Money Comes First, Misery Second With CT Family Court

By Juilia Donovan

Proper investigations of crimes in family courts are the way to stop criminals. It would help if the public demanded it.

But mainstream media doesn’t inform the public about what’s happening in family courts.

If a political group designed family courts to destroy families, they would create today’s family courts.

Here are a few examples:

1. Sexually abused children MUST be “reunited” with the parents who sexually abused them.

2. Protective parents SHALL change their views about the sexualization of children, accepting new moral standards.

3. Children ARE COURT ORDERED to live with perverted parents.

4. Any and all disobedience of court orders is punishable TO THE FULL EXTENT of “family law.”

Most people think family courts must be okay because courts go through the motions daily, year after year, as though everything’s fine. Nothing is in the mainstream news.

Most people have no idea until they, their friends, or their family endure the torture. By then, it’s too late to stop the harm done.

John Downey was a family court judge in Connecticut. Before that, he was probably part of some cabal somewhere.

Downey graduated from Yale University and joined the Central Intelligence Agency. A year later, his plane was shot down during a botched cloak-and-dagger flight into China. That was November 1952. He spent the next 20 years, three months, and 14 days in Chinese prisons.

Dubious Downey

If you see the photos of Downey walking away from his “captivity,” you can see he looked like he’d been on vacation.

Mao Zedong and Yale started the Cultural Revolution in May 1966. Some say twenty million Chinese were killed. Would Judge Thomas
Moukawsher punish an attorney for discussing that in Connecticut family courts?

In a courthouse a few years ago, one mother was in anguish, unable to protect her child.

Downey had taken off his black robe and stood in the middle of the courthouse hallway. He looked directly at the mother, trying to get her attention to make her look at him. She looked at him, and he smiled a wide sick smile.

Judge Downey offered a certain smile to a beaten mother.

Absolutely a “sadistic sociopath” look. It was so disturbing.

Addlepated Adelman

Judge Gerard Adelman seems like a friendly, reasonable man until it’s painfully obvious that he’s a snake in the grass.

Many years ago, he was the guardian ad litem in a dangerous case. About a half hour before a hearing one day in the courthouse hallway, the mother’s lawyer told her, “Give me another $5,000 or I will withdraw from the case today.”

Judge Gerard Adelman was a guardian ad litem, earning money, stoking disputes. Then he was appointed a Family Court judge.

The lawyer, $5,000 richer, and Adelman “the guardian ad litem” then led the mother, who was $5,000 poorer, into one of the court’s conference rooms a few doors down the hall from where the hearing was to take place.

They shut the door and invited the mother to sit at the table with them. They then literally both started talking about nonsense. They looked at each other and both laughed. They probably tried to gaslight the mother, or maybe they were just having fun.

Her response was: She thought they were both jerks and was totally thrown by what they did.

The mother eventually filed an appearance in the case to replace her lawyer, but it was after that the minor cabal did so much harm.


The mother eventually developed what Jack Hanna calls “PTS.” Jack says he omits the “D” because the condition isn’t a disorder. He says PTS is a normal response to an abnormal situation.

Maybe now that so many traumatic family court cases have clearly shown such a horrible pattern since the 1980s, and so many people outside of family court cases are now on the verge of PTS, more people will “wake up” and understand.

If the statistics are right (1 in 25 people are sociopaths with no conscience) and if the lists of professions with the most sociopaths are accurate (politicians, lawyers, CEOs of companies, etc), maybe enough people will probably… eventually… understand we should probably… eventually… do something about all the jerks and the snakes in the grass who shouldn’t control anyone anywhere ever.

Justice Is Hard to Come By

Justice for Jennifer advocates have done everything within their collective power to hold Fotis Dulos accountable.

Who else should be held accountable?

Judge Donna Nelson Heller [above] of CT Court did her best to keep the custody dispute alive, but both the parents died.

