Raniere Writ to Remove Judge Garaufis to Be Heard By Appellate Court; 20 of 21 Raniere Victims Paid

Second Circuit Court of Appeals New York
A hearing in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

Writ of Mandamus

The US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has scheduled oral arguments for Keith Raniere’s petition for a writ of mandamus to order Judge Nicholas Garaufis to disqualify himself from hearing his Rule 33 motion.

The Court will hear arguments on Tuesday, January 24, at 2:00 pm.

A jury convicted Raniere of racketeering, among other charges. His Rule 33 Motion attacks three of the 11 racketeering predicate acts — two acts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and one of Possession of Child Pornography.

Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion includes reports from three digital forensics consultants he retained after his conviction. Their reports allege the FBI tampered with metadata and committed perjury.  

According to FBI testimony at his trial, the metadata of the digital images show a Mexican woman, Camila, was 15 years old when nude photographs of her were taken. 

The Rule 33 motion names FBI special agents Michael Lever, Christopher Mills, and Maegan Rees as perpetrators in the digital evidence tampering. The motion also accuses FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth of perjury. Booth, Rees, and Mills testified at Raniere’s trial.

Raniere wants Judge Garaufis disqualified because he says the judge is biased against him.

The 2nd Circuit will hear oral arguments on the writ of mandamus on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 2:00 pm. 

[Inquiries regarding this case may be directed to 212-857-8595.]

Raniere originally filed his Rule 33 with Judge Garaufis on May 3, 2022. Raniere asked the judge to disqualify himself. 

While the 2nd Circuit considered Raniere’s appeal of his conviction on other grounds, the Rule 33 motion was stayed.

On December 6, 2022, the 2nd Circuit denied Raniere’s appeal which permits the Rule 33 to go forward. Unless the 2nd Circuit grants the writ of mandamus or Judge Garuafis grants Raniere’s disqualification motion, he will judge the Rule 33.

In an earlier filing, AUSA Trowell scoffed at Raniere’s Rule 33. He wrote, “Raniere’s assertion of government’s malfeasance” is frivolous…. 

“The crux of Raniere’s argument appears to be that the Federal Bureau of Investigation manipulated ‘computer images and photographs’ of Raniere’s victim Camila ‘to make it appear that these photographs were taken in 2005’: i.e., when Camila was a minor… 

“But… Camila appeared at Raniere’s sentencing and… confirmed that ‘in September 2005, ‘when she was still fifteen, [Raniere] took naked pictures of [her].'” 

Restitution Paid to All But One Victim

According to the DOJ, all but one of Raniere’s 21 court-ordered victims received restitution from the Clerk of Court for the Eastern District of New York.

The remaining victim has not received a check and is “currently working with the Department of the Treasury to address her situation,” according to Assistant US Attorney Trowell.

The government has not identified who the unpaid victim is or why she was not paid. The mention of the Department of the Treasury suggests she may have an outstanding issue with the IRS.

The victims and their court-ordered restitution. [All but one has received payment]:

  1. Camila: $507,997.45
  2. Nicole: $412,779.18
  3. India Oxenberg: $298,476.65
  4. Amanda: $257,617.51
  5. Daniela: $249,200
  6. Sutton Family: $250,000
  7. Souki: $244,680.03
  8. Valerie: $241,247.50
  9. Pam A.: $172,354.18
  10. Audrey: $142,017.96
  11. Jane Doe 35: $127,504.98
  12. Jessica Joan: $116,568
  13. Kristin T. $94,215
  14. Paloma: $71,320.45
  15. Erika $59,720.25
  16. Add’l Jane Doe 14: $53,286.69
  17. Rachel: $49,748.10
  18. Allison W. $44,215.20.
  19. Sarah Edmondson: $27,408.35
  20. Sylvie: $25,809.78
  21. James Loperfido: $5,625

Raniere Didn’t Pay a Dime to Any Victim

Though the government paid most of the $3.4 million to 20 victims, Raniere did not make any payments.

The money came from the $6 million Clare Bronfman paid as part of her plea deal in 2019.  

Despite Raniere knowing the government planned to use Bronfman’s money to pay the victims, he wanted the 2nd Circuit to prevent the US Attorney from paying them while he appealed the restitution.

Raniere’s attorney, Joseph Tully argued that if Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion is successful, it “would affect the grant of any restitution payments.”

At his sentencing hearing, Raniere called several witnesses liars. 

He said, “Some of these people really are not factual, and in some cases, I believe strongly, lying… they are lying for a reason… I’m innocent of those crimes.” 

