Kevin’s Hottest Defense of Danielle; Attacks Sarah in War of Words


Kevin’s opinions are his own. He has a large following. Many of those love to hate him.

By Kevin

For the record, I have never defended Keith Raniere [KR] and have no issue with the FBI prosecuting him, as long as they follow the law and their own guidelines and go off actual evidence.

And treat people proportionately, which they did not.

The issue is that 2018 KR isn’t any different than 2008 KR or 1998 KR or 1988 KR. So why wait until 2018 to prosecute?

They didn’t know until a New York Times article came out? That’s how the FBI finds cases?

If KR is everything the government said, there are cops and FBI agents who should be in jail or lose their jobs and pensions. The people who’ve been held responsible and who haven’t, is twisted.

They Can All Be Worthy

By Jane

Why must Kevin vilify Sarah Edmondson to stand up for Danielle Roberts?… It’s as if Kevin believes there are limited spots for any female involved in this Nxivm cult to be worthy of compassion or respect….

They can’t all make it onto the lifeboat! Ha ha. Limited seating….

It’s always suspicious when the alleged champion of particular women feels he must demonize other specific women to achieve their goal. It’s quite bitchy.

Must Sarah and Moira be dragged down to be on equal footing as Kevin’s perception of Danielle’s lowly status? That doesn’t speak well of his opinion of Danielle.

Moira Kim Penza eating an ice cream cone in her private life.

We’re not voting for prom queen. They can all be lovely.

Kevin’s got a vicious, misogynistic agenda disguised as some savior mission.


Everything you said about me is how I feel about Sarah. Replace my name with hers, and you get the truth.

If Sarah wants to make movies or give speeches or whatever she does, fine, none of my business.

But she’s the one in control of the lifeboats, and rationed them out based on loyalty to her, not level of involvement.

That’s why Lauren Salzman can run her dog grooming business in peace, and why Danielle can’t do any job without her employer receiving harassing calls.

Sarah unilaterally gave Lauren a lifeboat, and unilaterally denied one to Danielle. Not based on what they did or their roles in the organizations, but based on their associations and commitment to Sarah.

That Lauren was accused of falsely imprisoning Daniela. Hey, no big deal in Sarah’s eyes.

I’m sure she knew nothing about it. That happened in Albany, and Sarah never went to Albany. Except for the times she did, like in the baby shower pictures of Allison giving Sarah a “what happens in Albany” outfit for the baby.

First or second most successful recruiter in company history, owner of the Vancouver Center that recruited celebrities, including Allison and Nicki, but hey, what could she have known?

Stolen Valor


No one had “authority’ in the organization. Except Keith. It was all made-up silliness with sashes. Not a military operation.

Sarah was not known pre New York Times, and you know it. Because you make fun of her career.

Classy move BTW; jealous much? After falsely claiming it was Sarah’s popularity that drove the criminal case. You hate Sarah so much that you cannot even form coherent arguments. Lol

Don’t forget the spurious claim that Sarah’s children are in grave jeopardy while in her loving care. Really shows who you are, “Kevin”.

Throw it ALLLLL at the blog. See what sticks. Kirsten Gillibrand? Why not?! Ha ha ha….

The mainstream media, evil NYT…. You CAN do this, dead-ender. Why not Obama? Hillary? It must be connected to them too!…

And finally. OF COURSE! The fake tampering claims….

Is “Moira literally telling me”? Or are YOU trying to tell me what Moira is “telling me”? By really editorializing and interpreting her words for me?…

I can do my own thinking. Thanks.

None. Of. What. You. Wrote. Matters. It. Won’t. Change. A. Thing

But Moira Penza matters. She actually matters. That must kill you

If you want to leave personal lives personal, why are you monitoring what Moira does in her off time? She can be friends with whomever she wants. Penza can go on podcasts, you dolt.

This is fucking America. Stop trying to curb personal freedoms. Commie…


You don’t think it’s strange that the lead attorney who prosecuted people for participating in what she called a “sex cult” also spends time with and associates with other members of that organization? Members who had substantial rank and made substantial income from what Penza herself identified as a “sex cult?”

Not even a little bit strange?

A US Senator [Gillibrand] from the fourth biggest state in the country has a father who represented what mainstream media considers a criminal organization and sex cult. But it didn’t make the news, not once, other than Frank Report.