Fotis and Jennifer Dulos were amid an acrimonious divorce and custody battle. As a result, emergency custody hearings were held at the request of Fotis before Judge Donna N. Heller on May 10 and May 17, 2019.
The hearings included testimony from court-appointed psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Herman, who met with Fotis Dulos 14 times in an evaluation of the Dulos family to help determine suitable custody of the children.

Dr. Herman found Fotis, the father, eminently suitable to have custody of the children.

Dr. Stephen P. Herman, evaluated Fotis Dulos. His job was to find which parent was best suited to have custody, from a standpoint of how the lawyers and the GAL, on whom he depends for referrals, can maximize their earnings. 

Dr. Stephen Herman’s court-ordered evaluation was supposed to fully assess and document actual reality and actual potential.

Fotis Dulos also met with Dr. Stephen Humphrey, a court-appointed Hartford psychiatrist, 20 times.

Dr. Stephen Humphrey, CT court psychologist, does the needful. Whatever it takes to ensure the billings go skyward. 

Dr. Humphrey concluded Fotis Dulos was a “gregarious and confident person” who had no psychopathic tendencies.

Jennifer Dulos had the money. If she got the children, the custody battle was over. The money spigot would end for the family court vendors and lawyers. If the father got custody, then the money would flow. For she would fight and spend everything she had to protect her children from their demented father – who the court appointed actors found competent and a good parent. 

Jennifer disappeared on May 24 — just days after a hearing regarding an emergency custody order that could have granted Fotis Dulos more access to their five children. She was ready to fight to the end. Her end came quick enough.

Her “confident and gregarious” husband, Fotis, was charged with murder. He killed himself.

Michelle Troconis, the girlfriend, and Fotis Dulos, were charged with Jennifer Dulos’ murder. Fotis took the quick way out. He killed himself.  

Horrifying and happening all over for decades

Here’s one good source of information about what’s been happening: “From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers Are Running from the Family Courts — And What Can Be Done About It“ by Amy Neustein, Michael Lesher

“The authors chronicle cases in which mothers who believe their children have been sexually abused by their fathers are disbelieved, ridiculed or punished for trying to protect them.

“All too often, the mother, in such a case, is deemed the unstable parent, and her children are removed from her care, to be placed in foster care, or even with the father credibly accused of abusing them…

“[The authors] show how judges, private attorneys, law guardians, child protective service caseworkers and court-appointed mental health experts, on a day-to-day basis, collaboratively produce a closed and claustrophobic family court setting that makes practical sense to the system’s practitioners – but looks like madness to everyone else. They also describe the social interactive work of mothers trapped inside the system.”

On the Ambrose case, whoever wrote:

“There is no identified sexual predator in this case whatsoever. The abuse allegations in this case were thoroughly investigated by police and two major medical institutions—a whole host of experts. They were found to be unsubstantiated.“

… shouldn’t write such thoughtless comments. Or lie.

After hospital providers substantiated sexual abuse, the child should have been returned to the protective parent, Karen Riordan, not the alleged perpetrator, Ambrose.

Chris Ambrose

Isolating a sexually abused child from a protective parent is cruel and criminal. Placing the child according to the identified perpetrator’s choice is cruel and criminal.

Any “reunification” the court forces on sexually abused children should be on the children’s terms, not identified perpetrators’ terms.

Experts know children stop disclosing sexual abuse if forced to engage directly or indirectly with perpetrators. Some children take years to feel safe enough to reveal what they experienced.

When family court judges place children directly with sexual predators or within the sexual predator’s reach, those children usually stop disclosing sexual abuse. The worst fathers who want to use family courts to take children from good mothers use the same plan:

The Parental Alienation Game

They molest their children, knowing the mothers will try to protect their children. The fathers then say the mothers are “alienating.”
The family courts “flip” custody to the fathers who abused the children. The mothers can’t understand why the courts aren’t protecting children from perpetrators.

Mothers who can’t protect their children from sexual deviants typically look stressed and crazy when their children are taken away from them and given to the perpetrators.

