Raniere Appeals Denied On Every Issue – Rule 33 Can Be Heard Now

And they did decide....

The US Court of Appeals for Second Circuit today affirmed the trial conviction and 120-year sentence imposed on Keith Raniere for racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking and attempted sex trafficking.

The Court issued a published opinion in which it went to great lengths to define the phrase “commercial sex act” and a summary orderr in which it rejected the remainder of Raniere’s arguments.

Every issue Raniere raised challenging his convictions was denied.

Now that he lost his appeal, Raniere’s hopes are pinned to his Rule 33 Motion for a new trial based on claims of FBI tampering.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will review his Rule 33 motion which was stayed until the appeal was decided.

Raniere filed a motion before Judge Garaufis to disqualify based on Raniere’s claim that he is, or appears to be, biased against him.

If Judge Garuafis disqualifies himself. the Rule 33 motion will be heard by another judge.

Raniere can also appeal the 2nd Circuit’s decision to the US Supreme Court.

A review of the issues Raniere lost on appeal

Forced Labor

Raniere argued that the Government presented insufficient evidence to the jury to sustain his convictions for forced labor, forced labor conspiracy, and the racketeering act of forced labor of Nicole.

Raniere argued Nicole performed “personal favors and kind gestures” and not “labor or services.”

Quoting Merriam-Webster, the three judge panel ruled that “Labor includes the “expenditure of physical or mental effort, especially when fatiguing, difficult, or compulsory.”

Collateral Made It Forced

The judges found “collateral: forced the labor and that ‘slaves’ were forced to provide “uncompensated work by the threat of the release of their ‘collateral.'”


A hard drive seized in Raniere’s library had Camila’s photos.

Raniere argued the Government failed to prove he took photos of underage Camila.

Raniere argued that, at worst, the Cami photographs on his hard drive showed he was guilty of possession of child pornography.

Raniere argued no evidence was presented that he took the photos.

The judges ruled, “the jury was presented with ample evidence showing that Raniere began sexually abusing Camila in September 2005.”

They cited

  1. emails and text messages between Camila and Raniere referring to the beginning of their sexual relationship as around September 2005
  2. testimony from Daniela that she had spoken to Raniere about his sexual relationship with Camila at some point before the fall of 2006.
  3. messages between Camila and Raniere specifically referencing Raniere’s creation and possession of the November 2005 photographs.
  4. And the electronic folder containing the photographs of Camila also contained nude photographs of other women with whom Raniere had a contemporaneous sexual relationship.

Conspiracy to Alter Records

At trial, Mark Vincente testified he altered video tapes—which were produced in discovery as part of NXIVM Corp., et al., v. Ross Institute, at Raniere’s direction.

Raniere argued the Government did not provide sufficient evidence to prove
Vicente acted with criminal intent.

The judges ruled Vincente himself testified that he knew the deleted content of the tapes would have been damaging to NXIVM in an ongoing “legal action” and that the alteration of the videos was “illegal.”

Pam Cafritz’s Credit Card

The Government charged Raniere with using Pam Cafrtiz’s American Express card after she died—to evade tax obligations.

Raniere argued the Government offered no evidence he failed to pay taxes.

The judges wrote Raniere does not understand the statute. The Government does not have to prove Raniere committed tax evasion.

Raniere argued there was nothing illegal about using Cafritz’s credit card, because he was the executor and sole beneficiary of Cafritz’s $8 million estate.

The judges ruled “Raniere does not present a developed argument explaining why being the executor and beneficiary of an estate gives one lawful authority to use a deceased person’s credit card.”

Inner Circle Not Racketeering

Raniere argued the government did not prove his “inner circle” was a RICO enterprise/. The “inner circle” did not share a “common purpose” other than loyalty to Raniere, he said.

The indictment alleged the enterprise operated “to promote [Raniere]… and to recruit new members into the Pyramid Organizations [i.e., NXIVM and DOS].”

Members of “the enterprise expected to receive financial opportunities and personal benefits, including increased power and status within the Enterprise.”

The judges ruled the Government presented evidence that members of the enterprise recruited members and received benefits.

Raniere argued the Government failed to establish a “pattern of racketeering
activity.”   The judges ruled “eleven predicate acts listed in the Indictment were linked to the enterprise.”

Abortion and texts

Raniere challenged Judge Garaufis’ decision to allow the introduction of

  1.  communications between Raniere and Camila;
  2.  evidence that Camila, Daniela, and Marianna had abortions after being impregnated by Raniere;
  3. photographs of women’s genitalia taken by Raniere.

He argued these were unduly prejudicial compared with their evidentiary value.

Raniere challenged the admission of voluminous and selectively culled WhatsApp messages between Raniere and Camila because they were “gratuitous sexually-graphic conversations,” and portrayed Raniere as “manipulative, controlling[,] and emotionally abusive.”

The judges ruled the texts supported the Government’s claim that Raniere began a sexual relationship with Camila when she was 15 and founded DOS.


Raniere challenged the judge’s decision to admit testimony, medical records, and ultrasound images—that Daniela, Camila, and Marianna had abortions, arguing that such evidence was prejudicial.

The judges ruled “the abortion material was probative of Raniere’s sexual relationship with Camila when she was a minor.”

The abortion evidence also showed that Cafritz—a member of the RICO enterprise, who helped procure the abortions – “facilitated the abuse of Camila and Daniela.”

167  Photographs of Adult Women’s Genitalia on Hard Drive

FBI photograph of the hard drive.

Raniere challenged Judge Garaufis’ decision to admit 167 photographs of
women’s genitalia found on the hard drive that contained images of the child Camila.

Raniere argued the 167 photos was highly prejudicial and of little use as evidencde.

The judges pointed out that Raniere had already argued that the existence of explicit images of Camila on the hard drive was not sufficient to establish he took the photographs of her.

The judges ruled the timeframe the photos were taken, and the 11 subjects, all women with whom Raniere had a sexual relationship, was evidence that Raniere took the 12th female in the folder, Camila, and also evidence that he had had a sexual relationship with her while she was a minor.

