Gardner’s Parental Alienation Theory: Remove Mothers From Children in Family Court

"It is because our society overreacts to it [pedophilia] that children suffer." Gardner claimed that PAS is "a disorder of children, arising almost exclusively in child-custody disputes, in which one parent (usually the mother) programs the child to hate the other parent (usually the father)." Gardner proposed that pedophilia, sexual sadism, necrophilia (sex with corpses), zoophilia (sex with animals), coprophilia (sex involving defecation), can be seen as having species survival value and thus do "not warrant being excluded from the list of the `so-called natural forms of human sexual behavior.'" "There is good reason to believe that most, if not all, children have the capacity to reach orgasm at the time they are born." Gardner authored more than 250 books and articles with advice directed towards mental health professionals, the legal community, divorcing adults and their children. "Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be a reprehensible act.

Richard Alan Gardner [1931-2003], was the author of more than 40 books and hundreds of academic papers on child psychology.

A clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, Gardner became known for advocating for fathers accused of sexually abusing their children in custody battles.

In 1987, Gardner published his book, “The Parental Alienation Syndrome and the Differentiation Between Fabricated and Genuine Child Sex Abuse,” which introduced the term “parental alienation syndrome.”

Gardner says his PAS was based on his experience representing fathers, not clinical research.

PAS has been a boon to psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, family therapists, guardians ad litem, visitation supervisors, reunification therapists, reunification camp counselors, custody evaluators, and attorneys for fighting or soon-to-be-fighting spouses.

Gardner wrote:.

By Richard Gardner

The mother-child psychological bond is generally stronger than the father-child…. Parental alienation syndrome — in both mothers and children — have been related to the attempts to preserve this stronger bond….

Many of these mothers’ tactics may be considered vicious, manipulative, and deceitful… They… resorted to primitive techniques… And children… threatened by the disruption of the mother-child bond [employ] techniques even more primitive…

Only the court has the power to order these mothers to stop their manipulations and maneuvering….

Severe Cases of PAS

The mothers of these children are often fanatic. They will use every maneuver at their disposal (legal and illegal)…. They are obsessed with hatred of their husbands. In many cases, they are paranoid…. These mothers see in their husbands many objectionable characteristics that actually exist within themselves…

When a sex-abuse accusation becomes incorporated into the package, such mothers may be projecting their own sexual inclinations onto the father…. They exaggerate and distort any comment the child makes….

Children normally will entertain sexual fantasies, often of the most bizarre form…. Children are “polymorphous perverse,” and… provide these mothers with an ample supply of material to serve as nuclei for their projections and accusations.

Such mothers do not respond to logic, confrontations with reality, or appeals to reason. They will readily believe the most preposterous scenarios provided by or elicited from their children.

Experienced and skilled mental health examiners — who claim that there is no evidence for the accusation are dismissed as being against them or as being bribed by the husband….

Even a court decision that there is absolutely no evidence that the father is guilty of sex abuse does not alter her beliefs nor reduce
her commitment to deprecation of the father. Energizing the rage is the “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” phenomenon.

The children of these mothers are similarly fanatic. They often share her paranoid fantasies about the father. They may become panic-stricken over the prospect of visiting their father.

Their blood-curdling shrieks, panicked states, and hostility may be so severe that visitation may seem impossible…. children… whose state of agitated rage against the father will become reduced if required (especially by court order) to remain in their father’s home over an ongoing period….

Traditional therapy for the mother is most often not possible. Usually, she has absolutely no insight into her deep-seated psychiatric problems….

It is important for judges to appreciate that treatment for the children is most often not possible while the children are still living in the mother’s home….

There is a pathological psychological bond here between the mother and children that is not going to be changed by therapy as long as the children live with the mother…. The children must be removed from the mother’s home and placed in the home of the father…. The court might have to… jail… the mother [who] does not comply.

Following this transfer [of custody] there must be a period… in which the mother has no contact at all with the children.

Only in this way will the children be given the opportunity to reestablish their relationship with the alienated father without significant contamination from the mother. Even telephone calls must be strictly prohibited…

Then, according to the therapist’s or guardian ad litem’s judgment, slowly increasing contacts with the mother may be initiated, starting with monitored telephone calls.

