Allegations of Abuse and Legal Battles Continue as Seneca Casino Executive and Employee/Lover Goes Public

In response to my story: Seneca Casino Director Charged With Felony Against Ex-Employee/Lover, I got a lot of Keith John supporters, primarily anonymous, condemning Carrie Kearns, saying she is solely at fault and being a nutcase too.

I was also blamed for writing the story based on court documents and Kearn’s comments.

I tried to get John’s side of it, but he chose not to comment when reached by phone.

I reported he has a felony charge in Indiana for allegedly sending text messages threatening her. It’s news because he is a top executive for the Seneca Nation’s casino in Niagara Falls.

Keith John, Director of Table Games, Seneca Niagara Casino, facing charges for sending texts. 

Here is my take on it, subject to change through further investigation.

There was a significant power advantage he had from the start.

You’d think the director of table games at the Seneca Niagara Casino would know better – if for no other reason but not to bring disgrace to the Senecas.

After all, he was her boss at the casino. He was four levels over her. She was a dealer, making $8 per hour plus tips. Sure, she loved his attention. And yes, she, as an adult, agreed to go out with him. Maybe she wanted to. But even if she did not, how do you tell the big boss you aren’t going out with him when he asks, knowing he could get you fired, change your hours or make life hell?

They went out for months before she moved in. After that, they lived together for almost a year. And he kept her working as a dealer after their relationship.

I became suspicious when I read his statement for why he needed a restraining order. He said Kearns punched him with a closed fist, and he needed protection. I found this curious since she is 5’1″ and 100 lbs. and he is 6′, 220 lbs. and has a black belt in karate.

Carrie Kearns, fired from Casino, facing charges for making phone calls.

Kearns claims John beat her up after forcing her to have sex. Lewiston Police did not press charges against John. Yet they pressed felony charges against Kearns for phone calls.

She says he kept her late father’s stained-glass window and other sentimental items after he threw her out. If that is true, why not return them?

She says he kept $8,000 of her cash. That was her contribution to their wedding fund, she said. She shows a bank withdrawal slip made two days before he threw her out of his house they lived in together. He got a restraining order, and had her tossed out by police.

She left, but the $8,000 stayed, she says. It was all the money she had.

He is a well-paid executive. After tossing her out, why not give her something to move on with her life?

Instead, he argues in court that he once spent $4,000 fixing her car, so she owes him, and he does not have to return her father’s possessions.

Now he has to spend much more in legal fees to defend against serious felony charges.

These two are at war, and she and he both face prison. She already has 40 days in jail.

She will be sentenced on March 21 for an A misdemeanor for calling him on the phone while under a restraining order. He pressed the charges.

Yet, while under a restraining order, he invited her back into his house and visited her house in Hamburg.  Why did he keep bringing her back, despite the restraining order that he sought?

John had Kearns sign a paper he drew up in the Seneca Casino offices wherein she admits she has mental issues. She says he required her confession to allow her to move back in with him again [while the restraining order was in effect.]

She signed it. So, does this make her look bad? I think it makes him look bad.

After their final split, John continued to press charges against her for phone calls. He saw her jailed for this. A woman he invited to live in his house with him. A woman he said he planned to marry.

She moved to Indiana. He was free of her. But he invited her back into his house, allegedly had sex with her, then allegedly beat her because she got jealous.

Sure, that was stupid of her to go inside. But, if he is the better person, he would not have invited her back.

Carrie Kearns left Niagara and got a job at the Indianappolis Horseshoe casino. Keith John got her fired and she had to return home.

And he would not have texted and threatened her, if he did, as it is alleged in Indiana. He would have tried to get her help, not imprison her.

But she owes him, he said in court because he fixed her car. So, he gets to keep her possessions. And if she calls to get them back — he gets her charged with a felony.

Alright. All legal. All within the law. A sick girl, a depressed girl, whom he has sign a document that she is mentally ill, and who thought she was in love with him.

With his money and connections, he got her hauled into court and fired from her job at both the Seneca Casino and in Indiana – a dumb move since she would have been gone and out of his hair.

He seems to have gotten her fired from a waitressing job in the Buffalo area too when she had to return after losing her job in Indiana.

