Nicki Clyne Is Doing Fine; Not on 500 Calorie Diet

Nicki Clyne was recently the topic of some discussion.

Steven J said

There’s a link to Nicki Clyne’s Instagram, and I watched two recent videos of Clyne. I was shocked: she definitely is on the 500-calorie DOS-diet again. In one video, she wears a bikini, and it is very troubling because she is rail-thin. She needs help, because this is not going to end well for her.

Aristotle’s Sausage had this to say:

I can’t believe I’m defending Clyne here, because she’s as crazy as The Joker and about as evil, but one thing she’s not is dangerously underweight.

She’s thin, but she’s always been thin. And there’s nothing wrong with being thin.

I looked it up. According to the 2017–2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, less than 2% of U.S. adults aged 20 and over are underweight.

By contrast, 74% adults are overweight or obese. The average American man weighs just shy of 200 pounds, and the average American woman isn’t far behind that two century mark. And it ain’t because we’re a nation of bodybuilders.

We’re a nation of fatties. People of normal (healthy) weight are, incredibly, a small minority, and I think, as a result, someone on the thin end of normal gets labeled as “dangerously thin”.

Anyone less than 25 or 30% body fat is assumed to be anorexic. Unhealthy. At death’s door.

It’s bizarre.

Robert Earl Hughes (June 4, 1926 – July 10, 1958) was an American man who was, during his lifetime, the heaviest human being recorded, weighing 1,071 lbs.  

Overweight is a huge (pun intended) health problem. Heart disease, diabetes… Yet there is terrific attention paid to the problem of eating disorders. While only 1.6% of the population is underweight, there are many reasons for being underweight.

So no, I wouldn’t assume Clyne is on a 500 calorie diet. Maybe she exercises and refrains from stuffing her face with Big Macs at every opportunity. In which case she deserves credit. Good for her, she can wear a bikini without it looking like a rubber band on a marshmallow.

Just Sayin’ had a word on her emotional health

Nicki Clyne doesn’t appear to be having any emotional turmoil! Check out her Instagram.

She’s playing in the rain,

moonwalking and jumping about in the mall,


making stupid faces for her 24/7 cameraman, climbing trees…ya know, acting like a 5 year old.

Oh, and let’s not forget the recent professional video of her new jeep…

Yeah, I think she’s holding up just fine.

Nicki Clyne’s page:

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  • Nicki Clyne is self-loathing. This is why she has this eating disorder and is constantly posting over-the-top childish videos to prove how “joyful” she is. Compulsive tweeting for validation from her weirdo followers is another one. She hates herself.

  • No one claimed Nikki is anorexic.
    She’s bulimic!

    There’s a big difference:

    Bulimics get to have their cake and eat it too……

    ……By vomiting.

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    • Fabulous Alanzo is a ‘real’ NXIVM insider!

      Only the chosen few have an internet connection and a Twitter account to gain access to Nicki Clyne’s innermost thoughts.

    • None of the Dead-Enders want to associate with you, Aloonzo. They categorize you, like Damon Brink, as a loon.

  • It is nice to know that Mrs Clyne reads every word of Frank report.

    But it is insincere for her to present it to her sketchy twitter followers as though people are just randomly discussing her appearance because she is a has a been washed up actress.

    The truth iis that weight in DOS was and is of public interest ibecause it factored into the trial.

    The highly restricted diets and starvation of the slave women are public knowledge.

    That is why people are discussing current Nicki’s health and fitness. This door was opened even by Nicki herself on social media she has posted that she was never in better physical shape during DOS. And defended the dieting practices of the slave ring publicly.

    It is completely logical for people to see a photograph that she chose to make public of herself in a bathing suit looking pretty thin and question if she is on the infamous diet that she has previously stated that she believes in and thinks is healthy. There’s nothing nefarious about that and she brought it on herself.

    It is also pertinent to point out that most people commenting here don’t look at Nicki Clyne’s social media.

    The photos were reposted on a Blog tHat they do read. That’s very different than if they were seeking out photographs of Ncki to look at and critique

    • Nicki is down to 27 members….

      *Her 28th member ended his membership.

      *Note: Alonzo’s mom found out he was using her credit card.

      • Are you trying to troll me? Now listen to me, you smooth-talking son-of-a-bitch! Let me lay it on the line for you and your boss, David Miscavige, or whoever he is.

