Clyne Files Against NXIVM Lawsuit Shotgun Complaint; Casts Doubt on Dubious Claims

Nicki Clyne filed a declaration in opposition on May 10, asking US District Judge Eric Komitee to deny the plaintiffs in Edmondson v. Raniere leave to amend their complaint.

Represented by Kohn Swift and Graf of Philadelphia, and Zuckerman Spaeder of Washington DC, 70 NXIVM plaintiffs filed a complaint in January 2020, amended it twice, and now seek a third shot at getting their complaint up to the bare legal standard.

The sprawling proposed Third Amended Complaint [TAC], which makes scattershot allegations without detailing who did what to whom, targets wealthy sisters Clare and Sara Bronfman.

To lasso the Bronfman sisters into any and all bad conduct shotgun style, where everyone is sued by everyone for everything, the lawsuit includes NXIVM founder Keith Raniere, plus Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Danielle Roberts, Brandon Porter, and Clyne as defendants.

On February 1, Judge Komitee told the plaintiffs their complaint was a “shotgun,” and he would dismiss it, possibly precluding them from amending it again, thus ending their lawsuit.

Clyne, representing herself, in opposition papers, declared the TAC is “classic shotgun pleadings.”

Fraud Claims Fail

Clyne also contends the TAC fails to meet the “heightened pleading standard” for federal fraud claims failing to:

  1. Clearly specify the fraudulent statements.
  2. Identify the speaker.
  3. State when and where the statements were made.
  4. Explain why the statements were fraudulent.

Clyne addressed many allegations in the TAC

Inner Circle

TAC: Defendants Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman, Allison Mack, Nicky Clyne [sic], and Kathy Russell, as well as former Defendants Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman…. were referred to as Raniere’s “Inner Circle,” and they … were intimately involved in all aspects of the NXIVM enterprise.

Clyne wrote she “had no authority in NXIVM operations” and “held a rank below” everyone in the so-called “inner circle” and “below [in rank] Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Anthony Ames, and Ariella Menashy…

“How will the Plaintiffs distinguish Raniere’s ‘Inner Circle’ in a way that does not include Plaintiffs? How is it plausible that Plaintiff Vicente, who was on NXIVM’s Executive Board, was not part of Raniere’s ‘Inner Circle?’

“At the 2019 trial of US v. Raniere, former Defendant Lauren Salzman named Plaintiffs Vicente and Camila as part of Raniere’s “Inner Circle.”

 Pyramid Scheme

TAC: NXIVM was another pyramid operation designed to induce enrollees…  to recruit others and form downstream sales organizations…
The Inner Circle pressured enrollees to become indebted to NXIVM and its leadership. …. Plaintiffs… Sarah Edmondson,… Mark Vicente… became trapped in a cycle of indebtedness because of… false representations by the Inner Circle that more courses were needed to progress through the program.

Sarah Edmondson told Nicki Clyne that Raniere was extraordinary and to pay for NXIVM courses.

Clyne was “downstream” from Edmondson and Vicente.

Clyne writes Edmondson and Vicente “profited financially from every class I took, and made persistent efforts to persuade me to take more NXIVM classes. I accrued tens of thousands of dollars in debt because of my involvement with the organization…

“How are Plaintiffs Edmondson, Vicente, Piesse, and Ames not part of this ‘pyramid scheme’? Plaintiffs Ames and Vicente were founders of Society of Protectors. Plaintiffs Piesse and Vicente were founders of The Source. Plaintiff Edmondson was a founder of Ten C. Plaintiffs Vicente [was a] founder[s] of The Knife. The Plaintiffs should explain this in their Reply.”


TAC: As alleged herein, Defendant Clyne committed multiple acts of extortion based on the same collateral scheme employed by Defendant Mack.

Clyne: The extortion claim “fails because it is described as ‘based on the same collateral scheme employed by Defendant Mack.’ As a matter of law [res judicata], Mack’s ‘collateral scheme’ is different from anything I was alleged to have done because Mack was criminally charged, pleaded guilty, and was convicted based upon the said collateral scheme. I was never charged in Federal Court, New York State, or anywhere else…

“The TAC, in conclusory fashion, alleges that by taking collateral, any Defendant who recruited a ‘slave’ into DOS automatically engaged in fraud, extortion, sexual abuse, and branding.

