Which Covers Up More ‘Credibly Accused’ Sex Abusers – CT Family Court or Catholic Church?

In 2018, the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport retained Attorney Robert L. Holzberg of Pullman & Comley to investigate clergy sexual abuse of minors.

Holzberg and his team had access to 250,000 Diocesan records dating from 1953.

Holzberg’s team interviewed clergy and administrators.

By 2019, Holzberg’s team identified 281 victims who had made “credible” claims of sexual abuse over 66 years. That’s 4.2 victims per year.

He found 71 priests were “credibly accused” – 4.7% of the approximately 1,500 priests who have served the Diocese since 1953. Ten priests were responsible for 61 percent of the reported incidents.

“Credibly accused” was defined as having “substantial evidence” to support the claim. Holzberg used an 8th Circuit decision to determine “substantial evidence” as “less than a preponderance, but enough that a reasonable mind would find it adequate to support the conclusion.”

The church paid $56 million in settlements, with stipulations of silence on the part of those who received the money.

Each act of credible abuse in Holzberg’s report constitutes a crime under Connecticut law. Had the priests been referred to law enforcement authorities, they might have been subject to prosecution. Instead, the Diocese’s practice was to transfer abusive priests to other parishes or grant them “leaves of absence.”

Most “credibly accused” abusers escaped prosecution.

Before investigating priests, Holzberg was a judge of the Superior Court of Connecticut for 22 years. He retired from the bench in 2012. His law partner at Pullman and Comley is Lynda Munro, a former family court judge.

Former CT Judges Holzberg and Munro

If Holzberg used the same investigative techniques he used to investigate priests who went unpunished in CT Family Court, would he uncover as many as 4.2 victims per year?
Could he find 71 “credibly accused” parents who CT Family Court Judges did not refer for prosecution?

Might he find CT Family Court flipped custody to the credibly accused parent, rather than transferring the abusive parent away from the child?

Contrary to the Diocese, which transferred a priest to another diocese, there have been complaints that CT Family Court flips custody away from the parent who accuses.

Are any of these custody losing parent’s accusations credible?

Former Judge Holzberg, with his expertise, could weigh in.


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      • Just ask Lynda Munro why she ‘resigned’ from the bench. She was the executioner in the Liberti case, directed by pedo’s to isolate little Max, the pedo play toy of the Liberti pedo clan of New Haven, from mother. Maureen Murphy was GAL, who also resigned from the bench rather than face questioning/investigation into the Liberti case. The evidence is hiding in the light. Connecticut is pedo land.

    • Pedophilia is running the currency of the world.

      Problem is American lives in a bubble.

      Go to China, Brazil, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Africa, Central America even Holland..
      it is literally in your face, screaming exactly what is happening.

      Rancid, old, disgusting men buying little children on the street on every corner right in front of your face.

      They are like fleas scattered in front of you.

      You can get a baby so easily it absolutely unbelievable.

      You can even go to a hospital and they’ll fake pregnancy records and a birth and just give you a baby.

      ( what people do with the baby is not their concern)

      Mothers, real native mothers will bring their babies from door to door to prostitute them.


      There are absolutely no consequences.

      People in America are incredibly naïve.

      Of course Pedos govern our country.

      Who do you think goes abroad and uses these children? Westerners!!

      Do their sick, diseased souls stop being pedophiles because they are in USA?

      These worthless pieces of —-
      are our police, our judges, our teachers, our doctors, entertainers and yes our spouses.

      The Catholic Church is run by the Freemasons.

      Even the pope wears the little boy pedo symbol on his robe.

      These people in power take oaths.
      America was founded with slavery and it is still happening behind closed doors.

      The sherif badge has the little boy pedo symbol. It goes on and on and on.

      Even people who are not pedophiles must engage in pedo acts as collateral for black mail. Like Epstein and countless others. Countless!

      People have absolutely no idea how barbaric and psychotic the World is because all the mainstream media outlets are owned by the same people.

      People need to understand how important blogs like the Frank Report are.

