Raniere Sues BOP Again, Seeks Contact With Clyne, Roberts, Suneel and Mexican Lawyer Jorge de la Garza

Keith Raniere is suing the BOP again.  His  second lawsuit is similar to the first.

Raniere, through his attorney, Stacy Scheff, is seeking an injunction preventing prison officials from “retaliating” against him by blocking or hindering his access to the courts, his lawyers, his power of attorney – Suneel Chakravorty – and his friends Nicki Clyne and Danielle Roberts.

Raniere states Chakravorty is also a paralegal and legal manager “helping the attorneys and experts during the post-conviction proceedings.”

Among the lawyers Raniere claims he cannot speak with is his Mexican lawyer, Jorge de la Garza.

The lawsuit states de la Garza, “has over 30-years of experience practicing law, and for fifteen years, he has managed US-based law firms in Monterrey, Mexico.”

The second BOP lawsuit, filed on Dec. 15, was assigned to U.S. District Court Judge John C. Hinderaker.

Then it was transferred to the same judge, U.S. District Court Judge Raner C. Collins, who presided over the first BOP case and dismissed it.

Raniere is a prisoner in the U.S. Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona, with 97 years to serve on his sentence.

Raniere’s new lawsuit is different in one critical respect. Judge Collins dismissed his first lawsuit because Raniere had not exhausted his BOP administrative remedies. 

Raniere now claims he has exhausted or “has been prevented by BOP staff” from exhausting his administrative remedies.

Technically, Raniere is not suing the BOP.

He is suing officials:

  1. Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States, and head of the United States Department of Justice; the BOP is an agency of the DOJ,
  2. Colette Peters, Director of the BOP
  3. The Warden of USP Tucson, whose name is unknown to Raniere.
  4. Lt. Anthony Gallion of USP Tucson, who Raniere believes is with the Special Investigative Agency (“SIA”) of the BOP.

Raniere alleges the warden, whoever they may be, is retaliating against him based on “personal animus” and not for “legitimate penological” purposes.

He alleges Lt Gallion scrubbed his approved callers and visitors, including his attorneys and their agents.

His Claims

Count 1

 Raniere charges the BOP is “frustrating and interfering with” his First Amendment right to communicate with his attorneys and the court by “keeping him in the SHU without justification.”

Claim 2

Raniere claims the BOP retaliated against him because he filed a Rule 33 motion accusing the FBI of tampering with evidence.

This alleged retaliation has resulted in him not being able to speak with his POA Chakravorty, plus friends Nicki Clyne and Danielle Roberts. 

Count 3

Raniere claims the BOP is not allowing him sufficient contact with his attorneys to meet his legal needs during his efforts to attack his conviction, particularly his Rule 33 motion.

Seeking Change to Status Quo Ante

Raniere seeks a preliminary injunction to maintain the “status quo ante,” which is the condition he had before the alleged retaliation occurred. He wants to communicate with his attorneys, their agents, and employees, including his Mexican attorney de la Garza, his power of attorney Chakravorty, plus Clyne and Roberts

Raniere claims he

is entitled under the First Amendment to communicate with his attorneys and his attorneys’ employees, both in-person and using contemporaneous telephonic communications, for the purpose of discussing legal matters aimed at attacking his criminal sentence, and subject only to limited restrictions that are reasonably related to penological interests.

He also wants the BOP to pay for his attorneys’ fees and costs for bringing this action.

No Legal Help in Mexico

Raniere claims his legal manager Chakravorty handles financial matters.

Chakravorty is assisting with the probating the estate of Raniere’s deceased partner, Pamela Caftriz, who left Raniere $8 million.

Raniere states Chakravorty “communicates” with Marianna Fernandez, the mother of Raniere’s son, “in matters regarding their son and Plaintiff’s interest in Mexico.”

Because the USP Tucson Warden won’t let him speak to his Mexican attorney, de la Garza, Chakravorty is the only person who can represent his interests in Mexico.


Raniere’s Mexican Lawyer

On April 28, 2022, Jorge de la Garza sought a legal call with Raniere.

