Susan Skipp Case a Texbook Example of Corrupt CT Family Court

Tittle v Skipp was a divorce and custody case in Waterbury, Connecticut.

CT Superior Court handled the case with a spate of judges alternating as needed to ensure the result. It was an uneven match, to begin with.

Dr. Shawn Tittle, a thoracic surgeon, sought a dissolution of marriage. His wife, Susan Skipp, was a stay-at-home mother.

Dr. Tittle controlled the money. He was wealthy. Skipp quit her job as a teacher to spend the last decade caring for the children she birthed.

The divorce proceedings became contentious.  Skipp alleged Tittle was abusive to the children. He seemed to like to grab the children by the hair, she said, lift them up, and throw them about when they annoyed him.

As for her, he liked to hit her, and worse.

Their daughter Gabrielle, 10, disclosed her father assaulted her and the family.

Oh happy day. This set the stage for the experts to get on the payroll.

September 9, 2010

Judge Elizabeth Buzzuto appointed Mary Brigham as guardian ad litem [GAL].
GAL Brigham would determine the best interests of the children. GAL Brigham billed the parents $300 per hour to represent the children.

Between September 2010 and November 2011, she billed 200 hours. The hours broke down like this:  Brigham spent eight hours with the children, and 192 hours talking and sending emails to professionals to provide paid services in support of the high-conflict divorce; speaking to the father, Dr. Tittle, and his attorney; talking about billing matters; drafting, filing, and prosecuting motions, three of which sought to hold Skipp in contempt for nonpayment of her fees.

A stay-at-home mother, Skipp could not afford the GAL. In July, Judge Robert Resha held Skipp in contempt. If she didn’t liquidate her teacher’s retirement pension and pay Brigham $20,000 in fees, she was going to jail.

The GAL Brigham instructed the parents to have their children, Wyatt, 8, and Gabrielle, 10, begin therapy with Dr. Sidney Horowitz, a clinical and forensic psychologist and parental alienation expert.

Skipp told Dr. Horowitz that Tittle had a history of physical, psychological, and financial abuse. She claimed he was violent towards his first wife and daughter. He had multiple arrests. The children also reported their father abused them.

In so doing, they sealed their fate.

Dr. Horowitz and GAL Brigham concluded Skipp alienated her children from their father.

On February 8, 2012, GAL Brigham filed an emergency motion. The Court gave primary custody to Dr. Tittle, ending Skipp’s role as primary caregiver and attachment figure of Gabrielle and Wyatt. She had had this role since their birth.

The Court ordered Skipp to undergo a mental health evaluation at her expense, as defined by Dr. Horowitz. Dr. Horowitz selected his colleague Dr. Howard Krieger.

Dr. Krieger required a retainer of $2500 and $250 per session from Skipp. He also billed her insurance using domestic violence billing codes.

Sidney Horwitz, CT Family Court favored therapist.

Like Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Krieger is an advocate for Parental Alienation Syndrome. They believe nothing is more harmful to a child than a mother alienating a father, no matter how abusive the father is.

The more Skipp, her children, and witnesses reported abuse, the more Drs. Krieger and Horwitz understood this was classic parental alienation.

The removal of her children from her home was only the first remedy. It would be a long expensive route.

Skipp told Dr. Krieger that Dr. Tittle had an armory of weapons at home, including six handguns, one of which was not registered. Sometimes, Dr. Tittle pointed a gun at Skipp. The children could access guns.

Dr. Krieger told her, “forget about the guns.”

Shawn Tittle, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery

He told the Court that Skipp displayed “bizarre behavior.” She did. An ADA advocate began helping Skipp. She had PTSD, depression, anxiety, and ADD due to years of Tittle’s abuse and losing her children.

Sometimes she stuttered, raised her voice, and forgot what she had planned to say. It was not hard to gaslight her. She was the foil, the one to string along to milk the good Dr. Tittle,

The ADA told Skipp that Dr. Horowitz and Krieger likely falsely billed the children’s health insurance carrier. Two other cases were mentioned.