Then, when she calls him, he goes to local police, who know him and know his important position, and heaps another felony on her.

For a phone call.

As we look into this further, we will find out more. Maybe he is a victim. Perhaps she is a monster. Or maybe he is.

Or maybe they both are to blame for a battle they cannot contain between themselves and got the public courts involved so everyone knows about it now.

But here is where the power imbalance hurts him not her.  She already lost everything. She works for minimum wage and faces sentencing. He has a big job ripe for the cutting.

Where is his common sense? When does he take steps to protect his employers?

Some of the things she says about the way the casino operated are criminal.

She has so many stories about the inner workings of the Seneca casino. Stories about him, the books, the executives, and some of the customers, stuff she learned from him. Some of it is very damaging if it is true.

Federal offenses. And the sovereign Senecas are not beyond the reach of the federal government for federal crimes.

Yet he let her go to jail, this supposedly mentally ill girl he once proposed marriage to and bought her a ring and made her sign a confession of mental illness in order to move back in.

Did he try to help her?

He put her in jail because she called him on the phone.

Now he depends on being a poor, weak little victim of her.

He could have been smarter. He could have handled this with a bit of class and never let it get to where it went.  The last felony he charged her with was for a single phone call he says she made in February. It seems he did not provide the police with evidence. Just his word. No phone records. They hit her with a felony.

A single phone call, the first one made in more than four months – and right away he goes for the felony – without evidence, it appears, just his word.

If it was true that she called [she denies it] and he was really looking to end this, he might have sent word to her attorney – “hey, she called again – for the first time in four months. Please tell her not to do that again.”

Knowing she’s up for sentencing in March, he laid in ambush, waited until she appeared for a court hearing, then had Lewiston police handcuff her and send her overnight to jail – with a new felony charge.

Now he got a bomb blast in return — the public exposure of a felony charge in Indiana. And the charges stem from an employee he plucked from the Seneca casino, then got her fired.

She has more bombs coming, as she tells her story, a story she most likely would not have told had he returned her possessions and not gone after her with felonies for phone calls.

But it takes two to tango. It would have ended if he wanted to stop dancing.

He could have blocked her calls or talked to her sensibly, telling her in a kindly way not to keep calling. Then blocked her phone number. And if she called on another line, he could speak gently again, patiently and hung up. After a while, she would give up.

It seems, in his passion to dig her grave, he fell into the hole with her. Maybe she egged him on, sure, but he was not smart enough to apply the tactics of love and kindness to a forlorn woman or even to apply the wisdom not to fight down.

He adopted a warrior posture with a little woman he once shared his bed with and then scorned. He would destroy her.

Then the worm turned.

These two would be wise to have their attorneys settle this matter and put it behind them.













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  • Niagara Falls man charged with election violations
    14 March 2023

    Special Investigations Unit
    Major Miklos S. Szoczei II
    Detail Commander


    On March 14, 2023, the NYSP Special Investigations Unit (SIU) arrested Nicholas D. D’Angelo, 30, of Niagara Falls, NY, for Attempted Tampering with Public Records 1st (E Felony), Forgery 2nd (D Felony), Identity Theft 1st (D Felony) and Campaign Contribution to be in the True Name of Contributor, Election Law 14-120(1) and 14-126(5), both Misdemeanors.

    The Bureau of Criminal Investigation – SIU investigated D’Angelo for campaign fraud. The investigation determined that D’Angelo forged records and used a victim’s identity to make a false campaign contribution. The Niagara County District Attorney’s Office assisted in this investigation.

    D’Angelo was arrested and processed at SP Niagara, was issued an appearance ticket and is due in city of Niagara Falls court later this month.

    Carries Lawyer seems to have himself in a bit of a pickle wouldn’t you say !

  • Carrie is a liar . Attention sicker . Free loader . I have no problem providing evidence I do have .

  • This chick has been engaged more than once however she never makes it to the alter because the men call it off, that should tell you something in itself right there. You really should look into why her own family has nothing to do with her, why her own children don’t want nothing to do with her, why she can’t keep friends. Knowing about someone’s character & actually listening to people who know this woman in real life is all the truth you need to know. Carrie is just butt hurt that ANOTHER man has left her. Keith dodged a bullet by not marrying this scumbag, good for him!

