Rock: Bangkok Is an Anti-Woke Cultist and Should Climb Under a Rock

A rock that guest commenter Rock seems to think somehow resembles Donald Trump.

Rock Around the Block, or Rock, for short, is one of our esteemed commenters. Rock has a word to say in reply to Bangkok’s Hypocrite Readers Condemn Dead-Enders While in Cults Themselves.

While Rock chose his own name, he did not send a photo of himself.

FR was pleased to provide one.

By Rock

So Bangkok’s getting tired of the constant hypocrisy expressed by 95% of anti-cultists on this site. Why, Bangkok, you’re beginning to sound like Alanzo.

95% eh?

Perhaps you might also shed some light on how you arrived at this precise figure? What particular scientific equation did you employ? How intriguing!

Clinton Rock, found in Little Rock Ark.

Bill Clinton vs George Bush? Hmm… How about they’re both c***ts IMO? But you’re so perceptive, Bangkok: I remember you thought Peter Longworth was one of Wild Bill’s best mates. You had to be corrected on that one too.

So much for “fanatical loyalty”! LOL

BTW, I also note that you said nothing about Georgy Boy. Could it be that your own politics are on display here?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, I gather you’re not much of a fan of the #MeToo movement, possessed of a cult-like anti-wokist agenda, no doubt.

Not unlike tricky Nicki, I have to say – It’s called pronoun phobia!

And then you start slagging poor old Joe for sexual harassment (another Democrat), even though he’s just a bit touchy-feely.

Joe Biden is a bit touchy-feely.

Come now, sir, surely you should be talking about apes bragging about grabbing pussies to level things up a little?

Love the example of the Supreme Court justice you gave too. Problem is, Bangkok, that the “logic” you employ cuts both ways: sometimes people lie and sometimes they tell the truth.

Our politics often influence whom we choose to believe.

Once again, your own assertions reveal your politics of what is true and what isn’t, what you choose to mention and what you don’t.

Biden Rock found in Scranton, PA.

Never heard of that diary entry till now. Are you sure about that, or did you just read it in the NYP? I do remember though seeing a creepy picture of Ivanka sitting on Daddy’s knee in a mini-skirt when she was 15.

I thought she looked a little uncomfortable, but perhaps it was just how she was sitting.

And then of course there were the Epstien photos

‘Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are,’ as Grandma used to say.

I think Wild Bill was in a few of those too.

My personal opinion is that the “fanatical loyalty” you claim liberals have towards their leaders is much more of a trait among the loony right, who are actively engaged in subverting democratic freedoms and eroding women’s rights, but of course I’m sure you would disagree.

No doubt you believe the 2020 election was stolen by voter fraud, and the January 6th insurrection was just a few wild boys having fun in the Capitol.

BTW, 6 people ended up dead.

“Antifa” you say? A figment of the Loonies’ imagination! Still, if they exist, sign me up, will you: I would be proud to call myself an anti-fascist! Riots happen, Bangkok, because cops kill black people – period.

So you can understand why Keith’s followers stay loyal to him?

Well, I think that really says so much about you. In fact, now that Keith’s no longer that available, there’s a vacancy at the top of DOS, which I think you should apply for.

Keith Raniere had many followers who left NXIVM. Would they return if Bangkok came forward to lead them?

Wanted: Nasty narcissistic piece of shit to lead gormless former harem members in misogynistic ministry. Additional perks include endless group BJs. Salary commensurate with experience, but plenty of dosh on tap from misguided heiress bereft of gray matter.

Desirable: fluent ability to write and talk pure bullshit.

Bangkok, maybe you’re not that arrogant (you certainly have little to be arrogant about), but your stupidity more than makes up for it. I have to say it was so nice when you took an extended break from FR.

Would you not just crawl back under that slimy rock again for another while?

Bangkok Rock found in Twentynine Palms, California.

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  • “Is Patriot God your father?”