Prohibition on Use of Full Names

At trial Judge Garaufis ordered that “testifying victims” be identified by “a nickname, first name, or pseudonym only” and “non-testifying DOS victims” be “referred to solely by first name”.”

Raniere argued this violated his rights under the Confrontation Clause of the
Sixth Amendment and his due process rights under the Fifth Amendment.

Raniere also argued that withholding the witnesses’ last names bolstered their credibility by endorsing their status as victims.

The judges ruled Raniere failed to present a need for the witnesses’ last names to be disclosed publicly, since he knew their identities.

The judges ruled Garaufis covered this with a jury instruction that jurors should “not make any inferences as to the defendant’s guilt or non-guilt from the fact that certain last names are being withheld from [the jury] and the public.”

Termination of Lauren’s Cross-Examination

Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere when she was enamored with him.

Raniere argued Judge Garaufis improperly terminated Lauren Salzman’s cross examination, violating his Sixth Amendment right to confront his accuser and his
Fifth Amendment right to due process.

The judges pointed out that the Government “offered to the defense to make any of its witnesses available” to testify if Raniere put on a defense. That included Lauren Salzman.

The judges ruled the “error was harmless.”

Raniere “declined to put on a case,” the judges ruled, he “suffered no harm” from the decision to cut off Salzman’s cross-examination.”  He could have examined her at length if he chose.

Sex trafficking of Nicole

Nicole joined DOS as a “slave” in February 2016.  She provided collateral of letters she wrote falsely alleging sexual abuse by her father and other damaging accusations, a sexually explicit video of herself, credit card authorizations and the right to her grandmother’s wedding ring.

Mack “assigned” Nicole to contact Raniere and tell him she would do “anything he asked.” On May 31, 2016—Mack instructed Nicole to meet Raniere.

Raniere blindfolded Nicole, led her into a car, and drove her to a house. He then led Nicole—blindfolded— inside a townhouse. There, he instructed her to undress and tied her to a table. Camila, whose identity was unknown to Nicole, performed oral sex on Nicole.

Nicole was laid on this table, nude and blindfolded. Camila entered and performed oral sex on her. Raniere watched and spkoke to Nicole. He got 40 years for that incident.

Afterward, Nicole told Mack about the incident, and Mack called Nicole “really brave.”

Raniere got 40 years of his 120 year sentence for this incident.

Mack required Nicole and other “slaves” to pose for nude photographs, including close-ups of their genitalia.

Mack recruited another “slave,” India, who recruited a third-line “slave,” Jessica Joan, who used the nickname Jay, but later came out with a book and podcast.

Joan provided “collateral” to India, including a sex tape and a video describing abuse to which she was subjected as a child. She provided further “collateral” monthly.

Joan was required to perform uncompensated services for Mack, including cleaning her house, doing her laundry, and picking up her groceries.

One day, Mack gave Jay a “special assignment” to “seduce” Raniere and “have him take a naked picture” of Joan. She refused to carry out the assignment and left DOS.

Biggest Argument

The centerpiece of Raniere’s appeal arguably was his challenge to the sex trafficking of Nicole.

Raniere argued over the meaning of “commercial sex act,” found in Section 1591, and defines as “any sex act, on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person.” 18 U.S.C. § 1591(e)(3).

Raniere argued that evidence the Government submitted showing that individuals received privileged positions within DOS or NXIVM “on account” his incident with Nicole is insufficient to sustain sex trafficking, because a “commercial sex act” “thing of value” must have a financial component and the sexual exploitation must be for profit.

Raniere argued that “anything of value,” means “economic benefit” and no one made money from the Nicole blindfold incident.

Did Keith Raniere pay Allison Mack something of value “on account of” setting up Nicole and Raniere.

The judges concluded that Section 1591 does not require a “thing of value” to have a monetary component. They ruled Section 1591 does not explicitly define “anything of value.”

The judges analyzed the prefix “any” in the phrase “anything of value.”  They wrote that their “understanding of ‘anything of value’ is guided by the meaning of ‘any.’”

They quoted Congress’s definition of “commercial sex act”—as “any sex act, on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person.”  18 U.S.C. § 1591(e)(3). The judges pointed out that the word “any” is used three times.

Congress’s repeated use of “any” in its definition of “commercial sex act” supports “an expansive understanding of … ‘anything of value,’” the judges wrote.

Next, they turned to the phrase, “thing of value” and found that “things of value” included “amusement,” “[s]exual intercourse, or the promise of sexual intercourse,” “a promise to reinstate an employee,” “an agreement not to run in a primary election,” and “[t]he testimony of a witness.”

The phrase “thing of value,” the judges ruled, includes intangibles.

The judges wrote “adding the expansive prefix ‘any’ onto ‘thing’ only underscores our
understanding that ‘anything of value’ should be broadly understood to include intangibles.”

Next the judges considered the word “value” and construed “value” as what the recipient attaches to what is sought to be received. The judges referenced Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1976), writing “This conforms with the dictionary definition of ‘value,’ which includes ‘relative worth, utility, or importance.”

The judges wrote “‘monetary worth is not the sole measure of ‘value.'”

Evidence Not Lacking

Raniere argues the Government failed to provide evidence that “anything of value” was received or given in connection with a sex act.

The judges defined the value received

They ruled that “DOS ‘masters’ including Mack, obtained ‘things of value’ in connection with assigning their DOS ‘slaves’ to engage in sexual acts with Raniere…. Mack was able to maintain and strengthen her privileged position in the DOS hierarchy because of the relationship between Raniere and… Nicole…. Raniere set an expectation that DOS ‘masters’ would receive approximately 40 hours of ‘work’ per week from their various ‘slaves’… ‘masters’ who were able to recruit a sufficient number of ‘slaves’
would qualify for a ‘special position’ and receive ‘special privileges’ from Raniere…

“Furthermore, the Government presented evidence that Raniere authorized certain payments to Mack for her work as ‘head trainer’ at the same time that Mack encouraged a ‘slave,’ India, to ‘complete [an] assignment’ involving ‘tak[ing] all her clothes off, while [Raniere was] clothed, pos[ing] in the most revealing way, and
hav[ing Raniere] take a picture of her’.”

