Kevin: Highest Hypocrisy; Readers Forgive Mature Two But Mean to Mack, Roberts, Clyne and Kreuk

By this time, everyone knows who the “Two” are. They are Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente.

I call them “mature” because they ranked higher in NXIVM than Allison, Danielle, and others. Others Kevin knows, cares for, or feels badly about. Kevin should have his say and defend his friend Allison and other NXIVM friends he may know.

I know Mark and Sarah not as Nxians but as anti-Raniere whistleblowers. Whatever these two did for NXIVM, to build it – and they did a lot – they did as much or more against NXIVM and Raniere. In this world, to the victor goes the spoils – so if Vicente and Edmondson achieve some success or fame, that’s how it goes. They won with a little help from their friends like Catherine, Moira and me.

If it had been up to Allison, Dr. Roberts would be branding women on their groins tonight. And Allison would pose slaves naked. And tell them how beautiful their cunts are – and slyly send the photos to Master Raniere.

Kevin feels readers are hypocrites because they hold Allison and Dr. Danielle to a higher standard than Sarah and Mark. He feels Frank Report readers roasted Kristin Kreuk in a way that no one ever did with Sarah and Mark.

The problem is Kreuk never tried to stop Raniere. And Danielle, Nicki, and others continue to waste the best years of their lives working to free him. Their argument is the worst argument: that Raniere was a good guy.

Meanwhile, their careers continue downward in direct proportion to their defense of Raniere.

The public is unsympathetic to a guy who raped underage girls. Or who started a blackmail, master-slave MLM sorority with only one man, himself, at the top of the pyramid. But who kept his role as leader secret – which required lying to the recruits that it was all female – when a man had the absolute and final say over every woman in DOS.

Raniere was a guy who devised the idea of branding women on their pussies with his initials. But he commanded they lie about it, forbidding his slaves from telling their slaves.

He told Lauren Salzman that since Sarah was her slave and Lauren was his slave, Sarah would have to do anything he said. Even have sex with him – because his role as Sarah’s grandmaster is higher than her husband’s role.

Not only was it stupid to create such a scheme. But it is stupid to support it and continue to detonate their futures by supporting it.

Now that is one man’s opinion – mine. Kevin has an altogether different view, and who knows, perhaps he’s right. Maybe Keith is not a rascal. Maybe he is not a criminal and hater of humanity.

Take it Way, Kevin…

By Kevin

Kristin Kreuk, who was never in DOS, and has never been accused of wrongdoing by anyone in DOS or the NXIVM parent company, was torn to pieces on this blog for being part of the NXIVM organization.

People suggested an event she held for girls was designed to groom the girls for sex with Raniere, despite no evidence of that, and despite no one who attended the event or a relative ever accusing her of that.

She received hate mail from people on this site, and her family members received harassing phone calls, all based on speculation and gossip.

Look at the standard you held Kristin Kreuk to, the standard you hold the people who got something meaningful from the organization to, and compare it with the standard that Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente have been held to.

Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson

Edmondson and Vicente, who ran the recruiting centers, who profited for years, who continue to profit to this day. Vicente, who was a close friend of Raniere, and Edmondson, who had her hands in almost every program, activity and subsidiary, including DOS, who had no problem with DOS practices and protocols until she did.

It’s a joke. You can’t be a hero for calling the fire department to put out a fire when you’re the ones who set the building on fire in the first place.

Only when all parties are held to the same standards do people see how outrageous it is for a person to lose a professional license over this, or how unfair it is for people to be personally attacked over things that happened in their private lives.

You think Keith Raniere is guilty? That he hurt underage girls? Maybe he is. Maybe he did. The people who defend him disagree. And that’s not the same thing as endorsing or excusing the crimes he was convicted of.

Because if it was, and if Mark and Sarah were being held to the same standards, you could ask them why they continued to support Raniere and the organization years after the allegations were first publicized.

