Kevin Recalls Allison Mack; Her Tender Solicitude; Fires Back at Critics

Once again, Kevin fires back at commenters.  There are those who think Kevin is Nicki, but I doubt it.

I believe Kevin and I like what he says about Allison Mack in this story. Maybe that is the best version of Allison, the one she wanted to be.

First, let us hear from Al. then get Kevin’s response.

Al wrote to Kevin

The information about Lauren Salzman releasing Sarah Edmondson’s  branding video to Mexico is shocking.

More shocking is Sarah Edmondson’s need to forgive Lauren.

She talks about it now constantly on her podcasts or ones she is a guest on.

Lauren Salzman and Sarah Edmondson

Sarah believes Lauren has truly renounced Keith Raniere and his teachings. It sounds like Sarah is getting lawyers involved, so she can arrange to see Lauren again. Remarkable. One has to wonder if Lauren is doubling down on her act and continuing the coerciveness towards Sarah?

Kevin Replies

Kevin writes:

More concerning is the idea that people should be judged based on who they associate with, or what they believe, and not judged based on what they actually did (or didn’t do), their level of involvement.

So if I volunteer to feed the homeless, but don’t vote a certain way, I’m bad. But if I burn the homeless shelter to the ground, but did vote the same way, I’m good.

Nancy and Lauren Salzman

The removal of Nancy and Lauren Salzman from the civil lawsuit calls into question Sarah’s motives and state of mind. Not to mention that every other plaintiff is fucked when the judge takes this 280-page monstrosity and wipes his ass with it.

Putting your former friends in the lawsuit and categorizing them in the same way as this man who you believe is a monster takes away from the seriousness of what you’re trying to get across.

Commenter Is Tired of Kevin’s Questions

Fake questions from “Kevin” writes:

Why do you believe any reader of this blog should answer any, let alone EVERY, one of your repetitive, tedious (often already answered multiple times) questions like we are all your DOS slaves?

Answer them yourself if they are sincere questions. Do your own work.

Frank Report readers aren’t the lawyers or plaintiffs. The NXIVM civil case will or will not be heard in court.

We aren’t any part of it. And allegedly neither are you, “Kevin”.

The civil case nor the criminal case will be litigated or re litigated on a blog. Or Twitter. Or reddit.

It would actually be healthier if you were directly involved in the criminal cult. Your obsession with Sarah Edmondson, which extends to her children, is disturbing. And worrisome. Do yourself a favor and seek help.

Kevin Replies

I’m not asking you or anyone else to do any work. I ask questions and raise points to encourage people to think for themselves. To consider that this is not a movie or television show, or entertainment, but real people’s lives.

I’m not obsessed with Sarah. I just think she’s a really bad person. My point was that if this company, NXIVM, was everything she said it was, and with her participating the way she did, who is she to say that others are unsafe to be around, when the same could be said about her?

When you talk about Allison, Danielle, or Nicki, it was a “sex cult.:

When you talk about Sarah or Mark, it somehow wasn’t.

That’s what I pointed out.

Rock Comments

Rock Around The Block writes to Kevin:

“Kevin, I am the world’s smartest woman, and you have your seduction assignment.”

In fairness, the “college advisor” you allude to has admitted their errors – they’ve owned it, and that’s important both for them and their victims.

After reading through the court transcript yesterday, I think there’s a fair chance that the suit against some defendants (you know who I mean) may well be dismissed: the prosecution’s case lacked proper focus and was literally all over the place.

NXIVM was a scam investment, Kevin, and deep down I think you’re beginning to realize that. What’s batshit crazy is pretending it was anything other than this after all this time.

Raniere used to spurt a rip-off version of Nietzsche’s vision of Hell (Love of Fate). You might remember the one – on the day you die, you meet the person you could have been?

Let’s just invert that a little: how about Nicki stumbling out of a club in Vancouver 20 years ago, feeling on top of the world, then suddenly being confronted with the horror of her current predicament?

Do you think she might still have gone ahead and signed up with Sarah?

I don’t know Sarah and Mark, but I do think they did the right thing, even if it may have been for the wrong reasons. Similarly, I’m not saying Danielle Roberts and company bear the sign of the beast, but I do think they were, and are, misguided at best.