Raniere argued that “[m]aintaining a spot in the first line” of DOS cannot constitute “anything of value.”

The judges ruled that a privileged position in an organization may constitute intangible “value” and in DOS benefits included free labor from “slaves.”

Raniere argued that even if things of value were given or received, they were not given or received “on account of” a sexual act.

When Raniere blindfolded Nicole, ordered her to undress, and tied her to a table and had Camila perform oral sex on her in Raniere’s presence, Mack—did Nicole’s “master”—received something of value, “on account of” the sexual act?

The judges ruled Mack’s receipt of things of value was connected to assigning “slaves” to engage in sexual acts with Raniere, including the Nicole blindfold incident.

The judges wrote the Government established Mack received things of value “on account of” her assigning “slaves” to engage in sexual acts with Raniere [which] was “that Mack’s privileged position in DOS was causally connected with her ‘assignment’ of Nicole to Raniere for sexual purposes.”

Raniere argued there was no evidence the sex acts were “coerced.”

The judges defined “coercion” as “threats of serious harm,” and “serious harm” as “physical or nonphysical, including psychological, financial, or reputational”.

Nicole testified she felt she had “[n]o choice” in complying with Mack’s instruction to “tell [Raniere] that [she] would do anything that he asked [her] to do.” because of her “collateral” to Mack.

Nicole testified she understood that breaking her “commitment” to DOS and her “master” would mean her “collateral” would be released.

The judges wrote, “Any rational trier of fact could have found coercion beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Non Pattern Jury Instruction

The three judge panel also ruled on was the non-pattern jury instruction for sex trafficking.

Raniere argued Judge Garaufis erred in his instructions to the jury on the sex trafficking counts by changing the wording of the statute, at the Government’s request, and over the defense’s objection.

Instead of using the statute’s language, which is a ‘commercial sex act’ is any sex act on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person,” the judge substituted the words “on account of” with “because of.”

Raniere argued the judge changed the language because he wanted to change the meaning of the law to fit the conduct, which otherwise was not sex trafficking.

Raniere argued the phrase “because of” “means a ‘connection to’ or a proximate causational relationship to.” But the statute’s “on account of” means there is a “quid pro quo.”

The judges acknowledged the statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1591(e)(3), uses the phrase “on account of,” not “because of.” But they wrote they found “no meaningful difference” between “on account of” and ‘because of” and that they are “virtually indistinguishable.”

By this, the 2nd Circuit apparently ruled that if a trial judge finds no difference in meaning, he or she can creatively change the wording of the statute when defining the law to the jury.



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  • Not particularly on point; however, I can’t find much on the issue of allegedly “planted” pictures of Cami that “experts” are saying were planted by the FBI. Can anyone offer some information on that particular issue.

  • U.S. Housing Bubble Is Popping. Cancellations of signed contracts with individual buyers have spiked. The cancellation rates topped out in the Southwest at 45%, up from a cancellation rate of 9% a year ago.

  • Frank,
    Doesn’t this mean the collateral is now due to be returned? Can you please clarify this court order?

    Additionally, what do you, Frank, believe that’s going to look like? Not the blackmail itself LOL. But what do you believe the process of returning the collateral will follow?

    It’s already been established that a former attorney of Nicki Clyne had possession of some of the collateral.

    Suneel has been doling out copies of sexual abuse of a child material and other blackmail materials to various paid mouthpieces

    The order appears to instruct Keith to be a responsible party in facilitating all of his minions in the returning the blackmail.

    Lastly, do you Frank in any way anticipate being contacted about what you know or have seen of the collateral? And you might be in possession of what? Thank you so much for sharing what information you know about these next steps

    • Keith was never an intellectual giant. He is the archetypal idiot who thinks he is always the smartest person in the room. He didn’t have an intellect or knowledge, he just regurgitated synopsis’ of physicals, chemistry, maths, science, and other topics, probably that someone lie told him. I bet his ‘library’, was full of those ‘Quantum Physics For Dummies” books. He has a good memory, and an eye for the naïve. His forte though was being a grifter, a long con conman. Willing to put the years in to get the prize.

      This hagiography that the deluded dancers are trying to create would be slightly amusing, if not for the child molesting that took place. I cannot think of a single person in my immediate family, or beyond, including my children, that I wouldn’t cut off forever if they did something like that. It would be easy. Because I know what a true horror child molestation is, and the effects of someone like Keith going off like a hand grenade in peoples lives. Particularly his sole destruction of the Mexican family, Camilo, Daniela etc like an atom boom, the reverberations of which will be felt for years.

      This is why I don’t understand the following by women now?

  • KR always thought he knew better than anyone else. (Why shouldn’t he? Everyone told him so.: “You are special – exceptional.”)

    Something awful happens to people who never hear the word “No”. They have no feedback loop – no method for self evaluation. Michael Jackson – the beloved man who attempted to erase racial differences – was determined to find a doctor who would administer propofol in the home, as a sleep aid – against medical ethics. He succeeded. To our great loss. Was he a child molester? Who knows. Maybe.

    Keith Alan should have taken the deal he was allegedly offered – 14 or 18 years (I forget which).. But what Frank says is true – the feds win 97% of the time. That is not right. Hence people incarcerated who should not be,

    As much as we hate Raniere for all his crimes and betrayals (including those for which he was never charged and for which the statute of limitations is gone), he should be sentenced for what he was convicted of. No more.

    I can think of many others who deserve 120 years even more than he did. Like those who developed and released COVID-19. And the drug companies who licked their chops at the profit from a liability-free vaccine. And endless boosters for all.

    Raniere had good qualities. But they were buried along with his empathy, love (if ever there was any), and conscience. Your burn your loved ones and wind up pitifully alone.

    There you have it.

    • It was 30 years in prison for Keith that had been offered to him. That was a real bargain. But Keith scornfully turned it down. He wanted to negotiate the sentence down to about half that. That couldn’t be done with the prosecutors. Therefore he staked everything on an acquittal in court and lost. (All without guarantee. I was not there, but I heard about it.)

