Cunha Contradicts Attacks on Anti-Semitism, Was Trying to Point Out Judicial Bias

Nickola Cunha

On January 10, CT Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukashwer took the unusual step of disbarring attorney Nickola Cunha.  In CT, judges can disbar attorneys, unlike in other states.

It was during a hearing about disqualifying another judge, Judge Gerard Adelman, with whom attorney Cunha had a case before,  Judge Moukawsher disbarred Cunha.

The words that got her in trouble was that she said Judge Adelman favored court actors of his own religion,.

She said Judge Adelman “has a bias against anyone that is not of the Jewish faith. And I base that on a significant amount of information that has been sent to me over the last several weeks. And it’s really disturbing. And I have a number of individuals that are available and on the call today that are willing to share their experiences with the Court.”

Cunha said she had evidence that the court actors made a lot of money.

Cunha did not condemn Judaism. She wanted to talk about things of substance. But she did mention that it seemed no coincidence that Judge Adelman’s rulings, which led to stealing money from the mother of three children, benefited the court actors of Adelman’s religion.

Judge Moukashwer seized on her statement. The transcripts show he brought up the word “Jew” or “Jewish” 14 times after Cunha said it once.

Cunha tried to make the case about the economic harm his favoritism was doing to his client.

She said, “One of my arguments in this case early on was, [I said to Judge Adelman] you are allowing this matter to go on and on and on, making it a case that will become economically impossible for appellate purposes because of the number of days that we are here litigating and hearing the same thing over and over again. And, of course, he got very angry at me, and he yelled at me.”

Judge Moukaswher kept bringing back Judaism. He asked how Judge Adelman could possibly know who was Jewish and who was not.

Cunha said: “Attorney Aldrich is Jewish, Attorney Hurwitz is Jewish, the custody evaluator in this, Dr. Biren Caverly is Jewish. Dr. Horwitz, the supposed reunification therapist, is Jewish in this case. And all of these particular professionals, by the way, were professionals other than Attorney Aldrich, that my client was strongly objecting to being involved in the case.”

Judge Moukawsher then put words in her mouth.  “You’re saying that somehow outside of the record that Judge Adelman secretly knows that certain people are Jews and not Jews and that somehow he favors them because of that? I mean, this is a very serious thing to say.”

Cunha tried to argue, “I don’t think it’s secret, Judge.”

She tried to say it was not a secret conspiracy, but rather inherent bias.

The opposing party’s lawyer, the guardian ad litem, the custody evaluator, the court-appointed family therapist, the court-appointed therapist for the children, the psychologist, and the reunification specialist. All of the same religion. All except her.

Cunha might have said the same if it was a Baptist judge, and all the court actors were Baptists, except for one, and the judge enriched the Baptist players and violated the Canons of Justice.

Of Muslims, and one was a Jew.  If every ruling of the Muslim judge defied law and common sense and ruled against the Jew. would she be wrong to point it out?

Cunha wrote to Frank Report recently.

By Nickola Cunha

It’s everyone’s right to have religious and cultural beliefs and practice those beliefs in their culture. The problem is when those beliefs and practices spill over into their professions.

At my so-called disbarment hearing, I tried to demonstrate this. I tried to prove that I was not alone in arguing that religious bias can impact the fairness of court proceedings.

The AFCC – which Judge Adelman is a member – published advice about religious and cultural influence having an improper influence on the court.

I was not allowed to defend myself or create a record at my disbarment hearing.

Judge Moukawsher instead, sua sponte, relied on matters not before the court, without notice to me.

I did not say anything against the Jewish culture at any time.  What I said was that the AFCC said there are religious biases inherent among some professionals, including Jewish professionals.

I wanted to say, if you have an issue with this statement, check with the psychologist who educated the AFCC members on religious and cultural biases, because that’s where my information was obtained.

Judge Moukawsher would not allow me to enter it into evidence.  If he had permitted me to enter evidence, I would have also had evidence showing that Judge Adelman was connected with the AFCC. I would have shown what the AFCC taught about the cultural biases inherent within, among others, the Jewish culture.

I am sorry I allowed Judge Moukawsher to corner me, intimidate me, and change the meaning of my words to make it look like I was attacking the Jewish culture.

That is false and could not be further from the truth. I respect all cultures and religions. I have many friends and loved ones who are Jewish.

Am I anti-Catholic for calling out Catholic leaders for lying, covering up crimes, and allowing too many lives to be lost and harmed due to the sexual violence priests and others in the Catholic Community have committed?

No. I’m anti-abuse.

I support reform through education, counseling, enforcement of laws, accountability, and retraining, to stop a long, convoluted belief that women are “chattel,” the property of their fathers and then their husbands once married.

This wrong belief system supports a man’s belief in his entitlement to do as he wants with their property, and it’s no one’s business. It’s a learned belief and pattern of behavior.

I was trying to articulate bias on the record, not saying anything against Jews, or any religion. I am anti-bias.