“How will Plaintiffs explain the four Plaintiffs who recruited ‘slaves’?

“Edmondson recruited three slaves. India Oxenberg recruited two slaves and one grand-slave. Jessica Joan recruited one slave. Presuming the allegations in the TAC are true, then Camila, a ‘First-line Master,’ is guilty of the exact conduct alleged against me because she also recruited a slave. Lauren Salzman, also a ‘First Line Master,’ whom the Plaintiffs chose to dismiss as a Defendant, had 28 slaves, grand-slaves, and grand-grand-slaves.”

Attorneys Conflicted?

Clyne: “Does that mean the Plaintiffs’ attorneys, KOHN, SWIFT & GRAF, P.C., and ZUCKERMAN SPAEDER, are laboring under textbook conflicts of interest and divided duties owed to their clients in violation of Rules 1.7 and 1.8 of the Rule of Professional Conduct? The Plaintiffs should explain this in the Reply.

“It appears by the choice of language used in the TAC that the Plaintiffs’ attorneys are aware of this conflict. When referring to India Oxenberg within a context where she could, according to the TAC, be held culpable for sex trafficking, forced labor, and other alleged DOS-related crimes, she is referred to only as ‘a DOS ‘slave’ extorted by Mack’; however, she is referred to by her full name when she is alleged to be a victim:… “Mack and a DOS ‘slave’ extorted by Mack recruited Rachel into DOS. Mack told Rachel that DOS was a special program and directed her to provide damaging collateral to learn more.” India recruited Plaintiff Rachel into DOS in February 2017, when she was well aware of Raniere’s sexual proclivities and his role in DOS.

Slave of Raniere

TAC: Clyne and Raniere had a master-slave and sexual relationship[.]

Clyne: Plaintiffs allege I was a slave and Keith Raniere was my master. This singular allegation renders the entirety of the Plaintiffs’ allegations in the TAC implausible and legally insufficient…. If I do not have power over my own labor, how can I be the perpetrator of a labor conspiracy?

TAC: Expert testimony adduced by the government in the criminal proceedings described how coercive control (physical abuse, sexual violence, psychological aggression, stalking and surveillance behaviors, economic abuse, shaming, humiliation, and isolation) is used to entrap women in abusive relationships and prevent their efforts to leave the situation. The expert also testified that age and power differential in an organization can strengthen coercive control if the perpetrator is powerful in the community, and that compliance can be enforced through intimidation and fear of a credible threat, even in the absence of an express threat. Women selected for DOS depended on NXIVM for their income, had taken misogynistic curriculum, were subjected to restrictive diets and sleep deprivation, and isolated from their families and friends.

Clyne: Plaintiff Edmondson introduced me to Raniere in 2005, when I was 22 years old and he was 45. Plaintiffs Edmondson and Vicente promoted Raniere as the smartest, most ethical man in the world. Their claims led to me being “entrap[ed] in [an] abusive relationship” with an “age and power differential in an organization” with “coercive control” where “the perpetrator is powerful in the community, and that compliance can be enforced through intimidation and fear of a credible threat” for 16 years, beginning eight years before DOS was created by Raniere. If I am a perpetrator or co-conspirator, the Plaintiffs have not detailed how in the TAC.

Forced Labor, Sex Trafficking

FAC Clyne committed several forced labor, sex trafficking, and human trafficking violations…

Clyne: The only Plaintiff I recruited into DOS [Allison E. AKA Jane Doe 8.] never alleges she had any sexual contact with Raniere or anyone, nor specifies any labor directed by me for which I benefited. Absent sexual conduct, allegations of sex trafficking cannot be sustained. Absent any benefit gained or specific labor performed, allegations of forced labor cannot be sustained.”

Clyne recruited three slaves, none of whom were branded, and only one is a plaintiff, Jane Doe 8, who does not allege she had sex with Raniere or anyone.

Clyne writes, “What will Plaintiffs say to claim I defrauded, extorted, sexually abused, or branded any DOS Plaintiffs when the only DOS Plaintiff I recruited does not allege she was ever branded or had sexual contact with Raniere?”

Originally referred to as Jane Doe 8, Allison E. has publicly come out using her full name and speaks about her experiences in NXIVM. She also posted details about allegations she made in the civil suit on her social media.