        Alanzo can subscribe to anything he wants! I don’t care how many hostile, provoking, annoying cyberbullies come out of the woodwork!

          • Now my sources tell me that you plan to make a move to the 12th dimension. They tell me that, within a week, you’re going to move into this sphere. Quite an expansion. However, it will leave you with a little technical problem. You have to take Zebra with you and leave her there when you return.

  • Before anyone thinks she’s not too skinny, the camera adds ten pounds. The vast majority of people look pudgier in photos and she does not.

  • When looking at photos over a long period of Nxivm/DOS time it seems that Nicki Clyne attempted to morph into Allison Mack once Keith Raniere elevated Allison’s concubine status beyond Nicki’s lowier lover status even though Nicki got that nasty vanguard dick first.

    Nicki grew out her hair (above and below) dyed it blonde and dropped the pounds and became less doughy and more angular like Allison.

  • Love to see pics of all the concerned gossips in this string (which sadly seem to be men) in shorts and a tank top. Bikini too. Let us all “help” you be more healthy by critiquing your bodies. Please.

  • ” The few pics in this post doesn’t show enough to draw a conclusion. I wouldn’t be surprised though if she is on some kind of diet to show loyalty to her hero.”


    The shallow cruelty of anticultists knows no bounds.

    Remember when Tammy was being fat-shamed and how outraged everyone was here on the Frank Report to think that NXIVM members might be fat-shaming her?

    The comments on this post prove that anticultists are not more polite, more civilized, or more sane than the cultists they pretend to be superior to, pretend to live a better life than, pretend to have a more humane way to live.

    I remember when I first began speaking to Nicki, she sent me the link to the Scott Adams interview she did. I was horrified that he thought he could just go into her sex life publicly, quiz her about the details for his podcast – like this very private part of someone’s, anyone’s, life is open season because she’s a “brainwashed cult member”.

    It’s reminiscent of the widespread use of the word “squaw” to describe all native women – the most profane insult you can use to describe a woman. White people never thought twice about its use because indigenous people are “the Other” and they do not deserve the same manners and consideration that “our women” deserve.

    Forgive me if I, once again, publicly express my complete disgust of you.

    Because you deserve it.


      • A former overweight member of NXIVM, a current friend of Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth, and former friend of Allison Mack who she was a huge fan of during the Smallville days and who recruited her into NXIVM. She had some computer experience and worked on Voth’s and Kreuk’s Girls by Design website. She too was victimized by NXIVM and was in the documentary series “Seduced”. She has reported her story here in an article and also commented in response to questions.

          • AloNzo,

            Yep! Anti-cultists are better than cultists…..

            …….Like how dog shit or
            Scott Johnson are better than you.

          • Hey, what are you a dog shit judge or something? Go take a walk around the neighborhood. Do your job.

          • “Hey, what are you a dog shit judge or something? Go take a walk around the neighborhood. Do your job.”

            It’s honest work. I use to clean the Tiger cage at the zoo.

          • Give this to Nice Guy. I want reliable people; people that aren’t gonna be carried away. I’m mean, we’re not excrement vendors, despite of what this troll says.

          • Frank-

            I’m not going to get carried away. Alonzo will be carted away.
            Excrement is excrement whether it be from a dog or Alonzo.

        • “Tammy is a current friend of Kristin Kreuk and Kendra Voth”

          And an apologist or defender of GBD. When she was posting her recently she stopped answering when asked to explain GBD’s sexually inappropriate articles for young teens and tweens,

          • Alex,

            You’re expected to address someone by their new sex and not the old one!

            Hence the awkward sentence –
            libtards didn’t think of that when they invented the new “rule”.

            Now it’s OK to refer to an individual as “they”.

    • My original post was out of concern for her health, not with bad intent of shaming her. She puts these pictures on the internet. I see them on the FR and see how thin she is. Unhealthy thin in my opinion. I share my worries about her health on the FR in a respectful tone. And this makes me a “disgusting human being” who’s ”cruelty has no bounds”? Please……

      The string of comments that followed was a discussion about healthy weight for any person in general and if Clyne is underweight or not. None of the comments are, in my view, bodyshaming or in any way disrespectful to Clyne. On the contrary: I was pleased that the comments didn’t spiral down to outright insults to Clyne. That did happen on the FR before, but not in this string of comments.

