Ghislaine Maxwell Is Teaching Yoga and Etiquette in Prison; Raniere Rots With Fly in SHU

Ghislaine Maxwell making the best of it in prison.

Ghislaine Maxwell, 61, is a federal inmate serving a 20 year sentence at Tallahasee FCI.  The US DOJ prosecuted her for procuring girls for Jeffrey Epstein to rape, degrade and abuse.

Her crimes occurred decades ago, but with Epstein gone – through a curious mystery while inside a federal holding center – the government needed someone to prosecute and convict. Maxwell substituted for Epstein.

She was convicted in 2021 of sex trafficking a minor, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and three counts of conspiracy for luring girls to Epstein.

Maxwell, nicknamed ‘Max’ by prison inmates, is lodged with 754 other female prisoners at Tallahasee FCI, which is described as “a low security federal correctional institution with a detention center.”

She is scheduled to be released on July 17, 2037.

The good news is Maxwell is keeping busy and apparently trying to help others in prison.  She teaches etiquette and yoga classes.

She also works in the library.

She recently completed a four week- twice-weekly etiquette class, attended by about 40 female convicts.

The BOP supports her efforts. Her etiquette course counts towards the First Step Act, and attendees get 15 days reduced off their sentences.

Her classes covered how to dress and speak at a job interview, having confidence, and tips helpful for women in the business world.

A flier announcing the classes was pinned inside the prison, which read, “Taught by Mrs. Maxwell this course teaches the three principles of etiquette – focusing on respect, consideration and honesty.”

The prison approved a second etiquette series since the first class was successful.

Maxwell teaches her classes in English and Spanish with the help of a Colombian inmate as a translator.

She also jogs for as long as an hour on the prison’s outdoor 400-meter track.

Maxwell is appealing her conviction and sentence.

Despite the challenge to her conviction, she is making points with the prison. Trying to help women when they leave prison not to return – at the BOP, they appreciate such efforts.

Her treatment there is likely to get better.

Contrast that with Keith Alan Raniere. He, too, is attacking his conviction.

Instead of trying to help inmates improve their lives, or work for the betterment of USP Tucson, he chose to sue the warden and other prison officials.

He complained they cut off a legal phone call, and would not let him talk to his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty.

The wisdom of that fight led to Raniere’s assignment to the SHU for five and a half months.

Most of the time Raniere has been sharing a cell with an intersex man/woman, Richard Anthony ‘Toni’ Fly.

Raniere's SHU "cellie" is Toni Fly, a transgender woman who was sentenced to prison for rape when she was a man.

Toni Fly

A source told FR the prison stopped providing Fly with his sex change drugs – testosterone blockers and/or estrogen, and Fly has been depressed, sometimes violent and aggressive, sometimes raving.

He has not been aggressive with Raniere, however. The two men get along as well as could be expected when locked in a 120 square foot cell, 23 hours per day during the week and 24 hours per day on weekends.

They sleep above or below each other on bunks and share a toilet by the foot of the bed. They eat their cold meals together, tolerate each other’s sounds, sights, and smells, and have mainly each other to speak with, look at and touch, if they touch.

As for Ghislaine Maxwell, it will be a curious experiment. She was once, and perhaps still is, arguably, the most hated woman in America. She is attempting to work her way back to grace.

If she remains in prison for 20 years, until she is 80, she can look forward to helping maybe hundreds of women not return to prison.

Whatever else Maxwell did in her past, she should be encouraged to share what knowledge she has with those who landed in the same prison as she.

What Raniere can do with his future is also up to him. He could begin upon a new path.  He could begin today. Maybe he will.


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  • KR can be civil or he can be a total jerk. He is not getting out of jail, so I doubt he sees any point in being polite.

    • Yes, but his treatment might be far better. Civility – to help and not fight – works better almost everywhere.

        • Wherever possible: Harmony and peace and not dissension. But I am no Vanguard. He might see a far more visionary view from the SHU.

        • That’s not true. Nancy Sleezman’s crotch proves it. Frank claims it took a fly swatter and a can of Raid just to get near her Venus Fly Trap…..

          ….They say Nancy makes one helluva Vinaigrette dressing.

          • I use all-natural pest control. Martins and bats for mosquitoes. Food and a knife for rats. Lizards and citronella for sand fleas.

          • ‘….They say Nancy makes one helluva Vinaigrette dressing.’

            I heard she was the queen of the blue cheese?

            Shame she never got the chance to perfect her 1000 island.

  • Frank-

    Do you think taking Fly off of his meds is an attempt to cause Fly to become agitated so he and Raniere come to blows – then the BOP can claim Raniere is danger to other inmates and use this as a pretext to send Raniere to Colorado?


      • To Gumshoe Parlato,
        A supposition? I’m insulted. It’s a good workable theory.