But that would require people to put on their thinking caps, put away the Elmer’s Glue, and turn off the entertainment show/television commercial disguised as a news documentary about sexual assault.

You marks.

Hoodwinked by a professional actress and filmmaker who have more in common with Raniere and the Bronfmans than all of Raniere’s supporters put together, times 10,000. You renounce Raniere while supporting the two former members who are the most like him, who continue to use his practices and tactics to silence, threaten and demean their opponents to this day.

Lauren Salzman was the Director of Educaton for NXIVM. She recruited Sarah Edmondson into DOS and lied to her about the meaning of the brand. It was a foolish mistake, because when Sarah found out she was not happy.

And Lauren Salzman Goes Scot-free…

Moira Penza, the lead prosecutor in the NXIVM case, the other DOJ prosecutors, and the two lead plaintiffs in the civil suit, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente, disagree with Suzanne’s take on the cruelty of keeping Daniela in the room.

They either don’t think things happened this way, or if they do, they just don’t care.

Which explains why Lauren Salzman received no prison time, and why both Nancy and Lauren Salzman were dropped from the civil suit.

Oh wait, I know, let’s take what the higher ups in the organization allegedly did and shift the blame, responsibility and consequences for those things onto people who did not do those things, but who make for good scapegoats.

Which is why you’re so “big mad” at things that went on in this organization, but have no issues with so many of the highest ranking people who either directly participated in illicit activity, or had knowledge that they went on.

How much money did Vicente and Edmondson make in the organization?

For how long were they aware of the allegations against Raniere?

The Albany Times Union told the story of Raniere’s alleged pedophilia back in 2012.

And for how long did they stay in the organization after being made aware of those allegations?

I’ve been waiting for an answer to those questions for a long time. And no one will answer them, because the answers don’t coincide with what people want to believe.

If you’re so upset at what happened to Daniella, why don’t you ask Vicente and Edmondson why they removed two of her primary abusers from the civil suit, likely without her approval?

Why don’t you ask Moira Penza why Lauren received no jail time if what she participated in was so horrific?

Because, heaven forbid, we hold the made-for-TV good guys to the same standards and level of scrutiny as a group of women who have the nerve to question the official story and stand up for themselves.

Danielle Roberts lost her medical license standing up for her grandmaster, Keith Alan Raniere, and her right to brand women on their groins with his initials on her own time, without it being called the practice of medicine.  She also stood up for not disclosing to those women that the brand stood for Keith Raniere’s initials, knowing that Lauren Salzman, and Allison Mack lied to the women and told them it was a symbol of the four elements.

Nicki Clyne does not believe the official narrative about Keith Alan Raniere. She thinks he was in the right to do what he did in relation to Daniela. She blames Daniela for her stubbornness and her family, not Keith for keeping her documents from her. Raniere was only trying to help Daniela learn not to be defiant, dishonest and a thief.

She has not commented on Raniere’s employing her to hack Raniere’s enemies and her own sister’s computers and social media.

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  • Sarah Edmonton stopped a juggernaut filled with young women from filling the bedroom of Raniere. If dos wasn’t halted when it was, the recruitment of young women would have been at full speed, One Grand Master. Twenty Masters and the branches that hang down from that. In a year it’s easily a thousand women.
    When Bonnie, Mark, Sarah etc saw the crime and the evil intent of the company they immediately jumped ship and rang warning alarms. Nicki, Michele and the rest of dos wore skimpy clothing and danced outside of the jail. Bet the gunners loved that. Know what a jailhouse gunner is?
    Sarah, Nippy, Mark, Bonnie etc knew that the community they had embraced and loved being a part of was now history for them. They would never know that sort of camaraderie again. Instead they joined forces and they brought down the ‘Death Star’. Because that’s what that organisation was.
    The dancing deluded are all fearful of starting an independent life that doesn’t include Keith. It’s good old fashioned fear. They all got their sense of purpose and identity between the legs of that hairy little orc Keith. There’s no penis in the world that great, that would make me change my mind about anything. They have to get on with their lives and accept the fact they were never “special”, they weren’t reincarnated Buddhist goddesses, or, the only ones that inspire Keith’s sexual energy with their fat free body frames, Keith’s sexual energy is now down to “knocking one out” in the shower with a photograph in his hand. Makes me smile to think of it. His new “bunkee” is a transsexual called Fly. He has to sleep with one eye open, and the other eye on his locker padlock and sock. I’m loving it. Karma is good.