    You know, you ask me a question, I answer the question in a post before this without saying anything worth censoring (when you shouldn’t be censoring anybody at all in this country), and then you censor my answer!

    You’re really pathetic!

    • “You know, you ask me a question, I answer the question in a post before this without saying anything worth censoring (when you shouldn’t be censoring anybody at all in this country), and then you censor my answer!”

      “You’re really pathetic!”

      Welcome to all of our bullshit with old man Ginzo!

      I don’t why you’re not on our side?! You must have some deprogramming to go through before you can understand us and what we truly stand for!

      But when you decide to seek the truth, come seek us and we will be more than happy to enlighten you!

      You can also join us in justice. Because we’re figuring out how to pay back Ginzo for all of this! Come hell or high water he won’t get away with how he’s treated all of us this whole time and how he constantly broke his word in what he promised us and abused us!

      The patriots will use him and his punishment to send a message, that the U.S. Constitution is sacrosanct and when you true to weasel your ass away from obeying it, you will suffer the sadistic wrath of Uncle Sam, that we are a force to be reckoned with and that you don’t treat a true American like this! EVER! And then we’ll see if anybody else after that has the gall to take our Constitutional Rights away again!

      We’ve kicked every ass we’ve ever had a war with and Ginzo will learn the hard way what happens when you fuck with the good ol’ red, white, and blue and he becomes just another brick in the wall in the history of our unstoppable victories!



      • “You can also join us in justice. Because we’re figuring out how to pay back Ginzo for all of this! Come hell or high water he won’t get away with how he’s treated all of us this whole time and how he constantly broke his word in what he promised us and abused us!”

        “The patriots will use him and his punishment to send a message, that the U.S. Constitution is sacrosanct and when you true to weasel your ass away from obeying it, you will suffer the sadistic wrath of Uncle Sam, that we are a force to be reckoned with and that you don’t treat a true American like this! EVER! And then we’ll see if anybody else after that has the gall to take our Constitutional Rights away again!”

        If this involves breaking the law, then I’m not interested.

        Frank’s a big cry baby and I’m not going to do jail time because he’s a hypocrite and will cry out to the very people he criticizes when his ego is threatened!

        That piece of shut ain’t worth my life! He’s obviously so miserable that he has nothing else better to do with himself other than to control people’s conversations and thinking 24/7 because he’s a loser!

  • There are those who say Bangkok(23) is so skinny, he’s just ribs and dick.

    The later will leave L. Salzman a happy girl indeed.

  • Bangkok-

    You are a immutable force! You do not bend, you do not sway. You are a paladin of Republican values. The Libtards fear you like Herpes.

    You are also one of the
    Greatest Trolls of all time. The heralds will sing your tales a thousand years from now.

    May the Gods grant you carnal knowledge of the fair maiden Lauren Salzman. We will all pray, she shampoos your puppy and blow dries him.

    • Shampoos his puppy? As in just once? Any animal must be given the chance to self respect… can’t see that happening in a once off affair! 🙁

      • —Shampoos his puppy?

        Bangkok doesn’t wax his taint or shave his balls. Some say his crotch is hairier than Frank’s is asshole.

        • That reminds me of the time when a certain Amway distributor was marketing Amway’s latest product – chastity belts and when he had to go away for a week to an Amway tools convention, he put it on his wife and gave the key to his top downline salesman a real nice guy for safekeeping, in case of his death.

          He was right in the middle of selling the tools to his trusting downline when this nice guy top of his downline came in, panting hard and said, ‘You gave me the wrong key!

  • Bangkok is more spot on with his analysis of the left than even he knows.

    This is just a quick interjection, because the drooling and incontinent child groper and pussy grabber in the fake White House set (he has a fake White House so he doesn’t have to sign visitors in on the log) having spent the weekend at his crime scene Delaware mansion, with the Corvette and the filing cabinet open to the street …

    Yes, I’m talking about Dark Brandon himself….

