Nicki Clyne Just Won’t Back Down, Supports Raniere Despite ‘No Contact’ With Him for More Than a Year

Nicki Clyne
by Paul Serran

If you’re wondering, former BattleStar Gallactica star and DOS first-line Slave Nicki Clyne isn’t backing down. Despite the evident reputational price she is continually paying, she remains one of the most vocal defenders of the ideas and practices of her old ‘Vanguard’ Keith Alan Raniere.

She does not give an inch in her fight.

This last December, Clyne was featured in two different ‘Page Six’ articles in which she defends her controversial ideas and her friend Keith Raniere in her gentle, but relentless, way.

“I have no communication with Allison or Keith,” she shared in the December  14th, in the first of two Evan Real’s pieces, Nicki Clyne barred from contacting jailed Keith Raniere, ex-wife Allison Mack.

Clyne spoke about the end of her marriage with Mack: “I stopped being able to communicate with Allison when she decided to cooperate with the government, which [was] over three years ago.”

“I would just want Allison to know that I love her and I support her. I know that she’s had to make some very tough decisions and that all I want to be is a source of positivity and support in her life.”

‘People are conflating an organization with thousands of people with Keith’s private sex life’

Part of her effort is to highlight what she sees as perception flaws in the way people see NXIVM.

“People are conflating an organization with thousands of people with Keith’s private sex life. From my point of view, every woman who had a relationship with him did so because she wanted to.”

She tries to brush away the idea that there was sex abuse and human trafficking at play.

“The government brought this inflammatory charge, probably the worst charge that anyone could be charged within the criminal justice system. And because the judge wouldn’t sever their trials (from Keith’s], [the other NXIVM people charged] couldn’t go to trial with Keith and hope to win. It just wouldn’t happen.”

Keith Raniere is assigned to C1 Unit at USP Tucson.

Ms. Clyne also spoke about the reasons why she was forbidden to visit Raniere in USP Tucson: “The prison made up some bogus reason why I wasn’t allowed to speak to him” more than a year ago.”

Nicki started helping another inmate in Tuckson, and that turned out to be a problem. “I was in touch with another inmate in his unit, and I guess one day the guy was about to call me and he told Keith and Keith said, ‘OK, send my love.’ So over the phone, he said, ‘Keith sends his love.’”

“The prison used that comment to say that Keith was trying to subvert proper prison protocol to communicate with me — which makes no sense, because I was in touch with him over the phone, during visits. He had no reason to do that, but that’s what they used as the reason.”

She has very clear opinion about the reason for her excluding: “I think that was more tied to retaliating against him for bringing forward the FBI tampering issues and the other ways he’s fighting his case in court and thinking that maybe the more they punish him and the more they make him feel isolated and not having support, that he might give up.”

Prisoner at USP Tucson.

The last time she saw Raniere in person was July 24, 2021. Her name was also scrubbed from his phone contacts at the same time – and he headed to the SHU for more than 90 days.

Even people who are not Raniere fans, like myself, consider that there are indeed reasons to fear for the welfare of Raniere in prison. That is, of course, one of the major concerns of Clyne.

“I very much fear for Keith’s safety. I think that we’ve seen throughout history, where unpopular inmates have been attacked or killed. And with the [convictions] that Keith has, that certainly puts him at risk on its face.”

Sex offenders never fare well in prison, that’s a given – so it’s a painful position to have a loved one in this situation. “I would just want to ask him how he is and how he feels.”

All she can do is to try to bring her truth out. With that in mind, she agreed to be featured and interviewed on ‘The Vow Part 2’, where, as one would expect, she was portrayed in the most unfavorable light.

Nicki Clyne: What Happened to NXIVM Member and Where Is She Now?
Clyne was portrayed in an unfavorable light in ‘The Vow’.

“It is totally inaccurate as far as my story is concerned and I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say I regret participating, but I would say that it is certainly unfortunate that they missed the opportunity to provide what they offered when I said yes to filming with them for the second season — which is a more nuanced, complex, human perspective, where I’d get to actually tell my story.”

Nicki doesn’t back down, but she does pay the price: “They’ve taken things that I’ve said completely out of context, without giving any background of who I am, why I’ve made the choices I have, what I saw and all the evidence I offered to them to show why I have the point of view that I do.”

The star-turned-infamous-personality really has a long uphill battle as she tries to convince public opinion of the benefits of the ESP/DOS multi-level scam, and an even more difficult task trying to get people to accept the DOS ‘sorority’ not as a criminal sex cult, but as a positive force in the life of those women.

“I really think the whole narrative is sexist and infantilizing,” she criticizes ‘The Vow’, and DOS critics in general. “I’ve gotten a lot of criticism from people thinking I don’t care about women or I’m against women. And it’s exactly the opposite. I want women to feel empowered, to feel like causing agents in their own lives.”

Raniere kisses Nicki Clyne

And, just a few days ago, Page Six published Nicki Clyne defends ‘kind’ Nxivm leader Keith Raniere. As the title would hint, sympathy for ‘the smartest man in the world’ is in short supply. “Contrary to what most people might believe, Keith is a very joyful and kind and humorous person.”

Clyne’s loyalty is all the more touching when you know she has near-zero chance of success. “Certainly my purpose here is not to get people to like Keith,” she says, but every word she utters contradicts that.

“I miss just being able to have conversations with him about life, about philosophy, about deeper existential issues of why we’re here. I really always valued his opinions and his thoughts on things.”

Sometimes, her personal view on things does not find echo in reality. “I just think he’s a very misunderstood person.”

From then on, the loyal Raniere warrior tries to normalize the frankly abhorrent human branding practice.

“Anyone that decided to join DOS, to the best of my knowledge, knew that getting a brand was part of it. And part of the brand was this commitment, this act of solidarity with the other women in the sorority.”

Since she is a bright and perceptive woman, she knows she has to concede at least in part to people’s natural reaction of horror: “I think that there’s just certain elements that have made it sound very ugly. And I’ll admit, if I heard it from the outside, I would have those same reactions.”

As is always the case, she frames all the alleged criminality that surfaced regarding DOS was just a problem involving one person: “I think the reason it’s so controversial is that one woman said that she was told it was going to be something different than it was. Now, I wasn’t there when she was invited, but part of the protocol of being invited is that you’re told about the brand ahead of time. I think it’s very suspicious that only one woman out of 105 says that she was told something different.”

I believe Nicki Clyne is always at her best when she is defending her own personal choices, because it’s actually something doable. “I feel great. I feel proud of my decisions. I mean, you can barely see [the brand]. It’s really not a big deal. But I feel good about what I chose and why. People get tattoos out of friendships or bonding all the time. And it was much more similar to that.”