The danger here, however, is that these will be opportunities for reprogramming the children against the father….. One may have to sever the children entirely from the mother for many months or even years.

In such cases the children will at least be living with the healthier parent…. In such cases, the animosity toward the father gradually becomes reduced [once the mother is out of the children’s lives.].

I recognize that some readers will consider this approach very stringent, even punitive. From the point of view of the mother it certainly is; with regard to the welfare of the children, it is the most humane approach….

Again, it is crucial that the therapist be court ordered and have direct input to the judge…. The judge must be willing to impose sanctions, such as fines or jail [on] mothers…

The court should order the mother to see the court’s therapist even though her cooperation is not likely to be significant…

The court’s therapist must have a thick skin and be able to tolerate the children’s shrieks and claims of maltreatment….

Therapists of the persuasion that they must “respect” their child patients and accede to their wishes will be doing these children a terrible disservice….

The therapist should view the children’s professed hatred as superficial… To take the [children’s] allegations of maltreatment seriously may help entrench the parental alienation syndrome and may result in years of, if not lifelong alienation [from the father]….

[Therapists] must also be comfortable with taking a somewhat dictatorial position. This is especially important in their relationship with the mothers…. The therapist must appreciate that more of the therapy relates to manipulating and structuring situations [to flip custody to the father] than to providing people with insight….

When a parental alienation syndrome is present, the therapeutic approach must first involve a significant degree of people manipulation (usually by court order) and structure before one can sit down and talk meaningfully with the parties involved.

Moreover, therapists who accept as valid the patient’s wishes (whether child or adult)…. are also not good candidates…. Doing what the patient wants and doing what the patient needs may be two entirely different things….

Without the therapist’s having the court’s power to bring about the various manipulations and structural changes [flip custody to the father despite the cries of children] the therapy is not likely to be possible….

Mothers are often so disturbed that transfer of custody is the only viable option….

I have generally found collaboration with guardians ad litem to be very useful when conducting custody evaluations….

The guardian ad litem can be a powerful ally for therapists…. A guardian ad litem who is not familiar with…. parental alienation syndrome may prove a definite impediment during treatment. …  Unfortunately, many [GALs] reflexively support the children’s positions. They may not appreciate that they are promulgating the pathology. Some have great difficulty supporting coercive maneuvers [of removing the mother from the children’s lives]..


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  • “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark


  • When a child unjustifiably rejects a parent (complaining parent made them spend time together), should the rejected parent just let that happen? If so, what is that called?

    Also, is it in the realm of possibility that one parent could malign their child against the other parent so the child rejects one parent?

    • “Complaining parent”? Why is the parent complaining?
      Why is the child “rejecting” a parent? Did the child explain reasons for the “rejection”?
      It’s obviously “in the realm of possibility” for one parent to disparage the other parent — or anyone for that matter.
      Whether or not the child rejects the other parent depends on the circumstances.

      • What do you call it when a parent manipulates a child into rejecting the other parent for reasons that the child is convinced are true, but in reality the they are false? For instance, Parent A is accused by child of “lying all the time” to the child, which is a reason the child does not trust that parent, which the child says justifies the complete rejection of Parent A. What if the Parent A in fact never lied to the child? And what if during their custody evaluation, the favored Parent B was diagnosed by the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory with a “personality disorder with narcissistic, histrionic, and obsessive compulsive features.” In addition, 1) Parent A finds out Parent B had been spreading false information to the parents of the child’s friends – saying that the child was not allowed to be with Parent A alone, 2) Parent A found text messages from the child to a friend stating that Parent A is “mean to” Parent B, and finally 3) the rejection of Parent A occurred very shortly after Parent B found out the child was with Parent A and their new significant other? If Parent B disparaged Parent A to the child (which is “in the realm of possibility,” and the child rejected Parent A, then what should we call it?

