Wait a Minute! Rock Says Nicki Owes Everything to Sarah Who Led Her to Vanguard

Rock makes an interesting point. We all believe in gratitude, and NXIVM followers are instructed to not only believe in it, but also to show it as tribute.

He notes Kevin, who defends Nicki, and other steadfast Raniere followers condemn Sarah Edmondson, and yet she deserves the highest tribute. For had it not been for Sarah, Nicki and company would never have been led to the golden one, the imperial and royal grandmaster of all. 

The paintings of the wonderful NXIVM cast, who delight and entertain readers, are painted by the wonderful MK10ART, whom we ought to pay tribute to, for enlivening so many of our friends in NXIVM in such colorful and expressive ways.  


By Rock Around the Block

I see a major contradiction between what Kevin says about Sarah and what Kevin believes himself. What you might call a logical paradox.

According to Kevin, Nicki et al. derived a massive advantage in terms of the invaluable knowledge and ‘tools’ they acquired from the whole NXIVM experience, revelations that few people ever realize, a psychological and philosophical toolbox that would benefit them for the rest of their lives and make them much better people.

And yet the one person they claim did more than anyone else to spread the word and shine that light in the darkness, Sarah Edmondson, is now public enemy number 1, the most unscrupulous and satanic being in their eyes on the face of the Earth.

Keith Raniere leaking Sarah Edmondson’s branding video 

Because she made money out of it?

Yeah, but that was because the Master willed it so, and isn’t he infallible? And who was financing Sarah? Bronfman bucks.

But doesn’t the sun shine out of their asses?

The Holy Trinity, Keith, Clare and Sara

“Oh,” they might say, “but she betrayed the organization – she squealed to the NY Times, revealed her brand, broke her vow – she’s an apostate!”

Yes, but others broke the vow too. Others rebelled, and others spilled the beans on what went on.

Why, then, is Sarah made out to be the worst offender?

Here’s what I think:

Raniere used to preach a ‘fable’ to his followers. Of course, like pretty much everything else he spouted, it was ‘borrowed’ from someone else.

In this case, it was Hegel’s master-slave dialectic. The basic premise is that there is an interdependent relationship between the King and his subjects, the Master and his slaves. They rely on him to maintain order, and he relies on them to do his bidding and remain loyal. It laid the foundations for SOP, Jness, and then DOS.

The slaves prepare to put their mouths where their heart is and recommit in a ceremony to the flaccid member of their Glorious King.

The problem is that the slaves might decide they don’t need him anymore – he’s surplus to requirements – and then the whole rotten thing crashes to the ground. Anarchy and disorder ensue.

That’s why discipline must be maintained: readiness drills, penances, meager rations, control, and coercion. Keep the slaves in their place! And everything will be fine.

Only it wasn’t. The pressure was building. The equilibrium was dissolving. People were leaving – collateral intake, readiness drills, and penances were all increased to try to stop the rot and steady the ship. But, not surprisingly, they had the opposite effect.

Ultimately, it was Sarah’s betrayal that started the mass exodus. She was the one to shatter the dialectic.

For Kevin and the Deadenders, her ultimate betrayal is worse because she also financially profited from it more than most. The money, like salt, rubbed into the wound.

Maybe Sarah did stay on a while after seeing her scar. No one could say if she actively recruited or not after that. Delaying her departure was likely due to fear of repercussions (threats, lawsuits, coercion).

She’d seen it all before. So her reasons for staying an extra few months were likely the result of an abundance of caution.

But the story doesn’t entirely end there. You see Hegel’s master-slave dialectic goes beyond the King and his subjects. Hegel was ahead of his time and postulated that it went from just external society to an individual’s consciousness. The warring factions of our minds are constantly jostling for position to maintain a balanced equilibrium.

We subconsciously sometimes do things entirely out of character due to external pressures. One example is when we’re betrayed by someone we love. The deeper the love, the deeper the sense of betrayal.

And that can also shatter our consciousness dialectic. The irony is that we may not even be conscious of it. We’ll do something because momentarily that wounded part of ourselves that’s been subjugated takes over. And the deepest irony is that in the end, it was not Sarah Edmondson who facilitated Raniere’s arrest, for was that not an even greater betrayal to the erstwhile King?

