Allison Mack Release Moved Up– Will Be Out of Prison in Eight Months

Allison Mack

The BOP has published new release dates for Nancy Salzman and Allison Mack.  Salzman will get out of prison three and one half months earlier, moving from February 12, 2025 to October 25, 2024.

Allison Mack will enjoy a reduction of five and half months, from March 29, 2024 to October 11, 2023.

In other words, Mack is scheduled for release in eight months.

She was arrested on April 20, 2018. A year later, she cut a plea deal with the US DOJ admitting two felony counts, racketeering and racketeering conspiracy and cooperated with the prosecution.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Mack on June 30, 2021 to three years of prison, a $20,000 fine, 1,000 hours of community service, and a three-year term of post-incarceration supervised release.

Mack’s three year sentence was about 20 percent of her sentencing guidelines of 14.5-17 years.

Mack has paid the $20k fine

Mack checked in to FCI Dublin on Sept. 13, 2021.

If the BOP releases Mack on October 11, it will mean she will have served two days less than two years. Upon her release Mack will have to perform community service.

Judge Garuafis also imposed a no contact condition for her three years of probation.

While on probation, Mack “shall not attempt to contact in person, or communicate with by letter, telephone, electronic means, or through a third party, any individual with an affiliation to Executive Success Programs, Nxivm, DOS or any other Nxivm-affiliated organizations, unless granted permission in advance by the Probation Office or by this court; nor shall the defendant frequent any establishment, or other locale where these groups may meet pursuant, but not limited to, a prohibition list provided by the U.S. Probation Department, unless granted permission in advance by the Probation Office or by this court.”

Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack  married in February 2017

There might be an exception to the NXIVM non-contact prohibition–Nicki Clyne. According to our sources, Mack is still legally married to Clyne. Though Mack filed for divorce before sentencing, since her incarceration, the effort to divorce Clyne seems to have stalled.

Admirers Sending Money?

Speaking of Mack, Crazy Days and Nights revealed another Blind Item on Mack on December 24, 2022

The gossip website wrote:

This former actress turned sex cult leader turned inmate has hundreds of people sending her money each month. Most are men and women who she has convinced are her true love. She is literally getting tens of thousands of dollars sent to her each month.

Nancy Salzman

Sarah and Nippy break down each episode of The Vow Season 2 with guest co-host, Ayla Fitzpatrick.

One commenter wrote, “Most interesting IMO were their thoughts on Nancy’s appearance and what they think of her now.”

Lookalike of Clare?

One of our esteemed commenters, Shadow State, submitted this link which included the photo below of Nathan Chasing Horse.

Chasing Horse, 46, was arrested at his Las Vegas home on January 31, where he lived with five wives.

Chasing Horse is best known for his acting role in Dances With Wolves.

Police said Chasing Horse’s crimes date to the early 2000s and occurred in multiple states. Horse allegedly ran a group called The Circle.

Chasing Horse’s not so novel shtick had an indigenous turn.

Chasing Horse is a Shaman, and as such, for those who believe in the tribal faiths, he contacted spirits who advised him, as they do for all Shamans, how to cure sickness, and foretell the future.

The spirits who spoke to Chasing Horse were eloquent. Time and again, especially when a woman or teenage girl was pretty, the spirits advised Chasing Horse that he should have sex with them.

His medicine man repertoire, guided by spirits, made healing come easy, and sometimes fast. When it came too fast, Chasing Horse gave ladies morning after pills, according to the complaint.

Seven out of 10 Tribal Spirits recommend One Step emergency contraceptives after having sex with a Shaman.

Chasing Horse faces charges of sex trafficking, sexual assault against a child younger than 16, and child abuse, according to the Las Vegas criminal complaint.

One of his alleged victims was 13 and one wife was given to him as a “gift” at 15. Another his wife became wedded to him upon turning 16.

The Shaman also did his Spirit-advised healing in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed Chasing Horse was charged with one count of sexual assault in a 2018 rape.

As for Shadow State, who presented FR with this story, and who is evidently not being advised by spirits, asks a more earthly question: “Doesn’t Nathan Chasing Horse look like a masculine Claire Bronfman?”


