NXIVM Lies About Lies #2 – Keith raped a child

NXIVM’s Eduardo Asunsolo has produced a series of short videos for Make Justice Blind [MJB].

It is based on lies. Not believing lies.

The series is called “Lies About NXIVM People Think Are True.”

This FR series examines Eduardo’s series.

Eduardo is concerned about lies. He wants people to know the truth.

Eduardo says people believe lies about NXIVM and Raniere.

So are Raniere and NXIVM misunderstood? Most people think of him as the scum of the earth and NXIVM as a cult.

But Eduardo sees another dimension to Raniere and NXIVM than what is known to the public. It is a dimension as vast as Raniere and timeless as his infinite intelligence.

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of the public’s cult fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of Keith Raniere. It is an area we call the Dead-Enders’ Zone.

One of the lies Eduardo wants to debunk concerns Keith raping a child.

#2 – Keith raped a child

Transcript of the video:

Eduardo Asúnsolo
Eduardo Asúnsolo

Lies about NXIVM that people think are true.

Lie #2: Keith raped a child.

Truth: Not only is there no accusation of rape against Keith, but there is no sex involved in the totality of the charges against him. What people refer to as child porn are pictures of Camila, a woman who is now in her 30s, who was a former partner of Keith for about ten years. What determines that those pictures are child porn is the date when they were taken. Now we know that those dates were manufactured by the FBI.


FR investigation:

Let’s parse this a bit.

EDUARDO: Not only is there no accusation of rape against Keith, but there is no sex involved in the totality of the charges against him.

FR: Eduardo refers to the criminal charges for which Raniere was convicted and sentenced to 120 years. He mistakes the word accusation for an allegation. But let us skip that for now.

The crimes of conviction were sex trafficking and attempted sex trafficking. Those charges came with the allegation/accusation that there was sex or attempted sex involved. Granted, they were adults. But Eduardo said there was no sex in the totality of the charges.

In addition, there was his conviction of racketeering, and the jury found it “proven” Raniere sexually exploited Camila, then 15, by photographing her nude and possessing the photos, which is child porn.

So whether it is true or not, taking explicit photos of a teen and keeping them has a sexual aspect.

At his sentencing, Camila not only affirmed he did these foul deeds of photographing her when she was 15, but also grooming her when she was 13, and having sex with her when she was 15.

Though those are not allegations, they are accusations.

EDUARDO:  What people refer to as child porn are pictures of Camila, a woman who is now in her 30s, who was a former partner of Keith for about ten years.

FR: Eduardo skirts perilously close to lie by omission. Camila is in her 30s now. But the allegation is she was 15 – in 2005. Eduardo uses the number 10 years – which would make Camila 18.

Let’s hear what Raniere’s lawyer said about it at his sentencing hearing. Raniere was sitting right next to attorney Marc Agnifilo and before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

THE COURT: You haven’t answered my question about Camila. Let’s cut to the chase here. You don’t start having an affair with a 15-year-old girl when you’re a 45-year-old man, plus total control, financial control, control over her visa, control over her father, who is still writing letters in support of the defendant today. I have one in my file here. When is that appropriate? I’m just curious.

Mk10ART’s sketch of Camila, who left Keith when she was 28. Raniere is accused of taking explicit pictures of her when she was 15. She spoke at the sentencing, saying he also had sex with her when she was 15.

AGNIFILO: As your Honor knows, he wasn’t charged with or convicted of having sex with Camila. He was charged and convicted of the [explicit] photographs [of Camila when she was 15.] And if your Honor remembers my trial defense, I didn’t really dispute the photographs all that much.

The way I disputed them [the child porn] is they were never shown to anybody and the jury shouldn’t consider them as either child pornography or as a racketeering predicate because they were photographs that were taken and then for the rest of time they just stayed on a device, they never got sent anywhere, never got shown anywhere.

So, that’s how I dealt with the photographs at the trial. I didn’t say anything one way or another about them. I didn’t say at the trial anything one way or another about Camila at 15 years old.

[Ed. Note: Agnifilo seems to admit Raniere took the photos and kept them.]

THE COURT: You were talking about intent, I’m just wondering how that works into your theory of intent here.

AGNIFILO: I absolutely admit that Camila is in a different category than other people in the case. There is no question, there is no question. And there is no doubt, and I never said anything to the contrary, and I don’t say that now.


