Three Cannot See: Danielle, Suneel and Nicki Banned From Visiting Prisoner Raniere

Danielle Roberts joins Nicki Clyne and Suneel Chakravorty on the US Bureau of Prisons; [BOP] list of people who cannot visit Kieth Raniere at USP Tucson.’

The BOP is not permitting anyone known to have been a member of NXIVM to visit Raniere

Raniere is a federal inmate at the United States Penitentiary (USP
Tucson) in Tucson, Arizona. He is suing the BOP for denying him contact with his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty.

The defendants, the US Bureau of Prisons, responded to plaintiff Keith Raniere’s request to file a Second Amended Complaint.

 Raniere is serving a sentence of 120-years for racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, sex trafficking conspiracy, sex trafficking of Nicole and attempted sex trafficking of Jessica Joan.

In addition to requesting Raniere’s motion be denied for several reasons, this filing contains allegations that Clare Bronfman is paying Raniere’s legal bills, and that he was communicating with Clare through Nicki Clyne.

 USP Tucson is holding him in the SHU until they can determine whether it’s safe to put him back in the general population. This could be part of a plan to transfer him to another facility.

That facility might be the Supermax in Colorado.

BOP Singles Out Three Raniere Supporters

Suneel Chakravorty, Raniere’s power of attorney. The BOP has banned Chakravorty from communicating with Raniere at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and at USP Tucson.

Nicki Clyne has been banned from communicating with Raniere.

The BOP alleges that Raniere circumvented mail monitoring by communicating with Clyne through another inmate and using her to communicate with Clare Bronfman, who is currently serving time in
Danbury federal prison.

Danielle Roberts has been removed from Raniere’s visiting list due to her “extensive involvement with NXIVM.”

The BOP removed her from his list “for safety and security of institution.”

In January 2022, Robert’s attorney contacted the BOP and was informed that if Raniere wanted to see Roberts he could file a request through the Administrative Remedy Program to overturn  her removal.

On May 5, 2022, Raniere filed a complaint alleging the BOP was
interfering with his First and Sixth Amendment rights. (Doc. 1.)

Raniere alleged that Chakravorty’s visitation privileges were revoked.

Raniere also claimed the BOP interfered and frustrated legal calls.

In response, BOP alleged “Mr. Chakravorty had been banned from communicating with Plaintiff because of his past disruptive behavior during Plaintiff’s incarceration, his lack of a relationship with Plaintiff prior to incarceration and his use of a false name to obtain access to Plaintiff during Plaintiff’s incarceration.

The BOP provided a list of Raniere’s communications with his lawyers. The BOP submitted evidence the May 4, 2022, call with Raniere’s lawyer was not terminated prematurely, and explained how the May 6, 2022, call was reconnected promptly after being disconnected.

Raniere dropped his claim that his calls with attorneys were dropped for any nefarious purpose, and argued that he should be allowed to speak with Chakravorty.

Since being placed in SHU in late July 2022, the BOP says Raniere has had at least four legal calls, each lasting between one and two hours and at least nine legal visits.

Motion for Summary Judgment on Exhaustion

On August 1, 2022, the BOP filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on “Exhaustion.” The law states that a prisoner must exhaust all administrative remedies before filing suit.

That motion is pending.

Raniere’s second amended complaint [SAC] includes information about Chakravorty’s involvement with Raniere, including that he “communicates with the mother of Mr. Raniere’s son in matters
regarding their son.”

The SAC also includes allegations regarding Raniere’s contacts with
Clyne, the NXIVM associate with whom Raniere was disciplined for contacting through another inmate in July 2021.

Dr., Danielle Roberts does a handstand in front of MDC.

Roberts does a handstand in front of MDC

The SAC also includes allegations regarding Raniere’s contacts with Danielle Roberts, who he alleges lost her medical license for
“supervis[ing] the ceremony for women in DOS where they had their skin cauterized or branded with a symbol indicating their membership.”

