandum of understanding and then funded using money incentive to act bias and with discrimination against mothers in favor of fathers, which Is acting in the best interest of the state because of the funding.
        The sooner that you and all healthy fathers in the state of Connecticut Start to actually acknowledge this ongoing agreed to bias against mothers, then the sooner fathers and mothers can start working together.
        Realize that it is the state that is driving the wedge between mothers and fathers, but if you and the rest of the healthy fathers in the state of Connecticut cannot acknowledge that there is sexual bias and discrimination in the family courts against mothers and thar they favor fathers, Then mothers and fathers will continue to go against each other and it will continue to be a mother verse father or father verse mother situation….

        Have you ever read the memorandum of understanding???

        If your answer is yes then I am really surprised that you are still using the same argument.

        I wish you’re the best.

        • Hello, I understand you had a bad experience ion our state’s ‘family’ courts. So have I and countless other parents.

          There is a great deal wrong with what you’ve posted. Much of it is based on little more than personal conjecture and myths. And it’s been endlessly recycled and repeated to promote division and bias. Which is what the Divorce Industry wants and uses against all of us.

          It’s based on the ridiculous assumption and falsehood that most divorces involve DV or abuse. They do not. The statistics on this are available and clear.

          This is not the forum to go into this, but I will answer two of your points:

          I know the memo you’re referring to very well. The reality is that the state of CT has never received a dime of federal Martinez money and never once has anyone shown that it has. So the memo is worth about as much as the paper it was written on.

          I’ve asked this question a dozen times to people who promote and believe this myth: “Who do fathers call to get all this free federal money?” (I could use some!) I called to try and tap into it. I called the number on the poster in the courthouse. The gentleman who answered the phone said he was it – the entire program in this state. And all he did was answer the phone for a program that had no state or federal funding. Dead end.

          I joined a federal lawsuit filed by several women in our state to demand the state stop accepting gender based federal funding. 🙂

          • Peter,
            The inside investigator that covered the stories in “my mother’s group”, uncovered the funding.
            Also it is common sense, you cannot have an organization that is actively working without funding.
            So I don’t understand why you would say that that MOU did not receive any funding.
            Maybe the wording in the MOU says that they will not receive any funding for the MOU; but I can definitely inform you with a 100% guarantee that there are money contracts and there is funding for that MOU and Mark Fitch uncovered it in his investigation.
            Read the article.

            Now I am starting to question your motives, because if you only read the MOU and did no investigate for yourself to see what FUNDS THIS MOU, if you did no freedom of information requests to see what funding is surrounding that MOU, then I really have to question whether you are bias or not towards mothers… because it seems like you are pushing a fatherhood agenda.

            Access to children should not be more important than the safety and the health and well-being of children and their nurturing caretaker.

        • Is fatherhood funding funding child support enforcement?
          What incentives prompt states to not to go after parents to pay child support?

          Where’s a detailed list of all state incentives in family, juvenile, probate and other court systems?

          “CLARKESVILLE, Ga. (BP)–Nancy Schaefer, 73, a conservative activist and former officer of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and her husband Bruce, 74, died March 26 of gunshot wounds in their north Georgia home.

          A daughter discovered the bodies in the bedroom of their home in Habersham County.

          The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had ruled the deaths a murder-suicide in which Bruce Schaefer allegedly killed his wife, then himself.

          However, at least one friend of the Schaefers has questioned the murder-suicide theory. Garland Favorito, founder of Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA), circulated an 11-point, two-page bulletin via the Internet stating it is “more obvious” that the case is a “murder made to look like suicide.”

          Favorito cited the Christian faith and pro-life beliefs of the Schaeffers and the fact that Nancy Schaeffer had been delving into alleged corruption in family & child services agencies. Favorito’s bulletin listed a link to YouTube where Schaeffer had been voicing her various concerns …”

      • State by state, nation by nation …

        1. When states and nations force dangerous criminals involved family court child custody cases to pay weekly child support, what incentives do dangerous criminals have to not kill their family members?

        2. Are mothers in danger still forced to file child support actions in order to receive state assistance?

        • There are no incentives, as visitation has finally been included into child support…. abusers don’t have to pay….there is no accountability.

