Bangkok: Kristin Snyder Is Not Alive- Here’s Why

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder, who vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive.

By Bankgok

Sorry to deflate your boat, Frank, but Kristin Snyder cannot be alive, nor could she have faked her own suicide only to navigate the kayak to safety.


Cuz that would mean she purposely decided to give up her truck, spouse, pets, money, credit cards, and her entire family & life as she knew it, FOREVER, for no logical reason.

Furthermore, it would mean she did all that and NEVER chose to contact a single family member again, not even to ask for help.

Furthermore, it would mean that she somehow lived the next 20 years of her life without using her social security number even one time to get another job, EVER AGAIN?

Kristin Snyder standing by the Tacoma later found at Resurrection Bay with a purported suicide note.

LOL. Yeah, sure.

She never got pulled over for a traffic ticket again? LOL. Yeah, sure.

While you may believe she simply got a fake ID at the local DMV (with somebody else’s birth certificate) and a new SSN from the government, common sense tells us otherwise.

Besides, over the past 10 years, virtually everybody must now give a fingerprint/thumbprint for their drivers license or federal ID cards.

How did she get from Point A to Point B after the kayak was taken ashore somewhere? Hitchhiking? Cab ride? But no witnesses?

Kristin Snyder was known to kayak in all kinds of weather. But she never wore purple slippers when she went kayaking.

How did she live for the next few months? She had no money for hotels. Maybe tents? But still no witnesses? Yeah, sure.

Did she live in the wilderness, away from all human beings, for the next 20 years eating nothing but berries and bear shit? Yeah, okay.

Why was this kayak never found, if she brought it ashore

somewhere else?

Did she burn it, without being seen? LOL. Yeah, sure.

How did she get another fake ID, SSN, and a job — without any money, credit cards, phone number, vehicle or place to live?

Even real-life fugitives find it nearly impossible to do all that without being caught — and those people usually face decades behind bars if they get caught (which is a huge motivating factor to leave and never be heard from again). Yet, even they find it nearly impossible to do that and never be caught.

Kristin had no motive for doing that. Not one.

Plus, she was MENTALLY UNWELL at that time and could not have planned all these details calmly and rationally.

Was she unhappy?

She could have simply divorced her ugly wife, taken her truck, and moved on to something better — which would have been a MUCH SIMPLER solution than the one you’re proposing.

This case is now solved. I already solved it.

You simply don’t like the two possible solutions — because they don’t fit your narrative.

Have a good day. 🙂

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  • Frank bang-
    We know from writing experts this is you- we have researched this article via others. There is NO BangKOK.
    I am NOT giving up any more info- we have been in the damn hot seat long enough.
    Have not received that form- so we are saying “goodbye”. The lies and the ongoing “giving more & more” is now OVER-!!!!!!!
    I am done with I need more info – talk to another investigator.
    Take care Frankok

  • What about the dude with the umbrella standing on the knoll.
    Nobody mention this guy out on a clear night. Why the umbrella?

  • Bangkok sounds like an obstinate teen with no substance. “Yeah right” is the constant refrain reminiscent of a child without a credible comeback.

    How can you rule out foul play? Why is there no evidence anywhere? Why act so swiftly to have her declared dead?

    Not a chance she paddled away to kill herself in a kayak.

    My bets on Heidi. She looks like a brute and was callous if Kristin did indeed have any mental health issues.

    The note is a joke – complete with the afterthought not to look for her body.

    • “How can you rule out foul play? Why is there no evidence anywhere?”

      Why is there no evidence of foul play? Because there was no foul play…

      The Alaska State Police investigated this incident. It was a suicide by drowning.

      Maybe, just maybe, these people who have a lifetime of experience in these matters know what they’re talking about? Crazy idea, I know, that these professional crime investigators might be able to tell the difference between murder and suicide.

      I imagine that in a frozen depressing hell hole of a place like Alaska there are plenty of suicides so the cops have plenty of opportunity to learn what one looks like…

    • BangKOK
      You are very immature –
      This is Kris’ sister. You don’t know shit about my sister or this case. Stop writing about something you have NO clue about – moron.
      Either get the facts from the horse’ mouth 👄 or shut the hell up!
      You haven’t been there since day one. Shut the HELL up !

  • This person thinks everyone but them is an idiot, and yet has limited understanding of grammar. Also a jerk for making fun of the poor wife. What shitty thing to say. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Hello Justin – while the things you say are true, the one we know as Bangkok will remain unchangeable. We just have to put up with him. He is however an acquired taste, like beer. At first, I thought beer was terrible. Now, I think beer provides me amusement. Such is the way Bangkok may be for you one day.

    • I can’t stand Bangkok anymore. We should draw up a petition to have his ass paddled in public, that is within this forum!

  • “Her ugly wife…” ?? Bangkok, simply because her wife was never turned on by your person does not mean you have to bawl your eyes out here, tiring everyone with your love rejections! Try and swipe the hurtful part of your past under a different doormat, Bangkok!

  • There’s also the small matter that there isn’t the slightest bit of actual evidence of foul play in all of this.

    Just like Chakravorty’s FR-endorsed tale of FBI tampering, there’s nothing here but speculation and guesswork.

  • Bancoked Up sees things through the lens of 2022. Back then disappearances like these weren’t publicised beyond a certain radius. They couldn’t cast a witness net far and wide like the internet can now in an instant. Everyone has the internet now and spreading the word easier

  • I think she was very unhappy. If Frank would show them, there is a picture of Kristen with her friend and Kristen looks sick like something was very wrong. If you Google map the area, a place called the Iron Door caught my eye.

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