Kevin’s Latest Claim: He Is Not Nicki or Danielle; Does Not Hate Sarah

By Kevin

If the case against Keith Raniere was a slam dunk, and the man was the most guilty defendant in US history, and it turns out that Moira Penza cheated and her team tampered with evidence, it means that she’s done it before, and with defendants who may have been innocent.

You can despise Keith Raniere and everything he stands for, and simultaneously recognize that the prosecutors might be a bunch of cheats.

Moira Kim Penza 

Forced Labor?

When you hear “forced labor”, do you think of grown women voluntarily transcribing an interview for a friend’s memorial service? Of course not. You think of sweatshops, child labor, immigrants being trafficked, and restaurant managers garnishing the pay of their employees, especially young teens, via wage theft.

And I promise you that Moira Penza and her crew don’t care for those kinds of people who experience those kinds of things.

Not Obsessed

I am not obsessed with Sarah Edmondson.

I am confused that she and Mark Vicente are the lead plaintiffs in a lawsuit against former members of an organization where they played leadership roles.

The whistleblowers, Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson

Some of the people they’re suing did not have leadership roles.

I’m confused that she hasn’t taken any heat for doing things to people, such as performing EMs, when people who haven’t done those things have taken heat for them.

DOS slaves Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Linda Chung, Samantha Lebaron and Danielle Roberts

Regarding the DOS women, I want to hear what they have to say, especially when their perspectives contradict those of people who’ve been given lots of publicity.

I am open to listening to both sides.

Some Did Not Testify

That the supporters of Raniere didn’t testify at his trial isn’t an implication that they did anything wrong. If the prosecutors played dirty, they could have made threats. We don’t know.

Regarding the testimony of those who took the stand, some were given immunity from crimes they had committed in exchange for their testimony. Some were financially rewarded. And some were covering their rear ends.

That’s why I want to see actual hard evidence, not just accusations, testimony, and smut from television documentaries, especially when the people behind them cannot be trusted.

Is Kevin Danielle Roberts or Nicki Clyne?

Critics Accuse Kevin

Just Sayin’ wrote

I think Kevin is Danielle Roberts. If you see her Instagram videos, she uses the same vocabulary, same messy grammar, and loathes Edmondson and Penza. Sound familiar?

Rock wrote:

Many of us suspect Kevin is none other than Nicki Clyne:

Kevin’ is almost an anagram of ‘Nicki’

“We Need to Talk About Kevin” is a movie Nicki has written about.

Kevin Kline (OK, different spelling) is a famous actor. Nicki Clyne, unfortunately for her, is not.

Kevin and Nicki’s writing styles are remarkably similar (discourse analysis), though Kevin/Nicki tries to throw us off the scent by inserting obvious grammatical/spelling mistakes inconsistently, while falsely pretending they don’t give a shit about Raniere

The most telling thing is they share identical views on, and are always banging on about, Sarah Edmondson. Why??

Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Sarah who initially recruited Nicki into NXIVM?

And Sarah got paid for it! Just read the rabid vitriol about Sarah in Clyne’s Motions to Dismiss the lawsuit. She was pissed, really pissed!

Of course, it was also Sarah who spilled the beans on DOS, that ‘thriving’ little community that was Nicki’s whole life, her raison d’etre. Wow, that had to hurt…

Nice to think that Nicki’s in touch with her non-binary side.

So, is it ‘they/them’ now, Nicki/Kevin? You should pin it to your Twitter account. Perhaps the woke in you is finally awakening?

Kevin replied:

The funny thing about being accused of being other people is that I’m probably one of the few here who isn’t doing that. I use my real first name.

As for complaining about Sarah, if someone brought you into an organization, and then sued you for it, and for other things they actually did to you, you wouldn’t be upset by it?

Anonymous wrote:

Kevin replied:

I asked what Sarah’s collateral was, and if it involved anything to do with her kids. A reasonable question considering she was a top recruiter for NXIVM/ESP and a member and recruiter for DOS.

It’s not a crime to hold her to the same standards as low-ranking ESP and DOS members who have lost their livelihoods due to their associations with both groups.

