Nicki Clyne Shares Her Truth With the World

by Paul Serran

Actress Nicki Clyne is a fierce, tireless warrior, and she is no victim.

Whether or not we agree with her ideas – and in my case, I really don’t – there is no disputing that she is doing some valuable work in disseminating her views about the NXIVM legacy.

Alongside other women of the DOSsier Project, she is sounding the alarm about alleged prosecutorial misconduct and criminal entrapment of their still beloved ‘Vanguard’, Keith Raniere, as well as addressing the conditions of his incarceration.

The cover of Clyne’s Substack: ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback’.

To achieve her objectives, Ms. Clyne is showing her pretty face and her solid convictions all over social media, in a myriad of videos, podcasts, articles, news pieces and tweets.

To track all the online activity by Nicki Clyne, a good first stop would be the YouTube channel for the DOSsier Project. While the channel only has 513 followers, it has posted a lot of content about their work and their ideas.

‘The consequences of not conforming to the victimhood narrative as former members of DOS have been rather extreme. (…) No one believes they could be accused of something they didn’t do until it happens to them, and it’s obviously an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but false accusations happen. For various reasons, rarely do claims of abuse get challenged, especially when they are wagered by a white woman, particularly if she’s pretty. Without going into all the reasons for this, we simply want to say that it’s worth discussing and investigating. “White knights” and “damsels in distress” are archetypes that go back centuries, and maybe it’s time we dig deep into our assumptions to actually save ourselves from our own delusions about people and reality.’

In this other video, the DOSsier Project women react to The Vow Part 2 finale.

HBO’s “The Vow” has finally come to an end and we are here to share our thoughts and candid responses. There is so much more to this story than people realize and it breaks our hearts that the filmmakers for “The Vow” exploited people in the worst times of their lives for entertainment. We also think it was hugely irresponsible of them not to examine the charges and their legitimacy, especially when they had access to so much evidence.’

Ms. Clyne also appears on videos by other creators, taking her advocacy for the rights of prosecuted and incarcerated people to many other people not associated with the NXIVM scene.

‘Nicki Clyne has been a tireless fighter in this campaign and she will not accept the role of victim. Background An FBI Agent gave verifiably false testimony covering likely evidence tampering. Court documents indicate the FBI CREATED child porn on a hard drive in its possession. Further evidence supports claims the FBI FABRICATED and PLANTED child porn. This was the only physical evidence in the case, to create a 120 year sentence. None of the accusations fit the elements of any of the crimes. The release of our inaugural series was delayed over concerns of retribution to Keith Raniere from Federal Prison authorities. Make Justice Blind and Keith Raniere’s attorney’s claim, Raniere, in prison, was being retaliated against by Federal Prison authorities. Fabricating and planting child porn on your computer would be easy for authorities to do if they wanted to send you to prison for wrong think. Raniere’s guilt or innocence is not what’s at issue in our series. The issue is the world of legal jeopardy Federal Prosecutors and FBI corruption have created for the rest of us.’

Clyne also has a channel of her own, with just 76 subscribers, where she shares perhaps the most personal video material.

The United States is founded on principles of liberty and equality amongst its citizens. However, the reality is far from the ideals espoused by patriots. We have become so distracted by our comforts and entertainment that we don’t realize the people we are trained to hate are harbingers of our own demise. Unfortunately, those who are close enough to see the truth have too often been marred by the hateful narratives that keeps us divided and in the dark. I implore you to look beyond the headlines and set aside your prejudice, for there are issues far more important than the latest Hollywood “cult.” If a government can torture its own citizens and know no one will care because they have been deemed a monster in the court of public opinion, we have no justice system and we are no better than the fascist regimes we criticize. Before Keith Raniere was a so-called “cult leader,” he was a friend, a father, a partner, and human being. He deserves to have his rights protected and his basic humanity preserved. Just as we all do.

The Colonel Kurt YouTube channel has over 83k subscribers, and has done an interview with the DOS advocate to learn her opinion on The Vow Part 2 series, and the way she was portrayed in it, in a video with more than 10k views.

The Vow HBO Season 2 / NXIVM / Cult / Nicki Clyne / Keith Raniere / Here’s my controversial interview with NXIVM‘s Nicki Clyne. Nicki is featured on Season 2 of HBO’s documentary series The Vow.

Another indispensable stop in our journey to learn more about the Canadian actress and her ideas is her blog/newsletter ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback‘. Her bio says: ‘Writing from the edge of the abyss, with a smile on my face and a skip in my step.’

The newsletter site contains articles and a chat with followers. The content is pretty much the same as in other social media sites, but the presentation is quite special, with a cumplicity and a depth that the longer format of these written pieces affords.

Illustration from Clyne’s substack.