          Yes. I was forced to file, and file multiple contempt motions even though he owes more money to the state of Connecticut, OVER 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS AT LEAST and our child and I were and still have never been
          protected by CCSEA in Middletown Connecticut, even though he was arrested for strangulation upon me in an attempt to kill me in Connecticut.
          He is enabled like all abusive fathers are ALL enabled per the “Memorandum of Understanding, and the Connecticut state legislation that says specifically for the JOHN MARTINEZ ORGANIZATION AND THE FUNDING BEHIND THE AGREEMENT ” that all Fathers are to be engaged in their children’s lives”. Never mentions anything about protecting the children IF the fathers are abusive. Just that all father’s will be engaged….no matter what the situation.
          The things I know and have experienced since December 2, 2002 are astounding and insulting to victims.
          Connecticut is horrible to mothers that protect their children.

          I have phone calls that would blow everyone’s minds…..still waiting on frank to reach out and hear them….

    • Peter, You have provided a lot of good information and you are spot on about the curruption. Your failure to recognize that the court system has been using parental alienation as an excuse to keep abusive fathers in the lives of their children for billions of dollars worth of funding . It’s an excuse to remove custody from a stable mother. Labeling her mentally altured trying to protect the children from a substance abuser, emotional/psychologist abuser physical abuser and sexual predator. There are false alligations but not on the level you and several people are claiming. There is a national wide agenda to paint women as abusers for fatherhood funding. A nation wide agenda to keep Domestic violence numbers down. I’ve personally seen many. I have definitely seen a few I believe to be untrue. Pushing 50/50 and alienation is not the answer. Pushing punishment for the fraudulent attorneys, and judges, family services employees, GALs , and DCF is where we need to come together. With all due respect . If you want to represent court reform, a responsible court system. You must admit their is a DV problem as well as false alligations of abuse. Neither are good. Fix the court system and stop trying to stack the deck.

      • Thank you. The fundamental flaw is promoting the belief and concept that PA does not exist and that misrepresentation of it on our courts only impacts and harms mothers. No. It works both ways.

        It’s Divorce Industry 101 – make both parents fight to show they are the “better one” – milking them both for every dollar they’re worth. Make both parents believe they have no rights. Is this a surprise to anyone? 🙂

        Has anyone wondered why our “family” courts are the ONLY courts where you are not informed of your rights and the rights the state cannot infringe upon absent due process of law? Because they want you to believe the grand lie that you have no rights and need to beg the state to be an equal parent. We do not.

        “Family” courts are not courts of evidence or law. They are the Wild West where the parent who tells the greatest lie (or pays the most) “wins.”

        Fraud and perjury? Is the very basis the entire “system” operates on. NO PENALTY for openly lying before the court. Fix this problem and this entire issue goes away overnight.

        Ponder this question – why are claims of abuse or neglect even being heard by “family” courts – which are courts of equity? In 2019, we had Judge Bozzuto openly testify before the JUD Committee that our “family” courts are “not equipped” to address cases involving DV, abuse or neglect – so why are they?

      • There is no need to “push 50-50” because the Constitution and every ruling of the SCOTUS already guarantees it.

        It is not either parent’s burden to prove to the state that they are fit to be an equal parent after an adult relationship ends.

        The burden is on the state to prove that one or both parents are unfit in a court of evidence and law where due process and the rule of law is upheld. “Fit” and “unfit” are legal terms.

        There is no state interest in a divorce, aside from ensuring neither parent or their kids become wards of the state. That’s it. Yet instead, between 25-28% of all parents who divorce in this country end up living in poverty and/or state aid. So do their children

        The state imposes no tests or burdens on parents who wish to marry. Pay $25 at the Town Hall to get your marriage certificate and off you go! Go have kids, spend money as you wish, raise your kids the way you want, be a liberal, be a conservative, live in the woods, be a Nazi, etc. etc.

        So pray tell why, when two adults wish to end their adult relationship, all of the sudden the state becomes involved? Why are only parents with means subjected to endless “evaluations” and “experts?”

        Because we’re all being lied to. And encouraged to lie to “win”. When the only ones who really “win” are the divorce industry, state “family” court actors and the states. At the expense of all of us and our society.

        All of us pay, very dearly for this crap.

        • Peter,

          Why do you continue to discuss access as if it is the most important and you never address if a parent is abusive and that they should not have access to their child. This is quite concerning and I’m really questioning who you are and your motives.

          Aren’t you about to go through a second or third round through the family courts with a divorce (I heard Monica’s leaving you).

          Can you please address how a court should handle when a parent is abusive towards the other parent and abusive towards the other child? Do you believe that abusive parents should have access to that child?

  • I think the actor that played the bear in the movie ‘Cocaine Bear’ could play Frank as Frank in a movie.