Anonymous wrote:

You think every criminal act, each step of the way, announces that it’s a criminal act? Your logic is so flawed.

It’s very telling that you’re so arrogant that you believe you’re smarter than the jury panel, who listened to all the evidence and cross-examinations. But here you are consistently saying that you haven’t found this or you don’t know about that.

Not too long ago, you were alleging not to know much about this case in many areas.

But still, you’re smarter than everybody who sat through the entire trial, knowing exactly what they were supposed to be looking for to convict on the charges?

Is that because you worked at Smallville when you were a small child and saw so many dick pics on the Warner Brothers set?

What makes you so much smarter than all the people on the jury who decided on a verdict and did their civic duty based on hearing every bit of testimony and seeing every piece of evidence?

You came on this blog insisting that Sarah made a fortune off of the HBO documentary. Even after Frank clarified and you were too lazy to do the research yourself, Sarah made no money.

Speaking of which…when will you come down on the modern-day Manson girls Michele Hatchette and Nicki Clyne for appearing in The Vow 2? And making millions, right? For agreeing to be on camera this season?

Michele Hatchette appears in the Vow season #2.

Obviously, you wouldn’t be such a hypocrite as to criticize everyone else for appearing in The Vow, and not also criticize them.

Or would you?

Kevin replied

You can’t tell the difference between someone being portrayed as a hero [Edmondson] and someone being portrayed as a villain [Clyne and Hatchette] on a television show where the hero has creative control?

You’re kidding, right?

You’re right, Sarah’s motives are altruistic. Especially when she hired Neil Glazer to sue a bunch of people in her inner circle for all the money in the world. But she’s not about money at all.

You can relax. No one kept the dick pictures you sent Kristin Kreuk, or the threatening letters you sent Allison Mack, just because of how you felt about their TV characters.

Looks like someone is jealous of the job I had 20 years ago. Again, relax. It was hard work, it was taxing, and if it makes you happy, it was a very difficult period in my life. The job was the only thing I had going at the time.

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  • “and someone being portrayed as a villain [Clyne and Hatchette] on a television SHOW” [my capitalization]

    Wow, Nicki, you truly revealed yourself there – can’t believe I missed that one first time round. It’s not a ‘show’, it’s a doc. However, a certain person used that very word in a number of interviews to pour scorn on its merits. And you know who that person was, don’t you “Kevin”?

  • Frank
    You have seen me, and I am NOT ugly or over weight, or a carnivore. YOU are with me, lied to our faces, which YOU still are, and YOU only have feelings for KR.
    KR needs to stay in SHU. Leave his ass there and then joins him.

  • Frank
    YOU have NO way of knowing which family member you are speaking with.
    YOU have told us she disappeared in the am, then the pm, then at 12 – then – you have lied to us so many times about helping us. Don’t scold me about years or anything else.
    Scold yourself. Liar -!!!!!!
    YOU, pal, are on tape- lying about starting NXIVM back up. Are you kidding me ?
    YOU are on tape discussing Kim being crazy and half whittled – it got back to us – and mentally off.
    Really ? YOU are scolding me ? Really ? Really ?

    • Zebra… Zebra… What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Other than pointing out your stupidity, ugliness, morbid obesity, and the fact that you are a dishonest liar.

      Had you come to me like a good striped quadruped, then this scum that ruined your relative would be suffering this very day. And that by chance, if an honest herbivore such as yourself should be pursued by carnivores, then they would become my meal. And then they would fear you instead of laughing at you behind your back and calling you fatso.

      • Captain,

        We haven’t got enough power to tractor-beam Zebra. Her mass is too great. I’m sorry captain!

        She’ll hurtle thru space forever!

  • Although Mark Vicente recruited Sarah E, she can be considered Patient Zero who infected the actresses in Vancouver.

    She had worked on 10 episodes of Edgemont and got to know and hang out with cast-mates Kristin K and Grace P.

    With them, Sarah formed an Artist’s Way career support circle for young actresses, and Nicki C. joined them. So when Sarah caught the NXIVM bug she already had this close knit group to pass on the virus, well before she had an official recruitment center.