AGNIFILO: What I think your Honor can glean from all this, and I don’t know if it cuts for or against him but I’ll say it because it’s the truth. He’s in a 13-year relationship with her, 12-year relationship with her. I don’t if know that makes it better or worse, but those are the facts.

[Agnifilo admits Keith, who is 30 years older than Camila, was in a sexual relationship with her when she was under age. He is arguing this is not standard statutory rape, sexual exploitation or possession of child porn, because he considered Camila one of his harem.]

But he did say this, with Raniere at his side, without protest from his client: “I’ll say it because it’s the truth. He’s in a 13-year relationship with her, 12-year relationship with her. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse, but those are the facts.”

Raniere’s lawyer wants us to know, because it is the truth, that Raniere had sex with Camila when she was 15, just as Camila said.

Eduardo, who is interested in debunking the lies others believe about Raniere, says Raniere was in a 10 year relationship – conveniently making her above the age of consent when they started.

Eduardo: What determines that those pictures are child porn is the date when they were taken. Now we know that those dates were manufactured by the FBI.

FR: Who are “we” that “knows” the dates were manufactured by the FBI? Raniere merely alleges it in a Rule 33 motion, which has yet to be proven. It may be true, but we have yet to have an evidentiary hearing on the matter.

The lie Eduardo wants to debunk is that Raniere raped a child.

There have been other accusations. For instance, Rhiannon wanted to testify at Raniere’s trial. Judge Garaufis denied her request, though the prosecution wanted her to testify.

Rhiannon claims she was 13 when Raniere raped her repeatedly when he was 30.

3 Flintlock Lane is the townhouse where an adult woman claimed Raniere lured her when she was 12.
Rhiannon said she was 12 years old when Keith Raniere began mentoring her.
The police report Rhiannon signed. states that she said she had “sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere. This occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lanes, Clifton Ny or his business located at Rome Plaza Clifton Park, NY”


Above is her statement to the Albany Times Union published in 2012.

In addition, there are two women named Gina. One is deceased. But Gina M. said Raniere raped her when she was 15, when he was 24.

Gina Hutchinson, according to her sister, Heidi, said Raniere raped her when she was 15, also when Raniere was 24.

Four separate women, all accusing Raniere of statutory rape over three decades.

See The Albany Times Union’s In Raniere’s Shadows for a nice peek at what Eduardo might wish to investigate.

Yes, Raniere is accused of raping children. Not just one, but four accusations.

If I were Eduardo, I would also look into the girls from Chihuahua and his bizarre quest for a virgin successor.

It’s good that Eduardo wants to debunk the lies we all believe about Keith Raniere and NXIVM, but what if they are not lies?

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  • Hi FR. Surgestion :
    When you qoute stuff from others or from the Court room. make it in a diff kind of font. then its easier to read, and understand what is what 🙂

  • For once I side with Eduardo. 😀When Vanguard has sex a 15 year old that ain’t rape like in the Bible. 15 year old gonna have sex. Better be with a wise man that some inexpericed teen who don’t know the magic that can happen.

    Keith loved Cami so much and wanted her forever. She betrayed his love and trust. 🥲

    • KR loves nobody but KR. And, not all 15 year olds are having sex. The minors he had sex with were not experienced young girls that were having relations with other boys. You sound just like him. “Are they adult like?” It’s still against the law, dude. What ails you?

    • Yo Yolands
      1. Keith is incapable of love but great at faking his love to get fucked
      2. It’s classic for a man to tell a women “I love you babe” to get into her pants.
      3. At age 15, it is rape is the USA regardless if a woman wants to have sex or not.

      If your gonna do the crime, you gotta do the time. Yo Yo Yolanda

      Raniere has a history of RAPING under age girls.

      2012 Albany Times Union expose four other Raniere’s underage victims

      With the new law change, these women can now sue Raniere for RAPE.

  • Hey Mr Parlato.
    How close was Vanguard and his pack of travelling vaginas, to getting the ear of Elon Musk?
    I’m sure a noted genius scientist math prodigy like Vanturd would have wanted a meeting.

  • Frank, can you share what Nickis plans are for the future? Is she writing a book? Getting back into acting? And is she back in touch with ole friend Sarah E? Curious what her plans are since the BIG announcement?

  • Poor Suneel, I almost feel sorry for Suneel….