  • I think the time has come to repatriate Nicki to Canada. She is not conducive to public safety. She also participated in an arrangement of marriage for someone to get citizenship. Why is this chick still walking the streets? Deport or arrest, or ideally both,

  • I totally agree with Kevin and his writing. Especially after seeing more of the Vow 2, and realizing the depth and attitudes of Mark, Sarah, and her husband. What just they were involved in, to what degree, how they treated people. They are no heroes or whistleblowers here. Disgusting people. They made tons of money off the suffering of peoples minds.

  • Kevin you have endless gripes about how Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson earned money within ESP. But you are allegedly employed by the military and you stated that the government lies all of the time. Once again you are hypocritical. You draw money lifelong benefits benefits and you’ve even tried to get Praise on this blog for being in the military. The only reason any Frank report readers know you to be a member of the military is because you brought it up seeking to gain authenticity praise and attention . But you also repeatedly state that the government lies all of the time. That makes you also the type of person who chooses to earn a living inside a lying hierarchical organization. The difference is you are making a completely knowing choice. Whereas when Sarah Edmondson was actively recruiting for ESP she believed it was an honest righteous organization. Maybe all of your hatred towards Mark and Sarah is really a reflection of a hatred within yourself for being such a hypocrite and upholding an organization that you do not believe in because you feel there lying all of the time.

  • I concur…Mark seems like the biggest phony I’ve ever seen. His wife was trying to tell him about how bad things were and he said, “I’m sorry you feel that way, Boo” without the slightest bit of sincerity. What a clown.

  • “She received hate mail from people on this site, and her family members received harassing phone calls, all based on speculation and gossip.”

    How do you know she received hate mail or that her family received phone calls?

    Would not be surprising if sultan had their contact details but it would be unlikely people, especially on this site would even get their phone numbers or mail address.

    Also, there was not speculation and gossip. Nothing false was said.

    Weren’t you a behind the scenes person on the superman show or something two decades ago? Are you still in contact with Mack and Kreuk. If not, how do you know what you said?

  • We are mean to Allison Mack a woman who branded people on their genitals with hot metal!
    Boo Hoo Hoo!

    Are you by any chance a member of Allison Mack’s family?

  • An excellent interview from Katie Couric Media with Sarah Edmondson reflecting on the The Vow 2.

    When asked about the voicemail that Nancy replayed, when Sarah told her to “Wake the fuck up” and “’re an embarrassment to mothers everywhere!”…

    Edmondson: “I’ve had zero contact with Nancy since I left that voicemail. The filmmakers reached out and said, “are you comfortable with this being in?” I said of course. That was a key interaction for me. And I’m just impressed that she saved that voicemail. I think for a lot of people like myself or survivors of these types of things, we never get to confront the leadership. They’re always on such a pedestal, it’s such a system of control. For me to say that to her and for people to see it is very validating.”

  • “Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 201 Filed 11/17/18 Page 1 of 3 PageID #: 1497

    November 17, 2018 VIA ECF

    The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis United States District Judge
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Re: United States v. Raniere, et al., No. 18-cr-204 (NGG) Dear Judge Garaufis:
    We respectfully submit this letter on behalf of all Defendants concerning the initial pretrial motions filed yesterday. To assist the Court in its review, Defendants provide the following summary, which lists the motions that are directed against each count of the Indictment. Furthermore, as indicated below, Defendants join each other’s motions to the extent applicable.

