Clyne Accuses HBO’s The Vow of Stealing Her Video and Using It Illegally

By Frank Parlato

The Vow Season #2 came and went – a flop – as far as ratings go. It did not make the top 150 shows for two episodes. It was a huge drop in audience size compared to The Vow, Season #1.

From the start of Season #2, the audience was tepid, with 143,000 viewers for the first one-hour episode, dipping down to 105,000 for episode 2. Then plunging lower than 100,000 on episode 3 and 4. Episode 5 squeaked up just past 100,00, and episode 6, which was an hour and a half, had 129,000 viewers.

Still, it was a huge drop from Season 1, which had audiences of around one million per episode.

But The Vow #2 came and went. There are some interesting stories to tell about the show. Behind the scenes stuff.

For instance, Nicki Clyne accused Karim Amer of stealing her footage.

Karim Amer is the executive producer of The Vow and I thought the director too. But his wife is credited as director.

Nicki wrote, “Karim Amer asked to use some of my footage for a trailer that they said was going to show audiences that there is a whole “other side” to this story. He assured me he couldn’t use it without my written permission, and he would show me the trailer first. The trailer never aired, yet my footage appeared in this episode. I was not paid and did not sign a release.

Nicki Clyne is accusing Karim Amer of stealing her footage of Keith Raniere’s arrest.

Keith Raniere captured in Mexico on March 25, 2018

Clyne is not pleased with the way the Vow presented her. She claims Amer lied to her about how he would present her in the series, and also stole her video.

The story goes that he came to her apartment with one of his cameramen.

In her living room, he said, “I want to show your side of the story. I want to show you in the most sympathetic way. And give your side about of Keith.”

After telling her he was going to make sure her side was fairly shown, with class, dignity and empathy, he asked to review the arrest video.

She said, “How can I be sure you won’t use it without my permission?”

Amer said, “the safest way to ensure that is to give it to me now in front of the witness [his employee]. Then I would have to pay for it, if you consent to let me use it.”

Nicki said she would give it to him to review, but did not consent to let him use it. She owned it. She took the video on her cell phone when the Mexican Federales arrested Raniere on March 26, 2018.

If she chose not to let him use it, he could not use it. She gave it to him on that condition.

He could not use it without her consent. Right? It was her choice.

“Of course, my dear,” Amer said. “You can trust me. I am the director of the Vow. I am here to help you. I want to get your side out.”

Nicki gave him a copy of the video of the arrest of Keith Raniere.

Later, Amer tried to buy it from her. She did not want to sell.

You can trust me, Amer supposedly said to Nicki Clyne.

Extensive texts and emails exist, which I have seen, with the Vow producers asking Nicki to sell the arrest video to them.

Nicki refused repeatedly.

Finally, they let her know they were going to use the video anyway. She might as well sign a release and get some cash.

Nicki sent letters to Amer and then to his lawyers, demanding they not use her video.

But Amer knew the arrest video was critical to his storytelling.

There was nothing in writing between him and Nicki. It was only his good word.

It would be costly for Nicki to sue. HBO has a team of lawyers. What lawyer will take on Nicki’s case without a large retainer?

To get around a claim of outright theft of her video, The Vow claimed it was ‘Fair Use,” because it was used incidentally to an interview.

The Vow interviewed a police officer who conducted the investigation into Raniere’s going to Mexico, and an individual who carried out the ultimate capture of Raniere.

While they interviewed, they used Nicki’s video.

They “intercut” footage from the video, while the interviewee described what is happening in the video, including the location of the arrest, the individuals involved, and the timeline of events.

So Amer flipped it around. He did not say he used the video for the important visual scene it showed. He claimed the video was of secondary importance and used merely to illustrate the points made verbally by the interviewee, to illustrate and reveal to the audience the nature of the arrest, a significant moment in the story of the Series.

So it was Fair Use, he said.

And Amer had possession of it, however he got it.

And possession is to some is all 10 points of the law.

I know some will say this is cricket. Good on Amer. He tricked Nicki Clyne.

After all, Nicki supports Keith Raniere, an evil man – the rules of fair play and honesty don’t apply to her.

If Amer gave his word to you or me, that should have some meaning. Some force of character behind it. But it was only Nicki Clyne. He only gave his word to Nicki Clyne.

There is an extensive record of written communications between Nicki and the producers of the Series, including Amer. I have seen the communications.

Clyne repeatedly refused permission to include the video in the Series. She referred to his promise, inducing her to conditionally give him a copy.