  • U have the story so wrong!!! I don’t know Keith but I know Carrie very well and more so after she was living with me Nov27-Jan23, 2023. You seriously need to your research her history! She is the one the that tries to ruines people’s lives. She is all about money and sex and when she doesn’t her way, SHE WILL COME AFTER YOU! Makes me sick reading ur articles because u have no idea what u are speaking on behalf of. Disgusting!

    • Please call me at 305-783-7083. Otherwise, you are just hiding in the shadows of anonymity, and I can hardly accept this as true without some corroboration. You can speak off the record with me.

      I am interested in the truth.

  • Following a four year investigation, Parlato and business partner Chitra Selvaraj were federally indicted in the United States District Court for the Western District of New York in November 2015.[41] Charges included fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion relating to Parlato’s ownership and management of the One Niagara Building (former headquarters of Occidental Petroleum).[42]

    The matter was still in pretrial phase, with Parlato released on bond, when he was summoned by the federal court in Buffalo to appear November 2021 following an alleged incident in Florida.[43] The event was investigated as a bail violation.[44] The arrest warrant was rescinded, and the Court ordered Parlato undergo an anger management evaluation.[44]

    Parlato accepted a plea agreement in August, 2022, pleading guilty to the willful failure to file an IRS Form 8300 (26 U.S.C. § 7203 and § 6050I) when he accepted a cash rent payment of $19,000 from commercial tenants of the One Niagara Building.[45] The agreement also requires him Parlato forfeit $1,000,000 originally seized during the investigation and to pay over $180,000 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service.[46] A sentencing date has been postponed several times, most recently to April 3, 2023.[47][48]

    • This is not new and it is public. The feds dropped 18 felony counts involving millions and had one count of a failure to file an IRS form in 2010 for 19,000. But what has this to do with whether or not the charges alleged against Keith John are true or false?

  • Frank, this article is clearly hear say from Carrie’s mouth. Maybe some character investigation needs to take place in her local town. Visit Hamburg, Blasdell, Lackawanna bars. See what they have to say. Visit her ex’s and hear their stories. Her behavior is evil and repetitious along with false accusations. In those same towns check police records. She lived with me from Nov 27-Jan 23rd, 2023. Called cops to my house twice. She threatedned to call cps. She claimed I hit her in the face, she claimed my 21 year old told her to suck his D!, she was texting my ex that I neglect my dog. I literally, had my youngest son live with his dad and my dog live with her dad until crazy moved out of my house after my family went behind my back and paid her to do so. I finally, got my life back. Prior to living with me she lived with her aunt. You can her about he own experiences and police contacts.
    There is so much more I can say but seriously, talk to ex’s and you will see a pattern. Her false accusations of abuse and even rape is nothing new. And she’s always going for money! Her son’s father does not count as an ex seeing that she is still intimate with him. Do your research, Sir. This article should be shredded.

  • WOW…CLUELESS…I have read your articles, and what are your sources…Carrie (the one that admitted to be mentally ill) And yet you believe it, and print everything she says. the Lewiston Police, which you tried to discredit them, because they have proof, that your friend (Nicky D”s) client (Carrie) is worthy of ALL the charges. Please research the info, perhaps, maybe contact…the local police dept where she lived (Hamburg, NY) and find out, what is on file there, with her previous MALE friends. As for the $8000.00. you have a bank withdrawal receipt. When was the wedding date? What exactly was Carrie gonna do with that money? Have it sit at home, while they decide….on a date… guest list.??? (why didnt she take the money when she left) You stated..she went back into the house…after her car got stuck in the snow..sounds like a good time time take the money. FYI check the withdrawal date, And check some local casinos…and her win/loss statement, for that date…and the following day…You will find out…Carrie is a liar…and has a gambling problem, just to mention a few. You also said, that Carrie is broke, has no money. If she his broke, has no money, what is she doing in Florida? (wait DONT you live in Florida) who paid for her to go to Florida? where is she staying?.who is paying for her food? If she has NO MONEY, NO JOB, and NO FORSEEABLE income in the future…How is she paying her lawyer (your good friend Nicky D).A previous comment states, she sleeps with people for money.That would not be the case here, or is it? It is clear, that you are trying to discredit, the name and reputation of Mr John…. trying to bring him DOWN to your level….How many times have you been arrested? and what were the charges? How may Felony cases are pending, for your good buddy, Nicky D (Carries atty). And how many of your good buddies are in prison right now. You WITHOUT a DOUBT…Have a personal interest, in this matter…

  • Wish there was that much sympathy for the victims attorney Nick D’Angelo was and still is abusing ! Crazy that nick D’Angelo your managing editor is the attorney of Carrie too . What did she have to do for nick D’Angelo in order to get this written for her ?