US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

You don’t think that’s strange, not even a little bit?

According to Frank, via interviews with Heidi Hutchinson, KR was sneaking into bedrooms of underage girls since the 80s.

Heidi’s sister, and others, killed themselves. KR wasn’t on anyone’s radar until 2017, when Agent Penza read about Sarah’s brand in the NYT?

That’s not strange? Not even a little bit?

I’m not defending KR or the organization. I’m asking why something wasn’t done sooner if he and it were so bad. If they are as bad as advertised, then NYS police, Albany police, and the FBI are filthy for having allowed this to go on, especially after the guy made a legally binding agreement not to operate another company with MLM characteristics.

Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman in 1998 

Why does this point bother you if you’re against KR and NXIVM?

Because it goes beyond the bubble of “good guys/bad guys” and requires critical thinking skills beyond a fourth grade level?

You take the position that KR was the only authority in the organization when it comes to Sarah, but not anyone else.

So everyone else is responsible for their actions, but Sarah, because she’s held to a lower standard despite having had a higher rank.

That’s a strange position to take unless you’re in her inner circle.

I don’t mean to make fun of her for her acting roles. It’s a harder job than it appears. I respect anyone who’s worked in television or film, at any level, in any role.

I make fun of her for making herself the authority on what’s right and wrong pertaining to the organization, when she has no business pointing fingers at anyone outside of KR and the Salzmans, one of whom she forgives.

Lauren Salzman and Sarah Edmondson had a master slave relationship at one time. Sarah turned whistleblower. Lauren was convicted. Sarah asked the judge to give her leniency.

The questions I ask are not strange, difficult to understand. They are common sense questions that don’t seem to have straightforward answers.

As for the alleged FBI tampering, will you defend Agent Penza if she engaged in misconduct, and her misconduct results in a legitimately guilty predator being released?

Because she took a shortcut when more than enough clean evidence existed to win a conviction? Will you defend her then, because she’s exempt from the rules for being part of the right social circles?

Frank Parlato

I like Sarah, and she has become a star. She did forgive Lauren, which was good. She did not forgive Danielle, which was her decision.

I asked her if she would consider withdrawing her medical board complaint. She told me she would forgive Danielle if she renounced Raniere. I told Danielle. She declined to renounce Raniere. This was prior to the medical board’s decision to revoke her license.


Sarah likes having control over people. It’s almost as if she was a major recruiter and profiteer of a criminal racket, pyramid scheme, and cult.


There should be a statement in the Daily Mail story that Nicki Clyne is currently a defendant in an ongoing civil lawsuit connected to both DOS and NXIVM. It’s shady not to disclose that information upfront and throughout.

The viewer should be fully informed of the true motives and stakes for the person making a testimonial video. It colors the narrative differently. And for Nicki and the Daily Mail to choose to exclude that pertinent fact is problematic.

Full disclosure, transparency, and all relevant facts are vital for a true and reliable narrative in reporting.

Even one-sided opinion pieces skewed like this one toward the cult, and Keith’s view, benefit from at least the appearance of honesty.


Agreed Lois, under the condition that the publication also mentions that the two lead plaintiffs suing Clyne were high ranking officers and center owners in the organization, who held considerable rank and made substantial incomes off the backs of unsuspecting students/clients.

Who actively performed unsanctioned medical and therapeutic acts, such as performing NLP/EMs without a license or any credentials.

Things that they’re suing Nicki and Danielle for, things that neither defendant actually did, but that the two lead plaintiffs themselves did.

After all, we want to be transparent.

Gossipy Dick Pic Loving Hypocrite

By Jane Doe #2

But Kevin, in every defense you’ve had about Danielle, you have stated that a person’s personal life and what they do on their time away from work is irrelevant to their job.

Why are you so interested in Moira’s personal life?


You have it backwards.

Danielle wasn’t given that benefit, but the lead prosecutor was. If Penza’s personal life wasn’t used against her, who was she to hold people to standards she wasn’t held to herself?

Danielle Roberts practicing yoga in her private life.

Also, Danielle wasn’t the lead prosecutor in a high profile sex trafficking case, wasn’t suing anyone, wasn’t accusing anyone of anything, and consistently took the stance that she is neither a victim nor a perpetrator.