Women from DOSsier Project.

Ms. Clyne also talked about the DOSsier Project, and the people who still swear by Raniere’s ‘tech’. “There’s eight of us and we’re close friends. There’s also a number of other women who were part of DOS who don’t wish to be public because there’s just still so much prejudice.”

“Even saying that you had a positive experience, people sometimes feel threatened by [it] or it makes them uncomfortable.”

She thinks that, paradoxically, the reason why she is so hated is the same reason why she can actually cope with it: “I think DOS prepared me to … be able to manage a lot of the hate and the attacks that I get and to really stay centered within myself and not identify with these ideas about me that are in the public.”

“I don’t want to toot my own horn but I think I’ve acclimated pretty well, considering the amount of adversity [I’ve faced].”

Indeed, as we look at Nicki Clyne’s face in her manifold videos, we can arrive at the same conclusion. Beneath the kind smile, there is always a certain sadness, but also a certain peace of mind that communicates to us that she is doing what she thinks is right. Without giving an inch.

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  • I don’t understand why she isn’t in prison. She literally in the recording talked about manipulation by saying you won’t be able to tell that the initials are. She has a lot of ain and guilt awaiting for her and she’s just running away in fear.

  • Oh, please. Nikki came off as a little bit nuts in The Vow 2 because what she says and does is more than a little bit nuts to those of us living in reality. I have no concern over Raniere’s safety or his inability to communicate with Clyne or others. In prison, you have to GASP follow rules. Keith’s psyche can’t grasp that he’s no longer in control. He isn’t being retaliated against, he broke the rules.

  • This whole NXIVM story is a rabbit hole. You get different points of view about events and people as you keep reading more and more Frank Report articles and reader’s comments. Re-reading old articles a second time also provides new insights.

    After reading this article and all the associated comments, pause for a moment and think about how you view things today.

    Now read the old article from 2019 that I linked below, including all the comments.

    All of a sudden, your views change a bit, don’t they?

    I can’t explain much in words but the effect definitely exists.

    Let me know if you feel the same when you jump back and forth between old and new articles.

    • Both articles were written by different authors. I did not write either article. But my feelings changed over time.

  • To the readership & Editor at Large:

    RE The 19 💩 Streaks:

    I believe the inmate, who made the 19 STREAKS was observing and counting the days he’d been in the SHU—much like the 8 days of Hanukkah. Instead of candles he used pooh.

    19 💩 19 💩19 💩19 💩19💩19💩

    I surmise the inmate used the
    TALLY COUNT method to keep track of the time. 19 days is 19 shit

    19 💩 19 💩19 💩19 💩19💩19💩

    The tally count method, which everyone uses in childhood, is a series of four vertical lines with one diagonal slash to represent a grouping of 5. That’s the answer to are poopy riddle.

    It’s all very elementary deduction. Our dearly beloved, dogged investigator and editor suffered a moment of “Inattentional Blindness”.


        • Do have all comfort, and all satisfaction, which is sincerely wished for you by, kind Sir, your most earnest correspondent, with hope to have long the pleasure of being, dear Sir – and it will very much gratify the ambition of, Sir, your corresponding commenter – your corresponding and earnest comnmenter.

  • KEVIN. Why do you not answer the question of the recording of Nicki discussing the design of the brand? The question was put to you twice and you have failed to address the recording. I am not speaking of the recording of Mack and Reniere. There is another recording of Nicki plotting the design of the brand.

    • Hello Anonymous. I haven’t heard the recording you’re referring to. And if I did, I wouldn’t be able to answer your question. I have no association with any of these people except for my time with Allison during the filming of her show.

      • People assumed that you met Nicki in the past. It sounds like you only met Allison. Your comment clarified things. Thanks Kevin.

        For the record, I am not the Anonymous that asked the original question above. I am the anon that asked the “.. in what capacity have you known her” question below. I got my answer.

        People who personally knew Nicki in the past can provide valuable insights into this discussion. I guess that’s why people got over excited and started questioning you.

        If there is anyone here that knew Nicki in the past, it would be much appreciated if he or she could join the discussion. I saw some comments on the internet from her high school friends regarding their past interaction with her during high school and they were all positive.

      • You must have an opinion if you heard the way she plotted the brand. Just like you have an opinion on Sarah and her books and podcasts and lawsuits and opinions on people’s comments. You refuse an opinion on things so blatant, that shows the true colours or certainly a nasty dark side at the least, of those you defend.

    • Yes! I have been wondering about that, too! She is saying something like how cool and science fiction looking it is!

  • To Nicki,

    RE Analysis of NXIVM and the Role Nick Clyne Played:

    Nicki Clyne:
    1. Never was a Nxivm board of directors member, unlike Lauren Salzman.
    2. Didn’t finance Nxivm like the Bronfmans.
    3. Couldn’t recruit new members to Nxivm like Sarah Edmondson.
    4. Wasn’t a true confident of Kieth like Alison Mack.
    5. Is solely responsible for Kieth’s capture in Mexico.

    It appears the only role Niki Clyne played in NXIVM was to spread her legs and open wide to receive Vanguard’s [redacted] Life Energy (also known as Prana).
    Kudos to Nicki!

    Incredible, Nicki Clyne does have 38.9K followers on Twitter, sadly it’s not that impressive for an attractive white female, ex tv star.
    It’s totally sad.

    • Shade, in your attempt to make fun of her, you make all of the points that she will need to make in order to defend herself in the civil case. Well done.

      Regarding # 4, being someone’s friend/associate isn’t a crime.

      Regarding # 5, she disputes that she gave away anyone’s location. That the picture in question was from a family vacation, unrelated to the arrest.

      • Mama Clyne was also in Mexico. It was just a family vacation …
        You just take vacation photos when mom is around. And you post them on Instagram.
        There’s nothing unusual about that …

      • “That the picture in question was from a family vacation”
        What, you mean that family snap of Nicki up a pine tree, the largest thing she straddled that day!!! LOL

        • Right. Mama Clyne took this famous photo. Nicki and Mama Clyne were there together on a trip. There were also pictures of Mama Clyne from that vacation. Don’t know if they are still included on Nicki’s Instagram account.

        • Who brings their mother along on a pre planned “recommitment ceremony” group blow job “vacation” with their skeevy cult leader and his hpv ridden sex slave harem?

          Is that supposed to sound better? Lol

      • How odd that the mysterious Kevin is so adamant and articulate in his/her defense of Nicki Clyne.
        Well done, Kevin. Nicki could not have done a better job herself.