  • Reem Alsalem UNSR Violence Against Women and Girls was woozled she ignored mumerous submissions including one from Alienated Children First Ireland La Dolce Vita Project Northern Ireland & Parental Alienation UK all non gender organisations led by Female advocates – We can also state that most of submisionns by alienated mothers to the UN Rapporteur have ignored all cases which did not fit her agenda which raises serious concerns about methodological flaws with her report.Also ACF submitted 37 cases (among 100s submitted) on our submission to the Department of Justice open consultation and the DoJ have taken these into account so no need for inquiry. We can also state that most of these were submitted to the UN Rapporteur but that she appears to have ignored all cases which did not fit her agenda which raises serious concerns about methodological flaws with her report.

  • I think we can all agree the family courts world wide are a mess. Get rid of the AFCC. The multi million dollar parental alienation industry. Let’s hold attorneys, judges, attorneys representing children and psychologist responsible for their actions. False claims of abuse and alienation should not be running the courts.

    • Spot on you will see how quickly PA drops when false allegations of abuse and DV are addressed immediately. Even better make false allegations punishable. At the same level of the crime claimed. And criminal and licensing recourse by the BAR if the attorney is coaching their client in “silver bullet tactics”, utilizing the criminal system to advance in the Family Court system for financial and custody gains… you see how quickly these scum attorneys start cleaning up their act

      • There is plenty of couching and father’s rights groups pushing the use of parental alienation to get out of children support and alimony. As a means to cover up the abuse. Until you fix the court and fatherhood funding parental alienation claims will continue. Punishment for reporting abuse has been going on for a while. There are a billion reasons to discriminate against women who are reporting abuse. Fix the system.

          • The courts are getting exposed. Parental alienation is being used to shut women up. We will continue to expose abuse. Will continue to expose the misuse of the police departments. One woman dead due to negligence and the ignorance of the state of Connecticut. Many others harmed for fatherhood funding.

  • There are two sides to it. If you think mothers never alienates perfectly good fathers from the children you are a feminazi.

    • Mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, fathers-in-law, brothers-in-law, friends, neighbors and strangers alienate people from perfectly good people for no good reason, Frederick. Are those who think that never happens, also “feminazis”?

  • If they eliminate the Gardner scam, how would “family court” lawyers and vendors make money?

    • They don’t need it PA is just a result of the false in the fabrication of DV. They have the DV industry it’s called the silver bullet.

      • Actually parental alienation is a term that is used by mostly fathers who are abusers because they are losing power and control over their significant other and their children because they are abusive and the mother is not hiding the abuse anymore and protecting him the mother has stated the abuse is happening and ongoing so fathers only ammunition is to then state that the mother is lying about domestic violence and Keeping the children from him hence claiming parental alienation it is a tactic use by abusers in the court system every day against victims of violence. Mothers who bravely come forward and no longer hide the secrets of abuse happening in their home is considered by abusers A form of rejection… It is seen by them as a mother going against them…. Because how dare she out him on his violence….
        So what does a violent father do he turns around and States the mother is withholding the child from him and says the wording “parental Alienation”. And because the way the policies and procedures are written up when the mother brings up the abuse and the father says it’s parental alienation that’s when the funding starts flowing and that’s when the attorneys and the court appointed specialist start supporting the father because it’s usually the fathers who are also the breadwinners and it’s usually the fathers who are paying these people and if they are not then it’s the fatherhood funding that is paying them and that creates incentives to act bias and discriminatory towards mothers and if you cannot actually see this Then there will always be a divide… And the state government will win in the end.

        Healthy parents should be in their children’s lives no doubt. And if abuse allegations are stated then an investigation should be had and that does not mean using guardian ad litems, attirneys, nor court appointed specialists. police should be doing an investigation, because domestic violence, all violence against another person is a crime and it’s the police that should be investigating it, not the family courts.

        I can’t say that I know of one mother who gave up their womanhood to birth a child into this world with a man that they dislike just so that they can make his life miserable that is not even common sense…. But I do know of a lot of mothers who were very dedicated wives and girlfriends and very dedicated to their families who were lied to cheated upon misused Physically emotionally financially abuse and that Would make any mother/woman upset and feel the need to protect herself and her child. That is not parental alienation that is being a good mother.

    • I believe you’re confused if you remove the false DV scam due to a such low threshold, how could they make money? You can’t have PA if you have equal playing field for both parents, no one’s incentivized, but both are held accountable. You see how quickly everybody’s tune gets changed, including the Corrupt Attorneys, the coach their clients.