      • Thanks – I did not know that. Well, at age 60, 30 years or 120 years are virtually the same, especially with the bad nutrition and health care afforded by our prison system.

    • Interesting summation.

      Strikes me that people like Raniere are the way they are from birth, regardless of upbringing. The world’s most right-leaning countries are peppered with leaders of similar disposition.

      In the end the sentence is academic. The most important thing was to put him away for the rest of his life because of the danger he posed, and would continue to pose, to so many people with his ability to indoctrinate and exploit; so many countless lives either damaged or destroyed, so much waste and misery.

      Part of the reason the Feds win so often is that they don’t waste valuable resources on cases unless they first have the watertight evidence. Just look at how painstakingly slow is the federal indictment of DJT. High profile cases like that are especially important to get right. Raniere had a big advantage that others don’t – almost unlimited finacial backing by the Bromfmans.

      Not sure we can fully conclude that Covid was deliberately manufactured. We’re destroying entire ecosystems and things like viruses will always do what they can to find new hosts to survive. The fact that this virus has evolved to be only slightly more harmful than the average flu suggests it is quite typical in terms of evolution. AstraZeneca and Oxford University made very little profit from their vaccine.

      If Raniere had any “good qualities”, I have to say I have not come across them in any thing I have seen to date. You might want to elaborate on that. It’s a bit like Mark Antony saying “the good men do is oft interred with their bones”. One thing’s for sure – the evil Raniere did will certainly live after him.

      • PL, what an articulate and well written comment. Thank you.

        Good qualities? KAR is certainly intelligent, and through his courses, made people think. He caused people love, and I bet it felt good until they learned the truth. Keith’s unfortunate motives are now obvious. But he HAD the potential to do good, had he so chosen. He threw away his talents and the love of his followers, choosing instead to deceive and betray. I doubt he thinks much about this. He just wanted his hedonistic, pampered, and parasitic lifestyle to continue, and is now understandably frustrated.

        COVID-19 was developed in Wuhan through U.S.-sanctioned “gain of function” research on viruses – a practice upon which the Obama administration had imposed a moratorium at the behest of reputable scientists. As always, when huge profits are at stake, a way was found around this, by Fauci and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). And it continues: Boston University announced not long ago they had developed a hybrid COVID virus that has an 80% kill rate. Why on earth would they be doing this, knowing that the virus could accidentally be released? You don’t have to take my word for it or read Fox News – it was covered by the MSM.

        Human beings are largely idiots, barreling down the road towards self destruction, much like KAR did in sabotaging his life and taking others down with him.

        • “Human beings are largely idiots, barreling down the road towards self destruction, much like KAR did in sabotaging his life and taking others down with him.”

          Wiser words have never been spoken.

    • An interesting fact. One of my friends used to be a professional bodyguard. He actually worked for Michael Jackson for a time. He wouldn’t talk about his clients, he would just sort of tell you about the different places and stuff like that. One night though, at a party he got shit faced drunk, and we were talking. And he told us his best client ever was the actor James Caan. He called him Jimmy, and he said he was a normal guy, no pretentiousness or snobbery. A regular likeable guy. And this is what he said about Michael Jackson. He said that Michael Jackson was so detached from life he ( and this was his words) he wouldn’t have the ability to walk into a shop and buy a box of matches or a pint of milk. He couldn’t operate in the real world, and the people around him supported this. He said he was just a large child. Liked pranking staff, he got waterbalooned by him several times. He didn’t see any drug use. But he said he definately had vitiligo. But he said that no one ever stopped him doing anything he wanted to do. This was when he had the three children. The kids were happy and well mannered, and loved. It was a happy home. He worked with him for six months then his work visa expired.

      • Thank you for this! It eases my mind some. It supports my theory that people who are never told “no”. and are followed by money-seeking “yes men” are doomed. Elvis Presley is another I can think of.

    • “Was he a child molester? Who knows. Maybe.”
      Such a statement reveals a refusal to accept the undeniable and invalidates anything else you have to say.

      • As far as I know, whether or not Michael Jackson was a child molester is disputed. And one question does not invalidate everything else a person has to say.

  • She’ll be needing to sing soon as Judge G rejects the Rule 33 (and no he won’t be recusing himself)

    After which, it will be the final curtain call on the cult of NXIVM.

    And to think that Keith and his followers thought that he was so enlightened that he would go down in history as one of the critical thinkers of our time; the Smartest Man in the World. In reality, he won’t even be considered a noteworthy person but rather just a pedo con man.

    I’m sure Keith is devastated by the loss of his appeal, luckily he can seek some comfort in the bosom of Tony Fly. Sleep tight boys 😜

  • I heard on another podcast Sarah mentioned again how she “forgave “ Lauren. Wow! Wasn’t Lauren one of the most dangerous people in NXIVM? Manipulating, and recruiting people? Do the readers of this site believe Lauren is truly against KR not a follower anymore? I wonder? She got a nice get out of jail free letter from Sarah?

    • You’ve really got an obsession with Lauren. That’s what thus reader of the site has noticed.
      You bring up Lauren obsessively. And her relationship with Sarah. The same questions. No answer seems to satisfy you. Maybe let it go?

    • she woke up and turned on KR and her testimony put him away. she also wrote a letter of apology to Sarah. she is for sure not a follower and was VERY abused by KR. that is why… read the transcripts!

      • She didn’t “wake up”. All of these people knew what they were doing. All of them knew about the controversy that surrounded the group in the media for years. It was there for everyone to read.

        All of these former culters are selfish people. That’s why they joined it in the first place. They just took the easy way out and whatever was best for themselves and it worked.

    • She sure did. Sarah and Lauren are friends, and are conspiring to dump everything on their respective downlines, which is why Sarah removed Lauren and Nancy from the civil suit.

      In exchange, Lauren and Nancy will continue to keep information about Sarah’s crimes and wrongdoings to themselves.

      • Kevin how are you privy to negotiations (allegedly) between Sarah and Lauren and Nancy?