Sorry for the wealth gap rant, but it’s true, and if you believe in people and fair play, it’s something we all need to address – so don’t be so cynical 😊!

And, Kevin, to pretend you’re not Nicki is like the guy in the parrot sketch pretending the parrot’s not dead!


I wouldn’t know if NXIVM/ESP was a scam investment. I never took a course, and I’m very frugal with money.

My job with Warner Bros had a program that helped pay for college.

A kind-hearted, considerate, compassionate member of the cast took the time to show me how it worked, how to apply for it, and encouraged me to advocate for myself and be the best version of myself.

That I was worthy of an education and worthy of a good job. That bad experiences that I had in school that led to me working full time to get out of school shouldn’t sour me on education, that lots of people who work in the entertainment industry struggled with school, and that there are different kinds of programs that are tailored to different learning styles.

She did lots of good deeds for lots of people in the decade she was there, and I hope those people give more weight to those experiences than the horrible things people have accused her of.

None of what I say is in defense of Keith or the company officers, because I don’t know them. If they hurt people, I wouldn’t like them.

What many can’t see, or won’t see, is that the students who got something from these courses aren’t Keith.

Knowing what I know, I’ll bet every penny I have that Allison Mack is using her time to provide education and training to other inmates, making their lives richer and making them aware of opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t know about.

And I bet that when she gets out, Allison will move on from this and find peace and happiness in her life, no matter what people who know nothing about her say about her.

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  • In his first posts Kevin said he was once in the Air Force. Did Kevin miss the part about the military paying for college credits…or has his story now morphed into Ally Mack and WB being the new GI Bill?

    • I am in the Air Force. I joined later than most, after my job at WB/CW ended. I earned a Bachelor’s while employed with the network, and currently using TA and the post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for a Masters program.

  • “ I ask questions and raise points to encourage people to think for themselves.”

    If you don’t agree with me, you aren’t thinking for yourself.

        • People don’t need your help to consider a different perspective.

          People have gone their whole lives
          never encountering “Kevin” and yet still experiencing all sorts of different perspectives and having within themselves the ability to look at different perspectives on their own.

          You are the definition of arrogant and a person having a superiority complex.

          It also undermines your argument that you just are trying to help people when you’ve been really snotty in the past. Very critical. Rude.

          Maybe sharing the ehrm (cough) uh gift of your perspective needs work.

  • Leave Kevin alone. He’s just raising awareness and encouraging reflection.
    You know… Keith’s higher consciousness.

    • Ha ha.

      Kevin LOVES to tell us what they think.

      Kevin LOVES even more to tell us what we think.

      But what Kevin LOVES most of all is to tell us what we should think.

      Is it “encouraging people to think for themselves” when Kevin really just wants everyone to think like Kevin?

  • Kevin wants people to judge Allison only through really knowing Allison. Kevin claims not to know Sarah Edmondson. But Kevin has concluded that Sarah Edmondson is a bad person. The very thing Kevin cautions Frank report readers from doing with the women Kevin personally favors from the sex trafficking organization. Kevin wants everyone to see the women he is defending as real people. Kevin does not seem to understand that Sarah is also a real person. Sarah’s children are real people. Tiny very young Humans who are not even in the double digits age-wise. Kevin thinks it’s okay to bring them into the discussion and disparage their parents and family life. Publicly . Permanently . On the internet . With absolutely no firsthand knowledge whatsoever . Basically just spreading disgusting rumors . Is that how a stranger treats human beings when they see them as real people? Total strangers? Maybe people have had experiences where Sarah helped them apply to college as well. Does that change everything else that Sarah has ever done or said or promoted? For that matter every single time a person is brought to your attention for doing misdeeds breaking the law behaving or speaking atrociously. Do you know if they’ve helped somebody apply for college? Should you restrain yourself from forming any kind of opinion until you have done a thorough investigation into whether or not they’ve ever helped a co-worker apply for college? Logic isn’t really Kevin’s strong suit. Previously he wanted people who weren’t even born yet to be upset about something they never heard about but that Kevin was there for at the time and did nothing to stop. Illogical. Irrational and hypocritical. That and arrogance are Kevin’s brand. And yes that is an intentional double meaning.

