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FR brings readers a few tidbits of NXIVM-related news.

‘Law & Order’ Investigates Murder in DOS-like Cult

NXIVM is entering mainstream culture and inspiring dramatic works.

The latest episode of Law & Order, cleverly called “Collateral Damage,” features a cult that bears an uncanny resemblance to DOS, Keith Raniere’s secret sorority for women that landed him in prison.

Law & Order’s fictional Lode Star cult uses a hot iron cattle brand to brand their women. Raniere’s DOS brand was done with an electrocautery pen

Electrocautery pen, like the one used to burn KR’s initials secretly into DOS slaves. This shows Raniere’s foresight and his clever decision to have a physician ultimately sacrifice her medical license to do the branding.

The Law & Order plot suggests a young woman in the Lode Star cult died a slow and painful death from an untreated infection caused by the crude branding. The cult should have used a physician.

In the story, the Law & Order folks, seeing the humongous brand on the cadaver, cleverly deduce the dead woman was under the influence of a cult.

Two more actors pressure the cult members to find the cult’s leader, who is of course a man.

Branding women sometimes doesn’t work out in real life or on TV. Without giving away the plot, it is fair to say that both genius women-branders end up not branding women anymore.

Comparing Brands

When shopping around for a cult to join, some effort should be made to ensure the brand is discreet and attractive.

Raniere’s brand was creative, with his initials hidden in the design.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere’s Smart Brand.

But Law & Order’s writers came up with one that fails on many levels.


The “Lode Star” cult brand is too big, coarse, cumbersome, and goes above the bikini line, vertically as high as the navel, and even gives the name of the cult.

See a segment from the episode.

Dossier Slave Women Discusses Freedom and Andrew Tate

The six members of the Dossier Project, former grandslaves of Keith Raniere, released another video on their YouTube channel called: “SLAVERY OR FREEDOM 🤔? DOSSIER WOMEN DISCUSS 💯”.

Danielle Roberts.

The introduction, delivered by Danielle Roberts, talks about Andrew Tate and a letter he recently wrote.

Danielle says, “We have read some of Andrew Tate’s letter, and we thought it was pretty appropriate to share some of our thoughts in relationship to his letter because a big part of what we were doing in DOS and a big part of the intention of DOS was to help us to help women be able to find their way out of prison.
“Essentially, you know how do we become aware of our own internal prisons and face our fears, so that we can be more free to be ourselves, to find ourselves, and to be able to uphold our values and express ourselves in the world without the fear of these other external circumstances that are imposed upon us supposedly. So we bring that to you today.  I think you guys, many of you may be familiar with his statement, but if not go ahead and take a look at that.”

Instead of looking at or discussing the letter, however, the six DOS slaves wax poetic about freedom.

Tate is not referenced again in the 16 minute video online.

Michele Hatchette takes the camera next and quotes Assata Shakur, whom Danielle calls “badass.”

“People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the normal state of things. But to become free, you have to be acutely aware of being a slave.”

Eduardo Calls for Trump, Tate, and Raniere to Work Together

They need to work as a team.

In several videos posted on Eduardo Asunsulo’s Twitter, he discusses what three “strong men,” Keith Raniere, Donald Trump, and Andrew Tate have in common.

He says they are similar in being political targets of a “weaponized Department of Justice.”

Tate however is being prosecuted in Romania, Trump by the Manhattan DA., and Raniere was not a political figure.

Here is the transcript from the video:

“What do Keith Raniere, Donald Trump and Andrew Tate have in common? They are strong men whose beliefs and whose actions and whose philosophy and message, uh, does not go with the current status quo. Which has a lot of heavy liberalism. It’s evident and sad to me that we see a weaponized Department of Justice bringing down a political opponent. This is what happens in the third world, um, totalitarian regimes. You know, we might not feel like one, but we are.”

In another video, Eduardo suggests the three men should combine forces.

While it might help Raniere, will united with him help Tate win his case in Romania and Trump his presidential bid?

Clare Bronfman’s Private Island in Fiji

The Hollywood Reporter featured an article titled, “All the Dreamiest Places to Stay in Fiji.

Wakaya Island is mentioned as one of the dreamiest.

Wakaya Island, owned by Clare Bronfman.

What is not mentioned in the article is that Clare Bronfman owns 80 percent of the island and the island resort featured in the story.

The article states that one can rent the whole island for $330,750 for a week. One does not need to rent the whole island. All-inclusive and luxurious accommodations are available at her Wakaya Club & Spa. for $2,500 to $11,000 a night.

