Rock & Nicki: He Blasts Clyne’s Brash Criticism of Moira Penza

Nicki Clyne and Moira Penza by MK10ART. Clyne denies she is Kevin and Kevin denies she is Clyne and we believe both.

Our guest commenter, Rock Around the Block, addresses things Nicki wrote about Moira Penza in ‘The Moira Behind the Curtain.’

Rock defends Moira and thinks her word is gospel.

And Rock does not agree with Nicki. The following is not a debate, but rather Rock quoting Nicki’s comments and then replying.

Nicki Clyne wrote:

I learned a lot about Moira Kim Penza’s strategy from watching the Vow Season #2.  More than anything, it is clear that she determined Keith was a “crime boss,” and NXIVM a “criminal organization,” before doing any research.


No shit, Nicki. The dogs in the street knew that for years. “Research”?

It’s not like Moira is some freshman student in Year One of a primary degree. There was already a stack of evidence she had to go through relating to a much bigger picture, which was already apparent.

The “US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York” had failed to act for years.

Who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of its high ranking members were on the Bromfman payroll, as were local cops. If they determined it was all above board adult consent, what does it say about them in light of what we now know?


Moira “knew” it was organized crime. If that’s true, that could apply to many companies: Apple, Tesla, and the US Government.


Yeah, Nicki, but they don’t go round branding their initials on their employees’ pubic areas, rip them off, deceive and blackmail them.

People were indoctrinated into Keith’s BS teachings, Nicki, and you’re living proof of how deep that indoctrination went. Even now, you have almost nothing to say on any mainstream political discourse. The closest you get to that is slagging off Amber heard, and that’s just based on Raniere’s teachings; a one-trick pony with nothing to say, so sad.


If you look past the haze of salaciousness, there are no compelling crimes committed by Keith Raniere.


No, apart from forced labor, tax evasion, racketeering, pedophilia of various types, assault, torture, blackmail, extortion – an almost endless litany of criminality and immorality.


Moira conflates Keith’s private sex life with DOS, which was separate and distinct.


You’d know all about that. After all, it was you who was given the task to investigate what was going on in relation to the “Seduce Keith” assignment. No doubt you heard from quite a few of the women what was going on, but no doubt whipped them into silence, maybe just a little more than figuratively speaking.


Keith had multiple long-term partners with whom he had relationships for many years.


Yes, but he kept that secret from some of them for many years, didn’t he?

Then when they found out, there was naturally a lot of jealousy, but by that stage he had them where he wanted them psychologically, and they just had to accept it.  You knew what the alternative was.


No women in DOS, to my direct knowledge, and after reading the trial transcripts, were told to have sex with Keith.

Editor’s Note: Nicki has explained in other forums that the slaves commanded to do seduction assignments with Raniere were not ordered to have sex with him, but only to have him take a graphic nude photo.

If I understood her correctly, Nicki also explained, that Raniere’s lesson in having the women take these photos with closeups of the vagina was not to satisfy some prurient urge of Raniere’s, but to teach the women not to sexualize the vagina, and to teach them to understand vulnerability. 


You’ve read Lauren Salzman’s testimony, have you Nicki? She testified under oath that you were given the task of investigating complaints from Allison’s slaves that they were being given assignments to seduce Keith, or perhaps you don’t remember that?

Then we have the testimony of Nicole and Sylvie, not to mention the evidence about Camila.

And don’t give me that crap that it was just a test of loyalty to DOS, and Keith was never going to force it, like some lame Abrahamic test. You knew him better than that.

Moira’s story is the gospel, because that story was proven beyond all reasonable doubt in a court of law in front of a jury, Nicki.

And those 12 good people, including the two Muslim women you racistly claimed in an interview, must have been biased, because they had their hair covered, took little time to find the rogue guilty on all counts.



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  • Nicki Clyne even works for the FBI.

    According to Matt Taibbi in the Twitter Files Part 6

    The FBI treats Twitter a s a subsidiary and censors Tweets.
    The FBI even censors jokes.