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  • Remember when Nicole was forced through blackmail to spy on and seduce one of Keith’s supposed enemies? That fact is just not dealt with enough. So f****** weird.


    This is an interesting story. Chasing horse might have been a rotten apple.

    If Alison Mack writes a book, it will probably be a superficial ploy just to make money. Probably will have many sales immediately after the release, who wouldn’t want to check it out? Question is, will she reveal any of her own demons, or just sensationalize the story..

  • Anonymous
    February 13, 2023 at 11:51 pm
    She’ll (Mack) get out and make more money than ever. These people are all media spotlight whores, just like Nicki Clyne-

    Maybe she will become Hunter Biden’s new pimp.
    According to the book “Laptop From Hell” Hunter Biden was paying 8000 dollars per night for prostitutes!

  • Why is the S government releasing Allison Pimp Mack early?

    Because the US government is broke.
    31 trillion dollars in debt.

  • Has Nicki Clyne gotten over the death 50 years ago of Kevin, aka Lex Barker, aka Tarzan?
    Kevin died of a heart attack. in 1973 while walking on the sidewalks of Manhattan.
    Of course Kevin, aka Lex Barker, aka Tarzan died before hiss future girlfriends Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack were even born.

    Kevin, aka Lex Barker in a picture with actress Lama Turner, Lana was married to Lex while Lex was molesting Lana’s ten year old daughter.

    • Eduardo, Nicki, and the remaining deadenders all have narcissistic tendencies. They think they’re on some “holy crusade”, but they’re just pawns for a conniving and guilty conman who’s modus operandi has always been to use and abuse higher principles for his own selfish motives.

      • They’re also deeply misogynistic having completely bought into Raniere’s sexist BS EMs. They were taught RANIERE thinking not CRITICAL thinking.

  • There’s zero proof that she is manipulating people into sending her money, which would be next to impossible anyway since all of her communications are heavily monitored.

  • Good for her! I hope she writes a book about her time with Raniere. She really got the short end of the stick and I hope she can put her life back on track. You go girl!

  • The idjits at the Dossier Sex Slave Project tweeted that the 50 + hours India spent with a therapist post cult are proof of the power of persuasion.

    What about the $100, 000 + dollars and 1000’s of hours India spent getting EM’s by non licensed therapists?

    Plus all of the epically long ESP trainings. And all of the janess b*******?

    That’s pretty DOS. If you believe in Persuasion then it works both ways.

      • It is indeed an excellent point about persuasion working both ways.

        Do. Your. Own. Research.

        Frank Report commenters are not your personal Google.

        • I’m being sarcastic to make a point, which is that the women who are frequently disparaged on this blog aren’t the ones who gave the EMs.

          I’m not asking anyone to actually provide me with names. You know as well as I do that the finger pointers have the most EMs.

          • Don’t what I know.

            Thought you were, “encouraging people to think for themselves” in your last arrogant blog comment/lecture

            You aren’t funny. Or smarter than everyone else commenting here and your fake questions are tedious AF

            I did hear that Allison Mack threw a tissue out the window in Indio California on her way to an event. It was sometime in the early 2000s If you hurry out to the desert and spend a several weeks looking you might be able to find her used snotty Kleenex.

  • Mack won’t be able to handle the no contact provision of conditional release.

    Look how Nicki Clyne and Suneel both violated imposed limits to get to Raniere.

    Where is the dashing Suneel anyway?

  • United States tells citizens: Leave Russia immediately

    Mon, February 13, 2023 at 12:30 AM CST·2 min read
    MOSCOW (Reuters) -The United States has told its citizens to leave Russia immediately due to the war in Ukraine and the risk of arbitrary arrest or harassment by Russian law enforcement agencies.

    “U.S. citizens residing or travelling in Russia should depart immediately,” the U.S. embassy in Moscow said. “Exercise increased caution due to the risk of wrongful detentions.”

    “Do not travel to Russia,” it added.