Everyone then notices how stressed and crazy the mothers act.
Hospitals usually substantiate actual sexual abuse. Then, perverted family court judges give the sexually abused children to perpetrators because of perverts and their perverted theories.

Sexual assault cases are for criminal courts, not perverted family court judges.

Look up:

  1. “Dr. Richard Gardner,”
  2. “parental alienation syndrome,”
  3. “fathers molesting children is normal”
  4. “mothers who object to fathers molesting children are crazy.”

Editor’s Note:

“… Like they used to do to witches.” -Dr. Richard Gardner

Dr. Richard Gardner is the father of Parental Alienation Syndrome [PAS]. He was an American psychiatrist and court reporter.
PAS allows collaborators to flip custody to whatever parent they choose. Or any combination they deem best.
For instance, if it pays to find the father abused his children, they hand custody to the mother.
The father gets them if they make more money by handing custody to him. Even if he sexually abuses the children.
Their cover is Parental Alienation. They believe Parental Alienation is worse than sexual abuse.
PAS gives collaborators the power to flip custody. All they need is the judge. There is no jury. The judges side with the experts. The experts are in it for profit.
Dr. Gardner ended his life when he stabbed himself with a large knife. His disciples enshrine his memory through the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.
All major players connected to CT Family Court are members. This includes judges, GALs, family law attorneys, custody evaluators, and therapists.
PAS puts custody in the hands of those who profit from a business model, and away from children’s wishes and protective parents. It is a means to make money. 

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    • For some awful reason since the 1980s, the worst family court administrators have allowed a full spectrum of morals and theories in child custody cases. In a sane world, if the general public were to ever find out how many quacks and perverts still control and destroy so many millions in family courts, mainstream news outlet owners would be blamed first for ignoring the crisis. Then, criminal trials for all perpetrators and accomplices would follow.

      It seems the only explanation for the lack of headline news about the 40-year-old crisis is: The crisis serves a purpose — or it serves many purposes.

      The Smoking Gun article indicates Mr. Katz considered the sexual abuse of those children to be due to Michael Jackson’s child-like motives. Richard Gardner spread different twisted theories about the sexual abuse of children. Alfred Kinsey spread other twisted theories when he worked with Nazis in Germany to experiment on children.

      Whenever a crime is committed against anyone in the context of a family court case, the police should investigate and arrest guilty perpetrators so trained experts and professionals in the criminal justice system can appropriately manage the criminal case from there. In the worst family court systems, the sexual abuse of children is a source of entertainment and income for all who successfully resisted family court investigations, accountability, oversight and reform.

      When family court vendors are informed of disclosures of the sexual abuse of children, those children need to be protected from the identified perpetrators. Those working for and in family courts should NEVER replace actual science with a perverted “social science”. Unfortunately, the “social science” pushed now is everywhere.

      Real science and family court junk science are at opposite ends of all moral, legal, political and religious spectra.

      Here’s an article from Shirley Julich in The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse Volume from 2005:

  • Many pyschologists arent quite what they seem to be. Family law is a business. If the players dont play, they dont play.

    Stan Katz is one example. A celebrity pyschologist who determines the fate of children. A title in pyschology does not necessarily equate with morality. Remember that Swiss psychiatrist, Ernst Rudin was honored as the “father of psychiatric genealogy”. He was also the leader of Nazi psychiatry.
    The Nazis were given a ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S. Dr. Joesf Mengele was given complete immunity. The list goes on.

    • The list does goes on. Fortunately, it eventually stops.

      Dr. Louis Jolyon West was one player. Fortunately, Tom O’Neill’s book CHAOS exposed Dr. West in 2019.

      Ralph Underwager was another player. Dr. West served on the advisory board for Underwager’s “False Memory Syndrome Foundation” in 1994.

      Wikipedia says Underwager “was a prolific defense expert for people accused of child sexual abuse. By the late 1980s, he had appeared in court on behalf of defendants in child sexual abuse cases more than 200 times in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain.”