  • If any other religion other than a large mainstream Christian religion had this kind of track record it’d be wiped off the face of the Earth.

    Mormons and Jews would be nonexistent or persecuted beyond belief.

    It’s a testament to the churches power the molesting has gone on as long as it did.

  • Connecticut has few prosecutors and the state got rid of Sheriffs! Connecticut welcomes corruption. Money rules all.

  • Credibly accused!
    Check out this list not to be found by any news publication in connecticut! They protect their own!

    List: Every abusive Catholic church priest, clergy member named in every state in past year

    The Pa. grand jury report opened the floodgates for states and dioceses to share the names of credibly accused clergy. Posted in 2019


    The Diocese of Bridgeport

    Kieran T. Ahearn
    Henry A. Albeke
    Jose Daniel Alberran
    Stanley Banaszek
    Alfred J. Bietighofer
    Laurence F. X. Brett
    Charles T. Carr
    John Castaldo
    Phillip Coleman
    Jean Marie DeGraff
    Joseph DeShan
    Stephen J. DeLuca
    William Donovan
    John Draper
    Martin J. Federici
    William Fletcher
    William A. Genuario
    James Gildea
    Joseph H. Gorecki
    Richard J. Grady
    James A. Gay
    Sherman Gray
    Martin Hitchcock
    Stanley Koziol
    Bartholomew Laurello
    Joseph Malloy
    James McCormick
    Albert McGoldrick
    Francis McKenna
    L. Luke Meunier
    Joseph P. Moore
    Robert Morrissey
    William R. Nagle
    Gavin O’Connor
    Raymond S. Pcolka
    Boleslaus “Bill” Rarus
    Martin Ryan
    Gregory M. Smith
    Paul Spodnick
    John Stronkowski
    Charles W. Stubbs
    Vincent Veich
    Frank Wissel

    Archdiocese of Hartford

    Gregory Altermatt
    Joseph Buckley
    Stephen Bzdrya
    Hebert Clarkin
    Stephen Crowley
    Robert Doyle
    Ivan Ferguson
    Stephen C. Foley
    Thomas Glynn
    Paul Gotta
    John Graham
    Philip Hussey
    Edward Hyland
    Joseph Lacy
    Robert Ladamus
    Felix Maguire
    Terry Manspeaker
    Richard McGann
    Daniel McSheffery
    L. Luke Meunier
    Peter Mitchell
    Edward Muha
    Howard Nash
    John O’Connor
    Louis Paturzo
    Raymond Paul
    Arthur Perrault
    William Przybylo
    George Raffaeta
    Edward Reardon
    Adolph Renkiewicz
    Joseph Rozint
    Robert Shea
    Kenneth Shiner
    Edward Tissera
    Felix Werpechowski
    Peter Zizka

    Diocese of Norwich

    Robert W. Barnes
    Bernard W. Bissonnette
    Richard T. Buongirno
    Salvatore L. Busca
    Dennis G. Carey
    Anthony R. Caron
    Santino A. Casimano
    Roger M. Comtois
    William J. Cullen
    James A. Curry
    John F. Dority
    Thomas J. Doyle
    Edward F. Frigault
    Denis Galipeau
    Roman S. Gromala
    Paul L. Hebert
    Raymond J. Jean
    Stephen Johnson
    John A. Kozon
    Michael Krol
    Charles Many
    Vincent F. Marino
    R. Thomas McConaghy
    Edward P. McGrath
    Frank McManus
    Joseph P. Murphy
    John C. Nash
    Eugene Orteneau
    J. Lawrence Ouimet
    Joseph Owens
    Thomas Pachal
    Robert Leo Pelkington
    Paul Pinard
    Bruno Primavera
    John B. Ramsay
    Thomas W. Shea
    George St. Jean
    Patrick Sullivan
    Felix Werpechowski

    Jesuits at Fairfield Prep and Fairfield University

    William B. Cahill
    Robert Cornigans
    William Cullen
    Joseph Dooley
    Francis Ennis
    Joseph Laughlin
    George McCabe
    Philip Moriarity
    Eugene O’Brien
    Lee Pollard
    Edmund Power
    James Pratt
    James T. Sheehan

    • What’s interesting is CT has far more credibly accused than most other states of equal or larger population. And still CT AG Tong does nothing.

