Pedophile Father Thanks CT for Being First to Welcome Him

CT is becoming a hot destination for affluent pedophiles, a safe haven and a good place to ditch a stay at home mother who’s aged out and is too inhibited for the lifestyle that some say most want to practice.

It may be so. But how about this lively missive from a man identifying himself as Mr. Rose.


By Jeffrey B. Rose

NAMBLA Advocate

I hanker for some throbbing, sweet-moaning, physical but not necessarily coital, relation with a boy-child.

I am an innocuous, inadequate, passive, timid man who merely asks the community to allow me to pursue my practically harmless, so-called aberrant behavior.

My little hot wet private acts of sexual deviation without the police and society cracking down upon me.

I will never forget it.

His little boy, they said, when my neighbors found out from my hysterical mentally disordered wife.

People looked at me like I was an animal. People who don’t know me judged me. I remember one man sitting there condemning me, and I could imagine what he was thinking: “There’s a pedophile!”

I later discovered his character. And I’ll tell you. It outweighed anything I’d ever done. He stole $12,000 from a person’s credit card.
In my case, they wanted to consider the so-called “sexually abused” child the victim, though the child seduced me.

Dr. Gardner Knows

If the mother has reacted to the abuse in a hysterical fashion, or used it as an excuse for a campaign of denigration of the father, then the therapist does well to try and ‘sober her up’… Her hysterics… will contribute to the child’s feeling that a heinous crime has been committed, and will thereby lessen the likelihood of any kind of rapprochement with the father. One has to do everything possible to help her put the ‘crime’ in proper perspective. She has to be helped to appreciate that in most societies in the history of the world, such behavior was ubiquitous, and this is still the case. – Dr. Richard Gardner 

I agree with Dr. Richard Gardner that it is essential to appreciate that the child enjoyed his experience. He is not a victim. Children who are coerced and gain no pleasure might be considered raped. But they are not the same as those who enjoy orgasms like David.

Sexual encounters between a kind adult and a child are not reprehensible.

Judge around every courtroom. They seem to smile and say, “We don’t care what your fetish is, dad, we’ll never take your kids away.”

Most US states have an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters.

In my case, the mother reacted hysterically and used it as an excuse to denigrate me and alienate my children.

CT protected me.

Her hysterics contributed to David’s feeling that a heinous crime had been committed, and lessened the likelihood of happiness between us. The only remedy was to remove the mother because of parental alienation.

In most societies in the history of the world, my behavior was common. This is still the case. My behavior has been more common than the restrained behavior of those who do not have sex with children.

If you don’t know this already, you need to appreciate that pedophilia has been considered the norm by the vast majority in the history of the world.

Family Court Judges, like Gerard Aldelman, follow Dr. Richard Gardner in CT.

It is a widespread and accepted practice among billions of people.
CT Family Court has been the first in the USA to accept and appreciate it. They follow the wisdom of Dr. Richard Gardner.

I got custody, and she was removed from my children’s lives.

Outside of CT, society takes a very punitive and moralistic attitude. I urge you, my brothers, good fathers all, to come to CT
Outside of CT, men in America have bad luck regarding the place and time they were born regarding social attitudes toward pedophilia.

A sexual encounter between an adult and a child — no matter how short, tender, loving, and non-painful — automatically and predictably is considered “psychologically traumatic” to the child, but that is only because of the social attitude toward these encounters outside of CT.

David’s mother had been raped, but she did not achieve an orgasm. That was why she was so punitive. A vibrator could have been useful to overcome her inhibitions. Her diminished guilt over masturbation would have made it easier for her to encourage the practice with our daughter Amber.

Her increased sexuality may have reduced my need to return to David for sexual gratification.

Finally, I want you to understand that I am not a sex fiend! I do not rape as soldiers do.

I am unhappy, mild, dog-eyed man, sufficiently well integrated to control my urge in the presence of adults, but ready to risk my life to help my children.

That which is desirable in young boys and girls means naturally that which is desirable to men. Of all cultivated accomplishments, the first is ‘innocence.’ Beauty may or may not be forthcoming, but ‘innocence’ is ‘the chief charm of childhood.

If possible, get your wife to retain Edward Nusbaum for her attorney. He’ll cut a deal, in my opinion, with your attorney to fleece her and set her up for loss.

Once I moved to CT, I never worried about it. I understood that what I was doing was not to be discussed openly with the Gaurdian, as Litem, my attorney, her attorney, the therapists, the custody evaluator, or the judge.

We are all adults and view it as a parental prerogative; it is a fun sort of confidential activity.

None of my CT fellows had any guilty feelings about it.
We figured everyone did it. Why shouldn’t we?

Don’t risk it. Come to CT. The climate is fine.


If Toni Fly had lived in CT instead of North Dakota, he’d be a free man/woman today. 

Always a safe choice for guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen and Wolfpack.

CT family portrait – sans mother. She alienated the children. 

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly: After two meetings with the mother, I realized the mother presented with signs of an unspecified personality disorder. The father, who pays my $16,000 fee, is better suited to take care of the children. The best way is for the children to have no contact with the mother.   

The AFCC may tacitly support pedophiles, but only because they pay well.

While some of us might prefer to hurl a brick at Mr. Rose’s head, witch hunt him and consign him to hell, or take a knife and cure his pedophilia with one sharp and fast orchidotomy, I prefer non violence and urge people to advocate for change.