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  • I’m a former client of Nickola Cunha. Many mothers who find themselves with little money in a broken system fall to Cunha.

    She is good at yelling and screaming but ultimately fails to be prepared and doesn’t get evidence before the court.

    She refuses to file motions, she doesn’t provide you with information and lies about what she’s actually done.

    I rarely got to see what was filed regardless of how strongly I asked. My option was to fire her but no one will take corrupt cases.

    I’m now a former client who is being retaliated against by the court as a result of Nickola’s representation.

    She dies not speak for her clients.

    She does not follow what her clients want.

    She never files an appeal or puts critical motions in writing. Instead she says things to the judge but it never makes it onto a paper record.

    I’m without my child because of her and so are many, many mothers who she represented.

    This is criminal.

    • I know exactly who this is and to be clear without calling you out, I was not hired to file an appeal. Also, filing repeated motions to bring the same issue before the court is not acceptable. A major problem in your matter is you don’t trust anyone and you think you are smarter than all the attorneys. It’s impossible to represent someone who is not capable of following simple recommendations and advice. Drama filled litigation is just not helpful.
      Good luck.

  • There is all kinds of discrimination going on in Connecticut. . Religion, socioeconomic status, gender all AFCC related. Woman have been slowly put into a lower class then men for sometime in the state. Employment is the only section of the court that addresses equal rights The family court system has fatherhood. Org. No motherhood. Org. The father’s rights movement. Mother’s are being eliminated hourly in family court from children lives. Does the state care? That would be a big fat no. Because their is no money motivator to care. The state has agreement favoring father’s over mother’s. The gals are appointed on the bases father’s involvement in children lives are most important. Woman and children can suffer. The state is funded through Fatherhood organization. Woman have little to no funding. Woman are being gender profiled as mentally unstable, unfit, Gold diggers , lazy and unimportant to the state other than employment. The Connecticut woman’s suffrage league is doing nothing. The Connecticut commission on human rights is trying to ignore it. Cunha is just another woman labeled. The court system is completely broken bias and Cunha just brought up religious commonality of people on that case. There is a far larger problem in Connecticut. There trying to divert the focus by causing a big deal with Cunha. These tactics are what the legal system in Connecticut. Cunha comment was the focus diverting attention on the rest of what is going on in Family court. Just like the circus blog. Now victims of the court system can’t freely speak out. No one wants anyone to be placed in danger. Sincere thanks Frank for all you are doing to expose what is happening in Connecticut.

    • Same old game, just look at the membership of the Judiciary Committee, led by clowns Winfield and Stafstrom, a gaggle of ideological chosen one using the courts to corral the four-legged beasts. Ever heard of Animal Farm?

    • Totally on point.

      Cunha blew a golden opportunity to demonstrate a truly corrupt case where the lives of three children were being disregarded.

      She was ill prepared and reckless. She did a great disservice to three children, to her client, and to all parents in ct who have had their rights violated so egregiously in family court scams.

      The papers couldn’t wait to dismiss cunha and threw her client under the bus as well- all without a hearing.

      Joette Katz soon took to the media to put the nail in Cunha’s coffin. She was an idiot and maybe incompetent but the lives of three children matter. They deserve their mother and they deserve a voice.

      They’ve been silenced by the court cabal. This is what the ficus should have been.

  • Nickola Cunha is Christian who seems to be Catholic.

    Although Gerard Adelman sometimes wears a black Italian fedora known as “a Borsalino”, he seems to practice Masonic Judaism or Reform Judaism (what some might call “Liberal Judaism” or “Progressive Judaism”).

    Mr. Adelman probably considers himself to be a scholar.

    The following are valid questions:

    If Judge Adelman considers himself to be a Torah scholar, does he consider Christian Attorney Cunha to be a “broken ignoramus” who “can’t be fixed”? If so, does that explain his behavior and Attorney Cunha’s righteous response?

    Regarding Sanhedrin 52b:

    “To what is a Torah scholar compared when he is standing before an ignoramus? At first, when he does not know him, the ignoramus considers him to be like a goblet [lekiton] of gold. Once he has conversed with him concerning mundane matters, he considers him to be like a goblet of silver, i.e., the stature of the Torah scholar is downgraded in the eyes of the ignoramus. Once the scholar has received benefit from the ignoramus, he considers him to be like an earthenware goblet, which once broken cannot be fixed.”

    While conversations about religions are difficult, open and respectful conversations about religion need to begin.

    Why did Judge Moukawsher so abruptly shut down Attorney Cunha’s conversation about the corruption she witnessed?
    Why did Connecticut mainstream news reporters then do what Judge Moukawsher did?

    Connecticut mainstream news reporters haven’t investigated or reported corruption in Connecticut family courts.


    Why do so many who are so interested in the topic move the conversation so quickly from corruption in family courts to “anti-Semitism” … and refuse to explain what anti-Semitism has to do with the corruption in Connecticut family courts?