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  • Nicki isn’t the one suing Sarah, or using Sarah’s name, image and likeness in a documentary. She has a right to defend herself from the attention-seeking plaintiffs and their army of ambulance chasing lawyers.

    • Nicki chose to appear and sign away her rights on using her image in that same documentary.

      Sarah was not a producer. On either season.

      And yes, Nicki. You do have that right. In court.

      Nicki, you are one of the most attention-seeking, neediest, pick me people on earth.

      Projection. It’s a real thing.

    • Agreed. Sarah has no right or reason to sue Nicki IMO, and this makes a mockery of the lawsuit. Nicki’s continued defense of Raniere’s teachings and the Bromfmans, though completely crazy and misguided, is not illegal and is protected by the First Amendment. That said, she needs to cop herself on and take some responsibility for what some of those women in DOS went through even if it’s just to herself.

      However, Sarah has every right to sue the Bromfmans. And perhaps more than just a right – she should be encouraged in that endeavor. Cos it was the Bromfmans who financed Raniere’s nefarious activities over such a long period. He could have done little without their backing, because when it came to business, just like Donald Trump, he was a total loser.

      And his ‘teachings’ were a sad rip-off of many great thinkers, whose philosophy he deliberately distorted to manipulate others, first breaking down their psychological schema through blunt NLP application, and once they were susceptible, taking charge of their souls like some demonic vampire. Judge someone not just by their actions, but by their intentions.

      Sarah was also misguided in going for the low lying fruit, rather than just starting up the chainsaw to cut down the tree. I don’t know, maybe she bore Nicki a grudge because she hadn’t been told what the brand represented? Maybe she thought Nicki was just trying to get one over on her because Nicki was now the senior one who played a part in hiding what the brand meant?

      Sarah is not a traitor, but a savior, and for that she should be commended.

  • Sarah made money out of recruitment, which is what she was employed to do. She believed in NXIVM right up until the branding epiphany and then changed her mind and broke her vow. She made money out of writing about her experiences and in related podcasts etc.

    What seems to be consistent here is her entrepreneurial spirit, which she maintained throughout. One might argue that she did a lot of bad by successfully recruiting so many, while doing a lot of good by successfully exposing what was going on in DOS.

    However, it does seem unfair that there are still many out there who continue to believe in Raniere’s teachings, and those people are still trapped psychologically and through circumstance in that organisation, but who didn’t ever make any money from it, and whose potential to do so has been thwarted because of that association. The lawsuit against certain former members would seem to exacerbate that unfairness.

    • “The lawsuit against certain former members would seem to exacerbate that unfairness.”

      That’s because Sarah is a predator posing as a victim. What so many on both sides still fail to see is that Sarah and Mark are the ones using ESP teachings/tactics to hurt people, not the people frequently disparaged here and elsewhere.

    • That association to a serial child rapist is keeping these folks from being able to get a job, I’m sure. That is their choice to continue to stay loyal.

      • Mary, should ordinary practicing Catholics be discriminated against in employment and education for freely associating with a group that protected and enabled child molesters for decades?

        • If they go on national television to support a specific named child predator?

          If they are all over podcasts and currently on social media calling a specific named victim of child sexual abuse materials a liar?

          If they’ve danced in front of MDC ‘erotically ‘ for the pleasure of a child pornographer?

          If they are branded near their vagina with the initials of their shared boyfriend who is a convicted sex trafficking child molester?

          Than yes. Yes, they should.

  • Did Sarah ever get tested for HPV?

    NXIVM HPV is the mark of Vanguard.

    Nippy should get tested so he doesn’t get throat cancer like Michael Douglas.

    When Nippy was a college
    3rd string
    quarterback his full nickname was “Dippy Nippy”.

    • “Keith Raniere has devoted his life to studying the human psychodynamic…”
      Psychodynamic or dynamic psycho?