    • Did you see the same Scott Adams interview as me? She was loving it – first proper opp she got to whitewash DOS – understatement followed understatement and Scotty just lapped it up like a puddycat.

      Nicki just loved that one, and her first bit of alt-right kudos. Now that’s what I call disgusting…

      • Exactly. Addams asks her about Camilla. He asks if she testified. If she corroborated the child porn charges. Good questions. Unfortunately the interview was held shortly before sentencing, where Camilla made a victim statement. Otherwise Clyne would have said she doesn’t believe Camilla’s testimony and I’m curious what Adam’s reaction would have been to such a blatant position.

    • No one has said squaw since the r word (a word Zo has no problem using repeatedly) was common dirtbag behavior on the playground. Or on some old dude’s 2022 blog. Or whatever title Bangkok is using this week. The 70s were **half a century** ago. Find a new, less hypocritical, rallying point.

      Scott Adams is right wing/ libertarian zealot. Just like post-Vanguard Nikki.

    • Don’t forget to pick up your prescription meds💊 from CVS.🏥
      You know how crazy you get on the weekends without out them.🤪

    • —Forgive me if I, once again, publicly express my complete disgust of you.

      Don’t feel bad! You F’ing hypocrite! We find you vile too. Once again we’re choosing to express.

      Run along, mommy has your lunch ready.

  • Being underweight is as unhealthy as overweight. The extremes of anything is always bad for you. Even drinking too much water can kill you.

    In Clyne’s case, have to see more. Bone protruding through chest is a possible sign but others include smaller wrists, rib cage showing, overall weakness, and what I call “big head syndrome” where the head just seems too big for the body its on when it use to not to seem that way. The few pics in this post doesn’t show enough to draw a conclusion. I wouldn’t be surprised though if she is on some kind of diet to show loyalty to her hero.

    • She definitely has lollipop head.

      I think she is underweight, but not dangerously underweight. It actually is healthy to be a little bit underweight as long as you’re getting sufficient vitamins/nutrients etc.

      • I imagine stress can be a direct cause of weight loss, as much or more than diet, at times.

        Why don’t y’all post your own pics so we can go over them here with a fine tooth comb?

        • But… Nicki IS putting her photos out there publicly. Presumably she wants people to have a reaction. She sure likes flattery and attention

          And most of the FR commenters weren’t in a slavery group notorious for starvation diets.

          Come on. Nckii and Danielle and all of the DOS.slave ring die-hards cannot have it both ways.

          If you’re going to be posting pictures of yourself dancing and in yoga positions and justifying the insanely irresponsible diet the slave women were ordered to be on to lose weight, then yes , people are going to comment on how all of that very publicly documented dieting looks on you.

          Isn’t that what they wanted actually? To prove that they could get themselves really thin and what Keith considered the ideal female body type?

          You just can’t have it both ways.

          Haven’t seen anybody who posts on Frank report alleging that they believe in a 500 calorie restricted diet. And photographing every bit of food they eat and asking a slave master permission to eat.

          When they do, then yeah, it’s probably fair to ask to see a photo of them.

          • Cult deadenders are notorious hypocrites.

            Let’s provocatively dance in skimpy clothes, but we should have the right that no one should be able to comment on our bodies that we expose.

            BTW, why aren’t they still dancing outside of MDC for prison reform and justice?

            Oh yeah: because they’re conman leader isn’t there anymore and it was all about him.

            Like I say said, they’re fucking hypocrites. That’s why claims about Nicki and others being sincere are utter BS. They care only about one thing, but they would get ZERO bites from simps and others if they came right out and said it (which is the actual sincere thing to do), and that’s why they have to make it bigger than themselves and latch onto other “movements” and principles — again, insincerely. They should be called out for it everywhere.

            Their conman leader is guilty as shit. He was caught red handed. He knows it, but he doesn’t care. The only thing that matters is to get out and he’ll do anything to do so, even lie about the integrity of the people working fir the FBI because he has none. Which again, is a reflection of insincerity.

    • You’re actually *supposed* to be able to see the ribs:

      There’s no muscle group there, the latissimus dorsii are further back and the pectorals are higher in front. If you can’t detect the rib cage that means it’s covered by a layer of useless fat.

      Same goes for the upper chest up around the neck.

      A thick layer of subcutaneous fat isn’t needed. We aren’t wales. It only seems “normal” because the norm is to be overweight or obese.