      The Australian 60 Minutes featured Underwager in one of their shows in 1990:

      Underwager tried to sue Channel 9 Australia for that. He failed.

      “Underwager is a Minnesota psychologist who has testified as an expert witness in more than 250 trials on the subject of the unreliability of children’s testimony alleging sexual abuse. On August 5, 1990, the television program Sixty Minutes Australia broadcast a documentary, “Witness for Mr. Bubbles,” in which American attorneys and psychologists disputed Underwager’s theories and credentials.

    • So many are polished
      just like that ice
      too cold and frozen
      to know or care
      who skates on us today.

      “… It’s the 86th season for the Rink at Rockefeller Center, which traditionally marks the unofficial start of the holiday season in New York …”

      “… The American Rockefeller Foundation funded numerous international researchers to visit and work at Rüdin’s psychiatric genetics department, even as late as 1939. These included Eliot Slater and Erik Stromgren, considered the founding fathers of psychiatric genetics in Britain and Scandinavia respectively, as well as Franz Josef Kallmann, who became a leading figure in twins research in the US after emigrating in 1936.[6] Kallmann had claimed in 1935 that ‘minor anomalies’ in otherwise unaffected relatives of schizophrenic people should be grounds for compulsory sterilization. …”

  • Disney has always been using symbolism, now its just boom in your face. Little Demon, about the 13 year old daughter of Satan was produced by FX, a subsidiary of the Disney General Entertainment Content unit of the Walt Disnet Company.

    There are many artists with excpetional ideas. Why was Disney able to execute and sustain this corporation to this day? Financial backing. Support from the powers that be? Who knows, but its worth thinking about.

    Check this out.

    • A Washington Times Article no longer in archives:

      Friday, October 18, 2013 – Disrobing Blind Justice by Clare O’Toole

      WASHINGTON, October 18, 2013 — The death in late summer of Fox News investigative reporter and producer Martin Burns, came as a heavy blow to the many child advocates and suffering parents who looked to Burns’ award winning TV segments “Lost in the System,” to champion their fight for justice for child victims of abuse and trafficking.

      His death has been added to a growing list of prominent child justice campaigners who all died just ahead of a planned release of either, a documentary containing highly sensitive information, or a bid for new legislation to contain child trafficking and abuse.

      Burns died on August 25 while out hiking in the Angeles National Forest. The official autopsy report has been deferred for toxicology results. Early media statements attributed cause of death to a fall caused by a possible heart attack.

      At time of writing, the LA County Homicide Department deemed it unnecessary to investigate. Some parents and child advocates fear the police are unaware of links between Burns’ death and those of others who worked in a similar arena.

      The LA County Coroner allegedly visited Burns’ house on the day his body was discovered and reportedly told an inquisitive neighbor Burns had probably suffered a “catastrophic accident” but had only minor abrasions on his body from a fall.

      According to a spokesman from the coroner’s office, Burns’ body was recovered from a location 30’ east of the east edge of the Castle Canyon trail en route for Inspiration Point. Hikers familiar with the trail have commented they consider it unlikely Burns would have died from the fall alone and they suspect other factors were involved.
      Blogs and social media comments by individuals who seek clarity on the circumstances of Burns’ death draw specific attention to links with the deaths of three former Georgia state senators, Nancy Schaefer (R), Bobby Franklin (R) and Robert Brown (D) and documentary maker, Bill Bowen.

      Although coming from a broad political spectrum, the three politicians were in agreement on child safety matters.

      Schaefer was the most prominent investigator and supporter of issues affecting children’s rights but also expressed reservations about rights for gays and lesbians that drew criticism. Shortly before her death, Schaefer agreed to an interview with “” conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. Franklin was greatly derided for an extremist anti-abortion stance and for promoting legislation to criminalize miscarriages.

      While some individual, extremist values stirred controversy, the sincerity of the three Georgia politicians’ fight to combat child abuse has not been questioned.