        Kevin, you are writing this imagined deal as a fact. Where is your proof of such an agreement?

        And if you, Kevin, allegedly know about crimes that Sarah committed and you haven’t gone to the police with your evidence then you are a huge part of the problem and a total a******. Go report those crimes. Or shut the f****** with your baseless accusations.

        Kevin, you have also never answered how you could possibly know about the contents of a phone call between Sarah Edmonson and Nicki Clyne’s mom?

    • I think Sarah Edmonton is one of life’s perpetual optimists. Watching her in NXIVM presenting and just being herself she had a sunny affable disposition. I think she loved Lauren, loved her, in the ways we sometimes do love our friends. And when she found out the truth, and she thought about how much Lauren wanted children, she as a mother understood the abuse Lauren was actually a victim of. She probably realised it before Lauren even knew it herself. Sarah is a warrior. She will never understand or fully comprehend the impact her influence has had in the world. She literally stopped a juggernaut full of women from becoming victims of Keith Raniere, maybe even a thousand women. She recorded herself saying she wanted to be the force of good in the world. To be a woman who made a difference. And she did that. She took down a predator. She faced down a millionairess, malicious empty lawsuits, and a man erroneously worshiped as the second coming.
      This girl done good.

  • Eww, the more I read about this abomination, Vantard, the more disgusted I become. I don’t understand how the Dead-Enders support this piece of excrement.

    I hope Squeaky Clyne is shipped back to Canada; she should be jailed for her participation in his crimes, but she continues to be a disgrace to all women by defending this piece of excrement.

    He thinks he’s smart, but he’s obviously far below average intelligence. For example, he’s a terrible musician who is unable to count simple 4/4 time, he almost failed his math and science courses that he bragged about because he’s dumb and/or lazy, and he thinks he can outsmart the Government, which is never a good idea.

    • Nicki is being investigated now. That’s how the FBI work. They are even investigating new cases against Keith, as other women have come forward, emboldened by the convictions. It ain’t over for Clare, Keith and things are certainly, in the works against Nicki. The least, the very least she has to worry about is being deported.

  • I think all those dances at the prison, social media campaigns and everything else by his followers just solidified the fact that it is, indeed, A cult.

  • I’m surprised this isn’t exploding with comments.

    Either everyone is stunned, just speechless, or saying ” told ya so”.

  • I agree. It is almost as if KR cannot believe he is not smarter than the lawyers or the court and tries to argue points that seem very likely to fail. I do not think he is very good at listening to his lawyers and doing what they tell him to do. I wish his few supporters who are wasting their time and lives on KR the lost cause would just do themselves a favour and get another interest as there is no point in their cause which is bound to fail.

  • I wonder what the girls think about this appeal not only Keith’s but Clair’s as well . The 2nd circuit said Kieth did receive his due process , the fact that he didn’t put up a defense really didn’t help him at all and the Supreme Court has better things to do than listen to Keith’s word salad. So what’s next ladies ? once is Rule 33 is dropped like a hot potato then what’s next for all these girls stuck in limbo

  • Keith, you can always console yourself with the hope that your sentence will be cut short by a fatal and minimally painful shanking.

    Viva Executive Success!

  • György Schwartz (known as George Soros) funds 253 left-wing groups to influence the global media. The 92-year-old philanthropist’s multimillion-dollar efforts to further his bizarre “open society” agenda encompass some of the most radical ideas on the left on abortion, Marxist economics, anti-Americanism, underfunding the police, environmental extremism and LGBT bigotry.


    • What about your own rightwing bigotry? Bet you think the Orange Ape was right to call for the termination of the Constitution. You can’t really get much more “anti-American” than that.

  • The only real issue in Raniere’s appeal was the District Court’s termination of Lauren Salzman’s cross examination. At the time, Judge Garaufis told Raniere’s lawyer that it might be cause for an appeal, but out of simple human decency he wasn’t going to allow this “broken person” to be badgered further.

    It was appealed, and the appeals court ruled that because Raniere had every opportunity to resume Salzman’s examination, his case was not harmed and he had not been denied his due rights.

    That was the only potential issue with Raniere’s conviction. The other parts of his appeal are laughable. And the Rule 33 motion is plain crazy. QAnon conspiracy theory level crazy.

    Raniere’s one and only chance of ever getting out of prison is down the toilet.

    Justice has prevailed yet again.

  • Raniere argued that “maintaining a spot in the first line” of DOS cannot constitute “anything of value.”

    if there’s one pattern that emerges from nxivm
    it’s hierarchy
    in a pyramid scheme, your place in the hierarchy means everything in the world
    look at the competition to have raniere’s child
    it was all about status, all about having your own slaves
    these judges got it absolutely right
    absolutely amazingly
    not often you see justice being done
    this is another big victory for frank, well done

    • The child thing: This is the thing that confused me. All those abortions. Keith knew he was ageing. Why didn’t he want to fill the world with his intelligent, judo Dan, piano playing progeny? I would have thought if anything, that would be the end game?

      • Some narcs actually manage some good enough love and care for their kids because they are in any case a continuation of the same dna strand, so a continuation of themselves. Some don’t because they can’t extend their self regard far enough even to encompass their own. That’s keith, he never acknowleged his first child and Marriana’s is just a chess piece to be deployed in his favour.