    “Russian security services have arrested U.S. citizens on spurious charges, singled out U.S. citizens in Russia for detention and harassment, denied them fair and transparent treatment, and convicted them in secret trials or without presenting credible evidence,” the embassy said.

    “Russian authorities arbitrarily enforce local laws against U.S. citizen religious workers and have opened questionable criminal investigations against U.S. citizens engaged in religious activity.”

    The Kremlin said it was not the first time U.S. citizens had been asked to leave Russia. The last such public warning was in September after President Vladimir Putin ordered
    a partial mobilisation.

    “They (warnings) have been voiced by the State Department many times in the last period, so this is not a new thing,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

    The Federal Security Service(FSB) said in January that prosecutors had opened a criminal case against a United States citizen on suspicion of espionage.

    Last December, U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner was released in a prisoner swap, having been sentenced to nine years in a penal colony for possessing vape cartridges containing cannabis oil – which is banned in Russia – after a judicial process labelled a sham by Washington.

    Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine, is serving a 16-year sentence in a Russian penal colony after being convicted of espionage charges that Washington also says are a sham.

    My nephews were adopted from Russia at the age of four.

    My brother and sister in law have warned them to never travel to Russia and avoid any commercial flight that fliy over Russia.
    We are on the edge of World War 3.

    • “We are on the edge of World War 3.”

      You’re more dramatic than
      Tucker Carlson or Hilaria Baldwin.

      When’s your period due this month?

    • I saw this prior to this post on YouTube. It’s the most blatant YouTube clickbait misinformation out there. Garbage non-information.
      So don’t view it. It’s a waste of time. No genuine information. Just lies and misinfo. In fact, it’s so bad, it doesn’t even pretend to be true, condsidering the names of the people they present.

      “Epstein’s official cliënt list” my ass…
      What a joke.

    • ShadowState-

      Things you’ll never see in your lifetime:

      1. Unicorns.
      2. Dragons.
      3. Someone agreeing with Kevin besides Kevin.
      4. The Second Coming.
      5. A successful Scott Johnson.
      6. Black Leprechauns.
      7. Nutjob not defending someone undeserving.
      8. Frank admitting to being a Liberacé.
      9. NiceGuy being nice.
      10. Jeffery Epstein’s list.

    • ShadowState-

      Things you’ll never see in your lifetime:

      1. Unicorns.
      2. Dragons.
      3. Someone agreeing with Kevin besides Kevin.
      4. The Second Coming.
      5. A successful Scott Johnson.
      6. Black Leprechauns.
      7. Nutjob not defending someone undeserving.
      8. Frank admitting to being a Liberace fan.
      9. NiceGuy being nice
      10. Jeffery Epstein’s list

  • “This former actress turned sex cult leader turned inmate has hundreds of people sending her money each month. Most are men and women who she has convinced are her true love. She is literally getting tens of thousands of dollars sent to her each month.”

    There is a sucker born every minute.\
    Allison Mack supposedly had an unauthorized cellphone to market a non-existent apartment in the East Bay town of Pittsburg California.
    Supposedly the picture of Allison Mack’s ardent defender “Kevin” is that of a Hollywood actor named Lex Barker.

    Barker died in 1973 , a full nine years before Allison Mack was born.
    If Kevin, aka Lex Barker were alive today he would be 103 years old.
    If Kevin were really Lex Barker, his romance with Allison Mack would be most awkward with elements of necrophilia.
    Did Nicki Clyne choose Lex Barker’s picture to represent Allison Mack’s defender Kevin?

    Interestingly enough Lex Barker was married for a time to Lana Turner.
    Turner’s daughter Cheryl Crane, also Lex Barker’s step-daughter, claimed that Barker repeatedly molested from the ages of ten to thirteen.
    After his death, Cheryl Crane the daughter of his ex-wife Lana Turner revealed in her memoirs that he (Barker) had raped and molested her repeatedly when she was between the ages of 10 and 13.

    Again who chose the picture of Lex Barker to be the avatar of Allison Mack’s defender Kevin?
    If it was Nicki Clyne is Nicki sending us a subliminal message about Allison Mack?
    That she is attracted to pedophiles?