  • OK, I have to say I’m with Stephen J on this one. Granted, many Americans are overweight, and overweight is not healthy – pressure on vital organs, especially the heart, diabetes etc etc. We should remember though that being overweight is usually a slow demise. Being underweight to the extent that Clyne is…well, that’s bordering on, if not actually being, anorexic.

    Let’s be honest, those bikini pics would worry any doctor. It’s a very small step from that to complete stick insect mode, and once that sets in, it can kill you very quickly. I challenge anyone to take a quick peak at Nicki interviews over the last couple of years. There has certainly been a marked deterioration. Even with clothes on, the face gives it away, going from thin to really thin to cadaverous – the bones are sticking out, and for a woman turning 40 in a few months time, that’s not a good look. More importantly, it’s definitely not healthy!

    Anorexia is often associated with a troubled mind, unresolved childhood issues such as physical, and especially sexual, abuse. My strong suspicion is that Nicki has these in abundance. That’s why she couldn’t get it together to finish any of the 3 degrees she started and then just gave up on, why she just couldn’t find any direction in her life, and why she got mixed up in all that cult bullshit at such a young age in the first place.

    More important things in life than having a new jeep, Nicki – especially life itself. Go get your head sorted out before it’s too late.

    • For someone at death’s door, she’s in pretty good shape. On her Instagram there’s a picture of her carrying her sister around on her back. And her sister is no lightweight by the look of her.

      Being able to lift more than her own body weight means she’s in damn good shape. If you can lift more than you weigh you’re not wasting away, you’re not anorexic. Athletes are often less than 15% body fat.

      You’re actually SUPPOSED to be able to see a person’s ribs. If they’re covered by flab you’re too fat. Have a look at Greek statuary.

      Yes, it is possible to starve oneself to death. Yes, anorexia is real. It’s a niche disorder though, minuscule in comparison with obesity and its ailments.

      Fit people aren’t anorexic. They may look strange, because fit people are in the minority.

      “What’s wrong with that girl?” She’s not fat. That’s what’s “wrong” with her.

      • I agree with some of your points, but this has been going on a while now. It’s not like she’s a long distance runner heading into the Olympics,

        Someone I used to know (also called ‘Nicky’) did a celebrity thing in the UK called Big Brother. For a few years she looked just like Nicki does now, and people who knew her were always a little concerned. Over a couple of months she just started worsening and then she died alone. Of course it was heartbreaking for all who knew her.

        I’m not sure that Nicki is getting the support she needs if you think about the people that surround her.

      • No one said she was chubby, but thin she was not.

        Kristin is an example of “on the smaller side.” Nicky had twice the meat on her than Kristin, in her thighs alone. Now Nicky is as thin as Kristin.

  • Why aren’t Canadian research findings on weight and nutrition presented? Nicki Clyne is still Canadian, not American. Who cares how fat US citizens are?

  • Nicki,
    If you read this, I am sorry for having insulted you, repeatedly rather, I know. I also know that you have a beautiful soul even though we don’t see eye to eye on some things. I would not extend the apology otherwise.
    I hope you will look after your health.

  • Can we send her back to Canada and take another immigrant in her place who isn’t morally bankrupt? Asking for a friend

  • Frank, you promised your readers another DOS slave mannual lesson. instead we get dick pic Kevin’s same old, same old and reposting from Raniere loyalist Nicki”s social media. It’s so disappointing.

      • Mr. Parlato,

        What about delivering on your promise to me and Mr. Patriot God about publishing our work? What about that promise?

        Why aren’t you answering your email and ignoring me?

        • McBlack, I hope you do not mind if I make a rather blunt statement about myself.

          McBlack, I’m a very great man.

          This Patriot God business, it’s trolling, and trolling doesn’t come any neater. As fancy a piece of trolling as anybody ever ran into…smart, tricky, almost perfect, but… I think Papa has it all figured out. Figured out and wrapped up in tissue paper with pink ribbons on it.

          That guy Patriot God never did the interview. You did.

          It was perfect. Except it wasn’t, because you made one mistake…just one little mistake. When it came to picking the troller, you picked the wrong website. You want to know who did the trolling?

          Hold tight to that cheap cigar of yours, McBlack. You trolled Patriot God.

          You, George Walter McBlack, age 37, aspiring member of Antifa.

          Yes, you trolled him. You wrote the answers and the questions to sabotage his white supremacy arguments..

