Psychologist Wants Zero Oversight, Immunity, in Dangerous Traumatic Custody Flips in CT

By Julia Donovan

In 2015, the New Haven DOJ office was supposed to investigate public corruption in Connecticut.

That year, a few decent Judiciary Committee members proposed HB-5505.

They wrote: “In a family relations matter, as defined in section 46b-1 of the general statutes, if a court orders a child undergo treatment or evaluation from a licensed health care provider, as defined in section 52-184e … If after the two-week period, the parents have not reached an agreement on the selection of a licensed health care provider, the court shall select such provider after giving due consideration to the health insurance coverage and financial resources available to such parents…”

AFCC director Bruce Freedman objected to that part of the bill. In addition to not wanting health insurance provider oversight, he stated his need for “limited immunity provided by the court in order to be able to address the court in an open, honest and useful manner.“

So, no oversight plus immunity makes people most open, honest and useful?

How does that work, exactly?

Did any DOJ agents read Mr. Freedman’s letter?

If so, did anyone notice the incongruity of what Mr. Freedman did vs what he wrote?

There are many types of medical fraud in the world. Whenever one eye doctor treats patients very differently than all other eye doctors in the same field of care, that’s a huge red flag.

When psychologists contracted with Connecticut family courts conduct evaluations very differently (with no oversight or accountability) compared to psychologists who conduct different evaluations (with oversight and accountability) outside of family courts, that’s a huge red flag.

Mr. Freedman wrote:

Dear sirs
I am writing in hopes of correcting some misunderstandings about court-ordered psychological evaluations. I am a psychologist who has conducted many evaluations for courts throughout Connecticut. These studies serve the court in assisting judges to understand important family matters and point the court in the direction of what is best for children.
In order to do this:
– evaluators with the highest level of training and experience are used. These are Ph.D level psychologists with years of education, specific training and understanding of families and court matters. There are no shortcuts or substitutes for this expertise
– evaluators understand and do their best to avoid bias. The court relies on their neutrality and sensitivity to gender, culture and special problems.
– health insurance does not cover any of this work. It is not treatment nor assessment for treatment, and therefore health insurers are not responsible for reimbursement for such services
– evaluators are not therapists in this role. They advocate for children’s interests while considering the wishes strengths and concerns of parents and other parties. While evaluators may serve as treating psychologists in different cases, a therapist is not in a position to provide a comprehensive, neutral report to the court.
– Evaluators do difficult work in a dangerously litigious climate. They need limited immunity provided by the court in order to be able to address the court in an open, honest and useful manner
Bruce Freedman Ph.D

Did the Connecticut Judicial Committee not see what a dangerous quack Freedman appeared to be at that time?

He wrote: “[T]here are no shortcuts or substitutes for [his] expertise.” Okay, sure.

But did he tell the Judicial Committee: No “treatments or assessments for treatments” are required for “dangerously litigious climates”?

Or, did he tell the Judicial Committee: When he detects “dangerously litigious climates,” he always refers those dangerous cases to colleagues who assess cases in “dangerously litigious climates”?

Professional oversight could tell us how much harm Freedman has done to how many.

Oversight could tell us Freedman’s involvement caused how many fatalities in dangerously mismanaged cases. Oversight could tell us if Mr. Herman (the court-ordered evaluator in Fotis Dulos’ case) notified health insurers before or after Dulos’ homicidal and suicidal behaviors became obvious.

“As to those who contend that Mr. Dulos’ death reflects a consciousness of guilt, we say no,” his attorney Norm Pattis said. “We say it was more of a conscience overworn with the weight of the world that was too busy to listen and that wanted a story more than it wanted the truth.”

Jennifer Dulos disappeared during a high conflict divorce and custody case in CT.

What a dangerous state Connecticut has been and still is for so many families. Health insurance providers, professional boards, someone, anyone might be the best source of oversight for Connecticut family court quacks.

Why didn’t legislators set oversight in place for family courts years ago?

What kind of people in what kind of system allow such dangerous quackery to do so much harm to so many — with no oversight and accountability?