On May 31, 2022, Raniere’s prison counselor Daniel Flores directed de la Garza to mail in a visitation form.

de la Garza mailed his required identification documents and license to practice law in Mexico.

On June 24, 2022, de la Garza inquired about the status of his application. Counselor Flores directed de la Garza to mail another visitation form, with a copy of de la Garza’s credentials.

On June 28, 2022, Counselor Flores said he had not received de la
Garza’s documents.

On July 25, 2022, Counselor Flores confirmed receipt of de la Garza’s documents,

On July 26, 2022, Counselor Flores notified de la Garza that he was
approved to have a legal call through the Mexican Consulate Office.

On August 1, 2022, de la Garza applied for visitation, as an attorney
working under Tully & Weiss.

On August 7, 2022, Counselor Flores informed de la Garza that the Warden denied the visit based on the safety and security of the institution.

On August 12, 2022, de la Garza appealed the Warden’s denial of legal visitation.

Since 2014, Jorge A. de la Garza has been a partner at

Monterrey [2011] and a partner at Rojas [
His education:
Master of Business Administration, University of Chicago.
Bachelor of Business Administration, International University, Geneve, Summa Cum Laude.
Masters (2) in International Law, Trade and Finance (Tulane University).
Law Degree, Free Law School of Monterrey.
He was a member of the Phi Delta Phi International Law Fraternity.

According to Arttilex website: Garza has experience in commercial real estate, banking and foreign investment, corporate and investment, public and government relations, and tax matters.

He spoke about “Cross-Border Transactions: Doing Real Estate Business in Mexico”, at the US Shopping Center Law Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

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  • I am in no doubt whatsoever that Raniere mind fucks the guards. These CO’s many of them are just failed cops. They would be easily manipulated. Bronfmans cash may even find its way into their wallets. All that NLP bollocks works when it’s done right. He will be NLPing the fuck out of every convict, guard or staff member he come into contact with. Send him to Colorado. Keep him on chain. Moving moving, never enough time to forge strong bonds with anyone.

  • Keith Raniere is a bad person. He is a convicted criminal. Keith is guilty of producing child sexual abuse material.

    The dead-enders want the public to believe that anything less then white glove treatment in sex offender prison makes Keith Alan Raniere the victim. He’s not. Keith is the abuser. Convicted by a jury of his peers after a lengthy trial with the best, most expensive defense that Clare’s money could provide

    No one should be mistreated while incarcerated. But it doesn’t turn Keith into Nelson Mandela if he was banged up a little by another criminal in the prison Keith specifically requested placement in.

    Someone can be a bad person and a criminal who is deserving of 120 years and prison can also be a punitive, difficult place to live out your life.

    Both of those things can be true at the same time. And it does not in any way translate into some kind of redemption arc for Keith Alan Raniere. Vanguard taking responsibility for the heinous acts he committed is a step towards redeeming himself. That hasn’t happened.

    But simply being another person’s punching bag or living under hard circumstances brought on through your own criminal actions does not automatically make you a better person. It just makes you a person in prison.

    This is a really obvious attempt at clumsy manipulation by Keith and his followers to misdirect empathy and sympathy away from Keith’s actual victims and put undeservedly on Keith instead.

  • Raniere is screwing himself.

    Even if he wins his suit – the BOP will make Raniere’s life hell in the coming months and years.

  • Raniere has no money so what $$$ matter could be taken care of in Mexico?
    Is Raniere taking Clare Bronfman legal money she gave him and hiding it in Mexico?
    The 8 million left to him by dead Pam is frozen by the IRS
    If he isn’t confident in his baby mama raising his baby without his guidance, he shouldn’t of had a child with her.
    It was always a risk he would go to prison.
    He always knew the government was watching him, at least he kept telling people that.

  • Poor Nicky. She gave her life for this man, yet he couldn’t care less for her. She is highly intelligent and makes great counter-arguments against the distorted narrative MSM has ran with. It’s sad to see such a star burnout into obscurity, all to protect this one guy.