    Twitter Files Part 6 reveals FBI’s ties to tech giant: ‘As if it were a subsidiary’

  • “To teach the women not to sexualize the vagina, and to teach them to understand vulnerability.”

    So that was what Scott Johnson was doing with Alanzo. Alanzo sexualized his own mangina.

  • Given Raniere’s bewilderingly potent advice over the years, all of the first line slaves should have, at least collectively, reached the net worth of the Koch family.

    What’s Lauren doing nowadays? She washes dogs for a living???

    Oh! Just had a thought: if she saw Alanzo in person, would he trigger her urges to reach out for the dog shampoo and give him a thorough scrubbing?

    • You started off excellently. But why do you insult my good friend Alanzo? What did he ever do to make you treat him so disrespectfully?

  • Moira is pure evil. She treats everyone in defendants family like garbage. She threatens and uses her power to intimidate and threaten.

    All while wearing a sheer skirt with thong into court. She’s vile.

  • I think it’s funny that so many believe I’m Nicki Clyne.

    I’m actually Moira Penza. All of you are going to be locked up using my new RICO precedent. You are commenting on a blog owned by a man who once associated with KAR. Which makes all of you dangerous to society, and guilty of everything we convicted him of.

    I’m giving each of you 30 days to tidy up your affairs, and then it’s off to prison you go.

    • Why is it so funny? You claim to know Allison and Kristin from working on the set of Smallville. Nicki worked on the set of Smallville — she was in the episode Nicodemus. Nicki was also in the cult and on stage with both of them at Acapella Innovations.

      Many of the things that you say are tells that you’re a deadender. You use their same keywords and criticisms of those who left and turned against the group while defending those who remain.

      There’s nothing funny in believing you to be Nicki. It’s a deduction based on how you’ve interacted here.

      • Nicki was an extra for one episode. I don’t remember meeting her, and don’t remember if her own show was on the air at that time, it might have started later.

        I agree with some of their points and have some of the same observations. You’re leaving out that there are many things where I don’t agree with her. I just don’t use that to attack her and call her disparaging things, because I don’t think she’s a bad person, and she doesn’t deserve the hate she gets.

        Besides, I’m Moira. And we’re adding 20 years to your sentence. I’m classifying the 20 years extra under forced labor for the time someone made you dinner or brought you candy, and you didn’t pay them.

          • I would like to see Nicki, Danielle and Michelle, and the other commentators focus more on their own lives, struggles, and legal battles than what Keith is dealing with. They are being faithful to a friend and mentor, but should also be looking out for their futures as well.

        • No, Nicki was a bit player not an extra – she played a waitress.

          You agree with their points because you’re a deadender. You use all of the same tells, terms, and take all of the same positions they do. The ones that you don’t could be “ethical” lies to introduce some doubt to make it seem like you aren’t one.

          Whether Nicki is a bad person or not is irrelevant. She supports a convicted criminal because he is her shared boyfriend. She is completely biased. She’s also a hypocrite, disingenuous, and a liar. These judgments can all be made of her, and most people see all of those attributes as bad.

          Moira did her job within the bounds of the law. The appeals rejection on all counts verified this. Of course, the deadenders will use every result like this as reinforcement of their “conspiracy”, and anything that goes their way as reinforcement of their “righteousness” (see the arrest and conviction of John Tighe and how they reacted to it).

          Raniere is going to spend the rest of his life in jail as he should. Bad people get away with a lot before they’re caught. I call this Karma’s trap. They are given some respite to reflect and change themselves, but because they’re bad, they keep doing the same bad things over and over again, not using (or abusing) the rational faculty granted to every healthy human brain and mind. Eventually, at some point in time (that of no return) that respite is cut off and all the collected bad intent and deeds they did that Karma has laid a trap for gets rubber-banded onto them in the end.

          Raniere received 120 years not just for DOS. He received it for the sum result of bad intent and deeds he committed over his entire life prior to it.

          He’s right where he should be.

    • Dear Mr.Thomas Sekera aka Kevin,

      Clearly you’re not Nicki Clyne. We’re all trolling you. You’re a sick man who has a obsession with a tv star. Don’t worry you are not alone. The Frank report is filled with stalkers, loons, buffoons. You fit in right in. NiceGuy and Aloonzo are the quintessential Frank Report readers.

