Vow Season 2 Ratings Falling – Lowest Ever for Last Episode – Barely Breaks 100k

The ratings for the second episode, “Rappot,” of The Vow Season 2 are in. They are the lowest ratings of all. According to ShowBuzz Daily, the audience for the premiere on October 24, was a disappointing 105,000 viewers.

Season 1’s average viewers surpassed 300,000 per episode. Season 2’s opening episode, “Test of Loyalty”, had 147,000 viewers. That in itself was disappointing. It was lower than any episode in Season 1 by more than 100,000.

But now episode 2 of Season 2 has dipped to barely over 100,000. That’s a one-third loss from already poor ratings.

The Nielsen Ratings for The Vow Season 2 also show a considerable dip.

The Nielsen Ratings for Season 1 of The Vow range from 5 to 9. Both episodes of Season 2 have Nielsen ratings of 3.

HBO spent a lot of money on this production. Much more than they did for Season 1.

Director Karim Amer spent three long years filming Season 2. He began before Season 1 aired in 2020.

Amer’s directorial style is to film a thousand hours to get one hour of the film’s final version.

He filmed everything and everyone. And paid camera and sound people to film it. Karim often directed and interviewed the subjects or prompted them. Or he assigned someone to coordinate the shoot. They traveled wherever they had to, and paid for lodgings.

They also paid for enhanced production values.

Towards the end of filming, the director learned that HBO had decided to cut the number of episodes to six. Season 1 had nine episodes.

For the money spent, the low ratings must be disappointing for HBO and director Amer.

What is the reason for the low ratings?

It could be that the NXIVM trend has run its course.

It could be that many more will watch it at their convenience via streaming. It may pick up steam. We can’t rule it out.

It may be so subtle and nuanced that it will take time for people to appreciate it. Then a flood of people will watch it via streaming. Watching TV premieres is optional when you can stream something at any time.

It could be that the time slot on Mondays is not as good as Sundays – the day when Season 1 aired.

It could be that Amer did not tell the story in Season 2 as well as in Season 1, and it is not capturing viewers’ imaginations or interest.

Amer filmed Season 1 in 2017 when the outcome of the fight between Raniere and his former followers – aided by this writer – was uncertain.

We did not know how it would end. We were in the midst of a fight. Most of the action took place before the FBI arrested Raniere.

Amer filmed Season 2 after the victory was won.

One of Amer’s interviews for Season 2 was with Raniere in prison.

It might be that HBO’s decision to cut the episodes down to six forced Amer to cut essential scenes he might otherwise have used to tell his story.

It might be that Season 1 aired in the days of COVID stay-at-home, and more people were indoors to watch it.

But one thing seems certain. The ratings show viewership is down.


Here are viewership and ratings for the Vow

Viewership and ratings per episode of The Vow
No. Title Air date Rating
1 The Science of Joy August 23, 2020 0.07 0.342[30]
2 Viscera August 30, 2020 0.09 0.338[31]
3 At Cause September 6, 2020 0.06 0.341[33]
4 Building Character September 13, 2020 0.05 0.304[34]
5 Class 1 Data September 20, 2020 0.08 0.362[35]
6 Honesty & Disclosure September 27, 2020 0.09 0.318[36]
7 The Dossier October 4, 2020 0.06 0.257[37]
8 The Wound October 11, 2020 0.05 0.266[38]
9 The Fall October 18, 2020 0.07 0.360[39]

Season 2

Viewership and ratings per episode of The Vow
No. Title Air date Rating
1 Tests of Loyalty October 17, 2022 0.03 0.143[41]
2 Rapport October 24, 2022 0.03 0.105[42]


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  • The series is doing very well “free on demand.” Sunday would have been a better evening. But people are catching up with The Vow 2 using free on demand. So the “low” numbers are not accurate.

  • I just watched ep. 2 of season 2. It was very interesting. Nancy S is deluded to my mind. Yes of course some people enjoyed their courses but when KR did what he did it infects the whole company as bad PR. She seems unable to blame him as much as she blames Mark V etc. yet had Keith complied with the law, not gone after women who left him etc she would still have her company. KR caused it. There was nothing to stop Nancy S doing due diligence like proper business people do before they start a partnership with someone else – she would have seen KR’s problems with consumers buyline etc. There is no way I would have gone into business with someone with that track record. She was a nurse and I think did not have enough business background which may be why she was naive at best.

    Also the tech is a load of rubbish most of the time and feels very like both scientology and other cults I have examined. To suggest a victim is never rightly a victim is ridiculous. It is like weird religious cults that way if you get cancer it’s because you annoyed God. How can people leave their critical thinking skills behind and believe these things (and Nancy was peddling that stuff, not just KR). It is dangerous to have a group where if you challenge the tech/rules the person must be suppressive. It is a warning sign if people have to revere leaders as almost Gods.

    • Mind you one point was valid – crying abuse where there is none can indeed be abusive. I don’t think anyone could disagree with that. The issue however is that if you require people always to take 100% personal responsibility you risk ensuring real victims never coming forward in real cases of abuse.

