Wicked Family Court – Another Mother’s Fight Against Corruption

By Heidi

The family court system is geared towards financial gain. The system is designed for the attorneys. Not families. Not the children.

Family court is a profit driven enterprise. The focus is to ramp up a case, racking up bills, pulling as much cash as possible out of the parents. The more conflict, the more money.

This extends beyond the rich. Middle class high conflict divorce is happening all over the country.

As a woman and mother dragged through family court with false allegations of parental alienation, I was treated like garbage.

I had to live with my spouse during the divorce. I owned the house. Bought it and paid all the mortgage payments. When I refused to sell, my husband began claims of parental alienation.

My attorney advised me to use a GAL as our child’s attorney. She was introduced to me in the hallway of the courthouse.

Unknown to me at the time, the GAL represented my husband’s girlfriend’s family as their attorney in another matter. My lawyer was also involved in that case.

The GAL withheld this conflict of interest from the court. My attorney didn’t tell the court either.

The GAL insisted on a certain clinical psychologist. I was literally forced to agree or else. The psychologist was pressured to find something wrong with me. She couldn’t.

The GAL did not provide a written report. Neither did the psychologist.

My husband’s attorney contacted the psychologist about me.

After this, the therapist requested further evaluation. Still, she could not find anything. The GAL was disappointed she couldn’t take my child away.

I was held in contempt because our teenage children argued with their father and refused to call him.

I produced text messages of my husband badmouthing me to my child. The GAL swept this under the rug.

The Guardian Ad Litem kept track of every minute. She billed by the 10th of an hour.  

I got a new attorney. But I was forced to agree to use the therapist again. I was locked out of a family relations meeting.

I got rid of the second attorney.

My husband’s lawyer withdrew the motion for contempt, because I was ready to expose what was going on to the judge.

My husband’s union covered his child’s entire legal services.  But my husband’s attorney withheld half the payment for our child’s legal services. Only my spouse’s portion of the GAL was paid.

His attorney did not disclose that the union money was withheld to inflict financial harm to me, the divorcing spouse, and to give his client a financial advantage in court.

My husband’s attorney was as shrewd as court hours were long.

I had to pay half the GAL– money which would otherwise be used to support my child better.

When the judge smiles, the whole cast of bad actors smile with him. Only the mother and children weep. 

A judge was made aware of it. The judge didn’t disbar the attorney, but insisted I receive the money I paid to the GAL back, and was no longer obligated to pay GAL fees.

However, this was not written in a court order. I’m sure the grievance committee won’t see it as an issue either.

Why was this wrong?

Because the attorney got caught withholding funds to be used in the best interest of the child. He used these funds in the best interest of his client.

There were more improprieties

My husband was buying a property during the divorce.

My husband’s attorney moonlights as a realtor. He listed a different employer and income for my husband on his family court financial affidavit than on his mortgage application.  The union submitted all documents to the court.

Meanwhile, my husband sought to unjustly enrich himself from the home I bought and paid for.

My husband’s attorney hired an appraiser who did a drive-by appraisal of the home and grossly inflated the value of it

I had to pay for two appraisals to prove the real value.

I have complained to the Attorney General’s office. They told me they could not help. No power over the courts. The Department of Justice sent me an email in less than 24 hours telling me to let Connecticut handle it.

State agencies claim they can do nothing about this. The grievance committee stated there is nothing wrong.

One giant circle leading to nothing.

Welcome to Connecticut family court.

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  • It is amazing that all of the published high profile custody cases come out of Waterbury. What’s even more amazing is that Ficeto is party to all of them. Lookup Grohs, Ambrose, etc. Ficeto has some kind of personality disorder that makes her do these things. It’s partly ego but the bigger part is personality problems. She abuses her position as @anonymous said below. Fire her yesterday.