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  • Amazing- I filed a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Public Health in 2022 regarding Dr. Freedman threatening my teenager. I complained to Commissioner Indu Thomas of Washington State when she appointed him reunification therapist after he was bought and paid for by my ex husband.

  • OMG I can’t believe I have to explain this, but the psychologist was merely pointing out that health insurance DOES NOT cover these psych assessments because they aren’t considered health treatment. He wasn’t saying, “Please don’t let health insurance get involved I don’t want nobody watching what I do.’ DUH.

    Can you people read??????? Or are you unable to understand what you read due to cognitive dissonance?

    • “… It is not treatment nor assessment for treatment, and therefore health insurers are not responsible for reimbursement for such services. …”

      “not treatment.” Okay.
      “nor assessment for treatment”. Oh?

      Was the evaluator who spoke with Fotis Dulos (how many times?!) under no obligation to notice or predict homicidal and suicidal tendencies?

      What a racket.

      Who at the FBI decided to give the leaders of the CT AFCC, Inc. cabal a Get out of Jail Free card?

    • Insurance does cover assessments. You are incorrect. Many instances cover indept evaluations. The insurance company doesn’t cover nonsense.

      They don’t cover stuff that treats nothing. They don’t cover bs. The cover evaluation that leads to real diagnosis. Not fluff and trickery. They don’t cover diagnosis of fake unidentified bs. Some one needs to be able to look over the nonsense. They are robbing the public.

      They are not going to pay the rediculous prices these people are charging. Several times more than what all the other psychologist charge. It’s’ a load of bs plan and simple. Charging to place children in harms way at times. Let the American Board of psychology look at this stuff. Of course it’s a bunch of people financially invested in these matters defending this.

      The legal system has absolutely no business in the mental health profession. The system is an obsolute mess all over the country because of it. Reunification is often order by a legal person. If you look at these stories professionals out side the court over and over again disagree with it. Cause it’s BS!!!!!!!

      • “The legal system has absolutely no business in the mental health profession.”

        Whenever any legal system can force a nation to submit to lab-made mRNA injections before successful long-term studies are done — and force children and families through Gardner’s horrific fraud and quackery in family courts — what kind of legal system is that?

        Was it the same legal system in Germany when Richard A. Gardner M.D. met with and worked with individuals there? What skills did Gardner learn in Germany before he turned into a famous psychiatrist from New Jersey who toured the world selling a fake condition called, “Parental Alienation Syndrome”?

        Before Mr. Gardner committed suicide or was suicided, he travelled around the world spreading junk science with financial and tactical support from someone somewhere. It was very much like certain individuals promote “Drag Queen Story Time” in children’s libraries and “Drag Queen Shows” around America today.

        When Mr. Gardner spoke about “The Parental Alienation Syndrome” on June 24 ,1999 at his “One Day Symposium at the Open University in The Netherlands, he told family court lawyers and vendors gathered there:

        “So I’m going to tell you what I’m going to say first. And that is, that the legislators have power to give judges power to cure the disease Parental Alienation Syndrome. I repeat, the ju…the legislators have the power to empower judges, to cure, to prevent The Parental Alienation Syndrome. If the legislators do not give the judges the power to cure this disease, it will continue to grow and (unintelligible) and get worse and worse.”

        One treatment Gardner recommended for the new “syndrome” was: Jail time for protective parents and guardians who try to protect children from sexual abuse. He recommended something he called “Threat Therapy” for children who resist spending time with the parents who molested them.

        Attorneys and guardians ad litem are to tell sexually abused children the protective parent will be jailed unless the children “visit” with the identified perpetrator. Protective parents are labeled as mentally ill and only allowed to “visit” the children they tried to protect under “therapeutic supervision”. All discussion of disclosed abuse and all future abuse is strictly prohibited.

        In such insane conditions, why would Mr. Freedman, former AFCC treasurer not appreciate oversight?

        Why did former CT AFCC, Inc. director Mr. Adelman step down as director and Ms. Munro step down from the bench around 2014 – 2015? Why is Mr. Adelman still on the bench?

        Attorney Cunha was right about the corruption in family courts. And now, which attorney in their right mind will be the first to raise the problem of corruption in the courts after a judge disbarred an attorney for raising the subject of corruption?