  • “Allison Mack will enjoy a reduction of five and half months, from March 29, 2014 to October 11, 2023.”

    First, aquick nitpick: the date should be changed to March 29, 2024 and second, I wonder why Mack’s release date was changed? I know prisoners can take classes to reduce their time or perhaps there was a change in her sentencing by the judge? I can’t help but wonder if she’ll stay in show business or try to get a more traditional job.

    Thanks for keeping us updated Frank.

      • Do you think Kevin & Shadow can share Allison Mack?

        Kevin will get the top 1/2 and Shadow will get the bottom 1/2.

        “Those ass cheeks will make the finest of bookends”

        Some say Jeffery Dalhmer apprenticed under Shadow.

        • Go away cretin. Or I’ll send Nice Guy to pay you a visit and it won’t be pretty.

          That’s because he is quite unprepossessing.

  • Does this mean only 8 more months of the “Kevin” schlock on Frank Report?!

    Then yay!

    And Ali. Girl. get a restaining order team ready

    Ali. you’re not the type of person who wants an obsessive rando ex employee from an old ass tv show you starred in going around attacking mothers and children in your name. Right?

    Stay safe. You’ve paid your debt.

    Move on.

    • I don’t stalk people and I don’t threaten people. But I do make points that make people uncomfortable, which I do not apologize for.

      And those points make you uncomfortable because then you’d have to admit that maybe you were wrong about some things. That you jumped to conclusions based on things you read online and watched on television, things that you think only “stupid” people fall for.

      • I mean, you do stalk people.

        Why do you even know about Sarah Edmondson’s children? Why do you bring up a stranger’s babies?

        You’re not a friend of hers. You’re not a family member. You said multiple you’ve times before that you’ve never even met her.

        And then here you are bringing very young children up on a Blog making false allegations that they are in imminent danger. That’s about as f****** stalker as it gets, you weirdo.

        Don’t bring up other people’s children if you don’t know them or their family you gossiping rumor making little b****

  • If Mack has any decency, after her release she will get some anonymous job, keep her head down, stay off the Internet, and disappear into the woodwork.

    If she has any decency, that is.

  • Allison mack did what she did, got arrested, caused her parents and family pain.

    if after all this, she still wants any form of contact with raniere or nick clyne, if i were in her parents shoes, i would commit her to a psychiatric clinic.

    because the crazy place is there. maybe this nick clyne likes the idea and goes inside with it. imagine how beautiful it would be – the couple together again, away from the head of the sect.

  • Allison will find out very quickly all her “friends” have completely turned on her: the Deadenders want her dead for turning on their leader; the anti-DOS people will not forget what she did to them. She has literally no one left to turn to other than her parents. So sad to watch a life lost to a cult. She is now 40 YO and strating from scratch with no education, no marketable skills nor any place to go for work. She will soon be bussing tables like Squeaky. I’m not even trying to be mean, but it is what it is and it’s such a waste.

    • Nicki still loves her. She forgives her for turning against Keithy. When the chips are down, a gal has to do what she has to do

  • Had a boss who was so special and enlightened she used to train shamans to be shamans- alllegedly.
    One time site staff accidently ran an industrial hoover over her foot. After much whining and tears she went home. Question in the staff room was – If she was such an uber shaman – why the f*ck didn’t she just levitate out the way?

  • How is Allison Mack communicating with hundreds of people per month to get money? That seems like a whole lot of internet time. She sending old school letters? Smells like a scam. Maybe Kevin knows something about it since involves his (pretend) woman. If actually her, look me up Mack. I am happy to pretend I will send you money for suggestive pics. She still hot to me.

    • It’s true, you got me. I signed over the deed to my $25M house, the titles to my collection of sports cars, and my Ken Griffey Jr rookie card.

      I’ve also signed over custody of my third child to Sara Bronfman, even though I don’t have kids.

      The best part is that with the way the civil suit is going, she’ll get to keep every penny that people are sending her. And I hope she enjoys it.

      I do feel bad for the plaintiffs who might be deserving of compensation or restitution, and who will end up with nothing because they let the two worst offenders steer the ship.

      Buyer beware, indeed.

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