          You trolled him for money… and for a woman. And you didn’t get the money, and you didn’t get the woman.

          Pretty, isn’t it?

          • Mr. Parlato,

            Sounds like you’re doing some trolling yourself by not answering my question and making up fictional stories.

            Would you kindly please answer me about what I’ve asked?

            Are you still going to post up the Mr. Patriot God’s articles and my interview with him?

            Yes or no?

    • “I think I will post them.”

      Thank you kindly, sir!

      That’s all I asked.

      And please don’t change your mind again.

      I’m almost done editing my interview.

  • Hi Frank –

    I just came across this blog post of yours from October 2019 where you doxxed Nicki Clyne and tried to get her fired from her job. You said that she was a “criminal” and this justified the anticult fair game you applied to her.

    Do you still feel this way?

    What do you have to say about this now?

    Would you do this again if you had the chance?

    Why or why not?


    • I called her employer Izzy Rose and asked for Nicki Leigh – the assumed name she used – to confirm she worked there. At the time, I was concerned she was recruiting DOS slaves.

      I was told she was meeting with slender young ladies, using the bar as a cover. She was not using her real name.

      I believed women were at risk from the non disclosures DOS was notorious for – like not telling whose initials were on the brand etc. Or that a man was at the head of an all-woman group.

      I called Nicki to speak with her. She did not return the call. So I judged the risk as greater than the harm. At the time I think I did the right thing.

      Since then, I have come to know Nicki, and while she and I disagree on Keith Raniere, I think she is a good person. She honestly thinks Keith is good. I think he is not.
      However, her intention is not to harm others.

      So to answer your question – would I do it again?

      I don’t know.

      But I do know the answer to this dilemna.

      Let’s say Nice Guy was working at a cleaning the bedsheets between clients under the assumed name of Scott Johnson.

      And what he was trying to do was sell some of the Johns Amway memberships, telling them they could make a fortune selling Amway prophylactics if they invested their life savings – something I have reliable information that he contemplated.

      I would have to out him – and tell people that prophylactics are not the big seller he claims they are, and he is not even Scott Johnson.

      But other Amway products are big sellers, like the duck biscuits.

      • Re: “I have come to know Nicki, and while she and I disagree on Keith Raniere, I think she is a good person. She honestly thinks Keith is good.”

        That’s saddening. I had been in that same head space over Raniere years ago. As have many women (and men) who have been targets of malignant narcissists. It’s an enormously emotional effort to turn things around once you realize you were just being used – that nothing of the “relationship” was real or true. If a narcissist ‘loves” you, it is merely for what you can offer as supply (admiration, money, sex, etc.), and they will lie, cheat, whatever to make sure you keep that supply coming.

        I suspect it will be difficult for Nicki to ever get out of that head space. She is limited to only Raniere’s words now – no way to observe his continued actions and draw conclusions on actions vs statements. Putting him in prison made it difficult for him to continue cutting a path of contagion in the world, but it also locked him in amber for those who still saw him as “good”.

        If Nicki is happy and healthy in that head space, good for her. But words and actions that uphold Raniere as “good” can be misleading and damaging to others who are vulnerable to malignant narcissist targeting techniques. As long as she supports him, she’s still a tool in his box of tricks for abusing others.

        • Nicki and I have had many talks. She is willing to listen to my criticism of Keith but she is unpersuaded.

          She will politely respond that she does not believe Keith could ever do that. I believe she is absolutely sincere,

          • — she is absolutely sincere,

            Nah, she’s just living in self-delusion. Her perspective is based only on her own experience and those who agree with it so she denies the experience of others that contradict it.

            If one or two people maligning your source of affection, it is understandable that you can cast their aspersions away as falsehoods or some other negative attribution.

            When you deny many (as the chance of conspiracy decreases with more people reporting it) and start accepting wild conspiracies to blind yourself to the reality of objective evidence, you’re in looney land and there is nothing sincere about your motive. You have blinded yourself to all other — to use an oft used NXIVM term — data just because it will affect your “inner representation” of the subject, and you simply don’t want that to change because everything you believed in will be considered a lie and your belief in it and yourself will come crashing down. People hate to move on from a long-term investment because they’ve already wasted so much time on it, and they will do anything to keep the delusion going in a false hope that it will turn itself around and work out in the end. But that never happens. It’s best to cut the cord right away.

