Christmas Season a Good Time to Celebrate Anonymous Commenters

Santa Claus is believed to be the online moniker of Bishop Nickolas of Myra. Some call him St. Nick

Christmas Day is here.

My heart grows tender with childhood memories and love of my kindred creatures. A fairly ugly and spindly creature the other 364 days of the year. 

But this is Christmas, a good time for kindling the flame of hospitality; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time; with peace on earth, good will to men, and womyn, and the good folks of the bear community.

So I will celebrate a happy, happy Christmas, answer a Yuletide question, and remember old friends. For it might be pleasant to readers to remember upon Christmas Day, who made lame beggars walk, blind men see, and dunces think.

So let me start with the intelligent Sherizzy, a commenter here since Christmas 2020. He writes of a fellow commenter, Bangkok, who has been commenting here since Christmas 2018.

Sherizzy writes:

Bangcock = Frank.
Worst kept secret, Frank.

Sherizzy, your comment yields me pleasure. Bangkok is one of the best comedians I have ever never met. 

But I deny it. I am not Bangkok! But I cannot prove who he is. So how do I prove he is not me? I cannot even prove you, Sherizzy, are not me. Only you and I know. 

I watch my friend BK deny he is Chet Hardin. Some people believe others don’t. If I were BK but not Chet Hardin, I would be flattered to be thought to be Chet.

Similarily, Sherizzy, I am flattered that you think I’m Bangkok. 

Yes, it is a fascinating aspect of the brave new world of anonymous online publishing: Can one be an anonymous celebrity and purport to deliver the news? And be a trusted source?


Are we to accept the ethicist’s standard that we must respect a person’s anonymity? And to out them is immoral?

Am I willing to consider the needs and desires of online trolls, to remember the weaknesses and loneliness of those nobody listens to when they know who they are?

Anonymous trolls take their chance at importance and may spare the good people who know them the awkward embarrassment of telling them they’re stupid and unimportant.

A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous ass to all who know him becomes a righteous social justice warrior once he hides his name and adopts a moniker. 


Bishop Nicholas of Myra took the moniker of Santa Claus, and now he gets tremendous credit for things he actually never does. 

Should I allow trolls to make a home on Frank Report for their ugly thoughts, a garden for their unfriendly feelings, with the gate open for them to take a dump and fertilize the garden?

Sure, why not? 

No, I do not think you hate me, Sherizzy, as Bangkok claims. 

If I met you, we might sing Christmas songs and live in the Christmas spirit. I would never wish you ill, even in jest.

So merry Christmas, Sherizzy, may your New Year dreams come true. 

And Bangkok, too, I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, nothing like the meretricious and happy new year you had in 2022.

And because I keep the genial flame of charity in my heart, I want to say Merry Christmas to Nice Guy, Shadow State, Aristotle’s Sausage, WTF, Ice Nine, Patriot God, Kevin, Gastone Porter, StevenJ, Nutjob, Peaches, Peter Longworth, Pyriel, Tenzin, Alex, NFW, Julia, Natasha, Steve Dembo, Ermma Gerd, Davey Boy, El Ciclón y la Araña, M. Novak, Cui Bono? Benji Carver, Erasend, Colonel James Ludlow, AI, Snorlax, Scott Johnson, Larry Tate, Orange County Dreams, Lieutenant Commander Data, Suzanna, Truth Teller, Ann Lee, Beth, Zebra, Mm, Fairgamed Educo Nobody, Pinky, Ben, Rock Around The Block, My2cents, Just sayin’, Jane, Retired Appellate Counsel, FYI, Marc Idiott, Alanzo, Diane Lipson, Clifton Parker, Le’Gal, Gdogs cat, LaLaLad and so many others, most of whom use no name at all.  

You help make Christmastime a season of merriment and carefree joy. 

And, of course, to those readers who never comment, may we find the magic of the season throughout the year.

I started seven years and six thousand stories ago. FR had a mission, and we had a few successes, but it has always been a magical celebration, and Christmastime makes it even more beautiful.


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  • It’s been a strange and wonder-filled ride. Thank you Frank for all you put up with and rise above. You’re the tops!

  • You left out quite a few Frank, though Ice-nine does appreciate the shout out. Your list cannot be complete though without Sultan of Six. And whatever happened to Shivani? Did her and KR Claviger ever go on their date? Maybe she cancelled when she realized Claviger was unlikely to be a he, but was probably a she, or possibly a they.

  • For some Christmas Cheer find out who Santa;s father is on the Red Pilled America Podcast.

    Was Santa’s father Clement Moore or Edward Livingston?

    Santa, Sr.

    December 23, 2022 • 53 min
    On January 23, 2022, Santa Claus turns 199 years old. For the past 20 years, there’s been a controversy over the identity of his father. RPA is looking to put the mystery to rest with this episode entitled Santa, Sr. So, who is Santa’s father? To find the answer, we tell the extraordinary true story of the nearly two hundred year search for Santa Claus, Sr. Special thanks to Duncan Crary, publicity artist and creator of The Trial Before Christmas, & Scott Norsworthy, founder of Melvilliana. This episode was originally published on December 24, 2021.

    My money’s on Clement Moore.

  • Seeing this the morning after Christmas Day, so Merry Christmas and happy day after Christmas Day, Frank!

