BK Chet Hardin Releases Court-Sealed Tape of Monroe County Police Lying to Me; Part of My Discovery in Planned Civil Rights Lawsuit

Chet BK Hardin is raising for battle. I love battle. But poor investigative skills are in evidence once again.

He released an illegally obtained Florida Court-ordered sealed tape of a November 9 conversation I had with two Monroe sheriff deputies who plotted to falsely arrest me.

This is expected to be part of the discovery in my planned federal lawsuit. I did not release this tape publicly, first of all, since it was court-ordered sealed.

Also, because it is part of the evidence of a federal civil rights section 1983 lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida, I intend to pursue.

The law enforcement evidence I obtained show that both myself and the falsely alleged victim, who I will identify as Jane Doe, can bring claims against the Monroe County police in the Key West Federal Courthouse for violations under section 1983 of the civil rights act.

Jane Doe was detained and “seized” by the police with no legitimate basis. Police told her she was not free to go when there was no basis to detain or hold her. She has a claim for illegal search and seizure and breach of her Fourth Amendment rights.

She was pulled out of her residence and driven out of her home based on a call from a stranger.

There was no reasonable suspicion or probable cause.

The local police caused a warrant to be issued for my arrest and allowed the illegal warrant to remain open for weeks. The illegal warrant was withdrawn by the Assistant State Attorney.

I believe I have a serious claim for violations of my Fourth Amendment rights and protected liberty interests. Punitive damages may also be available against the officers and the municipality, depending on the officers’ recklessness, deliberate indifference, and/or knowing and intentional activities in violation of Doe’s and my rights.

The officers’ prior conduct, complaints, and the local police department’s training, evaluation, and employee monitoring activities may also be scrutinized.

The tape Bk released makes the deputy sheriff look unprofessional, as it reveals he is being coached and shows remarkable incivility. It also shows that the Deputy is also confused about me. He seems to believe I was convicted and incarcerated for being NXIVM’s accountant.

He threatened to call my probation officer and return me to federal prison. But, of course, I was not on probation then or now, nor did I ever spend a day in federal prison to which I could be sent back to.

Keep in mind a few things, in case BK Chet gets it wrong.

  1. I was never arrested. The warrant was recalled.
  2. The State’s Attorney wrote, “After reviewing the evidence, conducting a sworn victim intake, and considering the victim’s wishes to decline prosecution, the State does not reasonably believe this case can be prosecuted successfully.”
  3. Actually, there was no victim. Jane Doe did not call the Monroe County deputies asking for help. She never identified herself as a victim.
  4. The purported victim, Doe, never called the police.
  5. The purported victim, Doe, despite being detained, badgered, and intimidated by police, declined to sign any statement.
  6. The purported victim Doe explained that there was no issue between her and myself. She swore under oath just the opposite.
  7. There is clear evidence that the deputies involved tried to manufacture a crime.
  8. There are three eyewitnesses with Jane Doe at the exact time the police claim an incident happened, who spoke or wrote to the State Attorney’s Office, who corroborated the fact that the incident, as described by the deputies, never occurred.
  9. These eyewitness statements are in addition to the statement of the purported victim, Doe, sworn and given under oath, that she was not a victim of myself, but instead of the police.
  10. Jane Doe stated after being bullied, badgered, and threatened, the deputies concocted their story.
  11. The evidence reveals the exact opposite of what the Monroe Deputies alleged. She swore under oath that the police’s narrative was untrue.
  12. The State Attorney’s Office accepted that, and Monroe County had no choice but to recall the warrant, since the charges were provably false.
  13. Finally, there is the anger management issue that BK confuses with the Monroe County case.
  14. The US Attorney’s Office tried to use the false arrest to persuade me into a plea on my tax case in the Western District of New York.
  15. I consented to an anger management evaluation in the federal case. I went to a single assessment by a licensed professional, who determined I did not have an anger management issue.
  16. Thus, the anger management and the Monroe County-related legal issues ended.

If BK Chet chooses to release additional court-sealed documents, we may find out dispositively who he is. This may occur when Reddit is served a non-party federal subpoena to disclose the account owner of BK incorruptible and if any court sealed documents were sent to his account on Reddit.

 It will also discover by a subpoena of Bk to trace and explore if there are links to wrongdoers in the Monroe County police department, and to determine how court-ordered sealed documents were illegally released and obtained by Bk, and if there is any connection to Monroe County law enforcement.

If Monroe County leaked them, there might be far more serious consequences for the defendants.

Lastly, Chet has a huge bias against me and is willing to drag Jane Doe into it, which jeopardizes her and her family when neither she nor I are guilty of any wrongdoing.

For now, all BK Chet is doing is prompting me to preview my federal civil rights case.

Update: BK Chet just muted Richard Luthmann for three days for daring to post this column, and he deleted his post.

Bk is clearly not interested in hearing both sides of this issue, more proof of his bias.

Stay tuned.

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    • I did not release Nancy’s sealed docs. The docs were not supposed to be sealed, and she made no motion for sealing. She just sent them in sealed.

