Dirty Feds? Disbarred Attorney Claims Misconduct Tied to Raniere

DIRTY FEDS: FBI and Lead Prosecutor in Luthmann’s Case Implicated in Serious Misconduct

“I would say this is historical, at least in the history that I know of the FBI, this type of tampering has never been done to my knowledge.” – Dr. Richard Kiper, 20-year FBI veteran.

A former FBI forensic computer examiner, Dr. Kiper believes evidence was tampered with, as agents were under pressure to ensure they “got their man.” 

Dr. Kiper believes the FBI made a “concerted effort” to tamper with evidence to get a conviction.

“I would say this is historical, at least in the history that I know of the FBI, this type of tampering has never been done to my knowledge,” Dr. Kiper said.

“If we don’t have due process for people that we don’t like, then we don’t have a system of justice.” Dr. Kiper continued, “People will lose their trust in the FBI.

The Federal Prosecutor

In the case of Strickler v. Greene, the United States Supreme Court spoke about the special role of the Federal Prosecutor and the search for truth, saying:

A United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all, and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that the sovereignty shall win a case, but that justice shall be done. 527 U.S. 263, 265, 119 S. Ct. 1936, 1941 (1999).

Moreover, in Berger v. United States, the US Supreme Court spoke of the Federal Prosecutor’s duty to act within the bounds of the law and ensure justice is done:

The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice shall be done. As such, he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the law, the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor — indeed, he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one.

Additionally, it has been the applicable law for some time that a prosecutor is presumed to have knowledge of information gathered in his own office’s investigation. United States v. Avellino, 136 F.3d 249, 255 (2d Cir. 1998); United States v. Payne, 63 F.3d 1200, 1208 (2d Cir. 1995).

How could such serious governmental and prosecutorial misconduct have occurred under the watch of the Lead Prosecutrix, Moira Kim Penza?

Dr. Kiper gives us an answer:

I know that in the FBI, there is a lot of motivation, a lot of incentive to get your man.

I know that because we have incentive awards, we have on the spot of awards, special achievement awards, quality step increases, which is sort of like a promotion within a grade, which gets you more money…. so there are a lot of incentives…

You put this [case] on your resume, you can write to it, and then you can get promoted up the line…

I didn’t know anything about Mr. Raniere or the organization but it seems to me looking back over some of the press that he received, none of it was positive.

So this is a person that a lot of people did not like, but that does not excuse the FBI from taking proactive steps to manipulate evidence or use manipulated evidence and misrepresenting its reliability in order in order to achieve a conviction.

“If we don’t have due process for people that we don’t like, then we don’t have a system of justice.

So everyone from the top-on-down in today’s DOJ and FBI has an incentive to “get their man” at all costs – without regard to justice. Today’s DOJ and FBI are a far cry from the days when Robert H. Jackson was at the helm. The obligation to see justice done and not to use the phenomenal force of the Federal Government to strike foul blows has all but gone from the considerations or practice of the DOJ and the FBI in its current formulation.

Dr. Kiper’s claims that “resume building” appears to trump the legal and ethical obligations of AUSAs and Special Agents are confirmed in the NXIVM and Luthmann cases.

Shortly after both cases were resolved, Lead Prosecutrix Moira Kim Penza “cashed in” and jumped ship to the Wilkinson Stekloff law firm, where she was made a Partner.

The Wilkinson Stekloff law firm’s press release specifically referenced Prosecutrix Penza’s famous (and perhaps now infamous) conduct in the NXIVM case:

Most recently, Moira spearheaded the successful investigation and trial of Keith Raniere, the leader of a purported self-help organization called “Nxivm.” In a groundbreaking prosecution, Raniere and his co-defendants were charged with racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, involving an array of crimes including child exploitation, sex trafficking, forced labor, identity theft, extortion, money laundering, wire fraud and obstruction of justice, as well as stand-alone counts of sex trafficking and other crimes. Following a six-week trial, where Moira served as first chair for the government, Raniere was convicted of all charges.

That’s one hell of a resume booster. And it appears to have been supported by Prosecutrix Penza’s “foul blows” – the type that Justice Jackson and the United States Supreme Court have warned against.

The type of “foul blows” that are anathema to due process and the appearance of a fair system of justice. The types of “foul blows” that have large swaths of the American public calling for the DOJ and the FBI to be investigated and defunded.