  • RE The Vow 2 Ratings:

    The ratings are down for two principal reasons:

    1. People were binge watching documentaries during the first COVID summer. Now, nobody is locked down – the idea of watching hours boring shit isn’t appealing.

    2. The title characters this season like Nancy are less compelling than
    rat shit.

    The end.

  • The low ratings aren’t all bad if your name is vanguard. If that includes a decline in prisoner viewership, and considering keith’s propensity for running his face into people’s fists after he’s been seen on the tele, it’s probably the best news for him.

    Slap my heinie.

  • [Just a single sentence.]

    New York Times

    Scare Tactics
    It’s Halloween season, time for two-pound bags of fun-size candy and scary movies that haunt your dreams.
    The Morning

    By Melissa Kirsch
    Published Oct. 22, 2022
    Updated Oct. 26, 2022

    [ … ]
    The second season of HBO’s documentary series “The Vow,” about the NXIVM cult, just premiered, and it’s chilling in its own way, an examination of the forces that drew people into the thrall of a Svengali figure. [ … ]

  • Frank-

    Thanks to you, I’ve as much interest in watching the Vow 2…

    ….As I do watching flies fuck or Nancy Salzman shower.

  • Boring show. That’s why. It smells funny that Karim’s gone missing. Why is his name off director credits? Is there sowing or reaping?

  • “Candid” and The Dossier Project have never met. The 8 dead-end cult followers have an obvious agenda. Clearly stated. There’s slaves won’t disclose anything that gets in the way of the very rehearsed, controlled free Keith Raniere narrative that they push. And that includes the truth.

    But it’s kind of them to try and help promote HBO”S The Vow.

  • It could be that Raniere’s trial ended more than 2 years ago and nobody cares anymore. This case is long closed.

    The Nxivm thing disappeared from the rearview mirror long ago. And it was never that big a news story even back then.

    Nxivm? Oh some kind of cult. Skeevy guy did what? Branded women with his initials? You’re kidding.

    That’s the impact the Nxivm saga had on the small portion of the general public who ever even heard about the story. And most of that interest evaporated when Raniere was found guilty.

    The people at HBO were nuts to plan for a second season of The Vow. Airing it after a two years after Part One is doubly nuts. Their audience moved on.

    • That is so true Aristotle’s Sausage.

      It’s a really big deal to the people who are involved and there’s a small portion of the public who became interested in the case. And that’s pretty much it.

  • Women from NXIVM & DOS React to “The Vow” – Season 2, Episode 2
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    The Dossier Project
    314 Abonnenten

    We’re back with our candid reactions after another episode of “The Vow” aired on HBO. Episode two started getting into the trial and Nancy’s story. See the reactions from six women who were part of the organization for years, and involved in DOS for longer than anyone speaking on behalf of the group in “The Vow.”

    Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Angelica Hinojos, Sahajo Haertel, Danielle Roberts, Linda Chung

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    • Just because the women from the Dossier Project are dead-enders, doesn’t mean they are important to the past or the future of Keith Raniere. They need to get over themselves. Nobody is scared of them or worried they will commit violence. It’s not about you. NONE of this has been about you. It’s about Keith pushing the envelope and finally being stopped. If it wasn’t Frank, Sarah, Marc, or the NY Times who got the credit, someone else would have eventually stopped him, because he’d still be seeing how far he could go.

      If Keith and Clare get out, there will be a real nutjob on the loose with hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal. He’ll be going to war and using his bankroll to target his enemies. He has always done this. He taught to do this. He openly admits to doing this. He will continue to do this.

      • The women of the Dossier Project come across as very bitter and passive aggressive in their videos. They keep saying that the documentary is boring and filled with lies, but all they do to counter it is to defend DOS and Keith Raniere.

        They never address the fact that KR created it, or that it was his idea to brand his initials on people, or that he had access to people’s collateral, or that there were seduction assignments with him. They never address the fact that Sarah Edmondson’s branding video was released in Mexico during the trial, so, yes, in fact collateral WAS released. Nicki’s endless refrain about the collateral NOT being blackmail because “something, something, word salad, we never released any collateral” is absurd. Without the threat of the collateral being released, the system does not work.

        They also never address KR’s relationship with Camila; if they were honest, they would just say that they actually don’t care that he had sex with her at 15 and he took nude photos of her. Maybe they think Camila was ‘adult-like’ at 15? They never mention that Camila spoke at KR’s sentencing UNDER OATH, which none of them have ever done. Nicki and Michele were allowed to just say anything in The Vow with no follow-up questions, no challenges, so I have idea what they’re so upset about. Everything they say in The Vow they are STILL saying so I think The Vow represents their views pretty accurately.

        And what about Sylvie? Was Sylvie lying on the stand?

  • The Dossier Project
    2 h
    We most certainly were there and we have 1st hand experiences to share

    11 h
    The @thedossierproj discusses ep2 of s2 of #TheVowHBO.

    Remember – they were there. You are being manipulated.

    Listen to what they have to say.



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