Although Clare’s current accommodations are “all-inclusive,” the nightly rate is lower.  Federal prisoner costs taxpayers $120.59/day.

The article also mentions celebrities who have been there such as Keith Richards, Celine Dion, Jim Carrey, Michelle Pfeiffer and Bill Gates.

In a shocking oversight, the Reporter fails to mention that the world’s smartest man, Keith Raniere, went there twice.

Suneel Updates Twitter Picture


Suneel’s New Profile Pic on Twitter

Shortly after the Frank Report brought attention to Suneel’s most recent Tweets, and several readers commented on his profile picture, Suneel updated his Twitter profile with a new photo and profile header image.

His profile contains a quote from Plato: “This city is what it is because our citizens are what they are.”

Suneel’s old Twitter photo.

A recent tweet also carries a similar theme, saying, “How to destroy a nation? Inculcate the citizenry with a child-like trust in authority.”

We offer a corroborating quote from Whitman: “There is no week nor day nor hour when tyranny may not enter upon this country, if the people lose their roughness and spirit of defiance.”

With his new photo comes a new vigor in his tweeting. Suneel has tweeted two dozen times – largely on the topic of FBI and judicial corruption.

In the past, his tweets were sporadic.

 Cult Vault Creates Video About Nicki Clyne’s ‘Declyne’ of Raniere

Nicki Clyne Renounces Support of NXIVM Cult Leader Cult Vault

On YouTube, Cult Vault, created a video that documents Nicki Clyne’s statement on Frank Report renouncing Keith Raniere, as well as some background information.

The description of the video reads as follows: “In this news episode, we dive deep into the dark world of NXIVM, a once-promising self-help organization that turned into a notorious sex cult. We’ll discuss its origins, the hidden abuses within its ranks, and the high-profile individuals involved, such as Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, and Nikki Clyne. Join us as we explore the manipulation, coercion, and criminal activities that led to the group’s downfall and the lasting impact on its former members and society at large.”

Sahajo Offers Teachings on Twitter

It is apparent that the six remaining members of the Dossier Project have an earnest desire to share their thoughts. With Raniere in the SHU and unable to offer the world his teachings, his grandslave, Sahajo Haertel has been active on Twitter offering advice to followers in his stead.
Here are some examples of her teachings:
Sahajo @sahajoh
It’s true! Every time we feel hurt it’s our pride that gets bruised. If we didn’t take it personal people’s BS behavior wouldn’t sting.
The person who suffers most from your lie is always you. Don’t lie, it’s not worth it. Know yourself
Our expectations of others can get us in a lot of trouble. I know this because the higher my expectations are of someone, the more it hurts when they don’t meet them. We are not entitled to our expectations being met.
It feels awful when others think things about you that are not true. It feels awful when others don’t believe you. Remember not to take it personally. Others’s opinion do not create reality. Know yourself and your intentions and you will become unshatterable.
They say ignorance is bliss, but they don’t tell you what it’s going to cost you.
It’s important to feel all emotions deeply, just don’t get stuck in them. Feel them, process them and then move on.

Sarah Edmondson Announces Ted Talk

On her Instagram, Sarah Edmondson just announced that she will be appearing in Portland, OR to do a “Ted Talk” on May 20, 2023. She states, “Thanks TEDxPortland for including me with an incredible line up of speakers! What an honour to be invited to share my story (and hopefully some wisdom to inform others) on the stage! Come join us for a day of talks, music and treats in the Rose city- May 20, 2023.
* All details at TEDxPortland.com

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  • Poor, poor, Suneel….He’s so ashamed by his looks he created an avatar. So sad……

    …..At least now we won’t get nauseous when we read a Suneel story.

    Thank you Suneel!

  • This guy is an embarrassment. Why was he showing off proudly gaining US citizenship and then spending his time like this. Sound like he’d prefer to be a citizen of another country

  • “Suneel’s New Profile Pic on Twitter.”

    Wow! The space alien now has an artificially generated image (CGI) of himself. Aliens are always pulling this shit in movies.

    Too late! Games up Suneel! We all know what your ugly-alien-ass looks like. No fooling us now!
    You space shrimp! 🦐 🛸

    Live long and prosper🖖🏻

  • Eduardo Asúnsolo dreams of strong men coming together.

    That’s it. That’s my comment.

  • Hahaha Eduardo!! I thought he was joking but sadly his comments were serious! I don’t understand his specific kind of crazy but I do admire his total commitment to it.