Moira Kim Penza was the Lead Prosecutrix in both Luthmann’s case and the NXIVM case, where there are serious accusations of Governmental and Prosecutorial Misconduct corroborated by a 20-year veteran of the FBI. Penza is a partner at the Wilkinson Stekloff law firm, where she “cashed in” as a partner after the NXIVM and Luthmann cases.

Penza is a registered Democrat and has her eyes on a Federal Judgeship. Penza is also a dominatrix in her spare time. She is sexually stimulated by causing pain to men, something the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York apparently knew at the time of her employment and the Luthmann and NXIVM prosecutions, Luthmann alleges. One of the first things Penza did in private practice was sue Donald Trump.

Additionally, the politicized nature of both the Luthmann and NXIVM cases totally destroyed any semblance of appearance that the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York was not working as the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party.

Prosecutrix Penza is a registered Democrat and clearly has her eyes on a federal judgeship.

The price of serving her political masters was a “Get Them At All Costs” prosecutorial strategy, which apparently violated the law and ethical rules.

And who are Prosecutrix Penza and her Crooked Special Agents’ political masters?

Look at Luthmann and Raniere’s common enemies, and it’s not hard to figure out. (Bill Clinton IS a rapist, BTW. No one goes to the barbershop 23 times and doesn’t get their hair cut. Bubba went to Epstein Island 23 times – that we know about).

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  • Kieth Raniere’s PR guy should get a bonus.

    The PR certainly put together a press packet with exceptionally nice graphics,

    Anyone know who the PR guy is?

    Care to share who it is Suneel?

  • Dear Mr. Luthmann,
    I have a feeling your family is probably despairing that you refuse to take your medication for bipolar. It appears you are in a delusional manic state. I’m not trying to be cruel I’m trying to give you a reality check because you are showing the signs of mania. Please seek psych help.

    • If they are trying to make this guy sound crazy to discredit him, there could be something there. He could be crazy as a bat, but that doesn’t give law enforcement or the courts a license to dismiss his claims out of hand. It looks like he could have been the victim of foul play by an overly ambitious prosecutor and FBI. I wonder if he’s a Trump supporter. That would explain a lot.

      • Unfortunately no one has to try to make this guy sound crazy. Richard has that handled all by himself. This is the kind of situation where if someone truly cared about this man they definitely would try to get Richard some mental Health help.

  • Roger Stone has similar round glasses as Richard Luthmann, but he somehow looks better with them. I think Richard Luthmann should choose the same model of glasses that Roger Stone wears. I think Roger Stone could become a role model for Richard Luthmann in terms of styling, or he already is.

    Roger Stone’s glasses

    • A general rule is you should wear glasses in a shape that is opposite of your face shape. Luthman is wearing round glasses and he has a round face. Bad move.

  • Points to Ponder:
    Why can’t we grow Black Current in the United States?
    Is the green fairy still banned?
    What are the 3 words in the english dictionary that start with dw?

    • dwale

  • I was in a meeting with a bunch of O-5 and O-6’s discussing our fiscal year end budget when I read the line about Penza moonlighting as a dominatrix. They thought I was choking to death.

    Where did that come from? That’s a pretty big piece of information to just slip in under a caption.

    • But Kevin in every defense you’ve had about Danielle you have stated that a person’s personal life and what they do on their time away from work is irrelevant to their job.. Why so interested in moira’s personal life?

      • You have it backwards. Danielle wasn’t given that benefit, but the lead prosecutor was. If Penza’s personal life wasn’t used against her, who was she to hold people to standards that she wasn’t held to herself?

        Also, Danielle wasn’t the lead prosecutor in a high profile sex trafficking case, wasn’t suing anyone, wasn’t accusing anyone of anything, and has consistently taken the stance that she is neither a victim nor a perpetrator.

        • ‘…and has consistently taken the stance that she is neither a victim nor a perpetrator.’

          Do you mean she’s always taken the stance that she’s not responsible? so true. The minute she starts to take responsibility for her own criminal actions, things will start to improve for her. I f she doesnt, then I guess, friendship and support from fellow travellers is all she’s got and is going to get. Seems to me the deadenders have made a clear choice to remain enslaved. You seem to respect that.

        • You are a hypocrite no matter how you try to spin it. Danielle doesn’t believe in men coming to her rescue. Why can’t you respect her wishes if you respect Danielle? And why did Warner Brothers have their employees looking at dick pics? And how come you can describe the phalluses in such vivid detail a decade later? And why do you think that anyone on this blog wants you to vividly describe photographs of penises to them?

