Ailing Nancy Salzman Files for Release Under Compassionate Care Act

Nancy Salzman, 68, the former president of NXIVM, currently serving a federal prison sentence with a release date set for August 24, 2024, has submitted a motion seeking an expedited release, potentially within a matter of weeks or even days, under the provisions of the Compassionate Care Act.

In her motion, Salzman alleges that prison officials at FCI Hazelton have denied her access to adequate medical treatment.

The Compassionate Care Act allows for early release of prisoners with terminal medical conditions with a life expectancy of 18 months or less. It also applies to inmates suffering from incurable and progressive illnesses, debilitating injuries without the chance of recovery, individuals no longer capable of self-care, and those confined to a bed or wheelchair. The Act also considers cases of prisoners with diminishing cognitive function, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Compassionate Care Act only grants early release to inmates who do not pose a danger to society.

The decision regarding Salzman’s motion lies with Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, who sentenced Salzman to 42 months in prison in September 2021.

According to a letter to Judge Garaufis from Salzman’s attorney, th evidence will include Salzman’s medical history, current medical status, medical records, and expert opinions, which are sealed as part of the motion.

Judge Garaufis can assess whether Salzman meets the criteria outlined by the Compassionate Care Act to determine if her early release  is warranted.

Nancy Salzman’s Letter to the Court:

Dear Judge Garaufis:
Nancy Salzman, by counsel, has submitted under seal a motion for reduced sentence pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3582( c) (1)(A)(i) in the referenced matter. It is respectfully requested that the Court grant Movant’s sealing application on the ground the motion is based largely upon the denial of necessary medical care to our client, and therefore is rife throughout with description and analysis of Ms. Salzman’s prior medical history, current medical status, medical records, and expert opinions, including exhibits, which derive from evaluation of confidential medical records.
Additionally, it is respectfully requested that the Court fix an expedited briefing schedule given the emergent nature of Movant’s application, and grant the earliest possible date for the parties to appear for argument of any issues in dispute.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Respectfully, Robert A. Soloway

Attorneys David Stern [l] and Robert Soloway [r] escorts Nancy Salman to court.

Salzman Claimed She Cured Breast Cancer with NXIVM Tools

Salzman claims to have cured her breast cancer in 2009 through NXIVM techniques, and the help of Yeshi Dhonden, the Dalai Lama’s former physician.

Salzman reportedly used NXIVM tools, including Rational Inquiry and Exploration of Meaning (EM), along with herbal medicines and dietary recommendations from Dhonden.

She later claimed her use of NXIVM technology was responsible for her remission. She and Keith Raniere, the founder of NXIVM, taught that low self-esteem was a cause of breast cancer.

In 2017, Salzman was diagnosed with breast cancer again, and in 2018 she underwent a double radical mastectomy.

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere 

Nancy Salzman with Sara Bronfman at V-Week 2017.

Current Prison

Salzman is currently assigned to FCI Hazelton, a medium security prison in Preston CountyWest Virginia, an eight-hour drive from Clifton Park, NY where Salzman’s daughters, Lauren and Michelle reside.

Salzman pleaded guilty in March 2019, the first of five defendants to take a plea deal in the NXIVM prosecution. She was sentenced to 42 months on a single racketeering conspiracy count in 2021.

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere

From “Camp Cupcake” to “Misery Mountain”

Salzman pleaded guilty to a single racketeering conspiracy count in March 2019, becoming the first of five defendants to accept a plea deal in the NXIVM prosecution. In 2021, Judge Garaufis sentenced her to 42 months in prison.

The secure female facility at FCI Hazelton, nicknamed “Misery Mountain,” houses around 600 female inmates.

Initially, the BOP assigned Salzman to FCI Alderson, known as “Camp Cupcake,” a minimum-security prison camp.

Before she reported to prison in 2022, Salzman’s attorney wrote a letter to Judge Garaufis requesting a one-month delay in reporting to Alderson instead, citing the need to accompany her 94-year-old mother to a medical appointment and concerns about COVID conditions at Alderson.

Her attorney disputed the BOP’s version of its handling of conditions at Alderson.

Soloway wrote that Salzman “is very fearful of entering into a facility [such as Alderson] that is in the throes of a failed response to a COVID surge and is reportedly unsafe.”

Soloway quoted news reports criticizing the BOP and quoting a prison consultant who said how bad it was at Alderson during the COVID surge.

In response to the letter, Judge Garaufis granted Salzman an extension.

In the intervening month before her original ‘Report Date’ and her new ‘Report Date,’ it appears the BOP changed her assignment from Camp Cupcake to Misery Mountain.

Instead of a camp without perimeter walls and dormitory style housing with minimum security inmates, Salzman found herself in a  cramped cell, in a prison with barbed wire fences, surrounded by stern guards and violent offenders, drug-addicted and mentally ill inmates.

Her motion for early release focuses on the BOP’s alleged lack of adequate medical care for her at Hazelton.