Raniere claimed Daniela played a role in the tampering with the FBI.  

Government Paid Victims Despite Appeal

On January 10, 2023, the government motioned to have the 2nd Circuit dismiss Raniere’s appeal and remand the restitution proceedings to Judge Garaufis.

The government argues that since the government paid the restitution, Raniere’s appeal is moot.

If the 2nd Circuit grants the motion, the government will move for an order from Judge Garaufis recognizing that Raniere’s restitution obligations have been satisfied through Bronfman’s payments to the victims.

It remains to be seen if Raniere will object to this motion.


FR reported Nancy Salzman paid her court ordered fine of $150,000. This was in addition to her forfeiting several properties, more than $500,000 in cash and a Steinway grand piano.

Allison Mack, who was sentenced to 36 months, and forfeited a home in Clifton Park, has also paid a $20,200 fine and a special assessment.




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  • Did Raniere ever have any money? Or has he solely used money gifted to him by the Bronfman’s?
    Why did Clare have to pay the government 6 million? Can you tell me how that number was arrived at?

  • I recently listened to Sarah on another podcast. She continues to believe Lauren has woken up and has complete remorse in what she did. In fact Sarah forgives her and is trying to make efforts to see Lauren. Remarkable. What is the consensus about Lauren on here? I have seen mixed responses about Lauren? Some say she is still in touch with the KR followers. Is Sarah being lied to and coerced again??? Or has Lauren really woken up and has remorse about what she did?

    • IMHO Sarah has been too quick to forgive Lauren. They only knew each other while they were in a cult, so they know nothing of each other outside the influence of Keith and Nancy. Essentially, they are strangers.
      Sarah and Nippy have been working on their relationship and they should consider including a possible friendship with Lauren in their discussions. Lauren may be completely sincere in her rehabilitation or she could be playing DOS games. Time will tell.

      • So that means Sarah & Nippy , Bonny & Mark are essentially strangers as well
        Sylvie& her husband too

        • They were all under pressure from the demands of ESP/SOP/DOS. Bonnie was strong enough to walk away even as Mark ran back to Keith every time she talked to him about what she was seeing.
          As soon as Mark and Sarah told Nippy, he at first blamed Bonnie, but was soon ready to confront Lauren and quit SOP. Going through the leaving process together likely made them all stronger.
          Lauren had to renounce Keith to avoid prison. Sarah has forgiven her, which is good for Sarah in her recovery. Hating Lauren and seeking revenge would be useless, but welcoming her back into her life would be foolish.
          People who leave cults have to reevaluate relationships formed in the cult. Some continue on good terms and some simply end because there was no real basis that extends beyond the boundaries of the cult.

    • Lauren is an actress. She’s devoted her entire life to NXIVM. She’s going to say whatever she needs to say– Of course she’s going to plead for forgiveness and show remorse. It’s self-serving.

      Everyone knows where allegiance landed Clare. Unless they state their remorse and errors in their ways they will be lumped with the ‘dead-enders’.

      She sticks to the narrative delivered in court by Nancy and gains allies. Its all a win-win for Lauren.

      If Sarah were wise she would walk away and not look back. If she wants to forgive, that may be better for her to heal and move forward. But reconnecting would be a mistake. There is a world of people. No need to recycle.

    • “When someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.”– Maya Angelou

      Words of caution for Sarah… and all of us.

      Great if Sarah can forgive, but leave Lauren in the rearview mirror.

  • Frank,
    one your post about Lauren Salzman, someone was going on about her breaking her probation by talking with ex-NXIVM members. Lauren was ordered by the Judge to only talk with her bio-family and no one else.

    Its was know she was doing her EM (counseling) business). She was asked by Judge G if she was involved with “counseling” but not EM’s. Nancy was able to justify in her mind to Ethically lie to Judge G and said NO.

    Also on a good source, right before Nancy Salzman went to prison, Nancy attempted to pass along one of her EM clients on to Lauren Salzman. This information has been passed along to the DOJ but not Lauren’s probation officer.

    If anyone knows Lauren is breaking her probation, turn this information over to probation in Albany NY
    You can also contract Frank, he will leave your name out of the the story

    Street/Mailing Address
    James T. Foley Courthouse
    445 Broadway, Room 347
    Albany NY 12207
    Main Phone Line
    Fax Line

  • Won’t Raniere have some issues with the IRS

    All these so-called gifts he’s been given over the years & he hasn’t claimed them

    What about taxes for his legal defense fund
    His living expenses
    The percentage he earned from NXIVM
    Barbara Jeske’s business after her death in NXIVM
    Pam C trust fund
    Money people gave him for his library fund every year at Vanguard week

  • Clare Bronfman’s original discharge date was June 14,2026. I saved the BOP page with Clare Bronfman’s dates, now the BOP page shows the discharge date for Clare Bronfman as October 17,2025. What has changed and why?