    • Introducing Nicki C. To ESP has nothing to do with Nicki’s ultimate decision to become a frontline slave.

      Sarah did not move to Albany. Sarah did not fuck Keith Raniere for years and pledge her life and monogamy to him like Nicki Clyne.

      Those were all Nicki’s choices. But not Sarah’s.

      At some point Nicki is responsible for Nicki. As Clyne has repeatedly pointed out MOST people who took Nxivm classes did NOT become Keith’s slave, knowingly brand their pubis with Raniere’s initials and join DOS. But Nicki DID.

      Nicki did. Not Sarah. Nicki Clyne was all in. And Nicki participated in the deception of DOS (and continues to be dishonest) in ways Sarah never could have. Simply because Sarah wasn’t in the know. Sarah did not possess Nicki’s full DOS picture and structure knowledge.

      And Sarah was not reporting directly to Keith. Like Nicki. Nicki was sitting naked at Keith’s feet at least weekly and taking Keith’s direct iorders

      If someone says, “Hey, there’s this amazing restaurant you should try” And then you get food poisoning when you eat there – MAYBE you could kinda blame the friend’s reccomendation.

      If a friend says, ” Hey, you should eat at this resturant” and you do. But then you fuck the chef for 10 years, get HPV, move to Albany to be near them and become the chef’s branded slave…

      That’s not really something you can blame on the friend who originally suggested the restaurant.

  • Kevin
    I respect everyone that has been injured and killed by Rainere. I am trying to heal- except for the fact that MY family and I have been lied to & stepped on SO many times – it isn’t even funny.
    I have done the whole investigation on MY family member, without truth- I have had to find the truth on MY own.
    People who come along and say, “oh, I’ll help” and months later, they are gone. Sound familiar Frank ?
    I am NOT trying to hurt anyone else- I just want Justice for MY family member- where NO one else does. MY family member is NOT as important as KR.
    Frank loves KR – he is a HERO –
    Kevin – truth is what MY family & I seek after 22 years.
    KR is responsible for MY family members death.

    • You seem to be a sneaky fraud and troll with a dirty mind. Kristin disappeared in February 2003. That was 19 years ago – not 22 years ago. A real family member would know that.

  • “You can despise Keith Raniere and everything he stands for, and simultaneously recognize that the prosecutors might be a bunch of cheats.”
    How about you, Kevin? Can you do both?’

    “I’m confused that she hasn’t taken any heat for doing things to people, such as performing EMs, when people who haven’t done those things have taken heat for them.”
    Talk to me about EMs. Please elaborate on why Sarah should take heat for performing EMs. What other things did she do while performing her NXIVM duties that deserve heat? BTW, this is your only real path to victory (which I suspect is a dead-end path). Either way, you’re welcome.

    “That the supporters of Raniere didn’t testify at his trial isn’t an implication that they did anything wrong. If the prosecutors played dirty, they could have made threats. We don’t know.”
    If his supporters didn’t do anything wrong and were too chicken to support their Vanguard, it’s okay to call them cowards. If all cars are getting stopped for a Labor Day DUI check, I don’t ditch my car and run like high school Vanguard. But, if I’m Niceguy and just let my wife treat me to an all you can eat and drink bloody mary brunch, I’m running from the cop-stop like I’m Phoebe Buffay.

    “That’s why I want to see hard evidence.”
    Dude, why don’t you start by reading Vanguard’s text messages and listening to tape.

    • I can do both, and I have done both, consistently.

      Why is Sarah giving EMs an issue? I don’t know, maybe because she’s suing her former friends and associates, most of whom she outranked, for hundreds of millions of dollars, with the use of EMs being one of the reasons. Despite her being the one to have done it to them, not the other way around as the lawsuit suggests.

      My comment about wanting to see concrete evidence is in relation to Allison and Nicole’s relationship. Was Nicole trafficked, or was this a role play game where Nicole gave consent, as Michele suggested?

      If this was a sexual assault, and Allison was in on it, why did Nicole continue to spend time with Allison and introduce her to family members after the incident?

    • NutJob-

      “The prosecutors might be a bunch of cheats. Cuz Kippy says so.”

      Yeah, Kippy is God….