      All three were involved in exposing corruption and calling for legislation to control Child Protective Services (CPS) and remove unnecessary threats to child safety. The research, undertaken primarily by Schaefer, into the shortcomings of CPS when handling matters related to child abuse is widely considered valid.

      All died within a two year period. Franklin was said to have died from heart disease while Brown, according to the coroner, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. Schaeffer died in an alleged murder/suicide incident said to have been perpetrated by her husband on March 26 2010. Many who knew the couple believe this highly unlikely and suggest an outside party was involved.

      The deaths have been variously interpreted and details disputed. There have been many calls for further investigation to establish irrefutable cause of death in each case.

      A few days before Schaefer’s death, she announced the completion of a four-year documentary project she had personally funded to expose names and crimes against children. Following her death, the documentary failed to surface. Its whereabouts is still unknown.

      Schaeffer was known to be friends with Bill Bowen, a former firefighter and federal law enforcement officer who released a 30 minute short documentary, “Innocence Destroyed.” Although a low-budget production, the film was greatly praised for overall professionalism and integrity toward subject matter. There was no question of political taint influencing Bowen’s judgment. Bowen told a very credible story about systemic failings behind the prevalence of child abuse and trafficking.

      “Innocence Destroyed” was intended as a precursor to a more probing, feature-length film. Some online chatter identifies Bowen’s and Schaefer’s documentaries as the same project. Washington Times Communities has so far been unable to confirm this theory. It is possible the full documentary was never finished since Bowen was discovered dead on a golf course mid-September 2010, six months after Schaefer’s death, having allegedly gone there to meet someone interested in his work. He was found alone. Cause of death was said to have been a heart attack.

      At the time, Bowen’s sister Beverly responded to online speculation, writing;

      “While his death is untimely and because of his work, suspicious, it looks right now to be natural causes. I’m not saying that something would not have happened to him or that it wasn’t possible. I’m just saying life intervened and got there first.”

      As with Bill Bowen, Martin Burns was known to tackle the difficult subjects described by his colleague and Fox news anchor Araksya Karapetyan as; “investigative pieces on prescription drug fraud, welfare fraud, child care scams, illegal birthing centers, just to name a few.” His interests lead him to investigate drug cartels and individuals said to engage in child trafficking. He investigated alleged corruption in CPS and Family Courts.

      Friends close to Burns have said he was aware he was investigating some dangerous people but it was typical of his personality to show a degree of nonchalance toward possible risk from anyone who might wish to harm him.

      Karapetyan described working with Burns as, “ incredibly fulfilling – it’s what being a journalist is all about- going out there, digging, researching, doing something for the community by uncovering abuses in the system and giving the voiceless a voice.”

      Karapetyan’s praise was echoed by a chorus of Fox 11 News personnel, whose comments on a special tribute page set up to remember Martin Burns, clearly showed he was respected, loved and valued and considered an inspiration and stabilizing influence by his colleagues.

      VP and News Director Kingsley Smith described Burns as; “having made a personal difference in my professional life every day.” He wrote that whenever Burns stopped by to share a story, the deep passion and dedication in his work was obvious.

      “Put simply, he was a caring soul. He never complained and always worked with grace and dignity. He is on the short list of people that no one ever complained about, ever. I will miss him. The newsroom will miss him. Our viewers will miss him.”

      The station has not responded to speculative inquiries about Burns’ death.

      Tammi Stefano, Executive Director of the National Safe Child Coalition worked closely with Burns said, “Martin was one of the best investigative producers out there. He was covering issues too difficult for most to grasp, let alone cover, Children in danger by a flawed system, we were personal friends, I miss him every day.”


  • More propaganda on parental alienation so they can turn every case into a cash cow. There cases are infused with gasoline. Lawyers love to play with matches. The system is a mess. Connecticut family court is a blazing inferno. The fans being flamed. How about a psychologist come and discuss family dysfunction. How the courts handle their cases in the best interest of the minors. Abandon the profit seeking model. The numbers of people who are catching on to what is going on is growing. The are not going to get gaslighted any more. Both men and women victims .