The ADA advocate contacted Aetna about the billing.

March 21, 2012

Skipp went to Dr. Horowitz’s office to get copies of her children’s medical records. She learned Dr. Horowitz only utilized one chart for both Gabrielle and Wyatt’s “records.”
Both were conveniently contained in Gabrielle’s chart.

March 24, 2012

Skipp sent Dr. Horowitz an email seeking itemized billing from the insurance company.
She asked him to “please provide the diagnosis for which insurance agrees to provide long-term therapy.”

The same day, Dr. Horowitz emailed GAL Brigham, recusing himself from the case.

He wrote, “This is the first time in my professional career that I have recused myself from treating a child.”

April 26, 2012

GAL Brigham recommended Skipp never see her children without paid supervised visitation. There were mothers before there were laws. CT law and its service to the paid actors of the court. superseded natural law.

The mother had to pay to see the children she carried, bore the pain of their birth, and held to her breasts from their first breath.

August 15, 2012

The Court learned Dr. Horowitz billed the children’s insurance company (Aetna) with the diagnosis code of 296.22, the code for a “significant depressive illness.”

Dr. Horowitz testified that he never notified the mother or father of any significant depressive illnesses of their children. He testified the diagnosis code was a “clerical error,” and should have been the code for family therapy.

He further testified the actual diagnosis was “Adjustment Disorder.” An adjustment disorder is not uncommon when children are taken from their mother.

Horowitz admitted he failed to share with the parents. He took it upon himself to diagnose the children with mental disorders without telling them. But the diagnoses, false or not, kept the insurance company paying.  But Skipp’s inconsideratly challenging his false billings cut his billings short.

September 2012,

Enough is enough. The time had come when Dr. Tittle, who was footing most of the bills, decided to put his foot down. Time to buy out the mother’s rights.

Dr. Tittle sought to permanently sever Skipp’s parenting rights and access to the children. And he had the money to do it.

“The Dark Lord,” Judge Gerald Adelman. 

Judge Gerard Adelman heard testimony that the children at one time refused to visit Dr. Tittle. They feared for their safety. Judge Adelman, an advocate for parental alienation, granted Dr. Tittle’s motion for sole custody.

October 16, 2012

All they needed was to make it official. For that. Judge Lynda Munro was selected.

She delivered justice, CT style.

Judge Lynda B Munro


Judge Munro awarded Dr. Tittle sole custody but graciously allowed Skipp to purchase a few hours weekly with her children with the good folks at Visitation Solutions, Inc.

The good folks who solved visitation for CT-stymied mothers were affiliated with Drs. Horowitz and Krieger, and were located an hour away from the home Skipp and her children once shared.

Judge Munro showed a keen appreciation of all that Dr. Tittle had done to enrich the GAL, the therapists, Krieger and Horowitz and anyone else with an extended hand.

Judge Munro denied Skipps’ request for alimony. The good judge then awarded GAL Brigham $70,000 in well-deserved fees, despite the fact that Brigham never filed an affidavit disclosing her billing. All told Brigham got over $100,000 for her work of removing a mother from the lives of her children and placing them in the hands of the good doctor who could afford it.

Judge Munro showed judicial trust by ordering GAL Brigham’s fees based on her word alone. Judge Munro with her decision showed CT law supersedes federal law for debt collection and fair trade.

Denied alimony, financially wiped out, her pension depleted, exhausted, and beaten, Skipp filed for bankruptcy. Disappointingly, Skipp could not pay the folks at Visitation Solutions to see her children. Skipp lost custody of her eleven-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son. And was unable to see them again.

The good court actors earned a lot of money in the high-conflict divorce and custody case of Tittle v Skipp. Whatever Dr. Tittle had to pay his lawyer and for his share of the actors’ fees, he made it up by not having to pay alimony to the woman he once took as his bride, and who brought new life into the world, his children.