    • Disinformation, propaganda, obscurity. Judicial conduct against the Ambrose kids violates all published public policy, Adelman runs a private agenda, not codified in law, Moukawsher’s function was simply to anihilate critics of the ideology, sending a message to all others who may think the same way, where labeling persons ‘anti-semitic’ is a singular ploy played by folks who believe they are semitic.

    • For the knowledge of the public. Joan Kloth Zanard sent an email out stating that the news outlet attempting to report on the system problems had heard from tons of mothers. . She proclaimed fathers needed to come forward. That was an untrust. The news outlet had heard from a ton of father’s. Confirmed by one of the reporters. They were having difficulty initially reaching mothers. Probably due to custody hosting going on in the courts.

      When the woman came forward, a father called, claiming he was the husband of one of the women. Attempting to put a stop to an article with imput from women. Unfortunately, an unsuspecting woman had been corresponding with an outspoken father on corruption in Connecticut court. He is the only one who knew she conversing with the neutral media outlet Joan has attacked women throughout the state.

      Places tons of information stating they are liars and dangerous to children. She states she has no license to practice psychology in Connecticut. Yet she runs a large nonprofit in Connecticut counseling parents on parental alienation. Has an employee well submerged in the Connecticut family court racket. Upon search, she appears to be running a nonprofit out of her over four hundred thousand dollar home.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg of the complete bullshit shit going on in the state of Connecticut family court wars. Poor Cunha is she is another deflection from the real bullshit going on in Connecticut. Someone needs to have a real good look at all the custody flippers running around the Connecticut courthouses.

  • Let’s look at this another way. Let’s imagine that we are in an organization that is tasked with preventing terrorist activities. We find that there are two groups involved. We have facts that prove Group A is the main part of the organization and Group B is support. As we gather information on members of Group A, we find a connection through a political organization that ties 99% of the entire organization to a political leaning, let’s say Marxism. We find Group B are 1% of the organization and are tied to a Socialist organization. There are indisputable facts that the Marxists are the strength and power behind the organization. When uncovering their activities we build an organizational chart that ties them all to Marxism. When presenting the facts to a military tribunal or other court, are we not allowed to mention they are Marxists because it is politically incorrect? Would religion not be mentioned if all of the players in this case we Southern Baptists or Catholics? The hypocrisy is a way of hiding behind something to cover up corruption at a minimum and more than likely crimes.

    • “Would religion not be mentioned if all of the players in this case we Southern Baptists or Catholics?”

      No. I 100% guarantee it wouldn’t occur to anyone to mention religion in that case.

      • You’re 100% wrong. I believe in equality across the board. I would have pointed the same concern out for any favoritism I felt was occurring. When a litigant is subject to the issuance of a written decision that wrongly states the facts, that is filled with findings that are based on ignoring the law, rules of practice and basic common sense, this is a public crisis. I feel strongly and defend my reporting of the concerns. As a human and citizen of this state and country, I have the right to expect and frankly be guaranteed that my human rights and those of my clients are not being ignored or purposefully violated. I’m not perfect and never held myself out to be. I have always vigorously represented every client regardless of the matter. It’s very easy for anyone to Monday morning quarterback. In other words, critiquing and poking holes in someone else’s work is always easy. I know what was occurring, I know how my client, my clients’ witnesses and I were treated. I’ve tried many cases, in many different areas of law. I have appeared before many family court judges some of who I admire and respect. In fact one of my hardest trials was before a judge that apparently is unliked by many. However, my experiences before Judge Munro were positive. I admired her knowledge of the law, I admired her adherence to the law and the upmost respect that she extended to all equally, even though the case involved horrendous evidence that she had to sit through. The attorneys in that case before Judge Munro were far more experienced than me in dealing with the complex nature of the case I handling. I stop my ground, worked day and night to try and keep up with the other attorneys. They were not easy on me and frankly at times didn’t appreciate the way I handled certain things. I admire and respect them to this day. They taught me a lot and as hard as that trial was, it was rewarding to me as a professional. professional. Over twenty years has past between my first complex family trial at the regional and the matter that ultimately ended a career that I love, and worked hard at being the best I could be at, I have witnessed and been subject to what I believe to be unacceptable judicial bias, in some situations such as the Ambrose case which I believe was filled with downright judicial abuse. It was my ethical obligation to report what I believe were serious concerns. I found it hypocritical and a direct conflict that when I reported and directed the court to actual evidence to support my concerns, I was retaliated against. I was noticed for a hearing to show cause, for alleged conduct occurring in front of the court. While trying to prepare for the hearing to show cause, I was denied access to the record to prepare, I was treated with the utmost disrespect, I was ambushed with allegations by disciplinary counsel with no advance notice, and I was denied the opportunity to offer any evidence. Since my matter is subject to a pending writ of error I’m going to hold back on any more specific details. What I will repeat is, unless someone have reviewed the entire record, and the actual exhibits that were full exhibits before I was summarily disbarred, there really should not be criticism.
        I will end with this:
        There are no winners or losers in family court from my perspective as an attorney. I believe in the commitment of marriage, I believe the more people, family first, friends and the community that are involved with raising children, is what is in the children’s best interest. I don’t believe that any party should use their children for gain in anyway. I believe no matter what a person’s status is, age, litigant or otherwise, when public officials are contacted with information that rises to the need for investigation, that should happen based on the standards and laws those officials are supposed to follow. That did not occur in the Ambrose case and does not occur in many so called complex family matters. Food for thought, just maybe the concern in this particular case was that the ones participating in bias and the ones financially benefiting had to ensure I was gone before I put my client’s case on. The consequences of this case reached beyond the family unit. That’s a tragedy for this state. What happened to the mother in this case, the children, extended family, friends and the community is can not be remedied, but can be used to learn from and work towards helping those harmed recover.