        What kind of conspirators wouldn’t want oversight in family courts? Are We the People allowed to ask if Mr. Gardner got instructions in Germany to help Marxists destroy families in family courts?

        Anyone doubting that possibility should wonder: Why would Marxists plan a “long march through the institutions” to destroy morals and families for a global government and then not march through family courts?

        On September 9, 2015, higher-ups in Connecticut family court administration discussed federal funding, fact-finding, and data collection. At about the 1:01:58 minute mark in the CT-N video from a task force meeting that day, Mr. Grant communicated with someone off-camera using strange hand gestures.

        Could someone not afraid of “having his throat cut across, his tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sands of the sea at a low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours” please tell us what Mr. Grant communicated to the unknown person across the room?

        Was that American Sign Language or was it secrets kept from those Freemasons call the “profane”?

        If bad guys use secret hand signals to keep secrets from the pubic, outnumber or outsmart the good guys at the FBI, threaten each other into silence and pledge secret loyalty oaths that oppose their oaths of office and job descriptions, someone’s gotta do something about that ASAP.

        If someone can teach a class on Secret Hand Signals of Federal or State Justice System Employees — or if someone can simply share that information with good people at the FBI or Project Veritas as soon as possible — that will help.

        The good guys at Project Veritas would probably be the better choice. They’re least threatened, they don’t call us “the profane” and they’re very very brave.

    • When they will not accept insurance of any kind, and do not want it reported to insurance it’s a concern.

      When they are psychologists who have zero obligation under Hippa or OCR because they don’t accept heath insurance, there is no oversight.

      Health insurance does cover psychological evaluations- which is what the reports generate under the veil of a “custody evaluation”.

      They are not permitted to make diagnoses but that’s exactly what they do. They attach the phrase “possible” to borderline personality disorder or some other personality disorder and then switch custody, require “treatment” with their recommended psychologists (buddies), and collect more money to testify against a parent in court.

      It often starts as parental alienation and then they add in personality disorders which they legally can’t do – but they do anyway- and they don’t follow criteria of DSM-V, which is also dangerous and defamatory to the parent targeted.

      While I get your suggestion, that’s not what’s happening in family court and it’s a ruse to have no oversight or accountability for these court appointed psychologists/custody evaluators.

      The reports reflect malpractice which is why the court wants them sealed and parents are denied a copy of the report! Often you can’t even take notes on it or pictures of it. This is absolutely part of the scam. And the psychologist gets immunity from the court.

      Since when are licensed professionals given absolute immunity like gals and court appointed custody evaluators?

      If parents were told this beforehand, that there is no recourse and they will take your kids even when you’re a fit parent, no one would dare enter.

      That’s what needs to happen because the racketeering is too lucrative and goes all the way to the top of ct govt.

    • So can you explain why these psychologists require immunity? If one completed a legal, competent evaluation, why the need for immunity?

      And the idea of “limited immunity” means complete immunity.

      It’s these created terms void of definition that allow for zero accountability.

      It’s part of the scam. It’s the same psychologists used repeatedly. Freedman, Linda Smith, Jessica Caverly – guns for hire to give full legal and physical custody to the monied, and usually abusive parent.

      The parents haven’t been found to be unfit anywhere but the walls of family court. Not by dcf, no interest by the state. It’s profit- driven.

      Kids sacrificed for money- They kill off one parent. Literally.

      A mother with twin 7 year old girls has zero custody and can see them on zoom twice a week for 45 minutes. Dcf is not involved nor concerned with the mothers well being or ability to care for her girls.

      It’s a judge and a gal who is an attorney. They decide the girls lose their mom.

      They’re sociopaths.

  • Unlike law-enforcement psychology should not be given immunity from lawsuits.

    I hope the psychologist gets ball cancer!

  • I believe it is key for the department of public health to start acting on the pile of complaints they have. Court psychologist should not be allowed on the boards investigation complaints. The deputy director of family relations needs to get off the board of domestic violence coilsion. The residents of Connecticut need to be aware of what is happening. Until you or a family member goes through the family courts you have no idea how bad the system is. Time for new attorney general. Time to vote the politicians protecting the F rated system out of office.