One good example is An Insider’s View of ‘The Vow,’ Season One.

‘I originally stopped watching halfway through due to a mix of frustration, boredom, and more pressing priorities. But since I’m about to be featured and, to the best of my knowledge, completely misrepresented in the upcoming season, I figured I’d get caught up.’ […]

‘As you might imagine from someone who knew the main characters very well and was in the middle of the whole mess, I have a lot to say about the story. And let me be clear, it is a story. Although the series is presented to make viewers feel as if they are watching reality unfold, this is not accurate. The handheld verité-style and candid moments give the feeling of capturing events in real time, but there is a lot that you don’t see, and much of what you do see is either performed, curated, or captured to move the story in a certain direction. Not to mention that the subjects in season one were almost all aspiring actors and filmmakers. In the ten years I’ve known her, I’ve genuinely never seen Bonnie run for any reason, let alone through a barren desert (pictured below). When I was filmed with The Vow for season two in the fall of 2020, many scenes were recreated, directed, and outside of the scope of what would have naturally happened, which, in hindsight, was a huge red flag that they were going for “story” over truth.’ […]

Putting factual inaccuracies aside, the series is rife with slick editing tricks, creative liberties, manipulation through music, and missing context — all to persuade the viewer that what they are watching is real and true — reality as a product. Since the beginning of documentary films, questions of ethics have been of concern to filmmakers and critics alike. However, it seems that productions prioritize entertainment value and capitalizing off current trends (in this case, true crime and “cult” shows) over ethics.’

This message from a hater suggesting she kill herself prompted an article.

Now, as anyone can imagine, to cruise around this world defending Keith Raniere is hardly an easy task, and it does expose her to a variety of haters. She addresses that in her “Delusional, self-serving c*nt”: ‘Ruminations on hate mail and how to handle it‘.

‘Yesterday I received a message through LinkedIn. I pretty much never go on LinkedIn, but I get notified through email when I receive a message. The subject was “Hi love,” and the message said: “You self-serving, DELUSIONAL cunt.…I think you know what the answer is. Save everyone from your nastiness Take the easy way out.” It was signed with the sender’s full name, with his photo and employer information. How strange, I thought. Does he not know how to send me an anonymous email through my website like most people who threaten and attack me? Or make a dummy account on Instagram? The sad reality is that I wasn’t shocked by the message. I get this type of vitriol in my inbox regularly. I was surprised by the forum and the blatant association with his identity (assuming it’s real).’

‘The only action I’ve ever taken against online harassment is to block the person, and I rarely even do that. I ignored the message at first, but when I got home later, I read it again and there was something both dark and comedic about it coming through LinkedIn from a guy named Colby who looked like he belonged to Yale’s Young Republicans Club (aside from the pronouns in his bio). I took a screenshot, blacked out his last name, and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “Telling someone to kill themselves through LinkedIn is… something special.” It got immediate attention. Mostly with responses like, “Wtf?!” and then it started to become an investigation. It didn’t take long for someone to find his profile and post his last name, his place of work, and their contact information. The replies started to get a bit intense. I got a text from a friend saying things seemed to be getting out of hand. I agreed. I deleted my tweet and wrote this:’

Twitter is probably the online platform where Ms. Clyne may be able to have the most impact. With over 38k followers, her account interacts a lot with the followers and posts intensely. She was also found by numerous ‘Battle Star Gallactica’ fans who are now rediscovering her.

Her bio: ‘Fighting for individual freedoms and against false narratives. Not as seen on TV.’

Below you will find a collection of Nicki Clyne’s tweets, starting in mid-November. She is a frequent poster, and not shy at all in putting her mind out there for people to scrutinize.

‘I don’t know who needs to hear this (besides me), but people who comment on YouTube are not your friends, never were, and never will be.’

Clyne has harsh words for former prosecutor Moira Penza.

‘It should surprise *checks notes* no one that lead prosecutor for the NXIVM case, Moira Penza, signed an open letter in support of Amber Heard, saying it’s wrong to vilify her. She’s in the business of making liars into heroes, after all.’


Nicki Clyne: ‘remain open to people who appreciate the complexity of life’

‘Learning to spot the different between questions that come from a place of curiosity vs. righteousness is a very valuable life skill. It will save you lots of time and energy.’

‘In other words, don’t waste your time trying to convince people of something who are only looking to affirm their pre-conceived notions. Do remain open to people who appreciate the complexity of life and value different points of view.’

‘You can’t wake up and suddenly believe in victim mentality.’

‘I think it’s ironic that the “anti-cult/anti-NXIVM” people keep telling me to “wake up.” You can’t wake up and suddenly believe in victim mentality. Once you realize you are responsible for your own life, you never go back.’