      • How do you explain a majority of dv victims representing themselves. Why because of Nausbaming. ( Billing for unproductive bullshit) . Withholding evidence from the court. Forcing surtin gals. A well known fact now. Forcing surtin psychologist and kicking off psychologist who say their is abuse. A judge not a psychologist says that the abused mothers fear and anxiety is affecting the kids. Why? Because the judge is not trained in anything but alienation. The list goes on and on. The system is a complete mes for all involved. A real shit show

  • Funny how the person advocating that only men use these types of shady tactics or abuses or kills their partner or children is men, when scientific studies show women abuse their partner and children significantly more than men, and that women contribute to murdering their children almost 50% more than men. Science matters. Reality matters.

    Tackle the REAL problem. The corruption is the real problem. If kids aren’t sold to the highest bidder, and proper oversight happens, kids are logically less likely to end up in, or remain in, dangerous situations.

    The overwhelming sexism in the court legislative process is a big problem for males, arguably exactly the same as females. This is because the court doesn’t act like a court. It acts like a for profit business.

    You’re walking into the house and blaming your neighbors for your house being burglarized, but you didn’t think to lock your door, and you aren’t worried about who robbed it, or that the court was at fault for it.

    A sexist UN group that routinely refuses to report accurate study data on domestic violence, abuse of children or murder and just claims it’s all men is called a gender prejudiced movement. It will struggle any time it hits a male victim, or a someone sick of gender related legislation, like thr many bigoted, racist legislators we have currently representing us.

    Doctor Gardner is a pedo, probably. Also not the point of the designation. Legal abuse can cause complex PTSD for a litigant and harm children. That needs to be the primary concern, or we will only lose footing as family courts pass more laws to hide their actions and cover for each other with zero accountability.

    We can’t stop any people from being pedos. We can hold courts accountable and force legislators to push for cameras, transparency and most of all, accountability in family and probate courts. If there is sexual abuse, that needs to be handled by A HIGHER COURT WITH ACCOUNTABILITY. Not a family court. DAs need to stop being lazy.

    • Children are more likely to get killed by a violent man in their home than anywhere else. Children are 90% more likely NOT to be abused in the care of a woman

      • I believe your feminazi disease is starting to show children are 90% more likely to be psychologically, abused by women let’s not make it a gender issue. Let’s look at the facts. The problem is the industry is money driven. You have the fabrication and falsification of DV which plants the seed for parental alienation to occur for financial and custody gains.

        • “… feminazi disease …” 😡

          “… children are 90% more likely to be psychologically, abused by women let’s not make it a gender issue …” 🤡

          “You have the fabrication and falsification of DV which plants the seed for parental alienation to occur for financial and custody gains.“ — JKZ?

        • We are all just defending ourselves. Women accused of alienation falsely are just as opposed to false alligations of domestic violence. Hate the court system not the people fighting the curruption.

          • Since the 1980s, “family courts” have protected pedophiles. Since the 1980s, “family courts” have punished protective parents. It’s now 2023.

            What’s happened for 40 years in “family courts” is now happening EVERYWHERE.

            40 years ago, parents weren’t criticized for rejecting and preventing the early sexualization of children in public schools. 40 years ago, graphic sexual images weren’t allowed in children’s books. 40 years ago, adults weren’t encouraged to take children to “Drag Queen shows”. 40 years ago, government officials didn’t call good parents “enemies of the state”.

            “They don’t want politics. They want a substitute for faith. … They want to believe someone again. Anything, it’s pretty much okay. That’s why they’re so fanatical.”

            — Erich Maria Remarque


    • John,

      I agree with most of what you wrote. The name of the game in “family courts” today is “CONFLICT!” Lawyers don’t have a court case if they don’t have conflict. For some, it doesn’t matter how they get it. AND, one effective way to prevent investigations, prosecutions in response to corruption and much-needed reform is … conflict, distraction and overwhelmed victims unable to effectively process their adverse experiences.

      Add to all of that “controlled opposition” in some “family court reform advocacy” groups actively preventing investigations, prosecutions and reform.

      Some advocating for family curt reform say that only men use these types of shady tactics or abuses or kills their partner or children. Some say only women are to blame. And, how many scientific social studies show whatever a few people want them to show?

      People of all kinds abuse their partners, children, pets and neighbors. Abuse escalates when “hurt people hurt people”. A crashing economy makes it worse. That’s good for those in family courts who make lots of money from “CONFLICT!”

      Science and reality definitely matter. So do morals and virtue — and morals and virtue have no gender.

      The corruption is definitely the real problem. Kids, homes, pets and belongings are sold to the highest bidder, just like what happens in war. There seems to be no proper oversight anywhere these days, right? So many of us are so worn down from playing all kinds of games of “CONFLICT!” for so long.

