News of NXIVM: Two Compilations of Scandalous Details

While it is a fact that ‘The Vow Part 2’ has been having dismal audience numbers, much lower than the first season, it is also undeniable that the new season has once again ignited the fire of curiosity among mainstream media readers about everything NXIVM.

The press is keeping the interest going, and trying to inform the average mainstream reader about the many aspects of this saga of deceit and criminality the best they can, which I’m afraid to inform, is not very well.

The Vow Part 2 has brought back attention to the NXIVM saga.

What we have here are two news sites seemingly attempting to gather ‘every scandalous detail’ of this story in a single article, which is, as we know here in the Frank Report, quite impossible.

Fashion magazine ‘Elle’ has been covering the new ‘Vow’ season in their ‘culture’ section, subsection ‘Celebrity News’. That alone should tell you everything there is to know about their warped perception of this case.

Elle is covering NXIVM in its ‘celebrity news’ section.

They now put out something called Every Wild Allegation From the NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Trial. Pretty ambitious, right?

The piece states that ‘Prosecutors claim NXIVM was an illegal pyramid scheme, which Raniere used to recruit women and force them to have sex with him.’ I know for a fact that if I attempted such an imprecise and overly succinct explanation of the ESP-NXIVM-DOS axis of crime, I would not have a place here in the Frank Report to write about this case.

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The list: For ‘Elle’, ‘every wild allegation’ in the NXIVM trial equals just seven.

‘At his trial in May 2019,’ the Elle piece continues, ‘jurors heard a seemingly endless slew of lurid testimony, including detailed descriptions of how he had sex with underaged girls and forced three women he impregnated to get abortions. It took just five hours of deliberation to find him guilty of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, racketeering, and conspiracy to commit forced labor.’

So, right after talking about the ‘endless slew of lurid testimony’, Elle appears to forget the size of the problem and states: ‘Here are all of the harrowing, and at times disturbing, allegations that have emerged about NXIVM’s sinister sex practices.’

ALL the allegations, in their not-so-learned opinion, are seven. Yes, you read it right. Seven.

·         Actress Allison Mack was in a secret sect of the organization called a “master-slave” sex ring by prosecutors and which allegedly branded women.

·         One member claimed Mack told her that having sex with Raniere would “get rid of” her sexual abuse trauma.

·         Raniere allegedly groomed a 15-year-old girl who went on to become his first “slave.”

·         The female sex “slaves” allegedly arranged themselves naked in front of Raniere while he lectured them.

·         One member was kept isolated in a bedroom for two years. She claims that Raniere had sex with her and both of her sisters—and asked them all to get abortions.

·         NXIVM leaders kept tabs on members by monitoring their usernames and passwords.

·         An heiress to the Seagram fortune harbored an undocumented immigrant for financial gain, and stole a dead woman’s financial information.

Because ‘The Cut’ put their list from The Vow documentary only, they missed half a million dollars in the shoeboxes. That’s extreme, right?

New York Magazine’s ‘The Cut’ basically tried the same trick, only instead of advertizing their completeness (‘Every Wild Allegation’), they tried a different approach by emphasizing the extreme nature of their compilation.

The Cut was also careful to explain that their ‘list’ was not put together from real life or even from judicial records, but simply from ‘The Vow’ documentary series.

The Most Disturbing Details From the NXIVM Docuseries is a nice read, apart from a sensationalist tone that sounds funny to the fully informed reader.

The Vow Part II' HBO Review: Stream It Or Skip It?
‘Get ready for part two’, writes ‘The Cut’.

‘Get ready,’ they start. ‘The Vow, HBO’s unsettling documentary about the infamous self-help turned sex cult NXIVM, is back for part two.’

Once we have duly prepared ourselves, they continue: ‘When the series first aired in 2020, it chronicled the rise of the group’s founder, MLM con man and sex offender Keith Raniere, detailing how he’d established influence over Seagram’s heiresses and Hollywood actors alike.’

Once again we see the need to be covering famous people, zooming past the horrors involving everyday people to chronicle what ails the celebrities.

Allison Mack cries and sings: in the end, mainstream media only cares for the troubles of celebrities.

‘After a 2017 New York Times exposé revealed that Raniere had founded a secret inner sanctum of women called D.O.S. […] who were allegedly forced to have sex with him, treated as slaves, and branded with his initials above their pelvic areas, a Justice Department investigation ensued, leading to his arrest (he is currently serving a 120-year prison sentence) and to NXIVM’s downfall.’

Don’t you just love how ‘The Cut’ bypasses all of Parlato’s (and so many whistleblowers) hard work to unveil the NXIVM’s crimes, and share the credit solely between the NYT and the prosecutors? That’s the ‘celebrity’ view of the world.

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The Cut’s list has only five items.

Their list of ‘the most disturbing details is as follows:

·         D.O.S. member Nicki Clyne denies D.O.S. was a sex cult.

·         Multiple NXIVM members believe Nancy Salzman knew about D.O.S. despite her denial.

·         Nancy Salzman says she was “so angry” at the women of D.O.S. and that she only learned about the group in 2017.

·         Nancy Salzman claims Raniere got “more controlling” with her as time went on.

·         Nancy Salzman says everything she did “was damage control about Keith’s sex life” and that multiple NXIVM women fought over who would have his “special babies.”

When Was 'The Vow' Part 2 Filmed? The Interviews Aren't Recent
Prosecutor Moira Penza is featured on ‘Part 2’.

As I have written in another article, everybody wants a piece of the NXIVM pie – including, of course, most mainstream media vehicles.