      ….the Pope is a Jew.

      And Alonzo is a winner.

    • Great idea! 👍🏼

      Nippy & Sarah,

      Please consider an OnlyFans page!

      I’d love to see more of you both. 🤩

      I’ll settle for a if Nippy wears a ‘banana hammock’ speedo.

      Sarah claims Nippy is packing a
      fat hog! Let’s see it!

      FYI: I’m not Alanzo or
      Allen Stansfield.

  • “I am not obsessed with Sarah Edmondson”

    You sure seem obsessed with Moira Kim Penza though.
    “If… it turns out that Moira Penza cheated and her team tampered with evidence, it means that she’s done it before“

    Accusing her of being the Devil incarnate, based on the speculations of Chakravorty and others in the Free Raniere Club.

    Tell me again how you’re not defending Raniere. No, you’re just asking innocent questions. Completely unbiased, you are.

    Pull the other one, Kevin.

    “When you hear “forced labor”, do you think of grown women voluntarily transcribing an interview for a friend’s memorial service?”
    Doesn’t matter what you or your imaginary interlocutor think. What matters is what the jury concluded from the evidence. They decided unanimously that Raniere had committed forced labor conspiracy.

    Women were doing sex work for him Kevin. Women he blackmailed. It’s not voluntary when coercion is involved. He called them his “slaves”. You know what a slave is, Kevin? They work for Master without compensation. It’s forced labor.

    Your problem, Kevin, is you don’t understand that Raniere’s guilt has been established. The jury decided the matter. His guilt is no longer a question, it is a fact. You can accept facts or not, it doesn’t make a whit of difference. They’re still facts.

    You and Chakravorty and Clyne can doubt and question and dispute and deny reality all you like. It’s futile. Raniere’s guilty. That’s a fact.

    So you can accuse Penza and the DOJ and the FBI of all the imaginary crimes and malfeasance you like. It’s groundless speculation and makes you look more ridiculous than you already are.

    Oh and your spewing false accusations of criminality against Penza kinda makes you ridiculous when you adopt the love and kindness pose. All of you in the Free Raniere Club do it (“Our poor Vanguard is the victim of hate”) and it just makes you look like two faced liars.

    • “Women were doing sex work for him, Kevin! Women he blackmailed! It’s not voluntary when coercion is involved. He called them his “slaves”. You know what a slave is, Kevin? They work for Master without compensation. It’s forced labor.”

      This is how dumb Aristotle’s Sausage is.

      He takes the word “slave”, and no matter the reality of the DOS experience – he’s not interested in that – he moves to the definition of the word to argue his fantasy belief about DOS. He’s not even aware he is fooling himself with semantics over reality.

      He’s not interested in reality. He can not fathom anyone else’s reality if it differs from his own.

    • Aristotle, the women weren’t compensated for sex work. They were compensated for transcribing a friend’s memorial service, including women who never slept with Raniere or anyone else in the organization.

      But you’re right, it was up to a jury and the jury’s decision stands. My opinion doesn’t change that.

      The jury’s decision set a legal precedent that opens every school, business and house of worship to lawsuits going forward. Those employees or students or congregants who volunteer on weekends so their companies/schools/churches can brag about all the good they do in the community? Who weren’t paid a dime? Who volunteered because they feared retribution if they said no? Based on the legal precedent set in the Raniere case, that is forced labor conspiracy, period.

      There is zero difference whatsoever between the forced community service that most people who live in the real world are required to perform, for no pay, and the women having transcribed a memorial service. Most “volunteers” are doing work far more strenuous.

      This case sets a precedent where volunteering is a crime. Or is it only a crime if the complainants are the right kinds of people?

      How many hours of volunteer work did Sarah’s Vancouver recruits tally? Was that also forced labor conspiracy? Or not, since it’s Sarah and she’s on team Good Guy?

  • In the past Kevin posted that India was trafficking undocumented minor children and forcing them into unpaid labor. When asked for proof Kevin had none.

    Kevin frequently makes unsubstantiated wild claims. Kevin has commented on allegations about Moira and her alleged private sexual life. How did Kevin come into this knowledge? Is Kevin stalking Moira Penza too? As well as stalking Sarah and her family?