  • If there is every going to be a case against Judge Adelman, I need to be involved, Because of him and his hatred for Mothers, I lost everything, my divorce papers was made up of lies, one big one, I was told that it wouldn’t matter if it was changed, they made their. I was threatened with jail if I said anything about my case. its been six and a half year since I have spoken to or have seen one of my daughters all based on lies.

      • I most certainly will Frank. I really thought I was the only Mother that this has happened too, and it breaks my heart to know other Moms have fallen victim to his practice of “Parent Allienation”. I would also like to see Attorney Victoria Reich.

    • This is a judge Robert Nastri,, Attorney Mary Bergamini GAL, Attorney John Cronin Connecticut Labors union. Attorney Paul Smith, Courtney Dillon and a few other judges case .

    • In our mothers group we represent 21 families. In all 50 states and I Europe, this is the life cycle of FC. the most unchecked,candcfuled by a bottomless pit of money for men only. Fathers rights gets billion dollar grants, monthly directly from the government. Woman mother’s and children get zero

    • I know words cannot undo the years of harm you suffered first at the hand of the Catholic Church, and then at the failures to ensure your Basic Human Rights were protected.

      The simple response that one can usually apply to situations of straight forward horror “there are evil and bad people in all walks of life” does not suffice, knowing what we have all learned way too late.

      The evil acts against children at the hand of the Catholic Church was known and accepted, just as the political protections afforded to the perpetrators shielding them from criminal and civil accountability for far too long.

      From the bottom of my heart and soul, I am sincerely so sorry for the trauma you suffer due to so many failures by so many people at so many levels.

  • It would appear it could be a closer race in Attorney recognition for contributions to the family court system in Connecticut. I wonder what it takes to be recognized as a super lawyer in the state.

  • YES Parental Alienation, All Abuse and ALL False Allegations of Abuse are Anti Christian Immoral and Evil …… Full Stop

  • Family Court is designed and run by non christians for ideological destruction of society, the financial plunder is just the spoils of war of good being defeated by evil.

  • Yes Justice systems worldwide created by those who profitise from it sadly. This has allowed them to during adversary to romote family conflict that fuels false allegations of all types of abuse (including parental alienation) plus also helps to create real parental alienation . This is so wrong!

  • This vicious circle of profiting in the financial incentive of the so called “High Conflict” family cases is violative of basic human rights. It further supports harm and victimizing of women and children.

    Anyone that tries to shut it down suffers retaliation at all levels, creating fear and notice to all who consider exposing.

    The truth is, the harm caused allows for more dollars earned. The reality is simply hard to believe, profit is deemed more valuable than human life.

    As in all matters involving so many and so much money, there has to be support in large numbers willing to cut right to the heart of the problem, demand change and accountability!

  • Judge Anna Ficeto throws second grade temper tantrums from the bench. Very lady like. Very judicial. She’s another turd in the family court system.

    • Judge Ficeto is a criminal. She cuts off healthy mothers from their children. She rips kids from the parent they love and treat mothers like criminals. Same conduct as judge grossman, judge adelman, judge heller…

      It’s got to stop. These people were already proven to be running a business through CT family courts. The AFCC of CT skipped out on taxes and was registered in Illinois.

      Yet adelman, HOrwitz and many others had zero consequence. Back to racketeering and sadistic abuse of power.

  • Thank you for sharing your horrifying experience. Where are the state government officials? Senator Murphy? Senator Blumenthal? Governor Lamont? Why has there not been a high level investigation of this corruption and abuse of power? I don’t understand how children’s and mothers’ rights can simply be steamrolled, with no one to defend them. Where’s the justice?