  • Why aren’t America’s Propaganda Networks reporting on the Baltimore riots?
    PANDEMONIUM in Baltimore: City descends into madness as Biden SITS SILENT

  • Hey Frank:
    Great Reuters-like update on all Nxivm happenings. Love Suneel’s fresh new look, a much more appealing approach to lure coach-seeking millennials and souls who are still interested in getting to the bottom of the truth regarding that horrendous FBI tampering case that’s caused so much pain to the smartest man in the world. Well done Suneel!
    I heard that the guy who was running the Fiji Island, Antonio, left and the island is now run by a lady who works for Clare, is her friend, lives in Albany, visits her in prison, BUT has nothing to do with the cult, thank God! It looks like Clare wants Mariana and Keith’s (Raniere not Richards) child to move there in preparation for her release in 2025. Have you heard anything? Anyway, if you do get there you may be elbowing with Bill Gates, Keith Richards or Celine. Maybe even Nicky and Alison now that they have both regained their freedom from slavery.
    Thanks for sharing Sahajo’s words of wisdom, sadly, her revered Vanguard must be having problems accessing the internet from SHU. I hope someone can get this one across to him:
    ” It feels awful when others think things about you that are not true. It feels awful when others don’t believe you. Remember not to take it personally. Others’s opinion do not create reality. Know yourself and your intentions and you will become unshatterable.”

    • Bronfman isn’t going to Fiji when she gets out of prison. Bronfmanwill have three years of probation to do before she can leave the US.
      Does anyone think Raniere is going to let his women live that far away from his prison as Fiji?
      People have to stay around and fight to the bitter end and be miserable with him.

  • FBI Planted Undercover Agents Inside Churches
    Biden and the FBI Spied on the Catholic Church.
    Joe Biden believes that he is the Pope.
    It is time for Biden to be impeached and removed from office and the FBI to be defunded.
    FBI Planted Undercover Agents Inside Churches

  • Sarah Edmondson gets her ass “chapped.”
    The Vow: SARAH EDMONDSON talks NXIVM & Guilt as Top Recruiter

    • Shadow! Where did the ass chapping video go? The fact she recruited and wants to sue Nicki is a joke right?

  • Anyone else wondering that the recent Dalai Lama kissing on the lips thing, is something he picked up during his time with Raniere?

  • Pertaining to the headline. Eduardo, shall the three join forces on Twitter? Your life has become a joke. You’re an internet troll with a face to match. The fact that you’re reporting Twitter tweets from a padded room is fitting. Tweet this middle finger 🖕

  • Danielle Roberts,
    “… a big part of the intention of DOS was to help us to help women be able to find their way out of prison.”

    So you imprison women in DOS by taking collateral and making them your property, so they can find their way out of the prison you created.

    What a concept, and it seems you succeeded because with the assistance of FP, all of your prisoners got out— the last one to escape being Nicki Clyne.

    Well done DOS!

  • Eduardo, Mark and the Golden Girls are boring. They are the Internet warriors bitching about false media, fake news and now some homo named Andrew Tate. Marie, I have a request. Please paint the DOS women as the Golden Girls riding the short bus with Eduardo and mark Driving to visit their Vanguard. Thanks.

  • The level of cognitive dissonance on display is breathtaking! I can only hope that one day they wake up and realize how bat crap crazy they sound and how they have brought heartache and hardship to others with their words and actions and start to turn their lives around.

  • Raniere/Tate/Trump = a yummy recipe for Dark Triad perfection.

    Asunsulo you need to stop smoking your socks!

    • Hahaha……
      But I see a commonality between the three:
      KR: in jail for sex trafficking
      Tate: arrested and indicted for sex trafficking (out on bail):
      Trump: accused of sexual assault. Trial starts 17th april (civil)

      What a lovely trio.

  • “What do Keith Raniere, Donald Trump and Andrew Tate have in common?” If I may add another prominent name: Meghan Markle.
    What they have in common is they are all narcissists (of the pathological persuasion, not the common understanding of simply ‘examining the fluff in your navel’ type).
    Here’s what their behaviour have in common: Lie at the drop of a hat and never feel shame when found out, inflated sense of self-importance, must be in control at all time, experts at gaslighting, divisive, will isolate victims from friends and family to create dependency on the narc, paranoia (the world is after me because every one is jealous of me and my greatness), never wrong and never responsible for anything (always somebody else’s fault), takes credit for everyone else’s work, discard others like so many used toys, using endless (mostly frivolous) lawsuits to ‘scare off’ opponents and establish control, never forgets a wrong but think of any ‘right’ as being their god-given due because they’re ‘special’ and sent to ‘save the world’. Expert at ‘wooing’ others by making them feel ‘special’ (love bombing phase). Expert at discarding others but will seek revenge if you’re the one that dares leave first. Will use sex as a means of control.
    Some are blunt and in your face (Trump/Tate); others maintain a facade of ‘humanitarism/philanthropy/I only want the best for you/the world’ (Raniere/Markle). Ultimately ‘children of the lie’ (M Scott Peck).
    It is interesting that Eduardo is picking these raging narcissists as his heroes.