    Anyone who is making such completely unsubstantiated rumors up or even repeating them is one very unethical person.

    Kevin’s self-proclaimed timeline and his very tenuous claim to knowing Allison from a work situation going on two decades ago also has never added up.

    Kevin is an inconsitent, very personally invested opiner given to casting the worst aspersions on the people he dislikes while at the same time pretending to white knight for other total strangers that he has deemed worthy of his protection and defending. Never mind that those very women Kevin so passionately and repeatedly defends do not want to be defended by a man and everything in the teachings in ESP and their DOS slave ring was about not having men come to women’s defense in any manner. And becoming badass self-sufficient women who could carry their own water.

    If Kevin brought the words he has written in passionate defense of these people that he claims not to know at all, as well as the vile attacks on different people that (again) Kevin claims not to know at all and showed them to a therapist, objectively, it would be concerning to most mental health professionals. ESPECIALLY the fixation on Sarah’s children. And Moira’s (made up fantasy) sex life.

    Total weirdo zone.

    This hysterical defending (allegedly) isn’t Kevin’s job. (Allegedly) Kevin knows no one personally involved in the case.

    The emotional claim that Kevin makes on these people and the fixation that Kevin has on them is disturbing.

    Kevin has made their battle his battle and their “enemies” his enemies .

    Kevin lies. And when called out on it, just doubles down. Which makes a lot of what Keviin is saying just propaganda. Spreading intentional misinformation.

    Not too long ago Kevin claimed to know little about the case and then abruptly claimed to know more than other people. Including the entire jury who sat through the trial.

    For example, Kevin’s (earlier outlined) claims about India. Kevin used phrases like, “If other Frank Report readers knew what I knew”. Kevin would occasionally imply having other such insider knowledge then retreat when readers asked how this information was acquired..

    In addition to defending the women Kevin deems deserving, Kevin lambasts those he doesn’t see as worthy in a very specific juvenile, scatological and hypocritical style that is not unfamiliar to this reader.

    Why must Kevin express such vitriol against Sarah or India or Moira (or anyone really) in order to lift up Danielle? Kevin preaches that others must show compassion for his favorites. But Kevin is truly unkind toward those ex nxians whom Kevin despises.

    Kevin acts smarter than the room. Kevin isn’t. Kevin’s ultimate goal is to push the same absolutely unproven claims of alleged FBI tampering.

    Kevin has gone beyond any casual reader and commenter on this blog. It’s personal for Kevin. Very. And Moira and Sarah should consider getting restraining orders against this person.

    And Warner Brothers and the producers of Smallville should be made aware that a (alleged) past PA who was (allegedly) a teenager at the time is telling the world that he was scrutinizing dick photos on set (as part of his job?)

    Anyone who takes what Kevin is saying as verifiable truth at this point is pretty much a fool.

    And if Kevin is going to publicly make child abuse or neglect claims against any woman he should do so using a real full name. And report it to authorities. Otherwise it is just nasty, destructive, loathsome gossip. And slander.

    Same about the Moira Penza’ personal life allegations. File a complaint with proof to the government. Sign your name to it.


    No other commenter has ever sunk so low as to bring specific young children into the discussion and told lies about them to make cheap shots.

    And if other commenters did so, it would be appropriate to also ask for their real first and last name and to question why they didn’t contact authorities if children were in imminent danger?

    • “Kevin has gone beyond any casual reader and commenter on this blog. It’s personal for Kevin. Very. And Moira and Sarah should consider getting restraining orders against this person.”

      There you go.

      Disagreeing with anticultists pretty much guarantees they will make you into a criminal.

      And they say “cults” practice totalitarian information control.



      • “I’m a purveyor of objective reality.” -Aloonzo

        Disagreeing with Aloonzo pretty much guarantees he’ll label you as an anti-cultist.

        And Aloonzo says “ant-cultists” practice totalitarian information control.



    • Bevin,
      I believe Kevin might be referring to India’s use of Rosa Lara’s undocumented children
      to work for her in her catering business?
      I think Frank mentioned this early on?