        • Did Connecticut family court administrators ever care enough to collect data on victims of family court corruption?

          Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto is the new Administrator of Connecticut’s entire Judicial Branch. Maybe she knows enough and cares enough to start the process.

          For example, she should want to know how many litigants have been subjected to “the issuance of a written decision that wrongly states the facts, that is filled with findings that are based on ignoring the law, rules of practice and basic common sense”.

          Data collection usually determines policy. The CT judicial branch surveys taxpayers have funded so far asked general yes/no questions such as, “Were judicial branch employees polite?” Judge Bozzuto will probably want to know much more than that.

          The FBI won’t say whether or not they investigated Connecticut family courts in 2014-2015 during the “public corruption investigation”.

          According to one rumor at the time, someone at the DOJ decided the corruption in family courts had been taking place for so long in networks involving the judicial branch and private offices (sounds like AFCC, Inc) it was “too big to fail”.

          2023 is a few days away. How much longer will such obvious corruption be too big to fail?

  • Frank has done an incredible job presenting facts concerning the corruption in the Connecticut Family Court system. No one involved in any of these cases, except the ones paying ridiculous amounts of money to have children taken away from mothers, would disagree. There is a case of one supposed male (I won’t call him a father because he isn’t much of one) reportedly paying $1.5M to have the children taken away from their mother. He role plays a teenage girl online attempting to be raped in an incest relationship with someone else role playing the father. He got the children and by the way, one of the children is a teenage daughter. The world is going to learn of all of this in CT and other places and these people will not be able to walk down the street without being shamed. People should sit back and quit the “anti-semitism” bs and look at the facts. Of course those involved are not happy they are being exposed for what they are – traffickers of children to the highest payer. Facts are facts and they only come out more as time goes on. Good luck hiding at the state level as people with billions of dollars are being exposed.

  • You know, if you had anarchists friends they could (redacted) these assholes real good. The (redacted) ones of course, not Cunha.

    • There’s that anonymous bad guy again, writing “incitement of violence” comments again. Next, he’ll add his “Anarchy Rules” comment to his motions to the court. He might as well call one motion, “Motion to Squash the Truth” another motion, “Healthy Conversations are Deadly Conversations” and another “The Public Must Not Know What Happened”.

  • A retired CT family law attorney here.
    I have never gone against Cunha in court but her reputation was bad before the Ambrose case. She was considered incompetent and difficult.
    Neither Nancy Aldrich or Jessica Biren Caverly are Jewish. Cunha is so sloppy she didn’t bother to check that.
    I was listening in with at least 43 other people to Cunha’s hearing. You can cherry pick whatever quotes you want from her speeches, what she said that day felt horrifically anti Semitic. The the real time side bar chatter had many listeners who were other mothers who supported Karen. They were shocked by what Cunha said. Many said they thought Karen and Cunha were hurting their cause of fighting for women who feel abused by the family courts.
    Karen is no shrinking violet. I followed the divorce trial. Cunha did nothing Karen didn’t condone. On the flip side anything Karen did Cunha condoned. Their publicity about the trial was appalling. Every lawyer I know said they would have dumped Karen if she didn’t keep her mess off the internet. It just showed how crazy and out for blood she was. I don’t know if Karen is an anti Semite but she supported everything else Cunha did and it would fit with her angry MO.
    Cunha is delaying her psychiatric exam but that won’t be allowed forever. At some point she will be indicted for grand larceny. She has stolen thousands from several clients. The evidence of that is on line for all to read. She will end up in prison.

    • I would not know who is Jewish and who is not, but it is curious. Aldrich was there, was she not, when Attorney Cunha said she was Jewish. Aldrich spoke, if I recall, in opposition to Cunha.

      I wonder why she did not destroy Cunha’s argument on the spot by simply saying, “I am not Jewish.”

      • CT Attorney here again. Why didn’t you post my last comment, was it because I dared to criticize your shoddy reporting? Are you that think skinned? I see how this site works.

        • No, Sir. I plan to use it in a separate post. By the way, did you say Jessica Caverly [nee Weinberg] is not Jewish? It doesn’t matter to me what religion she is, but you were quite adamant that Nickola Cunha was wrong about her religion.