      You wrote: “The overwhelming sexism in the court legislative process is a big problem for males, arguably exactly the same as females. This is because the court doesn’t act like a court. It acts like a for profit business.

      You’re walking into the house and blaming your neighbors for your house being burglarized, but you didn’t think to lock your door, and you aren’t worried about who robbed it, or that the court was at fault for it.“ All of that is so true.

      Unfortunately, the history of the UN shows that it was designed to serve the whims of the very powerful, very wealthy political elite controlling this world in every generation. Accurate study data on domestic violence, abuse of children, murder and war don’t help when domestic violence, abuse of children, murder and war are what keeps a game of “CONFLICT!” going.

      Claims it’s all men, all women, all one religion or all one skin color are claims based on ignorance or scientifically designed control of games such as “CONFLICT!”, Marxism, The Cloward-Piven strategy and the Fabian Strategy.

      Wikipedia says, “Michael Reisch and Janice Andrews wrote that Cloward and Piven “proposed to create a crisis in the current welfare system – by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice – that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income. They hoped to accomplish this end by informing the poor of their rights to welfare assistance, encouraging them to apply for benefits and, in effect, overloading an already overburdened bureaucracy.” Is the same happening in family courts today?

      In a Cloward-Piven game, lousy lawyers can destroy children and families on purpose for profit and get away with it.
      In the UN game, the Kinsey group is a “consultative group” flooding public schools with early sexualization of children.

      Wikipedia says, “During the American Revolution, John Adams’ dissatisfaction with Washington’s conduct of the war led him to declare, “I am sick of Fabian systems in all quarters.” Today, public education pushing gender prejudiced movements is in on those most horrible games.

      Marxism most targets the family and all games of political conflict “will struggle any time it hits a male victim (such as John Adams), or a someone sick of gender related legislation, like the many bigoted, racist legislators we have currently representing us.” We need more men like you and John Adams in this world.

      Doctor Gardner was a pedo, definitely. And, legal abuse in the abuse cases in family courts often causes complex PTSD for litigants and harms children. That definitely “needs to be the primary concern, or we will only lose footing as family courts pass more laws to hide their actions and cover for each other with zero accountability.” The late Dr. Karin Huffer coined a term “Legal Abuse Syndrome” after she saw her husband traumatized in an abusive legal proceeding. Too many working in family courts with no conscience often appreciate complex PTSD because it prolongs the game and adds to their profit. Dr. Martha Stout tells us in her book, “The Sociopath Next Door” that about 1 in 25 people have no conscience. Guess which professions are most affected by sociopathy?

      We can prevent people from being pedos by exposing the political and religious agendas promoting it. James Lindsay has lectured extensively on the gnostic and hermetic influences in politics today.

      You wrote, “We can hold courts accountable and force legislators to push for cameras, transparency and most of all, accountability in family and probate courts.” That’s so true. We must do that.

      You wrote, “Whenever there is sexual abuse, that needs to be handled by A HIGHER COURT WITH ACCOUNTABILITY. Not a family court.” Again. So true. Criminal courts are supposed to handle the worst crimes. Unfortunately, very specific politics in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s changed all that.

      The Reisman Institute website is still up for now. Many politically active groups are working to discredit Dr. Reisman and her work so catch that information while you still can: “The Kinsey Coverup refers to the paid efforts of the mass media and the Kinsey Institute scientific establishment lobby to hide the facts of child sex abuse and fraud as the basis of Kinsey’s alleged “scientific data” on human sexuality. Spiking legislative investigations into these barbaric “scientific” crimes and Liam Neeson’s glossy portrayal of Kinsey in the 2004 Kinseyfeature film, qualify as part of this 60 year plus cover-up.”

      The Reisman Institute website lists “a brief history of various legal actions on this matter, links to actual sex crimes in the Kinsey Reports, The Kinsey Institute’s responses, articles about the Kinsey movie and other related documents. We hope this information will pique your interest. If so, we will add more information on this revolutionary change agent over time.“

      Most new DAs just entering the system don’t know about any of the above. Most are under-informed and overwhelmed, by design. DAs certainly need accountability, just like everyone else needs accountability. That’s always been the case.

    • John Cortesi, Please share the empirical research that you state you found that shows mothers abuse their children 50% more than men. Please share the statistics so that we all have the information and our informed correctly.
      Because the only thing that I have found is a survey not any empirical research… And surveys can be lied on surveys are questions asked and answered…. That is not research nor is it facts anybody can lie on a survey especially abusive fathers.

      So please share your data. Stop making statements unless you can back them up with scientific proof like you say all of that is is science…. Show us the science.

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