    • Sarah isn’t the one on trial or in prison. She’s the one pointing fingers, despite having played a bigger role in the parent company than any of her targets whose last names don’t end with “Raniere” or “Salzman.”

      Funny how holding her to the same standards as the others offends you, but her doing it to the people she’s suing somehow doesn’t bother you at all.

    • No. I’ve never been to California. I grew up in New York and Vancouver, and have lived in multiple places since, but never California.

  • “More concerning is the idea that people should be judged based on who they associate with, ” Kevin

    “Birds of a feather flock together.” an old but very true statement.

    Tell me who your friends are and I know lots about you.

    Kevin is an odd bird.
    He-She- It knows lots about NXIVM and Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne but was supposedly never a member of the cult and “Kevin” needed money for college.
    Money provided by a generous Warner Brothers.

    Let me hazard a guess as to Kevin’s identity.
    Allison’s younger sister is a graduate of Chapman University, an expensive private University in Orange County.
    I had a Professor who years after I knew him taught at Chapman University.
    Let me guess who Kevin might be.
    A person who knows Allison and Nicki but is not a member of NXIVM.

    Perhaps Kevin posed for this picture

    Allison and her pals liked hanging around in coffee shops.
    Maybe she and her chums like the Aroma di Roma in near by Long Beach.
    A Java Joint for the Artsy Fartsy set.
    How about it “Kevin”?

    • Not even close. I’m not “artsy,” and I’ve never been to California. I’ve never met Nicki, or spoken to her. And this picture would have been years after I last saw Allison.

  • Well my good friend Scarlett Johansson stopped by to help me with my taxes (she’s very kind-hearted and considerate about things like that) and I showed her Kevin’s post, and she thinks he’s full of shit.

    “That sounds like some pathetic fanboy bullshit,” was her opinion of Kevin’s tale. “Why would Allison Mack be counseling some dogsbody assistant on this personnel program the production company was running? Wouldn’t there be an HR department to handle that shit?”

    “I don’t know, Scarlett” I said, handing her a cup of tea, Lipton’s, her favorite. “It sounded made-up to me.”

    “Anyway, how would a cast member even know about some goddam employee incentive program? Actors are busy on set,” Scarlett continued. “The last thing we want is to be bothered by some star-struck loser, hanging around looking like a lost puppy dog.”

    “His whole story stinks,” she went on, warming to the task. “I thought this Kevin clown was in the Air Force, humping 90 pound packs in the desert heat? Now he claims he’s a college graduate. Then he was doing something with contracts. His CV keeps changing. Then there was the baloney about being shown R rated feature films in high school. Sounds like a liar to me.”

    Anyway that’s how my friend Scarlett Johansson sees it. I’ll ask Angelina Jolie’s opinion on Sunday. She’s coming over on Sunday to help me fix the water heater.

  • “So if I volunteer to feed the homeless, but don’t vote a certain way, I’m bad. But if I burn the homeless shelter to the ground, but did vote the same way, I’m good.”

    Hi Kevin.

    OK, let’s just assume the parrot’s alive and kicking for the moment. I know what you’re saying. I was genuinely very touched by Nicki’s description of giving out sandwiches with her lawyer to the poor and destitute. It was, as usual, beautifully written and showed the person deep down I think she really is.

    However, there is of course a bigger question here, which is why she, or anyone else, should even have to give out sandwiches in the first place: the US is one of the richest countries in the world per capita, and yet it has one of the highest levels of poverty and lowest levels of healthcare, educational achievement etc etc in the developed world. All the stats have been moving the wrong way for the last 30 years. I’ll spare you the rant this time, but here are a few articles you might just suggest Nicki reads:

    And if she gets tired of reading, she can always just watch some stuff on YouTube – a bit of light relief from Fox and Fucker Carlsen:

    Of course, I’m not trying to proselytize Nicki; she just said she might be open to changing her mind about stuff if she came across anything that challenged her previously held convictions; neither am I saying I necessarily agree with all of the opinions expressed; I just know they run counter to Nicki’s publicly stated positions.