  • Sahajo: “They say ignorance is bliss, but they don’t tell you what it’s going to cost you.”

    Raniere said to open your mind to NLP and rational inquiry, but he didn’t say what it was going to cost you: your soul and your individuality. Sahajo, you sound like a nice person – I hope you get them back.

  • Frank, have you ever been asked to appear on Sarah’s podcast “A Little Bit Culty?” If not, would you accept the offer to appear on her show?

    • No. I wasn’t asked. I would likely appear if asked. Sarah did, at my request, appear through teleconference on an otherwise in-person round table discussion with the NXIVM five, Susan Dones and Karen Unterreiner, which I moderated. The purpose was to try to persuade the NXIVM 5 to leave Raniere and to listen to the NXIVM 5’s arguments about FBI tampering. I may publish that interview in time.

      So far, one of the five decided to leave. Sarah decidedly played bad cop with the NXIVM 5.

    • If Frank showed up – then listeners would look into Frank – and the carefully crafted narrative put forth by Nippy & Sarah would dissolve…

  • “The Law & Order plot suggests a young woman in the Lode Star cult died a slow and painful death from an untreated infection”

    Slightly unrelealistic plot line there. As no doubt Dr Roberts should acknowledge, sepsis is a very real risk with ANY procedure involving subcutaneous penetration, however minimal. And yet sepsis is anything but slow and painful: a rapid raise in body temperature leads to a rapid loss of consciousness and a rapid death – quick, but not much pain. A lot of pain though to the family and friends of the victim.

    It was an incredibly stupid and reckless idea conceived by women who were clearly so deluded by their attempts to eliminate their “distintegrations”. Imagine how they would have felt watching one of their sisters die so needlessly? Would that have been enough to awaken their consciences? We can only speculate.

  • DOS was to free women from prison? That’s one I hadn’t heard until last week from Michelle on YouTube. I really try to understand these women, but am I the only one who thinks they spout nothing but ‘word salad’? I am not trying to be mean. But I think that they really don’t know what to say. And they seem to also be taking men who are incarcerated or accused of sexual crimes and other things by women and just defending them to make victims seem like liars. That bothers me. Shaming victims is not ok with me. And Suneel! C’mon dude! This new profile picture is nice but he’s still jabbering the same garbage. I don’t put tampering past the FBI, but if the evidence was solid enough, wouldn’t the government/whoever have started a case about it? The experts that were paid by someone are ex employees of the very same agency they are accusing. They pointed out how easy it is to fudge Metadata. I don’t think they were that hard up for evidence against KR to at the last minute decide to heinous break the law to convict him. Many people had a hard on against him by that time. Couldn’t someone else have done it just to make sure? And why would Cami lie about the pictures? She and KR are the only ones who were there to know the truth and the way he seemed to love his sickeningly up close vaginally photos I totally believe her. Look how he liked to make India pull her car over and snap right there! Why is it so hard to believe? Without the vulgar, sparky comments of some of the commentators lately, can someone give me an opinion about what I am saying? Maybe even Frank? Am I out in left field here 🤔?

  • Suneel and Eduardo seem to be painted with the same brush. Eduardo, admittedly is a staunch, loyalist who sees Raniere as innocent.

    Suneel wants the judicial process followed fairly, and wants all people held to the same standard. The FBI has not been held to any standard in this case. Regrettably, since Keith is guilty of some, if not all crimes of conviction, no one cares what was done to secure 120 years.

    There is no due process.

    The ends justify the means which is why as a country we are fucked.

    • No we’re not deadender. If you have a problem with the lack of challenge of the FBI, take it up with Keith and his many lawyers

  • Sahajo wants women to take advice from her? Is really crazy enough to think she is an authority on “women’s agency”, after subjugating herself and other women to a sex-cult. All to satisfy the twisted, perverted, pedophiliac desires of one sick, ill man?

  • A recent tweet also carries a similar theme, saying, “How to destroy a nation? Inculcate the citizenry with a child-like trust in authority.”

    Suneel is accurate on this one.

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