          • Pullman & Comley Inc. investigates instead of the State Attorney Generals Office? 🤔

            William Lori: Connecticut: 2001 – 2012
            “ “ Maryland: 2012 – present

            From BishopAccountability(org):

            “Advocates, abuse survivors call for Baltimore Archbishop William Lori’s resignation

            BALTIMORE (MD)
            WBAL-TV, NBC-11 [Baltimore MD]

            December 7, 2022

            By Lisa Robinson

            Survivors of Maryland clergy sex abuse accuse the Catholic Church of turning a blind eye to their pain. Now, they said time’s up.

            The group of survivors claims the release of the state attorney general’s investigation is essential for their healing. They shared their demands with the media, even going so far as to call for a change in leadership of the Catholic Church. Survivors pointed the finger at Baltimore Archbishop William Lori, saying he needs to go …”

            From CBS News:
            “An investigation by Maryland’s attorney general identified 158 Roman Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Baltimore who have been accused of sexually and physically abusing more than 600 victims over the past 80 years, according to court records filed Thursday.

            Attorney General Brian Frosh announced that his office has completed a 463-page report on the investigation, which began in 2019.”


            From BishopAccountability(org)

            “November 14, 2022
            By Lee O. Sanderlin and Jonathan M. Pitts

            The Maryland Attorney General’s Office’s four-year investigation into the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s history of child sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests is almost finished.

            A spokesperson for Attorney General Brian Frosh told The Baltimore Sun the investigation is “nearing completion,” but declined to share details. A criminal investigator for the office, former FBI agent Richard Wolf, has contacted many abuse survivors in recent weeks to tell them the report is close to done.

            In 2018, the office issued a grand jury subpoena to the archdiocese for records, and Archbishop William E. Lori told clergy the state was investigating. Ultimately, the archdiocese turned over more than 100,000 pages of documents to Wolf and Special Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Embry.

            The attorney general’s report, when finalized, is expected to detail child sexual abuse going back more than 80 years.

            It’s unclear whether the investigation will lead to criminal charges. There is no statute of limitations on felony crimes in Maryland, but for someone to be charged in an abuse case, what’s alleged to have happened must have been classified a crime at the time it was committed.

            A spokesperson for the archdiocese issued a written statement to The Sun apologizing for past abuse.

            “The Archdiocese recognizes that the release of a report on child sexual abuse over many decades would undoubtedly be a source of renewed pain for survivors of abuse and their loved ones, as well as for the faithful of the Archdiocese,” church spokesperson Christian Kendzierski wrote.

            “We again offer our profound apologies to all who were harmed by a minister of the church and assure them of our heartfelt prayers for their continued healing. The Archdiocese remains committed to pastoral outreach to those who have been harmed as well as to protect children in the present and future.”

            Because many of the records used in the investigation were obtained by way of the grand jury subpoena, the finished report may not be able to be released in its entirety without the attorney general’s office asking a circuit court judge’s permission. Maryland law requires all grand jury records be kept secret.

            Asked if the church would oppose such a request, Kendzierski told The Sun in an email: “The Archdiocese will continue to cooperate with any legal processes relating to the attorney general’s investigation.”

            Voice of the Faithful, an independent organization of lay Catholics founded in 2002 in response to the church’s sexual abuse crises, recently released a report that ranked the Baltimore archdiocese third among U.S. dioceses and archdioceses in complying with the church’s child protection guidelines.

            Lori, who has served as archbishop in Baltimore since 2012, is currently one of 10 leading clergy being considered as the next president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The bishops gathered Monday in Baltimore for their annual meeting and plan to vote Tuesday on their leader for the next three years.

            Although the attorney general’s office declined to comment on either the report’s pending release or any ancillary legal issues, abuse survivors who have long awaited Frosh’s findings told The Sun they expect it soon.