    • Take it easy. I didn’t keep any of the dirty photos that were sent to Kristin. They, and the threatening letters sent to Allison by deranged female fans, were turned over to management.

      India was a co-conspirator in the original indictment, and got a literal get out jail free card for knowing the right people. If Allison is a criminal, so is India. If India is a victim, so is Allison. Period. No way around it.

      India ran an errand/catering business in the organization called Delegates. It’s a documented fact. She admits to this in interviews she’s given.

      Who were the workers for Delegates? How old were they? What were they paid? What was their wage rate?

      All this hysteria over grown women transcribing a memorial service, and no interest at all in whether or not the Delegates workers, likely underage teen girls, were exploited.

      Why is that? What sounds more like forced labor to you? Women in their late 20s and 30s transcribing a tape in an office for a friend who passed away, or teen girls doing manual labor for no pay? Girls who likely didn’t have the power to say no, and may not have known English?

      Speak up. I can’t hear you.

      And no, being on team “Good Guy” doesn’t exempt her, or Sarah, or Mark, from the standards that they are hypocritically holding other people to, people who played no role in any criminal activities, who were not management, and who did not own or operate centers.

      The job I had wasn’t anything glamorous, not even close. Some of us had to work to eat. It wasn’t like today where everyone fakes a disability and gets a check for it. Back then we had legit disabled people earning their pay, and today we have people who’ve never lifted a finger collecting disability because they got a papercut once.

      You know that I was proud of the work that I did? It was gofer work, but it was work, and it meant something to me. It was a foot in the door that I wouldn’t have had anywhere else.

      What exactly doesn’t add up? What’s so confusing to you? What, because your mom bought your car for you and your boyfriend took care of your food and rent, you think everyone else had it that easy too?

  • The obsession over Sarah is worrisome.

    Publicly declaring that you want to shit in a total stranger’s coffee mug?

    Because you falsely believe they made money off of a documentary? For which they have every right to participate in and received no direct payment.

    That’s a healthy, non hating, measured and appropriate response from a random member of the public?

    Don’t watch it.

    And don’t watch the season 2 where the dead-enders willing participate. And presumably become millionaires frim the non existent paycheck too?

    Bringing Sarah’s very young children up on this blog. Stating everyone should be concerned that they are in Sarah”s loving care.

    Frank Parilato has clarified that Sarah is an extraordinarily capable mother. Because. Frank knows her.

    What kind of person makes such egregious accusations about a complete stranger’s family on the internet?

    Someone who does not “hate” them?

    This dude claims they are just a run of the mill citizen with no agenda.

    Why then do they present as such a disgusting, amoral and really personally obsessed one?

    Sincerely hope that Sarah has been tipped off about this “Kevin” hopefully directly to her Representatives to not panic Sarah.

    But it’s vital that Sarah knows that there is a person out there that wishes scatological revenge upon her and is seeking to destroy her family. That this person is very, very obsessed. You really cannot be too safe in today’s world.

    “Kevin” likes to provide very detailed accounts of dick pics he scrutinized over a decade ago on the job. Which is creepy and random AF. He justifies it as protecting actresses on Smallville from stalker types.

    Who’s protecting Sarah from stalkers like “Kevin”?

    Bringing up every detail of Sarah’s life angrily. Bringing up her children. Kevin has zero moral high ground. Kevin has been caught lying. Spreading vicious gossip.

    And obsessing over Sarah. In a very hateful and troubling manner.

    Be careful Sarah.

    • AntiCult hysteria, right here.

      Over the top, nightmare, interpretations designed to create a moral panic about someone who simply disagrees.

      AntiCultists do not care about the truth. This comment is a great example of that.

      Watch for these anticult patterns. Don’t be emotionally manipulated by therm.


      • It’s not simply disagreeing with someone to bring up their very young children and make false accusations about the mother being a danger to them. It is not simply disagreeing with someone to say that you want to s*** in their coffee mug and to double down on Lies when you are called out on them.

        • Anonymous –

          Clearly you are hysterical.

          Please provide the exact quotes where Kevin said these things you accuse him of.