  • Daily Mail

    Re “Raniere’s close friend and legal team manager Suneel Chakravorty told DailyMail.com …”

    When did Suneel and Raniere ever become friends when Suneel claimed that before Raniere was imprisoned he had never met him before and did not know him. Amazing that Raniere has friends. Completely implausible in a pathological liar and malignant narcissist like Raniere.

    • Anon 1:37

      I Agree. 👍🏼

      All things being equal I would’ve chosen Suneel out of the group.

      He’s the most intelligent and he’s rich so he’s less likely to “take the money and run.”

    • Kristen Keefe recently wrote that in the 24 years that she knew Keith Raniere he never had one single male friend. Ever.

    • John Molloy, who wrote Dress For Success, said people do not take a man in a bow tie seriously.

      Richard Luthmann is a colorful character, and I look forward to hearing his side of the story on his conviction.

  • The inmates have taken over the asylum aka Frank Report is now about 90% devoted to publishing posts containing the delusional ramblings and paranoid accusations of lunatics.

  • RE The Attorney Caricature Star of the Article:

    Mr. Richard Luthmann is such an over the top dandified and fastidious dresser — he looks like a character from a comic strip. He looks like a criminal from a Disney movie.

    I’ll put as much stock in what Dick says as a
    Meth Head or Alonzo.


    Hey Richard,
    You, look like the type of guy, who commingles client funds to embezzle later. I can tell that’s a tailored suit and not off the rack. You got a Patek Philippe watch? I bet a Rolex is to pedestrian for you. You love pissing through money. Don’t you, fat boy?

    “I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.”
    (Dick ‘Wimpy’ Luthmann)

    Dick Lick Luther – you’re simple another dickwad jumping on the anti-FBI bandwagon.

    How much money you got tucked way overseas?

    Dick you are as dirty as a hog paddock or Alonzo’s socks.

      • You’d better be careful, saying things. All this that you’ve been telling me, who else have you told? – How about David Miscivege? And you haven’t told that boyfriend of yours, Nice Guy?

        I couldn’t even call him, because I was afraid you had the wires tapped.

        This Alanzo business, it’s trolling… and trolling don’t come any neater. As fancy a piece of trolling as anybody ever ran into… smart, tricky, almost perfect, but…I think Papa has it all figured out.

        Figured out and wrapped up in tissue paper with pink ribbons on it.

        That guy Nice Guy was never on the train.

    • Alanzo,

      How big of a part did your Alanzo Blog play in freeing Kieth?

      Was Frank’s pivotal role in the destruction of NXIVM, your muse?

  • How is the FBI “under the watch” of Moira Penza? What a silky claim.

    Statements like that one in the post are probably the reason why this guest view is uncredited

    Even the lamest of dead Enders (Suneel) wouldn’t want to sign their name to this insanity publicly.

    Presumably, this big-tittied specimen of masculinity was put in touch with the remaining cult followers by incarcerated Vanguard.

    And fingers crossed that the dead-enders all hitch their wagons to this repulsive disaster of a human.

    It’s hard to believe that this story isn’t a joke, but then you’re talking about Nxivm and Keith Raniere… so yeah. it is believable.

    The band of criminal Misfits that are affiliated in any way with this cult grows ever more bedraggled and impaired daily here’s hoping for a duel between karate champion Keith and this obese counterpart. That’s a pay-per-view Deathmatch many would watch.

      • Frank,

        Is Moira Kim Penza really a “dominatrix” in her spare time?

        Is this just be from this guy or is it a commonly known fact?

        You need to cover this and investigate if that’s the truth or not.

        That would truly be an interesting twist to the NXIVM case. Especially since she acted like in both the court and all the docuseries that she was repulsed by BDSM and called it “bizarre” and “extreme acts” in her interviews on the docuseries.

      • This double D clown costumed idiot talks about himself in the third person. Please excuse this reader’s confusion about the authorship.

        The “views” are Luthmann’s own but the facts belong to everybody.

        It is factually untrue to assert or imply that Moira Penza has oversight authorityy for the FBI.

        That is one of many inaccuracies.

        It’s hard to believe that Moira and this cretin are the same species.

        Not surprisingly, this repugnant human/trash dumpster hybrid is angry when faced with a beautifull, successful, very smart woman.

        Luthmann attempting to malign and mock Moira Penza just further exposes him as a worthless, crazy, petty, jealous. criminal, tub of lard.

        Was Luthmann one of the MDC detainees who shat in Keith Raniere’s shoes?