            Survivors of abuse by priests and other church employees, such as lay teachers, were kept in limbo for years with virtually no new information about the investigation released publicly.

            Survivor Jean Wehner was featured in the 2017 Netflix series “The Keepers,” which documented allegations of sexual abuse by the late priest A. Joseph Maskell at Archbishop Keough High School in the 1960s and 1970s, and the unsolved 1969 killing of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik, a nun who taught there.

            After more than four years, Wehner said she was “on the verge of giving up hope” that Frosh’s report would be forthcoming. She, other survivors and their attorney recently requested a meeting with officials in the attorney general’s office for an update, but received no response.

            Wehner said Wolf called her at work Thursday to tell her the report was in the process of “being wrapped up,” and that his office hoped to release it by Thanksgiving. She said he told her that if it wasn’t made public by then, it would be out by early December.

            “To be honest, I felt very numb,” when she first got the news, Wehner said. Its import began sinking in over the weekend. What moved her most, she said, was knowing that if the report is “what it should be,” its release could cause abusers and potential abusers to think twice about their actions — and encourage more survivors to come forward.

            Frosh, a Democrat, plans to retire in January after two four-year terms in office. Voters last week elected Democratic U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown to replace him.

            David Lorenz, president of the Maryland chapter of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, previously voiced frustration that the report was so long in coming. He said it was encouraging to receive the latest news.

            “For four years we had no idea whether things were moving at all. But now we know there’s a report,” said Lorenz, who said a Catholic priest abused him during his teens in Kentucky. “We certainly hope it will be expedited through the legal system.”

            Lorenz said he hopes the report sheds light on the problem of clergy abuse, as well as what he called “the cover-up efforts of the diocese of Baltimore.”

            Just as important, he said it will “vindicate the stories that survivors have been telling people for years now, but that the public has not always believed.” Like Wehner, he hoped it would encourage others “who have been holding onto this secret in their lives, sometimes for many years,” to come forward, “because now they know they have an ally.”

            Of the new attorney general, Lorenz said: “I hope he’ll continue the investigation at a higher level. It needs to continue.”

            New York and Baltimore state Attorneys General have both been involved in the sexual abuse cases in Catholic Churches in New York and Baltimore.

            Did Connecticut AG’s Office give everything to Pullman and Comley, Inc.?

            Did Holzberg tell the public all information should go to Pullman and Comley Inc. and the Bridgeport Diocese — instead of the state AG Office?

            In the preface to his report, Mr. Holzberg wrote:

            “I invite anyone who has additional information bearing on the findings of this report or the matters investigated to provide it to the diocese or to the investigative team at Pullman and Comley, LLC.

            Robert L. Holzberg
            Judge, Connecticut Superior Court (Ret.)“

            “to the diocese or to the investigative team at Pullman and Comley, LLC.”?!

            Did Mr. Holzberg chuckle to himself when he wrote that and smile when he saw it published?

      • Did AG Tong actually do nothing?

        The New York AG and the Baltimore AG are investigating.

        Was the Connecticut AG Office not ever involved?

        Did Robert Holzberg and Pullman and Comley, Inc. orchestrate the whole thing so far???

    • AG Tong is part of the problem. He condones it. He was in the judiciary committee and turns a blind eye.

      The feds have yet to take any action and CT corruption is rampant.

      In addition to the family court kidnappings and theft of family savings, there is mortgage fraud everywhere.

      As with family court, the criminals are so protected that their conduct is blatant.

      Norwalk police chief suddenly retired after 55 officers orchestrated a militia takeover of the Pritchards million dollar home. They own it outright and now the state is selling it.

      • The AG Offices of New York and Baltimore investigated the crimes and the Connecticut AG office didn’t?!

  • Representative Steven Stafstrom is Co-Chair of the Connecticut Joint Committee on Judiciary

    He also works for Pullman and Comley, Inc. “increasing fairness and transparency in the justice system, and making statutes and courts more business friendly“.

