Dones Challenges Anonymous Dude, ‘You Are Way Too Invested in Finding Fault for Raniere Victim’ Nicki Clyne

An anonymous chirper on Reddit seems consumed with rabid hatred and jealously over Nicki Clyne.

This dude who dares to shout but not be known, uses the name BK.  He seems wroth about Clyne’s declaration in Edmondson v Raniere.

Some 70 NXIVM Plaintiffs seek leave to amend their complaint. Their proposed Third Amended Complaint is their 4th attempt at filing a plain language, short and concise, non-group, and non shotgun pleadings.

Clyne, a defendant in the case, opposes their motion for leave to amend.

In response to BK’s loquacious words tossed like salad, but dripping with green venomous dressing, a person not opposed to using her real name, Susan Dones, offered a truthful rebuttal.

We do not know who BK is, for he dares not reveal his identity. If we take BK at his word, he could be almost anyone of 7.8 billion people living other than Chet Hardin. But how do you take an anonymous guy at his word?

Since we don’t know what BK looks like, FR found a likeness that seems to represent the personality of the kind of courage that dares to do, but dares not admit he did so, who with roaring Reddit seized the lion absent, yet ran away at the mouse present when asked to reveal his true name.
In first response to civil suit since split with Keith Raniere, Nicki Clyne writes 24 pages of disingenuous evasions and word salad: expresses no remorse for DOS participation; points fingers at everyone else; adds break-up letter as proof of… something? Read it yourselves if you don’t believe me.

Susan Dones responded:

Legally, I believe the judge will side with Clyne. This is the third attempt the lawyers have had to make a case in this lawsuit.

You can not use a shotgun approach to claim someone did something to harm someone, hoping to come close. This isn’t horseshoes. This is a court of law.

There are several misperceptions people have about the collateral, revenge porn against Edmondson, forced labor, etc.

Clyne and several others were questioned at great lengths by the DOJ/FBI and were not arrested for any crimes or had to make plea deals in exchange for testimony like the Salzmans, Mack, etc.

Because Clyne stayed loyal to Raniere during his trial, if the DOJ/FBI had evidence to arrest her, why wouldn’t they take advantage of that?

Yet the lawyers for the civil lawsuit believe they can bully Clyne into exchanging information she might know to testify if it comes to a trial, by not letting her out of the civil case and holding the case over her head.

I say bravo, Nicki, stick to fight the good fight. Don’t let the bully lawyers win. Let those who have been the leaders in NXIVM take the stand now that you have woken up. Say ENOUGH.

You have a right to heal, just like Lauren Salzman, just like Sarah Edmondson, just like Mark Vicente. Just like all the others have.

There comes a time to fight a legal battle and a time to make amends. Legal first, sorry comes later.


I am going to start out by saying, I think you are sincerely trying to help Clyne heal.

I also have to say, Clyne is not helping herself asking you or any other non-lawyer to be publicly advocating for her. That’s for several reasons, not the least of which is that you are not covered by attorney-client privilege.

If what she is telling you contradicts what she has said (or will say) elsewhere, she is potentially opening both you and herself for questioning.

Now addressing your points:

Clyne and several others were questioned at great lengths by the DOJ/FBI

When subpoenaed by a grand jury, she invoked the Fifth. That subpoena was unlikely to have been issued if Clyne actually answered questions in prior discussions with the FBI.

When given immunity so that she could provide documents without fear of incriminating herself, Clyne refused. Though they did not wish to do so at the time, EDNY could have put Clyne in contempt of court –you can’t duck a subpoena with immunity attached.

Later Clyne signed an affidavit saying she would have spoken up but she was intimidated. Garaufis threw that affidavit in the trash.

Because Clyne stayed loyal to Raniere during his trial, if the DOj/FBI had evidence to arrest her, why wouldn’t they take advantage of that?

They did have evidence and they did take advantage of it. Clyne was shown to have purchased and then sold the DOS Sorority house with Rosa Laura Junco’s money –it was Clyne’s name and her passport submitted with LLC paperwork.

That was the house where women were physically tortured through whippings and paddlings at Raniere’s instruction. It was where a cage was to be delivered and installed. And so the seizure was based on the fact that the premises were used to “commit or to facilitate the violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 1589, 1590 and/or 1591” –that is, slavery, document peonage, and/or sex trafficking.

As Clyne sold the premises, the FBI seized the funds Clyne deposited with her lawyer. She had adequate time to contest the warrant and what it accused her of doing. She did not contest it.

Susan Dones didn’t back down.

If she did not back down to NXIVM with their battery of lawyers, Dones was not likely to back down to a carping critic who is strangely reticent to give his name.

Dones responded:

First off, I’m not fearful about any questions some lawyers want to ask me. I have nothing to hide & nothing to protect.