  • Nicki wrote a blog about desiring to act again. LOL. She should’ve thought about that before like Kreuk did instead of hitching her wagon to a statutory rapist as female empowerment, character building, etc., and being the most outspoken person for his coercive, blackmailing, forced labor and sex trafficking scheme dressed up as a “sorority”. Not sure what critical thinking skills NXIVM taught because they seem to be as clueless as a box of rocks.

    • I agree. Still, many people judge others without being aware of their exact motives or their personal background that led them down a certain path. Once you’ve gone a long way down it, the prospect of turning back may be scarier than continuing.

      • Too many excuses given to these culters. NXIVM was surrounded in controversy as early as 2003 and it only became worse after that. I know because I researched it. It was established on lies mixed with some truth (like all cons are) and the only reason it had an air of superficial credibility was because of Bronfman sister money and some pseudo famous people were a part of it. If you have real problems, seek a licensed, regulated therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, or counselor. Nothing about NXIVM gave such an impression, and so either stupidity, gullibility, or too much trust in the word of mouth of others and ironically, a lack of critical thought got them involved.

        • 100% with you on that. People who signed up were of course young and gullible. I think some of them may have also been emotionally and psychologically damaged damaged by abuse from an early age, making them a much easier target for love bombing / manipulation etc.

    • I think her point is that the blackmailing, forced labor and sex trafficking didn’t happen, which is a lot different than openly supporting a rapist.

      • An objective impartial jury disagreed. They heard and saw all the evidence unlike squeaky who wouldn’t even stay in the room to hear the truth about her Vanguard.. squeaky not only supports a rapist she supports a child rapist.

        • A jury that decided on a verdict on a complex RICO case in under 30 minutes, faster than it takes for a pizza to be delivered to my house.

          I don’t think so.

        • If you take away the television shows, the sensational media coverage, the hysteria, the moral panic, the hearsay and speculation that was presented as evidence, and had a trial somewhere in the middle of nowhere with 12 jurors who had never heard of these people, I don’t think a jury returns a verdict in 30 minutes.

          • Yeah it would probably be closer to 10 minutes to find Keith guilty in a rural area. that’s probably why Keith’s attorneys didn’t move to have his trial transfer to another location which was an option. Vanguard is never getting out of prison. Justice has been served. Eat it up it’s delicious cold or hot

      • Sorry, Kevin, but I don’t agree with ‘her point’. Collateral was just a euphemism for blackmail – period. Getting people to divulge really personal information is always a no-no, whatever the circumstances. Getting them to make up stuff is even worse. And getting them to sign off on vile stuff they, or family members etc., never even did is just morally repugnant to the nth degree.

        Nicki doesn’t think Nicole or Sylvie were raped. I read the trial transcript and I think they were. If I’d been a juror, I reckon I’d have been even more convinced. People can’t lie convincingly when they’re on the stand for 3 days and cross-examined, after taking an oath. The forced labor was part of the whole DOS setup – giving your ‘master’ a certain number of work hours per week under the threat of penance – sounds a lot like forced labor to me.

        Sex trafficking didn’t happen? Same as above – collateral, penances….

        Nicki might remember the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? At least those girls got paid and weren’t confined to a culty hell some felt they could not escape from. Maybe some of them did it of their own ‘free will’, maybe they just convinced themselves that they did? Sometimes it’s easier to do that than to live with the shame.

        Whatever, it’s also true that some of them had the fortitude to step forward and go through the horror of giving testimony, and forever bear the ignominy – because they also believed in the truth.

  • I owe Sarah too. She led me to V and I don’t condemn her except she promised to uphold a vow. She did not. She failed.

  • Nicki, what have you done that is the greatest betrayal of all. A betrayal of Vanguard and our ethical duty to serve the world and all humanity (and Vanguard first and foremost). Repent, but I don’t know how you can make it up to me.

  • LOL. Who’s the Asian dude in the art that depicts the branding? He looks like Lu Kang from the Mortal Kombat movies.

    • It is Lu Kang!

      He’s the same guy who won every medal for China in the Olympics or at least he ‘looks’ the same.

      Frank says he doesn’t understand why all Asian men have the same haircut as Leonard Nimoy in
      Star Trek or Mo from the
      Three Stooges.

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