    • Co-Chair of a judiciary committee, lawyer at a law firm .. he also used to be a trustee at a Catholic Church, so he might feel inclined to help (or not).

  • CT Home to the Paedos- police protect them, church protects them, dcf protects them…

    Ephebophila conduct will likely become legal in CT. Currently victim blaming is done for these crimes.

      • Is writing a hostile off-topic comment, then answering the comment with “Create a fake account, follow her, and then call her out for it” because “No one is stopping” just spamming or attempted entrapment?
        If both comments are attempted entrapment to create evidence of a pattern of harassment, try to be a little more considerate, Anonymous. Did Anonymous at 3:31 even read the article?
        Such a random burst of ill will is unhealthy. Maybe go for counseling? 🤔

        • Entrapment for harassment? I don’t think so. It’s Twitter. The worst that will happen is she’ll block him and/or the account will get banned due to the TOS. I don’t even know why this person cares about her involvement. No one has come forward and accused of her anything, and no one from the authorities considered her at all.

      • Did you read the article or merely using Frankreport to hide your identity and encourage Harassment against Kristin.

        You’re a coward.

        And on Christmas no less.

    • The troll is back, trying to stir up trouble again.

      • Her sex life is none of your business, and neither her celebrity status nor a spider’s web tenuous association to a “sex cult” grants you or anyone else that privilege.

  • One section in Mr. Holzberg’s report called “Bishop Egan repeatedly ignored warnings and red flags” says, “The records of the Bridgeport Diocese provide compelling evidence that Bishop Egan either knowingly disregarded warnings/red flags about clergy misconduct, minimized the behavior, and/or sought to conceal it. At times, Bishop Egan and his advisors simply accepted as true the priest’s denial of the accusations.”

    Bishop Egan wasn’t the only one to blame.

    According to a New York Times article: “Rev. Edward M. Egan became bishop of Bridgeport and Father Wallin stayed on as his secretary. The Rev. Leo McIlrath, the ecumenical chaplain at the Lutheran Home of Southbury, and others said the two were close and went to Broadway shows, opera and dinners together. Monsignor Wallin framed the playbills from the many shows he saw. His parish e-mail address became broadwayguy73.”

    Kevin Wallin was Bishop Egan’s personal secretary 1988 – 2000.

    2002: Bishop Lori succeeded Bishop Egan.

    2002: Bishop Lori “constituted the first Sexual Misconduct Review Board”

    2011: Bishop Lori suspended Wallin’s priestly faculties.

    2012: Father John Lavers’ 2012 investigation into allegations of homosexual behavior and activity at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut that led to the removal of 13 seminarians.

    2018: Bishop Caggiano retained Judge Robert L. Holzberg (Ret.) and the law firm of Pullman and Comley, LLC “to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the history of clergy sexual abuse of minors and the diocese’s response to that abuse from the founding of the diocese in 1953 to the present” … “to document and analyze the history of sexual abuse of minors by diocesan clergy, and the diocesan leadership’s response to that abuse, from the founding of the diocese in 1953 to the present.”

    Holzberg, attorneys and professionals of Pullman & Comley, LLC had dangerously unlimited access to 250,000 Diocesan records. Kevin Wallin’s name shows up just once in the Holzberg report — his last name is in a footnote on page 66.

    Did Mr. Holzberg, attorneys and professionals at Pullman & Comley, LLC ever speak with the personal secretary to the bishops who went to Broadway shows, opera and dinners with Bishop Egan?

    Did Mr. Holzberg, attorneys and professionals of Pullman & Comley, LLC consider a gay cross-dressing drug dealer and addict who owned a sex store in North Haven called Land of Oz and Dorothy’s Place where he laundered drug money from Waterbury, Connecticut to be an unreliable witness?

    Coincidentally, Dr. Sidney Horowitz has a store in Waterbury. He provides evaluations and counseling services for local residents. Mr. Holzberg could ask Mr. Horowitz to help Mr. Wallin tell Mr. Holzberg everything Mr. Holzberg needs to know to achieve his assignments.