      I obtained the sealed docs of one Raniere filing, including the names of every victim, and I did not publish it.

  • I hate Chet. He doesn’t deserve Toni. He won’t get her. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. He’s a big nothing I’m a successful doctor, psychiatrist, dentist, private detective, college professor, athlete, special agent, psychologist, musician, artist, author, taxidermist, college professor, literati, mechanic, anthropologist, historian, big game hunter, businessman, billionaire, chess master, lexicographer, skin diver, pilot, politician, and trial lawyer. Who do you think she will like better me or some guy with a Reddit thread ? I hate him. He’s so stupid. Toni meet me. Dump Chet.

    • Gastone Porter Md PhD DdS JD

      Hey Nicki Clyne:

      How’s tricks?

      Last Summer my brother traveled out West on business and I sent him some classic travel songs.
      Here is the classic song you were quoting from a few year years ago.
      Apparently Dr. Gaston Porter, aka Nicki Clyne, you failed to recognize that I have traveled several times on Route 66 with my family. I have been to most of the towns you mentioned.

      Here’s a song for the Peripatetic Dr. Porter.

      [Get Your Kicks On] Route 66 [Remastered]

      Nat King Cole

  • Can the identity of the person reporting this and lying to say they witnessed this be identified? Surely it would lead back to bronfman/Reniere via the deadender’s. Isn’t this swatting and their MO?

    • The person who called the police never claimed to have witnessed an incident. The incident was fully the invention of the police.

  • I’m not saying you are guilty of DV, but it’s very common for DV victims to refuse to cooperate with prosecutors. They’re usually terrified.

    A DV victim dropping charges does not mean you are innocent. It just means the prosecutors believed they did not have enough additional evidence to successfully prosecute you.

    Notably, the federal prosecutors did believe they had enough evidence to use the incident in your violation matter. The said they had witnesses who observed the incident and were willing to come forward.

    The warrant had to be retracted because no charges were filed; again, this is not rare. How can they validate an arrest if there will be no prosecution? It simply does not mean you are innocent.

    Again, I do not know what happened and am not saying you are guilty, only that some parts of your supporting argument fall flat.

    Maybe, it’s time to let go the the Chet/BK/Toni thing. Choose your battles wisely. You are about to be sentenced to go to prison. Why engage in something that could potentially bite you in the ass later?

    I doubt you will post this since it’s not supporting your narrative. You seem to like your echo chamber.

    • I will publish this and reply also.

      On the one hand, you say “The prosecutors did not have enough additional evidence to successfully prosecute you” and on the other hand you say, “the federal prosecutors did believe they had enough evidence”

      But the warrant was not recalled “because no charges were filed.” The charges were filed by the deputies. The warrant was recalled because it was false.

      Please cite some other cases where a warrant is recalled before an arrest.

      You write, “It simply does not mean you are innocent.” What does innocent until proven guilty mean to you, if anything?

      I am not ashamed of what I did. Just the opposite.

      I also do not think you understand the single federal charge I pled to – a one-time failure to file one IRS 8300 form in 2010 for failing to report that $19,000, which I paid taxes on and reported on my IRS 1040, came in the form of cash.

      When you take in more than $10k in cash from a single vendor in a single year, you have to report thrice.

      1 On your income tax -which I did –

      2 to the IRS when you deposit $10,000 or more of it in the bank – which I did –

      3 on IRS 8300 form – which goes to another agency within the IRS so they can data collect for potential terrorists etc.

      I failed to do the last of the three. But did the first two. I had no nefarious intent. The $19,000 was legal money. The vendor was a legit business,

    • Merry Christmas, Sherizzy.

      Before I go to bed on this lovely Christmas Eve, I wanted to respond to your post first.

      Your current post is one of the most dishonest posts I’ve seen in a while, in the sense that you’re pretending not to hate Frank and that you’re just a neutral bystander, LOL.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Do you REALLY think that we can’t see thru your phony attempt to PRETEND that you aren’t calling Frank an outright liar?

      Your post was a biased diatribe from start to finish —- showing just how much you hate Frank and how much anger you harbor deep-down-inside (probably because he’s neutered you on more than one occasion here). lol.

      Stop PRETENDING that you’re not taking sides here. LOL.

      You’re taking sides alright. You’re just too COWARDLY to admit it, even to yourself.

      Your opinion about Frank is so full of hate that it’s practically seeping out of your skin.

      Be honest with yourself. You hate Frank and you love BK’s rantings about this case.

      Now kindly go back to Reddit and lick BK’s butthole some more —- using whatever alias you’re posting with over there.

      Oh, and don’t pretend that you’re not worshipping BK over on Reddit, you fucken bootlicker, cuz your diatribe is OOZING with praise for BK’s rantings.

      Corruptible_BK is clearly your hero.

      BTW: My lord and savior, Jesus Christ, is gonna fucken WRECK your poop-chamber with CANCER OF THE BUTT soon.

  • Seems like incorruptible or Chet are digging really deep to find anything against Frank.