        If so, that must have been one huge cow pile of manure dropped into Keith’s jail slippers.

        Moira doesn’t have to worry about such disgusting things happening to her gorgeous, designer heels. Or being disbarred. Or an almost certain double knee replacement in the near future. Luthmann’s poor legs. Under so much weight and strain…

    • Ahahahaha! A pay-per-view deathmatch between Karate Kid Keith and Let-me-at-im Lumbering Luthmann – I would consider paying for that. Raniere might bring his Dead Ender Dancers as a cheer squad; Luthmann would probably be attended by imaginary demons (seems his brain may be peopled with a full complement of those); and Prosecutrix Penza could show up in full leather regalia to officiate. But it would only amount to endless circling and word salad smack talk, and I’d get bored and end up switching the channel. Gave me a laugh to imagine that scenario though, so thanks for that!

  • Aaron Burr the infamous Vice President was admitted to the bar in 1782 in Albany New York.
    In 1804 Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken New Jersey.
    Hamilton is the dude on the ten dollar bill.
    One can actually visit the dueling grounds.
    After Hamilton died Burr fled to the Louisiana Territory to arrange an attack on either Texas or Spanish Mexico.
    The Hamilton Burr Duel – Where It Happened – Weehawken NJ Dueling Grounds

  • Frank wrote:

    “Moira Kim Penza was the Lead Prosecutrix in both Luthmann’s case and the NXIVM case, where there are serious accusations of Governmental and Prosecutorial Misconduct corroborated by a 20-year veteran of the FBI. Penza is a partner at the Wilkinson Stekloff law firm, where she “cashed in” as a partner after the NXIVM and Luthmann cases.’

    “Penza is a registered Democrat and has her eyes on a Federal Judgeship. Penza is also a dominatrix in her spare time. She is sexually stimulated by causing pain to men, something the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York apparently knew at the time of her employment and the Luthmann and NXIVM prosecutions, Luthmann alleges.”


    • It presumed these were Lutherman’s statements. The article is confusing as to who is the author of what statement. The story about Penza being a dominatrix is written in italic under Panza’s picture, but in Lutherman’s story. So who said what?
      If these are indeed Frank’s words, he should elaborate.

      I don’t like these easily avoidable misunderstandings.

    • Isn’t a big tent pole in the defense of Danielle Roberts branding women on their vaginas with Keith’s initials that it shouldn’t matter what a person does in their free time? Aren’t the dead Enders always saying that an alternative personal lifestyle shouldn’t impact anyone professionally or otherwise? That what you do in your private life has nothing to do with your professional life? There’s no proof of this dominatrix allegation against Moira having any merit or truth. But the dead Enders and the dead Ender groupies have zero ability to credibly raise such an issue after all of the times they’ve argued about the separation between professional and private activities on behalf of those in the Cult of Keith.

      • I don’t know what the evidence is that supports the “Prosecutrix” allegations – they may have no truth to them at all.

        But if you believe that what a person does in their personal life DOES have something to do with their professional life (as you do with Dr Roberts) then you should be doubly concerned that a person who gets sexually stimulated by inflicting pain on men acted as a lead federal prosecutor on a “sex cult” case.

        Yet you are not, or you don’t seem to be. I can’t tell because you are hiding behind an anonymous accusation of “Hypocritical” – which is rich.

        Using a non-medical cauterizing tool after work is very different from getting sexually turned on at work by inflicting pain on men as a federal prosecutor. Federal prosecutors have a lot more power to cause a lot more pain to a lot more people than a physician does.

        Federal prosecutors can even abuse the powers of RICO, setting legal precedents to make them applicable to ANYONE, as Moira Penza and the ‘Justice’ Department did in this case.

        There is a lot of evidence that power was abused by the federal prosecutors, and the FBI investigators in this case, causing mucho dolor.

        Was someone flicking the bean and strumming the clamjo in the courthouse bathroom between breaks?

        We’ll never know.


        • So you have no idea if any of the rumors are true or not but you’re going to repeat them and add on to them? Exactly what one could expect from a person with so little integrity. My beliefs are consistent.

          They are not fluid and changing on a case basis to fit whatever narrative I hope to push at that moment in order to free a convicted sex offender and child pornographer. Each is held to the same standard. You and the dead Enders on the other hand really like to switch positions whenever it suits you with no actual core belief in anything.