TAC: Clyne lured Jane Doe 8 to DOS by describing it as a woman’s group, separate from ESP…Clyne directed Jane Doe 8 to be branded at an upcoming NXIVM event and described the brand as a small mark like a tattoo, even though she knew what the brand truly was.

Clyne: “Jane Doe 8 never received a brand. It’s implausible to allege that false statements were made about the nature of something that didn’t happen.

“By the language of the TAC, there is no misrepresentation here because the Plaintiffs fail to state how the actual mark that was never received was dissimilar to the mark described, which are essential elements of fraud and misrepresentation.”

Job Loss?

TAC: Clyne also forced Jane Doe 8 to perform labor and services for her, including menial tasks and 24/7 readiness drills, as well as reporting to Clyne on the goings-on at the Vancouver NXIVM Center. Clyne coerced Jane Doe 8 into resigning from her high-paying job so that she could work for ESP. When ESP shut down, Jane Doe 8 had no job and no income from ESP. She was diagnosed with PTSD and remained out of work for months.

Clyne: “Jane Doe 8 worked for ESP. She lived in Vancouver and performed her labor and coaching duties at the Vancouver Center owned by Plaintiff Edmondson. I lived in New York the entire time.

“Jane Doe 8 constantly complained about her “high-paying” corporate job. I thought she quit to pursue her “dream job” as a pre-natal yoga teacher. I received no benefit either way. The complaint fails to allege any motive for allegedly coercing her to quit her job. I thought we were friends, and I tried to support her in furthering her goals.”

Jane Doe #8 Said She Hated Her Job

In support of Clyne’s assertion that she did not force Allison E. to quit her job, Allison E. posted photos of herself in late 2022 on social media.

Allison E. wrote, “… These two photos tell a story.

“Slide 1: Me, taken two months ago, smiling from the inside out. By the sea and the trees, adorned in beautiful clothing, living out my dream as healer, artist, storyteller, mother surrounded by supportive powerful women on the land that I know in my very bones. Counting my lucky stars that I’m exactly where I want to be.

“Slide 2: Me, 6 years ago. The light in my eyes had gone out. In my car about to head into a job that did not fit my soul any longer, I commuted an hour each way, I lived off caffeine and protein powder…. And yet, I was finally making “real” money, I had the clothing, the car, the office with the window…”

What’s the Truth About Job?

Allison E. calls quitting her high-paying job an awakening on social media, but she is suing Clyne for forcing her to quit.

Which is true?

Allison E. writes on social media; “It took an explosive turn of events to wake me up from my imposed shackles, and then it was a great Remembering.
remembering my intuition
remembering the wisdom of my body

remembering the teachings of the seasons and cycles

remembering the things that make my heart truly soar.”

Sales Pitch

Allison E . then she uses the beauty of quitting the job that made her unhealthy to make a sales pitch.

She writes, “Do you long to truly live in your sacred gifts, that unique creative spark that you know is within you? Do you long to wake up the light once again in your eyes? Accepting applications for a three month program dedicated to embracing, embodying and expressing your soul gifts. Link in bio to book a call to find out more. ”

The world is waiting for you.

Left Raniere

Clyne also noted: Until very recently, I remained in an abusive and self-destructive relationship with Keith Raniere. I have since, however, terminated that relationship – and renounced my involvement with Raniere and NXIVM. See “Nicki Clyne Leaves Keith Raniere: Her Statement,” THE FRANK REPORT, (March 27, 2023).

Frank Report is pleased to have been on hand to assist Nicki Clyne in leaving Keith Raniere and proceeding onward in her life.  

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  • Nicki is a fighter. She fought for Keith now she is fighting for herself. It’s good to see.

  • SusanDonesMA

    vor 5 h.
    Legally, I believe the judge will side with Clyne. This is the third attempt the lawyers have attempted to make a case in this lawsuit.

    You can not use a shotgun approach in claiming someone did something to harm someone hoping to come close. This isn’t horseshoe. This is a court of law.

    There are several misperceptions people have about the collateral, revenue porn against Edmondson, forced labor, etc.

    Clyne and several others were questioned at great lengths by the DOJ/FBI and were not arrested for any crimes or had to make plea deals in exchange to testify like the Salzman’s, Mack etc.

