Kevin Hates What Happened to Allison – Innocent Victim Got Worst of It

Attorney Neil Glazer’s lawsuit, AKA Edmondson v. Raniere, has summoned the wrath of Kevin.

He thinks the victims are the perpetrators. The plaintiffs should be the defendants. He speaks of lead plaintiffs Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson in unflattering terms. He disagrees with attorney Neil Glazer dropping Nancy and Lauren Salzman from the lawsuit.

He thinks Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, and his dear friend Allison Mack are victims. Edmondson and Vicente should not sue people they lured into NXIVM, Kevin says.

Kevin finds it unjust that Lauren Salzman was dismissed from the Glazer Lawsuit.

The dropping of Lauren is particularly curious, since Lauren brought Sarah into DOS.

Kevin said, “If Vicente, Edmondson and the Salzmans are innocent people, then I play center field for the Yankees. The innocent people, at least two of them, are the ones being sued.”

Kevin is also aghast at what he believes is the injustice of the prosecution of Allison.

In short, Kevin is one commenter many love to hate. Because he writes well and has something to say – whether you like or hate him — here we go again.

Take it away, Kevin.

By Kevin

Not everything is about Raniere. There are other considerations, such as people losing their careers, livelihoods, reputations, and freedom for having associated with NXIVM and for having gotten something positive from it.

Sarah Edmondson with Mark Vicente have emerged victorious and bigger than life…

Or that the two lead plaintiffs – Sarah Edmondaon and Mark Vicente – in the civil suit and heroes of the HBO series they produced should be in prison if their claims are truthful, and that their families should be permanently bankrupted.

Or that the producers of India’s series Seduced were caught smearing a man who supports NXIVM for the group having helped him overcome a disability, making it look like he was endorsing a statement that condoned violence against women when he was endorsing a separate program that made him more understanding of women.

Nxivm prosecutors Tanya Hajjar, Mark Lesko and Moira Penza

Or that the US Government is calling something forced labor (the transcription of a late friend’s memorial service) that it would never call forced labor if you, me, or anyone less attractive or powerful than these supposed victims had been made to do it.

And if you live in the real world, unlike some of these people pointing fingers, you would know that compulsory volunteering is the price a lot of us pay for the privilege of having a job.

So if Nicole is a victim of forced labor, so is the half of the working age population that actually works for a paycheck to survive. I don’t see any small violins being played for us. Do you?

Or that the majority of people suing in the civil suit had no relationship with the majority of those they are accusing. But that they did have relationships with the lead plaintiffs, who they are not suing.

The ‘Prefect’ is dismissed, but rank and file prosecuted?

Or that the president of the company and her daughter have been removed from the civil suit, while dues paying, rank and file members remain defendants.

Or that having been in NXIVM disqualifies some members from holding professional employment, but not others. Even though the person disqualified from holding a professional job was never accused of a crime, and that her involvement in the group was separate from her career.

She’s considered a “threat to society.” But the woman who had a major leadership role in the organization and was the company’s lead or second lead recruiter, she is not. Question that narrative, that double standard, and the fangs come out.

Kevin believes prosecutors forced  Allison into pleading guilty.

Or that Allison Mack took a plea deal because the US Attorneys prosecuting the case were using RICO to tie her to child pornography charges that she had nothing to with, and might have been outright fabricated.

Or that the e-mail that everyone uses as a reference to show that Allison fed India to Keith makes no mention of India or sex. Allison is asking for payment, and promising to streamline the process going forward.

From: Alison Mack
To: Keith Raniere
Date: March 3, 2016
Subject: thoughts
Hey you. I’m so sorry to bug you but I have not been paid as a head trainer for The Source since last year and I’m struggling a little with income. Clare says she cannot approve the payments until you review them. Is there some way you can review them sooner rather than later?
I know you are slammed, so if there is any way that I can help make this simpler, please let me know.
I will try to figure out how to be more streamlined with this too.
I love you Master
XO, A.

Or that people who did everything pinned on Allison were never prosecuted.

Older allegations of underage sex against Raniere were never investigated.

Or that this case was prosecuted because of a New York Times article, while more serious accusations against Raniere dating back to the 80s, accusations involving underage girls, were never looked into.

Or that one of Allison’s supposed victims has no evidence to support her claim, and that it was India who gave her the assignment, not Allison, if you even take her word for it in the first place.