But they used it anyway.

NOTE: The fair use defense to copyright infringement is one of the built-in First Amendment accommodations that ease the tension between free expression and U.S. copyright law.

In a lawsuit, the defendant carries the legal burden of showing that their infringing use was fair.

Clyne could have a strong case because Amer and HBO’s commercial use of large portions of the video substantially devalued Clyne’s property interests.

Once HBO made the video commercially available for the masses, Clyne’s copyrighted property was rendered nearly valueless. A court may not buy Amer’s argument of fair use, particularly where Clyne repeatedly communicated to Amer that she would not license the video for any price.


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  • Why is she looking for a back door and trying to control the use of the video? She didn’t think her slaves had a right to know all of the information about the nature of the brand or the leader of DOS. Why is she backing out? Why does it matter how the video is used, especially since it shows how the most ethical person in the world reacts to being arrested? Maybe she needs an EM about her need to control and selfishly profit from things.

  • The subject matter at hand is Nicki Clyne’s allegations that Karim Amer, the executive producer of the TV show “The Vow,” stole her video footage of Keith Raniere’s arrest and used it in the show without her consent or payment.

    The conflict at play is the disagreement between Nicki Clyne and Karim Amer over the use of the video footage and whether Amer had the right to use it without Clyne’s consent.

    The psychological aspects at play may include Clyne’s feelings of betrayal and frustration with Amer’s actions, as well as any attempts by Amer to manipulate or deceive Clyne in order to obtain the footage.

    It is not clear from the information provided whether the use of the footage by Amer was legally appropriate. In order to determine this, more information would be needed about the specific circumstances under which the footage was taken, as well as any agreements or understandings between Clyne and Amer about its use.

    From an ethical standpoint, it would be inappropriate for Amer to use Clyne’s video footage without her consent or proper compensation, as this would be a violation of her rights as the owner of the footage. It would also be unethical for Amer to deceive or manipulate Clyne in order to obtain the footage.

  • Raniere and Bronfman lost their appeal in court today. Boo hoo. Nicki, Keith needs some commissary. Get yourself to a coffee shop and earn a living. No one will ever employ you as an actor again. You helped a predator. Oh, this is the best bit, they are considering building a case against you too. How helpful of you to add all that information in series 2 . Marriage fraud. Oh, and some of the girls you approached to join dos? Well, post conviction they’ve gone to the Feds too.

  • Exhibit B
    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 961-1 Filed 10/22/20 Page 2 of 11 PageID #:

    for the
    Eastern District of New York

    To: Nicole Lee Clyne
    c/o Edward V. Sapone, Esq.

    Place: U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East, 5th Floor, Room N547
    Brooklyn, New York 11201

    Date and Time: April 18, 2019 at 10 a.m.

  • To Nicki Clyne,



    Your precious video of Kieth’s arrest was stolen? Actually it was copied, so there wasn’t any theft.

    Aren’t you the one that tipped off the Mexican police so you could film the arrest and sell it to the media?

    • It is not theft, but would be copyright infringement without the fair use rule. Publication without the copyright holder’s consent is a given in the case of the fair use rule if the condition is met, but whether royalties still have to be paid is something I can’t answer. I have not yet dealt with this.

  • When you brag about owning the post arrest footage from at the Mexican villa where all the slaves were summoned to give their child pornographer, sex-traficking, on the lam cult leader a group blow job…

    • .Lauren, Allison & Nicki certainly does NOT constitute All the women you say were there for a recommitment ceremony .

          • Logistically getting the other hundred slaves to Mexico and on the tip of Keith’s dick would have been challenging. Especially when Keith was fleeing authorities . Got turned down trying to cross the Canadian border in a car . As a pedophile on the run Keith probably wanted to keep a lower profile .

  • I had seen that video multiple times for a couple of years now. Anyone who has followed this case knows that video.

    I would think it would be Fair Use since it’s been shown on multiple sites multiple times.

    How do we know that she hadn’t shared it with someone else already that then supplied it to the producers as a work around to her doing what does best – being a whiny victim. Even though there are no victims.

    • Oh I don’t know perhaps the eye witness and the multiple emails are a clue.
      A snippet is NOT the entire footage.

      • It’s in the public interest and part of a documentary. There’s 1st amendment protection.

        Keith helped set a stronger precedent by losing his case against the Sullivans. Oh, the irony!

        Nicku’s own participation in The Vow 2 will work against her in a civil action. She will never prevail. Never.