    Count One: RICO Conspiracy / All Defendants
     Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, and Nancy Salzman (joined by all Defendants) move to dismiss Count One, or at a minimum most of the predicate acts, for failure to allege a “pattern” of racketeering.
     Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, and Nancy Salzman (joined by all Defendants) move to dismiss Count One as impermissibly duplicitous, or alternatively for an order directing the government to elect which RICO conspiracy it will prosecute.
     Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, and Nancy Salzman (joined by all Defendants) move to dismiss Count One as unconstitutionally vague.
     Keith Raniere (joined by all Defendants) moves to dismiss Count One for failure to allege a sufficient enterprise or a horizontally-related pattern of racketeering activity.
     Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, and Nancy Salzman (joined by all Defendants) and Keith Raniere (joined by all Defendants) move to dismiss the following predicate acts for failure to specify the underlying offenses or allege essential elements:

    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 201 Filed 11/17/18 Page 2 of 3 PageID #: 1498

    The Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis November 17, 2018
    o Racketeering Act 1-A: Identity Theft Conspiracy / Raniere and Russell

    Page 2
    o o
    o o o o o o o o

    Racketeering Act 1-B: Identification Document Conspiracy / Raniere and Russell Racketeering Act 2-A: Identity Theft Conspiracy / Raniere, Bronfman, Russell, and Nancy Salzman
    Racketeering Act 2-B: Identity Theft / Raniere and Russell
    Racketeering Act 2-C: Identity Theft / Raniere and Bronfman Racketeering Act 4: Identity Theft Conspiracy / Raniere
    Racketeering Act 5-A: Encouraging and Inducing Illegal Entry / Bronfman Racketeering Act 5-B: Money Laundering / Bronfman
    Racketeering Act 6-A: Labor Trafficking / Raniere and Lauren Salzman Racketeering Act 6-B: Document Servitude / Raniere and Lauren Salzman Racketeering Act 10: Identity Theft Conspiracy / Raniere and Bronfman
     Lauren Salzman (joined by all Defendants) moves to dismiss the following predicate acts on the grounds that they are unconstitutionally vague, fail to state an offense, are not alleged with adequate particularity, and/or are multiplicitous:
    o Racketeering Act 7: State Law Extortion / Raniere, Mack, and Lauren Salzman o Racketeering Act 9-A: Forced Labor / Lauren Salzman
    o Racketeering Act 9-B: State Law Extortion / Lauren Salzman
     Keith Raniere and Allison Mack (joined by all Defendants) move to dismiss Racketeering Act 8.
    Count Two: Forced Labor Conspiracy / Raniere, Mack, and Lauren Salzman
     Allison Mack (joined by Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman) moves to dismiss Count Two for failure to allege the offense with adequate particularity.
     Allison Mack (joined by Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman) moves to dismiss Count Two for failure to state an offense.
    Count Four: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy / Raniere and Mack Count Five: Sex Trafficking / Raniere and Mack
    Count Six: Attempted Sex Trafficking / Raniere and Mack
     Allison Mack (joined by Keith Raniere) moves to dismiss Counts Four, Five, and Six for failure to allege the offenses with adequate particularity.
     Allison Mack (joined by Keith Raniere) moves to dismiss Counts Four, Five, and Six for failure to state an offense.
     Allison Mack (joined by Keith Raniere) moves to dismiss Counts Four, Five, and Six as unconstitutionally vague.

    Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS Document 201 Filed 11/17/18 Page 3 of 3 PageID #: 1499

    The Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis

    November 17, 2018 Page 3

     Keith Raniere (joined by Allison Mack) moves to dismiss Counts Four, Five, and Six because the allegations are duplicitous and fail to set forth a factual violation of the sex trafficking statute.
    Count Seven: Identity Theft Conspiracy / Raniere and Bronfman
     Clare Bronfman (joined by Keith Raniere) moves to dismiss Count Seven for failure to allege essential elements.
     Clare Bronfman (joined by Keith Raniere) moves to dismiss Count Seven for lack of venue.
    Other Motions
     Clare Bronfman, Kathy Russell, Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, and Lauren Salzman (all joined by Keith Raniere) move for a bill of particulars.
     Keith Raniere (joined by all Defendants) moves for prompt disclosure of Brady materials.
     Keith Raniere (joined by all Defendants) moves to obtain the trial testimony of foreign

    From the Court’s Order dated October 15, 2018, we understand that the Court will not set a schedule for other types of pretrial motions (such as those related to discovery and severance) until after the court reviews these initial motions. If the Court denies their motions to dismiss, Defendants anticipate filing such motions, including motions for severance and suppression.