That this same woman – Jessica Joan – received immunity from a marriage fraud crime she committed in exchange for burying Allison in court.

Or that Allison had no prior criminal record, had never been accused of a crime, and had an army of family, friends and co-workers who would have told anyone willing to listen what a kind-hearted person she is.

Kevin believes Allison Mack was convicted by the media. Allison leaves court after her sentencing of three years in prison.

That she was convicted in the media and never given a chance to defend herself.

That a federal judge took a vulnerable woman who might have some disabilities and health issues from years of abuse to her body and mind and sentenced her to three years in prison.

That the prison is not allowing her to have visitors in the name of COVID, when the only reason she decided on that prison was to be close to her family. That the prison has a terrible reputation for abuse.

That before reporting to prison, Allison had been on home confinement for three years. She followed all rules and orders, held a job and went to school. She is not a threat to society, was able to demonstrate this for three years, and they put her in prison anyway.

That her friends and cast-mates of almost a decade never came to her defense, never offered her any support, in any way. That one cast-mate, Kristin Kreuk, gets to pretend she never belonged to this group, and another, Erika Durance, gets to lie about Allison “not wanting her there,” when in fact Allison went out of her way to coach her. Such as demonstrating that if your character is supposed to be sad, that you shouldn’t be smiling in the scene. Things like that.

No Justice for Allison Mack….

While Kristin Kreuk [r] recruited Allison Mack [l] she paid no penalty in guilt or grief for the destruction of her friend’s life. Meanwhile, Erika Durance pretends Mack treated her poorly. In reality Mack tried to help her career. 

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  • –While Kristin Kreuk [r] recruited Allison Mack [l] she paid no penalty in guilt or grief for the destruction of her friend’s life.

    How would you know? Did she speak to you about it? Far more people were involved in destroying Allison’s life than Kristin, including first and foremost, Allison herself.

    Kristin did reach out, but like all people who try to extricate someone who is deeply entrenched in a cult based on only a past friendship that has lost its power of time due to cultic influence, there was nothing she could do. Allison was a lost cause, under the “spell” of Raniere until he was arrested and she too was also threatened with at least twenty years in prison. Sometimes it takes such a “train to hit” for reality to set in. Then there are others like Squeaky Fromme who still supported their “hero” even while they languished in jail.

    The fact that you always display such positive words towards Nicki (the Squeaky Fromme of NXIVM) giving her some undeserved benefit of the doubt, who still outspokenly supports a grooming, statutory rapist, child pornographer, extortionist, racketeering criminal and are always chastising Kristin years after she ignored you for what amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things after she left this garbage cult almost a decade ago makes you look like insincere, biased prick that you are.

    And I don’t expect you to post this comment for those very reasons. Midget.

  • Kevin,

    By your logic, if I hired an employee who ended up stealing from the company or sexually assaulting coworkers, then it’d be my fault not theirs?


  • I understand the issue he has with Sarah and Mark specifically. I really think they are making themselves look bad with their podcasts. Being in the organization for so long (10 or mor years!), they talk about all the crap that went on. Always saying there was a lot of stuff going on, and had to justify it. Why were they justifying it? They were making great money! Didn’t Sarah see what was happening when she was recruiting all these hot girls? All thin with nice tits? Didn’t Mark question that Nancy was yelling and manipulating people? Yes, lots of shit was going on. They are acting as if they are above all of it. The more the podcasts come out, the worse they look.

    • The problem with Kevin’s argument is he thinks because people like Edmondson aren’t pure as new fallen snow they have no right to sue. It’s a silly argument, on the level of kids squabbling over who started it.

      Nxivm was a scam and there’s plenty of blame to go around. I’d be hard pressed to find any virtuous people in the whole membership. The only good people were the people who resisted pressure to join this cult.

      Within the cult there was a wide range of culpability, with Raniere at the top closely followed by his loyal lieutenants (like Mack and Salzman) who enthusiastically did his bidding fully aware of what was going on in this criminal racket. They broke the law.

      As far as I know Edmondson didn’t break any laws. She was an enthusiastic recruiter for what she should’ve known was a scam, and I think she’s an asshole. Same for Vicente (who recruited her). But even assholes have a right to sue for damages.

      The dead enders are trying to muddy the waters and claim that because everybody’s guilty of something nobody’s really guilty of anything.

      The issues are complicated and it will be up to the jury to sort things out. I’m guessing it will be the ones who wielded the branding iron, the ones who planned and funded the operation who will pay the price.