‘Few people care about due process until it’s their head on the chopping block. I think this is cultural, and could be helped by better parenting. Implement a consistent system of earning and consequences with your children, and teach that rights are not to be taken for granted.’

‘Because I am vocal about due process and prison reform, I get a lot of messages from people who’ve had horrible experiences with the criminal justice system. It breaks my heart. I wish I could help them all. We need real change in the criminal justice system.’

‘Only the simplest minds believe that supporting due process means you are supporting any particular conduct or potential crime.’

‘I have to say, having controversy in your life is a great way to filter out the NPCs and find the real ones.’

‘It’s a brilliant sleight of hand that the government has the masses more upset about an alleged “cult leader” than a corrupt institution that threatens, violates, and imprisons its citizens with impunity.’

‘A 29-year-old actress volunteered to transcribe 5 hours of video for a friend’s memorial service, and she was asked to review 55 articles as part of DOS. For this, Keith got 20 years in prison.’

‘Former FBI calls out FBI for fabricating and forging evidence in NXIVM case: “Six experts, including Kiper, argue the photo dates on the hard drive have been manipulated and folder names were forged to look like they were auto-created in 2005.”‘

‘I appreciate everyone’s concern over the awful message I received from someone on LinkedIn. It is not my wish for anyone to take action on my behalf. While I believe his behavior was inappropriate and cruel, he has since deleted the message and probably has his own issues.’

Raniere kisses Nicki Clyne

‘Learning things the hard way is sometimes the only way because the memory gets stored in your body. For example, I will never again mistake a plantain for a banana.’

‘But I think that’s still different than the people who come on Twitter to be hateful and run away from the pain of their own lives. Hard to find common ground with someone whose identity is wrapped up in what they reject.’

‘Finally got a fair interview. Thank you @Newsweek’

[You can read the whole Newsweek piece in Nicki Clyne on What Happened to Keith Raniere Since Jail: ‘Very Concerning’]


Probably, the Clyne’s tweet that best stuck with me was this:

‘I wonder what would happen if the people who attack me on here spent a day with me… an hour even…’

She is not wrong. Even a few hours cruising her social media offerings do the trick: one cannot help but be more sympathetic to her than before.

Don’t get me wrong, I remain totally unconvinced of the validity of the ESP ‘tech’, even less convinced of the legitimacy of the ‘sorority’ DOS. But there’s no two ways about it: Nicki Clyne is fighting what she believes to be the good fight. Maybe she is not speaking the truth, but she is certainly speaking her truth. And there’s valor in that. This woman is not a victim.

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  • I’ve watched some of the DOSsier Project videos on YouTube. As expected, it’s mindless word salad and difficult to watch. These women have no compassion and regurgitate the same meaningless arguments for Keith Raniere ad nauseam.

    Any comments that provide constructive criticism, advice, or lists of questions are quickly deleted. Only the comments praising their “bravery” remain.

    Nikki, with her haughty demeanor in the videos, is clearly a narcissist. Her eyes, the windows of the soul, are empty. As an upper rung of the DOS master/slave scenario, she should be jailed too.

    • I thought the same thing when I heard her claim that she helped create it. Like she was proud or something in such an arrogant way when, everything I’ve heard sounds like she was just there and not really part of making it. I feel she should at the very least be deported for her fake marriage and violation for contacting Raniere in prison when they were told not to have any further contact. It’s ludicrous that she be allowed to stay in the US while effectively calling the government crooks for putting someone away who deserves to be there.

    • Yes, Nicki is dumb and narcissistic. Anybody who sacrifices their lives to an unethical, perverted person like Keith Raniere has a screw loose.

      Dear Canada, please get her out of the United States.

  • How can she listen to testimony like that. Read the messages of that dreadful nature and still love Keith. Because that’s what it is; she’s in love with him.
    It ain’t going to end well with her. Her and the ugly doctor woman. And of course the ever resourceful empty picked of the Bronfmans.
    Bronfman is the one who worries me most. She will leave jail and get to work taking down the Rebels. She won’t stop. People involved in the case need to get themselves iron clad restraining orders against her and her cheque book.

  • As usual I will skip the article and go straight to my fellow “ franksters “ comments.

    I gotta say it was interesting to see a different side of Nicki on the 2nd season of the Vow. She seemed more vulnerable, showing her sadness and disappointment in a total different look of her usual ghoulish behavior when talking on line. I believe she puts on a brave mean face when talking with journalists or her followers and haters to hide her desperation.

  • Nikki posted the image on herself in Mexico on her Instagram account that ultimately led to the capture of Keith. She must feel extremely guilty. Much like Claire when her father had the Forbes article done about the cult of Nxivm

    Anyway, thanks for helping to put Keith behind bars, Nikki!!