  • This news story is incredible disheartening. I feel so bad for the children and their Mothers.

    What can we do besides leave comments?

    If anyone has any ideas please post them.

    Sincerely! Post them!


  • They do this on purpose
    These children will all be scarred adults
    Traumatized people are much easier to manipulate
    These agendas have been put in place with full purpose to control our population -Our minds and finances

    • In order for that to happen you have to participate. Why are you participating? Why are you letting the government get involved in your business even asking them to? You can’t go crying to people for help and then when they get involved in your business complain that they’re involved in your business. Handle your business yourself. Never ask the government into your personal life never ask the government into your life for any reason don’t voluntarily seek out government assistance and intervention. In order for your conspiracy theory to work you must first be the one actively getting involved with the government and your family. Knock it off. Put the family courts out of business by no longer using them. Don’t marry assholes. Don’t start families with psychos. Get Ironclad prenups including what will happen with any children. If you’ve already f***** up one of those three then get mediators or lawyers learn to compromise and act like adults. But only fools invite the government into their personal and family life. And then to say it is some big wild conspiracy plan set up at the start presupposes that you are going to fail in your family and your marriage and go crying to the government for help. If you don’t do that and you keep your kids out of Family Court the whole rest of the conspiracy can’t play out the way you described. Because guess what it’s not a conspiracy. Absolutely there may be really messed up stuff in your local court system. Totally believe that but when you start saying crazy stuff like this you’re going to lose wider support for your cause.

  • If these “family” court actors are following our laws and respecting the rights of fit parents, what do they need immunity from or for? Criminal acts?

  • Bruce Freedman is pure evil. Another sadist along with Robert Horwitz, Judge Gerard Adelman, Jessica Caverly, Linda Smith, Janis Laliberte, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Lisa Knopf, Lisa Kerin, Judge Jane Grossman, Judge Heller, Debra Marino, Nancy Aldrich… the list goes on.

    • “Sadistic sociopath” and “pure evil” are accurate descriptions. Most people think family courts must be okay because courts go through the motions day after day, year after year, as though everything’s fine, nothing’s in the mainstream news.

      Most people have no idea … until they, friends or family endure the torture and by then it’s too late to stop the harm done.

      John Downey used to be a family court judge in Connecticut. Before that, he was probably part of some cabal somewhere.

      “Downey had graduated from Yale University and joined the Central Intelligence Agency a year before his plane was shot down during a botched cloak-and-dagger flight into China in November 1952. He spent the next 20 years, three months and 14 days in Chinese prisons.” If you see the photos of Downey walking away from his “captivity” you can see he looked like he’d been on vacation.

      Mao Zedong and Yale started the Cultural Revolution in May 1966. Some say twenty million Chinese were killed. Would we be punished for discussing that in Connecticut family courts too? Why would “leaders” have no problem starting murderous wars all over the world, yet have a problem with the horribly destructive family courts they also run?

      In a courthouse a few years ago, one mother was in anguish, not able to protect her child. Downey had taken off his black robe and stood in the middle of the courthouse hallway. He looked directly at the mother trying to get her attention to make her look at him. She looked at him and he smiled a wide sick smile. Absolutely a “sadistic sociopath” look. It was so disturbing.

  • What kind of people do this quackery in Connecticut? No. 1 – MONEY, the GREED FOR MONEY. And these people do not see children as human beings. No, children in CT are just objects, nothing more than BITCOINS that put money in all the AFCC’s pockets, all the other so called professionals who have NO ETHICS whatsoever pockets. Which ever parent is full of cash, who has no appreciation of money being used for any useful purpose, will spend whatever it takes to rob the target parent of their child/children ((typically the mother)). The lawless Mafia like Family Court is the most lucrative institution in America that has its own set of laws that are run by the most unethical people on this planet.

    The only solution is this: 1) Completely abolish all Family Courts. All child custody cases must be conducted in an open public setting, like a Civil Court, with total oversight. 2)All current professionals, from Judges, lawyers, psychologists, and many other so called professionals will either have their licenses to practice permanently removed, especially all who are members of the AFCC.