  • There is someone who posts under WTF. This person seems to take everything extremely personally and seems paranoid. After reading all of the posts, it’s hard not to question if “WTF” is either a direct advocate or is actually Chris Ambrose.
    If it is related to this gentleman, it raises questions to Mr.Ambrose’s mental health.
    I say this because it seems he has “ won” full custody, so why is he still so defensive? Why is he trolling the web? Does he think his irrational and erratic comments creates an illusion of stability?
    It doesn’t. It just shows desperation fueled by boredom and shame.
    Go enjoy what you “won” ( or bought ) in short, get a life.

    • I’m not Ambrose and never met him. I came to this blog for the NXIVM news and unfortunately was then exposed to these family court bullshit stories.

  • Hi Paul Anderson!

    Parental Alienation is complicated indeed. It is so complicated that the abuser can actually use the Parent Alienation card against the protective parent and then say they are being alienated!

    A riddle wrapped around an enigma wrapped around more of the same.

    What we all do know is that human beings are capable of horrific atrocities.

    And what we all would benefit from is focusing on grace of mind, even in the face of chaos.

    The system is made of people for people. Which unfortunately means it is going to be flawed.

    We can’t let the insanity of it all destroy our emotional make up by living and dwelling in hatred.

    It’s so incredibly complicated because so much is at stake.

    I’ve seen very good people do very ugly things in family court. So much has to do with denial.

    There’s no cookie cutter answer.

    One of my clients children were being abused by the father and his family. My client intervened and eventually got 80 % custody. After years of visitation and healing, the children felt safer and started to heal but the protective parent was so traumatized by the abuse of the situation, we noticed that we needed to address this to also help the children.

    It was important we worked together to find freedom from the trauma, not stay stuck in the past, but we never would have gotten 80 % custody had we not spoken out about the abuse in the first place. (which we had evidence of)

    These children and the protective parent are now thriving, but this is not the standard.

    Often times, the abuser gets custody.

    What do you think those children grow up to be?

    • Every Case where a false allegation or real case of parental alienation is not diagnosed means that the Child ends up with the abuser that is a FACT.

      Proper prompt Court investigations need to be undertaken by regulated experts otherwise this unfit for purpose Family Court system in the US and in Ireland will continue. False Allegations of Parental Alienation, Domestic Child and Sexual Abuse happen as does sadly real cases of these awful abuses and must be punished witin the full rigors of the law.

      False Allegations must be dealt with as abuse. Sadly they are also the bedrock and beginning of Parental Alienation too

  • Yes there are two sides of this the false allegations of Parental Alienation plus the False Allegations of domestic abuse – child abuse and sexual abuse – maybe this webinar on Monday with Dr Alan Blotcky will re-address the balance of this article? Anyways until Parental Alienation is recognised and addressed how will any non expert in the field even notice it? nevermind determine if it is false or not?

  • Look at the Dulos case. They dragged it out for the money and per playbook, Jen Dulos had a problematic psych eval “sealed” because it’s total fraud- but they’ll claim it’s to protect her.

    He wanted the money. The court was getting Fotus time with the kids to keep the battle going and likely transfer custody to get Jens money.

    Michelle has yet to stand trial. The court has delayed it at every possible moment- adding pain for those who care about Jen and justice.

    The courts want to bury this case because the fraud and abuse would be exposed for mass media consumption.

    The ct courts control the media. End of story.

    • Judge Heller never issued a trial management order, just played along with Reuben Midler, to drag it out. He was Jen’s attorney, robbing Jen’s bank, rather than providing professional legal services to obtain a simple, administrative no-fault divorce, the purpose for which he was hired. Midler is a crook, so is Heller. Larceny in full public view. Don’t forget Michael Meehan the GAL who created five orphans in his promotion of pointless conflict.

  • There is no left and right. That was an illusion to divide and conquer. There is one agenda. Designed by the Jesuits. Family court is the bi-product of the infectious snake.
    They have conditioned us well. Now they are just throwing it in our face.