          • She isn’t Jewish, ask her. A real reporter would. You’ll also learn what church she regularly attends. I was quite adamant that you were wrong about her religion. Cunha is completely unreliable and a joke, you claim to be a serious newsman.
            You call me sir. You happen to be correct but you assume a great deal based on nothing.
            You and I both know that my comments criticizing your shoddy journalism/ethics will never see the light of day. I’m sure this post will meet the same fate.

          • Wow – that statement alone speaks volumes Frank. Clearly if you have to ask or insinuate then you dont even know for sure. Just like when people guess your a journalist but then take the time to look and see your just a convicted criminal with a blog.

          • Your comment speaks volumes, and a volume is a lot of writing. Though the expression is a little quaint. Do you mean it speaks a megabyte or gigabyte or terabyte, perhaps?

    • INTERNET … a free people have a right to discuss matters in a public forum … just like the family court mafia to hide matters from the public … an admission of the scam of family court … if it is so proper, why the secrecy? Family court is a cesspool of child traffickers and thieves.

    • One mother trying to protect her children in actually horrific family courts said this:

      “ … The system will try everything in their power to finish you off. Whether it’s a mental health institute whether it’s putting you in prison for contempt to court or whether it’s forcing you to kill yourself. Those are the three avenues that the system will use against its victims every single case. It’s the same three outcomes that they want to achieve for the victims. They do not want their victims talking …”

    • I believe even aside from the antisemitism, she should not be a practicing lawyer due to incompetence. She was on a podcast immediately after her disbarment and she could not even remember the name of her client in this case. That’s right, she could not remember the name of Karen Riordan. It was a Michael Volpe interview I believe.

      • PTSD does that.

        Attorney Cunha is bravely fighting the worst of the worst and the most dangerous of the most dangerous — and not for herself. She’s fighting for safety and justice for Connecticut.

        Shame on mainstream news outlet producers and editors for not allowing journalists to investigate and report about the state’s corrupt family courts. That’s negligence, dereliction of duty and many other sins.

    • Don’t think hiding behind anonymity protects you for slander and defamation. I know exactly who you are and again you are 100% purposefully wrong. I never stole a penny from anyone and I’m done with the nonsense about the issue of favoritism based on a commonality of faith in that case. That was one of many many many issues that were reasons why the trial judge should have been recused. Which by the way he recognized himself and referred the matter to another judge. What happened to me was wrong and anyone with any knowledge or common sense knows it. So stop trying to project some other ridiculous claim to justify what happened.

      • Nickola, you couldn’t even get it right when you said everyone else was Jewish. It takes someone who really is anti-semitic to see everyone who they think is their enemy as “must be Jewish” or its what you use to explain away your own incompetence. You were an embarrassment to the legal profession. You couldn’t even eat dinner in your own home town without someone ratting you out. Everyone hates you.

  • “ … I knew the judges were wrong – – because I know the law and I know how the law should be applied. The judges acted completely ultra viers — which means outside of their remit. They were doing backhanded deals they were suppressing my applications you know? All this should not be done. It’s – – they totally went against procedural impropriety.”

  • Newspaper headlines in a few days will tell the public: Blame the police! Blame the chief of police! Blame the officer on desk duty!

    Mainstream articles and slick TV news segments will be about everything EXCEPT family court corruption and inept court administrators. Reporters will talk about how an attorney was disbarred for talking about religion while most definitely NOT talking about the obvious corruption in those “family courts”.

    News reports will tell us how horrible the police are. How the environment is in danger and how “family courts” are fully committed to reduce carbon footprints while helping children and families. <>

    News reports about protests with great signs calling for the defunding of the police. News reports about how great legalized marijuana is. News reports showing selfies of legislators on national tours taking guns away from right-wing Americans. Legislators on international tours taking selfies with Zelensky and Lady Gaga. He gets guns, billions of dollars and axes to fight the war there. He needs war, not peace. So much money can be made with war at home and war overseas.

    Will the news outlets tell us more about the guy who found himself carrying an axe one day? Some reported that he’s a vet who had a problem with alcohol. Was he self-medicating because he has PTSD? Or because he was paying a few thousand dollars a month for that apartment in this economy? Did a doctor tell him to take SSRIs? How often did he see his child before he killed the mother with that axe? SSRIs make people homicidal. One office that teaches men how to not be violent specializes in LGBTQ+ and the value of sexual freedom. Could that office not help him?

    Too bad he didn’t have millions of dollars. Nusbaum and then Pattis could have made out like bandits 🤠 and the news outlets could have upped their ratings.

    With or without rating, news outlets could explain causes, not symptoms. Instead, we’ll read about how sad, tragic and anti-Semitic some “family court” cases have been. By the way, Kent Mawhinney just got released from jail and Michele Traconis’ fashion sense is still absolutely fabulous! She’s like Connecticut’s Meghan Markle and should maybe have her own Netflix show.