    Currently, he is Vanguard’s right-hand. My guess is he feels important for the very first time in his life – chosen by the Vanguard. In reality, the ugly, rich kid is a sycophant, for a charlton and an ass wiper for a horse faced cunt.

    The schmuck is a bigger loser now than he was before. Poor ugly-ass alien.

    • Is it true that he had never even met Keith before he got in trouble? I think I read that somewhere. And Eduardo with his statement that he probably never would have become a father without Vanturd and Defect. What? Did they show him how to do the deed or is his kid actually Keith’s? Food for thought?

  • I think the time has come to start new investigations into Keith Raniere and three girls he molested prior to his incarnation as Vanguard.

    Eduardo Asunsolo has reminded me of something I had forgotten. Thanks to him I’m going to start collating evidence, old photos and more importantly letters and emails from friends.

    Times come to really put this thing in the Feds hands to shut down Keith and the strangglers forever.

    This thing is going on too long.

    • Aspidistra!

      Keep the Aspidistra Flying

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      This article is about the novel. For the 1997 film adaptation, see Keep the Aspidistra Flying (film).
      Keep the Aspidistra Flying
      First edition
      Author George Orwell
      Country United Kingdom
      Language English
      Genre Novel, social criticism
      Set in London, 1934
      Publisher Victor Gollancz Ltd
      Publication date 20 April 1936
      Media type Print (hardback)
      Pages 318 (hardback)
      248 (paperback)
      OCLC 1199526
      Dewey Decimal 823/.912 21
      LC Class PR6029.R8 K44 1999
      Preceded by A Clergyman’s Daughter
      Followed by The Road to Wigan Pier

      Book cover of a Penguin Books edition.
      Keep the Aspidistra Flying, first published in 1936, is a socially critical novel by George Orwell. It is set in 1930s London. The main theme is Gordon Comstock’s romantic ambition to defy worship of the money-god and status, and the dismal life that results.

      • ShadowState-

        I Sincerely, appreciate you bringing this novel to my attention.

        I am ordering it on Amazon immediately. Looks like a good read.

        Finally you’ve posted something worthwhile!

        Have a nice weekend!

        P.S. Don’t worry – I’ll shit on you next week.

        • NiceGuy’s 👍🏼
          April 28, 2023 at 5:57 pm

          P.S. Don’t worry – I’ll shit on you next week.

          Why wait that long?

  • Frank- I always enjoy your levity. Comedy Gold 🥇

    I myself, feel trapped in the Parlato Zone . 5 years and counting…..

    Do I, at least, get some Amex points or something?

  • Keith Raniere

    Keith Raniere has devoted his life to studying the human psychodynamic and developing new tools for human empowerment, expression and ethics.

  • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
    To Suneel & Eduardo & Hatchette

    Why did Kieth Raniere wait until after his trial, to accuse the FBI of manipulating the digital image of Cami?

    Kieth, sincerely, is a highly intelligent individual. Even if Agnifilo advised Kieth against accusing the FBI of manipulating the image, why would Kieth listen?

    Wouldn’t Kieth have then sought out other legal representation. A new lawyer?

    Why would a man of Kieth’s intelligence not challenge the FBI’s doctored image during trial. Why wait?

    Please give an explanation.
    Thank you.

  • These guys need to get on with their lives. Keith is gonna die in prison. Very very rarely do appeals succeed and Keith’s won’t be one of the rare few.

  • NY state has changed its laws on sexual offenses.

    The women who were underage when Keith Raniere was in CBI could now come back and file a lawsuit against him for rape.

    That would be interesting to see happen.

    There could be a go-fund account set up for a legal defense team, or maybe even a team would take this on pro bono.
    Some women who were younger and who Raniere focused himself on might come out of the woodwork now that it is safe to sue him.

    This would be the perfect time for these women to get their day in court

      • How would they collect from Raniere? He may have money hidden but how do you find it?
        The FBI didn’t find it – other than what they seized.

        The look back is for civil and without money or the chance to collect it would be u likely to profit the women, in my opinion.

        • In spite of what fake Kevin says, civil suits are not always about collecting money.

          Sometimes they are about getting justice and having a story told and documented in a court record about a person who escaped criminal justice.

          Certainly, there would be lawyers willing to take on a civil case like this pro bono. The fact that it is a high profile defendant would just be an added incentive

          An example of other civil cases that were not about the money would be Taylor Swift getting $1 (and that was a case about being sexually violated) in a fairly recent civil suit.

