50 Years Ago Divorce and Custody Became Conflict-for-Profit for Worst Kind of Lawyers

The divorce and custody industry is estimated as a $50 billion per year industry. Lawyers account for $35 billion, and the remaining goes to courts, therapists, mediators, arbitrators, etc.

By Julia Donovan

Imagine the changes the public would demand if mainstream news investigated and revealed how much damage family courts have done all these years.

A good article surfaces every year or two in mainstream media — meanwhile, the family court crisis has been a national and international crisis for fifty years.

The crisis should have made headline news years ago.

Hundreds of thousands of children — possibly millions at this point — have been victims of family courts. Court administrators know they support abusers for profit. That makes court administrators accomplices. Where are the authorities to arrest those criminals?

We need cameras in all family court cases ASAP.

Everyone who could easily do something about what’s happening knows exactly what’s happening, and is either too afraid to do anything about it or too evil to be anywhere near government offices.

Why can’t anyone do anything about it?

Lawyers wanting to make the most money possible in family courts know who to ask to play each role in their horrible cases.

The worst judges like to play God. The worst evaluators try to play God.

Those playing the other parts play along because they know their show will end with “big revenue streams” from “high conflict cases”.


“High-conflict” cases “generate the biggest revenue streams” because most people are predictable. Good parents will do anything to protect their children from harm.

The worst players know that.

But what kinds of jerks decided 50 years ago that all mandatory family court cases involving danger and threats should be purposely adversarial and for profit?

Everyone involved, except the children and families, makes a profit in family courts cases. If profit weren’t permitted in family courts, how many of those most horrible players would do what they do for charity?

Those who never lived through a family court nightmare probably tend to dismiss what’s difficult to fathom. Even those who experience that horrific nightmare find it difficult to believe it when it’s happening.

“Cognitive dissonance“ is when something happening doesn’t make sense and we can’t believe it.

That’s one of the most sinister things about many of the worst family court cases. The worst family court players know about cognitive dissonance, trauma and PTSD.

The worst judges, lawyers, guardians ad litem and evaluators, etc. use what they know to destroy protective parents. It’s cabal teamwork in a purposely adversarial system. The more traumatized “the other party” is, the better.

Good parents can’t believe it when the local courthouse they formerly trusted doesn’t protect children from sexual abuse.

Normal parents who can’t protect their children from sexual abuse act crazy.

The perpetrators’ attorneys (and accomplices) then say, “See? That (protective) parent is crazy! Take the children from the (protective) parent and give the (sexually abused) children to the other parent (who sexually abused them).”

The more a protective parent tries to protect children from sexual abuse, the more the worst kind of judges will remove the children from protective parents’ care.

When the FBI’s New Haven office started the “public corruption” investigation in 2014, maybe agents needed data from cases showing clusters of specific actionable key words.

The FBI might consider words and phrases to tag in software algorithms:

  1. “interstate networks of for-profit family court contractors”
  2. “state employees working with interstate networks of for-profit family court contractors”;
  3. “judicial officers using judicial authority and judicial immunity to do whatever they want to do with no shame, zero oversight and zero accountability”
  4. “millions of dollars made in mandatory adversarial child custody cases”.

If Imre Kifor’s family court corruption data software could be developed, it could be a quick and easy way to detect corruption in family courts.

Legal case management software has been around for 20 years.

LawRank just listed “The 9 Best Case Management Software For Law Firms in 2022” last October.

If some form of corruption detecting technology is available, legislators and judicial ethics committee members should have already thought to use it or create it. The fact that they haven’t speaks volumes about their intentions.

With or without the technology, have they really not been able to see the problem with judicial branch employees acting with judicial authority and judicial immunity for the personal enrichment of themselves, instead of helping the children and families they’re supposed to serve?

Investigations of the blatant crimes in family courts should have already happened years ago — with or without technology.

Investigations haven’t happened in the past 50 years, because the few running the show in Connecticut are some of the worst of the worst kind of people on earth.

The three branches of state and federal governments have caused so much damage to families since the 1980s.

That damage appears to have been done on purpose — otherwise major reforms would have been completed by now.

Plenty of studies have already been done about corruption. Plenty of books have been written.

Wendy Titleman’s “Let My Children Go!” details extensive corruption in Georgia years ago.

“From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers are Running from Family Courts” and covered the crisis in New York.

“Worst Interests of the Child” is about the corruption in Connecticut family courts.

In January, a judge disbarred a Connecticut attorney for noting the corruption in the family courts.

Someone needs to think of a brilliant plan we can all follow ASAP.