The SAC includes the allegation that “Mr. Chakravorty is vital for that
preparation” for a hearing on the Rule 33 petition.

The SAC includes allegations that Raniere was assaulted, was written an Incident Report for fighting, and placed in the Special Housing Unit (SHU), where he remains.

Raniere attended a disciplinary hearing at which the Incident Report was expunged. Raniere remains in the SHU in administrative detention status, while the Special Investigative Services (SIS) Department investigates whether it’s safe for him to return to the general population.

Raniere alleges his Warden is following a pattern of retaliation.

He alleges “on information and belief,” that his “right to communicate” with Mr. Chakravorty and Ms. Clyne “was denied as retaliation for exercising his First Amendment rights.”

Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel Chakravorty make a statement alleging the FBI tampered with evidence in the Raniere case.

On September 8, 2022, Raniere filed a Request for Administrative Remedy asking why a different NXIVM associate was denied visitation.

Raniere also filed a Request for Administrative Remedy stating Chakravorty had been banned a second time from communicating with him at USP Tucson after being reinstated.

The BOP argued Chakravorty had not been reinstated, but that the Warden had allowed Raniere a single legal phone call, but not a legal visit, with Chakravorty, due to the then-imminent Rule 33 deadline.

The BOP argues that “Mr. Chakravorty, Ms. Clyne and Ms. Roberts pose a threat to “the security and good order of the institution.”

Dr. Brandon Porter, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Nicki Clyne

The BOP argued, “Mr. Chakravorty, Ms. Clyne and Ms. Roberts were all involved with NXIVM, which the Bureau has determined poses a threat to the security and good order of the institution. Additionally, both Mr. Chakravorty and Ms. Clyne violated Bureau rules for and
with Plaintiff.”


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  • Hookers and pimps for Keith!

    Doing what Frank Paraloto coined as the “taint salute”.

    Even the past dancing has now devolved into don’t believe what you saw with your own eyes believe what we are trying to reframe it as being.

    It was gyrating. It was bumping. It was grinding. It was leg soreading. It’s recorded.

    It was also a big lie. And unsuspecting people with people inside MDC were deceived.

    Who’s Kay Rose, again?

    Hooker puppets and fuck toy slaves dance for criminal justice reform!

    And then… Abandon it. When Keith us moved to another prison.

  • Frank
    I am hardly fat. I am someone YOU know well, and have been lying to. YOU have changed your stories every time you have talked to me. I have kept those stories, and one day, someone may question them.
    I am someone you began a victims investigation with, then you went out on your own.
    Try & figure me out.

    • I’ll prove I do know who you are. You’re forty-eight years old; been through three marriages; divorced four times; the mother of 11 children, with six of them with fathers whose names you don’t even know.

        • Yeah, and this Zebra woman is one of the best. She’ll tell you that the world is beautiful, and that living is full of love and greatness. Then she’ll suggest going together with you to a room in a cheap hotel.

        • RE Disappearance Betting!

          “She sounds pretty friendly.
          Do you have her number?”

          If Frank gives Alanzo her phone number. The over under odds she ends up disappearing are the following:

          She disappears +1,000,000,000

          She re-emerges -125

          How much wanna bet she disappears?

          I’ll take action!

          The prop bet:
          When Alanzo receives the number he’ll call it in 1/10 of a second or 1/100000 of a second.

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    One thing the doofuses learned this month: Nicki, “loves sunny days and hates rainy days.”

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    • She has “only” 28 followers listening to her BS? That is more than she deserves, but I guess there are some simps left in the world.

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    Fans of “The Vow” will be happy to know that Mark Vicente and Bonnie Piesse are finally living their best lives after all the empty promises of NXIVM. Piesse is active on Instagram, frequently sharing photos and updates. The couple is still married and splits their time between bustling Los Angeles and peaceful Lisbon, Portugal. They are also fulfilling their creativity with new projects.