    Because Clyne stayed loyal to Raniere during his trial, if the DOj/FBI had evidence to arrest her, why wouldn’t they take advantage of that?

    Yet the lawyers for the civil lawsuit believe they can bully Clyne into exchanging information she might know to testify if it come to a trial by not letting her out of this legal case by holding this case over her head.

    I say bravo, Nicki, stick to fight the good fight. Don’t let the bully lawyers. Let those who have been the leader in NXIVM take a stand now that you have woken up, say ENOUGH.

    You have a right to heal, just like Lauren Salzman Just like Sarah Edmonson? Just like Mark Vincent. Just like all the others have.

    There comes a time to fight a legal battle & a time to make amends. Legal first, sorry come later.

  • Not one of the NXIVM people we’re sorry about being in NXIVM , they are all sorry the got caught.From their prison cells some are sorrier than others.I would almost feel sorry for most of them if they had got in realized what crap load of shit these nut jobs are trying to sell me and bounced. But no they stayed for years and years knowing what we’re doing was wrong on so many different levels,MLM is never a good idea but dress it up all these nut jobs will spend thousands and thousands of dollars to come and get screwed.Don’t feel a bit sorry for anyone of them, they all got what they paid for.

  • Legally, I believe the judge will side with Clyne. This is the third attempt the lawyers have attempted to make a case in this lawsuit.

    You can not use a shotgun approach in claiming someone did something to harm someone hoping to come close. This isn’t horseshoe. This is a court of law.

    There are several misperceptions people have about the collateral, like Nicki is keeping it from the government.

    That some how she relaed revenue porn against Edmondson in Mexico and was involved forced labor, etc.

    Nicki and several others were questioned at great lengths by the DOJ/FBI and were not arrested for any crimes or had to make plea deals in exchange to testify like the Salzman’s, Mack etc.

    Because Nicki stayed loyal to Raniere during his trial, if the DOj/FBI had evidence to arrest her, why wouldn’t they take advantage of that?

    Yet the lawyers for the civil lawsuit believe they can bully her into exchanging information she might know to testify if it come to a trial by not letting her out of this legal case by holding this case over her head.

    I say bravo, Nicki, stick to fight the good fight. Don’t let the bully lawyers.

    Let those who have been the leader in NXIVM take a stand now that you have woken up, say ENOUGH.

    Why isn’t Edmondson making a stand she says she would with open arms if you left. Why isn’t she fighting the lawyers to let you out of this lawsuit? Her fried Lauren Salzman & Nancy Salzman are no longer involved

    You have a right to heal, just like Lauren Salzman
    Just like Sarah Edmonson
    Just like Mark Vincent. Just like all the others have.

    There comes a time to fight a legal battle & a time to make amends.
    Legal first, sorry come later.

    • I don’t think healing needs to include attacking others who say you’ve hurt them. Nicki has been publicly defending Keith Raniere for years post his conviction, years after it was proven in a court of law that he committed crimes. She’s been publicly calling victims liars for years and continues to do so in her court filing. She also has said scornfully and cynically MANY TIMES that if she just “claimed to be a victim” she could get out of the legal jeopardy that she’s in. Is there no way for Nicki to “fight her legal battle” without attacking other victims, a few of which she participated in abusing? Nicki’s focus on Sarah and Mark feels like a smokescreen – one of Nicki’s own slaves is suing her directly! And why shouldn’t Jane Doe 8 have her day in civil court? Nicki really lucked out that she wasn’t charged criminally for her role in DOS.

      • I know a bit about Allison E ‘s false allegations and how she as spoon fed what to say by Sarah Edmondson and the lawyer Neil Glazer.

        None of Nicki’s three DOS recruits were branded. The only DOS plaintiff Allison E. (Jane doe 8) does not allege she was branded because she wasn’t or had any sex – because she didn’t.

        All her free labor went to Sarah Edmondson on Vancouver.

        The lie she tells in the complaint is that Nicki forced Allison to quit her high-paying job and go work for Sarah which is a lie. Allison was boasting about quitting the job she hated for high spiritual purposes to teach yoga and new age stuff on social media.

        She is not crying about being forced.

        Nicki is only defending herself against Allison’s lies and you are allowed to defend against lies of others like Allison even if you believed the lies of Keith Raniere for years and no longer believe him.