    I can understand where you’re coming from with Allison. I don’t agree with many of the commenters who say she was intrinsically evil. Like many others, she was totally taken in by Keith, and you can see that clearly in the interview she did with him. He was doing that mesmeric thing with his eyes, voice and body language, and she was clearly totally under his spell. In that regard, the contrast with Grace Park was stark.

    I felt sorry for Allison because he was making her do stuff in DOS antithetical to her nature. She was starving herself and others, as well as tasked with beating people for failing readiness drills etc. I suspect the beatings hurt her psychologically just as much as those on the receiving end. To me she just looked so broken at the end, and unlike some, I do believe her remorse was genuine.

  • “A kind-hearted, considerate, compassionate member of the cast took the time to show me how it worked, how to apply for it, and encouraged me to advocate for myself and be the best version of myself.”

    That’s like saying Pol Pot taught me to be proud of my homeland and encouraged me to throw away my glasses because he was currently executing intellectuals. Jim Jones was nice to people, he even gave them straws for the Koolaid. Koresh another nice guy who played the guitar and wouldn’t let me sleep with my own wife.

    Keith Raniere wasn’t evil 100% of the time. But when he was bad he was pure evil. When you have children you will understand the terror he wrought on families. People lost their children to him, others, he just took them.

    He is done. I doubt he will live more than another year in jail, no volleyball or walks or jiggy jig for him. That makes me smile. All is good, the universe is fair.

    I get that you are grateful to Alison Mack for something or other. Find someone else to worship. There’s loads of nice girls out there if you go look. Ones that don’t brand people.

    • Keith was 100% evil all of the time. But externally his actions might have appeared to be nice. Nice is different than good. But even those actions were in order to manipulate and ensnare. It’s no different than a serial killer who goes to church and has a wife and family but the real life of the serial killer is stalking and murdering and raping and destroying. But in order to enable that real life they need the front. The facade. It’s almost like that’s their job. To maintain a false front so that they can indulge their evil desires. Think about Daniella. Do you know the amount of energy it takes to imprison a human being? To Everyday mentally be cognizant that there is a young woman who is deteriorating physically and mentally and hasn’t experienced any freedom for close to 2 years? Living with their Windows blocked most of the time sleeping on a mat on the floor in a bare room? Most people could not let that situation stand for more than a day tops. But not Keith. Because he was 100% Evil all of the time.

  • Sarah and Nippy
    9. Feb.
    Breaking through to someone trapped in cult is no easy task, but Diane Benscoter has learned some of the most effective tactics to make progress in conversation with a victim.

    Tune in to this week’s episode of #ALittleBitCulty to find out more.

      • It’s much more admirable to promote yourself as Sarah does.
        Then to promote someone else.

        Especially an incarcerated cult leader who is a child pornographer.

        Certainly you also criticize those who are constantly promoting Keith the Vanguard correct?

  • Frank, is Kevin angling to perform Suneel’s “duties” for Allison once she gets out of prison. Maybe Suneel can give him lessons on proper wiping technique.

  • — More concerning is the idea that people should be judged based on who they associate with, or what they believe, and not judged based on what they actually did (or didn’t do), their level of involvement.

    How about judging them on all three? Life is rarely a black and white situation, or the cult/anti-cult distinction. Because what someone says and what they do actually determines what they really believe and whether they are a hypocrite or not.

    “Kevin” can’t seem to distinguish (or just ignores the difference) between NXIVM, the corporate front that gave Keith and the organization an air of legitimacy to the public, and DOS, the secretive group within it that was created by Keith for his sexual and other machinations using the front of a female “empowerment”, character building, “sorority”, and blackmail, that he controlled via his most loyal of slave woman who were all fucking him.

    It’s a very simple distinction Kevin, but you keep ignoring it because you’re obsessed with Sarah and Mark suing your deadender friends.

    • In my last year of high school many of my friends became involved in the skinhead movement. It felt like it happened overnight. Two of my female friends even shaved their heads. I immediately froze when I saw them at school that Monday. I will never forget it. I felt instant fear. The black kids in our school sort of slid by us when we were in the corridors. I will never ever forget how that felt. I pretty much ghosted them at school. Spent time hiding int he library, or behind the gym with the stoners.
      Comes a time though, when you have to take a side.