    Piesse has reinvigorated her acting and musical careers. She appeared in the Disney + “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series, reprising her role as Beru Lars, Luke Skywalker’s aunt in “Star Wars” episodes II and III. It is the role she was best known for before joining NXIVM, and is Piesse’s first major role in nearly 10 years, per ET. She also starred in 2022’s “My Favorite Girlfriend,” a romantic comedy about a woman with multiple personalities. The Australian singer-songwriter has also released two EPs, according to her website, and owns a tarot reading business called Soul + Sky.

    Vicente, always curious about “what it means to be human,” according to his website, is writing a memoir about his time with NXIVM and his struggle to bring down the operation. It’s called “Quest, or How the BLEEP did that Happen,” referencing his 2004 film that put him on the map. He is also working on the documentary “NARCS: Invisible Epidemic,” where he explores the malignant narcissism and abusive behavior that is the backbone of many cults. This interest is also clear in Vicente’s many Instagram posts.

  • Frank
    Why should this rapist/ seducer/ serial killer/sex trafficker have ANY visitors ? Why ? Why are YOU persisting in feeling sorry for this damn monster ? I have attempted to show you the aire of YOUR ways- and being Catholic that YOU claim to be, YOU still delve in “evil”. How groce and stupid on your part.
    YOU continue to throw this monster into the victims/families faces, feeling sorry for the SOB – how disgusting is that ? Really !!!!!!!!
    Stop 🛑 it -!!!!! NOW -!!!!!!!!

  • Clyne provided her contact information to other inmates specifically so could communicate with Raniere. Just in case not aware of what new level of pathetic she has become.

    • Not pathetic at all. She lost many of her closest friends and her community, and is hurt by it.

      You don’t have to support or agree with her positions, or those of her friends, to have compassion and empathy for her and what she’s going through.

      • You don’t have to support or agree with Sarah, Nicole, Jessica, India, Daniela, Cami, or many others to have compassion and empathy for them and what they are going through.

      • Kevin? Nicki is getting Keith in trouble. Not a sign of a good friendship. Her behavior indicates lawlessness, arrogance and superiority. People would care more about her feelings if she wasn’t demonstrating poor character.

  • who do you reckon is the next mule for Clare and Keith comms ?

    It must be hard to be so incredibly stupid, the whole lot of them.

  • It’s not an allegation that Claire is paying Keith’s legal fees. Keith volunteered that she was funding his legal bills when the BOP asked about his ongoing connection to Claire Brofman. She’s probably paying all of his visitors travel and lodging as well.

    Keith also admitted he communicates with Clare through Mrs. Clyne. Keith said he didn’t agree with the rule but understood that he was violating it

    This was less about them being known cult members. And more about security risk. It’s laid out clearly that the dead-enders had multiple chances and they continue to defy the safety protocols of the prison system.

    There have been problems and infractions everywhere Keith has been housed. Suneel alone has been reinstated and then removed again after he blew that opportunity and second chance. Or should we call Suneel “Isaac Edwards”?

    The rules aren’t in place simply to inconvenience Keith Raniere the protocols at the prison have been in place long before Keith arrived and they are for the safety of everyone who is housed and works there.

    It is typical of Vanguard and his self-important followers to believe that whatever applies to everybody else does not apply to them.

    The filing also clearly shows that Keith has had extensive access to attorneys. A particularly enjoyable take away was that when Keith was busted about his dishonesty on his phone calls getting dropped and couldn’t prove that allegation he just stopped making it and shifted to something else.

    On the other hand, the Bureau of Prisons consistently shows documented proof of their side to everything.

    Keith has gotten away with nothing. He will continue to get away with nothing. And Vanguard really would have been better served by being an exemplary inmate and not pissing off every single person around him.

    Keith is absolutely proving the psychological portrait of himself that has been out in the media and court and public opinion as true and accurate.

    Keith was knocked out by a pimp who’s tat reads something about ho money being the best money. But Seagram’s dollars would probably do in a pinch, like say, if you’re currently incarcerated.

