Is There Red Meat With Judge Castorina Perjury Story? Bangkok Says Keep Digging

By Anonymous

It’s almost impossible to care about middle-aged people making fake Facebook pages. This sounds like a tale told by idiots about another idiot.

It would have been beneficial to just lay out the facts without all the editorializing. But it’s clearly about pushing one person’s agenda. Unfortunately for that person, they are blind to the reality that revisiting this nonsense only makes them look like a complete juvenile, moron.

This is one of those situations where you pick your battles and you don’t further associate yourself with such ridiculous past behavior because there’s no retelling of this tale that makes anyone look very good. And you’re just generating your own embarrassing press for Google searches. Not smart.

Frank, you can do so much better than this kind of silliness. Will never understand your chosen association with this clown. It does no long-term benefit to you, Frank. You should be reaching up or at least across and not down.

Bangkok made this reply.

By Bangkok

Hello Mr. Anonymous.

Frankly, I like Richard Luthmann.

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

RIchard Luthmann

I think that most of his posts have been far more informative, and entertaining, than the posts made by anonymous idiots who are attacking both him and Frank for exposing this story.

As for saying that you don’t care about a middle-aged man making a fake Facebook Page, well, if he went to fucken prison for it (while a current SITTING judge didn’t) —– then it’s worthy of exploration.

All people engage in juvenile behavior for their own benefit, including yourself.

Welcome to the human race.

We all have egos and we all do juvenile things to gain perceived benefits.

The only difference is that some of us pretend otherwise.

I’m guessing that you’re a liberal idiot who fully supports Hillary Clinton for hiding top secret government emails on her own web server to circumvent FOIA laws (without being prosecuted).

Now that’s a juvenile task.

You probably also support Bill Clinton even though he was accused of sexually assaulting or harassing six women (without being prosecuted).

Why do you support him? Because of your own JUVENILE political views. 🙂

You probably also support the Antifa rioters who loot, riot, and burn down cities with impunity, without being prosecuted or even arrested.

The mainstream media chooses to reward such juvenile behavior and, in my opinion, that’s an example of silly journalism.

Yet, idiots like yourself choose to label Richard Luthmann’s story as ‘juvenile’ and an example of silly journalism?

If Richard was actually prosecuted for such a SMALL thing as faking a Facebook page (to help elect somebody who’s currently a judge) —- then exposing the judge is perfectly legit and does not ‘harm’ Frank’s standing as a journalist.

If Roger Stone was the judge here (instead of Castorina) —- you’d be screaming for his prosecution. LOL.

Now THAT’S a JUVENILE attitude, LOL.

Keep on reporting, Frank.

Don’t listen to the anonymous idiots who contradict themselves.

Have a nice day. 🙂

An anonymous commenter said:

The illegality of that kind of identity theft varies from state to state. But what you do with the fake account you create and how it impacts the person you are impersonating is open to prosecution and damages throughout the country.

If you’re using it to harass people or stalk or other crimes associated with the fake account you can definitely be held accountable for those as well. It also is very open to civil litigation. If you impacted someone’s reputation for example.

Again experiencing embarrassment shivers just by the theoretical application of middle-aged people impersonating others on social media.

It’s interesting because you go really hard on people Frank for being anonymous as cowardly. It’s hard to believe that you support people pretending to be other people and would see that behavior as anything other than cowardly

By Frank

I agree with you. That the idea of impersonating a person on Facebook is wrong. Luthmann paid the price for it in prison.
The issue is a man who is now a judge appears to have lied to get out of his role in this caper.
That bears scrutiny. I do not support a man who got the benefits,  throwing his friend under the bus. 
His friend goes to prison. The man who supported it gets elected to the assembly. On the strength of his election and willingness to lie under oath becomes a judge. 
Bangkok I plan to keep going.
For the those who think I should not, I hope you’ll bear with me a little longer because there may be some red meat here.

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Stephanie A Jones Esq., LLM, MPH
Stephanie A Jones Esq., LLM, MPH
11 months ago

Bravo, Frank. What Richard did or did not do is not even a material inquiry here. Talk about deflection from the point: a man sits as a judge deciding the fates of lives. Castorina’s character (or lack thereof) is independently a significant inquiry. If you will, Richard’s case is strictly Exhibit A demonstrating the lengths to which it appears Castorina was (and is? that makes me shudder) willing to go to secure his meteoric rise. We need to know the people in whom our trust is reposed. As Oliver Babbish exalted President Bartlet in The West Wing: “Bring it on,” Frank.

Judge Castorina is a good Judge
Judge Castorina is a good Judge
11 months ago

Bangkok can’t you see judge castorina is a good man who was just worried and needed to placate Luthmann. He is bigger than him and might beat him up and so he was scared of him. So he went along but he did not want to. Judge Castorina is a good man who wants justice and he had to deal with this Luthmann who can get very mean and challenge people so you can’t blame Judge Castorina who is very good. He believes in justice. Do not believe bad about Judge Castorina because he is good and he believes in justice and Luthmann went to prison not Judge Castorina. That is not any mistake becuuse Judge Castorina is honest. He was worried because Luthmann was mean. That’s why Mr Tormey stayed out because Luthmann is mean and he was scared too. Mr Nelson was scared to because Luthmann is mean. He had to get help to do this and Judge Castorina helped.

11 months ago


This is a great piece.

11 months ago

There’s a story. What’s Luthmann’s motive with the fake Facebook page? What was in it for him? Who stood to benefit and how?

11 months ago

The judge is the anonymous writer.

Of course he doesn’t want to look back! He put as much distance as possible between him and Luthmann.

And Facebook pages? What Facebook pages? I know nothing about that.

His robe is coming off. 😳

11 months ago

Anonymous commenter has no standards. He is writing off illegal and unethical acts as “juvenile”.

And he’s endorsing an attorney getting promoted to the role of judge with this conduct.

He is indeed a moron.

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