          You would not be the first Anticultist to lie about someone who disagrees with you to create a moral panic around them, and you won’t be the last.

          Provide the quotes, in context, or go wig out somewhere else.


          • No one here is your DOS bitch, lazy

            There are multiple comments. Frank even felt compelled to step in and stand up for Sarah (whom he knows personally) to assert that she is a wonderful mother. Frank did this more than once, because Frank is a wonderful human. Thanks again, Frank.

          • There may be some who say Sarah should not be suing people she recruited into NXIVM. There may be some who say Sarah was too soft on Lauren and too hard on Danielle.

            But no one who knows her can say she is anything but a wonderful mother. And to be clear = she did not make any money for her appearances on the Vow.

          • “Anonymous” wrote:

            “No one here is your DOS bitch, lazy.”

            I know this goes against anticultist culture, because I used to be one of you, but what I’m asking of you is called intellectual honesty.

            If you accuse someone of “Publicly declaring that you want to shit in a total stranger’s coffee mug?” without showing where they said that, then you are not providing any support for what you accuse people of.

            And when you say “But it’s vital that Sarah knows that there is a person out there that wishes scatological revenge upon her and is seeking to destroy her family.” without also giving the quote, in context, is completely manipulative and dishonest.

            And morally repugnant.

            No one should trust what you say because you lie about people who simply say things you disagree with.

            You are a common, run-of-the-mill, anticultist.

            And you suck.


      • Anti-anti-cultist, delusion, right here.

        Aloonzo doesn’t care about the truth. His comment is a shining example of that.

        Watch for Aloonzo’s anti-anti-cultist patterns. Don’t be beguiled by him.


    • I never threatened Sarah, or anyone else. I have no interest in ever meeting her or talking to her. I find her to be a repulsive person who hurt her friends to save herself, while posing as a heroic figure.

      I’ve never sent her so much as a letter or an e-mail. What threat to I pose to her? Because I come on here and point things out about her that are all on the public record?

      If it makes you feel better, I don’t even live in the United States. I live about as far away from the continental US and Canada as you can get before you head back.

      On a side note, I hope that Miami quarterback who suffered two serious concussions in four days is doing better. If not, and he forgets how to count to 10, the NFL might call one of the lawyers who represented them against the players in the big lawsuit some years ago.

      I think her name was Moira Penza. But yeah, she’s a nice person and all about doing the right thing.

      • You brought up Sarah’s very young children just to make a totally uniformed, incorrect malicious smear attempt on her as a mother.

        What the fuck is actually wrong with you?

        A complete stranger making up lies about a woman with whom they are obsessed.

  • I always find it interesting that Lauren is left out of these conversations. She was one of the most deceiving, dangerous manipulators working for KR and got away scot free. Now she is quietly doing her dog grooming business without a peep coming from anyone. I guess dog grooming is perfect for her since she was a master at grooming women for KR.

  • “Kevin” is just another lying deadender, and it’s irrelevant who.

    Everything she writes just reeks of their talking points.

    • Except that I believe it’s possible that Raniere hurt teen girls, and that I believe Heidi Hutchinson and her late sister are entitled to justice if Raniere harmed them. Does that sound like a Raniere supporter to you?

      • Sounds to me a lot like someone pretending they’re not a Raniere supporter, Kevin/Nicki/whatever.

        By the by, you really like to use the adjective “actual” quite a lot, which is actually very similar to you know who.

        “As for complaining about Sarah, if someone brought you into an organization, and then sued you for it, and for other things they actually did to you, you wouldn’t be upset by it?”

        Succinctly put, just like in your motion to dismiss.

        So Kevin is your real first name? Well that really narrows it down LOL!!

      • Yes.

        Do you believe Rhiannon lied on the police report? I dare you to answer with a one-word answer.

        (And to pre-empt more bullshit word salad – FUCK YOU if you go there.)

    • Yes, I’m a dead ender, one who never took a NXIVM class and wishes that none of the people involved ever met Raniere.

      • No worries Kevin
        Anyone who disagrees with them is a deadender whether they took NXIVM classes or not. Alonzo says he can’t hold back the tide here but thats because its a tsunami
        Set up in advance, btw

        • That is false. People disagree on this blog all the time. And they do not call each other dead Enders every time.