  • Rick Alan Ross
    There is a code or cast system amongst prison inmates that puts pedophiles that rape children like Keith Raniere at the absolute bottom, which is why he will probably be in protective custody for the rest of his life.

    • In jails where the AB aryan brotherhood have gangs, they have a kos policy. Kill on sight. I know the feds are different from state prison, so maybe they are more on top of stuff like that. It will be an embolism or heart event that will kill Keith. You can tell just by looking at him. He isn’t eating well, not on aspirin, and his keep fit is over. I doubt he could do one burpee.

  • Susan Dones, MA LMT

    Cult leader Keith Raniere ‘may move to jail dubbed Guantanamo North’ via

    Raniere and his followers have broken rules since he’s been with the BOP
    Raniere or Bronfman can no longer speak with anyone whose been involved with NXIVM programs


    (Revision #4, February 1991)

    “… You can reach Lenz, or get a message to him, through the following addresses and phone numbers.

    Northstar Consulting Services, Inc. – 5 River Road, Suit 103, Wilton, CT 06897 (212) 714-8229 – This is the address and phone number for Lisa Lewinson, Lenz publicist.

    Advanced Systems, Inc. 82 Wall Street Suite 1105, New York, New York 10005 – Phone (212) 629-1825 – This is a mail drop and an answering service, but they will pass a message to Lenz.
    Infinity Plus Consulting – No address. The phone number is (212)-472-1237 Another answering service. Also 212-517-1625

    National Personal and Professional Development Seminars – 1 World Trade Center Suite 7967, New York, New York 10048. Mail drop only. Mail will be forwarded to Lenz.

    Distributed Technologies – No address. Phone 212-713-5016. This is a firm operater by Nell Senter. Senter is an attorney who is a follower and who does occasional legal work for Lenz.

    Jonathon Lubell – Morrison, Cohn, Singer and Weinstein – 750 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022 Phone (212) 735-8659 and (212) 735-8706. Lubell does considerable legal work for Lenz …”

  • “… Jonathan W. Lubell
    750 Lexington Avenue
    New York, New York 10022
    (212) 735-8600

    Attorneys for Plaintiff

  • How many connections are there between Nxivm and Frederick Lenz, III’s “Rama Computer Cult”?

    Was the Lisa Lewinson who was Rama’s publicist at The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. the same Lisa Lewinson who is Contributing Editor and President of Northstar Consulting Services, Inc. “which specializes in the development of corporate data mining and expert systems applications”?

    If so, is Northstar Consulting connected to Ward Systems in some way?

    If the following are actual examples of systems applications from Ward Systems, a few might want us all to be slaves:

    “… GeneHunter Programmer’s Functions

    CalcMeanFitness * CalcOrderArrayPath * FindBest * GetChromosome *
    GetChromosomePool * GetEnumChromosome * GetEnumChromosomeParm * GetFitness *
    GetMaxPopulNum * GetNextPopulation * GetPopulationParam * KillPopulation *
    MakeChromosome * MakeChromosomePool * MakeEnumChromosome *
    MakePopulation * PutChromosome * PutChromosomePool * PutEnumChromosome *
    PutFitness * Reproduce * SetDiversity * SetEnumOperators * SetExtinction * SetGenSeed *
    SetOperators * SetStrategy …“

  • The arrogance to believe that people need “Kevin’s” encouragement to think for themselves.

    That’s hilarious.

    • Is Mark’s focus on what he and Mike have in common rather than what Scientology and Nxivm have in common?

      The elephant in the room is: Nxivm and Scientology used the same techniques for mind control, some of the same legal networks and the same kind of astroturfing using celebrities.

      The ways in which both organizations attempted to shape national and world affairs is significant. Why did that conversation not go there? Why do so few of these kinds of conversations go there?

      A mapping of: attorney/law firm/company connections/common interests between Nxivm, Scientology, The Frederick Lenz (Rama) Foundation, Ramtha, Theosophy, CASEL (promoting SEL), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations, UNESCO, The World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID would show the bigger political implications that as many as possible should notice as soon as possible.