        • I defend her because I don’t believe she is the person she:s been made out to be, whether here or anywhere else. And I stand by that.

      • Kevin,

        What I wrote is all true. It’s not an attempt to make fun of her, it’s meant to be cruel.

        Sugarcoating reality doesn’t work.

        If Nicki hadn’t had a sexual relations with Kieth Raniere he wouldn’t have had any use for her.

        My point before: Nicki wasn’t a financier, she wasn’t a sales producer, a leader, a true confidant, or a highly skilled professional of any type.
        Nicki Clyne was purely a sex toy. Unfortunately, it’s the bitter truth.

        Lastly Kevin, if what I said before didn’t have a grain of truth to it, you never would’ve said anything.

        • If you’ve never met these people, you wouldn’t know the nature of their relationships.

          Have you ever read her stuff? She’s highly intelligent and empathetic, much more than what you describe her as.

          • Kevin.

            You’ve never met Sarah Edmonson but you sure felt you “knew” the relationship of Sarah to her very young children.

            Frank (who does know Sarah) disputed your completely made-up account. You doubled down.

            Your hypocrisy is the most consistent characteristic in your comments.

    • What color is prana?
      Prana or life color energy

      So, when white prana is digested, it produces six types of color prana – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Color pranas are more specialized and potent than white prana.

      Any idea what it might be? ….
      Keith knows. Something he wanted to practice with his (6) wives from his harem in Mexico, but he never got around to it. A certain type of ceremony …
      The women would certainly have seen blue light …

    • I have thought that maybe she feels guilty for them getting caught by her dumb actions. Right, she wasn’t very important to Raniere then, except for a bootie call. Now she’s important in her own mind for being a supporter of him. Now that she and Alison are divorced and people know why they were married in the first place, why isn’t Nicki being thrown out of the US and sent back to Canada?

    • There’s literally a recording of her talking about how to manipulate women into getting the brand. If Allison Mack is in prison she should be too. Even the prosecutor is confused by this.

  • Meteorologists claim that there is a Sky River of water dumping moisture on San Francisco and Northern California/
    Will Smallville’s Wonder Woman Allison Mack, who now lives in Dublin California, pick up a shovel to fill sandbags to prevent flooding in Northern California?

    Here is some good news for California Ally.
    New CA law removes crime of loitering to commit prostitution
    Senate Bill 357 becomes effective Jan. 1. It eliminates from the law books the crime of loitering in a public place with the intent to commit prostitution.
    Why No One is Buying Downtown San Francisco Luxury Condo’s

  • RE Kieth Raniere in the SHU Morality meets Reality.

    Raniere’s time in the SHU is more complicated than pure punishment and/ or gross, vile, abuse.

    The REALITY of the situation is that if the BOP didn’t retaliate against Raniere for filing his lawsuit against them; Every other prisoner would be filing frivolous lawsuits and costing the BOP millions in litigation.

    That’s the cold truth: if the BOP let’s one turd file a lawsuit without reprisals than all the prisoners will file lawsuits.

    Plus none of us truly knows what activities Kieth is engaged.

    Frank or Nicki please provide some insight.

      • Nineteen streaks of feces from inmates or from the prison guards? Were they all still fresh or already dried up? If they were dried up, they no longer constituted a major or odor nuisance. You have to take that into account. You are probably not an expert on feces, or you would be asking the right questions and thinking about it. Raniere is an expert, but he keeps his expertise to himself to make everything seem worse than it is. Or it’s all so not true. Where are the witnesses or evidence that it was as he claims.

        • I have not gotten my SEPEB certification [Solid Excretory Product Evacuated From Bowels], but I know enough that each of the 19 streaks should be analyzed to determine the degree of desiccation achieved [DDA] to conduct a proper agist test of the fecal matter [ATFM] then to conduct an olfactory edification exam [OFE] to determine the age and finally a Salivary Palette Rapprochment Exam [SPR] to determine whether it came from a guard or inmate. You can always tell by the taste which one it is, since the guard’s diet is different than the inmates. I hope that answers your question.

          • You have proven yourself to be an expert on excrement, human or otherwise. I certainly hope you don’t claim to be a better expert on feces than Keith Raniere claims to be. Only Keith is the unsurpassed expert on feces, faecal matter and all. Any other claim would otherwise insult and demean Keith in all his expert knowledge. It would be a sacrilege to challenge the godlike Keith like that and be subjected to his divine oath of vengeance.

          • I learned everything I know from Vanguard who has proven time and again he knows his feces.

          • —You can always tell by the taste which one it is,

            Well, this is a tacit admission. Yummy.

          • Once Keith Nice Guy Scott Johnson and I were on an Anway sales call and we came upon a place with 19 streaks on a wall and two piles on the floor.,, oh sorry o gotta run. I’ll tell you the rest of the story later

          • —You can always tell by the taste which one it is,

            Now we know what Frank uses to make his famous pâté.

          • The test results are in on the two piles on the floor. plus the 19 streaks

            They were found to be the solid organic refuse of one or more human bodies. It was initially composed of about 80% water and 20% dry material. Using microscopy to analyze the various undigested cellulose fibers, which constitute about 90% of the dry matter. Based on urobilinogen detection, we identified the material as fecal. A further test to substrate its characteristic coloration, we found urine present in trace amounts. I hope this will set your mind at ease.

          • Frank-
            I salute you! You are a consummate professional. It’s rumored you were trained by Quincy. Such an oDd couple.

            You have ample credentials to take the lead in this muddy mystery. Additionally, I hope you consult with Mr. Scott Johnson Phd.

            Scott possesses impeccable credentials in:
            [ATM] [DPAA] [TTM]

      • Who cleans the cells or detention rooms if they are contaminated by inmates with feces or fecal matter, for example? Is there a cleaning crew or cleaning service for the prisoners or shouldn’t the prisoners rather be exposed for a while to what they have done themselves? Perhaps the prison does not have enough staff to keep everything clean. Or maybe the inmates have to clean their cells themselves, which enough of them shirk or refuse to do. Who is to blame? All cells have a toilet and sink. Is it just a lack of cleaning supplies? Questions upon questions. Who knows the answers?

          • Frank,

            How long and how wide is a streak?

            What if all 18 streaks can fit on a 11×17 inch piece of paper. Then Raniere is doing his melodramatic bitch act.

          • According to Keiht Raniere the streks were measured and a small portion was put a sterile pipette and stored in preweighed microfuge tube. The microfuge tubes with feces were reweighed and the weight of the feces was calculated.

            The feces were stored at − 80 °C until needed.