    • Nick is not the managing editor of this publication. He was once the Managing editor of the Niagara Falls Reporter. He has not been in that role for several years.

      It is funny that you don’t address the issue but resort to attacking the alleged victim in Indians. It is almost as if you have a personal connection to this story.

      • What’s funny is Carrie told me she was going to talk to Nick DeAngelo about writing a story and then all of a sudden there’s a story written. You mean to tell me you didn’t know Nick DeAngelo was representing this person in court? If you say no, then you’re lying . also why not just admit the truth that Nick D’Angelo helped write the story if you’re such an honest news reporter? Why does nick still share all of the Niagara reporter stuff on his other news pages? Why did Carrie say she was going to have nick take care of this and now there’s an article ?

        • I write my own stories. I speak to various sources. Look at legal documents and write my story. It is clearly your idea of a red herring to make the story of an Indiana felony charge against Keith John into a story about the alleged victim’s attorney. Good try.

      • Exactly what kind of *Journalist* would use a slang term for Native Americans? That in itself is deplorable!

        • It was a typo. I did not refer to Keith John as an Indian. The reference was the Indiana felony case not Indians case. But is the word “Indian” a bad word now? I am not on board with every notion of political correctness. When I was a boy, I played cowboys and Indians. Would it be called cowboys and indigenous Americans?

          The Native Times wrote “As an Indian newspaper we must be very careful that what we call ourselves is not dictated to us by the white media. We have been Indians for a few hundred years and the name carries our history. Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Little Wound (Read their quotes) all called themselves ‘Indian’ and they said it with pride. Should we dishonor them by saying they were wrong?

          “Political correctness be damned: We will use ‘Indian’ if and when we choose. We will not be intimidated by the politically correct bunch or the white media.”

          Well said my Indian freind.

  • The world we live in has become so opinionated, so judge-mental, so incredibly sad. When situations happen between two people, articles like this are written. Most times the narrative is the ‘women are victims’ and the “man are the predator.”People thrive on other peoples mishaps and misfortunes. It is obvious your information is coming from Carrie. You present these articles with such bias, with very little truth and with such limited research. You write this with hopes the man will respond to defend himself. Why should he have to. Why should he give you any of his time. He does not need to stoop to the level of tabloids. He has taken his truth to the courts. The proper law enforcement has the evidence needed and the proper sentencing will hopefully be met. I’m not writing this to pass judgment nor give an opinion, I’m solely here because I want people to know that what you have written is most definitely not the truth. The people that truly know Carrie and what she is capable of will also know she is not a victim. I am not here to provide proof or evidence, because frankly within your articles you as well did not provide any, however, I am here to simply contradict Carrie’s claims. She is not a victim. Most definitely not a victim. She is solely trying to slander this man’s name. Yes mistakes were made, everyone is human, but this tactic is total revenge and complete sabotage. With writing this comment I hope people read this and understand that woman are not always the victim. They too can be the ones doing the victimizing.

    • Did her threaten to hurt her in texts sent to her while she lived in Indiana ? That’s the story. If he didn’t then he was falsely charged. If he did then he is the perpetrator.

      This is about the Indians case too not just the Lewiston case.

      • The word “Indians case” was a typo I meant it to read “Indiana case.” There is a case in Indiana.

      • Frank you’re asking the readers if the threatening messages were sent to her?? Really?? If you did a thorough investigation & looked into “evidence” as you say you did and didn’t just write an article based on Carrie’s accusations, shouldn’t SHE have proof of the threatening messages? This whole article is trash, sounds one sided to me & anyone with common sense would know there’s always 2 sides to a story & unfortunately Carrie’s side doesn’t seem to hold up in court, I’m guessing because she doesn’t have any proof, just her word (which doesn’t count for much considering all she’s ever been known to do is lie) guess that’s why SHE keeps getting locked up & not him.