      • The child thing: nothing confusing.
        1. KR believes he will be potent till the day he gets out of jail and beyond so there is no urgency.
        2. He portrayed himself as a renunciate and above mere needs of the body so having a string of children would destroy that myth.
        3. He would have to take care of them financially (the mothers could sue, DNA tests, etc.)
        4. He would have to take care of them emotionally otherwise he would destroy his image of the ‘caring, empathetic, children loving’ man.
        5. There is nothing that turns off a woman faster than a man who doesn’t take care of his children but spouts fridge-magnet platitudes on ‘love’.
        6. The ‘avatar’ child is used as a ‘future-faking’ hook by narcissists, of which KR is a prime example. Promises he had no intention to keep, but would buy him loyalty in the moment and keep the women dangling.
        (Lauren S. is a prime example, who wasted pretty much her life ‘waiting for the call’.)
        7. He didn’t need to fill the world to carry out his ‘work’ – there’s a ready-made army of willing women (and men) … and he didn’t have any ‘work’ to carry out anyway: all a facade to hook people in search of a meaning in their lives and enjoy an easy life on heiresses’ money, free sex and adulation. Having a string of dependent children would put the kibosh on that.
        8. He preferred them young and a 15 year old giving birth might well come to the attention of social services, etc.
        9. Last but not least, narcissists cannot stand competition, especially from their children: imagine a child being smarter, prettier, more successful (really playing concert piano at 8, winning judo tournaments at 6, speaking 3 languages at 5). KR’s ego couldn’t take it even if on the surface he would attribute the achievements to HIS own genius. Children of narcissists can probably relate to this last point.

        • Thanks for that. You condensed that well. There have been cases of men sneaking “their seed” from prison, and getting their partners pregnant. For example Alan Wade, previously of death row Florida, now serving life without the possibility of parole. His French wife had their son, I think two or three years ago. Hopefully Keith’s visitation is behind glass, and he isn’t bribing the guards. If he has a kid Clare Bronfman will pay for it.

    • Like the hierarchy of Vicente, Saltzman, & Edmonton?
      The High Sashes, the recruiters, the in it from the very beginning ~
      The EM givers, hmm, does EM stand for EdMonston?

  • When/how did the Government establish that Allison’s position in DOS/NXIVM would have been in jeopardy if she hadn’t “complied with orders?”

    How did the Government establish that Allison was ever ordered to give sex assignments? Or that she even gave sex assignments, when Nicole testified that Allison was surprised to hear about the incident?

    How was her position in DOS considered something of value if it did not provide her with any income or benefits? She didn’t need these people or this organization to make money or find success. She already had it on her own.

    Why isn’t Mark Vicente in prison?

    Why aren’t Sarah Edmondson, India Oxenberg, and every other DOS “master” also in prison if they engaged in the same acts?

    Why isn’t Cami in prison for going down on a blindfolded woman if that act constituted sex trafficking?

    Why haven’t the other DOS “slaves” been considered victims of trafficking if they also provided free labor?

    I would imagine Danielle providing medical care is more valuable than Nicole transcribing a video. Or does Danielle not count since she’s an adult who takes responsibility for her decision to provide that care as part of her service to her community?

    Some of the positions taken by the Government in this case regarding what constitutes forced labor and commercial sex trafficking, and the precedents established, can be applied to almost any business, school, church, or community organization where people are sexually active.

    That college professor who gives the most attractive female students preferential treatment? That manager at work who “volunteers” his employees for community service, off the clock, unpaid, to make the company look good? That Church bake sale where Ms. Sally had her daughter do chores for the neighbor in exchange for “anything of value” (extra emphasis on the “any”)? Yeah, all of it can be considered criminal activity if someone has it out for you.

    Best of luck to Brian Warner/Marilyn Manson’s attorneys in their defamation lawsuit. Their approach in aggressively denying the accusations, using the courts, and fighting to control the narrative online is something that a lot of people might find themselves having to do going forward, based on the precedents established in this case.

    Depp, Manson, and many others owe Allison a tremendous debt of gratitude for taking a bullet that put the fear of God into their respective attorneys.

    • When did the government establish these facts? At Raniere’s trial. The jury agreed with the prosecution and convicted your hero.

      The appeals court just affirmed that these facts were backed by sufficient evidence.

      Read the transcript.

      You disagree with the jury’s verdict. So what?

      If you truly want answers to your questions, once again I advise you to read the trial transcript. Read the Court of Appeals judgement. Don’t keep posting them here as if these are unanswered questions, you’re tried that ploy before and it’s pointless.

      Raniere’s guilt is not an open question.

      • Except I’m not talking about Raniere. Read my comment again and see for yourself.

        She’ll be out by this time next year, and you’ll be here whining about it. I hope she never reads the stupid things you people say about her.

        Are you the one who sent hate mail to her siblings at work Aristotle? Or are you just a garden variety pussy who talks tough online?

        • How could you know what Allison’s siblings receive in the mail? Kevin you keep changing your story. First you know Allison a long time ago but didn’t talk to her in many many years. Then you sort of kept in touch with some people from the show you allegedly worked on. Now you know what Allison’s family is getting in the mail? And you feel comfortable bragging about what you know on a blog? That’s great. Disclosing personal information about the siblings of a person who worked with decades ago? f****** weird if you’re not close to them. Stop being such a little gossip and stalker. Try respecting people’s privacy.

    • Hey Kevin. You do know the FBI is still investigating new women who have come forward in the wake of the conviction. There of four of them that I am certain of, one, of course was a minor. Nicki’s arranged marriage is also under the microscope, and one of the four woman who came forward was an aquaintance of hers. Suneel is also under the microscope for some financial ‘tooing and froing’ he’s poked his snout into. Suneel is a little too pasty for jail, he certainly won’t enjoy it in there. Keith may be bullshitting himself a place in the Aryan Brotherhood for safety, (he never enjoyed Michele, he faked it) but there’s no gang that would want limp lettuce Suneel as a brother. Good luck with that one Suneel. The FBI is coming to get you……

      • That’s nice. I don’t see what any of that has to do with my comment, but ok.

        Maybe they’ll investigate some of the things Sarah and Mark did in the organization, things that Lauren is agreeing not to talk about in exchange for being dropped from the civil suit.

        • If there’s anything worth investigating then hope ‘they’ do.

          But Kevin how could you possibly know what (if any) alleged “agreements” Lauren made with anyone?

          Kevin, you claim not to know Sarah, Mark or Lauren.

          How could possibly know what you claim?

          Kevin you allegedly possess what would be very closely guarded information (if true).

          Where’s proof of this “agreement’?

          Or can this just be yet another completely fabricated nugget of secret Kevin Nxivm knowledge that you drop and then can in no way back up?