    In the news: “… Court records in the criminal and family court cases involving the couple showed Dewitt struggled with alcohol abuse. In the 2019 case, Dewitt was accused of being drunk and throwing a playpen at Minogue while she was holding the couple’s child. She sustained a concussion and a gash to her head that needed staples, according to court documents.

    Dewitt spent the next year in alcohol abuse treatment programs, and in April 2021, a judge signed off on modifications to the protective order, allowing contact between the two. According to a transcript from the hearing, the prosecutor said Minogue wanted the order to be modified and told the victims’ advocate Dewitt had been doing better and was helping with their child.

    But in January, Dewitt filed for visitation, which Minogue fought. Her attorney filed an objection on her behalf, noting the pending assault case and a new arrest in North Carolina for allegedly assaulting a woman and emergency personnel. The objection also alleged Dewitt had been harassing staff at his son’s day care. According to court records, both sides were able to reach an agreement a few months later for Dewitt to have supervised visitation with his son for two hours every other Saturday at Eisenhower Park or Chuck E. Cheese …”

  • She had the rare opportunity – I believe because of reporting on frank report – to speak publicly and make a great record of wrongful conduct by judge Adelman.

    So many parents and children have suffered under his rule.

    And she took away all the attention from harm done to the children and all rights of mother and children being violated— in this case and many others.

    Because of her reckless, stupid blunder that did not have anything to do with the case- nor was this included anywhere in her written submission to the court.

    They played her like a fiddle.

    • In one of Cunha’s case documents she claims she was only presenting the argument her client told her to present, so it’s all koo-koo Karen’s fault.

      • Karen never told her to say anything about Jews. But for the sake of argument, Chris, let’s say Karen did, isn’t up to the lawyer to know what to say?

        Finally, simply saying the commonality of religion might be a factor is not the same as religious bias. See you in court Chris.

        • I am not Chris and I don’t know why you think I am. I followed the story on your blog and followed the links to the public CT court records, and I happen to have a different opinion than many others on here, but I am not Chris.

          • Then you are likely an attorney enjoying the riches the system has given you. Attorneys are silent in the plunder of justice in Connecticut. Play the game or get disbarred.

        • “Finally, simply saying the commonality of religion might be a factor is not the same as religious bias.”

          Maybe, but in this political environment, saying that about Jews without significant evidence is quite the red flag, especially when its demonstrably untrue.

          Adelman is simply not biased in favor of Jews. He’s biased against abused women. Distracting from that does (and in this case did) severe damage to the cause.

          • The design of Connecticut Family Court is completely [redacted], the chief architect is Elliot Solomon, all major case law defeating parental rights is authored by [redacted] judges of the state high court, even immunity for GALs is conferred by [redacted] on the high court, not the legislature, all the policy papers, training materials, seminars, vendor selection, controlled by [redacted] not a lick of Christianity in the division. C’mon man, open eyes … [redacted] run the business.

  • Judge Adelman is abusive and discriminated against women. He destroys maternal bonds and does favor his cohorts in the AFCC- which includes old buddy Robert Horwitz— they were involved in racketeering through family court, but were never held accountable.

    Too much money to be made. So. As CT does, they covered it up.

    Adelman lied under oath at his reappointment hearing. It was stated and known. But he gets a pass. He’s protected bc he delivers children to one parent and makes it so a fit parent has zero access. It’s child abuse. And violates all rights.

    This is known. He took away a 12 year old girl from a loving mother. She was never found unfit and they made it that she never saw her child again. Adelman did this along with attorney Nancy Aldrich- same duo in Ambrose case. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It’s how the game is played.

    But Cunha blew a huge opportunity to get the truth on the record. She was unprepared, and her opening statement sent everything off the rails.

    She couldn’t regain any composure and was not facile with the evidence. But mistrial should be given because it’s the children that suffer bc of her incompetence.

    • “She couldn’t regain any composure…” That’s trauma.
      I understand Judge Alice Bruno also suffered trauma.

      How many other Connecticut family court employees and vendors suffered trauma in that absolute hell? How many are reading this right now who can write a simple comment here to get the ball rolling to save the children, parents and entire state?

    • Bingo. Abusers protect abusers. It has nothing to do with their religion. Cunha royally screwed this one up.

  • Separation of children from mothers violates 1st, 5th, 14th Amendments, judges like Adelman, Grossman, Wetstone, Munro, Truglia, Solomon, do not care about Constitution. CT holds no interest in these decisions regarding fit parents. AG Tong betrays his office, betrays ‘we the people’. Mouk just exposed the power of the chosen to defeat rule of law, void rights, abuse children. The ideology of the State is un-American.

  • Connecticut judicial corruption is leading the country in treason! Children are being stolen, sale of homes are being attached to divorce settlements to pay off judges and lawyers- real estate agents are colluding with family and probate court lawyers to line their pockets.