The best remedy I can think of is to require family court trials to convene 12-person juries, so the judge does not have unilateral control of the fortunes of the children.   This way, the community has a view of the matter and will be less tolerant of pedophilia.

Custody will not be decided behind closed doors at ex parte hearings, but in front of 12 people drawn from the community.

Despite what the pedos Rose and Gardner say, most people are not pedos who want to rape their children – even in CT.

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  • The financial insensitive funding programs in the state are governing the family courts. There is no real oversight to the system. Everything is swept under the rug. These cases are ramped up by Attorneys. Abusive parents don’t get the services they need. The protective parents become frantic. They engage in psycholocal abuse of the protective parents. Connecticut has done this to some Dads but Moms are the target. There is a modern day witch hunt going on in the state of Connecticut. Children are suffering.

    • All part of the subversive acts of a mafia focused on destroying parental liberties protected under the due process clauses of 5th and 14th Amendments. Domestic terrorism of state governments.

  • The judges like Adelman, Truglia and Grossman, protect Jessica Caverly because she gives a vicious, fraudulent, custody evaluation where there’s always an emergency and kids have to have no contact with the mother.

    Funny, caverly never makes a call to dcf in any “emergency” as she’s required to do by law. She doesn’t because dcf would make a visit and find kids are safe, happy and well cared for.

    The emergency changes in custody are because of “possible” immediate danger. It’s such a set up and same playbook in case after case.

    Caverly, like Linda Smith, are protected by the judges because they need these fake evals to steal children and prolong litigation. Temporary orders are never temporary.

    A “no contact” order vilifies the mother and traumatized and abused the children.

    Attorneys like nusbaum, are guilty of child abuse because they know children are being subjected to psychological isolation and cut off from all supports.

    Nusbaum, plays along with the gal, while delaying, lying to, and ultimately coercing his clients to do whatever needs to get done for the opposition to prevail.

    Every detail can be brought out. Nusbaum is known to do this to women. He does no work. None. Guaranteed in Riordan case like his other cases that he never filed a motion or steps foot into court. Instead he drains the family bank and usually firs after the real estate.

    Time for exposure.

  • Jocelyn Hurwitz put me and my sister with my father years ago. He was abusive. We told all the court appointed counselors and our mother. The gal Jocelyn Hurwitz knew the truth but purposefully buried it to protect our father.

    No information ever got on re it’s on the court and gals are allowed to lie. They’re rarely under oath and no one cares anyway.

    Our mother was a teacher who loved us and tried to protect us. We were abused so badly by “professionals”- lawyers in family court.

    Jocelyn put a no contact order in place and we were taken from our mother. We were pre-teen/teen. She is cruel and cold. Our mother was forced to do supervised visits. We saw her for dinner once a week and for a few hours on Sunday.

    This is child abuse and Jocelyn Hurwitz continues to do the same thing to the Ambrose kids and others. Mothers are stripped of all their money.

    My father got sick of us and tried to give us to dcf. Still, dcf refused to give our mother legal custody. It’s a money making racket. My parents divorced over ten years ago and I’m still traumatized because of Jocelyn Hurwitz.

    She needs to be removed as gal. People are threatened and retaliated against which is why I am not putting my name. But Jocelyn knows.

    • They are silenced by the gal. They have no voice. Even when they are 12-16 they don’t get to have a say in where they live or how they spend time.

      The monied parent takes all. No 50-50 in CT courts. It’s not lucrative that way.

  • Tara Reade was destroyed by Joe Biden for exposing Joe Biden’s peccadillos.
    ‘We’ll F-ing Destroy You’: Tara Reade PUNISHED for Exposing Biden | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 158

  • The Gangster Governor of Illinois J.B.Pritzker, has his supporters attack his opponents at public meetings.
    JB Pritzker LAUGHS as His Supporters ASSAULT Voter CONFRONTING Him For Ruining His Small Business

  • No wonder Joe Biden carried Connecticut

  • Connecticut is the leader of family court abuse to children and women. All Fairfield county family court attorneys participate. There’s no way out once you naively enter family court thinking your attorney is working for you.

    CT had the AFCC operating as a business within the family court judiciary. Attorneys, judges and court appointed therapists were on the board of, or members of the AFCC, and were the presenters at the conference advertised by the judiciary. Quinnipiac University plays a role. The AFCC conferences were held there. The CT chapter of the afcc was exposed by parents and investigators – it was registered in Illinois and no taxes paid by this business. Racketeering.

    Gerard Adelman was deep into this corruption and was given a free pass. He continues in his role of pedophile protector, hater of mothers and abuser of children.

    Adelman lied under oath to the judicial committee – including AG Tong, but there was no consequence because Connecticut is the finest state to commit crime and for abusive fathers to gain sole custody.

    Just consult with Bruce Freedman. He has the formals, teaches the fathers, and fathers the team of attorneys and fellow therapists to destroy childhoods, steal mothers money, and embolden the father by awarding sole custody.

    The reunification therapy with children and mother goes on for years after the divorce, taking in millions, with no hope of any restoration in custody.

    FR is right on target. No denying it.

  • This repeated idea of jury trials for custody betrays the lack of understanding of the constitutionally protected parent-child bond. Due process requires a petition by the state against a parent to attack the bond, there is no cause to sever mother-child bonds by whim of a family court judge while issuing an administrative no-fault divorce. Folks need to get smart before claiming need for jury trials. State has no interest in family matters of fit parents, so the simple answer is that child isolation from a parent incidental to divorce is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. You all are being played by monsters in black robes along with their chosen fan club.

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