          Starting to seem like a desperate attention bid pattern because Kevin has no life and pretending to be a Nxivm cult insider makes Kevin feel important and special.

          Which is even more pathetic then previous theories about Kevin.

    • Kevin, do you have daughters? Serious question, do you have daughters, or sisters perhaps? Would you feel totally comfortable leaving them alone in a room with Keith? At any age? Because Keith likes them under the age of 20, and under the weight of 100 pounds,
      Think about it.

      • Tenzin, I do not have children, and I would not feel comfortable leaving any friend of mine, male or female, alone with Keith.

        I’m not defending him. I don’t know him. I’m defending people who believe in his innocence, rightfully or wrongfully, who’ve been punished for that stance despite having not committed crimes.

        Would you leave your kids alone with any of the for-profit, look at me defectors who’ve harmed people who they recruited and made money from?

    • Well done, Kevin.

      I have immense respect for the social courage you display here daily in the face of these dipshit anticultists who can’t think past their stomachs, and who will energize witch-hunts, crusades, and genocides against any minority they feel annoyed by.

      Homo Sapiens are a tribal species. These dipshits will never be able to think past that fundamental fact.

      It’s why Plato had to write The Republic.

      And even that didn’t do any good.


      • It’s why Plato had to write The Republic.

        Sure Alonzo, Plato was writing for you and your cause. Why cant people accept this? What is wrong with everyone? (apart from you and Plato, the lonely authors of your only special truth, nothing wrong with you)

    • You sound Bitchy Kevin , your boy lost on appeals if he loses on the 33 it’s all over it’s highly unlikely the supreme court will hear his case he’s just not that important ,he’s looking at 100 years dead in the eyes .The only question is does he stay in Tucson or does the BOP have a surprise in store .

  • The prosecution manipulated evidence and violated ethics to secure a slam dunk against all defendants.

    No fair play in US courts. If the feds want you, they create evidence to get you.

    And their plea deals are known as “legal fiction.” Is in your face- we are lying but we are lawyers and agree to it, so it’s legal bc we are lawyers and say it is and it’s fiction because the plea contains lies-

    So legal fiction is destroying due process.

    • And WhatsApp. All those texts from a grown man to a child. Vile, sexually inappropriate texts. Made using Keith’s phone, his fingers and his super intellectual mind. You forgot about them. And the planning to get kids away from their parents so he could roger them. And then lock them down mentally and emotionally.
      One day, and I know it won’t be soon, because you are dug in like a proverbial tick. One day realisation with dawn, and I hope to god you have some good supportive people around you.

  • That went as expected. No surprises there really. About how the Rule 33 is going to go also. Court record + legal interpretation = defeat for Raniere. He missed his chance to contest the evidence.

  • Frank,
    Can I ask you a couple questions? Will you please explain what happens next for KAR , what’s the process next up is his rule 33 after that assuming Keith loses his rule 33 does He have any other appeal’s for the same issues or does Keith have to drum up new issues ? How many appeals does Keith have before his appeals process is exhausted? And after his appeals decision today and the time Judge Garaufis rules on the Rule 33 motion can Keith be transferred to another prison?
    Thank You

  • “The judges ruled Vincente himself testified that he knew the deleted content of the tapes would have been damaging to NXIVM in an ongoing “legal action” and that the alteration of the videos was “illegal.”

    How did Vincente get set free?

    • Vicente wasn’t set free, he was never arrested. He cooperated with the prosecution, testified at trial providing key evidence that busted the sex trafficking cult and put its leader and key lieutenants in jail, which was the DOJ’s main goal.

      • Aristotle, Vicente WAS the key lieutenant. You people go on and on about how awful this group was and then defend one of its biggest players because he rolled on his best friend in exchange for a get out of jail free card for his role in the thing.

        What the Govt established as sex trafficking, racketeering, forced labor and coercion are all bad, except when the Govt days they’re not bad if in reference to one of their witnesses. Whatever.

        • Options on Frank Report about nxivm inner circle members run the gamut

          Some commenters loath them all. Many loath Mark, especially. It’s not a popularity contest though, no matter how much Kevin tries to make it one.

    • His honesty, his sense of personal honour, and putting his life on the line to give evidence, as requested to the court. No crime was committed.

      • Honor Ha

        He was forewarned & saved his illegal ass~

        What happened to his mother who supposedly collected the cash? Btw?

  • You mean the Rule 33 motion can be denied now!

    Beautiful opinion that notably makes a clear point that Raniere’s child exploitation and pornography charges were supported by compelling evidence aside from the Cami pics- texts, emails, Daniela’s testimony. Meaning, Raniere would have been found guilty of those predicate offenses even without the photos! Meaning, if the motion is not denied as procedurally barred, which it should be, and not denied on the merits in the alternative, which it should be, any error by the Court in admitting the Cami pics is harmless error.

    Meaning, any way you slice it, Raniere’s Rule 33 motion will be denied.

    Sweet justice!

  • “The judges analyzed the prefix “any” in the phrase “anything of value.”  They wrote that their “understanding of ‘anything of value’ is guided by the meaning of ‘any.’”

    ‘Cults’ are considered threats by standing governments, especially cults that want to “improve society” and have multiple billionaires in their ranks.

    Now that the definition of “any” has been pinpointed to define a commercial sex act in the context of RICO statutes, we’re going to see a lot more RICO prosecutions of sexually active enemies of the state.

    Brava, Moira!

    It appears that the facade of due process, case precedent, and even the rules of evidence, were only bedtime stories, like the Tooth Fairy, we were told to keep us impotent by making us feel safe from our government.

    Oh well – hold on tight mother fuckers:

    You’re next.


    • No Alanzo. “Anything of value” is a phrase that has more broad meaning in the term “value” than being limited to just financial compensation. It is ANY THING the person who is providing the service considers as valuable that they would otherwise not receive UNLESS they fulfilled it.

    • Balloonzo-

      Blah! Blah! Blah!

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Learn the law, you fat twat.
      “Everyone is an anti-cultist!”

      That’s right Alanzo we all hate cults because they ruin other peoples lives. It’s so shocking that 99% of the visitors on the Frank Report hate cults.