    • Surprised Mexico helped considering how much this cult influenced Mexican government. You know it’s bad when a corrupt nexican government finds you too sick to deal with.

  • Keith set up a competition. Who was the most loyal? Who was the favorite woman in the harem? Who was the most obsequious slave? Everyone fought for Keith. Imagine you change your whole life to win some kind of trophy. And the trophy was devalued in some way. All these women and some men were falling all over themselves for the coveted closest to Keith spot. If Keith turns out to be evil and Criminal and spends the rest of his life in prison what have any of them won? Keith knew this when he had the ESP Community running in circles to prove loyalty and please him.. The concept of tributes people prostrating themselves at Vanguard week. Everything always had a performative quality. This one’s crying the hardest barefoot. That one’s the skinniest so she has the greatest will. This one is the most chaste and deserving of the Avatar baby. It was all a big competition and Keith was the prize. What if the prize were a giant beautiful fruit basket but it turned out all the fruit were rotten? If you win a prize and no one cares do you still matter? If you win a trophy and no one cares about the contest anymore did you still win? Does first place matter when there are less people in the race? If no one else wants the prize are you still the priziest of The Prize winners? People fight to defend all sorts of things because their self-worth are wrapped up in them. Or because they antied up so many times but their pot committed and can’t walk away without winning. There seems to be a large element of that happening here. It’s like the girl in high school who finally got the boy everyone wanted and the boy turned out to be a date Raper and no one wanted him anymore. So the girl has to try to rehabilitate the guys image and hang on because who is she if she’s not the girl who won the most popular boy in school? Even the dancing in front of the MDC and Keith wanting more women to dance erotically was all about making an illusion of Keith’s desirability. They’re also trying to create an illusion that he is a persecuted person and a victim of the system and somehow a symbol of fighting for American truth justice and a way of life. He’s not. Keith is just a pedo locked up for the rest of his life. But that’s not a cause many people are going to get behind and it isn’t very glamorous or glorifying for Keith. And most of all it does not give the remaining Loyalists and exalted position as some kind of Noble Fighters for justice against a hostile world. So they create these ghosts of FBI tampering and the rest so they could be fighting a higher cause instead of just sad about their loser friend and their Lost Years of their lives. And getting colored sashes that no one gives a s*** about in the real world.

    • I know who won ‘the skinniest’ competition. That was clearly Pam. Poor poisoned Pam. Watching the footage of her buzzing around Daniela. Keith’s new supply. She must have known something was going on under her roof, no one is that dumb.
      I hope the FBI starts to investigate the lost women of NXIVM. Perhaps begin with digging Pam up and test her hair for toxins.

  • I was stunned when I saw she was making the rounds on YouTube and have seen some of the dossier project videos. They’re delusional.

  • That’s the total number of people on the World Wide Web who even care about this topic or Nicki’s ‘truth’. The takeaway? It’s for Nicki: move on from this nonsense; you can’t have this define who you are further

    If no one cares (70 ppl on the whole planet have bothered to comment including me) then why continue with this crazy crusade that again almost quite literally NO ONE gives a shit about?

    Keith is never getting out of prison. Ever. The public and the judiciary will never be ever to reconcile Keith being so fantastic that he’s absolved of him diddling little girls (which is extensively documented by Keith’s own hand in WhatsApp and confirmed by the victim herself). There is no government agency conspiracy or due process issues with the WhatsApp documentation or the victim’s confirmation that in fact Keith was f*cking her while she was a minor. There’s photos too but you knuckleheads won’t accept the legitimacy of those but you can’t negate the YEARS of WhatsApp texts and what Cami herself confirms.

    With that, I hope you wake the fuck up and build a life not centered around defending Keith or being involved with him or any of this further.

    You’ve gone from millions of viewers while on TV to 70 idiots like me who’ve followed this story for a few years a little too closely (and even we fucktards are dwindling down). How exactly do those basic metrics speak to how much Keith improved your life exactly?

  • “Infantilisation of women”? Isn’t that taking it too far to describe society? I haven’t come across any one woman being ordered/asked to write down every single gram of food she ever ingests yet that is what was required in NXIUM… /DOS… isn’t that infantilisation?

    Common, Nicki…

    Two: Tourettes can disappear by itself… latching onto this single case where you can’t disprove the opposite of your theory looks either desperate or most amateurish.

    • Nicki doesn’t think that paddling grown women on their bare asses for mild misdemeanours is infantilizing.

  • Yes Nicki, what terrible injustice is being done to your guru. It must be extra painfull that you played quite a big role in his demise:
    – thanks to your Puerto Vallarta picture on facebook/instagram that geolocated him prior to his arrest;
    – your sloppy execution of Keith’s order to sweep the computers in Albany (that ultimately produced the childporn pictures
    of Camilla).