          A person in a civil suit can be awarded damages whether or not the defendant seems in the position to pay them. Being broke is not a get out of a civil trial free pass.

          • Yes. Some people do it just on principle. What happened to all that cash from Defects house?

  • Has Eduardo Asunsolo promised his two girls up to Raniere if he gets out on FBI tampering. That is how far he seems to gone down the NXIVM rabbit hole.

    So at what age does Eduardo two daughts have to be before it isn’t RAPE is the question we like to know, 11, 12, 13?

    Is Eduardo wife good with this plan? How about Eduardo parents? Do they know that he plans to turn them over to Raniere when he becomes a free man – his Lord and Master.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter becuase Eduardo wears the pants in his family and women are only fleas. Isn’t that what your SOP training taught you Eduardo?

    If one of you daughters kissed another boy, Raniere got mad and wanted her locked in a room for years like Dany, It seems like Eduardo would be good with that. He’d leave her food at her door & tell her it’s for her own good. How do we know that. He supports what Raniere does.

    Does he tell his daughter now they have been arragned to be with Raniere who is wonderful. A man who can give them what no other man on earth can give them? As sisters its a good thing to share the same husband. Let’s face it Raniere has share sister before, Eduardo doesn’t seem have an issues with this.

    Has Eduardo his girls if they get pregent & Raniere doesn’t think they are ready, they will have to abort his grandchildren? Let’s face it, there is medical records and testimony that proves Raniere knows what is best for women when it comes to having children. I’m sure your girls won’t mind mind will they Eduardo?

    If you eduate them now while their minds are young on how to be proper “ladies”. Like the ones that your SOP training taught you to raise young women to be in the world. They will be perfect for your Master Eduardo.

    Ripe for his picking at the young age for him to be alone with to learn about the sex, have photos taken of them. What age was that again Eduardo?

    Oh ya, be sure to keep your girls thin, you know Raniere likes his girls thin with long hair.

    An one more thing Eduardo, how is it that your wife feel about this plan? I’m sure she if fully on board with this plan.

    PS, If by change the goverment totally dicks Raniere and Suneel Chakravorty, Marc Elliot, Omar or Edgar Boone takes his place as the new Vanguard I’m sure you’d be glad to turn your daughters over to them, right?

  • Keith don’t lie. The Times Union made up that crap because the editor was against Keith. Wanted to shut him down. We now know that it was a conspiracy.

    Keith is innocent! He never raped anyone.

    • Who is “we”? That now “knows”?

      In a specific not general definition, please. Who are the members that make up “we”?

      Also please provide proof of the conspiracy. And also an explanation why the Times Union editor and ???(please name the others. One guy isn’t a conspiracy) would care about Keith enough to create a conspiracy?

      And lastly shut Keith down from what exactly? The dude didn’t really actually do anything of value. So…


      Who exactly is “we”?

      Proof of the conspiracy.

      A plausible explanation as to why anyone would care enough about Keith to create a conspiracy.

      And lastly, what was Keith actually accomplishing, in any kind of meaningful way, that anyone would bother to devote time and energy to shutting it down?

      And please make those claims concrete. Not amorphous “changing the world” vagaries. That nebulous cult speak is not provable or quantifiable.

      Thank you!

    • Isn’t Yolanda Cortez a pseudonym used by Nicki Clyne?
      Nicki, is that you?
      Are you still drinking Keith’s Kool Aid?

    • Regarding ‘Keith is innocent! He never raped anyone.’

      You know that for a fact? And where does your knowledge come from? Does your knowledge of this come from Raniere himself? Then it absolutely must be true. Because Keith is the greatest ethicist of all time and is known for his love of truth and most certainly not capable of a single lie, except that such lie(s) serve a higher purpose, as Keith’s selfless actions have proven time and again and have made the world a better, more desirable place (especially for Keith).

  • Where’s “Kevin” to comment the usual, “if” Keith Raniere sexually abused children he should be punished blah blah blah now?

  • I wonder what’s the collateral they have hanging over this pathetic pedophile apologist Eduardo Asúnsolo?

    I don’t give a fuck how committed you are to the cause of justice. No one can persist with lick-spittle diligence like Eduardo unless he’s being big league blackmailed.

    • AGREED.
      ..rape a kid like that, at that age, is such a traumatic experience.

