Susan Dones Creates Website as ‘Safe Place for Survivors’

Susan Dones has a new website,

About This Site

Dones writes of her website, “I want this website to be for and by Survivors of Cults and High Demand Groups, family, and friends… I want it to be a tool for those of us who have left and need/want to support, education, and tools for recovery. Also, for those who want to be of support.”

Dones has a master’s degree in psychology, is a licensed massage practitioner, and professional DJ.

She joined NXIVM in 2000 after taking a 16-day intensive. She opened her own center in Tacoma, Washington, and helped set up NXIVM’s Vancouver Center.  She taught classes in Mexico and Ireland. By 2009, Dones left the company along with eight other members.

NXIVM intervened in her bankruptcy in 2010, caused by her debt from opening up the Washington center.

NXIVM filed “over 200 fake claims against me,” Dones said.

She defended herself pro-se and won against seven NXIVM lawyers.

Sarah Edmondson and Nippy Ames described Dones as a “one-woman wrecking crew who served as her legal representation in a series of court battles after she left the organization…  She was way ahead of the curve on calling bullshit about Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman, and his flying monkeys

Dones said, “I have lots of battle scars from being in the NXIVM Cult and the battle to take them down after leaving.”

Dones will answer questions

Possibly the best thing Dones offers is her willingness to answer questions.

She writes, “People have been asking me a lot of questions on podcasts & Twitter about my time in NXIVM, my lawsuit, my recovery, and those leading NXIVM. Now I will answer those in a video, audio, or written format.”

People can subscribe to ask questions or from a pop-up on the lower right corner of the home page.

View of Raniere

Dones also shared her view of Raniere on her website.

I am not a legal analyst. I’m just a gal who was taken in by a couple of con artists….

“The EDNY DOJ ended the terrifying wrath of terror of Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and their top leadership, burning the entire organization (or as we call it, Cult) to the ground with only a few remaining loyal followers left behind….

“We know this case was based mostly on the most heinous crimes committed by Keith Raniere, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Allison Mack. Not that other crimes were not being committed, or other NXIVM members were not involved in them….

“The main goal had to be to get the main criminals off the street and end the reign of terror of Keith Raniere.

“Raniere thought his arguments [on appeal] warranted a ‘get out a Jail Free Card’ or a new trial….  Nice try, Keith; you have been trying for decades to pull the wool over the Justice System.

“You think you would have learned by now that your “Raniere Games “will not work.

“When is Keith going to learn you are not the Smartest Man in the World and your mind isn’t that one of a legal scholar?

“He has blown millions of dollars of mostly the Bronfman sisters’ money using the legal system to terrorize people. Now he continues to use Clare Bronfman’s (and other) money to attempt to get out of prison….

“Raniere, why have you lied for decades to the people who follow you that you have won all your court battles knowing they would never take the time to look them up for themselves? How dare they look up anything for themselves. Your word is this final; it is what you bank on; it is how you maintain control over your followers; it’s it.

“This is how all Cult, bad religious, and high-control group leaders keep control over their followers. Don’t investigate the leaders….


Mk10art’s painting of Susan Dones.

Dones adds, “I will be recording and blogging about my journey in and after leaving NXIVM. Have questions, send them to me.”


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  • The Vow season I had Susan Dones as a prominent figure. It also had Frank as a prominent figure. In Season 2 they nearly eliminated Susan Dones and Frank Parlato– it makes no sense. Instead they focus on Nancy Saltzman– why?

    Needless to say there will not be a season 3.

    They put Nancy, one of the ringleaders and first line abuser/mastermind in the spotlight. It’s so wrong. Shameful. Viewers will go to Susan’s website.

      • When they choose Nancy Saltzman to be their lead, and eliminate the essential and credible people, what did they expect?

        • It was a judgment call. It did not pan out. They chose to make the season about a woman who co-founded the group explain how she had nothing to do with anything bad that came out of it.

      • I’ve heard the Vow producers were involved in sexual harassment and illegal actions to obtain information.

        Any truth to this or pure rumors?