            Feces were diluted 20-fold weight to volume and allowed to incubate for 15 min. The feces were then vortexed for at least 30 s.

            Steps 2 and 3 were repeated until all 19 streaks were analyzed. Samples were centrifuged to solids. The fecal solutions were stored at − 80 °C until needed. I hope that answers your question.

    • If he did rape a 12-year-old girl, and others dating back as far as the 1980s, why didn’t the “defectors,” the people who had either been in his inner circle for decades or who had made hundreds of thousands a year off of his programs/trainings for decades, why didn’t they seem to have a problem with that, or anything else, until the FBI got involved and started offering money on the table?

      Or until the opportunity presented itself to make a television show out of the whole thing?

      • I honestly and sincerely hope that you, ‘kevin’ , are not a father to a daughter, or an uncle to a niece, or a brother to a sister. You don’t seem able to understand the implications of sexual assault on a female. Any woman who spends time around you, will never be safe, because you lack the basic awareness to keep someone safe. Someone like you would probably go hunting for a woman for Keith to destroy. You would do that because you admire what he did. You live vicariously through his perversions. You remind me of Suneel, who got an erection every time Keith called from jail. ‘My life is in your hands’, Keith would say. Made you feel incredibly important, vital, purposeful and powerful didn’t it?
        You aren’t a very good human being. Anyone who supports a child predator is a child predator themselves. The only difference being, they haven’t acted on it yet. But Keith did, several times in fact. Get some therapy. And do womankind a favor, leave us be.

        • Do you even bother reading my comments, or do you just copy and paste your response to them like everyone else?

          I do not condone sexual assault or violence. Read my comment again. I’m not saying that it’s ok for someone to do what he is accused of doing. I’m saying that if he did these things dating back to the 1980s, that the senior leaders and officers in his organization have more to answer for than Nicki Clyne or other students/clients who took classes and enjoyed them. And its those senior leaders who have gotten a pass, who are often seen as the victims in this case, while you roast the students/clients alive and pat yourselves on the back for it.

          Nicki did not sexually assault anyone, and should not be treated as if she did just because she disputes charges and a conviction against a friend of hers that everyone else supports. Nicki Clyne is not Keith Raniere, no matter what did or didn’t happen.

          Interesting that you would make those comments about me, even though my only connection to any of this is knowing someone who was involved and pointing out that her behavior in the time I knew her isn’t consistent with the person she’s been made out to be. Even though the only thing I’ve ever said in his defense is pointing out the inconsistencies, double standards, and holes in the multiple stories of people who’ve used this to put themselves over and make money off of it.

          Project much? Do you have something you’re trying to hide? What kinds of people do you support in your life?

          • Nowhere in any of your comments do you condemn sexual assaults or violence, none. I looked.

            What you do is condemn Sarah, Mark, Bonnie, Catherine, India and others for having the temerity to approach law enforcement and the FBI to take down Keith Raniere’s sex cult.

            The you pontificate about the ramifications of FBI creating evidence against Raniere and how he is a poor political prisoner. He isn’t. He is a paedophilic, sexual predator who got caught.

            Kevin. Seriously mate, find someone else to idolise. And stay away from women. You can’t protect us. You are a threat to us.

            If I have made you angry saying this. Then ring one of the deluded dancers and have an EM.

          • Nowhere in any of your comments do you condemn sexual assaults or violence, none. I looked.

            What you do is condemn Sarah, Mark, Bonnie, Catherine, India and others for having the temerity to approach law enforcement and the FBI to take down Keith Raniere’s sex cult.

            The you pontificate about the ramifications of FBI creating evidence against Raniere and how he is a poor political prisoner. He isn’t. He is a paedophilic, sexual predator who got caught.

            Kevin. Seriously mate, find someone else to idolise. And stay away from women. You can’t protect us. You are a threat to us.

            If I have made you angry saying this. Then ring one of the deluded dancers and have an EM.

          • Kevin. Her behaviour in the time you knew her? You are now saying you knew Nicki Clyne? I thought it Alison you knew from Smallville. Please explain how you really know Alison and Nicki.

          • Hi Kevin. You stated that you had known Nicki in the past. For how long and in what capacity have you known her? It would be nice if you can share some details with us, while still protecting your anonymity. If you can give us some background, that will help us understand your comments better. Thanks.

      • Why do you try to keep shifting the focus? Are these defectors still supporting Raniere? No. You and your deadender friends are.

      • Kevin, you’ve already posted that you do believe Keith committed sexual crimes against children in the past.

        Keith is a pedophile. You have fully acknowledged that previously. Pedophiles rarely change even with very intense counseling, monitoring and intervention.

        Keith had none of those measures.. Keith was a pedophile and Keith remained a pedophile. And Keith reoffended with Camilla.

        It’s very challenging to successfully treat and rehabilitate a child sexual predator. Without any intervention there is an almost zero chance that the pedophile will not abuse more children. This is widely doccumented. It’s a reason why sex offender registration and so many laws for the protection of children exist.

        If you believe Rihannon (as you have previously stated that you do) Kevin, then you should also believe Camilla.

        • I’m not debating whether or not he’s a pedophile. I don’t know the man, but I find Rihannon and the sister of Gina Hutchinson to be credible and worthy of our attention. That’s not my point. My point is that it’s wrong to hold someone like Nicki responsible for anything Keith might have done when she was a student with no authority in the organization, while at the same time giving a pass to senior leaders in the organization who knew him longer, made money off of it, and would have been more familiar with those accusations.

          • She wasn’t just a student. That’s her disgusting pedophile boyfriend. She made a lifetime commitment to be faithful to Keith while he slept with a bunch of other people and she married Allison Mack for a green card. You sure do leave out a lot Kevin.

          • Actually Kevin she was a First Line Master in DOS who played an active role in the oppression of countless women in DOS. Go read the transcript

          • Not giving anyone “a pass”.

            Fuck anyone who supports pedophiles.

            And fuck those who support pedophile supporters.

          • Getting a feeling from reading this that you are one of the NXIVM lunatics still supporting Keith. Your comments are very contradictory and for saying you don’t know Niki, you are sure defensive of anyone daring to disagree with her brainwashed drivel. You all seriously need to move on with your non lives while there’s still some time. Life is short and you are squandering it. You aren’t special. You are narcissistic folks and I find it COMPLETELY HILARIOUS you all claim to be victims, even though in the ESP mission statement it says there are no ultimate victims. Typical cult hypocrisy. Niki deserves to be in jail. Period.

        • Kevin likes to engage in any discussion that minutiously avoids critical aspects of the examined subject! That’s Kevin! A paragon of virtue and objectivity of course!