      • ‘Kevin’ thinks, if a hirsute ageing orc like Raniere can get chicks like Nicki and Allison to f*ck him, then maybe by pledging support, he can be part of a group blow job too. Good luck Kevin, maybe Alison’s copious Risus sardonicus will be wrapped around his ‘plums’ one day.

    • We’re going to have to conduct an investigation to find out which of the commenters here have performed cunnilingus on someone else in the last 10 years.

      OK, 20 years?

      Forget it. We don’t need any evidence to prove the Frank Report is a sex tracking operation.

      We’ll just place an article in the New York Times.


      • Also a racketeering enterprise. I’ve made no money from it, but I receive something of value, my amusement at the comments that are posted daily, which qualifies under the “any” of “anything” of value.

      • Aloozer-

        Don’t worry Aloozer you’re not alone. Kevin hasn’t touch pussy in a decade either.

        Ask mommy for a Fleshlight™️ for Hanukkah.

        • Mr. Anonymous,

          I am who I say I am. I need no approval from anyone. I’ve been in loving relationships that are beyond money and social status. I’ve lived a life that you couldn’t buy with all of the money in the world.

          Take your gold star for taking the popular position and shove it up your ass. You’re not in my league, and never will be.

          • Yeah, but have you also been in loving relationships after your first contact with a human settlement?? 🤔

      • Hey Alniggeranzo!

        We’re going to have to have an investigation on you to see if you’re damn [redacted] or not!

        If it looks like a [redacted]!

        And you, sir! You look and look and sound it like I never seen! You’re only lacking some [redacted] in your sentences! Perhaps it’s because you’re using [redacted]!

        If that’s the case, you better reveal your evil plots now, [redacted]

  • Coming from a far right wing nutter far into the conspiracy rabbit role, I just no longer care what Clyne thinks on anything. She could declare its raining and have to go check myself. At this point does it even matter? There is Raniere’s Hail Mary left and the rest is an irrelevant intellectual exercise. The way appeals work Moira could appear on national tv and go “Clyne is right” and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

    Clyne wants to try to justify her poor life choices, that is on her. I think the rest of us need to just stop participating. She isn’t even worth the effort it took to type this up. She is beyond “saving” and on her deathbed her last words will probably be “Keith”. Why bother to engage with her anymore.

    • What I can’t get my head round is that they are all the saying exactly the same thing all the time. There is nothing they ever differ on, not a single issue, even Heard v Depp. And issues like Roe are never mentioned. Surely they must have opinions?

      • They are under siege.

        Why can’t you give them some slack?

        I know that an appeal to an anticultist’s humanity is like screaming into an empty cement truck. But you never know.

        I used to be an anticultist, too.


        • They are under siege?
          You call crazy dancing outside the MDC, constant pointless zoomcasting, sucking up to loonies in public and constantly putting out nuttty stuff on social media is being “under siege”? LOL

    • Which of her far right opinions disturbs you the most? That we should listen to both sides of a dispute before making up our minds? That every person is entitled to due process, no matter how unlikable they are? That agency and self-control, if harnessed correctly, are empowering tools that can enrich our lives? Or that people in prison, and their families and friends, are people, and should be treated as people?

      She’s almost as bad as Danielle, who has the nerve to believe that what a person does in their private life shouldn’t be used against them in their professional careers.

      Shiver me timbers, these ladies are out of control!

      • God your pathetic. Do you really think Clyne cares about any of these issues? She cares not one lick. She only cares on how trying to make a thing of certain things might help her only goal – Keith.

        She has thousands upon thousands of examples of how the justice system, the jail system, politicians, lawyers, etc. screw people. Most of whom are not pedos. Most of whom would have a story that could actually move people and thus help the issue. Hell, 2/3 of people in jail are in jail waiting on a trial. Technically they are currently innocent.