        Not gonna win that battle. Lawyers were consulted before The Vow and The Vow 2 aired.

        It’s a non starter.

        BUT could give birth to more incrimination and juicy tidbits under oath.

        Do you think the entire Frontline of slaves want to be subpoenaed and start having to answer detailed and invasive questions about where they were and when it was taped and what they were there to do? They can also introduce Lauren’s testimony from the criminal trial and call her to elaborate every detail of the recommitment ceremony and much more new details will be rehashed and reevaluated. They can call Allison to the stand and ask her if she was married at the time. Immigration fraud could be explored in great detail. Please take this all the way to court!

  • Nicki Clyne of course wanted the short, edited video of Keith Raniere getting arrested because it made him look like the victim of a kidnapping. She didn’t want the full video ever public though because it shows the Federales had a warrant and that one or more of the women lied to the Federales and said Raniere wasn’t there.

    • Bet that was the infamous teacher, recruiter and Liar to Sarah E. The Infamous Lauren Saltzman strikes again!
      Yet no punishment in jail
      No civil suit for her either.
      Such a wonderful dog groomer

  • It’s the worst when you trust somebody with say… Very personal recordings or pornography with a spread labia and your face prominently featured and then you find out that the person you trusted with those very private images was sharing those graphic nude photos and explicit recordings with her pedophile shared boyfriend. Right, Nicki?

    • To be honest, if you’ve seen one labia, you’ve seen them all. Nicki is only front and centre now because Keith has lost all his teenaged victims.

      • True about Nicki. But in fairness Nicki was always Keith’s 14th or like 23rd most favorite slave

        And the less common triple labia or elusive four- leafed labia ARE more rare.

        Keith was really into the spread pussy pornography for the science and “studies” of face lip to labia lip ratio.

        That is why Keith’s slaves must include both sets of lips in the vagina photos.

        And for blackmail. That too was very important. The pornography was for science. And blackmail.

  • Well, hopefully she’s played her cards right and will now get a bigger payout than she would have gotten if she’d sold them the footage.

  • Having Nancy as the star of season 2 is outrageous. She’s a criminal who worked diligently with Raniere to harm women. She’s no victim but her sobbing and face onscreen only insults the real victims.

    Did Nancy get paid for her performance?

    • This has been darkly rumored, but I have not seen any proof of this. These kinds of false allegations can be very damaging.

          • Frank-

            NiceGuy was a lover of life. A true modern renaissance man. He was also randy who had a penchant for the bizarre.

            About the marionette – did you ever locate Mr. Howdy Doody?

          • Yes, I know, sex in social mammals is generally carried out in public, before the gazes of other members of the troop. But you aren’t a monkey.

  • Hahahahaha…someone lied to you and then used that information against you? Geez this sounds awfully familiar.

  • Don’t just blame the editing. You were your rude self. Also, I feel I saw this video before The Vow…. In other exposes of nxivm. Really just an attention ploy.

  • I thought Nicki wanted the video spread around to document the abuse of her Vanguard.
    It was emailed to Albany from Mexico and to England from from Albany!

    Here is the story of a nine billion dollar scandal affecting Silicon Valley and even involving that noted scientist William Jefferson Clinton.
    “I smoked but I didn’t inhale.”.

  • Does she feel outraged that she was betrayed by a virtual stranger to her? How about her slaves thinking she was a friend who was looking out for their greater good, then betrayed in the most vile way because she was taking orders from the true leader is this “women’s empowerment group” – the dirty filthbag she and the other first lines were shagging.

  • But we all saw the arrest video on this website, shortly after his arrest years ago. How did that happen and why didnt Frank need permission to publish it here? Why did she need to give him it when he could obtain it from this website? Please clarify this. Thank you

      • I got a few seconds of the arrest video leaked to me within days of Raniere’s arrest. I used it and did not make any money from it. It was not for commercial use. I was working for the cause of taking down Raniere and ensuring his conviction.

        Clyne gaveKarim Amer her entire arrest video after his promise he would not use it without her consent.

        He did use it without consent for commercial purposes. The company’s correspondence showed they knew it was hers. They tried to buy it. She would not sell.

        They used it anyway.

        I do not know how a lawsuit would shake out and I doubt it will be sued. However, if Karim promised her he would not use it unless she consented, to get her to give it to him, he should not have used it without her consent.

        He probably used it simply because he knew he would not be sued. Who’s Nicki Clyne anyway?

        The biggest difference between Karim and I is that I never promised Nicki or anyone anything about the video. It was leaked by someone who wanted it shown wnd I put it up in minutes.