        • Exactly this.

          Paedophiles don’t change. And they certainly don’t age out or mature. They just get older and their targets remain the same; our children.

          Raniere went after under aged girls when he was in his twenties, his thirties, forties and fifties. And had he remained at large he would be doing the same in his seventies, eighties and nineties.

          Tony Fly is his only remaining hope of a willing orifice or mutual wank. Poor Tony.

      • Because Kevin, Keith was able to remove all doubt regarding those articles. He had excuses and explanations that kept anyone from actually looking in to it.

  • All these women have so much going for them…Ms. Clyne…Dr. Roberts…they’re beautiful, intelligent, successful…I wish everything the best for them, but I also wish they would move on with their lives and put this chapter behind them.

    • I agree. Kind of hard to do though when the company’s two best salespeople are suing them for things the salespeople themselves did, as part of a money grab.

    • The women should start by looking for men that will not carve their initials into their labia and insist on elicit photos to prevent the women from breaking up with them.

      • OMG
        now we’ve gone from hip to pelvic area to Labia.
        Like a game of telephone, gets more ridiculous with each persons viewpoint.

        Also, NO carving knife just an ordinary cautery pen like all the scarification professionals use.

        • Yeah pelvic “area”

          And the pen makes it all better.

          Ridiculous is that anyone thought this was ok, consent or not, but you can always count on another fool to speak up.

      • I have to interject here…really. The brands aren’t on the women’s labia! Putting a cauderizing iron on someone’s labia most likely, not to be crude, but would likely sizzle it off. It’s below the hip to the side of the public bone, I think. We don’t need to exaggerate the facts to make them horrific.

    • “Successful”??? Have you been taking drugs? How the fuck is ruining your career and making yourself effectively unemployable, not to mention socially ostracized and on the wrong end of a massive lawsuit, being successful? I suppose you can say they were both successful in doing just that.

  • Ever since I started following this story, I’ve felt sorry for this woman.
    she’s beautiful, she’s talented, but she’s a slave to an idiot who’s ruined countless people’s lives.

    I don’t know why she still behaves like that.
    maybe he has some reassurance, a way to threaten her.

    or maybe she’s afraid to wake up, and realize she’s spent a good part of her life defending a disgraced criminal.

    unfortunately, I think she will do that for the rest of his life, and when he dies, I’m worried about what she might do with her life.

  • It would be interesting if she reached out to support the family of the accused killer of the 4 coed students in Idaho. She may also note the compassion for the victims’ families in the family statement.

    “First and foremost we care deeply for the four families who have lost their precious children. There are no words that can adequately express the sadness we feel, and we pray each day for them. We will continue to let the legal process unfold and as a family we will love and support our son and brother. We have fully cooperated with law enforcement agencies in an attempt to seek the truth and promote his presumption of innocence rather than judge unknown facts and make erroneous assumptions. We respect privacy in this matter as our family and the families suffering loss can move forward through the legal process.”

    Perhaps, she will be able to provide support to them and even engage in intellectual discussions with the accused, Bryan Kohberger, who was enrolled in a criminal justice and criminology PhD program. He may even have insight to offer for Keith. Certainly, the accused killer is on-par with Keith Raniere for physical safety in jail/prison, providing more talking points.

    I think Nicki should study the impact of mental, emotional, and physical abuse mixed with a variety of threats, coercion, control, gaslighting. Even the threat of Keith not having sex with one of the harem or being included in the group blow job, threesome or orgy is a form of abuse, as absurd as this may sound. The practices of the group were normalized. As I recall, Lauren spent years trying to be deemed good enough to be back in the sex rotation with Keith.

    The leftovers of DOS could try to help high profile prisoner’s families dealing with the media. For example, the Brian Laundrie family or Kohberger family. It today’s world a family standing by a loved one accused of a heinous crime brings them under the media radar of suspicion and even societal disgust. Certainly, I am guilty of judging why parents or family members didn’t seek help for disenfranchised, troubled, or abnormal behavior. Nikki and the gang could offer something of value to these families they are unlikely to get unless they are paying for it (ie. attorneys, therapists, psychiatrists, publicists). The only free opportunity for any of these people, including Nikki and the leftover ragtag gang, is to pray for grace. Keith ain’t no Jesus, Buddha or Allah… and nothing with him was free.

  • Oh Nicki.

    You and Michele absolutely break my heart. I’m 60. And I, in my past, gave a disproportionate chunk of my life to a narcissist. And worse still, I inflicted this narcissistic and their crap onto my immediate family. And there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t regret it. Each and every minute, hour, day, week, month and year and decade and decade that I wasted on this person. Trying to make sense of my life while navigating the eggshell paved roadway this narcissistic piece of crap had me tread.

    I’m sure people call you stupid, obsessed, blind, pathetic, brain washed, hypnotised, dumb, easily led. And believe me, that’s all good. Because the people who call you names aren’t calling you a predator, or a child sex offender, or a human sex trafficker. You see, there are worse epithets to attach to your name. You seem to be Battlestar Galactica star Nicki Clyne, and while you are that, you are safe from the crowd. But the facts are these. The FBI are still interviewing other woman who were emboldened by the prosecution of Raniere. He’s going to get more time and more problems. Because he did those things he was sentenced for. I’m going to repeat that. Keith was guilty of all those things he was sentenced for. And there is somewhere deep inside you that knows that’s true. And believe me, you ignore the truth at your peril, and at the cost of your soul.

    I wish you peace of mind. But most of all I wish you an awakening. Don’t be 60 like me, regretting years.

  • One thing about Nicki is that she is consistent.

    No doubt she still considers me to be “Stupid and Annoying.”

  • “Clyne’s loyalty is all the more touching when you know she has near-zero chance of success”

    I think you’ve chosen the wrong word. Touching? More like desperate. Pathetic. Absurd. Or best of all, foolish.

    “she is a bright and perceptive woman”

    All evidence to the contrary. Perceptive? As in a great judge of character? Bright, as in clearly seeing where a master-slave secret society, with branding and blackmail, was headed?

    Anybody who got involved in this shitstorm was the polar opposite of perceptive and bright.

    I’m fed up with people making excuses for these dumbasses. “She was misled”. “They meant well.” “She’s loyal.” Fuck that, these people acted the fool and got burned.

  • Nicki Clyne’s spiel about the branding being in any way consensual is complete bullshit.

    Nicki is on a recording with the other frontline slaves and Keith planning the deception of hiding Keith’s initials in the brand and keeping it a secret from the women being branded.