        • Were you in DOS Vannie?

          There was a Vannie in DOS?

          Do you believe that Keith took advantage of Camilla sexually when she was a child? Do you still support Keith overall?

      • Anonymous at 10:22 a.m..

        Your comment is an example of fair, measured, honest feedback about Nicki Clyne .

        Similar comments have been censored. It’s bizarre. Don’t forget that Jane Doe 8 also had members of the dossier project which Nicki was firmly ensconced in at the time, threaten to reveal her identity publicly.

        Nicki Clyne, Brandon Porter and Danielle had to appear in court and answer regarding those threats.

        Even if a person were able to excuse what Nicki Clyne has said and done to members of her own cult and former slaves, Nicki has also taken it upon herself to use her platform as a minor celebrity to bully other women who have come forward about domestic violence.

        Any woman having made accusations of sexual assault or engaged in ongoing litigation were grist for the dossier project’s Keith Raniere is a victim agenda mill.

        These were abused, sexually assaulted women who have nothing to do with Keith or the cult. Some of them were public figures. But others were not.

        Imagine going through that k8nd of trauma and then some chick from Battlestar Galactica decides to kick you publicly while you’re down?

        • Allison E AKA Jane Doe 8 was not sexually assaulted. Neither was she named. She outed herself when she chose to go public. None of Clyne’s three recruits were branded or coerced. Nicki did not lie to them about the meaning of the brand. Yes, she was an abused victim of Raniere, and when she tells her story, you will see she is a victim, and the reprehensible monster had an evil coercive control over her even from prison. That story will be told.

          • I wrote that unrelated to Nxivm/DOS Nicki Clyne (who now claims to be a victim herself) harassed, belittled, mocked and called other (never cult affiliated) women who were victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking, coercive control and abuse liars and attention- seekers.

            For sport

            All day. Everyday. For 5 years.

            I get that Nicki is your friend now.

            Those women have friends too.

            And what Nicki Clyne did to them was mean, self- serving and vicious.

          • You understand little if you think she defended. Keith Raniere ‘for sport.’

            And yes she is my friend. She’s been my friend for three years. I befriended all the remaining followers of Raniere with an open invitation to prove me wrong about Raniere and I’ll try to prove I am right

            We became friends who agreed to disagree.

            It took three years. Finally I got through to Nicki but now the remaining followers won’t talk to me anymore.

            So she is my friend and I defend her.

            The savage criticism she gets is marvelous. Her old friends who still follow Raniere are ready with open arms to take her back – because – She gets hate if she stays with Raniere and hate because she leaves.

            Meantime astonishingly she is condemned because she does not apologize to avaricious attorneys who contrive to sue her to lasso her into Bronfman bucks.

            I’ll stand up for my friends . And do it in my own name. Who wouldn’t ?

    • That last part especially is not great advice. Miany civil cases are settled out of court.

      And often without a financial settlement, because people can see their way to forgiving the sincere apology.

      In the five years leading up to this a proper amends could have possibly shut the door on a civil suit. For Nicki’s part in it all.

      Specifically, with the non Sarah and Mark plaintiffs.

      There’s also a chance that it would benefit Nicki in her recovery from Keith’s influence to hear out the people who were grievously injured. And confront Nicki’s own behavior and actions in a setting that deals with concrete facts.

      Nicki seems willing at this point to acknowledge that she was abused and mistreated and harmed but unwilling to accept that others were as well.

      It was widely reported that most of the dead-enders (including Nicki) would not stay in the courtroom unless it was to hear Keith’s defense.

      And it is also has been reported that some of those who did listen to the entire criminal trial benefited on their path to waking up and seeing the reality at the widespread harm Keith caused.

      It is not unusual in abusive relationships and cults and high control groups for people to return after leaving. Sometimes multiple times.

      Hearing the unvarnished truth from other people and not just seeing only pieces of the puzzle with crucial defining elements intentionally separated from the whole could be an enormous step forward for those still under Keith’s malevolent influence.

      And on the flip side, if they really think they are right and vanguard’s way works wonders it’s an opportunity to get that all out and prove their point of view outside of an echo chamber and spread their message of a more ethical world.

      • You do not understand the control this savage had over his slaves. A control reinforced by other women.

        Nancy and Lauren were the top sheep dogs.