        Karim had the footage for a couple years. He got it from someone who made a deal with him on its usage.

        • Hmm, perhaps that’s why he abandoned being the director to his wife. He could sneakily claim it wasn’t his decision but perhaps his intention all along.

  • “Clyne could have a strong case”. I’m laughing! Remember that other dead-ender Marc Elliot’s “case”?

    This falls squarely under Fair Use. Quoting:
    “ 17 U.S.C. § 107
    Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work… for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright”

    Using snippets of Clyne’s cell phone video in a documentary satisfies both the news and the commentary specification of Fair Use. End of story.

  • it really is a question of throw as much shit at the wall and see what sticks with these dead-enders. Around 19 streaks?

    Keep going guys – its poetic justice that the ill-gotten gains of the Bronfman fortune should be fed back into a legal system responsible for creating that wealth by proscribing its product. And now look – a proscribed product is devouring a goodly part of that wealth. Sue them Ms.Clyne. How very dare HBO? Viva executive success.

  • The first lengthy story I watched about all of this was Nicky and Danielle on Dateline. Shortly after I found Nicki’s twitter account and this blog. Nicki bitched a lot about being victimized by NBC and she is doing the same thing now with HBO/The Vow. She fails to acknowledge her mistakes in not getting agreements in writing or educating herself on what options she had for retribution. She, Michelle, and Danielle also claim that they are victims of the Moira Penza. If not for her threats and bullying they would have testified on Keith’s behalf. For something that important, wouldn’t they have testified regardless of the possible consequences? For someone who gets mad every time anyone else claims victimhood, this is very ironic.

    • Agreed, excellent point. If you truly believe in the righteousness of a cause, you should be willing to put yourself in the line of fire in its defense. An extreme example would be Alexei Navalny currently wasting away in a Russian gulag, more common examples – climate protesters lying down in the middle of the street. The best the Deadeners can muster up is silly dancing in front of the MDC, not even illegal!

  • Seriously Nikki, I love you. I really do. Thank you for all of your videos. I love your pictures on Instagram as well. One of my favorites was when you posed up in the air in Mexico. That was a good day for Raniere’s victims. The Feds knew just where to look then. Thank you for that last little nugget.

  • I have some sympathy with Clyne’s position, though I have to say it’s pretty limited. She naively gave it over, just as she naively became a follower of Keith Raniere. She’s naive. Naivity is what most of us shake off as we battle through the realities of everyday life where it’s gradually replaced by cynicism.

    Of course, Nicki wasn’t exposed to real everyday life for long enough to do that. She was just as naive when she handed over the film as the day she signed up to her first NXIVM class.

    And moreover, it would be hard to argue that the film she took is not in the public interest.

  • They were sympathetic to Nicki in their portrayal of her in The Vow 2 .

    There’s only so much you can do to garner sympathy for a person when that someone (Nicki) is a delusional cult follower who supports a pedophile and sexual exploiter of children through pornography.

    The producers did not ask Nicki about her fraudulent marriage to Allison for immigration purposes. Audiences seem to feel producers were generally too kind to both the dead-enders and Nancy Salzman.

    That arrest video has been used all over documentaries the news it was on social media Frank wasn’t it even posted on your blog? It doesn’t seem like there is a case against HBO or the producers or directors of the show. It seems like a temper tantrum. Again. By Keith’s loyalist crew.

  • December 6, 2022

    Brandon B. Porter
    [Address removed]

    Hon. Eric R. Komitee
    United States District Judge
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    Courtroom: 6G North

    Re: Edmondson, et al. v. Raniere, et al., 1:20-CV-00485-EK-CLP

    Hon. Eric R. Komitte:
    I am writing because I am concerned about Keith Raniere’s safety and his ability to interact with
    lawyers so that he can defend himself in this court. It is my understanding that he might be
    moved to another prison. If transferred, his travel time will hurt his ability to interact with
    lawyers. But, more importantly, moving will place his life in greater danger because of his
    conviction for child pornography. This is particularly concerning because the child pornography
    charges were based upon digital data that was manipulated while in FBI custody and supported
    by perjured testimony by an FBI analyst (US vs Raniere, 1:18-cr-00204: Dct 1176 and Dct.
    1178). I do not know what powers you have to protect Keith Raniere from this abuse, but I am
    asking you to do what you can to ensure that Raniere stays in USP Tucson and has time to
    engage with his lawyers.