      • Clare Bronfman discharge date has changed yet again. Now the discharge date is listed as September 2, 2025. So her term of imprisonment will be shortened again. Can’t the staff at the BOP do the math?

        Federal Bureau of Prisons
        Register Number: 91010-053
        Age: 43
        Race: White
        Sex: Female
        Located at: Danbury FCI
        Release Date: 09/02/2025

  • This is 100 percent totally unfair. Why should Bronfman pay these cry baby fake victims. Keith does not want them paid. It is supposed to be his victims. He appealed. He is trying to show how false and crooked this system is. these are cry babies.

    Like if you had a car with a loan and I want to pay it off and you don’t want me to pay it off you should be able to stop me from paying it. It’s wrong. government conspiracy to hide the tamperting.


    • I sort of agree. Especially frauds India and Sarah. They went right along with everything until they knew the gig was up. If Raniere didn’t get arrested, they would both be at executive level at NXIVM right now.

    • PeeOnYou
      Wake up & stay with the facts
      As part of her plea deal, Clare had already paid 6 million dollars as part of her plea deal
      She doesn’t have to pay any more $$$

      • You can never know unless you are a gifted clairvoyant. Unfortunately, there are only a few of them, if any. And there is still the civil suit. Everything is in motion.

    • Pea Onyu: you sound lovely. Just like the kind of person to make the world a better place, all ethical and Sh!t… you are a victim and don’t even know it.

  • Frank Report

    Bronfman Appeal of Sentence Denied; Must Serve Full Sentence
    December 9, 2022

    The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit today rejected Clare Bronfman’s appeal seeking to reduce her 81-month sentence.

    Bronfman, 43, claimed her sentence, which was 54 months above the high end of the applicable Guidelines range. was procedurally unreasonable.

    She will not get out of prison early, as she hoped. Her current release date is June 14, 2026. She will be 47.

    [ … ]


    Federal Bureau of Prisons

    Register Number: 91010-053
    Age: 43
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Danbury FCI
    Release Date: 10/17/2025

  • Frank Report
    Allison Mack Prison Sentence Extended 3 Months, Nancy Shaves 2 Months Off
    October 25, 2022

    [ … ]

    By the way, Nancy will get out earlier than expected. Her release date was February 12, 2025. The BOP modified her release date to December 4, 2024.

    { … ]



    Has the discharge date for Clare Bronfman changed? Is it because of the recalculation of the discharge date due to a different calculation mode, or what happened here?

    Federal Bureau of Prisons

    Register Number: 91010-053
    Age: 43
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Danbury FCI
    Release Date: 10/17/2025

    • Keith laughed last, unfortunately too quickly and too hastily, because Keith is not a clairvoyant to foresee that someone else laughed after him. Then he forgot to laugh again because there was nothing left for him to laugh at. Now someone else has the laugh on his side and Keith can’t do anything about it. Too bad for him. But another (German) proverb says:” From harm one becomes wise.” However, it should be added that, unfortunately, this does not apply to Keith. But why should proverbs always be 100 percent true.

  • Why THE FUCK does Sarah Edmunson get money!?!?!? She is no victim, she is a victimizer. She is responsible for Keith’s meteoric rise. And what about India??!? She is just as bad as Sarah. This is FUCKING HORSESHIT!!!

    • She claims to be a victim of branding but was already awarded a 2,500.00 coirt ordered allotment to have removed if thats her wish,
      Not sure why she gets 23k more or why, what she wants ( millions) from her plaintiff position now in a civil suit.

  • There’s a war between good and evil. Our government is not of the people.

    They can do whatever they want to “the people” and there’s no checks and balances.

    Plea deals show how corrupt our system is. It’s an epidemic that innocent people are taking pleas because the system is rigged.

    There’s little hope of change. Those who do stand up and expose corruption are then targeted and retaliated against. FP is a prime example.

    Yet the vast majority still walk blindly and believe the bs they’re fed.

    God help us.

    Praying for a major flood.

  • It’s amazing that Sara Bronfman is living large overseas and Clare is in prison.

    Why has there been no pursuit of Sara?

    • She fled the US. That might be part of it. And in a way her husband saved her – by not being the complete fool Sara is.

  • “The government argues that since the government paid the restitution, Raniere’s appeal is moot.”