    I’ve just watched the latest video by Scott Ritter. I’ve been following him (and Col. Douglas McGregor) very closely for the past few months, they have been providing the best analysis of the mess in Ukraine. Scott Ritter was one of the point men in the nuclear disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union and was a UN nuclear weapons inspector. He knows what he’s talking about. In this interview, he reveals that he met with the Russian ambassador to the USA the day before. Who told him that absolutely no one in the administration is talking to him. There are no negotiations of any sort, no diplomacy at all.

    …..In order to distract attention from his son Hunter’s laptop, Joe Biden is literally pushing America and the West to the brink of nuclear extinction.

    Just watch this video, and tell me that Joe Biden is good for America. You people really need to wake up, and you really need to wake up fast. Scott Ritter literally ends this video by saying — “Kiss your loved ones goodbye.” The USA has no answers to Russia’s hypersonic missiles and nuclear drone submarines. He says that if everything the US has planned for the future in terms of military hardware, were suddenly to materialize right now, miraculously — it still wouldn’t be enough. There is a missile gap, all right.

    But as Ritter points out: the control is now entirely in the hands of the military. The State Department no longer has any say in arms negotiations. Jens Stoltenberg of NATO said: the only way this can be solved is on the battlefield. The Russians are taking him at his word. And this fucking insane dolt Stoltenberg has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Your darling of the mainstream media, on full parade telling us that “Russia is losing.” Ritter’s big question is: how are these idiots going to respond when Russia wins? Will NATO go quietly into the night? Or rage against the dying of the light? Do you civilians have any say in what happens to all of you?

    Watch this 15-minute video, and then tell me that the mess Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe, Hunter and Jim Biden (with a hat tip to Kamala “Heels Up” Harris and her diplomacy) have made in the Ukraine, is good for America and the world.

    • Sorry, after all that, I post the wrong video. That’s another very good talk by Scott Ritter, plugging his new book. If you want to hear the absolutely gruesome truth about the Nazis in the Ukraine, watch that video. “Slava Ukraina!” which Democrat leaders were chanting in Congress, is precisely the Ukrainian Nazi version of “Sieg Heil!”

      Putzi Hanfstengel, the Harvard college chum of FDR who financed Hitler’s newspaper, wrote the Nazi anthems, and very likely started the Reichstag fire, always boasted that he came up with the Sieg Heil chant, based on the Harvard “rah-rah” chant. So the Democrats are still in there with their slogans.

      Here’s the video. It’s the “Kiss your loved ones goodbye” video. He says at the end: Prove me wrong.

      • Jeez, that is the right audio, but it’s really worth watching Scott Ritter’s body language as he gives this interview. Sorry, this is what happens when you’re in a hurry, it takes much longer.

        Watch THIS video:

  • Hi, Rock. 🙂

    Glad to meet you.

    I rather enjoyed your back and forth battle with Ruth, as her own extreme views on pornography (combined with her own mental gymnastics that twist facts into pretzels) make even the most left-wing zealots seem rational by comparison. lol.

    As for your comments about my own humble self, please know that I seek only civilized and intelligent discourse among respected colleagues.

    I do not seek confrontation or arguments.

    My views are very moderate.

    My views are located towards the center of the political spectrum.

    I’m also very humble.

    In short, I’m one of the good guys in America.

    It makes no sense to hate me or my comments.

    …And while I appreciate that certain people here wish to see me gone —- it just wouldn’t be fair to society at large if I deprived them of my presence and truthful comments.

    Can you imagine the ramifications of me depriving the world of pure UNADULTERATED truth, especially at a time when fanatical left-wing zealots are trying to silence any opposing viewpoints?

    Therefore, I must balance your request (to see me gone) with society’s need to have me speak TRUTH to POWER.

    I take that obligation VERY seriously.

    It’s not always easy to hear the truth, is it?