You’re not the only one who can read court docs & a lot of articles to gather information.

Those in this lawsuit will have to go through depositions and have questions of their own to answer about their involvement in NXIVM activities while they were members. This isn’t going to be fun for them as none of them have clean hands in how they behaved.

Depositions are not fun. They might want to consider this when carrying this lawsuit forward. Their dirty laundry is going to be exposed. There is no editing floor to leave their crap on the floor. No questions get to be left out. It’s all fair game.

Dude, another good reason to point to the fact that Clyne is and was one of Raniere’s bigger VICTIMS in what you keep shoveling out.

Clyne didn’t have the funds to buy a house at that time. It must have been Raniere’s plans to talk both women into the plan to have Clyne put on the title of this house. He must have talked her into having her name on the title.

He had a purpose for her name being on the title. What that was, I don’t know. In the end, the government got the money for the house.

What women in this lawsuit are claiming they were tortured in the house? Was it your wife or girlfriend? You seem way too invested in “let’s make Nicki the bad person here” to think this thing out logically.

Wasn’t it an S&M house for Raniere’s pleasure? He used his skills to talk ALL THESE WOMEN into how this was a good idea.

Who was locked in a cage & tortured there? Do you have any proof that Nicki locked someone in a cage & physically tortured a woman there?

There are plenty of other ways of gathering evidence than answering questions BK. We saw that in messages between Cami & Raniere that proved he had sex with her when she was 15.

In their investigation, the DOJ/FBI did not find evidence in emails, text messages, etc. to arrest Nicki Clyne for any crimes, including being part owner of the said TORTURE house. 🙄

Buddy, you need to get off the torture Nicki Clyne train. I don’t know what is up with you regarding her. You are way too invested in finding fault in someone who was one of Raniere’s victims.

We have no idea what it is like to be 22 years old & be in his claws. To be tortured by him & finally be able to break free.

We seem to have grace for so many of his other victims. I don’t understand your anger towards her. I can only think maybe she has harmed someone you care deeply for.

I am only projecting that she herself is deeply sorry for any harm she has done, like others victims of Raniere have done. Right now, she has to get through this legal process. Just like the others had to.

Until then, we will tell our point counterpoint here. As you see Nicki as the bad person. I see Nicki, the person who has been a victim to Raniere since age 22.


The thread continues with a few weighing in for and against and BK delivering more ‘let’s torture Nicki’ bias, errors and solid misinterpretations of facts.

Perhaps the best comment of all on this dispute was by Sarah Impalin.

Sarah Impalin:

Are people seriously down-voting Susan Dones on a Nxivm sub??? Holy shit, this sub is terrible. BK – I hope you reevaluate what this sub has become…


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  • “… u/maxwellhill had been one of the most active on Reddit, posting most days for the previous 14 years.

    It covered the biggest news stories across the world and acted as a moderator for the articles shared with the millions of users who visit the site daily.

    It also received a million karma points – also known as up votes – and became one of the most top rated on the site. …”

  • “Susan Dones is a class act!!!!”

    I’ve been repeating these words on the Frank Report the last 5 years.

    And it’s not an act! She is a wonderful human being.

    Anyone in her life is blessed.

  • My vote: Susan Dones. Let Nicki alone and let her get her feet on the ground. She just got out and people want to torment right back in – where at least they aren’t attacking.

  • I respect Susan Dones and see her as a _truly_ ethical person, but people can disagree with her opinion and downvote it, and that does not make them “terrible.” Last I checked Susan was not a cult leader who all must unquestioningly obey and bow before, and I kinda doubt she wants to be that.

  • Frank whatever else they say you weee the one that stood up and you own the nxivm story. The green is showing in your critics.

  • BK is a fraud with an axe to grind. He talks a good game and has a bunch of little puppy dogs suckling on his generous hairy man boobs.

    You better be damn sure you know wtf you’re doing if you disagree with Susan Donez on anything NXIVM related. Randoms voting down her comments on reddit shows how many BK babies are flossing with his 10 inch long nip hair.
    (Comment purposely crude to prove to the BK babies how perverted and “X” rated the horrifying Frank Report is.)

  • Frank, whatever happened to Jens Erik Gould, formerly of the knife? did he leave the org. because he was ultimately incorruptible? Just wondering.

  • I gotta say, I don’t see any of BK’s supposed “‘let’s torture Nicki’ bias, errors and solid misinterpretations of facts” in the above. All I see is someone who disputes Clyne being a victim.

    I did not know that Clyne had been involved in the purchase of the DOS “sorority” house. That’s an important fact and I don’t see what harm is done in that fact being brought to light. Wasn’t the motto of the Frank Report “the truth is always fair?”

    So I don’t get the vilification of this BK person.