          However the stench of a dead Ender is very distinct not dissimilar to how the smell of decomposition is unmistakable as any other scent. People’s intuition is On Target more often than it is not. That’s another dead Ender giveaway trying to get people not to trust their own instincts. When commenters are disingenuous people call them out.

          Dead Enders are very easy to spot. They used to just give themselves away extremely easily by using data compulsively and other lingo but there are just as obvious tells now. So don’t try to Gaslight people who are calling it as they read it.

          And are perfectly entitled to do so

  • Kevin
    I am a family member of a deceased victim, of NXIVM – the people who took NXIVM down, are the very ones who are being slammed. Why? My sister and my family have been slammed and lied to and just down right tortured.
    It is about the victims NOT the turd- KR – what is wrong here ?
    Go figure. Sarah is also a personal family member of mine. Leave her and the kids OUT of this – got it ?
    This blog is a “baseball bat” for clubbing people. Stop it -!!!!!’

    • Hello Zebra,

      If someone in your family was harmed by Raniere or anyone associated with NXIVM/ESP, I hope that you are able to heal. And please know that my comments aren’t directed towards you or your family.

      The greater point that I’m trying to make, that I might be failing at, is that the people who were associated with NXIVM/ESP and with DOD also have family members and friends who love and care for them. We don’t want them hurt or punished, and we want them to be safe. The narratives pushed by defectors are harmful to these women and their families and friends as much as anything Raniere might have done.

      I respect you and your family, and wish you no harm. I ask that in return you show the same level of compassion for some of the people who are struggling with all of this.

      We’re not as far apart as you might think.

      • ‘Look at the similarities, not the differences’ – a quote that helps in these kinds of situations. Both survivors and followers alike have experienced pain and devastation. I hope everyone can heal too..

      • What narrative are “defectors” pushing against people who remain loyal to NXIVM or Keith Raniere? The Dossier Project women have set their own narrative. These women are free to state their truth and they have, many times, on video. Who is hurting them? Who is punishing them? Sarah Edmondson is not going around making entire videos like, “Michele Hatchette, the making of a victim”. She’s not releasing Instagram lives where she talks trash about the loyalists. Also, doesn’t Nicki Clyne STILL have some peoples’ collateral?

        • Because her lawyer in the civil suit won’t allow her to!
          Because she wasn’t held accountable for her actions…

          Or her lies.

      • “Kevin”, if the deadenders believe they’re not safe, they should be “at cause”. No? They always want to have their cake and eat it too. (If it’s under 500 calories, that is.)

      • Kevin? Sorry, but your attempt to come off as fair and noble just reeks of manipulation.

        None of the actual truth should be any worse than the lies some of the DOS women told about their families as part of their required collateral.

        The NXIVM remainders not only want to whitewash the truth and minimize the criminal nature of this organization but also want their leader to be set free. They wholeheartedly believe in the practices of blackmail, sexual abuse and peonage while these are legally identified as anti-social ideas and behaviors.

        Furthermore, the great vanguard implicitly taught that sex between adults and minors was okay so long as the child was adult-like. Super embarrassing for every single person who ever attended that class, sure. But some, like Sarah and Mark, eventually woke up and saw this garbage for what it was. I don’t understand why you’re angry with them about that? I also don’t understand why you think this information should be concealed? In what way would obfuscating the truth benefit the families that were, as you claim, harmed?

        But what harm has even been done to the families at all, Kevin? Keith was given a fair trial. He chose to present no defense. And the dancers all decided to act like a bunch of argumentative weirdos. From my POV, they’ve brought a lot of trouble on themselves that might have been avoided by employing their own critical thinking skills instead of taking orders from the guy with the mystical semen and the highest IQ in the world.

        I get this is probably embarrassing information to a lot of people. But? You know what? Life can be embarrassing. Get over it. Come on! Haven’t you ever farted in a quiet room? Peed your pants when you were a kid? Have you really never made a mistake or been wrong about something ever before?

        I think you’re wrong to pick on Moira Penza. She was just doing her job.

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