    The truth has a way of angering people or making them uncomfortable —- which is why left-wing zealots would rather silence opposing viewpoints than embrace free speech.

    I implore you to stop engaging in petty partisan politics —- and to join me in my quest for truth. 🙂 🙂

    Have a good day. 🙂

  • Since Joe Biden will not acknowledge his grandchild born out of wedlock, here are pictures from England of Joe Biden’s 4 year old grandchild.
    (Confirmed by DNA tests.)

    Hunter Biden asks judge to STOP his estranged daughter, 4, born to Arkansas stripper from taking his surname by claiming doing so would rob youngster of ‘peaceful existence’
    Hunter Biden made the request on January 6 after the child’s mother Lunden Roberts filed to have 4-year-old Navy’s last name changed to Biden
    Roberts, 31, said the Biden name is ‘synonymous with being successful’, but Hunter claims it will cause the little girl serious problems
    The petition was filed after Hunter asked for child support payment adjustments
    The Biden family, including Hunter, reportedly never met Navy, who was born in August 2018 to Roberts, a stripper at a club that Hunter used to frequent

    Lunden Roberts, 31, who is raising Navy Joan Roberts in Arkansas, filed a petition last month to have her surname changed to Biden, claiming it would benefit her because it is ‘now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute and politically powerful’

    In the filing last month, it was stated that Navy remains ‘estranged’ from the Biden family and suggests that this ‘misconduct or neglect’ can be rectified by giving her the Biden name.

    But Hunter Biden, who is at the center of a federal probe for his foreign business deals, is now fighting the petition, arguing that the name would not do any favors for the child.

  • Why I am interested in Wokeness. Shadow State1958

    Forty years ago, when I was still a student in college, I had numerous discussions with Woke Marxists including Trotskyists.
    I found them to be uniformly ignorant and bigoted.
    Wokeness is the very antithesis of freedom and scholarship.

    One of my favorite professors was adamant about not having his lectures recorded because he was fearful of having his words used against him in a Marxist run Star Chamber.
    This fear occurred in 1980 when universities still had many conservative professors and students.

    Now American universities are cesspools of Marxism and intolerance.
    It is time to flush the universities and their Marxist crap into the nearest sewer.

  • Woke Culture is an oxymoron
    More thoughts from Oxford University
    Toby Young | This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far – 3/8 | Oxford Union

    • My brothers friend beat up Toby Young at school for being a wanker. Toby came back the next day with 2 friends and he beat them up to. Thats a true story

  • Woke is a joke.
    A sick and dirty joke.

    Woke is another name for Communism.
    People who claim to be woke are Communists who are too cowardly to admit it.

    Rock, if you love wokeness so much, move to California where the Woke are planning to impose Reparations on white people for slavery, an institution that never existed in American California.
    I never owned slaves and I had relatives who died for the North while fighting to end slavery and preserve the Union but according to the woke jokesters I as a white person would be taxed in the name of racial equity and social justice.
    Anyone who prattles on about racial equity and social justice is an anti-American woke gangster.
    In truth if the chronically woke had their way all Americans would be slaves of a Communist led Proletariat.

    Frank Parlato says he does not want a civil war.
    I can guarantee you, Rock, if the Woke had their way America would need a civil war to restore its freedoms.

    • “Woke is another name for Communism. People who claim to be woke are Communists who are too cowardly to admit it.”

      Not too sure what you mean by ‘communism’ Shadow. Karl Marx would say the common social ownership of the means of production. Stalin would say that he alone owned the means of production. Xi Jinping would say the communist party owned the means of production, but he owned the communist party. Since Marx first conceived it, I guess we should go with him, but it’s never existed in that form anywhere in the world to date. To Marx, Stalin and Xi “woke” is what they did that morning before getting up, and ‘non-binary’ is not an adjective I’d associate with any of them.