        • It’s been good communicating with you, Frank.

          You are protective of your friend. And that is an admirable quality. It seems that you would understand that other people are also protective of their friends.

          Nicki has gone after women unrelated in any way to Nxivm on social media using her Battlestar Galactica fan base to amplify her attacks on these other women who were abused, victims of coercive control, battered through domestic violence.

          Some of those women are also involved in ongoing litigation.

          As a person who is loyal to friends, it stands to reason, that you would understand that those women also have people who care about them very much. And wish to protect their friends. And family too.

          • All of my friends are 12 feet tall. But I am open to discussing how Nicki under the manipulative coercive or near coercive control of Keith Raniere and with the world hating him and disliking her could do much harm to anyone. But I am open to listening to your argument.

  • The evil in nxivm is all from the men. Keith Mark and Nippy.

    Sarah is a saint. How she can stay married to him I don’t know. Bonnie a saint.

    Clare Bronfman is a beautiful person but Keith ruined her.

    • –Clare Bronfman is a beautiful person but Keith ruined her.

      I hope you don’t suck at life as much as you suck at trolling. Maybe you should give sucking a try.

      “Sucky, sucky 10 dollar”

  • In the end, integrity always wins.
    Go for it Nicky.
    Some ex NXIVM members are living and making money out of NXIVM still. But this time, from the outside, with their recovery story.
    It’s time that the abuse stops.

  • Very strange article from Nikki, I do wonder while Miss Clyne and a few others have starting to stand up for them selves why aren’t anyone of them standing up and saying, Yes I did it, Yes it was a total mess, for whatever part I played in this NXIVM nightmare, to anyone I hurt I am truly sorry.Why can’t anyone of them stand up and take responsibility . Everyone of them from Sara, Mark,Bonnie, Danielle, Brandon , Lauren and Allison the list is long and getting longer .Why is it so hard to say I screwed my life up along the way I hurt some people,I’m so sorry please accept my apologies.

      • Yes they have, they have also had plenty of time to do that & felt save to do so.
        Nicki has just left a short while ago & is fighting a civil lawsuit which Mark & Sarah didn’t have to do.
        When in a legal battle, one has to be careful what they say.
        Mark & Sarah also had funding to get professional help. Nicki is broke.
        How about we give her some space to pull her life together.

        • Sarah and Mark are not the only people involved in the lawsuit. By choosing to focus only on them it shows a real disregard for all the other people who suffered in the sexual slavery ring and otherwise.

          Other plaintiffs named Nicki Clyne in the complaint. You don’t know their full story to judge that decision by them to pursue her civilly. By focusing on only the big names a lot of the civil case is being shoved under the rug

    • Allison did apologize

      As the main perpetrator of asking questionable assignments from individuals & a person who seemed to think the brand was a good idea for her to push on others
      I’m glad she did & I hope she meant it.
      Obviously other people who have & still are suffering a great deal for the trust they put in her

  • I don’t know too much about the lawsuit. Seems to me it is all about Bronfman cash grab.

    Can’t understand how Edmondson and Vicente are suing Ckyne. Seems raw.

    But I must say Nicki you’re a fine looking girl.

  • How convenient. You denounced KR with zero comment about how you humiliated and dismissed horrific abuse of his victims. But have so much to say in your own defense as a victim. Fuck you, Clyne.

  • Why don’t people understand that Nicki has to defend herself against the predators who are after Bronfman money?

    • Everyone does understand.

      Defending yourself against a lawsuit takes place in court. Not on Twitter attacking every single woman who has made sexual abuse allegations against any man, whenever you feel like it, because you think it’s going to help Keith.

      Defending yourself does not include being a part of a posse that is threatening to reveal the full names of Jane does

      Which is what Ncki has done for 5 years

    • Wait…Nicki has to defend herself against predators? What about all the people Nicki preyed on? Don’t they have a right to defend themselves too?

        • Go back and read your stories. Remember that time you tried to get her fired from her job because she could “recruit” other employees? You are so mushy and dysfunctional. You will say the ugliest things about people one day and then turn on a dime and “I will fight and protect my friend”. Totally unreliable and bi-polar which is why you have never gotten farther in life as a writer than your blog of eternal stench. Woopity effin doo…. Still trying to get mileage over the ONLY thing you’ve ever done in your life that could casually reek of goodness and you only did it out of spite for Rainiere. I know this won’t be posted, too much of a malignant narcissist and because of that I incapable of posting actual truth.