    I love it- Raniere objects to payments being made, they deny it. And then use the payments to say his motion is moot.

    There’s ample evidence of witness tampering.

    FBI protocols were not followed. Evidence was missing for days at a time. What’s the point of having strict protocols if it doesn’t matter if they’re followed?

    You know… kind of like having laws and not mattering if they’re followed…

    Or constitutional rights that are violated daily without repercussion…

    • Right here, right now, provide one concrete example of proof of witness tampering.

      Not just some slave of Keith tweeted something or this dead-ender person alleges they were threatened.

      Actual proof of any witness tampering not just a baseless, vague accusation (that has not been filed as a formal complaint with detailed information) but actual proof.

      Let’s go! Cannot wait to see what you have to prove your allegation here.

    • Raniere objects to payments being made, they deny it. And then use the payments to say his motion is moot.

      Absolute power corrupts ,not just Rainere BUT OUR GOVERNMENT as well~

  • The Justices of the 2nd Circuit, like everyone else, need a good laugh occasionally to lighten the workday.

  • Keith Raniere’s Neurolinguistic Programming skills and William Anthony Fly’s creativity could rule the world.

        • Scott, if I had a dollar for every hasty assumption you make, I would have well over $200,000. I do not have a $200k fine. But yes, the government has had $1 million dollars paid to me by the originators of the whole false indictment, Clare and Sara Bronfman, since 2015. From that one million plus interest, any fines will be deducted. But it is not a $200k fine. The fine is based on a single failure to file an IRS 8300 form in 2010 for $19,700 [i paid the tax on the income just failed to report that this honest legal income came in cash.]

          • Scott LMFAO @ you!

            Frank could easily handle the 200k.

            FYI: Frank my 550k a year is <
            Don’t depend on Dunn&Bradstreet* 🤣

  • Edmondson v. Raniere (1:20-cv-00485)
    District Court, E.D. New York
    Jan 9, 2023
    ORDER — Due to an unanticipated change in the Court’s schedule, Oral Argument previously scheduled for January 26, 2023, is rescheduled to February 1, 2023, at 2:30 p.m. in person in Courtroom 6G North on the 6th floor of the United States Courthouse, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, New York. Ordered by Judge Eric R. Komitee on 1/9/2023. (AG)

      • That she is a good actress, I doubt. Let’s agree on average. But it’s enough for NXIVM and her podcast as well as for all her interviews. It’s a limited repertoire and not the whole breadth of acting. To mention Kristin Kreuk, the girlfriend of Sarah Edmondson, one should agree that she is a bad actress.

    • Was Sarah’s maiden name Bernhardt 🤔

      Sarah almost left the theater completely after appearing in her first role in her next school, the Comedie-Francaise. Apparently, her performance was so awkward that her mother called it “ridiculous.” It would only be for the relentless encouragement of Morny and other benefactors that she would remain on stage and develop her talent. This, combined with her growing reputation as a radical would lead her to worldwide fame.

      She was famous for sometimes sleeping in a coffin

      Sarah was a true artist, complete with unique quirks. One of the most famous was her preference for spending time in a coffin. To explain, she wrote in her biography:

      “Why a coffin? The world has always wanted to know. I will now reveal the secret. When I became an actress, I was so ambitious, I saw myself as the best and most famous of my time, in France at least. Of course it turned out that I became the biggest star on the firmament, in the whole world, and for all times, I have been told. I did not ask for so much, but I am grateful. I decided early on to nurture a reputation for ‘eccentricity.’ Although Edward Jarrett knew a thing or two about
      publicity stunts,
      there was still much he could learn from me. Ergo the coffin.”
      End Quote:

      Part of the publicity stunt included being photographed in her coffin. It indeed did the trick,

      At least this actress Sarah only chose to use her publicity stunts as a means to elevate herself WITHOUT destroying anyone else’s reputation…
      She was also VERY DRAMATIC ~

  • Other than the ones who are listed as “Jane Doe,” of the 21 people listed, who brought each of them into the organization, and who in turn did they bring in, if any?

    Other than “Jane Doe #1 and #2” and the ones who have been profiled (Nicole, India, etc.), what are the crimes committed against each? And by whom, directly?

    • That’s a complicated question. Most of them are DOS members, and the crime was forced labor that qualified them for restitution. Some of them sex trafficking. Cami child porn. Daniela document servitude.

      Sarah and Mark, I do not think, brought many of these victims into NXIVM.

      • Mama Catherine wanted all her course money restored so poof, its done!
        Who cares if shes co conspirator $2.?
        Royals are royals after all !!