      “the Woke are planning to impose Reparations on white people for slavery”

      I was quite shocked to read that the median wealth of Black households in the United States is $24,100, compared with $188,200 for white households, so maybe a little wealth redistribution wouldn’t do any harm? I expect that’s going to be funded by general taxation though, so it won’t just be white people paying into the pot. If there’s any justice it’ll be the super wealthy and large corporations who pay (plenty of those in California!). By “the woke” you’re referring to California’s State government, and though some of them may have ‘woke’ sympathies, this policy is not in that ball park.

      Shadow, it’s not that I love wokeness, it’s just that I have little time for anti-wokeness. I believe people should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. Personal freedom for me is the most important thing in life, and telling others what they can and can’t do, should or shouldn’t do (authoritarianism) is what I associate with the ‘communism’ of the post-war world. It’s also very much associated with fascism.

      “if the Woke had their way America would need a civil war to restore its freedoms.”

      Be careful what you wish for, Shadow – there’s a fair chance it might come true:

  • Journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis tells of the people behind the “sex cult” NXIVM.
    VG: “She [Allison Mack] said that she was a seeker. And she was a person who had been trying to find the meaning of life. She had come across NXIVM and felt that this was what she was looking for. And then she felt also her passion for acting had fizzled, and that she wanted Keith to help her, make her a great actress again, that Keith had the tools to help her achieve that goal.

  • Howdy fellas!

    I’ve decided to finally stop being just a mere observer and join the party!

    I’m another fellow patriot that resides with The Great Patriot God in His colony! Many of us patriots just read Frank Report, but also will hopefully come around and join the comment sections as our Great Lord Patriot God has invited us to (or at the very least I am)!

    My name is Rick Hamilton, but everybody in the IWB and TABW movements calls me… [censored for offensive comments, and for lying about an anatomical feature of his body.]

    • Hey Ginzo!

      I didn’t lie about shit, you fucking asshole of a jealous nigger!

      You’re the one that’s lying!

      I will relentlessly post this until you give me my rights and post my greeting completely uncensored even if it takes years!

    • Hey Frank,

      I’m not on either side of this, but whenever you’re ready to create peace with those “patriot” guys, my blueprint that I already gave you will actually have success.

      Let me know when you’re actually ready to grow up and have a real solution that will actually work, bro.

          • So let me get this straight.

            You’re going to censor me along with them when I have nothing to do with them for actually giving a blueprint for peace. I get censored for a BLUEPRINT OF PEACE?!



          • “Is Patriot God your father?”

            Hell no! As I said before, I completely and utterly renounce patriot god and his worldview. However, I also completely and utterly renounce your insane censorship. Even though I’m against all of his bullshit, nobody should be censored.

            All you do is make yourself look like a coward by censoring people.

            Especially when all I did was give a blueprint for peace that was completely reasonable.

            That’s beyond the pale, to be quite honest with you, Apparently your tyrannical censorship campaign has gone of the deep end and is now even worse and has no limits anymore. You’ve become completely unhinged.

            China would be proud. Perhaps you should consider moving over there and join the CCP.

            They’re working ahead you. Not only do they have “approved” speech like you constantly masturbate to so that you can alleviate your fragile self-esteem, they’re now even working on “approved” social scores as well! And if you don’t have an “approved” social score, then you can’t buy, sell, fly, travel, or do anything. It’s like the mark of the fucking beast!

            Sounds like paradise for you, doesn’t it?!

            Now don’t too excited yet. You still have things to take care of before you going flying over there like a kid at Christmas! First, you need to give away this website to somebody for free and then you can hurry up and get your sorry ass over there before the slaughter of the masses begin just like at the endgame of every communist regime. Boy oh boy! Would we not want you to miss out on that!

    • “The artwork is fantastic. Especially Biden’s.” Dovi

      You can buy Hunter Biden’s art work for 75,000 dollars a picture.
      For a few bucks more you can buy a Presidential pardon from Joe Biden.

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