She was a discard to his conscience.

How many children have been lost like this though the well-oiled CT Court machine?

The GAL-to-therapists’ malpractice, fraud, and forum shopping incentivized extended conflict?

Oh, the children, you ask? We almost forgot. The children. Their mother was relegated to a lonely memory, a dimming ache that hopefully fades in time, with the lost dreams of youth perhaps to be eradicated forever.

Momma, who?



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  • Don’t forget about dishonorable judge Anna ficeto. She is a family court judge that went from public works to deciding these kids’ fate. That seems ridiculous to me. Check out the garbage she spews in courtroom 1.


  • Connecticut courts are corrupt. Probate is awful as well.

    The state is evil. Currently the government is stealing homes in the biggest mortgage scam.

    The Norwalk police sent out militia to remove the Pritchard family from the property they own!

    Now their home is up for sale.

    They have filed petitions for the arrest of these criminals.

    The chief of police of Norwalk has suddenly resigned – effective immediately.

  • Tragic. Heartbreaking. When is someone, anyone, going to care about what is happening to women and children in the family court system?

    • The will of the people of Connecticut controls the courts, controls the treatment of children, controls the judges. Stop the whining about ‘someone’ do something. Reality is the state gulag controls the animals in the zoo. There is no government of the people, for the people, by the people. Prisoners of the gulag will have to subdue their masters, escape their chains … which will not happen while whiners think that there is someone to protect the children.

  • How has this kind of abuse by the family court system been permitted to continue and thrive? This can’t happen without so many people either looking the other way or actively colluding. The GAL, DCF, judges, so-called medical experts. No one is looking out for the children, and EVERYONE is supposed to be keeping their best interests in mind. Such a corrupt enterprise. Disgusting.

    • Why? Because there is evil in the world, evil will wear a black robe, call itself a judge, carry a briefcase, call itself a lawyer. Child predators are everywhere, cops, CPS, legislators, governors. Only parents can protect children. Stop believing government is of the people, by the people or for the people. The end of times is upon us.

      • If the end of times is upon us because 8 billion people let a few thousand bad apples start wars and ruin the world, that would be pretty awful.

        We should have used the internet to save the world by now. Maybe we will next year 😉

  • Connecticut State Law C.G.S. §46b-56(b) REQUIRES, “active and
    consistent” involvement of divorced parents in their children’s lives.”

    We should be concerned that Connecticut judges, lawyers, and court appointed psychologists are working in collusion to violate state laws– and then suggest it’s in the child’s best interest to eliminate one parent– A parent who has NOT been found to be unfit by DCF and who the state has NO INTEREST in denying access to their children.

    What’s more troubling is DCF will not assist these parents whose rights are being violated– the children are being abused by being denied their rights to both parents, but DCF will not challenge the court in any way and advocate for the children.

    God help us.

    • Back in the ’90’s there were all sorts of DCF procedures to deal with visitation problems from family court, as it is a form of child abuse under federal law, as the abuse worsened, Maureen Duggan, DCF’s top lawyer deleted all, then proclaimed that DCF does not get involved in child matters before the family court. Duggan claims that DCF only appears before Juvey court, a distinction with no legal meaning as it is all the same Superior Court. Duggan and Katz rigged DCF so there is no action by the executive branch to check the judicial abuse. Private agenda defeats checks and balances.

    • Note that the law for ‘active and consistent’ involvement came into being in 2006, it has never been cited by the appellate courts in addressing isolation of children from a parent, like it is taboo to be cited by the judges, Satan’s foot soldiers. Another example how [redacted] the rule of law in Corrupticut.

  • She refused to participate in supervised visitation. She refused to participate in counseling. She abandoned her own children, attempted to use them as pawns in the divorce. She is a sick sick lady. Her kids are lucky not to have to deal with her bs. Just ask her grown kids.