It is a 3 hr 46 min (210.1 mi) drive via I-79 N from Alderson to Hazelton.


FPC Alderson


FCI Hazelton 

Asked what one could expected at Alderson, a former inmate told the Albany Times Union, “Nobody’s going to beat you up…. the camp situation is, if you get into a fight, they’re going to send you to an FCI (Federal Correctional Institute). The camp is the easiest time you can do…. once you get to a camp, you’re not going to do anything to blow that.”
Dormitory beds at Alderson.


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  • There was some kind of response from someone somewhere, but everything’s a secret, somehow.

  • Feel sorry for Nancy after she tells us everything she knows.

    “In 2008, the Bronfman sisters allegedly pressured Stephen Herbits, a confidant of their father, to ask Albany County District Attorney David Soares, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, and New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram to begin criminal investigations into NXIVM’s critics. NXIVM reportedly kept dossiers on Soares, Spitzer, political consultants Roger Stone and Steve Pigeon, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, and Albany Times Union publisher George Randolph Hearst III in a box in the basement of Nancy Salzman’s home. According to the Times Union, NXIVM “developed a reputation for aggressively pursuing critics and defectors who broke from its ranks, including using litigation to punish critics of Raniere, the organization, or its training methods.”

  • I believe the baddest of the bad ass warrior bitches should lead by example, suck it up, and demand another 10 years. Not an early release unless she is trying to prove why clare replaced her as head bad ass warrior bitch.

    • “Sep 18, 2012
      The Mexican drug cartels are at war… with Mormons. In Part 2, we learn how the “Mormon Manson” turned his family into assassins, with over 40 dead under the banner of “Blood Atonement.” …

      • What other religious communities besides the La Baron community did Nxivm target for recruits?

  • It is so infuriating this bish claimed to cure cancer for all those years!!!!!! The judge needs to consider this and deny her motion. Compassion leave my ass.

  • The lawyer in that picture is not Robert Soloway. It’s his partner David Stern. Also, another fact check – Even a master manipulator can’t make up official medical test result documents.

  • Nancy looks butt-ugly is the article pic. I do not remember her looking that disgusting in other pics. Was this pic manipulated to make her look uglier?

  • What is very telling is that both daughters (Michelle and Lauren) both live in Clifton Park. Also, did KR bang all 3 (Nancy, Lauren and Michelle)? Curious minds want to know.

    • From video interviews Nancy, Lauren and Michelle have given, Nancy started a sexual relationship with Keith and demanded that she remain monogamous/loyal to him and never be with another man ever again. However, approximately 5 yrs later, he completely lost interest in her sexually (Nancy seemed hurt by the sudden hot potato drop), though he continued to demand that she remain “loyal” to him and not get involved with anyone else.

      When Lauren was about 21, Keith convinced Nancy that Lauren moving out was best for them both. According to Lauren, the second she was out on her own, Keith “pounced on her”. Lauren’s relationship with her mother’s former boyfriend was kept secret from her mother for 5 years.

      When Michelle was 18, Keith tried to seduce her, but she rebuffed him. In angry retaliation Keith fabricated an “ethical breach” which he punished her for (and Nancy tormented her to mend), for more than two decades. Lauren was still in a relationship with Keith when he was arrested. Nancy was still alone and celibate, too afraid to break her vow to the Almighty Vanturd.

      Keith apparently had a thing for fucking as many female members of the same family as he could. Mothers, daughters, siblings, and the “next generation”, which is what Nancy called the young virgins she witnessed him starting to go after. By this point, Keith had already spent years sleeping with the mothers, then the mother’s daughters, and then the “next generation” virgins that were now his preference.

      His next step was attempting to turn all of his first-line slaves into Ghislaine Maxwells, getting them to procure virgins for him.

      DOS slaves should thank their lucky stars that Keith was arrested before they all crossed that line, because that was definitely his next step. In time he would have ordered every one of them to procure or seduce underage girls for him.

  • Another whiny old bitch. Likely pouring on the fake tears like in The Vow. Tough titty said the kitty that had no milk. Do your time and shut up.

  • Frank
    Nancy Salzman showed NO sympathy for Kris Snyder – NO compassion for her. Why should she get out early? I am going after that – NO exits Nancy

    • I’m praying for her to return all the money she has hidden. I’m praying for her to never do anymore nxivm activities. I’m praying for her to truly apologize and pay reparations for the damage she has done.

    • It’s no use. Prayer does not work for the unrepentant. Evil to her core. As the hairy gross sexual abuser and pedophile would say. It’s her fault.

  • Why do Allison Mack and her sister like San Francisco so much?
    Dave Chappelle ROASTS San Francisco, SLAMS People Pooping In Streets

  • The Durham Report revealed that the US Intelligence Community, the FBI and CIA, is a Communist Cult aiming to destroy Americans’ civil rights.
    Defund the FBI!
    Defund the CIA!