    Respectfully submitted,
    /s/ Alexandra A.E. Shapiro Alexandra A.E. Shapiro

    cc: Counsel of Record (by ECF)”

  • *** You can’t be a hero for calling the fire department to put out a fire when you’re the ones who set the building on fire in the first place.***

    Cmon dude, you cannot be serious.

    I have no empathy for Mark or Sarah, but to accuse them of being the root cause of the building being in flames goes well beyond disingenuous and borders on insanity.

    Had you claimed they’d stood and watched everything ignite or even fanned the flames, I might be able to at least give the benefit of the doubt but you went full psycho.

    Sarah brought in how many people and even knowing the shenanigans afoot, she stood silent for quite some time before her conscience kicked in. She still hasn’t come close to returning any monetary gain and I doubt she ever does. Slimy Vicente is worse IMO- Bonnie tried at so many turns to warn him; shine a light on KR and the entire clusterfuckery, showing him evidence, stating clear facts, and he basically told her to eff off. That she’s remained with him is more than a little troublesome to me, but it’s her life, and if she can overlook what he did to her, then it’s on her.

    But you’re trying to bend yourself into pretzel-like states to claim these two, (who ultimately did come clean and admit what they knew to authorities, of which AM and the others you so fervently defend had more than ample opportunity to do the same, yet chose to stand with KR) are somehow more worthy of vitriol and loathing is at the very least maligned but more likely diversionary in nature.

    Just let go, bruh.

  • Kevin, you say Kreuk was unfairly criticized for things she did not do, and Mack was unfairly criticized for what she did do. You knew them both in your years at Smallville, so please share your knowledge of why Kreuk and Mack had such different experiences in the sex cult.

  • Mark and Sarah are profiteers. Sarah might not known as much…but Mark doesn’t have an excuse. He videotaped and audio recorded most every person and every call. He hand to have known, especially about Keith. No way you are that close to the top brass and not have a clue. And Sarah was branded and in DOS…so she obviously knew alot more about Dos and Lauren and Michelle Salzman sisters. The one that boggles my mind is how Michelle Meyers Salzman got out with nothing…..not even an investigation or charges. Now shes the brightest one of them all!

    • What did Michelle do that you think she should have been charged for? (I’ll wait as you answer me with your typical crickets)

          • Nice Guy still does not know where babies come from, and Ronnie does not know where Nancy comes from or when she is coming.

            When Nancy finally comes to the USA – after 15 years of Ronnie sending her payments to come, please stay away from Nancy, or you’ll break Ronnie’s heart. Or alternatively would you consider buying her from Ronnie. He has about $60,000 invested in getting her to the USA. She’s still in Ghana.

          • She might. I do not know the point of the old lady. I can imagine the Vow people wanting it in the scene.

    • 100%.

      Even had he not been witness to almost everything that transpired, HIS WIFE was very clearly voicing to him what he’d been privy to for years, and he largely ignored her and at points tried to gaslight her into shutting up.

      He’s a grifter of the highest order, and it’s ridiculous to me that he’s basically been glossed over rather nonchalantly by almost everyone who knows this case. He’s so slimy.

        • Agreed. However, Mark probably still likes Keith….but at least he did take Keith down….even if to selfishly save his own ass. Or maybe Mark finally woke up? The only weird thing is mark still records people all the time. I still think Mark and Sarah are heros, even if their intentions weren’t genuine. I’m still tossed up on this one. I wish they would come out more directly and address why they really took him down. To save your own ass from prosecution or because you truly realized Keith and the Salzman 3 were hurting others.