    • If Nicki were intelligent she’d be looking for the EXIT. Instead, she’s wasting her life on this loser. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. How delusional is she to imagine that she will get Keith released and they’ll live happily ever after? He’s exactly where he should be and there’s nothing she can do about it.

      • I think she is madly in love… And I agree, slightly delusional. But I think she can turn her life around with therapy and cult-deprogramming.

        • In plain terms of gains and losses, her position is lose/lose. The same for all the deadenders. Nicki may be ‘in love’ with idle cult life, still, lose/lose is stupid by any measure. Or is it? She is after all a woman kept by a multi- millionaire, in a rent-free, care-free life atm.. hmm, collateral benefit or damage?

          Raniere’s position is win/lose he gains benefit from the ender’s continued compliance and the continued destruction of their lives. He’s a solid 120 carat bandit. All boxed up, yet still creating the awesome losses he’s rightly famous for, out of nothing but other people’s time and money.

        • You are so right, he DID choose Mariana! – so why do side-chicks do what they do? usually money but unlike prostitutes, they cover the fact with a delusion about jam tomorrow. Cult wives move differently tho, they do it for ‘world peace’ tomorrow, or blackmail tomorrow or something..

      • I wonder if this will sway jurors in the civil suit. If she is still funding his antics, could this be seen as liability?

        • It might sway jurors. She is still funding, and the attorneys are still glad to do the work no matter how unlikely the chances of success are.

      • Mr. Parlato,

        I have heard recent news that you are playing fast and loose with the Constitutional Rights of another poor gentlemen! And a new person on FR that is trying to introduce himself to everyone at that! That’s not a proper way to make a first impression, Mr Parlato! You should be ashamed of yourself!

        Please stop being an obnoxious commie-simping asshole and allow people to communicate as they please and post up his comment(s)!

        Thank you kindly!

          • No chance. This is when she should be waking up, if she gets through prison without waking up then there isn’t any waking up for clair, ever.

  • One can grow from the adversities that life offers. This is not the case with Keith Raniere. He will never rest as long as he lives and has enough money for lawsuits. I am not worried about Raniere, he is well kept in prison and will remain so.

  • Here is an idea for Nicki Clyne to get access to her heartthrob.

    Hunter Biden is a lawyer.
    He graduated from Yale Law School.
    Hire Hunter to represent Keith Raniere.

    Hunter Biden knows how to throw a party with drugs and whores.

  • Scheff’s new complaint conveniently fails to mention the Warden’s legitimate basis for banning Suneel’s visits and calls to USP Tucson: Raniere and Chakravorty conspired to violate Arizona Revised Statutes §13-2008 – taking the identity of another person or entity – a Class 4 felony. Indeed, Isaac Edwards is a real person, though the statute refers to fictitious persons as well.

  • is Barbara VonBlankensee. How is it Raniere and his legal army don’t know her name ? Pretty certain every inmate at the penitentiary knows who the Warden is (not to mention it’s publicly available information).

    His Appeal has been denied and his Rule 33 pending (but we all know that will be denied as well because it is pure absurdity) With that, what is the point of the ruckus of yet another lawsuit against BOP?

    What is the end game here in Raniere’s mind? Is all of this simply another tantrum so he can talk to his beloved Suneel and Nicki ? What does he have to gain from all of this other than that (and his eventual transfer to Colorado Super Max due to these ongoing antics).

    None of it makes any sense but no surprise there as none of anything to do w Raniere ever made any sense.

    SMH 🤦‍♂️

  • Mr. Parlato,

    I have heard recent news that you are playing fast and loose with the Constitutional Rights of another poor gentlemen! And a new person on FR that is trying to introduce himself to everyone at that! That’s not a proper way to make a first impression, Mr Parlato! You should be ashamed of yourself!

    Please stop being an obnoxious commie-simping asshole and allow people to communicate as they please and post up his comment(s)!

    Thank you kindly!

  • “Raniere claims his legal manager Chakravorty handles financial matters.”

    Suneel also handles wiping Clare’s dirty behind. Keith should have added that to the motion. It might have persuaded the judge.