    This is not conspiracy theory! This is not about religion. This is about greed and power with no oversight. The people need to stand United— it’s happening to our friends, neighbors and strangers.

    Please use your voice to help ct victims of court abuse.

    The Pritchards are law abiding citizens who have had their home stolen by the government. It’s against all human rights and laws and the police are threatening innocent people with incarceration.

    Their 3.5 million dollar home was literally stolen. Please view link and share:

    They were evicted by Norwalk militia and their home is now being illegally listed as a home for sale!

    Please watch this!! Spread the word.
    All complicit participants along with the 55+ other Police Officers that willfully ignored their Oath & Duty…TREASON.

    • You are ridiculous and probably can’t read. You’ve proven to be a shill for these people in the past. Merry Christmas to you!!

  • The architect of Connecticut Family Court is Elliot Solomon, [redacted] Destruction of family unit of society is a [redacted] communist ideology, an attack on the Church, no fault divorce is a [redacted] invention, sexual deviancy, child abuse, pedophilia are historic elements of [redacted] No surprises here. Call out the [redacted] be instantly punished. Mention [redacted] once, Mouk beats you with it 14 times, just to drive home his master’s point.

  • Ehhh. Educating custody evaluators on how to be aware of cultural and religious biases is in no way evidence that one religious group is putting the motivation to enrich other members of their group above all legal, ethical and moral considerations. And how is it at all relevant that Adelman is connected to the AFCC in light of that? Cunha must still be hitting the sauce.

    • How many custody evaluators don’t already know how to be aware of cultural and religious biases without AFCC Inc. “training”? Are such well educated custody evaluators that dumb or is the AFCC Inc. training that fantastic? 💥 💥 💥

      Adelman was director of AFCC Inc. while making money off of children and families, rigging cases with other AFCC Inc. members and had the government contracts to do it. Call any news station and ask them what they know about what Adelman did as director of AFCC, Inc. They won’t know a thing about it and most certainly won’t ask you what your religious preferences are. After all, it’s rude to consider religious preferences, right?

  • Judge Moukawsher re-phrases what Attorney Cunha says … then leads her in a different direction. He sometimes repeats exactly what she says … then seems to try to annoy her, confuse her and gaslight her.

    It looks like the judge wanted to disbar the attorney right from the start, not caring what she had to say. Had he cared what she had to say, he would have stopped the hearing and had someone contact the authorities to properly protect those children. An article in the newspaper a few years ago said something about Judge Moukawsher’s alternative learning style. Is that what caused him to constantly re-phrase what Attorney Cunha said — or did he do that to create a record? It looks like he was trying to create a record to support disbarring the lawyer.

    What’s happening in Connecticut is what’s going on in Grand Island, New York. Respectable-looking people doing evil things while most good people 1. have no idea what’s happening and 2. can’t believe that normal-looking people can be so evil.

    “The Ugly Truth About the Girl Next Door” is a project of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and her therapist. Listen to a few episodes of the podcast. The horrible situation in Grand Island, New York sounds like the horrible situation in South Windsor, Connecticut a young woman started disclosing a few months ago.

    Family court judges and lawyers in Connecticut who don’t protect children might share the same religion as the people in Grand Island and South Windsor. Which religion might that be?

    Which religions harm children?

    From Spotify: “ Listen to John Gannon (Kait’s father in law) talk about his perspective not only as a dad, but also as a long time member of The Chapel. John has been a volunteer, board member and staff member at The Chapel and gives some great insights into what this has been like as he has watched it all unfold.”

    • Mouk was directed to disbar Cunha. The shadow powers of Corrupticut do not allow for criticism of the [redacted] Adelman’s nickname is DARK LORD, for a reason.

      • There are definitely shadow powers in Connecticut.
        Who named the Connecticut Avenue that leads to Washington DC?

  • Absolutely amazing that Cunha still cannot see her own anti-Semitism!

    I thought she got psychiatric help – guess it didn’t work.

    Cunha said atrocious things and was rightfully disbarred.

    How about an apology for baselessly accusing a judge of greedily making illegal money deals with other Jewish officers of the court?

    She NEVER provided any evidence and yet, she still has the nerve to spout the same bullshit excuses and justifications.

    Cunha needs to own up or shut up!

      • No, not angry. She’s disbarred and that’s justice. Amit-Semites just disgust me. Especially those who try to claim they are not anti-Semitic when it is so blatantly obvious that they are.

        I would love Cunha to answer one question: if Adelman and the court officers in question were Christian, would it ever have crossed her mind to make such an accusation? Of course not!

        She’s an anti-Semite who is only now back-peddling because her own hatred bit her in the ass.

        I would respect her a tiny bit if she apologized and promised to become educated.

        • You’re wrong on many counts. I never accused any judge of doing anything wrong for financial gain. When asked the question if I thought Judge Adelman was financially benefiting I specifically paused and said I don’t know and don’t have the ability to investigate that.
          It’s so easy for cowards to post false and misleading information, while shielding their self with anonymity. Cowards hide behind closed doors lashing out while seeking protection from being exposed. For those who are victims, I can understand why they are afraid, for those who solely post to discredit and accuse me, but yet have no backbone to be open about who they are, they are nothing more than cowards.