      • Dr. Tittle is a drug addict, psycho nut job, child abuser. He had to leave CT as he was in so much trouble, the hospital did not want to deal with his problems, so he found a new home in Texas. Dr. Tittle also had a daughter in Michigan, which he did not pay support, never married mom. Judge made him appear, made him write a check for full amount of support up to 18 or be locked up. Shawn wrote the check, did not want to see his daughter. Two kids Gabby and Wyatt are psycho damaged, will never have normal lives, can’t hold relationships, have been brainwashed to hate their mother, just part of Dr. Tittle’s mental disorder.

    • Not true. Get your facts straight. Susan Skipp is a mother who sought a divorce-

      Family courts are not in the position to remove custody from parents. She is a healthy parent with no allegations or findings of unfitness.

      Blaming the mother and saying it’s her fault because she didn’t follow illegal and unfounded court orders is tragic.

      She raised her children. Who enters court for a divorce and then can’t be with the children she raised without a supervisor?

      It’s corrupt and money driven.

      Since when do family courts get involved with who needs counseling and why is everyone required to participate in counseling just to get a divorce? There are no medical professionals making these determinations.

      It’s child abuse.

      • The promotion of psychologists came with Lynda Munro, Holly Wetstone. In private practice Holly was counsel to the Psychological Association of New Haven, chosen ones, when she became a judge, a psychologist was appointed in every case where parents had money to pay. In 2005, Annie Dranginis and Munro advocated to Governor Rowland for more private pay providers in family court and higher compensation for GALs. Racketeering is well documented, led by the judges themselves.

        • Connecticut family court does not recognize parental rights under the Constitution, but then the judges are not [redacted] even human. [redacted] Solomon, Wetstone, Munro, Dranginis, Grossman, Emons, Adelman, Truglia, Schofield, Ficeto, Bozzuto … all share deviant ideology … inhumanity.

    • Why did she need supervised visitation? Where is the finding of unfitness?

      That is not to be made in family court. It is not a court of law and not a court where evidence is required.

      • There is no definition, statute, license, protocol, standard for supervised visitation involving kids in family court, it is an AFCC invention to abuse parents and children, while enriching charlatans for fraud, sponsored by judges. Just another family court scam overseen by the legislature, controlled by the shadow ones, sacrifice of children for shekels.

    • There is no such thing as SV. Counseling with court appointees is unconstitutional. Family court is so far outside the law, it is criminal, which is what the legislature protects, directed by their chosen masters, children are the victims, family bank the cheddar … a horror story.

    • Ahhh. So is Susan Skipp the one who is propagating the lie that supervised visitation somehow incriminates the parent who agrees to it? This is starting to make sense now.

      • @WTF the lie is that supervised visitation is needed when no finding or allegation of abuse takes place- that the state via dcf has an interest not con artists in family court. She is a good mom- always was. Imagine a person’s identity and life- and all the things that make a life, “a life” stolen, purchased by the abusers? That is the truth- these mothers do not lie. If they did, they may not have the horrible out comes- but if you beloved telling the truth was going to protect your kids- what would you do?

    • You know that Tittle was supposed to bring the children – court order- to St. Anthony’s church in Litchfield so the kids could have visitation? Lesley you know nothing about the predator who was chased out of every hospital from 1998- 2016 sexual predatory behavior was well known. Those poor kids missed an amazing mom who loved them dearly and did everything that was possible without committing crimes.

  • Shawn Tittle, Chris Ambrose, Frank Tiberi, Jeff Herzog, are all abusive animals. Most have a history of lying and perverted conduct.

    No father- no parent- would rip the other parent out if their child’s life.

    It’s against all state and federal laws and it’s done to fathers as well.

    Luigi DiBella is a fit parent and had all six children taken by family court. His parental rights are in tact and no finding of abuse— how are the courts getting away with this bs promoted by the AFCC?


        • Publicly available court transcripts. I think I saw some of them at the CTFC Circus blog a while back. Woman is obsessed with her children’s genitalia (she made the same accusations about an older child years ago, genital warts et al) and rectums to a disturbing and highly concerning degree.