    That cannot be an act of “solidarity”with the other women who are being branded fraudulently with a man’s initials that they do not even know is involved in the organization.

    Additionally, blackmail material was given BEFORE the order to submit to being branded while naked, held down and recorded for Keith’s viewing pleasure.

    • Can we have an article with the recording of Nicki and Keith planning the branding? Perhaps Paul can transcribe it and give us his views.

      • Hear, hear! Nicki was clearly heard saying that the brand could easily be interpreted as something else. “A cool alien symbol “(ugh…the maturity of a 12 year old). There’s no way anyone will buy into her bullshit that everyone was informed about it. She’s a slimy bitch. Roll the recording….

      • The recording about what the brand actually represents is included in Season 2, episode 4 of “The Vow” beginning about 23 minutes from the end of that episode. Nicki is heard talking about the brand and giving another interpretation to “cover for” it being admittedly Keith’s initials being burned onto women’s bodies. She clearly understands Keith’s initials are being branded onto the women, yet she is helping make a cover story to hide that from the women being branded … after they have given collateral. That is being a blatant liar to and withholding the truth from the female victims.

      • Yes. Why doesn’t anyone bring that recording up with her? She’s so enthusiastic about the brand. How cool it is. Science fiction. And anyway, how does this scarring of one’s body,for whatever reason, or being starved, losing your menstrual cycle….how does ANY of this empower women!? Tell me!

  • Does Nicky not know about the filthy Bronfman money that was used to destroy the lives of NXIVM critics? I guess she only has a myopic view of what NXIVM did for HER and the people whom got something out of it. Life isn’t so pleasant for the people it ravished financially using money obtained fueling alcoholism nation-wide. DOS membership is down to a measly eight. Her power is waning and that number will only dwindle. My guess is she is holding on until Clare is released so she can cling on to her and her $$$. But even that is a pipe dream bc I think there is an injunction in place to prevent ex NXIVM contact with Clare.

    Nicky, move on while you still can!

    BTW, I do believe Nicky makes great points, considering this was ALL voluntary on the part of the ex DOS members. No one was forced to do anything. But at the same time, DOS was just a really really bad idea. I mean, Keith destroyed the family from Mexico and slept with ALL THREE DAUGHTERS! Nicky says ‘but it was consensual’… Yea, true but still doesn’t make it ok, and if the one was 15 years old, then Keith is a rapist. Sorry Nicky, you need to stop thinking about only Keith and You. There are other players in this.

    • If NXIVM money was used to harass and threaten people, to include frivolous lawsuits, that would fall on the shoulders of the executives, managers and senior leaders in the organization, not on a customer or student who paid to take courses.

      • KEVIN:

        Customer, executive board, high council member, proctor; it doesn’t matter what title you slap in front of a name in ESP. The promotions or lack thereof were not based on merit or experience. Therefore, just because one didn’t own a center of their own, doesn’t mean that person is less or more culpable than one who did.

      • There must be cotton in their ears.
        They think the organization doesn’t deserve the responsibility of their own rules & regulations..

      • No, Kevin, just like any other company the responsibility for any wrongdoing it perpetrates lies squarely with the registered owner of the company. It is after all the owner of the company that employs the executives, managers and senior leaders, and therefore Keith was directly responsible.

  • Regarding Nicki, is it that people can’t understand why she would continue supporting someone who’s been accused of doing so many terrible things? That they suspect that she supports these things herself, or is being brainwashed/manipulated into supporting them, and this incarcerated person? Even though she’s repeatedly said that she does not support any kind of violent or abusive conduct?

    Or is it that we live in a culture so obsessed with trivial things, with Facebook likes and IG views and social clout and gold stars from strangers on the Internet, that when a person like her rejects those things in favor of supporting her friends and a community that was meaningful to her, that we don’t know what to make of it, because we wouldn’t have the character to do it ourselves?

    Nicki doesn’t scare us because of anything that happened in NXIVM/ESP or DOS, real or alleged. She scares us because she refuses to take the easy way out, refuses to conform to the narrative.

    She scares us because if it was our spouse, our sibling, our parent, or our friend who was being dragged through the mud, most of us would betray that person in a second in exchange for social acceptance from people who care nothing about us.

    Forget this case and these people for a second. How much of the gossip that you hear at work, in school, at community events, how much of it do you believe? How much of it ends up cemented in your mind as fact? How did it impact the way you treated that person? The way others treated that person?

    How will it impact you when you’re the target of the gossip?

    • Kevin, what are your views on the recording of Nicki and Keith planning the branding? Frank, can we have the recording up and Kevin’s comments as well as Paul’s transcription? Let’s all have a reminder as we are asked about our views on Nicki Clyne and her role

      • That’s hard to answer. I’ve never been in a fraternity, have no tattoos and have no body piercings. I wouldn’t know why anyone would consent to getting a brand as part of joining a group unless the invitation was important to them.

        • No, “Kev”, but you’ve been in a “sorority” and have a KR brand next to your pussy. As you know, they consented because you deceived them and then blackmailed them with their collateral.

        • Most of the women said they were NOT told about the scarring before they joined. Nicki is mistaken or lying. I choose lying, cuz of the very clear recording of her, Vanguard, and others. Sorry dude, but I don’t think there is any other excuse.

    • First of all, Nicki doesn’t “scare” anyone. She’s a nobody who thinks she’s somebody because long term participation in NXIVM breeds narcissism. She’s not “refusing to take the easy way out”. She’s doing nothing difficult at all. She’s merely tweeting and writing blog posts that have no severe ramifications to her life. When the latter came in to possible play, she refused to voluntarily take the stand in defense of her grandmaster and would’ve taken the Fifth if she was ever called to it. Also, there are plenty of people out there who support those close to them that are dragged through the mud, and they have never belonged to a cult. The Adnan Syed case comes to mind. Second of all, it’s not just gossip. There was a court case where a standard of beyond reasonable doubt was established despite the deadenders wanting everyone to just believe it was a conspiracy by the government against their beloved leader who was convicted on hate.

      • Thanks. That was beautifully written. I am very sure some got good from the courses. It has been said many came, learned, and then moved away. Raniere had the best defense, due process was followed, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. He lost the battle as his attorney said when he had decided to keep his Whatsapp recordings, being so vain he thought the world was interested in seeing his genius, therefore having everything recorded. It’s very typical that a convicted person cries “I didn’t get a fair trial!”, “I was framed!”, “I was convicted on hate!”. Keith Raniere would have been convicted without the pictures, due to witness testimony. Maybe not for 120 years. Doesn’t what the victim says in her impact statement stand for anything? Camilla would have said if she wasn’t a minor at the time he started photographing her/asking for collateral and introducing her to sex. And I am sure Nicki knew nothing about the details of her sexual rivals unless she was in a group session with them.