    Moira Penza did a great job, but you sure did help her!

    Thanks for that!

    • Do you remember when everyone thought Nikki was working against Keith because nobody could believe anyone to be so stupid as to giving the location away for a superficial Instagram post? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • I have wondered if Raniere has played on guilt on Nicki’s part over these incidents. What better way to keep her under his thumb and working hard to have him vindicated – atonement for her faults in “putting him there”. It is the kind of mind fucking move that narcissists use.

    • Doesn’t she realize that even with the child porn counts thrown out of court, her Vantard would still be serving decades in prison for all the other counts he was found guilty by a jury of his peers!
      Move on!!

  • Its both interesting and sad that Nikki, having courted the alt-right, for their forgiving stance over her cult membership will be finding it difficult to meet the standards of some of the most influential drivers of the neo-con rennaissance.

    According to the women-are-never-victims red-pill/manosphere, Nikki and the rest of the dead-enders have ‘hit the wall’ in terms of their age, have unnacceptable ‘body-counts’ , are straight ‘304’s’ and imagine themselves to have a value that is unrealistic and the main reason for a major increase in investment in future markets of wine and cat-food.

    Raniere did this to all his women. They seem to die very much alone. No children, no spouse. Standard. Marrianna, kr’s baby mom, being the exception that proves the rule.

    • Don’t you think that too was only done strategically? Not only did it allow him to punish Lauren and put her down, it sealed his portion of being involved with that family and allowed him to further pit all 3 sisters against one another. It’s a power play, simply using the child like he has anyone else.

  • Reuters

    December 1, 202212:41 AM GMT+1
    Jeffrey Epstein estate reaches nine-figure settlement with U.S. Virgin Islands
    By Jonathan Stempel

    NEW YORK, Nov 30 (Reuters) – Jeffrey Epstein’s estate has reached a nine-figure settlement with the U.S. Virgin Islands to settle claims the disgraced late financier used the territory as a base for his decades-long sex-trafficking operation.

    Denise George, the territory’s attorney general, on Wednesday said the estate will pay $105 million in cash plus half the proceeds from the sale of Little St. James, a private island where Epstein lived and allegedly conducted many crimes.
    The settlement includes the return of more than $80 million in tax benefits that one of Epstein’s companies, Southern Trust Co, obtained fraudulently to fuel his criminal activity, George said.
    Daniel Weiner, a lawyer for the estate, said there was no admission of liability, and the estate’s executors Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn denied wrongdoing. Indyke and Kahn had been longtime business advisers to Epstein.
    “The settlement is consistent with the co-executors’ stated intent and practice since their appointments to those roles – to resolve claims related to any misconduct by Jeffrey Epstein in a manner sensitive to those who suffered harm,” Weiner said.

    A separate restitution fund for Epstein victims paid out more than $121 million to approximately 135 claimants.


    Epstein, a registered sex offender, killed himself in August 2019 in a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.
    George sued the estate for civil penalties and asset forfeitures five months later.

    She said Epstein kept a computerized database to track girls and young women who could be trafficked to Little St. James, which he bought in 1998 as what George described as the “perfect hideaway” to rape, assault and abuse them.

    George also said Epstein bought the nearby Great St. James in 2016 to keep people from monitoring him and victims from escaping there.

    Epstein had also been accused of sexual abuse at his homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and Palm Beach, Florida.

    His former associate Ghislaine Maxwell is appealing her conviction and 20-year prison sentence for enabling Epstein’s abuse of girls.
    The government’s share of Little St. James sale proceeds will go toward counseling and other services for sexual abuse victims.

    Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Lisa Shumaker and Lincoln Feast.

  • Nicki-
    Scientology is looking for new members and the teachings bear a striking resemblance to Vanguard’s word salad. Maybe they could fix you up with Tom Cruise. He’s not in prison.

  • First of all, I’m still not totally caught up with all the details of the NXIVM case and the recent social dramas/gossips etc. I haven’t watched season 2 yet.

    So this will be a first for me, commenting as another ex-cult member of a cult Frank has been tirelessly reporting on.

    (Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re going “inter-collegiate” with our cults now!)

    I find that one of the most difficult cognitive biases people must face is the idea that a kind, smart, composed person could not be an enabler, or lying, or crazy or hurtful to others. There is this false idea that if a person is appealing to others that therefore they can’t be a bad (self-destructive) person to themselves or others. This is not true.

    Even more difficult still for some people, is that abusive people can also be loved, and be loving while at the same time cause others harm. They can even do well for others. Many narcissists select people they shower with affections, and are very careful who they select to abuse.

    We need to remove these myths.

    So, what does this say about Nikki?