          • Don’t call yourself a malignant narcissist. Even if you one you can get help.

  • The part about Allison E. Is very telling about the truth of a lot of the claims. Alison is lying.

  • By dint of your country’s history in being slave owners, traffickers and murderers. Transporting people across a world in a depraved and inhuman manner.
    I ask you why, why would any one of you participate in a modern version of this?
    Did you learn nothing?
    And not only to enslave people, you brand them too. In the manner plantation owners did to their ‘property’.
    And you have Michele, branded by a white woman in this century, clueless as to what happened to her, and why it matters in the worst of ways. Blind or stupid. Pick one.

    • Tenzin you wouldn’t happen to be British by any chance? Because if so I’ve got some uncomfortable news regarding the history of slavery…

      (Also if you’re French, Dutch, Arabic…)

  • Still censoring comments about Nicki Clyne.

    Why? The full story will just be told by another person, at some point.

    Why not here? Why not now?

      • But why have you adopted a policy of sensoring less favorable comments about Nicki Clyne?

        In the past you’ve professed to believe in letting everyone speak freely on your blog. Whether it was racial rhetoric or political posturing or whatever they commented – you said you wouldn’t silence them.

        Why can’t people discuss Nicki Clyne freely on this blog?

  • Good for Nicki. I thought once she renounced KR she would run to Sarah E and tell her how wonderful she was. Glad she is standing up for herself. She is doing the right thing! Still hard to contemplate that Sarah E is suing all these people even though she profited greatly from them. After being a champion whistle blowers, Sarah E (and Mark) are not going to look good after this.

  • Message to Nicki Clyne.

    Nicki It is difficult or impossible to squeeze the toothpaste back in the tube.

  • This seems rather disingenuous of Clyne and her lawyers. I have no doubt that her relationship with KAR was both abusive and coercive, and ultimately highly destructive to her. But neither Edmondson or Vicente recruited her to become one of KAR’s harem girls. She was recruited to take a course in personal development and apparently she found it so satisfying that she gave up her acting career and moved to Albany full time. Neither Edmondson or Vicente can be held responsible for that. As for courses, one of the requirements for being part of NXIVM was taking courses and recruiting new members. Those who could not pay were offered to exchange work for courses. From what I understand it took quite a few years and many courses before Edmondson reached the rank where she actually got paid, and after that she was economically responsible for the Vancouver centre. The inner circle of NXIVM seems to have been determined more from geography than rank. Those who lived in Albany were closer to KAR than those who worked elsewhere and only came for meetings, courses etc. And I assume Clyne somehow made a living from NXIVM herself? I’m glad that Clyne have managed to distance herself from the clusterfuck that is the Dossier project and KAR, but it is hard to swallow that she is pretending that all the bloody awful things she did while still loyal never happened. It is only a little more than a year ago that she was called into court for threatening and harassing Edmondson and Jane Does in the civil suit.

    • PKM

      You are correct.

      Sarah and Mark did not even know that Nicki Clyne was in a long-term sexual relationship with Keith Raniere

      Sarah and Mark thought Keith was celibate.

      At the time they introduced the two of them, there was no way to predict that Nicki would choose to become Keith’s sexual slave

      • “Sarah and Mark thought Keith was celibate.”

        I’ve seen conflicting comments from them both as to their beliefs regarding Keith’s sexuality. In several video clips they say they knew he was sleeping with some of the women, and they reference “Keith’s [romantic] partner, Pam” but also they thought he was celibate! ??? So which is it?

        • You shound ask them.

          It seems like much in Nxivm, what a person knew day 1 was very different than what was revealed day 100 or day 1000. Or day 3000

          Sarah never lived in Albany. Wasn’t around day to day to observe it all.

          There was an evolution from various people believing Pam was an assistant to Keith and/or a romantic partner of Mariana, to coming to realize Keith was involved sexually with both women

          Who found out exactly what, which day? You must ask them, directly.

    • Yeah
      Notice though she didn’t whistle blow until she had the money and resources to blow her horn, you don’t get it.

  • The whole concept that these people are “recruiting slaves” shows how fucked up they all are to begin with.