  • It doesn’t favor anyone just follow the money that’s how they favorite and if her mother is favored great and vice versa They couldn’t care less or they’re looking at his how can they shift the funds of the assets to the most vulnerable person to extract as much as they can they couldn’t care less of the best interest of the children

  • And what all of this pseudo invalidated PA really does is cause extreme harm and PTSD to the children and a very psychologically broken mother. It is “NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN” to pursue this “Gardner” path of so called reconciliation. There is very little to no media about studies or reports of how the children come out the other end at age 18+ unless they have committed suicide or are no longer alive because the father ended their life. A few children have posted their story on social media but that is about as far as it goes.
    Pseudo PA is there for only one reason;
    1. Generate the maximum amount of income as possible to all the “Unethical Actors” involved.
    2. Turn the children into uncaring objects or Bitcoins by all “Unethical Actors” involved.
    3. Make full use of Mafia style Family Courts for the “Actors” to hide their unethical activities.
    I find it utterly astonishing that Family Court Judges risk their career to perform unethical decisions of assigning the children back to abusive fathers. Especially when a court ordered independent review is done with the children that are crying and begging to be with their mother because of all the maltreatment being done by the father. It just proves that children do not really matter and are fully ignored no matter what. The “Actors” make sure no truths get before the court.
    Why isn’t there any oversight you ask? Well, unfortunately, it appears that the river of unethical actions by the “Actors” is very wide and consuming, in many cases, all the way to state supreme courts. That wide river of unethical “Actors” can also include the “Department of Child Services” as well as the “State Bar Oversight committee”. If any person, no matter what their job title may be, is a member of and affiliated with the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) you can be fully assured they do everything in their power to move the child/children from the mother to the father irregardless of bad the father’s dossier may be. The father is only looked upon as a bottomless pit of money to feed the bank accounts of all those involved and to also try and run the mother’s status down to a state of homelessness.
    Is there any hope for a change to all of this mess that Gardner created back in 1987? No, I’m afraid not as long as the media continues to ignore all the mother’s cry for help in almost all the states, as long as the Family Courts remain Mafia run invoking secret no public access and ex parte communications, and as long as the U.S. Department of Human Services also ignores this long running tragic epidemic.
    May God help all those children enslaved and the isolated families and mothers who survive.

    • Well stated. The higher-ups must allow family court corruption on purpose and for a reason. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been happening for the past forty years. Gardner’s “PAS” scam has been allowed, coordinated and encouraged in so many countries for so long. Almost as though it was a political project before other international political projects — like the introduction of mandated mRNA injections around the world simultaneously. Common vocabulary was used in each country, mandatory proceedings, same protocols, same punishments.

      A few private industries working in state systems have been allowed to destroy so many children and families around the world in so many ways. Maybe for depopulation goals? Family court and pharmaceutical industries have been given the world to have their way with us.

      Details of the cases up close and personal show how immoral so many family court judges, lawyers and their associates have been — just as pharmaceutical industry owners and executives have been. No morals in an industry can make lots of money and too many couldn’t care less that they’re destroying entire nations along with the children and families they destroy.


    This website shows some info about this . Scroll down to read and listen to testimonials.

    If people don’t believe it, go travel, get informed . Or volunteer for an agency that advocates for those who have been sex trafficked. There is an agenda that is worse than people can believe. At least it’s still considered bad in the mainstream media, but many people are working towards normalizing pedophilia. Stay alert. Expect the worse and fight with might to expose these repulsive monsters. Anyone who has a sexual urge towards a child is so sick they must be mandated by law to be monitored by police who are monitored by officials whose records are exposed to the public. Pedophiles are murdering innocence. They are real vampires. Any pedo who has acted on their revolting urges should be treated like high power criminals. If lawmakers keep pushing their sick agenda there’s going to be a backlash. People lets step out of our comfort zones and stand up against this vile disease in our society. Silence is violence.

  • If CHILDREN are encouraged to have sexual relations with ADULTS this is EXTREMELY ABUSIVE—childrens brains are not fully developed and they don’t know what any of this means. Most importantly children will not be able to speak out against it. So if dirt bags who adhere to the late Gardners horrific theories want to legitimize their deviant longings by saying children benefit from adult rights then let children legitimately and legally be able to own a gun.