  • Democrats do not want to see Justice.
    Democrats want to weaponize the Justice System weaponized against their enemies.
    The Durham Report demonstrates that the FBI is now the America KGB, a secret police force that wants to destroy the US Bill of Rights.
    The Democrats will only be happy when there are Moscow style show trials in America.
    The Democrats are now the Communist Party USA!

    • ShadowState, since the end of the trial you have posted only political comments for the most part. Don’t you belong on sites where these comments would be more relevant — like Truth Social perhaps? I am sure you will get many likes when you spout such comments like this….

    • ShadowState1958, I’m currently studying retardation in mosquitos, and they’re a lot more intelligent than you are. So let me educate that rock bottom IQ of yours:

      1. The KGB already has razor wire firmly wrapped around your communist dictator Trump’s balls.

      2. The KGB has more collateral on Don the COM(munist) than Keith had on his slaves, and it’s a lot more than him peeing on prostitutes.

      3. Putin used social media propaganda to get his puppet elected, and you moronic fool, is one who fell for it. Some have woken up, but like Michelle and Danielle, you’re still hanging on.

      4. If this were Nazi Germany, you’d be reporting your fellow (Jewish) citizens to the SS, because you’d fall for the same propoganda Hitler used, and be so filled with hate towards them just as you are now, with the same propaganda methods that Putin and Trump are using on you today.

      I could write a hundred more points, but why waste my time on the likes of you?

      I bet the REAL reason you are here, on a site dedicated to exposing a cult, is because you KNOW you’re in a cult. If you just wanted to rant about democrats, you’d be posting Fox or OANN, or some other propaganda site.

      But you come to a CULT exposure/deprogramming site instead. Why is that? It’s because you know you’re in a cult called Maga, that’s why!

      And just so you know, this is the very last time I will be responding to any of your moronic comments. If I was sitting on a park bench I wouldn’t waste my time trying to have a conversation with a mosquito that landed on my arm. Your brain is no bigger. A complete waste of my time trying to have an intelligent conversation with a brainwashed cult member such as yourself.

      And no, I’m not a Democrat. I’m just an intelligent human sick of the whiny mosquito-brained nonsense you spew. Do us all a favour and ducttape your fingers until you’ve completed your deprogramming. So far, you’re still trying to recruit virgins. You still gotta long way to go, Mosquito!

  • Nancy is going to join her daughter Michelle and continue doing nxivm coaching for the Sculpted Vegan / Kim Constable. Michelle never stopped. She just rebranded. Nancy will do the same thing.

  • There is no basis for early dismissal. All fabricated, all lies. But Judge Garaufis has always been generous and lenient with Nancy Salzman. I just don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of Lauren.

  • Maybe Nancy Salzman can use a brain transplant.
    Might I suggest that all of Raniere’s followers could use a brain transplant.

  • Janine-

    You writing, stories, and reporting are excellent!

    You are a welcome addition to the Frank Report!

    Thank you!

  • Nancy Salzman is not the type of person I feel any empathy towards.

    She’s a disgusting human being without a shred of decency.

    The nicest thing I can say about her is “she seems to love her daughters”.

    I can offer no opinion as to her early release. It’s apathy I’m feeling.

    I am glad it’s not my call to release her.

    All I can muster for Nancy is—
    I pity her as I would a creature.

    • Nancy might want to see her daughter Michelle who still does coaching for the Sculpted Vegan and get an major EM done to her. Maybe Michelle who is carrying on Nancy’s visions, can help Nancy. Go coach your mom, Michelle. She’s a loser and needs help. And charge your mom $10,000 a session. And then ask Nancy’s sister to pay the bill.

  • Defect, Pimp Mack and Horseface all shooting for early release. What are they up to? Will they start organizing for NXIVM again? Are they barred communicating? Each the release date for these three approaches, the more danger those who testified against Vanturd are in.

  • What’s ailing Nancy? Being sick inside prison is literally the worst. My friend is a mother of five and struggles with drug addiction. While she was in jail and coming off drugs she almost successfully hung her self. She wrote sick calls trying to get help. She cried out loud and banged on her cell door but no one came. It’s the sound of her death gurgle in my ear I can’t seem to shake. That and the fact her sick call response was to take Tylenol.

    • I don’t think denying proper medical care for the imprisoned is any laughing matter. To some, the hell of imprisonment is not enough – prisoners should be treated like sub-humans also. For that matter, why bother feeding them anything but bread and water, until they perish of malnutrition? If Nancy gets early release to see to her medical condition(s) I doubt she’ll be living it up with daily garden-party lunches. She’ll likely be undergoing highly unpleasant medical procedures/medication/treatment. When will it be enough for you people? I’ll bet very few of you have spent even one week in jail or prison.

      • Should have thought of that before starting a cult. And…she’s a liar and manipulator anyway. She’s not that sick. And if she’s that sick, have her sign an affidavit she will never do nxivm or anything like it ever again!!!

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