    • Kevin, you surely do assume a lot. I’ve never backed from supporting anyone under pressure or being maligned, if they indeed, did no wrong. I would support a friend or loved one even if they made a bad choice, but would I excuse it or try to protect them from punishment … absolutely not. It is possible to be supportive of someone, yet make sure they are held accountable for wrongdoing.

      Keith taught on recordings and video that there were no victims, yet now he claims perpetual victimhood. He taught that the claim of abuse was bogus. He taught that taking physical or mental advantage of a minor was merely situational ethics that he dismissed as valid.

      What bothers me most and that I hope was lost on the editing room floor, was someone speaking up in his teaching session of episode 8 in Season 1 of The Vow titled “The Wound”. Kevin, this is the group you should be questioning in that teaching session … who stood up and objected to Keith’s claims of children enjoying physical or sexual abuse by an adult? Who called him out to his face that he was a bogus intellectual that had no insight to the position of a child being used by an adult? Where were the men and women that walked out of that session of complete BS being spewed from his mouth and trying to make childhood abuse sound like a wonderful event? Who from the group ever asked him for any real study info backing his warped views of abusing children sexually? Who protested his statements that all men were polyamorous and all women monogamous? What happened to the moral compass of every person in the room that heard his words documented in the episode, “The Wound”?

      If you can read the above paragraph and not see the harmful effects of the group on every person in the room while Keith rattled on with his sickness being shared with all attendees, then you too are affected by his illness and mind-bending control. If all instinct to protect a child above all else has been lost, then what is worthy of saving? If he had sexually abused animals, could he have convinced the group that the animal actually enjoyed it too? Or that the animal was fine with it until some adult taught it otherwise?

      Kevin, stop looking at your superiority as compared to others as being the “most loyal” and inspect your heart and mind on what you might protect even more than Keith. If the answer is nothing, I hope you get help to come back to your original, compassionate and honest self. What you see as others being controlled by social media likes thus unable to agree with you, the rest of us see you as only valuing one person that is void of true love or compassion. Keith proved his values in the bedroom in Mexico. He ran to the closet. He let Lauren try to protect him and face the guns. He chose Keith. Does Nicki think he would have chosen her if she had been in the bedroom? Does she honestly think Keith would ever choose anyone over himself?

      Kevin, you can share this with Nicki if you know her. It is difficult to know who I am conversing with since you speak for her so well.

      • Regarding the comments he made at different speaking events, if he said those things, and they’re not being selectively edited or taken out of context (which the show you reference has a habit of doing), why don’t you ask the managers, executives, top salespeople/recruiters, and senior leaders why they condoned such comments? Because they were making anywhere from $500K to a couple million a year? Because the FBI wasn’t sniffing around at that time?

        Why don’t you ask the guy who filmed it, and everything else the guy did over a period of 15 years, who made his wife sleep on the floor, why don’t you ask him?

        The idea that his students, or people who took some courses, or in my case, someone who never took a course or heard of the guy until it made the news, that we would know why he said those things, while giving the higher ups the benefit of the doubt, shows how effective their media campaign has been

        • Filmed it for 15 years, Amen Kevin

          I’ll also add in reality, most men, cheat at least once so not everything he taught was bogus, just very hard to hear.
          ( NOT saying women don’t) but generally if their happy they dont.

        • I am asking everyone that was hearing his teaching about children enjoying unwanted “attention” of an adult. Whomever is here that attended Keith’s “teaching” of how to normalize child abuse and reducing this horrid act to the ridiculous and discounting it as situational ethics because ages of consent vary worldwide. I think every person that didn’t call this out needs to reflect on what this teaching and group did to them and their instinct to protect others, most especially children.

          I have given nobody a pass. That is you reading into my comments and being so ready to defend the believers in Keith that you are ready to point the finger at someone else immediately. I do admire those that can admit they were in error and have sought to break free of accepting his words of wrong. I admire those that are deeply concerned at what happened to their instinctual knowledge of right and wrong. I also respect those that openly admit their error and have tried to make amends to those they wronged or did not protect. And, protecting others is for all of us to do and has nothing to do with gender. Men are most assuredly not the only one’s responsible to protect, help, and defend those in a disadvantaged or vulnerable position … especially children.

          Yes, I wonder at why nobody confronted Keith’s position on sexualizing children. I wonder, besides KR’s teaching, at the peer pressure in the group of “beautiful, successful, influential” people in NXIVM and how much peer acceptance weighed in on keeping anyone from speaking out and calling a spade a spade to Keith’s face. How much was everyone willing to forfeit of their own morals and standing for right in the face of not appearing as being as cool as the rest of the “enlightened” group?

          The group that was claiming to be almost completely “pride free” was filled with pridefulness of being the closest to Keith, the most enlightened, the most loyal, and the most favored. Nobody could stand against KR or in front of the group as strongly objecting. Was anybody willing?

          I see some as admitting their vulnerability, they’re letting go of critical thinking, and letting go of their independent valuing of protecting the most vulnerable. I also see others continue to insist they were right and fully maintained critical thinking skills. They say there was no harm. The emperor has no clothes in this instance.

          We ALL make errors in judgment. We all make mistakes. We all have done things we wish we hadn’t done. But those that can admit their flaws are those that can be righted when off course and will grow as humans. Those that insist all has been fine and no harm was done are those that have stalled their own progress and have forfeited standing for others that are truly vulnerable. Would they stand and protest and go to the media to be the voice for one abused child the way they stand, protest, and “dance” outside MDC for Keith … who reportedly and was found guilty of possessing child pornography and reportedly abused children for many years? Would any of the KR faithful spend 1/4 of the time defending an abused child, a disabled person, or an elderly person as they do Keith?

        • Telling you use the word “show” again Kevin. For a while it was ‘doc’ after it was brought to your attention! LOL
          And there you go again – managers, execs, top sales people/recruiters, senior leaders. You love to blame everyone except the one guy who was behind it all. Don’t mention the war!
          NXIVM/ESP was just a pile of scamming shite. The real crimes, as you well know, were carried out by DOS, and you know that’s where little Miss Nicki really fucked up big time. Because in DOS she became senior management, and as you point out, they have to share some of the blame.

      • Agreed! Hardly anyone ever mentions the part I just can’t get past in The Vow. The great and powerful, smartest man in the world stating ” I can make a baby totally rapable”! What the fuck!? And nobody in that room says anything! At least not on the program. I did see some facial expressions that were a bit shocked, but nobody questioned him,which is either ya’ll thought it was OK, or ya’ll were afraid of sticking up for what is right. This alone would make me questioned my leader. Blue light or not.