        • Are ye from the lumpen proletariat? or thee solid middle-classe? Or perchance ye are fromme

          thee disgruntl’d courtiers, put to grasse as thou commander was sent to the tower?

          Blessings to th’ dearest mama that hath so wery much power in her restorative poofs!

          • Yes…

            She says ,”They can’t afford bread so let them eat cake!”
            However it was STILL her daughter who committed crimes Beyond what the scapegoats are accused of, if that sits well with you
            Bon Appetit, Careful you don’t choke.

    • Kevin,

      Quite the questions! Have you considered looking for all that information and posting what you find?

      How would you even begin to find out whether one, two or more introduced those 21 people into the organization?
      Who would know how many people those 21 people — directly or indirectly — brought into the group?

      “Other than “Jane Doe #1 and #2” and the ones who have been profiled (Nicole, India, etc.), what are the crimes committed against each? And by whom, directly?”

      Kevin, maybe you could find some of that information in court records?

      Interesting questions, but do they matter very much?

      • The questions only matter to dead-enders. It’s part of their schtick in the cult. They ask a bunch of stupid questions over and over.

        But “Kevin” frequently doesn’t answer questions. Such as how does Kevin know that Sarah Edmondson spoke to Nicki’s mother? And the nature of the phone call? Because Kevin allegedly doesn’t know any of those people.

        Fake Kevin claims to know everything. But refuses to confront the reality of all the batshit, ding-bat frontline slaves plotting (recorded) to deceive the other slave women in the blackmailed sex traficling ring and hide their shared boyfriend’s initials in the brand on their “friends” pubis

        • Regarding your last paragraph, if everything about DOS so bad, why was Sarah’s “Master,” a front line DOS member and daughter of the president of the company, why was she removed from the civil suit?

          Why weren’t the other DOS women charged, specifically the other first line women, and anyone who brought others into the group, including Sarah herself?

          Why wasn’t the first line member who committed the sex act in question on Nicole arrested? Why weren’t the other people who were in the room arrested?

          Why are plaintiffs in the civil suit who weren’t in DOS suing DOS women who they never met?

          Why are plaintiffs in the civil suit who were in DOS suing DOS women who never brought them in, but not suing the ones who did?

          How many members volunteered time for the organization without payment? Why weren’t they compensated?

          Who did Sarah bring into DOS? What are their stories? Are they plaintiffs too? If yes, who are their claims aimed at if the person who brought them in, Sarah, is a lead plaintiff?

          • Another nxivm before nxivm … notice who ran it and who still runs it — casualties and all..

            Los Angeles
            Donald Cole, a 23-year-old UCLA student, commits suicide. Leaves behind a note reading, “Bye, Rama, see you next time.”

            Pacific Palisades, California
            Jack Kukulan, 40, dead of a morphine overdose after giving Lenz about US$100,000. He was found naked in a lotus position.

            Reston, Virginia
            Patty Hammond disappears after making preparations to relocate to New York with Lenz. Roommate Frances Kohl tries in vain to find her after she does not re-appear to claim her personal belongings in storage.

            White Plains, New York
            A landlord reports Brenda Kerber, 40, disappeared after moving from California to be closer to Lenz. Local detectives open an investigation, but Lenz refuses to cooperate. Case still open.“


          • Nah. If it were simple Kevin would have answered themselves long ago. That’s one chatty dead-ender.

            Nothing that ridiculous dossier project crowd says is Gospel. They are proven liars. Nicki is an immigration cheat. A fraudster. Not a credible source. She very actively participated and deceiving the women about Keith’s initials in the brand.

            Is that also how Kevin allegedly knows what kind of letters in the mail Allison’s siblings are getting over a decade after Smallville ended? Ditto Kristen kreuk? If so sounds like the dossier project slaves are big gossips.

        • Yes “Kevin” tap dances around important questions and tries to distract with asking pointless questions and fixates on certain specifics. “Kevin” has the cult tactics down and they don’t fool anyone.

          • Well said anonymous @ 12:23 p.m.
            Kevin also claims to know everything about everything DOS but somehow has magically not listened to the recording of all the front-liine slaves and Keith about the brand.

        • Don’t worry. When Klaus Schwab’s Brain Chips connect us all we’ll know who’s who for sure 😉 says:

          Many kinds of “dead-enders” still hang on:

          Those still-brainwashed from neurolinguistic programming, blackmail, peer pressure and habit

          Accomplices in the crimes who know still-hidden secrets of how and why the group started

          Victims, still victimized in one or more ways: emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically

          The proud or insecure who can’t or won’t admit they made mistakes

          Are there others?

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