  • Sir you keep saying the courts should settle this? Then why don’t you wait until all the facts come out in court before you publish your story ? Instead you keep slandering this man without knowing the facts. Shame on you ! You have the right to publish and Mr. John has the right not to speak to you. But you sir are publishing a story for your own benefit and really have no clue what really happened or how many times Carrie has harassed this man.

    • I said the two parties ought to settle it out of court. But that’s just my opinion.

      The Frist amendment gives us the right to report that an executive at the Seneca Casio. Is charged with threatening his former employee and ex lover.

      If he did text her and threaten to hurt or kill her then he should be punished. If it is not true then the party making the allegations should be held to account.

      The Madison Police reviewed evidence and saw the texts. He either sent them or didn’t it.

      • He is not an executive. Please get your facts straight. There are may twisted lies in your report. Get the facts before you slander Mr. John and report lies. Thanks.

        • What is he then, if not an executive? He is a director of table games. Shall we call him a director then, and not an executive?

          • Wrong again ! Like I said get your facts straight and stop publishing lies. I could go back and forth about the so many wrongs in your report! But clearly you don’t care about facts! You only care to make a good story to benefit yourself!

          • Conclusory allegations. Can you be specific. I want the truth. Did Keith John send the standing texts to this woman and beat her up ?

  • If convicted of defamation, the defendant is charged with a first degree misdemeanor for which he or she must serve up to 1 year in jail. Florida is one of the only states for which defamation remains a crime. With that said, it is important to exercise caution and decorum on internet platforms, online and in writing.

  • Do you live in Niagara Falls or Florida. I will hand you the description of the law in Florida: If convicted of defamation, the defendant is charged with a first degree misdemeanor for which he or she must serve up to 1 year in jail. Florida is one of the only states for which defamation remains a crime. With that said, it is important to exercise caution and decorum on internet platforms, online and in writing.

    • Yes, in Florida, defamation is a crime under certain circumstances: FL Stat. §836.04

      Here is FL statute: 836.04 “Defamation.—Whoever speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.”

      The law was passed in 1883 and has not been prosecuted in this century, possibly not during the last century.

      There are several reasons why this story is not ripe for a criminal prosecution based on defamation.

      The First Amendment, ratified in 1791, supersedes it.

      The US Supreme Court, in New York Times v. Sullivan, reconciled state defamation with the protection of public discourse afforded by the First Amendment.

      After Sullivan, a jurisprudence of “constitutional defamation” arose, limiting liability in cases involving public figures and limited-purpose public figures.

      Truth is a complete defense to a charge of defamation.

      The story does not maliciously impute Keith John was lacking in chastity.

      Finally, Keith John is not a woman.

      Good try.

  • This woman …whom never met, called me repeatedly after they broke up.sometimes late at night ,pleading me to get him to take her back. I had to block no## . So she called from another no#.

    • If your anonymous comment is true, and I do not think much of an anonymous commenter who alleges specific things, what does this show? That she wanted to be with this man. Maybe she loved him.

      He did take her back repeatedly. If they were wise, they would settle this outside the courts – which are public.

      • This is very true. She somehow knows how to call and text from a different number. She just did this to me last week and I have proof. Telling me “keep my name out of ur mouth”… because she knows I KNOW!!!

  • There is a pending lawsuit in New York State, that reconvenes later in the month A counter lawsuit legally cannot be filed in Indiana based on texts 28716 area code number and somebody who still legally resides in New York State, but relocated to Indiana for six months. Is there a docket number in Indiana?. Did you do your due diligence to research exactly what the heck was filed. None of this makes sense. It’s all hearsay. Wish the woman luck. But this is happened countless times. Different situations were the mailbox away. This time he did not. And then somebody funds a trip to Key West and a Tesla rental. If you are personally involved with her. Walk away. This guy is crazy.

    • State of Indiana vs. Raymond Kieth John — 48c05-2203-F6-000858.

      It is not a civil lawsuit but a criminal prosecution of John, based on a felony 6th degree. Please keep in mind that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty and John has not been tried.