    • Benji,

      This is for you:

      The Suneel ass wipe equation:
      (🐴+🚽) x2 – 🧻)x7)365💩)= 👳🏽‍♂️🪣

      It’s roughly 2 ass wipes a day 365 days a year. Her horse face has to enter the equation- it’s equal U10³.
      U = -2 on the ugly scale.

      Happy New Years!

  • Straight into the shredder.

    The very fact that Raniere has at least three law firms simultaneously working his case at present rather undercuts his contention that he is being deprived of access to legal representation!

    The absurdity of this man’s claims staggers belief.

    • If Raniere can’t communicate with them because he’s in the shu and is being denied even a meeting with Garza, it doesn’t matter if he has 50 firms working for him.

      The BOP has denied him access. It’s criminal.

  • Poor Clyne. Pining for Raniere for years, wanting to be his one and only while he was screwing half the cultists. Finally has a chance to be his one and only and cannot even have a conversation with him, much less physical contact. She made have never been convicted but we all know she likely participated in a whole lot of shady DOS shit, so as punishments go, I like it. It is amusing.

      • Did he choose mariana or did nobody realise she was pregnant until it was too late to abort the child. If that is the way a woman is chosen and, in effect “wins” then this is a whole new level of fucked up. Women are attra ted to this?

  • Serving lots of purpose to Keith but also that’s love bombing of Suneel right there – elevating his status to a paralegal and legal manager and that he’s helping real attorneys and experts. By assigning these roles to Suneel, Suneel feels wanted, needed and probably loved. Wonder what abandonment, neglect issues Suneel has from childhood, maybe ugly duck syndrome at high school thrown in, because he has fallen for this hook, line and sinker and in double quick time considering his timeline of first entering the cult. So fascinating on a psychological level. I’d never heard of love bombing until this nexium cult. This is an education how not to get sucked in by a narcissist at the least.

  • “On August 7, 2022, Counselor Flores informed de la Garza that the Warden denied the visit based on the safety and security of the institution.“ because Raniere ran to Mexico.

    If a big-time drug dealer / cult leader ran to Mexico to escape arrest, got caught and jailed, should a small-time warden allow that big-time drug dealer / cult leader to communicate with anyone in Mexico?

      • If a big-time blackmailer / extortionist / hypnotist ran to Mexico to escape arrest, got caught and jailed, should a small-time warden allow that big-time blackmailer / extortionist / hypnotist to communicate with anyone in Mexico or anywhere else?

  • 8 million left to him?! He must be some manipulator to get all these women fighting over him and leaving him millions. Not that he can spend it in prison. But happy he has it to fight what is cruel and retaliatory conduct by our own government officials. Perhaps he’ll do some good by bringing these issues to light.

    • Nah. He just takes advantage of lonely, lacking in self-esteem, gullible, naive, and meek women. Pam was the perfect fish for his soft voice, perpetual self-pity hook, and she had money. No doubt he specifically targeted her.

    • The money is being held by the IRS pending probate from Pam’s death.
      The remainder will go to restitution if needed after first being disbursed by Clare’s money from fine.

  • Sounds like one capable attorney. The retaliation against Raniere is criminal. Taking a man’s life and all liberty is more than sufficient. To punish, humiliate and degrade shows our own depraved humanity.

    We can’t sit idle and allow our own government to abuse their power. Putting humans in the Shu has become commonplace. It should be a very rare and brief occurrence.

    • Have mercy on the leader of an international slavery and blackmail ring who hypnotized and blackmailed his victims?

      What should justice look like for those kinds of leaders who run to Mexico to escape prosecution?

    • Why do you keep speaking in the plural? Are you not capable of only speaking for yourself? Is that a cult thing? No one took anything from Keith. Keith forfeited his freedom when he broke the law. There are no ultimate victims, remember?

    • There is no retaliation against him. He’s expected to live by the rules of the institution. No doubt this is difficult for someone used to making up his own arbitrary rules and inflicting them on others, but the sooner he comes to the realization that he is not in charge and never will be the easier it will be for him.

    • There is the possibility that the prison staff are abusing their power. I worked in “corrections” and I have seen these.

      There is the stronger possibility that Keith is not behaving himself.

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