    I’m not saying that Nikki is good or bad here. What I’m saying is, the argument that if you meet her you’ll find her nice and friendly, is not an argument in her favor. It’s a non-argument. She could still be abusive, or an enabler, or a liar, or self-destructive.

    I am also not saying that she deserves the abuse she is getting. She doesn’t. At all!

    And I’m also not saying that there wasn’t some kind of violation of due process. I don’t know. Guilty people can also be subject to injustices.

    However, I do worry that Nikki is a person who is unwilling to confront the reality that a person she loves, and felt loving from, is also an abusive person. Which is ironic given that in her own words she states people should be open to complexities.

    And she may also be unwilling to confront ways in which her perceptions are distorted to keep that illusion going.

    At a very deep level I actually support that people should not be victimizing themselves. I support this part. However it feels to me a bit like a 60% truth, covering up a 40% lie.

    It reminds me exactly of how some people in my cult, even so called ex-members, will simply not acknowledge that there was any abuse going on there at all, or, if there was abuse, it was only because the abused invited it on themselves.

    The pattern is the same. These are all paraphrased statements I’ve had said to me by cult members and “ex-members” still engaging in victim-blaming (still brainwashed by the cult, I suppose).

    1) “He was good to me, so I will defend him still.”

    2) “People who are good, healthy people, just keep their mouths shut and move on with their lives, taking responsibility for what they were involved in and leave it all behind.”

    3) “The only victims out there are adults who as children were already damaged by bad parenting. If they had been given a stable home with consequences, they wouldn’t have brought this abuse on themselves. They have daddy issues, I don’t.”

    4) “I’m a woman who refuses to be a victim, so I was not victimized. Only victims who say they are victims end up being victims.”

    (This last statement is thought-stopping cliche btw, one of the most basic fallacies there are.)

    I do agree it’s not healthy to carry around a label of yourself as a victim too heavily or forever. And I truly hate anyone who labels me a victim without my consent, especially in public. I call myself a survivor. Not a victim. However, the word has it’s use and for many in the grieving process it is extremely important to be able to name that you were a victim and that you were violated, or that your trust was abused. Take for example that in Canada they have a “Victim’s Fund” for victims of things like rape and homicide (relatives of homicide victims) which I think is very helpful.

    So, where is the 40% lie?

    It seems like Nikki is unable to hold that two contrasting realities (or perceptions) can exist at the same time. Which is how life actually often is… paradoxical. We make words that give us excellent powers to describe reality, but still they can indeed fall short to fully describe this complexity. Many people then, through their own inability to accept nuance, fall into rigid thinking patterns. I don’t see how there has to be a hard split here. You can be both a victim and be strong. You can both acknowledge that you were assaulted, cheated or betrayed, AND take responsibility for your life (like I have). There can be over-rigidity in both directions, you can in fact be too rigid in NOT recognizing that you were taken advantage of, and that can indeed be a pathology in itself (a kind of denial) just like you can be calling yourself a victim but not admitting where you yourself were making mistakes.

    People who come from difficult homes are more likely to be at risk for abuse. But how much of it is their fault? It’s like saying someone who was born into poverty is at fault for being exploited as a worker. You can contain the nuance that one is both born with a worse hand of cards and is not at fault for that but ALSO that they can make changes to lessen the chances of them being abused in the future. I hope Nikki understand this.

    Those who are healthiest in my opinion are able to contain the nuances.

  • Wow Nicki, you look a lot like a young, pretty Pam C. in that photo. Please beware, because ultimately Pam was deemed disposable, ignorable, and Keith got all her money.

  • Statutory rape of Rhiannon, Gina H., and Camilla. Merciless harassment lawsuits. Tax evasion, Money laundering through Mexico. Importing Mexican slaves. Creating sexual slaves. Destroying careers. Criminal neglect of terminally ill loved ones, Medically dangerous dietary restrictions and sleep deprivation. Mind control. Financial scamming. Credit card fraud. Pornographic child photos. Betrayal of trust. Fleeing the jurisdiction. Hypocrisy, through sloth and gluttony. Ignoring a consent decree. Suspicion of poisoning close associates. We all want justice, but will the victims get any? Does Nicki still love this man?

  • It’s very sad. She’s now the top girl of Keith because the other women she shared him with either saw the light, woke up and left him or got imprisoned.

  • I absolutely think its wrong for the previous lead prosecutor to be posing as an endorsement for a Hollywood HBO flick regardless of whose right or wrong. Seems very inappropriate honestly

  • It’s disgraceful that Nicki presents herself as the ONE truly suffering as a Keith loyalist considering a 12 year old and a 15 year old were raped.

    Nicki has achieved something remarkable in that she’s made being an ex sex cult slavemaster boring AF.