            Nicki isn’t any different than any other deadender believer — trapping themselves because they’re now too — to use another oft used NXIVM term — attached and too scared to move on for themselves. And no doubt Raniere has her believing in the “love is pain” BS, and that the struggle is real for all “great” movements that “changed the world”, and other grandiose nonsense he associates with himself. Nicki is also the female who primarily has the attention of her object of affection and that too keeps her invested.

          • I get it. I was there at one time too. I defended him and backed him just as sincerely. I was wrong, and my words and actions in defending the monster sometimes led to others being hurt. And I know absolutely that Raniere can and has abused women – including me. It doesn’t matter how sincere Nicki is in her belief of his “goodness”; Raniere is a narcissistic monster and he harms people. That’s the reason I’m still here – to share what I experienced and what I know so others won’t be hurt further by him. How Nicki chooses to speak about him just abets his chances to harm others (meager as those chances are now from a prison cell).

          • “Since then, I have come to know Nicki, and while she and I disagree on Keith Raniere, I think she is a good person”

            What’s good about her? Sincere question.

            “I believe she is absolutely sincere”

            And I think they’re doing a snow job on you. I judge people by their actions, because it’s impossible to actually know somebody’s intentions. And a person being sincere doesn’t mean crap. Pol Pot and his minions were undoubtedly sincere.

            Chakravorty and Clyne want to get a convicted felon sprung from prison, a racketeer and sex trafficker They’re using you. They lie shamelessly in their cause.

            These people are cult loyalists. We all know by now how cults work. They befriend their mark, act “sincere”, talk of fine principles. They’ll appear reasonable and kindly, they’ll agree to disagree, they’ll appear genuinely interested in your point of view.

            All that time they’re lining you up as their mark. Discovering your weaknesses, working out their angle. They have all the time in the world.

            While you start thinking, “hey these people aren’t really so bad”

            Yeah. Except for the pussy branding and the blackmailing and the forced labor conspiracy. All the crimes and enormities they knew about, eagerly participated in, and still endorse.

            Go ahead. Trust these people. Believe they’re good people and sincere. Me, I don’t trust these cult recruiters as far as I could throw them.

            Because I’m not a fool.

        • “That’s saddening. I had been in that same head space over Raniere years ago. As have many women (and men) who have been targets of malignant narcissists. It’s an enormously emotional effort to turn things around once you realize you were just being used – that nothing of the “relationship” was real or true.”

          This is a great example of how anticultism, and a venomous belief in “narcissists”, creates the most toxic re-interpretation of your earlier life that it possibly can. It’s like a mind virus that forces you to turn your whole earlier life into a disease, something to be avoided, never something to embrace, filled with the wholesome treasure of life experience.

          People who adopt these poisonous ideologies are destroying themselves, and they never notice it.

          They are certainly no one to take advice from on how you should look at other people, and your time spent with them.

          So self-destructive.


          • Nah – self destructive would be continuing to live in the dreamland of believing in some jackass’s words instead of looking at his actions and seeing what an abusive turd he is. Self destructive would be listening to your BS and abusing myself over it rather than laughing at it.

          • To Alanzo – There were two different things. There was Keith. And there was NXIVM. Everytime somebody labels Keith as a malignant narcissist or narcissistic psychopath etc., you seems to tense up and have an emotional reaction.

            I’m fine with not using these psychology terms and was taught (like you, I assume) that the terms can be limiting. I’m curious why you react this way? Is it the terms you don’t like or Keith being labeled as such? Are you linking Keith and NXIVM so that the “cult” is the one being labeled? How should people who know Keith explain his behavior? Should we say “he checks off every box of what the mainstream would call a psychopath/narcissist?”

            To me, calling out Keith’s behavior over the years is not anti-cult behavior. It’s being straight up. Calling out one person is different than making everyone and everything NXIVM wrong. To go a step further, IMO it was the behavior flaws of Keith that led to the downfall of NXIVM.

          • Yes, we’ve talked about this and I can’t possibly hold back the tide here at the Frank Report. People need their cudgels.

            Most people don’t have the time to understand someone like Keith Raniere. They don’t want to. They want something or someone to fight and to demonize.

            The problem is that most people think they understand Keith Raniere when they only understand the label “narcissist”.

            But whatever, it’s a personal choice of mine born from long experience.