        • Frank Tiberi did not think it an issue when little Leo acted out with his private parts in kindergarten, exposing himself, asking classmates to poke his butt. But Judge Grossman blamed mother for making a big deal about it. Shelton Police blamed mother, DCF was shut down by Janis LaLiberte, the GAL.

        • Read the court documents about her shared here at the Frank report and elsewhere and you will quickly see for yourself. She has weird delusions that both her son and daughter have genital warts (they don’t) and that her son’s daycare was taking him to underground tunnels and putting screwdrivers up his rectum (they didint) She also accused random female strangers when out an ice cream shop of having molesting her son.etc. It goes on and on. The woman is sick and her obsession with her children’s genitals would be very damaging to them if she had custody

      • Frank Tiberi is an alcoholic, drug addict, pedophile, uses whores, but Grossman took kids away from mom, as commanded. Reason Frank has two ex wives is that they both divorced him on realization he is a pedophile. Just ask Marta.

    • It is racketeering. AFCC, Inc. crosses state lines.

      A really nice guy named Jerry lost his children for years. You look at him and you’d want him to be part of your family. I hope he and his children are allowed to be “a father and his children” again — although they’re probably grown by now after missing out on what should have been a happier childhood.

      From the trial: “The children have not clearly stated why they have rejected their father in such a dramatic way. However, a review of the testimony of the parties, the court file and the exhibits does present a picture of two parents constantly in court over issues involving the children and two parents and their children in therapy and counseling from the day they got divorced until it ended during reunification therapy …”

      “By way of background, (the mother) was in a relationship with her current husband when the parties divorced …”

      “Dr. Hiebel was their reunification therapist …” 👀

      • As soon as you hear reunification therapist it’s time to run.

        It’s all a scam. Positions created to plunder family savings.

        • True and accurate statement. Why is the court system forcing only surtin psychologist. Banning people from getting anyone else out side ? Custody flippers. Unregulated fees. In may cases it’s the attorneys reaching out for the psychologist they want . ( The abuser attorney) . The bias GAls pushing the agenda. The family law system states these gals and psychologist are well respected. By who? The entire Connecticut family court system is considered broken and curruption.. People are being railroaded through the system. The children are suffering.

        • There is no accepted protocol of ‘reunification’ therapy, just another scam, which only gets ordered if parents have money, the State cannot provide such ‘treatment’ as it does not exist.

          • I filled a complaint with department of public health. The reunification therapist education is over 30 years. I told the department of public health I didn’t believe she had any education in parental alienation or reunification therapy. They will not respond to me following up on the investigation. I have been told by litigants she is no longer performing reunification therapy. Wonder why? How many other cases have possibly been tainted by a psychologist who are not qualified? She still in the racket performing family evaluations. Demand information on continuing education and advanced education training for the psychologist forced on your cases. They become insulted but too dam bad children involved!!!!

  • Adelman, Brigham, Horwitz, Krieger, Murrow, Linda smith, biren caverly, rich Rockland, grossman, Hurwitz, laliberte, Candice Fay- all criminals.

      • Absolutely. They’re all in in it. Very difficult to find a ct family court attorney that won’t go along if not actively participate in the scam.

        William Brown, Mary Brigham, Richard Callahan, the former judge John Colin (now an attorney again after taking hundreds of thousands and mother got to see kids ten minutes a day), Nancy Aldrich (took Paige Styvan’s daughter along with Adelman), Robert Horwitz, Sidney Horwitz, they’re all evil.

        Hard for the public to believe but it’s true.

  • Child trafficking and racketeering through connecticut family courts.

    This is known by the AG’s office. These actors are protected. They drain the family bank.

    The father (usually the father) has total control of the money and agrees to pay what should be his wife’s half to the criminals- the GAL, court appointed therapists etc.

    The judge then gives sole legal and physical custody to the father and mother gets not a penny. All of her money and should be alimony is never given- even if the order suggests “50-50”.