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  • I know it’s tempting to argue with Kevin. He’s an easy target and even Ice-nine has a good time making fun of him (he’s almost certainly @charger426hemi1 LOL – so now that he’s deleted Allison, I’m guessing Danielle is next?).

    Kevin is also on repeater mode. It’s good to correct him because it’s needed but it’s like talking to a flat earther and eventually there’s just no point in it. But he marches on despite his insufferable stupidity and abject failure.

    So if you do decide to engage, just remember that he’s still arguing with Aristotle’s Sausage about comments made from over two decades ago on the Smallville message board. (Seriously, they still do that)

    • I argue with Aristotle about those comments because I and people I worked with were responsible for monitoring the letters the girls were getting (and later, the message boards) to make sure that they weren’t being threatened. So I’m a little upright with people who were fans of the show and commented on those boards or wrote letters.

      I don’t have an IG account, and never have. I do have regular e-mail and a FB page (I’m not active often, I use it for Messenger). There are people on here who I’ve spoken to who know my full name, and that I do not use any aliases.

  • Kevin, they can sue them because they’re part of the organization and within the Rico.

    Learn actual the law.

    Kevin laws don’t count. Don’t be a dummy and make sure you flush the toilet you toad.

  • Hey NutBuster(NutJob)

    Hope all is well. Let me know how many times I was in the blog today

    By the way that’s my new name for you! XOXOXO

      • Yes, defending a woman who’s being sued for her role in an organization, by a person who held a much bigger role in that same organization, makes me anti-woman.

        I feel the same way about Vicente as I do about Edmondson. You know, the guy who had his wife sleep on the floor?

  • Take a look at these horrible glasses worn by Jennifer Bonjean. It makes her even less attractive than she already is. Just what she deserves.
    [Jennifer Bonjean outside Brooklyn federal court in June, where R. Kelly was being sentenced after being convicted of racketeering and sex trafficking. Credit…Stephanie Keith for The New York Times]

    Defending R. Kelly and Bill Cosby, the Same Combative Lawyer
    Jennifer Bonjean has become known for her aggressive approach as she has defended men accused of sexual misconduct in several of the highest profile cases of the #MeToo era.

    By Lauren Herstik and Julia Jacobs
    Sept. 19, 2022

    [… ]

    Debra S. Katz, a lawyer who has represented high-profile sexual misconduct accusers, said that defense tactics seeking to shred a woman’s credibility or impugn her character run the risk of failing with a jury, citing Harvey Weinstein’s conviction in New York, during which she represented one of the women accusing the producer of sexual assault.

    “Everybody deserves a defense, but to attack women in this way is, in my view, absolutely unconscionable,” Ms. Katz said.

    [ … ]

  • To this day I don’t understand how Sarah forgave Lauren and had the judge give her leniency where she did not have to serve any prison time. And why anyone thinks it’s ok? Lauren was the master manipulator. She coerced Sarah into DOS. Lied to Sarah about everything, including the brand. And was one of KRs master slaves. Why was this woman let off so easy? In terms of DOS and manipulation, Lauren was as dangerous as her mother. And now she is living happily ever after dog grooming. I don’t get it?

    • Everything you say about the Sleazeman is correct.

      However, they were best friends and both are Jewish, so it was emotional and not objective.

      • Emotional? The fact that they were best friends makes it worse what Lauren did. Much worse than Danielle’s impact on Sarah. And why would them both being Jewish matter in any way?

        • Not really. If Sarah was objective, then all of the said criticisms you said should’ve applied to her assessment of Lauren. However, because she wasn’t, it makes her partial, which implies something other than her intellect affected her judgment, i.e., emotion. This can go either way, via mercy/compassion or hate, two opposite extremes. Sarah obviously chose the former and opted to forgive Lauren because if she went the other way, she would’ve not only reinforced the deservingly objective assessment, she would’ve gone beyond it. And this was also done for certain emotional reasons, some of which were suggested — their former best friendship and their similar religious heritage, both of which binds.

  • She is hot. Her body is hot. Her branding is hot. Her loyalty to Keith is hot. His not giving a Fuck about her, and she is not minding or understanding is hot. Her losing her license is not so hot.

  • Kevin, I read the entire report from the medical board and they were not impressed by Danielle’s attitude.