    The warrant was recalled –

    That’s a rarity in Florida. They’re tough on domestic disputes too- they arrest and ask questions later.

    So there must have been good reason for Spottswood to withdraw the warrant.

    She has a great reputation and is well respected. I trust she knows better than BK – he says it means Brooklyn but I believe it’s Burger King.

  • Talk about bias and predetermined outcomes.

    They looked him up and wrongly assume he’s done time in federal prison. So much for reading comprehension.

    Then they threaten him and promise to do everything possible to throw him back in prison.

    Citizens cannot be treated in this manner whether they’ve previously been convicted of a crime or have no criminal history. It’s outrageous.

    And do two cops equate to one brain? What is the level of competence when one officer is feeding dialogue to his peer?

    Talk about power hungry thugs with guns and badges.

    Anyone would be stuttering when you can’t finish a sentence, get a question answered, and have no information whatsoever.

    Innocent until proven guilty? Not quite.

  • “level 2
    7d ago
    If Frank really thought this was me, all he would have to do is pick up the phone. I’ve spoken with him dozens of times, going all the way back to when he worked for Nxivm. He has my number.

    level 3
    7d ago
    Thank you Chet, and I’m very sorry your name and Toni’s have been dragged into this mess.”

    User avatar
    level 2
    5d ago
    I speak for myself here: I don’t have any particular agenda beyond sharing out public information about the criminal cases around NXIVM, including bit players.
    In all this, Parlato has never said what he finds wrong or objectionable having posted here. He has neither issued a denial nor demanded a retraction.”

    “incorruptible” BK writes like a professional writer. Do polished writers publish articles on Reddit?

    Maybe someone paid Chet or BK — or both are a little obsessed with minor stories — or they don’t see the bigger picture — or they do and they’re providing chaos/distraction.

    Could someone ask Chet why he wears a Charles Manson shirt? 🤔

  • PopSugar, October 6, 2020 article notes …

    ✅ “… 2007: brought in to be NXIVM publicist; learned inner workings. “It was this knowledge of everything happening within the controversial cult that led to Parlato essentially bringing NXIVM down.”

    ✅ 2015: He started sharing the information he gathered on the sadistic rituals the group was following — with the FBI.

    ✅ “The branding and the blackmail had just begun,” he said of his 2015 tip. “None of the branding and blackmail would have happened if the government wasn’t so incompetent.”

    How did the FBI Western District of New York respond?

    November 2015: “The indictment is the culmination of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Adam S. Cohen and the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, under the direction of Special Agent-In-Charge Shantelle P. Kitchen.”

    • Not embarrassed at all. I was almost falsely arrested. The State withdrew the warrant. If you know anything about the law, a warrant recall is a very rare occurrence.

      Usually, when a warrant is issued, the defendant is arrested, and then he must defend his innocence.

      Even in cases prosecutors know are weak, they do not recall the warrant because it could embarrass the cops.

      Sometimes the case is quickly dismissed after the defendant is arrested. But in this case, the matter was so egregiously false that, not to compound the harm they could do to me, the prosecutor withdrew the warrant.

      Check it out yourself. How often is a warrant recalled before an arrest? There was a reason for that in my case.

      • You’re guilty Frank! Why don’t you name Jane Doe because you have nonproblem shouting other names with lesser evidence. I hope her name comes out and is ruined in the real press like you have ruined so many innocent people here!

        • I love your Christmas spirit. You hope an innocent person’s life is ruined, not because of her good or bad deeds, but because of mine.

          Wouldn’t you rather make a Christmas wish that my life is ruined? Wouldn’t that please you better?

          I am not hiding from this. I would not have posted an article about it. Merry Christmas, my anonymous buddy.

          • Wow only once in 5 years did you post on Christmas. That’s my recollection. Must of been the eggnog,

            Merry Christmas Frank!

  • An excellent article, Frank.

    I really hope that you’re able to subpoena Reddit for the IP address and/or identity of CorruptibleBK, as part of your lawsuit.

    I find it hilarious that CorruptibleBK screams about ‘truth’ & free speech, yet he silences any poster on Reddit who dares to post your facts about this case.

    If he was truly a fair and balanced moderator, he’d have allowed Richard’s post —- and then he’d have made his own response to attempt to refute it.

    Thus, I’m guessing that he cannot refute anything in your post and instead just wants to keep people in the dark on Reddit, as part of his one-way hate campaign against you.

    PS — When he recently started his “I’m not Chet Hardin” thread, I noticed that another sycophantic TONI-LOVER suddenly appeared, to claim what a wonderful person she is and to actively promote her audio book (by claiming how they love her voice/accent, and by claiming that they recently purchased her ‘audio’ version of the book, lol).

    What I’m saying is, that was no coincidence.

    If a person needs to BEG for additional sales by way of an OBSCURE Reddit thread, LOL, then they must REALLY be hurting for money. LOL.

    A successful and wealthy book author would never beg for table scraps like that, nor would they send out sycophantic proxies on their behalf to do that. LOL.

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