    • “she’s repeatedly said that she does not support any kind of violent or abusive conduct”
      Deceptive branding is both violent and abusive, as is forcing people to do painful penances, beating them on their bare asses with paddles and ordering them to have sex with an ugly old hairy guy.

    • Kevin, buddy. Standing by someone is very admirable. I can understand her sticking up for her own personal growth, whatever she’s taken from her classes. What isn’t admirable is the fact, the undeniable FACT of Nicki’s participation in creating the scar that it wouldn’t be obvious that there was 2 persons initials in the scar. I am not denying she thinks Vanguard is the end all be all. Maybe she even saw a blue light! But, undeniably, she knew they were in DOS to deceive the ones under them. Her actions in that recording alone make me ill. Women’s empowerment my ass.

  • I think Nicki was most wife-like with Clare Bronfman. Running chores, accompanying her, now living as her kept woman.

    As for KR, absence has made her heart grow so much fonder i expect. At last she is as free as any partner of banged up criminals holding the family purse strings would be, free to live as she pleases with less conditions than before, although her ‘conditions’ are quite taxing – having to visit, especially – despite the way she likes to alter perceptions around this-

    she has made a ton of visits and phone calls etc. to and on behalf of KR, she also has to play ball with her masters’ bogus pleas of innocence, do her bit to spin the narrative. Without the travelling for visits, I’d say around 8 hours of admin work? per week?

    I do think part- time or skeleton hour cult membership has to be easier than the full time gig. She is a dependent type.
    Keith and Clare are so lucky for that. I do hope that in this aftermath she has been able to negotiate some real decent terms for herself and her future. This is an opportunity for the blackmail to work both ways, after all.

    Or maybe it’s all just a question of her collateral. Perhaps it would be too, too damaging to risk through disobedience and she still has no control over that.

  • A strange combination of arrogance and delusion…more to be pitied than hated, though her views, particularly about Raniere, women and politics, are certainly dangerous and repugnant in equal measure. Nicki Clyne has to reflect honestly on her mistakes if she is to move forward, just like the rest of us.

  • I find it puzzling how any of the NXIVM group could believe Keith/Vanguard was highly intelligent or a “scientist”. His blanket categorizing of humanity based on sex is simplistic at best and based on what? “Males are polyamorous”. “Females are monogamous.” Where is the science that he based these assertions on with certainty? This is not science. This is his own proclivities being covered by his stating it as scientific fact.

    His further stating that society abuses children by telling them experiences they likely “enjoyed” with adults was wrong. Where are any studies that would defend this statement of his as factual in any way? This is his defending his own warped opinion and trying to normalize any predator’s behavior toward children. This is disgusting and horrifying to be “teaching” to his followers.

    All women are raised as a princess and protected entirely from the real world. All men are victims from the beginning and having to carry the burden for any female. I think Keith never lived fully in the real world or looked beyond himself to see or comprehend the experience of others. The ability to sweep all humans into these sweeping assumptions based on sex alone, totally lacks any insight or scientific credibility. These are the thoughts of a self-absorbed and very small and opinionated mind.

    I deeply hope for progress to a more caring and wider view of humans as individuals and never to be grouped in ways such as he taught.

    Ask any survivor of child abuse. No teaching or convincing that abuse is “wrong” by an adult is ever necessary. The immediate reaction of the child is stark fear, intense pain, being overpowered and powerless to fight back, and desperately looking for escape.

    Keith’s delusion that children enjoy this type of attention and exploitation is only in his own twisted thinking. He spoke of his anger and wound from not being able to hit back after having been hit by a girl as a child. Imagine an adult taking liberty with your body and you having no choice at all to get away or make it stop. Put it in perspective. What gives Keith’s victimhood as a little boy the the most validity as opposed to children wishing to escape abuse by an adult looking only to satisfy their own sick desires?

  • I use to feel bad for her but now just find her pathetic. The things she pretends to care about, even those go through the prism of “do I think this fits Keith’s situation?” Its like no thought she has isn’t without her little god in mind. After years of being independent of him, you would think she would act like she was independent of him. I guess 15 or so years of conditioning is hard to let go.

    • Agreed – the greatest disservice the government did for Nicki Clyne was not indicting her: a grilling by the Feds, plea deal, counselling and a short stint inside away from NXIVM groupthink may have moderated her stance and paved the way for some kind of re-evaluation.

    • She’s a child, just like the man child she follows, totally dependent upon him. This is so ironic considering all of her talk about responsibility, agency, independent, strong, bad-ass women, character, integrity, critical thought, etc. She has no job of her own except tweeting and writing in defense of her master to sell his shitty product DOS, being a total echo chamber for his thoughts. She repeatedly lies for him, if not directly, indirectly by omitting the entire story, but still claims to be about the truth. She’s a classic example of cult “brainwashing” while denying that it even exists.

      • Correct. Nicki Clyne doesn’t even support herself. Nicki lives off of Claire’s inherited money. Which is despicable on many levels.

        When are the dead-enders all going to stop taking advantage of Claire’s wealth? That’s not a real friend. Or “noble” nor “ethical”.

        This also highlights the mission of Nicole as less than an admirable quest for her shared boyfriend. Nicki is a paid employee whose job it is to fight for Keith Raniere in the court of public opinion and on social media.

        • “Nicki Clyne doesn’t even support herself. Nicki lives off of Claire’s inherited money. Which is despicable on many levels.”

          The politicians live off of our money.
          Isn’t that even more despicable?

          • Unfortunately, Shadow, politicians don’t live off our money. If they did, there wouldn’t be so much corruption in politics. Corrupt politicians live off lobbyists, and there’s not enough law to stop that.

      • I too, used to feel bad for her, but then hearing her enthusiasm for the brand, hearing her saying that the DOS sorority was about empowerment of women and ultimately accusing the feds of tampering, etc. Of course Nicki is important to Raniere now. Who else does he have except the few who can’t accept that their leader was a liar, abuser and thief? I feel like Nicki wanted to be more important than she was, and is now getting the recognition she always needed.

    • Agreed … clearly there’s a contradiction to what she “learned”, from Kieth, as far as independence and critical thinking. I don’t find her pathetic so much as voluntarily indoctrinated even after the case exposed the facts beyond reasonable doubt. I think she’s scared. Scared of what “letting it go” would look like and force her to acknowledge to herself. Therein lies 15 years of conditioning.

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