        Such an underhanded insult, “supposition”. Sir you are a bumptious shabbaroon. I’d give you a thrashing and a lesson in etiquette but you moorish folk are dafter than ducks.

        • Thank you. I had been meaning to insult you in an obvious and transparent way but could only manage it in an underhanded way.

    • The claim that Fly is being denied his medication comes from “a source”.

      For all we know this “source” is Nicki Clyne or the hamster Chakravorty. Pfffttt.

      • This reasoning squarely sets Keith Raniere at the center of the universe


        It is clearly a dead-ender conspiracy theory.

        Everything revolves around Keith (in their minds) because the dead-enders do.

        Why are the dead-enders sharing other inmate’s medical information?

        So “ethical” of the dead-enders.

        Seems like something vanguard would try and sue over if it was done to him.

        Illustrates how the dead-enders don’t really care about the rights and treatment of prison inmates.

        Just Keith.

    • Most photos posted show Mr. Fly with shoulder-length hair wearing an orange jumpsuit. At least two other photos online show Mr. Fly, newly arrested, looking like a man with male characteristics who probably used he/him/his pronouns.

      Many with first-hand knowledge of the case hinted at his intentions regarding his transgender efforts after his arrest. None could say it and many apparently thought his new gender identity was to achieve certain goals. After his arrest, he claimed his civil rights were violated. Mr. Fly might prefer to live in a woman’s prison because some male prisoners violently target inmates convicted of harming children. The warden probably placed them with each other to protect them both.

  • She should have had consequences years ago. It’s ridiculous she’s in prison twenty years post any crime.

    She’s the fall person since Epsteins life was taken. Not a chance he committed suicide.

  • She’s smart at least. She knows her fate is sealed and will make the best of it for herself and others.

    Raniere not so much.

  • “but with Epstein gone – through a curious mystery while inside a federal holding center –”

    It’s not a curious mystery.
    Contrary to popular belief, Epstein did kill himself. He tried the first time, failed, was on suicide watch afterwards, and when he got out of suicide watch, was successful in his second attempt.

    The difference in attitude between Maxwell and Raniere is remarkable. Good point to focus on this.

  • “The most hated woman in America”. Wow! She must have undermined the US economy or significant sectors of it to the extent that the residual US middle class will be thrown in the slums of Los Angeles.
    Is that right?
    She must have adversely and deeply affected the socioeconomic development of the US for decades to come, has she?
    I read Black Chyna is extremely appreciated by the US population. I think it must be for her exquisite education… definitely… I am not into animal documentary films, I stumbled upon this beacon of US intellectual prowess completely inadvertently. What a sight…

  • Many people believe it’s bad manners to procure children for your old gross boyfriend to rape.

    It’s considered even worse then ‘using the wrong fork’, in some civilized humans.

  • “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

    When Raniere is given lemons, his first instinct is to sue the lemon farmer.

  • “What Raniere can do with his future is also up to him. He could begin upon a new path. He could begin today. Maybe he will.”

    Hey Ginzo!

    Maybe *YOU TOO* will begin a “new path”! One thing that actually gives a shit about the 1st Amendment and stops censoring me and all the other patriots altogether! Or at the very least start by not trashing my fucking replies to you or other trolls and let me have an equal voice to reply back instead of just throwing a pathetically attempted zinger at me or another troll attempting to do the same, and then when I reply you don’t “allow” the reply to be posted, like a cowardly piece of shit (this also applies to all of the other patriots)!

    You claim that you support “equal rights” (even though that was only originally meant to be reserved for The Glorious White Anglo-Saxon race what which supposed to be the ONLY race allowed to inhabit this country as their inheritance, but nevertheless), but then you ironically seem to only permit those to speak or reply based on their “street cred” with you like a goddamn nigger would!

    So can you please stop applying nigger thinking (or better yet, *non-thinking* because thinking has never been a nigger’s forte) to the 1st Amendment, please?!

    It would save me a whole lot of stress and thus save you from a certain immeasurable amount of licks cracked on your back when I finally get my hands on you!

    ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻


  • Pedo Max needs to be locked away for as long as possible. She is dangerous.

    Is Toni a pedo as well? Do we know what he is in for,? I would say if yes, him and Keith will have a lot to to talk about.

  • Good for Maxwell. She is trying to do well. I wish her well. ( her trial was unfair including the unjust & unfair media circus prior to trial which was destroyed her presumption of innocence) and so was her conviction and sentence was unjust). She was obviously a surrogate for Epstein ( despite some who deny that )

  • Maxwell is in a low security facility. At least she’s treated like a human. Keith would never have had that opportunity. However, even if he did, I believe he would have found reason to complain and be wronged.

    His arrogance and superiority allow him to believe he’s smarter and can manipulate lowly prison guards. That’s where he’s a fool. If he ever gets out of the Shu, he’ll be a different man. He can’t endure this treatment. Not many could.

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