    This is the only solution to an open and festering wound that is not only rampant in the United States but also so many other parts of the world.

      • Jury trials are also essential for anyone and everyone responsible for directing the most obviously dangerous cases through the for-profit purposely adversarial “family court” system until a child was molested, someone was killed and/or most savings and properties were transferred to those managing those obviously dangerous cases.

        Fortunately for the Connecticut attorneys who managed the Dulos family murders and finances, Jennifer Dulos’s family can’t sue anyone for damages done until 2061.

        “Legal experts say a 40-year gag order that bars discussion of the Fotis Dulos case, a deal to which Dulos’ two lead attorneys agreed on July 13, with the approval of a probate judge, is highly unusual for its length and attention to detail.”

        “Highly unusual.”

        Sure, that’s all it was. Move along, now.

      • Frank-

        I agree!

        However in Massachusetts the divorce courts are backed up to the point a divorce can take 2 years or more. I’m not kidding!

        Maybe there’s a way it could be expedited.

        Does the great and all powerful
        K.R, Claviger have any opinions to offer us?

        NutJob, I purposefully didn’t mention my own legal correspondent so I wouldn’t offend you.

      • Jury trials are not part of due process in apply parens patriae powers of the sovereign, which can only be used to protect a child from harm,….custody fights are fabricated conflicts by greedy lawyers and judges to make money, has nothing to do with the law. Too bad the people are too stupid to understand the scam at hand.

    • jury trials and immediate sanctions for unethical practices for the scums of the legal community. keeps everyone honesty and weeds out the trash.

      • Juries alone would end most capricious family court decisions. The jury would apply the common sense of the people and favor the children over the lawyers’ profits.

        Trial per pais – by the people – by the country, as in a jury – as opposed to trial by government – by a judge, whose connection to paid professionals runs deep and long. Why was Judge Adelman and others part of the trade association AFCC?

        • Why is there need for a trial on administrative no-fault divorce? Hello? See the scam. DMV could issue divorces, custody fights are fabricated conflicts of no legal purpose …. all a scam.

  • Thank you, Julia Donovan. The lack of accountability in this most critical area is astonishing, and it leaves so many children and families vulnerable. How can we leave children to fend for themselves like this, against a power structure that is so invested in its own continuation? Thank you for shining your light on this.

  • There is a federal board of health that over sees the state board of health. They need to get involved. I filled two complaints in regards to court matters. One complaint is being investigated. Well over a year. The second they have not started. These complaints are in regards to children and the therapy. When someone complaints to the state about care of an elderly person they are out in a week investigating. These are matters involving children!! They purposely don’t want insurance company involved because they are one lazy and don’t want to document. Two the insurance company would report them. The court experts need to be removed from boards. Off the department of public health. CT domestic violence coilsion. Off what ever board that protects the general public.

  • Well- interesting- look how many of the CT’s judiciary are family court attorneys. Look at Rosa Rembimas- look at the reward former head of the judiciary committee got for turning a blind eye to what goes on in family court: a judgeship!

    Look at who headed up the wiretap committee- Elliot Solomon (AFCC judge) and Martin Libbin counsel for the judicial branch, look at Patrick Carrol’s misdealings, look at former heads of family committee Lynda Munro and Elizabeth Buzzuto- in fact, look at all the family committee from 2000 up until it was found to violate a myriad of federal laws- look at other former co- chair with Coleman, very own AG William Tong- everyone knows the court scam- including DOJ- FBI- look at psychologists billing mostly moms- while also filing claims with insurance- look at I don’t know- the fact that Connecticut board of health has afcc members on its investigatory committee (Peter zazlow) to make sure no parents’ complaints are ever brought forth.

    Wow so much more – how about the supervised visitations scam!

    • You’ve got it all! Keep giving FR your information. We cannot let this go! Call or email frank directly.

      Our kids continue to suffer. We can’t let them bury this. They violated federal laws and continue to do so.

      They don’t get a free pass on what was proven in the recent past.

      Frank Parlato will not let this go. Thank God!

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