      • Helana-

        That retired, amateur ice skater shall rot in the ‘bowels’ of hell….

        …Which is Frank’s GI tract after he downs a bucket of extra-hot Buffalo Wings.

  • Kevin you’re elaborate hypothesis does not pan out.

    Holding Sarah and Mark accountable for ignoring the newspaper article does not engender anymore positive feelings about Danielle Roberts in this Frank Report reader.

    Danielle Roberts deserved to lose her license. And Sarah and Mark should never have ignored or self- censored reading the Times Union report on Keith.

    Maybe try giving up an attempt to control how other humans feel or think about individuals that are important to you, Kevin.

    Because it’s never going to work. It didn’t work trying to control everyone’s beliefs in ESP, it doesn’t ultimately work in any cult. And it’s not going to work here either.

    The public at large opinion of Danielle Roberts also is not going to change anyone’s legal or disciplinary board fate.

  • Kreuk is an interesting case. She was apparently the first of the Smallvillians to join the Nxivm cult, the Patient Zero if you will who carried the virus to the set. (It proved minimally transmissible.) It was she who recruited Mack and so according to Kevin’s bizarre scheme of things Kreuk is more guilty than her even though Kreuk had nothing to do with DOS and the branding and the blackmail or anything else criminal.

    Kreuk of course denounced Nxivm and Raniere when the merde hit the fan and the indictments were coming down. She tried to minimize her involvement, which was considerable. I have trouble believing she didn’t know at least some of what was going on and surely she knew about Raniere’s character and proclivities. There are legitimate questions to be asked regarding what exactly the fuck she thought she was doing recruiting teen girls into the organization with outreach efforts like Girls By Design. Raniere’s misogynistic unethical and frankly predatory teachings were no secret. They were part of the Nxivm curriculum. So what the hell was Kreuk thinking?

    After her statement renouncing Nxivm though she went silent on the subject. That in itself is a bit odd.

    Kreuk has been a guest on both of Michael Rosenbaum’s podcasts. Former castmates he has had on have talked about the cult. Tom Welling and he have laughed about it on several occasions. Both Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl) and Erica Durance (Lois) have talked about Mack’s attempts to recruit them. Vandervoort was especially pissed about it.

    None of them talk about Kreuk trying to recruit anyone on set. Which seems curious, since she recruited Mack. It seems like the topic is off limits.

    Some of this code of silence may have to do with Rosenbaum and Kreuk having dated each other. Plainly, Nxivm is a sore subject with Kreuk, which is hard to understand if she had as little involvement as she claims.

    Callum Blue (Zod), who took a couple of courses and quit, has talked about it. It’s not a sore subject with him. It then again he wasn’t recruiting people, recruiting kids, teaching “tech” or trying to advance up the idiot stripe path like she was. She was a true believer.

  • “You can’t be a hero for calling the fire department to put out a fire when you’re the ones who set the building on fire in the first place.”

    Great analogy, Kevinicki!

    By “fire” you must be subconsciously thinking about the branding, no? Because that was why Sarah went public, that for more than any other reason. But she didn’t start the fire.

    And we all know there was someone high up in DOS (clue: not Allison), who had been recruited by Sarah into MXIVM, who was out for payback. Someone who had paid quite a lot of dosh into NXIVM over the years, while Sarah and Mark had been doing the opposite.

    That narrows the field down a bit.

    Still, that person was a little bit naive thinking she could get away with it, don’t you think? After all, she had really pushed the idea to:
    1. Sanction the use of Keith’s initials in the brand.
    2. Not inform the ‘riff raff’ what the brand stood for or where it was to be placed.

    Thanks to Sarah, the metaphorical fire was indeed put out, and not a moment too soon. And now the ‘arsonists’ are paying for it.