    Little Demon just came out. It is a childrens show.

    Smallville was geared towards teens, it was about mind control, which is basically about the influence of the Third Reich.
    MKULTRA glossed over with silly scripts and peppy actors.

    Now, there is no holding back. In Little Demon, the characters blatantly and discuss child sacrifice as If they are discussing going to the movies.

    Wake up wake up
    Wake up wake up
    They’re here.

  • Sickening. is that that crusty burnt marshmallow man again, Ambrose? He’s so lech’
    Seriously, just the sight of him? I’m like, ew, looks like one of those creep priests who get kicked out church or something. Gag me.

      • Ambrose’s uncle was a priest and pedo? Priests have a lot of power and connections. Even Kamala Harris walked away from finally holding the pedos responsible in the Catholic Church…she was the only one who didn’t step up to help the victims….and now SHE is Vice President of USA
        Get it?
        it all starts with the jesuits
        Ambrose’s family was deep in it
        He may not even remember or realize it
        If he himself was not a direct victim
        His generational bloodline was affected
        Certainly his psychological state of mind was/is affected
        It’s all part of a toxic machine
        Don’t despair
        Fear is not the solution either
        Pray for the freedom of mind and things are absolutely going to change
        They are changing now by even having a forum to communicate concerns
        Focus on solution
        It starts right here within our minds and hearts
        Systems are made of people just like you and me

        Think peace within
        Be peace in the face of the storm

  • The Knights of Columbus, founded at New Haven, Connecticut, Feb 2 1882.

    Freemasonry was founded by the Jesuits.

    It’s a puzzle 🧩 but once you start to put the pieces together, everything makes sense.

    Most people dismiss the truth, don’t have time for it, or are consciously or subconsciously a part of the Powers That Be.


    • I always thought the Knights of Columbus was the Catholic alternative to Freemasonry. Professor Walter Veith’s research found “Jesuits” pretending to be Christian have been pulling most strings. So disappointing and so sad.

      • Julia
        There are different Masonic sects towards the same goal: Masonic Order .
        Was specifically referring to Connecticut.
        Simply because there was reference to Connecticut in the article here.

        Connecticut is just the tip of the iceberg as we know.

        The vid you posted is a good one!
        Watched it about ten years ago.
        It’s sad yes- heavy- surreal.
        But waking up is refreshing. Once we wake up we can’t unlearn the truth.
        Thank you for sharing.

  • I’m the one who made the comment that the allegations were found to be unsubstantiated and that wasn’t a lie. it is in the reports in black and white, literally says: “unsubstantiated” for each and every allegation.

    Get a grip on reality. YOU are the liar here.

    • Dear WTF,
      That’s so creepy that you responded SO quickly. WTF, ‘WTF’?’
      Let’s guess, YOU are the ‘ unsubstantiated one! Ha ha ha
      El creep alert.
      Liar liar pants on fire.
      Rock, paper, scissors…?
      Cats cradle?
      Games games

          • Thanks.You are helping to prove that only moronic idiots or mentally sick people buy any of this conspiracy crap about the family courts.

            Notice that you all seem delusional and unbalanced? That’s why you lost custody of your kids. It isnt the jesuits, masons or “upper level” beings who are responsible. You are. You are unstable immature and mentally damaged.


    • Dear WTF- you’re playing word salad. The children reported multiple times about sexual assault/abuse and psychological abuse.

      They were removed from custody only to have a gal work diligently to discredit the children- with the assistance of court appointed psychologists who are the same psychologists on the head of the AFCC – Robert HOrwitz and Adelman were both found to be involved in illegal activity.

      There is racketeering in the Ambrose case which is why they are silencing the children and why psycho father is isolating children (teens!) from the mother they love and want to be with.

      The case follows the identical pattern as others. Let’s ask Ambrose to provide his financial information since he was permitted to lock the wife out of all accounts throughout litigation!