            The link below is the core problem with simplistic labels such as “Psychopath”, “Narcissist”, “Suppressive Person” and “Witch”. It’s why I personally try to avoid them in my own thinking. But they’re so easy, and so sticky, I don’t always succeed.



      • Thank you for this answer, Frank.

        I thought your post was a great example of AntiCult FairGame, where anticultists try to destroy the livelihoods, the families, the happiness, and the self esteem of cultists in whatever way they can.

        Most anticultists can only see cult fairgame, often completely blind to their own anticult fairgame.

        AntiCult Fairgame is very common, especially here on the Frank Report. Their practitioners feel completely justified in committing the same abuses, and worse, to the members of the minority groups they target.

        I’m glad to see that you are capable of learning from experience, Frank. It’s one of the best barometers that show whether an anticultist can someday come up out of the anticult mental conditioning they have adopted and created for themselves.

        Keep learning, keep evolving, Frank.

        And maybe a public apology to Nicki might be in order?

        It’s never too late to set a good example for other anticultists here to start questioning the mental conditioning they’ve adopted.



        • I am happy to keep learning. But I think a public apology is not in order. The DOS problem is that they did not tell women about the presence of a man who ruled the entire sorority. That is such a material omission that it invalidates everything.

          Then to brand women with his initials but not tell them adds a terrible layer to this.

          Finally, to take collateral – essentially material that could destroy women – and then give some of them an assignment to seduce Keith, does not warrant an apology on my part for protecting women from that by doxing anybody.

          On getting to know Nicki, I found that she does not see this as wrong but intended to help women. She tells me that no new women are being recruited into DOS.

          I would support DOS if there was full disclosure – about the requirement for more collateral, about Raniere being the absolute leader of DOS and that the brand is his initials. Then if women still want to join – go for it.

          • Frank wrote:

            “I am happy to keep learning. But I think a public apology is not in order. The DOS problem is that they did not tell women about the presence of a man who ruled the entire sorority. That is such a material omission that it invalidates everything.

            Then to brand women with his initials but not tell them adds a terrible layer to this.

            Finally, to take collateral – essentially material that could destroy women – and then give some of them an assignment to seduce Keith, does not warrant an apology on my part for protecting women from that by doxing anybody.

            Sorry I’m singling you out on this, Frank. But you did write the post I referenced, and you did target Nicki Clyne for Anticult destruction.

            I really do appreciate the balls you have to stand up to this kind of questioning on your anticult fair game history, on your very own blog. Very few anticultists have this kind of courage.

            All right.

            Now knowing what you know, how much of your litany of justifications you listed above for your specific destruction of Nicki’s livelihood was actually committing by Nicki?

            Did she commit any of those acts you listed above? Or was she just a member of a group that had individuals in it who did?

            You called Nicki a “criminal”. This was another part of your justification for destroying Nicki’s livelihood at the time.

            Is Nicki really a criminal, Frank?

            And if she’s not, were you really justified in tracking her down, doxing her, and trying to get her fired?

            I’m talking about Nicki specifically as an individual. Not anyone else.

            Did she deserve this specific anticult fair game from you?


          • Frank,

            Alanzo has charged you with the crime of “Anti-Cult Destruction”.

            How do you plea?

            “You did target Nicki Clyne for Anticult destruction.”

          • I will answer you, Nice Guy, because I heard that you’re a serious man, to be treated with respect.

            But uh, I must say no, I did not target Nicki Clyne for anticult destruction.

  • Aristotle is right about general (over)weight in the american (westerrn) population. However, this is about one person: Clyne.
    Look at the two pictures where she wears the bikini top. Bones clearly visible and her breasts are absent: melted away due to low calorie intake. Not very healthy.if you’d ask me.

  • Nicki’s thin and obviously on a diet. Compare her in the Acapella Innovations video floating on the YouTube and other pictures of her prior to DOS to now and she’s obviously thinner. I don’t know what AS’s point was about obesity. Not being obese doesn’t excuse the opposite extreme.

      • Yes, that’s a good point. Despite the happy pictures she posts on internet, she’s under a lot of stress. That can cause weight loss too. But she might be on a diet as a sign of loyalty to her master.

        • So,
          Let’s keep on stressing her, right?

          Nicki has been a vegan since she was a little girl

          Might, maybe , I’m speculating (about her master) whom doesn’t even see her anymore by court order.

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