    Nor do I understand the over-protectiveness given to Clyne. She’s not a saint. I don’t think she was even a victim. Her change of position on Raniere was half-hearted (as I pointed out in a comment that never got posted).

    Raniere didn’t run that cult by himself. It takes a village. And the villagers that ran things on his behalf, Raniere’s loyal minions and eager lieutenants, deserve some rational criticism.

  • I think because BK is a lifelong city boy he’s never had auto insurance to receive the advice to never ever say you’re sorry at the scene of an accident. Otherwise, I can’t understand why he thinks Nicki would issue any kind of apology in her letter to the court.

  • Says the guy who mercilessly stalked and doxxed this women for years. Frank just wanted to be your hero, Nicki. He did all that because he loves you. LOL

    • With women branding women and recruiting others, you’re damn right, I named them. I’d name them tomorrow if they lie. Many women got out of DOS because I named them. I realize that the collateral held many to support the vile monster, and the jury was right to convict Raniere. It was his ideas. But the women under his coercive control had to be stopped, and I had to name them. And they stopped.

      DOS shut down with my stories, and there are plenty of independent witnesses. See the last episode of Seduced. Get in line if you want to chastise me. Even India’s stepfather Casper Van Diemm chastised me, telling me as I suppose you would too – not to name India. But naming her she finally out of the cult.

      If I had followed yours and his dictates, of not naming those who were on the borderline of victim and predator, India would be in prison, along with Allison Mack. In case you don’t know, India was named in the original arrest papers as Conconspirator #2. Allison was #1. Nickiu CLyne was not named.

      Nicole testified it was because of me that she left DOS — that she got the courage – because I named her and she saw herself being called a “sex slave.”

      I knew what I was doing. If I had not named her, she might still be forced to stay by the collateral. She was the sole sex trafficking witness. I also hooked her up with the lawyer who took her to the FBI.

      What have you ever done to stop a cult and then help people escaope it too?

      • Thank you, Frank. Too many said it was none of their business and looked the other way. Whether they realize (and appreciate) it or not, you gave them an escape route.

        • Because when ignorant uninformed comments go up, I choose to respond to them, and sometimes I am busy. I’ll get to them in due time.

      • India’s step-father supposedly told India’s mother that he knew immediately that KR was having sex with all of the women in the group.

        If this story is true, why did the family allow their daughter to become more involved? Or not give her a warning so that she could make a more informed decision?

        I know this is the guy who knocked his role in Starship Troopers out of the park because he didn’t understand it was satire, but still…

        • But if it were just consenting adults what’s the problem?

          That’s the pro Nxivm defense, right?

          Just adults who are willingly having sex with the same man? No big deal if he has a lot of girlfriends?

          Polyamory and all of that? What was her stepdad supposed to do call the police?

          Rumor is that you knocked it out of the park the last time you followed Sarah E. to the grocery store. Heard you found a hair that fell off of her sweater and you sewed it onto the head of your Sarah Edmondson doll.

          Congratulations! It’s not a part in a well known movie, but still, it’s a small trumph in your own smal life.

          • I wouldn’t be able to answer those questions. I was never a student or paying customer, and never attended any of the group’s volleyball games.

            But they did. So if the group sex thing was so outrageous to them, and they were aware of it since day one, why didn’t they bring it up then?

            Either the story itself is false, or if true, it didn’t bother them enough to tell their daughter, or if they did tell her, it didn’t bother her.

            And if you’re curious, my life is awesome, thank you for asking. In my free time I go scuba diving in one of the world’s cleanest oceans and take pictures of all the marine life. Maybe not the coolest hobby in your book, but a hell of a lot cooler than suing my friends and working to revoke their professional licenses as a way to deflect and distract.

    • At least he’s brave. He’s also kind and has integrity. He never stalked the women in DOS and it was his love that saved more women from being branded and sexually exploited. Frank is in inspiration and your just jealous.

  • I like Susan Dones, I think she’s a hero in this sad Nxivm saga. But I gotta say, BK is far more convincing in this go-around. He’s presenting evidence, she’s making ad hominem attacks. I really don’t know why she’s so vehement in this.

    As for writing anonymously (or pseudonymously) it was good enough for Mark Twain so it’s good enough for me.

  • Susan Dones is great. But she’s not infallible.

    People can have differing opinions.

    Sure, you’ll probably get censored on this blog if you express anything less than pure positivity and belief in Nicki Clyne. Now.

    But silencing does not eradicate those opinions and its nice that people can express them elsewhere

    • “But silencing does not eradicate those opinions and its nice that people can express them elsewhere.”

      I have to agree. When people have legitimate questions and/or want to point out their observations regarding Nicki”s “change of views”, Frank won’t post your comments. So if Frank won’t post them, no surprise the go to another forum to do it.

      Re Susan Dones, I have great admiration for her.

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