        • In US law, a commercial sex act means “any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person.” Anything of value could include food, shelter, protection, gifts, or clothing.

          By that definition, millions of Americans are engaged in commercial sex acts.

          In New York, a person is guilty of prostitution “when such person engages or agrees or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee.”

          So no, I do not think someone having sex with another who provides goods is prostitution per se.

          So yes, I understand Carrie accused Keith of getting her goods, such as $8,000 in cash, a stained-glass window, etc., but I do not think it makes Keith guilty of prostitution.

          • “ I do not think someone having sex with another who provides goods is prostitution per se.”

            It’s prostitution when the person is having sex with that person only because they are providing goods. Some men move a street hooker into their home to save money on prostitution fees because they only need to supply her with a little cash for food in exchange for sex. It’s still prostitution.

          • Are you arguing that this is case of prostitution -? who is the prostitute Keith or Carrie in your scenario?

            and do you advocate for criminal charges to both the parties on grounds of prostitution?

  • Carrie wants her $ back, when is she ever going to pay the THOUSANDS of dollars she owes people!? She’s always asking for a handout! She’s always broke! She screws dudes for $. How does an unemployed person afford to travel 1500 miles away?? Read between the lines. Anyone who knows this woman knows what she’s all about! She’s NOT a victim. She will call you 100 times in a minute if you don’t pick up! Block her # & she will STILL find a way to call you. She’s guilty of habitual harassment by SEVERAL men she’s encountered. Hope she pleas insanity & rots in jail, that’ll be the best thing for everybody!!

    • I’m sorry are you one of the men who have messaged me trying to score n then learned that I’m not that girl!! I screw no one for money the guys I have been with in life I have dated for quite some time! Not that it’s any of your business. You seem to have a personal vengeance against me?! I’d gladly talk to u about whatever is bothering you and I would recommend Jesus in your life. I hope to god you don’t have a daughter who was ever mentally and physically abused and then call her crazy!! I won’t respond to anything else on here bc trust me I been through enough and have no control over anyone else but I will pray for anyone who feels the need to get off on this and put them down when you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Lord hear the peoples prayers and healing for all. Amen!

      • Women falsly crying abuse really does make it hard for real DV survivors. Especially when keith isn’t the first man she’s accused of rape.

      • For starters you might want to delete yourself from the Facebook dating site. It is funny that every time a guy tries to friend me it seems like you are friends with every single one of them seeking your next victim and that is how I found some of your victims. And that is the only reason I friend them. To warn them. Also you want to speak all holy. I guarantee you have not been to church since you left my house. Everybody that knows you knows for a fact that this article is nonsense. Have you seen one comment that took your side? Other than the man that wrote the article who has no idea who you are . You need to think twice about trying to ruin people’s lives including mine… and focus on bettering your life.

    • Go on the record. Frank’s easy to reach. From the outside looking in, it smells like the same anon person is spraying the comment section.

  • And how does someone who only makes eight dollars an hour have $8000 to spare? I call BS. Either she never had that $8000 or she is lying about her income.

  • Also, the “little woman” IS an abuser if she punched him with a closed fist. End of story. So what, I guess Prince who was only 4’10” or so could go around punching people, and it would never be considered abuse cause he’s short??? Give me a break. You are defending an abuser. You don’t deny she punched him.

    • I don’t affirm or deny it. I was not there. What I am curious about is whether he was afraid of her.

  • I wish you would stop with your illogical statements that a man could never be afraid of a woman. Women can abuse, harass and murder men— have you never heard of knives and guns? And under the right circumstances, a woman can strangle a man to death. It has been done.

    • Maybe he was afraid of her. Then why did he keep inviting her back to his house ?

      I am not taking sides. I am pointing out the obvious. He has more to lose. Why not stop this fighting and settle things.

      I’m quite sure the courts in Indiana and Lewiston have better things to do.

      • “Then why did he keep inviting her back to his house ?”

        It’s a common pattern in abusive relationships. People tend to hold out hope that the abuser will change. Applies to men and women. I don’t know either of these people myself so they could both be full of shit, but women can be and are abusers and can pose dangers to men the same way men can be abusive.

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