    Remember when We Are As You embraced #Black Lives Matter? And understanably BLM was like GTFO with your crazy cult following vaginas branded with a white slave master’s initials? Well. The loyalists immediately switched to courting the far-right. Dead-enders will go any and every direction to find Raniere support. It’s all transactional.

    What happened to the promised Vow 2 episode recaps and discussion?

  • Oh god, it’s all so tiring…

    Boring, delusional Nicki Clyne is just a broken record repeating the same tired old BS over and over again ad infinitum.

    The same hollow arguments, the same empty rhetoric…There’s just a single thing that occupies her empty mind: KAR and all the vitriol against the people that put him away.

    What a complete waste of a life.

  • “ …irresponsible of them [The Vow] not to examine the charges and their legitimacy, especially when they had access to so much evidence”

    Y’know who DID examine the evidence? The jury. They determined that Raniere was guilty on all seven charges. And that’s all that matters.

    Clyne’s opinions matter not at all.

    • Thank you. Agree 100%
      She has only ever done all of this, or continues to do all of this because she tries to fight her irrelevancy. It doesn’t matter what she does she’s irrelevant now, and she’s just as irrelevant in the eyes of Raniere too, except for how she can be used to suit his needs and as a tool to prove himself right. It’s just so so sad.
      HEY NICKI If you’re so unhappy with the government, then why did you apply for a green card and falsely marry, an “American citizen” to stay here. If you don’t like it, leave. I’ll let you know though. I don’t think Canada wants you back because they wouldn’t stand for this either as your “truth” violates the human rights of others, but you seem to care nothing about that, until it’s one particular person who deserves to be where he is.

  • Too much editorializing in this article. What the hell do we care if some random blogger thinks Nicki is displaying valor? It’s so cringey. I’d be more interested in straightforward reporting on what she’s been saying so I don’t have to waste time listening to her videos/podcasts. Paul’s opinions here are total cringe and come across as kiss-ass. Her blog’s presentation is “quite special?” Um, ok.

  • Good profile, Paul.

    And way to get that last loyalty test in there lest no one mistake you for a “deadender”! :->

    It’s amazing how many people try to humiliate and dehumanize Nicki on a daily basis, and how well she looks it straight in the eye, and responds with calm intelligence and humanity.

    I do believe she’s like a Rorschach test for anticultists: the more they try to spray her with their nasty sauce, the clearer it is that their attempts are only an expression of their own nasty souls.

    She suffers those fools way better than I do.


  • Hey, Nicki:
    Dr. Brandon Porter lives in Waukee,. Iowa only 27 miles from the Perry, Iowa home of Dr. Sam Brinton.
    Brinton is the Biden government’s top nuclear scientist and he likes to dress up as a dog while having sex!
    Is that one of Brandon Porter’s kinks?

        • Iowa is the home state of Wyatt Earp and John Wayne.

          Speaking of doxxing here are the recent legal changes in Iowa.

          Can I conceal carry in Iowa without a license?
          Effective July 1, 2021, a permit to carry will not be required in order to carry handguns in the State of Iowa as long as the individual is not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from carrying or possessing a firearm and abides by all other provisions in the new law.

          I don’t look for trouble but if trouble wants to find me it can and I will be ready.

          Iowa Amendment 1, Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment (2022)

          Iowa Amendment 1, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment, was on the ballot in Iowa as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 8, 2022.[1] The measure was approved.

          A “yes” vote supported adding a right to own and bear firearms to the Iowa Constitution and require strict scrutiny for any alleged violations of the right brought before a court.

          Iowa Amendment 1

          Result Votes Percentage
          Approved Yes

          748,349 65.17%
          No 399,961 34.83%


      • Aloonzo-

        Doc Porter is a scumbag who sat idly by while a bunch of families suffered from acute food poisoning.

        Shadow didn’t dox anyone.

  • True Fact:

    Sam Brinton, the Biden Administration scientist who works with nuclear bomb material and likes to have sex while dressed up as a dog with a dog collar around his neck, lives in Dallas County Iowa near NXIVM Doctor Brandon Porter’s home in Waukee Iowa.
    In fact Sam Brinton lives only 27 miles from Dr. Brandon Porter!