    Does Keith want to be let out in general population and be made Mr Withers number one b**** in his hoe stable? The prison is worried about Keith’s safety and looking for accommodations whete he could be better protected. That seems very conscientious and in Keith’s best interest.

    After all, Keith has the handwriting of an adolescent girl and wont fight back. Even though the punishment is the same either way. Mr. Withers can handle himself. So he’s returned to gen pop.

    • Bronfman prohibited from associating with all of them by the judge while in prison and for three years after. But Danbury allows her unlimited phone, email, visits with Nicki, Suneel, Eduardo, Marc, Jane Doe(s) Mexico, etc. Danbury warden, immediately scrub Bronfman’s contact-visit list. Lawyers making $$$ sending letters between all of them. Judge, freeze all Bronfman bucks, period. Indict Nicki and Suneel for identity theft. They are determined to continue that dangerous criminal enterprise. Need to be stopped. Not another woman branded. Scary. Raniere on the first bus to Supermax. DOJ are you listening?

    • “It is typical of Vanguard and his self-important followers to believe that whatever applies to everybody else does not apply to them.”
      It is typical of narcissists to believe that protocol, rules and boundaries do not apply to them. But the rest of the world should abide by THEIR rules and edicts.
      Narcissists are the ones hellbent on seeking petty revenge for even small infractions to their rules, and equally vigorous in protesting ‘victimization’ when they’re the ones breaking other people’s rules.
      Ultimately, it is about maintening their facade and spending their lives trying to persuade the world of their importance, because they are empty inside, hence many will also plagiarise, copy others’ work and passs it off as their own.
      Pity the followers who are spending their lives supporting a ‘narc’ – they may never realise that KR has only ever been about himself, me, me, me and that they have the same importance to him as a fridge or a kettle: a useful but disposable appliance.

    • Pitiful Alanzo!

      Every month,
      Alanzo and 27 other doofuses, pay $5 to have the privilege of learning Nicki Clyne’s most intimate thoughts and secrets.

      This month the doofuses learned Nicki, “loves sunny days and hates rainy days.”

      Upon learning this latest revelation, all 28 men ejaculated, simultaneously, in their pants.

      Join Nicki Clyne’s page:

    • Thanks for the link. Excellent review by Joe O’Hara.

      There’s a link to Nicki Clyne’s Instagram and I watched two recent videos of Clyne. I was shocked: she definitely is on the 500-calorie dos-diet again. In one video, she wears a bikini and it is very troubling because she is rail-thin. She needs help because this is not going to end well for her.

      • I can’t believe I’m defending Clyne here because she’s as crazy as The Joker and about as evil, but one thing she’s not is dangerously underweight.

        She’s thin but she’s always been thin. And there’s nothing wrong with being thin.

        I looked it up. According to the 2017–2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, less than 2% of U.S. adults aged 20 and over are underweight.

        By contrast, 74% adults overweight or obese. The average American man weighs just shy of 200 pounds and the average American woman isn’t far behind that two century mark. And it ain’t because we’re a nation of bodybuilders.

        We’re a nation of fatties. People of normal (healthy) weight are, incredibly, a small minority and I think as a consequence someone on the thin end of normal gets labeled as “dangerously thin”. Anyone less than 25 or 30% body fat is assumed to be anorexic. Unhealthy. At death’s door.

        It’s bizarre.

        Overweight is a huge (pun intended) health problem. Heart disease, diabetes… Yet there is terrific attention paid to the problem of eating disorders. While only 1.6% of the population is underweight, and there are lots of reasons for being underweight.

        So no I wouldn’t assume Clyne is on a 500 calorie diet. Maybe she exercises and refrains from stuffing her face with Big Macs at every opportunity. In which case she deserves credit. Good for her, she can wear a bikini without it looking like a rubber band on a marshmallow.

  • “…NXIVM, which the Bureau has determined poses a threat to the security and good order of the institution.”

    Is there any explanation for what kind of threat Nxivm members pose? Or does anyone have a guess? I am coming up empty on this one but I’m not that familiar with how order is maintained in federal prisons.

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