The problem seems to be that they cater to an audience with the shortest attention span imaginable, so everything has to be condensed and explained, and it has to be sent into the world with the maximum sensationalism possible, to try and keep their readers awake.

How about you, Frank Report reader? What are the details from this story that you feel had to be in any such list? Let us know in the comments.

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  • it’s ok, but it lacks the “grab” that the first season had. I don’t find myself caring if I watch part 2 or not. Maybe because I know what happens?

  • Because vow2 is all about poor Nancy Salzman denying things and trying to manipulate the public into feeling sorry for her and Nancy trying to change the perception of herself. Its also Nancy trying to wiggle herself out of trouble and bad public spotlight. Vow2 seems more like a propaganda piece for Executive Success Programs and people aren’t dumb enough to buy her BS. Vow2 is almost glorifying the cult.

    • “Meggie! Meggie! Meggie!!! ite! ite! ite!” This is what i heard on the first demo i ever attended – the two people on the coach who got arrested that day were called Tarquin and Imogen – GOOD feckin’ news because they bored the ears off me on the way up about how as a proletarian irish I was so oppressed an all.

      I look for them every time I watch the news, but theyre probs still glued to the spot at Greenham Common – this lot will no doubt include their charming offspring.

  • News from Nancy Pelosi’s home town of Baltimore
    Anti-Violence Activist’ Shot Dead While Attacking Woman With Butcher Knife

  • Here’s a column from the New York Post that is accurate, timely, and erudite:

    Nxivm sex cult leader Keith Raniere claims prison transfer puts his life at risk
    By Elizabeth Rosner
    November 8, 2022

    “The 62-year-old sicko wrote in new court documents that an impending move from the United States Penitentiary Tucson would leave him exposed to security concerns and potentially jeopardize his life

    “…I believe this transfer will expose me to the likelihood of being assaulted or killed by other prisoners,” Raniere whined in an affidavit filed Thursday…

    “The “threat” of a transfer came only after the sick Svengali filed a motion to appeal his conviction, spurring media attention, the Nov. 3 filing states…

    “Raniere — who was convicted of running a master-slave group where women were branded like cattle and forced to sleep with him — complained in his affidavit about the “circumstances, punishments, and retaliation by BOP staff” that he’s allegedly been subjected to in recent months

    “Prison officials barred him from calling “Battlestar Galactica” actress Nicki Clyne — the ex-wife of disgraced “Smallville” star Allison Mack — claiming he had abused his phone privileges

    “The perverted master manipulator has not been in touch with Mack, who was sentenced to three years in prison in June 2021 for for serving as a Nxivm “slave master.” Clyne, who was not charged in the scheme, revealed in court papers in 2020 that she had been Raniere’s “partner” for more than 10 years…

    “Raniere landed in the SHU while staff at the prison were investigating an incident in which he was allegedly beaten up by a fellow sex-trafficker inmate.
    The twisted guru has since been cleared in the incident…

    “The BOP told the Post in a statement Tuesday: “Based on privacy, safety, and security reasons, we do not comment on an inmate’s conditions of confinement, to include transfers or reasons for transfers.”

    “Raniere was convicted in 2019 on seven counts including sex trafficking and racketeering for running a sex cult known as “DOS” that pulled members from his various self-help groups, including Nxivm.”

    I particularly like the colorful terms like “slick Svengali”. “Twisted guru” is particularly appropriate for the whining sex-cult leader Raniere.

    And for all the colorful language, the article is 100% accurate. It really is good journalism.

    The Post here pulls no punches. They don’t present “both sides” of this issue because there aren’t two sides. There’s right and wrong, justice and crime, and the Post isn’t afraid to report it that way.

    Clear, to the point, and fun to read.

  • Bigger Nxivm news is that Marc Elliot lost in court.

    Suck it Marc, you pedophile groupie.

    Clare is gonna be paying starz court fees.

    Marc does Clare pay all your bills?

  • “In 1986, Corine Ann Christensen (December 8, 1954 – November 3, 1986), a former girlfriend of Bandler’s friend and cocaine dealer, James Marino, was shot dead in her Santa Cruz townhouse with a .357 magnum owned by Bandler. Authorities charged Bandler with her murder. Bandler testified that he had been at Christensen’s house, but that Marino had shot Christensen. After a short deliberation, a jury found Bandler not guilty.”

  • 2 year wait completely killed any momentum. Plus, they focus on humanizing the enemies. S2 Should have turned into a murder investigation witch hunt. Instead just more sobbing and navel gazing.

    • I agree with you judge on the 2 year wait, that was a terrible decision. I don’t agree on the investigation emphasis though, I like it the way it is.

      One thing about this documentary that really is extraordinary, and to be honest you kind of forget about it as you are watching The Vow 1 & 2, is that all the shenanigans, crimes, and tomfoolery were video taped, intentionally for production value, as they were happening! WTF I mean how many times has that ever happened in something like this?

      So IMO it’s very important to get the real footage out there, as much as makes sense for the documentary anyway, to tell a complete and true story.

    • Vow2 totally ignored the money and tax evasion schemes and the 40 shell businesses they setup. Vow2 totally skipped the business side of it that allowed this cult to exist. They focused way to much on Nancy. Even Marc Elliot called out Nancy….”bitch”. Nancy can convince 17k people she’s half normal….but she can’t convince the global population that she isnt psychotic. No one wants to watch 10 hours of a loser. Nancy is a nasty thing who abused people and situations. And vow2 didn’t show that clearly. The needed to interview more of the 17k. The needed to interview Nancy’s sister and that side of the family.

  • Elle magazine and The Cut? Really? Does anyone take these publications seriously? ‘People’ mag next. What about Vanity Fair, or do they still have some standards?

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