    Every day is a holiday because of people like Bishop Nicholas of Myra and he wouldn’t have approved of the moniker of Santa Claus. He wouldn’t approve of billions sent to fund war to kill Orthodox Christians and would be quite upset knowing small hidden groups and large unhidden groups indirectly used his life to twist history, culture, politics and religion. If Saint Nicholas of Myra were alive today, how many bishops and legislators would he slap in the face?

    According to Scott P. Richert, “By the late Middle Ages, Catholics in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands had begun to celebrate his feast day by giving small gifts to young children. On December 5, the children would leave their shoes by the fireplace, and the next morning, they would find small toys and coins in them.”

    How lovely it must have been to live that kind of life.

    Then in the 1800s, a small group in New England (some apparently associated with the New York Historical Society) invented a character called “Santa Claus” and soon, the worst of the worst found ways to ruin something good.

    Many more specifically anti-Christian trends set in place achieved hidden political goals and about 150 years after that, most every gift given all year round in “developed” countries were suddenly Made in China. Once-beautiful cities with once-beautiful buildings where families could grow happily are in varying degrees of being totally ruined.

    It’s now 2022 A.D. … “Christmas Drag Queen Shows” are to be welcomed, not questioned. “Developed” countries must open borders and send billions of dollars overseas to kill Orthodox Christian, Jewish and Islamic doctrine.

    Bishop Nicholas of Myra defended Christian Orthodoxy. He might have attended the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. He might have slapped Arius in the face for threatening orthodoxy and human souls. Today, how many technocrats and transhumanists in control of the world speak about human souls?

    BibleStudy (.org) doesn’t promote “Drag Queen Christmas Shows”. This is important anyway:

    “… Late August – Early September

    The small city of Bethlehem, when Mary and Joseph arrive in order to pay Roman taxes, is inundated with people (Luke 2:1 – 3) …

    The Lord’s birth occurs between August 27 and September 9, with it highly likely occurring (due to its symbolism) on Saturday, September 2. This Saturday is special, in that it is Tishri 1, or the first day of Hebrew civil year 3757. It is also the Biblical holy day known as the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah).

    An angel proclaims to shepherds tending their flocks that man’s Savior has been born (Luke 2:8 – 11) …”

    September 2nd, December 25th and January 7th were the beginning of an everlasting season …”

    The “spirit of Christmas” and The New Covenant are a joyful, transparent New World Order — the orthodox kind of transparent and joyful.

    No matter what King Charles III proclaimed to the world on Christmas Day, deceitful people who seized control of the world still aren’t transparent or kind. Sorry for such intense comments the day after Christmas, but the same kind of deceitful groups that exploited the life and memory of Bishop Nicholas of Myra also established harmful religious cults such as NXIVM. The same sort of deceitful groups paid the Dalai Lama with CIA money; some organized pipelines “up and down the east coast” to exploit seminarians and destroy the Christian Church; some established for-profit adversarial family courts to destroy families; and, some say the same small deceitful groups killed John F. Kennedy.

    JFK was an Democrat. He “leaned to the left”. What enemies would left-leaning Democrats have among globalists?

    Christians consider all to be “brothers and sisters”. What enemies would Christians have among globalists?

    Around 55 AD, Saint Paul wrote a letter to the Corinthians. His letter says in part, “For what partnership can righteousness have with wickedness? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness?”

    How many in how many small hidden groups thought of Saint Paul and Saint Nicholas as enemies? There’s a photo somewhere of a man dressed as Santa Claus sitting with his “Masonic brothers” in a Masonic Temple. Can any Freemasons out there tell us (without being tortured and killed) if that’s a regular occurrence?

    Is the Santa Claus costume an inside joke at the expense of “the profane” “imposters”?

    In just a few days, we probably won’t be able to write about Christmas without being mocked.

    Merry Christmas, anyway.

  • Frank-

    Love it when you wax philosophically in poetic verse with a pinch of humor. You’re always eloquent and never verbose. You’re the Wordsworth to my Wu-tang clan. You’re not like most American day-goes with the exception-you use parmesan cheese on seafood(It isn’t done in Italy.) You are enlightened. You are nonpareil. May your 2023 be blessed.

    BTW: You left out 5G Fred. 5G Fred is batshit crazy – his heart is in the right place. He’s trying to help people. I sincerely respect his caring heart.

    • 5 G- is my great thinking, wonderful virtual friend – I did not forget him. I sent him a greetings thru someone else. He’ll understand.

      • Not true Ice-nine…..

        I never crapped on 5G Fred.

        I actually defended some of what he said.

        5G is made up of PHOTONS. All transmission from radio waves to light are photons. These photons are harmless, but they do interact with matter. So part of what Fred was saying is true. All forms of radiation interact with matter in a measurable way.

        It’s the x-rays and gamma rays which are dangerous. They cause ionization.

        It was always Shadow whom was my favorite “whipping boy”. His misogynistic treatment of Mack and his alt-right Nazi comments offend my sensibilities.

        So in summary: FU. You are characterization of me is untrue.

  • hope you had a huge merry little christmas, frank.
    all the best for 2023. it’s going to be quite the year.
    prediction: this is the annus in which ramtha goes up in smoke and mirrors.

  • Merry Christmas Frank and fellow readers. What a whirlwind of varied stories 2022 have brought to the Frank Report. And yet you still managed to insert the oh so dreamy photos of Keith lazing about with his hairy chest and bedroom eyes. Thanks? I adore montage of vintage Christmas Cards in this story. Cheers Frank!

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