        There is a massive battle to fight. But she isn’t fighting that battle. She is fighting only one battle – Keith’s. Don’t be so delusional as to see it as anything else but that. If he got freed tomorrow and you her asked five seconds later “what others will you help now?” her response would be “others?”

        • Erasend –

          Your clairvoyant abilities are astounding.

          You know the deepest thoughts, feelings and motivations of others, contrary to all the statements they make and contrary to their objectively observable behavior over the course of years. You’re not fooled. You see right through them.

          They can’t get away with anything while you’re around.

          We know “Erasend” is just a cowardly anonymous grift you hide behind so you can trash women on the Internet, but I’m curious:

          Is your real name Kreskin?


          • Dear Alonzo,

            We know people by their actions (or lack thereof). They can talk the talk all they want, but until they walk the walk, they are just blowhards. And currently Nicki is just a blowhard, just like her master was all along. E is 100% right. If Raniere was to walk away free tomorrow, Nicki’s interest in the prison reform movement would wane exponentially. She will continue to be a blowhard until she removes her brain from the Raniere washing machine and realizes her shared boyfriend is never getting out of jail. Once that happens (if ever), in order to prove her sincerity in this endeavor, in this detached state from Raniere and NXIVM, she will have to walk the walk for several years after that. My prognosis is she will not, thus proving what E said right. Until then, she is in it for one reason and one reason only…and you are still a cult shill.

      • That a person who fucked a 13 year old in a janitorial closet should be revered. That’s the one for me.

    • Erasend is spot on. The minute the jury came back with the guilty verdict in Raniere’s trial everything that followed was an empty exercise (I won’t call it an intellectual exercise because there’s nothing of the intellect about it). The dead enders make a fine illustration of cognitive dissonance come to life, but that is all they’re good for.

      Raniere’s guilty. “Debating” it is nothing more than denial.

      I think it’s fun to watch idiots try to deny reality, that’s the only reason I follow this FR foolishness. It has made a fine and entertaining study of how idiotic some people can be. Which answers the question “why do some people join cults?”

      Because they’re fools, that’s why.

      • “The dead enders make a fine illustration of cognitive dissonance come to life, but that is all they’re good for.”


        You make an even better example of cognitive dissonance come to life.

        How many times have you characterized the FBI forensics expert Rick Kiper, for instance, as a ‘stooge who has been kicked out of the FBI and now has an axe to grind’ while completely ignoring his evidence?

        His factual evidence challenges your belief, and it gives you a very uncomfortable feeling of dissonance inside you. You have to reduce that internal discomfort any way you can.

        So you just lie about Rick Kiper. You don’t care if you’re lying – you care only that what you make up in your mind reduces your feeling of dissonance in the face of challenging facts, so you can feel consonant again.

        In fact, AT, you are the biggest cognitive dissonance reduction demonstration here on the Frank Report.

        Very few people see this here because they use your same made up bullshit to reduce their own dissonance, too. You all agree on the bullshit as long as it makes your internal discomfort go away, and you can all keep believing as you always have.

        This groupthink behavior exists here on the Frank Report, in cults, anticults, the armed forces, political parties and pretty much any human group.

        But you’re too dumb to see any of this, AT. That’s why you are endlessly entertaining. You’re like a circus clown who serves as an example of what not to be, over and over and over.


          • What has Alanzo ever done for you to treat him this way. It was like when Alanzo called Nice Guy – Noose Die. It’s mean.

        • Kiper’s “factual evidence”? What evidence? He had suspicions and he had conclusions, but the stuff in the middle, the actual evidence, is missing.

          Even Frank finally gave up on pushing the Rule 33 nonsense. There were something like eight long articles, promising a big reveal or at least for Chakravorty’s suspicions to add up to something. Then the tale just kinda petered out.

          There was no evidence tampering. That’s the fact.

          • “Kiper’s “factual evidence”? What evidence?”

            Cognitive Dissonence Reduction Technique #1742: No matter how many times the facts which challenge your beliefs are laid out in front of you, simply, and loudly, refuse to see them.

            Look away from them. Don’t permit your mind to engage in the painful and threatening process of trying to understand the dangerous facts.


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