    • Rosa Lara?
      Another one who walks away scot free? I am a reader , never belonged however thats the impression I got!
      Also probably why The Times gave the exaggerated branding story ( from Sarah) any ink at all…
      Yep scapegoats.

  • Are “Kevin’s” posts as epically over written and over wrought as the writing of Suneel? Or Nicki Clyne?

    Or is “Kevin” just so repetitive, whiny and boring that his posts are just eerily similar?

    And how does, “Kevin” know what time and tenor of letters and phone calls Kristen Kruek’s family got after Smallville ended? And who wrote those letters? Allegedly Kevin worked on Smallville, but doesn’t know anybody personally. Except allegedly Alison Mack very peripheraly. And the Smallville was long over when the. Nxivm cult blew up.

    Yet this is the second time “Kevin” has claimed to know about personal phone calls to. Nxivm cult members and their families.

    Previously, “Kevin” claimed to kniw about a phone call from Sarah Edmonson to Nicki Clyne’s mom.

    Kevin really knows a lot of off the books information for not being in any way affiliated with anyone in this Nxivm cult.

  • Sometimes it takes a particular action on the part of an abuser to be able to look back and realize they were lying, manipulating, and abusing all along. If one is already accustomed to abuse, it takes an egregiously abusive action to get past one’s tolerance/acceptance of abuse (like having one’s flesh branded with a cauterizing pen perhaps). If your exalted leader has been lying and claiming news reports on his actions are merely attempts to discredit him, you will believe him until you discover he is, in fact, a pathologically deceitful sociopath. There’s Sarah and Mark In a nutshell.

    We teach children to handle mistakes they make by: apologizing; trying not to make the same mistake again; trying to correct the mistake they did make; learning to accept that some mistakes cannot be corrected and you have to live with the consequences; and moving on from that mistake. Sounds like Sarah and Mark did this.

    We also teach children that respect and friendship in life are earned. One of the ways to earn those is by handling mistakes as outlined above.

    Those still holding on to an illusion of Raniere as some benevolent, innocent entity are mistaken. And so, they have not earned the same respect as Sarah and Mark. Whatever potential malfeasance there might have been from the FBI, it is not germane to this reality – Raniere’s remaining supporters are living with the consequences of their own statements and actions. Speak and act in favor of a pathologically deceitful and selfish sociopath, and you will gain no respect from the majority of society.

    • Kevin – Do you understand this comment from L? Trying to figure out if you simply don’t get it, or you don’t care.

    • “Speak and act in favor of a pathologically deceitful and selfish sociopath, and you will gain no respect from the majority of society.”

      Well, it worked for quit a few Trump acolytes……at least for some time…

      • point taken – perhaps I should amend that “gain no respect from the majority of society in the long run.” And sometimes that run is very very long indeed.

  • I feel bad for Sarah Edmondson. Dozens of drifters have profited from her trauma. She told me she was traumatized and I felt bad for her. But she’s strong and inspiring to so many women. She’s beautiful and I’m glad she is doing better. Mr.Kevin, with that being said, you make a lot of really good points about the hierarchies roles. I don’t think Danielle was a true prisoner of Keith. She had a whole window to climb out of.

  • “It’s a joke. You can’t be a hero for calling the fire department to put out a fire when you’re the ones who set the building on fire in the first place.”
    Imo it’s not a joke, it’s real life.
    “She has not commented on Raniere’s employing her to hack Raniere’s enemies and her own sister’s computers and social media.” This sounds criminal.

  • Even if Mark and Sarah still secretly look up to Keith and Nancy now, it is what they had done and what they provided that got Keith and Nancy in prison that makes them appear i a positive light, even if only to selfishly save themselves from prosecution. The others still think that Keith and Nancy and Lauren are amazing people and weren’t smart enough to see the writing on the wall that their corporation that they were part of was collapsing around them. Mack, Roberts, Clyne and Kreuk are too self absorbed to realize that it’s sometimes better to save yourself to go down with the ship no matter how much you’re believe in your captain. And then to top it off when your Titanic sinks you still say your captain did a great job.