      I call that justice.

  • Alison was conned just like everyone else was conned. Everyone got screwed. Raniere even screwed himself and is doing 120. I know I’m flying solo whenever I say this – but I’d have been happy if only one person ended up with prison time.

    – “The fangs come out” but only from that person being attacked. Nobody else is really fighting Sarah’s battle for her. I defend her sometimes because I know she was duped (just like Alison). But, most importantly, when Sarah saw what was up, she helped end Raniere. Others (like Alison) were slower to see him for what he is. Keith compartmentalized everything. It’s extremely difficult to know who knew what and when they knew it.

    – Alison was the “choosen one” to “take the fall” and was up to the task (until too late in the game). In other words, Raniere had her pegged as the stooge who would take his bait and fall on the sword. This had unfortunate consequences for Alison.

    – The two lead plaintiffs were lied to and tricked – just like EVERYONE else. Including Alison.

    – The lawsuit is against keith and his bankroll. Period. Alison should stop playing checkers when everyone else is playing chess. The Salzmans just showed her the path. Maybe one of her representatives should help her out?

    -The blackmail caused issues. The forced labor charges are part of the blackmail. The forced labor charges are not funeral related or compulsary volunteering related. They are blackmail related.

  • Last night Kevin entered a Halloween contest dressed as Sarah Edmonson. But when the judges realized Kevin’s Nippy doll was made of real skin and there was human excrement in the HBO coffee mug Kevin was holding, everyone ran screaming. The stench of pus from Kevin’s infected KAR brand mixed with the odor of shit and Kevin’s filthy Sarah wig but the strongest smell that cut through it all was the scent of crazy.

    • Is marriage fraud something that causes you grief?

      Nicki Clyne is both an immigration and marriage fraudster.

      Under oath testimony from Lauren corroborates both India (a Nicki Clyne marriage/immigration fraud participant and eye witness to the crime) and Allison Mack ( Nicki Clyne’s fake wife) statements that the marriage was a complete sham and done at Keith’s behest in order to keep Nicki Clyne in the country illegally.

      Or one can just listen to Nicli Clyne’s own words. Nicki Clynei has been proudly stating to the press and public that she was in a committed sexual and romantic relationship with Keith Alan Raniere for 10 years.

      That relationship with Keith was taking place during the time that Nicki Clyne married Allison Mack. Do you believe that Nicki Clyne was forthcoming with immigration?

      Please remember that Nicki Clyne is a documented liar when considering believing anything she says or writes.

  • Allison pled guilty. Because Allison was guilty. Allison could have worked out a no-contest deal. Allison could have took an Alford Plea if it was about the plea deal. Allison issued heartfelt apologies to people in writing and to the court. Calling Allison a liar is really s*****. Allison could use support on her path to living a more righteous honest and productive life. Painting her as a victim when that is something she doesn’t even believe in as a badass woman who was in a masters slave organization is really disrespectful. Allison doesn’t believe that men should come to women’s rescue none of the Dos women do. But this dude knows better than any of them what they really want and need. It’s Keith all over again hahaha. It takes a man to run these women’s lives! Don’t let Allison make any decisions for herself. She is a woman who cannot be trusted she’s too dumb to stand up for herself.

  • “The dropping of Lauren is particularly curious, since Lauren brought Sarah into DOS.”

    Not so curious when you consider that Lauren was a government witness. I reckon the testimony she gave in relation to Clyne being assigned to investigate the ‘seduce Keith assignments’ may be quite telling in the civil case too, particularly when you think that Clyne evidently seems to have done fuck all about it, aside from denying it ever happened like the rest of the DOS sheep.

    “That this same woman – Jessica Joan – received immunity from a marriage fraud crime she committed in exchange for burying Allison in court”

    Yes, I seem to remember there was someone else who committed a marriage fraud crime and seems to have received immunity from that. Any idea who that might be, Notkevinicki? Wonder what the quid pro quo was there…

    “That a federal judge took a vulnerable woman who might have some disabilities and health issues from years of abuse to her body and mind”

    I think the abuse was pretty much self-inflicted, though of course she was brainwashed like many of the others. Still, she seems to have put on a bit of weight since then by all accounts, unlike certain other people who are still brainwashed.

    No hard feelings, Kevin – at least you’re a more entertaining commenter than Paul whatshisname…slightly.