      It’s a sick joke. They don’t even try to hide it bc there is no accountability.

      But the kids know the deal. They reported it consistently over time. This is the collusion of dcf with the gal- they select their people who abuse the kids instead of protecting them.

      Ambrose paid for his custody.

      • Give me a.break. All allegations were investigates and found to be unsubstantiated. It’s in black and white. That is a fact. Not “salad.”

        It’s funny how anti-court people say “Karen was a great mother all their life but suddenly she is unfit?” And call bullshit on that, yet no one seems to notice that neither Karen nor the kids ever once filed a police complaint against Ambrose until there was a custody battle going on. Interesting. So if Ambrose is such an evil abuser of children, I guess Karen was complicit for all those years? Or more likely…
        There was no abuse.

          • No it turned out they were coached by mom. They had zero specifics and the youngest even told investigators mom told him what to say but to keep it a secret that she told him to say it. The kids could only say “I was abused” when asked “ok what did he do?” Their response was “oh Um well uh one time he put his hand on my thigh”

            The investigators found It obvious the kids were coached by mom and there was nothing to substantiate the abuse claims. In fact, Karen was the abuser here by coaching her kids to lie about their father.

            I read this info in documents shared over at that family court clown blog.

          • This then is a case of PARENTAL ALIENATION – False Allegations are often the first weapon of these so deviouus abusers and how awful it is to manipulate Children to lie against their loving non abusive mother or father

          • “Unsubstantiated“ DOESN’T mean the abuse didn’t occur.

            It means when the case was investigated, no one:

            was able to
            bothered to
            purposely didn’t

            prove the abuse occurred. Most adults who groom and molest children stay behind closed doors without witnesses. Some CPS workers groom and molest children. “MAP” is a new phrase perverts tell us to use now instead of “pedophile” and “child abuser”. Anything can happen in a world in which a male public school teacher can dress in obviously obscene ways, wearing obscenely oversized breasts and get away with it. Have you noticed how openly deranged some adults are acting recently?

            Why are you so anti-child protection, “Unsubstantiated”?

            “… According to the DCF’s guidelines, use of the term “unsubstantiated” does not equate to a conclusion that abuse is not present, just that it is not sufficiently verifiable …”


            More questions:

            Why are DCF documents and the children’s private information posted on the state’s judicial website?

            Who allowed Adelman to call an attorney “a crybaby”?
            Who allowed Adelman to tell an attorney “I’m not going to play your game” and who allowed him to tell her he would fine her $50 every time she said the word “game”?

            Attorney Cunha was respectful in those transcripts posted on the judicial website. She seemed to be frustrated with the ways the judge and the other attorneys abused her client, yet still entirely respectful throughout those hearings. Did they take all the mother’s money, abuse the children and force the children to go live with the perpetrator??

    • WTF,

      Those children seem to be wonderful children. Stop disparaging them.

      Your comment in this thread on September 22, 2022 at 10:45 am says:

      “… The kids could only say “I was abused” when asked “ok what did he do?” Their response was “oh Um well uh one time he put his hand on my thigh’ …”

      Whether or not you’re a stranger to those children, it’s creepy for you to impose your incomplete and inaccurate version of what was actually said.

      Your version changes and excludes information from whatever document you saw. Omitting and changing information serves your own purpose — whatever that is.

      Leave fiction to story tellers. Facts speak for themselves.

      • “Your version changes and excludes information from whatever document you saw.”

        I’m not about to cut and paste the entire contents of the document here.

        And How do you know I am changing facts if you don’t even know what document I am referring to?

        I think the children are 100% wonderful children and innocent victims of a narcissistic BPD mother. Those poor kids were trying to please her by attempting to lie to the authorities. It wasn’t their fault. Thank god the doctors police etc could see the game mom was playing and made the right decision.

        • The mother raised the children so wonderfully for over a decade and then suddenly became a “narcissistic BPD mother”??

          She actually seems totally selfless — not selfish at all.

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