    Draining of the Bronfmans money is the only goal here and the government will take their share no matter who is or isn’t involved in the lawsuit.

    The FBI and corrupt prosecution get a free pass.

    • D.R. NEVER recruited a slave.
      I believe she was under the understanding that they were on board for women’s empowerment

      • Really? Even though Allison was giving people sexual seduction assignments and taking up close photos of their vagina to send to keith? That was her little slave group where all of that was happening

          • Correct and Danielle was a part of Allison’s slave stable. So she knew about and participated in those activities. She was there for all the group naked photos showing the brand. She was there for the up close spread vagina photos and blackmail

  • This whole thing is ridiculous. Fine sue Claire, sue Sara. The funders of this criminal enterprise but putting in these people, even though they may be guilty of things, makes a mockery and they risk a judge growing the whole thing out.

  • Nicki is not wrong to stand up and fight. It’s what I’d do for sure. The plaintiffs are after Bronfman money. They tossed her on for a shit show. She had three slaves none branded

    But let Lauren out of lawsuit with 28 slaves.

    • It’s preposterous! I’m on Nickis side. My heart ♥ goes out to her.

  • For the past few days, “incorruptible” BK seems unusually agitated. Whether or not original lawsuit-filers S.B. and C. B. paid him to spin Nxivm news and cases, this has been, is and ever shall be spiritual warfare.

  • I think the Plaintiffs need Danielle and Porter Potty in the suit because they did the branding and fright experiments. These were probably the most traumatizing events, outside of having sex with Vanturd. With the good doctors, the settlement could be less. I hope they get every filthy penny of the Bronfman money.

  • Very interesting Miss Nicki. It sucks these people are taking advantage of you like this. I’m not sure I like Edmondson the way I used to after learning the roles the plaintiffs played. Damn her and Glazier for treating you like this.

      • What about her? If you want to file a civil lawsuit against Lauren go for it. It’s pretty stupid to bring her up constantly. It makes y’all sound like 5 year olds. What about her? What about him? The adults are having a conversation about adult things. If that’s too difficult for you to stay on topic Move Along

  • Clyne gets off to a strong start flinging mud at plaintiffs Edmondson and Vicente and audaciously attacking their lawyers. On a roll, she then stomps on Allison Mack her temporary and for immigration purposes only “wife”.

    Quite the honey badger, our Nicki.

    But she stumbles badly at the end, when it comes to Jane Doe 8, The Other Allison. It turns out there there is, indeed, a specific plaintiff in this case making very specific damage claims against Clyne.

    Clyne tacitly admits that this is not a shotgun pleading after all. The appropriate analogy would be not a shotgun but a .338 lapua with a 25x scope. Pointed right at hapless Nicki.

    Sure, Clyne has a counter argument to Jane Doe’s charges. But that’s not the issue at this point in the proceedings. That’s a matter for the jury to decide, based on a preponderance of the evidence. What matters here is that Clyne admits that there are specific allegations against her from a specific plaintiff. This case must therefore go to trial.

    Also of interest is that Clyne brings up her defection from the Free Raniere club. Sure casts suspicion on her motives for that particular chess move, don’t it?

    The more I hear from Nicki Clyne the more of a scheming ruthless weasel she appears.

    • Thanks for pointing out the facts Aristotle’s Sausage.

      The goal seems to be the dead-enders focus publicly on the well-known defected members of the cult and obscure the fact that there are other people with civil complaints.

      And to hide the nature of those complaints. The tactic seem to be smearing Mark and Sarah and constantly bringing up Lauren. Even India. And Allison Mack.

      Is it just a coincidence that all of the most vitriolic ongoing attacks are against those who brought down the cult and cooperated?

      It’s all a bit suspicious.

  • I think Clyne’s defense against the allegations against her is very good. Her arguments show a logic everybody can understand immediately. An expensive lawyer could not have done a better job.

    The only thing she downplays too easily in my opinion, is her membership in DOS, and lying about the brand to Allison E. Lauren did that too, and to much more women, and, for whatever reason, she was removed as a defendant in this civil suit. Camila was a first line member of DOS, may have lied about the brand to her slave, but is in a league of her own. She was sexually abused by Keith from age 15 onward and a totally broken and confused person because of that. Nobody can hold anything against her.

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