    In Holland it is legal to have sex with a child. ( they even have a pamphlet there on how to have sex with a baby ) The French President started his sexual relationship with his current wife when he was only 14 years old. She was 30. Ridiculous because he recently passed laws protecting pedos. It’s considered legal to have sex with a 12 year old child there. In China it’s a catastrophe. There are more cameras on every inch of land there then any other country and yet there’s more child trafficking ( for sex and labor and organ harvesting ) then anywhere. The Philippines are right behind. Brazil, Africa, Central America? Right in front of your face. No shame. Kids have the “ right “ to have sexually abusive relationships? Then equally they need to have the right to also make laws and prosecute who they want to. The CIA provides adult prostitutes to government officials. They provide whatever is needed. That includes child sex. People just don’t want to believe how extreme the abuse is. Upsets many people who try to wake people up but when they try to speak out, they are called conspiracy theorists. It is real. Children need new rights. We need to stop being so unbelievably naive and face the music so we can all do all we can to protect our children. The Frank Report is gold. Every time I read articles about child abuse, I send the article to everyone I know. I hope that we all do that. Thank you for these articles and dedication for justice FR.

      • Fact checker, look into PAIDIKA. As for the gun? No one was seriously saying a child should have a gun. It was a facetious remark to illustrate how absolutely horrific it is to force children into performing adult sexual acts. You are missing the point. A child should neither shoot, own a gun nor have sexual relations with adults. Children need to be protected, not exploited in any way. A child should not be harmed end of story.

          • Fact finder checker decker, I think you might have found your new calling! A new side hustle as the factory fact finder? 🤪

            Here’s what’s up:

            MR FACTORY FACT FINDING MACHINE? Unless you have something to add that shows an interest in protecting children, I personally don’t think I can stomach any more blog comments to you. But it was slightly entertaining😉

    • Someone told me many who harm children are based in The Netherlands.

      In the Connecticut case of Turner v. Frowein, the court found sufficient evidence that the father sexually abused the son. “Dr.” Keith Roeder told the court, “certainly also cannot say, based on those interviews, that sexual abuse did not occur …”

      Roeder is another to add to a list for anyone collecting information on some of the worst cases/ worst vendors.

      “… Several medical experts and social services professionals also testified at the hearing, including John Leventhal, director of Yale University’s School of Medicine child sexual abuse clinic.   Leventhal, who had examined the child on two occasions-once on November 12, 1997, less than two weeks after the child had arrived in the United States, and again on December 31, 1997-concluded that, based upon a reasonable degree of medical probability, the child had been sexually abused.   His conclusion was based on his own physical examination of the child, as well as on the information included in the written report of Tracey Bombaci, a clinical social worker and colleague of Leventhal’s who had counseled the child on four separate occasions …

      … Keith Roeder, the court-appointed psychologist, also testified.   Roeder, who had examined the child on several occasions between March, 1997, and June 3, 1997, testified that, although the child had initially responded to an inquiry regarding sexual abuse with answers that  indicated that he had been hit by the defendant, the child had stated on subsequent visits that “my father put his penis in my butt hole four times.”   Roeder explained further that, even though the child became distracted and evasive when asked to explain those statements, he elaborated somewhat with the use of anatomically correct dolls.9  According to Roeder, the child’s ability to express himself through role-play “raise[d] the possibility in my mind of this actually happening.”   Roeder ultimately determined that although his assessment of the child fell in the inconclusive range, he “certainly also cannot say, based on those interviews, that sexual abuse did not occur …”

  • This is when the AFCC began promoting parental alienation as a way to secure endless billing.

    They have psychologists working for the courts- not for the families. They attach these psychologists to the case long after the divorce is final as a way to restrict access to children and fuel endless billing.

    Parental alienation is NOT recognized by the American psychiatric association and is not contained in the DSM-V.

    No medical foundation support it or its “treatment” which is absolutely child abuse.

    It’s happening throughout the United States. The mass corruption and abuse of our children is unconscionable.

    So much do that the public thinks— there has to be a reason for such drastic measures.

    There is- it’s all about money.