    As you are aware, three digital forensic experts discovered irrefutable evidence that the child
    pornography evidence presented in Raniere’s criminal trial was fabricated while in the hands of
    the FBI (US vs Raniere, 1:18-cr-00204: Dct 1176 and Dct. 1178). Since this information was
    submitted to the court, three more forensic experts evaluated the evidence and agreed with these
    conclusions ( Three of these six experts are former FBI
    forensic examiners. It disturbs them, greatly, that individuals in the FBI most-likely performed
    these acts. It appears that people in the DOJ committed crimes in order to gain a conviction.
    Presently, the DOJ appears to be using their powers over Keith Raniere to thwart his ability to
    challenge their illegal acts against him and against the principle of the rule of law.

    Keith Raniere’s lawyers submitted the Rule 33 motion with the evidence of FBI evidence
    tampering on May 5, 2022. Raniere experienced immediate punishment for his action. First, he
    was no longer able to make phone calls or receive visits from his friends who were helping him
    fight his criminal legal battle. Then, on July 26, 2022, he was assaulted and sent to the Special
    Housing Unit (“SHU”). He has been in this unit, since. Raniere’s legal meetings have been


    limited, even cancelled. Now, he received word that the prison plans to move him to another
    prison… a prison where his physical safety will be further compromised. It is well known that
    conviction for a sexual crime against a child places a person at increased risk for being murdered
    in prison. In addition to this additional risk, previous transits took weeks. These are weeks that
    he cannot interact with his lawyers and fight the charges that placed Raniere at increased risk of
    being murdered in prison.

    It concerns me, greatly, that nobody in the Federal government appears to have done anything to
    investigate this crime. Raniere’s claims against the DOJ in his Rule 33 motion are languishing in
    procedural delays. It appears to me that the DOJ is using its power over Raniere to limit his
    ability to challenge their wrongdoings in criminal court. He has yet to appear in this court,
    suggesting to me that their efforts are working here, too.

    I have not discussed this note with any lawyers. It pains me to bring this to you because the only
    reason this letter is necessary is because others are abnegating their oath to defend the U.S.
    Constitution, and some, are actively compromising the power of the Constitution by making its
    protections from tyranny meaningless.

    I ask you to use what powers you have to protect Mr. Raniere’s rights to counsel and that he be
    moved to the general population at his current prison, USP Tucson. Also, please consider this
    note before making a summary judgement against Mr. Raniere. I understand that there is no
    motion for a summary judgement now. Nonetheless, it appears that the government agents who
    performed these crimes against Mr. Raniere’s constitutional rights to due process are continuing
    to compromise Mr. Raniere’s constitional rights. In my opinion, the lack of action by others is
    effecting the ability for justice to be performed in this court. I find this concerning and hope you
    take this information for your consideration.


    /s/ Brandon B. Porter

    Brandon B. Porter

    Cc: All Counsel by ECF


  • Is Nicki Clyne trying a Marc Elliott trick?

    Do you think she has already brought enough attention to herself through her own actions?

    Look at all those YouTube videos of her defending DOS.

    How about dancing in the street for her Vanguard?

    She got caught in the email schemes contacting the love of her life via another inmate.

    Clyne is lucky the DOJ isn’t investigating her for conspiracy with Ranieres, along with the other loyalist, for all the things they have pulled with the BOP.

  • “Hey, look over there it’s a bird.”

    This is the Raniere/Clyne game. Forget all of the horrid things we’ve said and done and support, but look at this guy who did us a “world” of wrong.

    Cry us a river.

  • I did not read this one, just the headline. Since you’re talking about stealing footage ( I’m so sorry if that really happened, it really sucks) , what do you think about Keith and Claire using Daniella to hack Edgard B.’s computer ? Very unethical, no ?

  • She didn’t like how she was portrayed? She was barely in it and what little they showed was down right kind compared to other footage, words, etc. they could have used. What they used is also things she has said plenty of times.

    I know an edit can cut out plenty of context but there isn’t much in this case to cut. She has made her position clear many times – DOS is good, Keith is perfection, there is no such thing as victims and nothing is immoral if consenting adults do it, regardless of circumstances or material collected on the person. Does not take but a few seconds of footage to cover that.

    Shoot just for fun I would have added a little write-up (over footage of Clyne dancing outside that jail of course) mentioning Clyne’s multiple attempts to contact Raniere after he entered jail included befriending other convicts just so she could pass messages to her god.

    She was portrayed exactly who she remains to this day – a disciple of Raniere.

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