    At the time of the offering of Mr. Holzberg’s report, he invited “anyone who has additional information bearing on the findings of this report or the matters investigated to provide it to the diocese or to the investigative team at Pullman and Comley, LLC.”

    Someone needs to warn the people of Connecticut ASAP:

    1. Mr. Holzberg and his associates mishandled sexual abuse cases and cases related to sexual abuse in family courts.
    2. Any contracts the Bridgeport Diocese signed with Mr. Holzberg and Pullman and Comley Inc. should be cancelled immediately.

    From The National Catholic Register:

    “Father John Lavers, a Canadian priest of the Diocese of Portsmouth in England, currently serves as the director of chaplaincy with Stella Maris (Apostleship of the Sea) in the United Kingdom. He led a 2012 investigation into allegations of homosexual behavior and activity at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Connecticut that led to the removal of 13 seminarians, primarily from the Archdiocese of Hartford and Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey.

    Father Lavers’ investigation also indicated that a homosexual “pipeline” had been created that funneled vulnerable Latin American candidates into some U.S. seminaries where they were sexually exploited, and subsequently ordained as actively homosexual priests in some American dioceses.

    And on the basis of the evidence collected for the Holy Apostles investigation, Father Lavers concluded that it was Theodore McCarrick himself who was at the “epicenter” of this powerful influential network that has preyed on seminarians, and has advanced homosexually active clergy within the U.S. Church.”


  • Great article and comparison.

    Most “credibly accused” abusers escaped prosecution.– this is CT family court. It seems no matter the venue, the goal of the state of Connecticut is to allow criminals to maintain their roles– It’s the Hiding in Plain Sight state. Forget the Constitution state.

    CT virtually has a handful of prosecutors that act in the governments best interest and direction. This article was released in 2016 and it’s only gotten worse:

    Connecticut Prosecutors Are Gone Baby Gone. (https://spinella-law.com/pg/blog/June-2016-B.php)
    Connecticut ProsecutorFor the past several decades nearly all criminal prosecutions of consequence in Connecticut have been brought by federal prosecutors who have successfully pursued a succession of spectacular cases involving municipalities, high level politicians (including a sitting governor), police departments, and other significant cases. During this time Connecticut prosecutors, and the grand juries which act as their powerful investigative arm, have stood idly by, demonstrating little activity or interest in bringing sophisticated prosecutions of their own.

    In these post Ferguson days – where the quality of criminal justice is a matter of needed public debate – it is time in Connecticut that someone acknowledges the elephant in the room; namely, where have all of Connecticut’s prosecutors gone? And in addressing this question, who is it that decides whether someone should be charged with a crime anyway?

  • Some call families in courts and churches “imposters” and “the profane”.

  • Frank – Good parents will not see their children for Christmas. For some it’s been years. The tender joys of childhood innocence and traditions shared have been erased – as is the plan of the AFCC perpetrators.

    Innocent children must be denied one parent, subjected to trauma and abuse so great that by the time they are free – and able to process the truth of what they endured as trafficking victims of family court— the criminals will be long gone with millions to show for their unconscionable evil deeds.

    We thank Frank Parlato and Frankreport for investigating the corruption of a criminal racketeering conspiracy.

    We pray you will continue to expose the corruption of family court. It’s a rare talent to synthesize and then present the truth to the public in a way they can at least consider the harsh reality of the system.

    Exposure is key. Please lead the fight as we enter 2023 and demand an end to court endorsed child abuse.

    Christmas will be quiet for so many of us who have had their children stolen, but thanks to you we have hope and our children will not be forgotten. They will be heard.

  • “Before investigating priests, Holzberg was a judge of the Superior Court of Connecticut for 22 years. He retired from the bench in 2012. His law partner at Pullman and Comley is Lynda Munro, a former family court judge”

    Wow- what a connection. There’s just more and more layers of evil. After decades of racketeering snd criminal conduct by attorneys and judges, the connections are deeply rooted and designed to destroy anyone who digs too deep. They protect their own at all costs.

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