    • Why do some at the tippy top of governments ignore the crimes in the world’s family courts?

  • Columbia University became the refuge for German psychos of the Frankfurt School after being run out of Germany in the destruction of the Weimar Republic. Most of the ideology of the Frankfurt School was not of Christian roots. These people were social theorists, warping the world to their twisted ideology. Critical race theory comes from these nutjobs. The school was reborn as the New School For Social Research in NYC, which lives on today, sponsored by the self-chosen. Gardner was never on staff at Columbia, he was associated with a clinic, associated with the school. Gardner’s purpose in life was to normalize paedophilia, destroy parents who objected to child rape, he was a tool of the same ideologists who run family courts.

    Anytime PAS is brought up in a divorce matter, there is a child being raped … simple red flag. Trafficking children makes money for lawyers, provides useful inventory for Connecticut paedo ring … a real entity.

    • The FBI investigated the Frankfurt School and all those activities continued anyway. The FBI investigated NXIVM in 2003 w/ lots of redactions in those documents for some reason. NXIVM crimes continued for the next 14 years after 2003. Why? The FBI supposedly investigated family courts, but those crimes still continue. Why?

      In the 50s and 60s, Frankfurt School, Columbia, New School and CPUSA etc. infiltrated and influenced labor unions, public schools and churches. They obviously got to family courts too. Now that we see what they did and what they’re doing, we can do something about it.

      • I had no idea. No wonder cultural Marxism soaked America so deeply and so quickly in the 1940s -50s.

        From Princeton University Press:

        “Secret Reports on Nazi Germany: The Frankfurt School Contribution to the War Effort
        Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, and Otto Kirchheimer
        Edited by Raffaele Laudani

        During the Second World War, three prominent members of the Frankfurt School—Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, and Otto Kirchheimer—worked as intelligence analysts for the Office of Strategic Services, the wartime forerunner of the CIA. This book brings together their most important intelligence reports on Nazi Germany, most of them published here for the first time …”

        • Extraordinary, isn’t it? I’m no sort of Marxist, even if, having been raised Methodist, I got called a ‘communist’ a lot in my youth, so when I eventually studied the ideology at university, I found Marx severely wanting compared with the old anarchists, Proudhon, Bakunin and Kropotkin, whose work Marx clearly plagiarised and sullied with his own pathetic racism and lazy tyranny, only to have this thin gruel further drained of any humanity – by the Frankfurt School.

          • 1. The creation of racism offenses
            2. Continual change to create confusion
            3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
            4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
            5. Huge immigration to destroy identity
            6. The promotion of excessive drinking
            7. Emptying of churches
            8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
            9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
            10. Control and dumbing down of media
            11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family


          • Why would the OSS/CIA do this to their own people or civitas? I don’t get it.

            Anymore than I understand why A. Crowley was a British agent – to neutralise perceived radicals? send them off on a wild goose chase? Conspiracy theories, many of them, do tend to waste a lot of minds, wether or not they are strong to begin with I don’t know.

  • Parental alienation is criminal defense they use to distract from the big problem. It is a sure win to rack up the bill.

    The family courts are focused on it and nothing else. It’s what the judges use to get GAls on the case. It’s used to gain an upper hand in court. My former spouses was claiming it before he left the house. It was his second high conflict custody case in Connecticut. Claiming that the mothers of his children are some how unfit.

    He still had a relationship with his child. When he left to go to his friends house he never called or invited the children over. He made sure all kinds of information was getting to me and the child.

    To strengthen the case. It appears to have been premeditated. The gal was hanging around the court house. She also represented the family of his girlfriend in another case. Not as the GaL. She pushed a psychologist on the case. Engaged in the sessions. During the process the Dad was the victim.

    He didn’t want to pay child support. Was texting the minor negative things about me the mother.

    Gal thought this was ok after all the mother is always to blame.

    The x-husband purchased a house in the middle of the divorce. Said the judge gave him special permission.

    Psychologist bills racked up. Dad not showing up for an appointment. No big deal.

    Mom is billed for her portion anyway. The use of parental alienation is a means to financially ruin the other party.