  • From a petition Evita Tolu addressed to The Missouri State House and Senate regarding MIKAELA’S LAW in Missouri:

    “… The most vulnerable, our children and their families in the ‘Show Me State’, deserve much better treatment in Missouri juvenile and family courts. Outdated laws in Missouri must be changed immediately to protect our children and hold court involved professionals, who are entrusted with best interest of a child and their placement, accountable. We must:

    1. Eliminate the corrupt bond that exists between the court involved professionals, DFS, juvenile and family court lawyers;
    2. Set stringent deadlines on completion of juvenile and family court cases to prevent multi-year litigation that exploits families emotionally and financially;
    3. Remove the presumption that parents no longer have any rights and standing to proceed when a GAL is appointed in juvenile and family court;
    4. Allow children to be represented by attorneys, who are not GALs and allow families to have a choice in the selection of an attorney for their child in juvenile and family court; and
    5. Eliminate court involved professionals’ immunity and set accountability standards for these professionals in juvenile and family courts. …”

    Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/support-mikaela-s-law-protect-our-children

    About Attorney Evita Tolu … and … 31 Missouri judges recusing themselves from a lawsuit alleging family court guardians and psychologists orchestrated money-making scheme:

    “… In St. Louis County, Mo., Evita Tolu has filed a lawsuit against family court guardian ad litem (GAL) Elaine Pudlowski, psychologist James Reid, and clinical social worker Jennifer Webbe VanLuven, alleging that the trio conspired to use her custody dispute as an opportunity to get rich while sentencing her children to life with an abuser. …”

    Link to the article: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2021/03/02/31-missouri-judges-recuse-themselves-from-lawsuit-alleging-family-court-guardians-and-psychologists-orchestrated-money-making-scheme-n1428930

    • Jocelyn Hurwitz is a ruthless sociopath. She has stolen and abused many many children from their mothers.

      She is void of empathy. She’s a monster driven by greed. She’s spent her entire career being a gal and she’s expensive and I’m high demand because she controls people at police depts and DCF.

      She’s in with all the judges. She’s protected by Cohen and wolf and her husband is also a ct attorney.

      She’s pure evil and a danger to all children and families.

      • Jocelyn Hurwitz is a super lawyer, she is up for the family court lawyer of the year award for destroying childhoods of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer.

  • Connecticut AG office is very much aware of the fraud and abuse- especially abuse of women and children- and it has a vested interest to enable to continue

    • Yes they are aware of the abuse but it’s not a gender issue they just look at the case and see where and how they can extract as much money as possible from the family if they were able to get it through pitting one parent against the other that’s how they will do it it’s got nothing to do with male and female issue just so happens in one case it may be the woman getting screwed in another case and maybe the mail getting screwed
      They will narrate the case in the direction to extort as much as possible
      If they have to throw one parent under the bus they will do it and they will coerce the other parent in that direction. Majority time it’s the father and sometimes it’s the mother but it has nothing to do with gender it all has to do with how much they can extort and how they’re going to do it it’s an orchestrated process.

        • Because they divide and conquer. Innocent people put in jail to intimidate and send notice to all who dare to challenge the money making scheme. Dollars over value and quality of life.
          No change will occur until there is a unified effort to stop it all.

          • My attorney groveled and almost bowed to Lynda Munro. She held such power over him and everyone else for some reason, then stepped down from the bench. When she was still a judge, she attended Sidney Horiwitz’s father’s 80th birthday party with her son, Maureen Murphy and other court employees and vendors.

            Nice that they were friendly with each other, but the conflicts of interest as they conducted family court hearings together were obvious. They totally mocked and discredited my need to protect my child from sexual abuse and destroyed me in that wide-awake nightmare.

            It was sadistic, Satanic, Marxist and/or sociopathic. Not law.

      • There is a highly discriminatory document called the memorandum of understanding. Signed by multiple agencies in Connecticut. Follow the funding to the system. Parental alienation is targeted at women. There are and have been men who have suffered from what is happening . Currently the system appears to be targeting women. Many actively in the system terrified or not allowed to speak out. Unfortunately what is going on appears to be like a paramid scam. It is way past time to abolish the GALs.

    • Yes he does. Currently the unions provide funding contributing to democratic campaign Done legally. So any questionable conduct of union attorney engaged in divorce cases could be an insensitive to look the other way. As well as the judges not wanting them to complain to the Democrats holding office in Connecticut.

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