    • Uh…Kreuk saved herself (or had help to do so) almost a decade ago, long before the Titanic…cough…I mean, the U.S.S. Raniere hit the FBI iceberg in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and sank. She transferred to another boat (name publicly unknown) and rode it into the harbor and hopped onto safe land.

      • Hate to be picky, but there never was and never will be the U.S.S. Raniere, because that would make it a U.S. Navy ship. The proper name for the Nxivm ship that sank was The Love Boat.

        Miss Kreuk, being Canadian, was transported to Newfoundland via fishing boat but has smelled of cod ever since, hence remains unmarried.

        • Please. Kreuk remains unmarried because she chooses to be so. Otherwise, she could easily be married now and could’ve easily been married – and not just by anyone, but excellent suitors – well over a decade ago.

          • Since you obviously know Kristin, could you possibly put in a word for a friend of mine who is also single? He uses the screen name Sultan of Six. I know she would have to meet him and like him, but if you could see if she would be interested in a date, something good might come out of it.

          • I do not personally know Kristin so I could not help in such an endeavor. I just made a judgement based solely on my general knowledge of the social dynamics of the sexes and her particular looks, wealth, and status. There is no doubt in my mind that she remains unmarried only by her own choice and not for a lack of suitors.

  • Allison Mack Cult Recruitment Videos 2013-2017 (NXIVM, Jness, DOS, sex slave cult, pyramid scheme)

    Nathan Baker

    In 2007, Allison Mack, “Smallville” television star, joined Keith Raniere’s cult/pyramid scheme NXIVM. She was recruited into the scheme by fellow “Smallville” actress Kristin Kreuk. Over time, even while the cult’s illegal practices grew more sinister and depraved, Mack worked her way up within the pyramidal hierarchy, eventually replacing the late Pam Cafritz at the top of Keith Raniere’s personal harem and becoming second in charge of the cult’s female “slaves.”

    After Cafritz died in 2016, Mack assumed leadership of the NXIVM subsidiary “women’s group” Jness. Mack then formed a secretive subgroup within NXIVM called “Dominus Obsequious Sororium” or “Dominant Over Submissive” (DOS), in which women were coerced into serving as sex slaves.

    Both “women’s groups,” Jness and DOS, are based on the teachings of cult ringleader Keith Raniere. Both programs require members to keep the teachings secret.

    Jness starts with entry-level “self-improvement” courses about female empowerment. Beginners are not told about the higher-level teachings until they prove themselves qualified.

    After Mack assumed control of Jness, it became a training ground and recruitment camp for DOS. According to NXIVM’s former publicist, the “cream” of Jness women were invited to join DOS, and the “cream” of DOS women were handpicked by Keith Raniere to become his sex slaves and join his personal harem of approximately two dozen women.

    All women in DOS also provide labor as personal “slaves” for their female “masters” within the pyramid. Mack directly controls several women as their slave master.

    In the testimonial videos compiled here, Allison Mack promotes Jness, speaking about it vaguely and innocuously as a women’s empowerment group that teaches personal responsibility and positive relationships among women. These testimonials, created by Mack from 2013 to 2017, are compiled here chronologically.

    Allison Christin Mack was arrested on April 20, 2018, on federal charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor. In a filing with the court, federal prosecutors asserted that Mack “is charged with using force, fraud and coercion to recruit and maintain DOS slaves, and instructing those slaves to engage in sexual acts with Raniere, among other assignments. [Mack] aggressively recruited DOS slaves and required those slaves to recruit slaves of their own. As alleged in the complaint charging [Raniere], [Mack] was focused on recruiting attractive young women who could meet Raniere’s sexual preferences.”

    Keith Raniere and Allison Mack both face fifteen years to life in prison.

    • Interesting video clips. What comes across is how emotionally and psychologically vulnerable Mack was to Raniere’s manipulation.

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