    The judges encourage condone and allow it. Everyone making money 🤑.

    “Your husband behavior is deplorable, however the judge is sympathetic to the father wanting a relationship with the child.”

    How about the judge be sympathetic to the best interest of the minor?

    The physical emotional and psychological well being. . “You must have done something. You may not have done it intentionally” It’s your responsibility to protect the child from hearing about your husband behavior. The gals attitude. Behavior reported by other minors. I guess I should have not allowed the child out of house.

    I guess I should have taken the child’s phone away. That’s right, I would be denying access if Dad calls or text. Isolated the child. You are blamed and punished no matter what.

    Once these allegations are made it’s all about racking up the bills. There is no concern for children. You are not allowed to advocate for your child or your self. Screw the bitch custody bait and possible switch. Connecticut family court Cash cow dumpster fire 🔥.

    Being played in every Court house in Connecticut. Slightly different story in cases but the game is the same. Looks like fraud to me.

    • A director at Connecticut Legal Services once said about family court cases, “Unless there’s blood, no parent gets full custody.”

  • Columbia University gave us Richard Alan Gardner a pedophile as well as Dr. Mehmet Oz a MAGA fraudster. Two crazy dangerous men.

  • This is pure bullshit, but in the misogynistic era when it was introduced, I’m not surprised Dr Gardner could easily get people to buy his bogus theory. And now it’s an established theory – so the lawyers and GALs can cash in on it.

    My first son born decades ago received a diagnosis of autism – remember how mothers were blamed for that too – by the psychiatric establishment.

    I’m curious – back when Gardner wrote this garbage – wasn’t homosexuality still in the DSM somewhere as a mental disorder?

    Enough people have been hurt by bogus theories of psychiatrists. And now it’s abused kids being returned to their abusers while family members on all sides are being robbed blind by crooked lawyers and GALs.


    • You are correct, but it also used to protect pedophiles. Chris Ambrose and Geoff Herzog are perfect examples of scumbags using this bullshit to punish their ex-wives for wanting to get away from them. Just read the Frank Report articles on those two apparently mentally deranged morons. It is disgusting how any person with a brain believes what Richard Gardner wrote.

      • These kikes deserve what’s coming to them – and hopefully it will be something they don’t recover from.. Naming names is important in ensuring these scumbags get what’s coming to them.

        • Naming names is important. But I think this is not a matter of being Jewish. It is a matter of being larcenous. So while I allow some latitude in comments – for instance, I allowed you to use the word kike, I have done so to examine the proposition out there that some say “only Jewish court professionals permit these atrocities.”

          I think if you study family courts around the country, the same thing happening in Connecticut – is occurring in places where there are few to no Jewish court professionals.

          This seems to defeat the theory that this is a Jewish issue. If a place had a preponderance of Italians or Gernman or Irish judges, lawyers and therapists, and it still was happening – the flipping of custody to the parent with the money and power – etc. – would it still be ‘kikes” or would it be dagos and krauts and micks that are the scumbags.

          It should be reversed. They are scumbags and mercenaries that trade children’s happiness for money. That disease is not Jewish – unless you can show me how in Texas, and North Carolina and Alaska and in England and other nations is not happening.

          Please provide evidence that this is only Jewish.

          • I think we know both of those scumbag pedo’s are Jewish. You left it up because it’s true.

          • I do not know that as a fact. Deliver some evidence. Otherwise, this is just your hate or irrational conclusion.

          • I love reading the Frank report where someone calls people pedo Jews and franks only concern is proof they are Jewish. Lol.

          • What about evidence that these guys are pedophiles? Looking through these messages it seems to me that it’s only because they are Jewish. Is there some other proof we are missing here?

          • I am having a hard time connecting this behavior with Judaism.

            I am making a strong connection with money. You have not made your point at all.

          • What’s the proof that these guys listed are pedo’s? Did I miss that somewhere? It seems a really strong label to give someone without proof…. Am I missing it?

  • This is the basis for the money-making racketeering that allows millions to flow through family courts daily.

    He’s one sick bastard and didn’t kill himself soon enough.

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