    Sure, Sarah reported but Danielle did not handle the situation with humility and grace. Instead, she went on the attack and told the board that they had no right to make decisions about who they decide to license. She tried to dictate to them what constitutes proper conduct.

    Most people would realize this was a very bad idea but even her best friends encouraged her to do it. Lousy group of friends if you ask me. They’d rather defend human slavery because it was “invented” by “the smartest man in the world”.

    I don’t think any of them actually really care about each other that much or even about Keith for that matter.

  • Also, even if Sarah forgave Danielle as Frank inquired…
    IT IS absolutely NOT the same as IF she would withdraw her relentless pursuit of her medical license., her ability to make a living ( after trust was broke)
    Which was spurred by much exaggeration of pain and length of time the brand actually took, An hour vs. maybe five minutes of actual skin contact , I would have a hard time believing her as well.

    Yet a main character/ Recruiters “lapse” of judgement literally lasted for 2 years (Daniela) not even mentioning how she was there at the start of the organization or other lapses in judgment FORGIVEN.

    • Including the lie Sarah told the Times that she thought she was getting a tattoo when Lauren’s testimony specifically says, She told them it was a brand…Hard to trust her truths..

  • Still don’t understand vilifying Moira Penza. It is her JOB and duty if evidence is brought to the prosecutor’s office of child sexual exploitation and pornography to bring a case.

    Moira Penza must prosecute a sexual crime against a child. When there is evidence. And there was copious evidence. And the victim willing to corroborate it.

    An undocumented CHILD was being sexually abused and it would be a horrible thing for a prosecutor to ignore it.

    Ironically, Kevin complains about past crimes against children in the 1980s going unchecked by law enforcement.

    And tries to conflate those decades old crimes with Moira Penza. Was Moira even born yet?

    And now when someone (in this case Moira Penza but it could be of bern any employee of the US Court system in her position) DOES go after a child predators then it’s bad? That’s a bad thing? To prosecute a child sexual predator?

    How is prosecuting sex crimes against a minor bad?

    Going after prosecutors for doing their job is as lame and stupid as going after defense attorneys for doing their job.

    It’s the United States legal system. That’s how it works. Lawyers for both sides.

    Stop making it so personal.

    Really undermines any valid legal point you might have and is juvenile to bring up rumours of Moira’s sex life. Completely unsubstantiated salacious gossip. Where did it start? Who started the personal attacks on Moira? Why? Where is the proof?

    There’s no reason to start rumours about Keith’s attorneys either.

    What if people just started saying Keith’s current attorney was a pedophile? Or into BDSM? Is that okay with you, Kevin? Or Keith’s past attorneys? It’s such ignorant thinking and immature behavior. Grow up. Stick to the facts of the case. Legal arguments.

    • Petty, my point is that if this guy was hurting people dating back to the 80s, and he had a fairly high profile, why would it take Moira Penza reading about Sarah’s brand in a newspaper for something to happen? After three decades?

      It’s weird. She’s likely lying, but if not, it’s sort of disturbing.

      There are allegations that her team planted or tampered with evidence. It doesn’t make Raniere innocent, but if she cheated to win a conviction, despite the case being seen as an easy win, it means she’s corrupt and has likely done this before. Maybe even to someone who was innocent.

      And yes, she dangled a carrot in front of Danielle; sell out and we’ll reward you. Be true to yourself, and we’ll punish you.

      She takes a position that Danielle deserved punishment, and then hangs out on a podcast with witnesses in the case who played much bigger roles in the organization she’s prosecuting than the people she toyed around with in her interrogation room.

      Check out her resume. She represented Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and the NFL in its attempt to avoid compensating concussed players.

      She’s rotten to the core.

  • No one read the February 11, 2012 edition of the Times Union either. But it is actually the most important newspaper in Albany and no one reacted to it, except that pressure was put on the newspaper and James Odato lost his job. That’s just the way it is when money rules, as it does in America. Even those who are supposed to represent the state are groveling before the big money and political influence of extremely rich people, or are corrupt.

    Times Union

    Secrets of NXIVM
    Some experts say Keith Raniere, the guru behind an unusual training business, is really a cult leader
    James M. Odato and Jennifer Gish
    Feb. 11, 2012

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