    The criminals of family court take hundreds of thousands. In exchange the abuser is protected and the children silenced.

  • Susan Skipp fought back and went public. She was treated like a criminal and retaliated against.

    Same playbook repeated so many time. These are crimes of child trafficking- moving children for money.

    They move the children to the abuser for a price. And destroy the life of innocent parent and children’s childhoods are destroyed.

    Depression, anxiety, suicide, cutting, drugs is the outcome.

  • Identical to Ambrose case, to Bugsy v MacVicar, to Herzog case— the list is long and follows the same pattern.

    Kids are bought, gals collect hundreds of thousands, and no contact with the protective parent to silence the children.

    No medical field endorses this intentional infliction of trauma.

    That are criminals.

  • “The mother had to pay to see the children she carried, bore the pain of their birth, and held to her breasts from their first breath.”

    What planet do y’all live on? plenty of mothers who carried and bore the pain of birth etc are terribly abusive to their children. Some horrifically so. There is some weird one-dimensional assumption that all mothers are absolute angels at this blog. it’s a caricature of women and mothers as Madonna figures. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you’re a Saint nevermind that you’re a safe and sane parent for your children.

    • But none of these women have allegations or findings of abuse against them. That’s the difference.

      They are taking children from good parents- why?

      What gives the family court such power? It’s all about money.

      • When the parents of a child divorce, a custody agreement needs to be made since the child cannot be in two places at one time. If,
        during the proceedings to arrange custody, one of the parents goes batshit crazy and clearly acts without consideration of the child’s best interests, the judge would be irresponsible to give that unstable parent custody.

        If the court extends a supervised-visitation olive branch and the unstable parent rejects it, then it is their own damn fault when they lose custody. Refusing visitation also shows that they are probably delusional and paranoid, have screwed up priorities and should indeed not have custody of those children, so in the end, sad as
        it is, it all works out for the best.

    • If a parent is unfit or a harm to a child, then AG Tong must file an action on behalf of the state. GALs are chosen ideology to inject unconstitutional actions into no fault divorce proceedings to advance private agendas which come with price tags, cash going directly to lawyers, commissions to the judge.

      Don’t pretend children matter. Just cash, cold hard shekels. Mary Brigham is a monster, holding a special place in hell.

    • Yes it does. Yes it has. It’s wrecked children and families for the past 40 years. Who benefits from such a rotten system that so obviously destroys families and communities who are the fabric of society? At the family-level, it’s devastating. At the national level, it looks like low intensity warfare.

  • “GAL Brigham would determine the best interests of the children. GAL Brigham billed the parents $300 per hour to represent the children.”

    Q: If Connecticut family courts are supposed to protect “the best interests of the children”, why do lawyers representing parents ask for and get $750 an hour while guardians ad litem representing children ask for and get $300 an hour?

    A: Because the parents’ “taxable, nontaxable, earned, unearned, trust income and consistent and predictable gift income” are in the best interests of those running the show.

    • Why are judges so quick to appoint GALs for families with money, but never for poor folk? The judges have financial interest in GAL invoices, that is why delayed payments resulted in instant incarceration. Judges never even tried to hide it.

      • Gals are being placed on cases even when parents can’t afford it. This is not a rich person problem. Most of the reporting is about the wealthy.

        • It’s about supporting the paedos of Connecticut as well. Twin 7 year old girls have been isolated from the mother that raised them for over a year.

          It’s a poor family but gal and judge ficeto are involved and all rulings against the mother. Nothing is restoring custody. She sees her girls on zoom like a criminal.

          Mothers and fathers are being villagers by family court sadists.

        • State supplied GALs are paid $500/child flat fee, it is lawyer welfare from Office Chief Public Defender for unemployed attorneys, the price difference for the same lawyer tells all.

        • That’s true. Taking children from good parents is the agenda — whether or not lawyers steal money from families they destroy.

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