          • Nickola, when you came out from your weekend at Prison you had your lawyer tell the Judge that you were saving up to get a psyce evaluation because your nuts. You were too afraid to stand up to your words and actions in public – only here where you can pretend you were ever a real lawyer.

          • Sir, I realize you must be a psychiatrist and have diagnosed her. But is ‘nuts’ a term of art?

            You want us to believe in your righteousness. That Nickola is bad, and you are a eacon of righteousness. But your words betray you. Are you nuts to make such a statement?

          • No Frank – Im just quoting what Nickola did. Actual reporting of Facts. Nickola told the court she was mentally ill through her lawyer. That’s what she wants everyone to believe but for someone reason your sure its not true?

    • Sherizzy- I enjoy your commentary and I know you’re thorough. I wasn’t on this blog when this occurred.

      Can you tell me what this attorney said regarding a judge taking money illegally to favor jewish attorneys?

      • If you go on the CT court website, you will find the transcripts. I believe they are attached as exhibits to the court’s decision to disbar her (or one prior to that).

        • If you go to the CT court website, you will find how many children and families are in line, ready and waiting to be herded like cattle and fleeced like sheep.

          🐄 =💰

          🐑 +🐑 =💰 💰

  • Nickola,
    Had you examined very large scale, very long term and extremely serious international law breaches, you would have chosen to look the other way.

    • No I would not have chosen to look the other way. When any one appears before a judge in this state or any other state in this country, at minimum they should have the guarantee that the judge will apply the law, ensure that litigants Constitutional Rights are not violated and treat everyone equally. It is my opinion, if you are aware of a wrong occurring and do nothing, look the other way, you are condoning the conduct. The argument that things are far worse internationally only supports coming forward and reporting.

  • CT media reports on nothing of concern to the residents of CT. Family and Probate court use guardians to abuse our parents and children, and steal family savings. CT courts are also allowing our homes to be stolen and sold right from under us. The Pritchards home was taken by Norwalk military force–

    Please see video:

    The Pritchard case and the Ocampo families have had treason committed against them. Properties STOLEN– enforced by local police militia. Endorsed or ignored by judges.

    Mortgage scams are rampant throughout Corrupticut — the Treasonous State

    • Connecticut will be corrupt as long as the people there let grown men mock someone’s 💀 🦴 🦴 in New Haven. says:

      “CT courts are also allowing our homes to be stolen and sold right from under us.”

      Did you read the contracts from president Nusbaum’s “The Firm”?

      He calls himself “The President” and makes his contracts, notes and invoices all about money. Nothing in those contracts notes and invoices about the well-being of children or families. The Firm’s contracts, notes and invoices are all about how much money is in the bank accounts to be plundered … of what worth the home is that’s to be taken … in case of future wrongdoing … which groups of friends will be paid to say no wrong was done …

      What that small group of men did in the Riordan case wasn’t religious or Semitic. What the swamp in Connecticut did to cover up what that small group of men did is most definitely harmful to the state and the nation — and it definitely can be interpreted as treason.

      That very smart, very well-organized group of godless men make stuff up as they go along. They commit what looks like treason because the people in the state have no idea what’s happening — because news outlet owners commit what looks like treason, too.

      Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night started with what the CIA did to JFK. The show last night is worth the watch. See it while you still can.

  • She shouldn’t have been summarily disbarred. I don’t believe there is a legal statute that supports summary disbarment. I know it’s buried deep within the CT practice book–where lawyers and judges can make up anything they want, but is there a statute in CT that supports this action?

    If there is a statute, please provide it. If one does exist in CT, why is that not against due process?
    How can a statute that allows summary disbarment be legal in the U.S.?

    In this case, Mouk was judge, jury and executioner. It was in the middle of a trial — and no opportunity to defend the charges — or know what the charges were, was provided.

    Whether she deserves to be disbarred is another topic. I’m wondering why she doesn’t have the right to notice and a full hearing? Someone came in-Leanne Larson I think– and listed all of her conclusions when she was never at the never ending trial– how is this valid? Just seems the deck is stacked. And right to be heard is shut down.

    • Rule for summary disbarment was created by Chief Judge Andrews in 1890, a rule, not a statute, not passed by legislature, Andrews created it to regulated attorneys, as the corruption of the state bar was so bad, he needed the power to remove attorneys on the spot to clean it up. Did not help, Corrupticut will never have honest attorneys.

      • “Corruption of the state bar was so bad in 1890.”

        It’s easy to find information online.

        For example, one website says, “The first Lodge in Connecticut was founded in New Haven in 1750 and has been in continuous operation for 272 years.”

        • Has Connecticut ever heard of Masonic lawyers and judges discriminating against Christian lawyers and families?

          Has that ever happened there? 🤔

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