      Nicky Clyne might know of James Lindsay’s research on “Social Emotional Learning” programs. She might know of the introduction of Theosophy in America’s public schools. Mark Vicente might know about Ramtha and “The Great White Brotherhood”.

    • RE Anonymous 4:43am Clip:

      WTF is on my mind?!”
      -Mark Vicente

      Exactly Mark, WTF is on your mind?
      Answer: not a hell of a lot. You keep joining cults. You’re fucking putz!

      Your claim to fame is producing cult propaganda material like:
      “What the bleep do we know?”

      STFU! Go make a porn with Nippy. You douché!

  • I agree with Kevin about Sarah: she is a disgusting person whom knowingly recruited unsuspecting people into a dangerous cult.

    I disagree with Kevin about Allison: see above comments about Sarah. In addition, don’t let Allison fool you. Upon release she will join the Deadenders and go RIGHT BACK TO KEITH. My fear is the Deadenders with avenge Keith with an act of domestic terrorism or try to of his victims.

    • Sarah stopped a juggernaut full of women from hurtling off the end of a bridge into oblivion. That’s what she did.
      People are so bound up in their worship of Keith, that they cannot see anything else.

      Keith wasn’t an accomplished concert pianist.
      Keith wasn’t a black belt judo Dan.
      Keith wasn’t one of the smartest people in the world. That was a lie he told.
      Keith didn’t understand mathematics
      Keith and quantum physics? Nope, not that either.

      What Keith was good at was lying and being believed. Keith was good at cutting the wire that connected the intuition from reason in human beings. Keith was good at making people feel special, goddess like. He was a shill, grifter, paedophile, rapist, predator, thief, moron, murderer. I think he murdered Pam. I think he murdered other women too. And thanks to the FBI and ongoing enquiries he will face justice for that too.

      Sarah, Mark, Bonnie and Nippy are the reason why no more women will be groomed to be sex toys for Keith.

      They are the reason why many of the older NXIVM women are still alive, because he probably would’ve got around to poisoning some of them in the future as he tired of his company, possibly even Claire Bronfman. Claire Bear might’ve left him everything in her will, like Pam did, and Keith may have been plotting her demise.

      Had Sarah not acted when she did, the body count of slaves might have been in the hundreds. Think about it. All those women recruiting more women.

      • Eeehhhhh, you give her too much credit. These women wanted what they got in DOS. As twisted as it sounds, they willingly gave collateral just to learn about DOS. Non of the collateral was used to blackmail then into sex with Raniere, that was all Fake News.

        • Pilgrim,

          Are you thinking the women willingly joined a “Master Over Slave Women Club” to experience:

          1. Limited sleep and calorie intake
          2. NLP mind control > followed by military-style NLP mind control
          3. Mandatory monthly collateral extraction for the purposes of blackmail
          4. Humiliating physical and spiritual exploitation


      • Sarah was in DOS, recruited for DOS, owned slaves in DOS, and made her DOS slaves give collateral and perform the same tasks as any other DOS slave.

        • And then she changed her mind. That just kills you doesn’t it?

          Well good for her. If you believe in rehabilitation as you have stated many times that you do (and forgiveness) then that’s great! Sarah made a mistake and she owned up to iit.

          Sarah publicly embarrassed and humiliated herself and took a huge risk because none of them knew if Keith would ever be prosecuted let alone convicted.

          And because of Sarah’s actions and the risk she took a lot of other women were able to break free from a horribly destructive, coercive, blackmailing, abusive nightmare.

          You’re hyper fixated on the civil case. But when you weigh it all out a lot of good came from Sarah’s decision to defect.

          Not a lot of people would be able to go public with that disgusting brand and it’s helped a lot of people in other coercive control groups as well.

          That goes a long way in balancing out the wrongs and mistakes that Sarah made.

          You’ll never agree with it. You’ll always hate and resent ” bad person” Sarah and that’s okay.

          Because unlike the cult of Keith Raniere in the real and free of vanguard world we’re all entitled to our own opinion.

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