          It’s all just manipulative fodder for the cult worshiping agenda. And yeah I post anonymously because I don’t want you f****** stalking me like you have other people and doxing my family. Maybe if you had a career and a family you would understand. When one has loved ones and a true valuable income stream and job they tend to want to protect them from f****** weirdos on the internet. You have a proven track record of harassing people on this very blog and bringing their family into it.

          So f*** off with that you idiot. F****** total creep bag weirdo. People like you are the reason people post anonymously and you ruined it for everybody through your irresponsible vindictive actions and harassment of people who haven’t even commented here and are merely related to a person who has done so. Look in the mirror. No one wants to talk to you no one likes you and no one wants their family harassed by you you f****** psycho. And it’s really gross how obviously titillated you are by reading about Moira. If I were her I’d get a restraining order against you stat

          • Anonymous
            September 14, 2022 at 8:54 pm

            I read every word you wrote in response to my comment. I appreciate the verbose and articulated fear you expressed, and the reason you remain an anonymous coward here.

            I got it.

            You are freaked out by my specific and contained offensive against the commenters here “Nice Guy” and “K.R. Claviger” who doxxed me ruthlessly for months on the Frank Report.

            I contacted Frank via email that whole time, hoping to get him to intervene. But all he did was blame KR Claviger as the person who approved all the doxxing attempts to destroy my livelihood.

            Frank himself did nothing.

            So now you’re publicly afraid of me for defending myself. And you think I am the same as Nice Guy and KR Claviger.

            I’m not, though.

            I’ve not outed Nice Guy, tried to damage or destroy his livelihood, or even KR Claviger’s. They both have a lot to lose by having the same thing done to them that they did to me. People in glass houses definitely not should throw stones, and I really don’t think they ever thought about this.

            They thought, I guess, that after 22 years of the Church of Scientology’s OSA Fair Game I’d just “shudder into silence”.

            I know this game. It’s been my life for decades.

            I have lots of information on them both that would cause damage that I can release anywhere – my own blog and any where on the Internet.

            But I haven’t.

            Even though they did it to me, I have a distaste to doing it to them.

            They’re not my enemy.

            My enemy is, and remains, the person who almost certainly committed the Scientology murders made to look like suicides: David Miscavige.

            If Nice Guy and KR Claviger want to, they can keep trying to dox me and trying to destroy my livelihood – just as David Miscavige has done to me for 22 years – which has never shuddered me into silence.

            Nice Guy and Claviger can continue to use Miscavige’s decades-long intelligence and surveillance of me to act as my enemy.

            I’ll act accordingly, if they keep it up.

            Do you think I should?

            Or should I just shut up, be intimidated by them, and go away?


  • Kiev is preparing a major offensive in the area of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, transferring missiles and artillery to the region.

  • That guy’s breasts are so big that he had to put darts in the front of his suit to accommodate his big boobies.

  • Penza is a dominatrix in her spare time? How would Luthermann know? Perhaps he was a client of hers and enjoyed the whiptreatment?

    “ (Bill Clinton IS a rapist, BTW. No one goes to the barbershop 23 times and doesn’t get their hair cut. Bubba went to Epstein Island 23 times – that we know about)”
    What nonsense. Clinton was on Epsteins plane at least 23 times. But the flightlog doesn’t show he flew to/from the us Virgin island on Epsteins jet. There was a statement from a maintenance man he saw Clinton on the Island and Doug Band said in an interview Bill had been on the Island. But still no definitive proof Clinton was on the Island.

  • Is this guy actually an attorney? Another ‘they did not allow me to have a duel at 4am so they must be haters. It’s a right/left wing conspiracy. I am innocent.’ Did he ever win a case as an attorney? His thought process (if you can call it that) is full of vague ramblings it makes R’s word salads almost genius-level.
    Why don’t Luthmann and Raniere throw down the gauntlet to Moira Penza. On stab of her killer heels and they’d sorry they ever challenged her, judo champion or not. If she is, as he claims, a dominatrix, she can even turn up in her leathers and a whip (or paddle, if KR so prefers).
    I can see her standing triumphantly with her heel on their neck. The selfie could be captioned: “Veni, Vidi, Vici” since KR does seem fond of latin.

    • If Raniere has a fondness for Latin, his knowledge is rather rudimentary. The Dominus Obsequious Sororium [DOS] founded by Raniere is incorrect and poorly translated Latin and at best Pig Latin. Raniere’s interest is more in Roman antiquity and Roman history, with an emphasis on slavery of the period and the legal framework, such as contract law, that enabled slavery and serfdom. He certainly can’t translate or phrase a single sentence without error unless he read it somewhere and memorized it.

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