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Frank Parlato


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  • Frank, excellent article. Reminds me of Divorce Corps film and conference years ago in the DC area. This type of abuse is GENDER-LESS, RACE-LESS, CREED-LESS, RELIGIOUS-LESS, COLOR-LESS & ODOR-LESS. It, literally, is like a noxious gas that you cannot detect and knocks you out. Think, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

    Our nonprofit, PAS Intervention, is about educating the players, working on legislation and changing the Family courts while providing consulting, resources and support to parents struggling through this system. http://www.pas-intervention.org.

    We developed a program and tools that could help the courts to see what is going on with the parents. But until the adversarial process is removed from the family court, nothing will work. We need judges who are willing to put their feet down on this corruption and greed.

    Our organization also has a huge Judicial training with 7 parts to help educated the courts and attorneys and mental health professionals. But nothing will happen if the family court players do not get proper training and the corruption is not stopped. For example, we continue to use GALs, who have no medical training and continue to make poor recommendations. GAL’s should NOT be attorneys for several reasons. One, they are primarily trained adversarially and do not handle collaborative divorce situations well. Two, and most importantly, they have no medical training of a minimum of a BS in psychology. For that matter, no one working with families in the family courts should be there without a minimum of a BS in psychology as they cannot understand the severe mental and emotional trauma that the families but especially the children go through. Children of this type of abuse have very poor executive functioning skills especially when it comes to critical thinking. And it gets worse with the corruption because the process the corrupt players use, is counterintuitive to what the family actually needs. And this causes more harm than good.

    If anyone would like to assist contact us through our website, http://www.pas-intervention.org We need to come together on this about the issues we do agree on. Once we can get passed that, then we can work on the areas where we disagree. But to separate this into a gender or racial or creed or religious or any other issue, is only going to slow down the process to rid the courts of the corruption. We, the people, need to take back the family courts from the attorneys and work for the benefit of all families.

    • Any reasonable theories about who engineered the family court crisis?

      Which interests allowed it for so long and for what purpose?

      Since the1980s, hundreds of millions of children and families experienced and witnessed the engineered family court crisis around the world. The worst cases are mishandled in all the same predictable ways.

      Did you ever read the book CHAOS by Tom O’Neill? The first part of his book is about what looked like random crimes in LA. The second part of his book is about national and international infIuences orchestrating those crimes. CHAOS explains how easy it was for just a few people without a conscience to introduce the drug culture in America and shape public behaviors. It seems the same destruction happened in family courts since the 1980s, beginning with Gardner’s tours around the world.

      Who were Gardner’s international contacts when he toured? This is from an article in the UK Guardian last year: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/21/abused-uk-children-family-courts-parental-alienation

      “Two years ago, 77 leading professionals signed a letter calling on the president of the family division to tighten the law to prevent unregulated experts from writing reports in family cases. Unfortunately, he refused to take this issue forward, leaving victims – primarily mothers – and children at risk.“

      We see what’s happening.
      Why is it happening?

  • Whoever wrote to Julia WTF- I personally don’t get the point. Seems personal or something(?)
    I just hope everyone finds strength and peace. We have enough strife on earth. Rise above🙏

  • I have lost a year and a half of my children’s lives and counting, all because I asked CT family court to protect my children from their abusive father. I see my daughters only twice a week over zoom. What did I do to deserve such torture. I find myself wishing I had of stayed with him, atleast my children would have me now instead of what seems to be my “replacement”. I’m so angry and their is no end to this in sight. I miss holding my children. Nothing can make up for what we’ve lost…

    • So sorry you went through that. So many have been through the torture — and it’s definitely torture.

      Hoping everything is better, now. 💐

  • Family court is only profit generating in areas with very wealthy families. Most family courts deal with poverty beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Families living in cars. Children suffering from real actual malnutrition and starvation in modern day America. Children who have never seen a doctor and are in their teens. Never had a checkup. Never once been taken to a dentist and are so neglected that they have severe dental disease before they are in the double digits. Families living with children who are also parents because they have been impregnated and had children. A single mother with seven or eight children. Trying to find a homeless shelter they can all stay in together. I could tell you stories about sexual and other abuse rained upon children that would make you throw up in your mouth as you read it. How about a child with impacted bowels because they have been eating plastic bits to survive? Don’t get me started on babies who were actually raped. Repeatedly. Family court is meant to be for the worst cases imaginable. It is not meant to be for adults who cannot solve their personal problems when they decide they no longer want to be a family. There has to be some modicum of responsibility for getting yourselves into a situation where you chose a partner who is either mentally unstable or just a total jerk. Unless like everyone you’re going to say that they were always a perfect Sterling example of a human being until the very moment you decided to split up. Okay that might be true for a couple people here and there but there is just no way that’s true for every single person going through a divorce. Pick your partner wisely. Get Ironclad prenups. Make Advance plans for how you will handle child rearing in the event that your marriage or relationship ends. Because guess what? Many many of them do end. If you go to the government and involve them in your problems you cannot be totally blameless in the equation. What are the choices you’ve made in your life to get to a point where you cannot handle your own business like adults? How even teenagers can and do handle family business when they have children and end up separated and sharing responsibility. Everyone says custody is about children but most custody fights are really about money. Truly wish everyone who is suffering the best. But the best way to stop Family Court corruption is to stop using the family courts unless you are in absolute worst case scenario dire need