      The thing that’s shocking is you haven’t realized no one else on planet earth feels like you.
      Think about that. Let it sink in.

      Then go back to picking your furry ass.

    • What you consummately fail to realize, Alanzo, in your reductivistic understanding of the law, is that these rulings by the judges take no account whatsoever of ‘cults’ per se; they rule only on Raniere’s specific appeals, and it would be quite easy to follow their specific arguments if you hadn’t been smoking so much weed.

      However, to take up your point on cults themselves, it is high time society as a whole significantly tightened up regulation on them to ensure the blatant exploitation and coercion of vulnerable young people by nefarious actors in such a setting becomes less likely.

      • I half agree with both of you.

        RICO started out to take down the mob. Expanded with Civil RICO and private causes of action. Expanded again to ” intangible right to honest services”.

        And now clearly applies to cults.

        I thought the way RICO was used in this case was a BRILLIANT application.

        I thought the ” thing of value” in sex trafficking was a bullshit argument by Vanguard. Ditto the ” because of” argument.

        I thought he had a chance on the 120 years, but doubt his dancing harem helped him on that one.

        • —And now clearly applies to cults.

          If Raniere had only claimed NXIVM was a religion and possessed
          IRS religion/religious status by 501(c)(3)…..

          …..Then Moira Penza would have had a Herculean task – prosecuting Raniere.

    • Alanzo wrote:

      “Now that the definition of ‘any’ has been pinpointed to define a commercial sex act in the context of RICO statutes, we’re going to see a lot more RICO prosecutions of sexually active enemies of the state.”


      The ruling against Raniere simply shoots down his argument that “anything of value” must include a monetary or financial component.

      United States v. Girard held in 1979 that things of value include amusement, sexual intercourse or the promise of sexual intercourse, a promise to reinstate an employee, an agreement not to run in a primary election, and the testimony of a witness. In addition, “anything of value” in a variety of Federal statutory contexts includes intangible, or even merely perceived benefits, things like promises, information, testimony, conjugal visits, and commercially worthless stock.

      The Raniere opinion is squarely within the law. I’m curious how you get to, “It appears that the facade of due process, case precedent, and even the rules of evidence, were only bedtime stories.”

      • “I’m curious how you get to, “It appears that the facade of due process, case precedent, and even the rules of evidence, were only bedtime stories.”

        – Threats of prosecution if witnesses testify in favor of the defendant is not due process.

        – One act of cunnilingus (performed by Camila) does not a sex trafficking operation make.

        – Allowing in evidence that the FBI Property and Evidence manager himself testified had a broken chain of custody does not follow the rules of evidence.

        I’m really not surprised that if you are who you say you are, you would ignore all these facts of this case and write the comment above. Lawyers are this society’s experts in dishonest sophistry, paid to ignore the truth and argue professionally in favor of half-truths and outright lies.

        Didn’t it turn your stomach to have to have a career like that, just so your family could go on vacation 4 times per year?


        • “Lawyers are this society’s experts in dishonest sophistry, paid to ignore the truth….”

          Spoken like someone who got a sucky divorce settlement. Poor Alanzo didn’t receive “any” alimony.

        • “– Threats of prosecution if witnesses testify in favor of the defendant is not due process.”
          So they were too chicken shit to stand up for what they “believed in”?
          “– One act of cunnilingus (performed by Camila) does not a sex trafficking operation make.”
          TWO predicate acts – try using your fingers
          “– Allowing in evidence that the FBI Property and Evidence manager himself testified had a broken chain of custody does not follow the rules of evidence.”
          Let’s wait and see what Garaufis says about that! Something tells me you’re not exactly holding your breath.

        • If you don’t believe that everyone should have legal protection and everyone is entitled to legal representation maybe you should move to a different country where a king decides everyone’s fate or a religious panel. Or maybe just let the village Stone whoever they decide committed adultery or is a witch. Attacking an entire profession because it has a reputation for being lucrative and they believe in the law and giving everyone a right to legal representation and went into a profession and studied very hard in order to provide that service is so immature and stupid. It also means that you fundamentally do not agree with the concept that every single person no matter who they are or what they’re accused of has a right to Illegal defense. That requires lawyers.

        • Who said it was a sex trafficking operation? Stop making shit up to fit your bizarre narrative. Go start a cult you bored idiot

        • “Just so your family could go on vacation 4 times per year?”

          Get a real education and work hard and take a 4 week vacation.
          Such an evil thing to do, A’loafzo

          You’re a loaf who spent 8 years studying bullshit.
          FYI: Alonzo, most attorneys make dog piss for the numbers of hours they put in. You’ve gotta be a rain a maker to make the good money.

          Keep buying into stereotypes, save cultists, you sanctimonious fat-burger.

      • Vacations aren’t scary. It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone for some people and see the world but you’re going to be okay. Start small go walk around your neighborhood.

  • Well KR was certainly not that bright. He did not bother to encrypt incriminating evidence, or at least use an email service in Switzerland.

  • Hardly unexpected, but good news nevertheless. Raniere will spend the remainder of his miserable life in prison. Yay!

    I’m celebrating with a wee dram of 18 year old Scotch. To Justice!

  • WOW!!!

    But I am NOT surprised.

    Can’t wait to hear from the harem!

    Time to move on girls.

    Next stop: trying to get a Biden pardon with a big fat donation?

    • Too late for that – Nicki has already tied her colors to QAnon and the mast of the orange ape. People tried to tell her she was backing the wrong horse but she wouldn’t listen.

  • There is no way the Supreme Court is going to take this case. There is no way this rule 33 bullshit is going anywhere. Especially now the second circuit is so clear about validity of the evidence regarding Camilla’s pictures. Raniere now will actually die in prison. What a huge blow for Raniere and his supporters and what a great day for justice!

    • Keith is truly the absolute worst man in the world and deserves to die in prison like the scum he is. But how he got 120 years…and Nancy 3 years and both Lauren and Michelle 0 years shows the inequity of justice and how it is skewed against men, in favor of women.

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