      Even if a person successfully buries such memories, subconsciously it can weaken a person’s inner foundation. Issues of trust, unresolved shame and resentment, power struggles, PTSD, phobias, dissociation and self harm ( cutting, eating disorders, drinking or using drugs-
      even eventual promiscuity) are some of the effects rape can have on a child.

      NXVIUM really sucks and Ed can go suck on that! No bueno.

  • “Scum of the earth” sums Raniere up nicely.

    Four women say he raped them when they were underage. One (Rhiannon) filed a report to the police. Another testified to the fact before Judge Garaufis.

    Scum of the earth.

  • If Keith was free, would Eduardo be willing to let his daughter have one on one mentoring by Keith? Eduardo is a pervert and should have his children removed.

    • “Imagine if you will, a world so deviant, so evil that child-rapists are considered vanguards and are worshipped by a cult of fanatics. YOU have entered the Dead-Ender Zone.”

      ~ Pilgrim

  • Eduardo is barking up the wrong tree. But we’ve known that for a while now.

    Maybe I missed this somewhere, but what was Judge Garaufis’s basis for denying the prosecution’s request to have Rhiannon testify at trial? It seems as though her testimony would’ve been fully permitted under Federal Rules of Evidence 413 and/or 414 in order to establish a pattern of behavior.

    • Propensity outweighed privatize value.
      It would have been too prejudicial the judge thought to bring in a bad character witness whose allegations concerned events of almost 30 years ago. While the evidence would have further sunk the ethicist Raniere the judge might have been overturned on that one.

      Precedent that a defendant should be tried for his present alleged crimes not his past crimes alleged or proven.

  • Again, Frank, I am just flabbergasted by the ‘dead enders’ in this case! It frustrates me to no end! These are intelligent men and women! Some days I nearly give up, but hopefully one day you’ll be able to get through in your blunt, but not nasty way of reporting. I am thankful you really do have their best interests in your heart ❤️ 💙 💜 💛. They (the dead enders) are dangerous to people even if they don’t know it. I am worried about when Clare is released. If they all get together, and I think they will, do you think they’ll start back up quietly 🤫?

    • Unless they have changes of heart I think when Clare gets out they’ll unite and she will spend freely. That’s two years from now.

      But she or they may change. And see the truth about Keith Raniere and how his real goal is to ruin their happiness.

        • You’re right – that’s three years I believe. But they can communicate through lawyers and other operatives.

          • That is incorrect, Clare Bronfman was allowed to talk with the dead ends while preparing for the trial.
            The Judge didn’t say you can go through your lawyers when she exited prison.
            He said NO CONTACT.
            When she is on probation, she has no reason whatsoever to be in contact with anyone from NXIVM.
            Bronfman only sets herself up to be returned to prison for violating her parole by staying in contact with those loyal to Raniere.
            The only reason for Bronfman to be in contact with any of these idiots would be to support Raniere & his loyalist in continuing his so-called “Mission,” which has never been anything but a criminal organization.
            Let’s hope being in prison & being sent back to Philly has caused her to re-evaluate some things in her life.
            If Nicki can wake up, others can too.

          • “If Nicki can wake up, others can too.”

            Did Nicki wake up?

            Yolanda Cortez
            April 28, 2023 at 12:22 am
            Keith don’t lie. The Times Union made up that crap because the editor was against Keith. Wanted to shut him down. We now know that it was a conspiracy.
            Keith is innocent! He never raped anyone.

            Isn’t Yolanda Cortez a pen name used by Nicki Clyne?

      • Use them all up….What ever happened with Danielle the ex doctor starting up exo eso? Before Nicki’s departure, there was word that she was happily going to do this cuz they all believed it was a great thing. Wouldn’t that be against the law since shutting them down?

    • I believe the Dead-Enders will reunite with Horseface as soon as they legally are able. She is their ticket to wealth: she has no friends, her family hates her, etc. The Dead-Enders are all she has. Suneel wiped her ass for Christs sake.

      Suneel, you asswiping little freak.

  • Eduardo is a radical misogynist. God knows how his wife sticks him. He totally bought into all the SOP BS about how girls/women are inherently weak, entitled and lacking in ‘character’ (that’s Raniere’s BS definition of ‘character’ – doing something even if you find it unpleasant, painful or uncomfortable – some freakish lexicon he created!).

    Eduardo supports Trump – quelle surprise.

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