  • Allison Mack was probably manipulated, but she is not innocent. The prosecutor probably put a lot of pressure on her. I doubt they wanted to try her. Raniere is who they wanted.

    She is fortunate in many ways. She was not convicted of sex trafficking. She is separated from NXVIM. She was arrested before she did something that would cost her more than a few years in prison.

  • Hey Kevin: why not post the other half of that March 3, 2016 email exchange, the part where Raniere responds if she wants to get paid she has to get her slave India over to his place to strip naked in front of him and pose for explicit porn pictures? You know, the work dear sweet procuress Allison had long been doing for her mentor and friend and partner in crime?

    Love you Master kiss-kiss indeed. Disgusting.

    Mack set up the branding ceremony. It was performed in her living room (Edmondson writes of this). Danielle Roberts performed the actual branding, which is why she lost her medical license.

    Surprise! Performing naked torture branding ceremonies on blackmailed women runs contrary to medical ethics! Who’d a thunk it?

    These are the people you expect us to feel sorry for? The liars, the blackmailers, the inflicters of intense physical pain?

    See, that’s the difference between Edmondson and both Mack and Roberts. Edmondson may be a grasping opportunist, but she never seared the cult master’s initials into anyone’s loins and she never told a slave “you have a beautiful cunt” as she snapped a picture and sent it to the cult leader.

    The jury will hear all this, you betcha. None of it will be run through the Kevin filter. Want to guess how they’ll rule?

    • Aristotle, can you provide a link or a reference for the other part of the e-mail exchange?

      Is there also an e-mail in which one person threatens to release another person’s collateral if they don’t complete an assignment? Please provide this information.

      • Hi Kevin

        I’m including a link to the Keith Raniere court trial transcripts. (Copy and paste it because I’m not tech sauve to send a direct link 😂)

        I’ve just started reading these myself so can’t point out the specifics of what you asked. However, just from the little I’ve read, it’s even more nuts than I thought.

        The transcripts are separate for each day and each day is labeled by who testified. I’m starting with Lauren Salzman’s testimony (3 days on the stand!) because she was in the upper level of the DOS/VOW. So Keith was her direct Master and she recruited 6 slaves of her own.
        She testified how the inner DOS ladies would get together 3 times a week and take a naked group photo to send to Keith. She mentions his many sex partners and how they’d often group. For years Keith put the sexual relationship on hold with Lauren but she wasn’t allowed during that time to have a relationship with another man otherwise she’d be kicked out.

        I’ve read other bits about how the women were forced to submit new blackmail stuff on themselves every month otherwise the previous stuff would be released (such as one woman writing a detailed letter “confessing” to sexually abusing her nephews).

        I’ve read about how the first level Masters is DOS were told by Keith to have their slaves seduce him (and get a picture of it) but the slaves had no idea that Keith was behind it or had any knowledge of their orders to seduce him.

        This is some sick, warped minds.

  • Why don’t you say, ” Hello, (fill in the blank )at the top of every comment you make in response to the other commenters anymore? Realize it made it too obvious who you really are?

    It’s too late. There are many marked writing characteristics that make it clear which Keith pedophile appologist, sympathizer and enabler this “Kevin” really is. Remember it’s ethical to lie you’re helping Keith.

    • “There are many marked writing characteristics that make it clear which Keith pedophile appologist, sympathizer and enabler this “Kevin” really is.”

      Please disclose which Keith apologist “Kevin” is, and share the writing characteristics that prove it.

      BTW, in your name tag, you spelled B.S. incorrectly.

    • Hello S.C., I do respond that way most of the time.

      Tell me, who am I pretending to be today?

      And not once have I ever apologized for or made excuses for any crimes that might have been committed against children. Using RICO to tie Allison to child porn charges she has nothing to do with isn’t keeping anyone safe from anything.

      If there was violence committed against children, why wasn’t the person accused of enabling this act sentenced to prison time? Why was she and her mother dropped from the civil suit?

  • Kevin, Get Real!

    The minute I saw that blackmail material was being collected in the form of photos, videos and false narratives, I knew something was wrong. Seriously wrong.
    The best assumption I can make about Allison Mack is that she is seriously stupid.
    Those materials were perfect for making people victims of extortion.
    Allison Mack is a danger to herself and the entire community.
    Stupidity has consequences..
    Don’t cry for the wicked.
    Shadow State

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