    • You know why. Because the people behind the entire narrative made a deal with the Salzmans, to remove them from the civil lawsuit and to portray them in a sympathetic light, in exchange for the Salzmans not telling anyone what they know about the narrators.

      It would make a great season three story arc, except Moira killed the ratings off. Perhaps an amnesia side plot, combined with the birth of a child and the introduction of a wacky, outrageous supporting character can bring the razzle dazzle, the sizzle and spice, back to this once beloved infotainment docuseries.

  • Susan Dones is one of the few genuine, down to earth people in the entire world of NXIVM. The site is a fantastic idea and I know plenty of people will benefit from hearing of her experiences. It seems she managed to see things rather quickly and based on the relentless retaliation of Clare, Keith and Nancy, they knew she was a formidable force.

    Totally impressive that in a state of trauma and shock, Susan was able to keep her wits about her and successfully defended herself pro-se! She’s a warrior!

  • Susan is a genuine, outstanding person. A true inspiration to survivors of high control groups and relationships alike. I can’t think of a better person to do this. Best of luck Susan! You’re a Rockstar!

  • “Dones has a master’s degree in psychology, is a licensed massage practitioner, and professional DJ.


    Treatment Protocol:

    1. Administer the nocebo of “brainwashing”.

    2. Once the patient believes they were “brainwashed” and are frantic to recover from it, inculcate and indoctrinate them into the anticult ideology of “the cult leader’s playbook”.

    3. When they come to the point of willingly trashing their own pasts and reinterpreting their experience in the worst possible ways, and can blithely spew the word salad of anticultism, seeing “cults” everywhere…


    It’s “therapy” through the indoctrination of anticultism.

    How much does Susan charge? More or less than Chris Shelton?



  • Susan-

    There is no endeavor more noble than helping people.

    You are a class act!

    I wish you much success!

    Best wishes!

    Happy Holidays!

    • Thank God, Nice Guy’s back.

      While his towering intellect was missing, I felt the collective IQ here in the Frank Report Comment Section plunge by at least 30 points.

      His 1-poled, one-sided black and white thinking, his 3rd grade toilet and dick humor, and his constant anonymous spam trolling are just what the Frank Report needs.

      And deserves.

      Welcome back, Nice Guy!

      Did you shit your pants again? Is that why you were gone so long?


      • Alanzo

        At long last some banter worthy of your superior intellect and infinite wisdom. It’s actually funny.

        Please, over holidays read a new philosophy book and try to expand your knowledge base past Aristotle.

        “Did you shit your pants again? Is that why you were gone so long?”
        ……This coming from a fat fuck who has to search for his own asshole when he wants to take a shit. LMAO @ U!
        I was gone on Christmas break. Ask Frank. I’m not saying where- don’t want to make you feel bad.
        How’s that happening bachelor pad in your mom’s basement? What’s the old bitch charging you for rent? Oh wait, she’s a sweet old woman, with a ne’er-do-well son – you don’t pay rent.
        Please tell your Psychiatrist I said hi.

        Don’t drink too much male eggnog. Happy holidays!

        • Pot meet Kettle?!?!?

          Pleas pay more attention

          I only ridicule assholes, who ridicule other people. That’s it. I’m self-declared sherif of the Frank Report.
          Ask Frank! Frank and I have deep spiritual bond which goes past the five restraining orders he filed.

        • Do not get involved when fools argue. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. And they are very experienced.

  • Bravo for Susan Dones, she tells it like it is. The Feds ended Raniere and burned the cult “to the ground”. With only a few pitiful remaining followers left behind. (Left behind to choke on their absurd arguments).

    Raniere’s ridiculous legal appeal fell flat. Of course it did- his lunatic arguments only ever convinced his fool cult followers. Nobody with any sense would pay him any attention.

    So no “get out of jail free” card for Vanguard. Susan Dones is right on.

    “The main goal had to be to get the main criminals off the street” and the DOJ came through. The main criminals being Raniere himself, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Clare Bronfman, and Allison Mack.

    The justice system came through. Raniere will remain in prison for the rest of his life. It’s a cause for celebration!

    Susan Dones is 100% right.

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