  • The conspiracy has no religion, no color, no boundaries. Cuhna mistake was the religious claims. She is absolutely not crazy. Cunha was suffering from the gaslighting and mental abuse they play on parents. The do this to attorneys who actually want to represent their clients. She is also a victim of the court system. Purposely rounded up on a Friday night to be tossed into jail over the weekend. Anyone expressing negative options of the court system is labeled nuts and crazy. Cunha is labeled crazy like most women in Connecticut.. That is a pattern here in Connecticut.

    • It’s not a religion when it’s a lack of conscience. Adelman seems like a friendly, reasonable man until it’s painfully obvious that he’s been a snake in the grass. Many years ago, he was the guardian ad litem in a dangerous case. About a half hour before a hearing one day in the courthouse hallway, the mother’s lawyer told her, “Give me another $5,000 or I will withdraw from the case today.”

      The lawyer, $5,000 richer, and Adelman “the guardian ad litem” then led the mother who was $5,000 poorer into one of the court’s conference rooms a few doors down the hall from where the hearing was to take place. They shut the door and invited the mother to sit at the table with them. They then literally both started talking about nonsense. They looked at each other and both laughed. They were probably trying to gaslight the mother or maybe they were just having fun. Her response was: She thought they were both jerks, and was totally thrown by what they did.

      The mother eventually filed an appearance in the case to replace her lawyer, but it was after that small cabal already did so much harm. The mother eventually developed what Jack Hanna calls “PTS”. Jack says he omits the “D” because the condition isn’t a disorder. He says PTS is a normal response to an abnormal situation.

      Maybe now that so many traumatic family court cases have clearly shown such a horrible pattern since the 1980s and so many people outside of family court cases are now on the verge of PTS (after the pandemic, mandatory mystery injections, the tanking economy, no food on store shelves, no heat in Western Europe etc.) more people will “wake up” and understand: If the statistics are right (1 in 25 people are sociopaths with no conscience) and if the many lists of professions with the most sociopaths are accurate (politicians, lawyers, CEOs of companies etc) maybe enough people will probably … eventually … understand we should probably … eventually … do something about all the jerks and the snakes in the grass who shouldn’t control anyone anywhere ever.

  • Julia wrote “In January, a judge disbarred a Connecticut attorney for noting the corruption in the family courts.”

    Sweetheart, YOU are the one experiencing cognitive dissonance. You are unable to face the actual reasons Cunha was disbarred. She made knowingly false accusations with zero proof to back up anything she said in fact the evidence plainly contradicted what she said. She also accused the court of an evil Jewish conspiracy. Again with zero evidence.

    • What evidence are you referring to that contradicted what she claimed?

      She failed because she wasn’t prepared, however, what evidence are you referring to that contradicted what she claimed?

      • They looked over the decisions in Adelman’s cases and found zero evidence he favored the people she accused him of favoring in his decisions. I don’t have a document in front of me right now but I believe I read that it said in fact his decisions would actually directly contradicts the assertion that he favors litigants of certain characteristics and discriminates against mothers in favor of abusive fathers etc.

        • Did someone actually review all of Adelman’s cases?
          When did that happen and which office conducted the review?

    • Calling out the gaggle of miscreants feeding off of the family bank is pretty accurate, Moukawsher works for those who do not celebrated Xmas.

      • I do not think this is related to Judaism. Judge Moukawsher is Catholic. I think we err tremendously when we try to target religion. The cause is greed. The solution is a jury.

        • ROFLMAO….Moukawsher is a Catholic? Why, because he goes to church? He does not practice the theology, nor does Judge Anna Ficeto, both are heretics, in lock step with Albis. Connecticut family law is defined by Judge Elliot Solomon, Ellen Ash Peters, Joette Katz, Annie Dranginis, Holly Wetstone, Donna Heller, Gerard Adelman, David Gold, David Gould, Lynda Munro …. all folks who do not celebrate Christmas or Easter. Moukawsher is a puppet on strings, doing his master’s bidding. Disbarring zealous advocates for cause of calling out the chosen mafia for raping childhood is not Church teaching … get with the program. What religion has a history of ritual sacrifice of Catholic babies? Where does the term ‘blood’ libel come from? Beware the chosen ones.

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