  • And no matter how you like to spin being abused by someone, Keith is still a rapist and still broke the law. Stop defending that and pretending that anyone else is responsible or should be sitting time for him. He deserves to be there and you need to move on and stop “blaming the editing” like so many do. If you are “in control”, you’re also responsible and stop victim blaming for people who endured serious abuse. You want to complain someone sent you a cruel message. Is not raping a 13 year old and holding someone hostage while you fuck every other girl in the neighborhood also cruel? If someone is so in control of their lives, they’re also responsible for the actions that they do and the issues they create.
    If he was out, he would still be raping and still be manipulating people and that is a crime. Should he live in a roach free cell and retain some basic human rights? Sure. But there is also consequences in life, and his case, 120 years isn’t even enough.
    And again, you don’t know how somebody grew up or what they saw, and if they had enough time to process it. You fail to see what other see and yet pretend you are the height of truth and enlightenment.
    I grew up with a predator as a brother, I faced what that looks like and I can tell you right now that those actions are no different than somebody like Keith Ranerie. After almost 40 years in my case, they will never change, they only get worse. And yes, there is such thing as a using people to a point where it becomes a crime. And remember when Keith said he’s had people killed for his beliefs? Is that the belief that he’s better than other people and can get away with it. How’s that any different than what you’re speaking against?

    I don’t see a good or caring heart in you at all, I see a person who cannot admit something to themselves, so makes excuses to preach to the world. You choose to see us vs them and that’s a mistake because before you know it your life will be over and you will have wasted it being the one who is dismissing honest chances to learn and grow, not the other way around. You did that for someone who is not and will not ever be loyal to you truly. Hope you’re happy with that, as you say, it’s your choice.

    • “The screaming of abuse is abuse in itself.” – Nancy Salzman, President of Executive Success Programs sex cult.

      • I wouldn’t be quoting someone who regrets saying it and only said it second hand from an abuser who used that curriculum to manipulate many. That’s why it was confiscated by the government to never be seen again.
        Anyone who doesn’t like it, don’t live here? These are the rules and laws of our land. You do not change the system by just saying it’s wrong and having disdain, you do it from the inside. Do the real work instead of taking things out of context to suit your needs.

        “And so there I was. I was gonna go to Harvard. It was obvious. I was gonna be a lawyer and play in the God-damned system, and that was that. I was my old man. He knew, so what else could I do? I mean, there’s no future in anarchy; I mean let’s face it. But when I was into it, there was never a thought of the future. I mean we were certain the world was gonna end, but when it didn’t, I had to do something, so **** it. I could always be a litigator in New York and piss the shit out of the judges. I mean that was me: a trouble maker of the future. The guy that was one of those guys that my parents so arrogantly saved the world for, so we could **** it up. We can do a hell of a lot more damage in the system than outside of it. That was the final irony, I think. That, and well, this. And “**** you” for all of you who were thinking it: I guess when all was said and done, I was nothing more than a God-damned, trendy-ass poser.”

  • It should be noted that on her defense of Raniere, as she surrounds herself in a cloak of righteous claiming to be fighting against the unscrupulous, she consistently ignores the three sisters and the various ways they were abused. This goes back to the Raniere training that victims cannot exist. In her mind, they were never abused. This is the the true person pretending to fight for justice.

  • I tried years ago to share my truth about Joe Biden but no one wanted to listen.
    I hope you Biden voters are proud of the Biden Regime’s greatest nuclear expert.
    Arrested non binary nuclear waste guru Sam Brinton, 34, ADMITS stealing bag from Minneapolis Airport

  • It’s funny how Nicki thinks we care about her experience in NXIVM…We don’t! We care about the people who were raped and blackmailed…the reason KR is in prison. If your experience in NXIVM was positive, good for you, you dodged a bullet. Stop putting this dumb cunt on a pedestal.

    • What can you expect from a self-obsessed narcissist. She’s Raniere without a dick, her empathy stripped away leaving an empty shell in its wake, devoid of soul or conscience.

  • Nah. Nicki Clyne is just a shill and mouthpiece for her boyfriend and master. None of the ideas espouses and promotes are her own, nor any of the existing causes she has pilfered (like her master often did) are sincere in and of themselves, and never meant anything to her until they could be attached to her so-called guru. She’s the primary (somewhat) attractive salesperson for a shitty product. If Kristin Kreuk or Allison Mack was still “brainwashed” like her they would serve the same function.

      • No mostly current. She was even in contact with other convicts at the prison specifically so she and Raniere could communicate. Its part if the reason why Raniere remains isolated. Think about that, the level of devotion that she was making herself available to other felons just for words from her master.

        • To Erasend, every motivation his enemies have, is reducible to sex and money.

          I believe the Great Reductivist reveals his own character more than anyone else’s.

          What about the need to defecate, Erasend? Will your head explode if you add that as a possible motivation for your enemies, too?


        • “Mouthpiece” is the body part where slaves give a master a group blowjob.

          Or in prison, where an ex-master now gives same to a group of bigger cons.

        • Yeah, the whole prisoner reform thing is just a cynical smokescreen to facilitate secret messaging to the master. It also has an additional bonus of bolstering her deluded fan base on Twitter. Poor Nicki – seems like the elevator of those numbers is on the way down since the Orange Ape has started to lose his.

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